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Apple Byte: The iPad Mini gets its own event

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Apple Byte: The iPad Mini gets its own event

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The MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina Display is in production, we'll beat you over the head with more iPhone rumors/news, and HTC stands up to Apple.

Was -- and I'm Brian Tong and welcome to the Apple byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. They probably getting fatigued with the nonstop barrage Bible stories so we'll solid a couple of other stories and then. Will be to doubt the iPhone ones. -- right now the September 12 date is still the expected targets for Apple's new announcements and yet you know about this -- But the telegraph reports that Apple is also planning to launch what's described as. Airplay direct technology that will allow wireless music playback to speaker systems without the need for an existing wireless network. -- the rumored smaller dock connector will pretty much eliminate the current speaker -- moving forward. So it's most likely a chipset that stereo manufactures will be able to integrate into their systems so look to see what the Cupertino kids. I have to say about it. Not go to -- also chimes in with the report from their sources. Where they believe the next gen iPod nano may come with Wi-Fi capabilities to enable iTunes in the cloud support. They're also reporting that the new seven point 85 inch iPad will be officially called the iPad mini and not the mini me like we guessed here. Many of us here -- the artists -- devastated by this news. But we were cheered right back up after all things the and other sources confirmed rumors that the iPad mini. Will debut with a separate event of its own sometime in October we mention that possibly a last -- -- now that's. -- -- -- That makes sense now and MacBook Pro news and NPD display search analyst. It also told CNET that production is under -- with the thirteen point three inch Retina Display for the MacBook Pro with a tweet by sixty by 16100 pixel resolution. And has started up in the third quarter. Now this specific display is for the thirteen inch pro and not a MacBook air and be produced by Samsung LCD and sharp according to our source. The production underway a new -- at thirteen inch could still make it before the holiday season and my Apple byters who are asking over email. We still haven't heard any chatter from the iMac or Mac mini camps. Oil is shipped to the iPhone yes the iPhone and images released earlier in the week that showed off an -- front panel highlighting what was claimed to be an NFC chip. But that's been shot down by and -- -- and others. Digits primarily metal backside and very little space at the top and bottom of the phone dedicated to the glass. Next -- iPhone accessories with a nine pin dock connector and published by island essential accessories from Scotia. Including -- device -- charters and car chargers. That of the -- dock connector to use with an included micro USB cable for the accessories to connect between the new iPhone and the charger. And if you can't wait for the iPhone and you want one now. -- -- ten Steve's got you covered with their own knock off called big new phone I five that's the name of the Google phone I five. Now takes only -- tone back design but still keeps a three and a half inch screen with a five megapixel rear camera and it's really. The best of both worlds are analysts think a quick break for useful tip from Donald bell to make your iTunes music sound a whole lot better and it is. Yeah. If you spend a lot of time listening to iTunes I'm gonna tell you a few simple things you can do to improve your audio experience. First off. Investments -- better headphones there's no miracle that's gonna make these sound any better. It has a roundup of great choices under fifty dollars up providing night and day difference and audio quality a good in ear headphones over the ear headphones also help block out external noise. -- that figured he killed the new music at the turn out the full volume to -- out distractions. -- -- have had figured out try to sound enhancement setting an -- to open up iTunes preferences and select the tab for playback. You'll -- -- sound -- box that you can check on. And adjust your case moving the slider up seems to me if they -- a little bit more dramatic. Audio files may turn up their nose but if you like what you here just go for it. Why you're here he also -- the -- -- sound check they'll automatically adjust the volume between songs that you not -- for the -- controlling the tiny quiet song comes. Personally I keep this -- but if it fixes a problem for you should use it. Especially handy if you have music playing in your office I should also mention I can equalize. You think this would be in the playback anybody's actually over here under window open it up in a -- pen and graphic equalizer that you can tweak to your heart's desire. You can start with a list of presets like rock -- opera classical what you make a manual adjustment any of them and -- things just the way you like. Now one cool trick that few people know about nineteen that you actually assign different EQ preset different songs. If you know the -- on the XGQ when Led Zeppelin comes on how to do it. Select a song or group of songs and then it's -- get info from the file menu. Under the options tab -- the offending equalizer preset along the drop down menu all the different presets. Okay and -- what ever those songs come on the phone just the way you like. Are right they subtle but it. And they don't -- keep my music collection on my personal custom setting. Are you're already in the know that the big -- vs Samsung trial resulted in. Winning a whopping one point 05 billion dollars in damages after a jury found a sense and infringed on six and seven pounds in the trial. And Apple infringed on nine of Samsung's. Then several Internet sites. Starting legitimately reporting. -- Samsung's media. -- -- Orleans that's the Internet -- dealing with today people an entirely not true. -- Apple is seeking a ban on sales of -- Samsung phones in the US some are less -- models but the list includes. We -- CS four G and the galaxy SU they also plan putting a permanent -- On the Galaxy Tab ten point -- in the United States as well. We'll wait to see if Apple takes this ruling in runs with it against other manufactures and even tried to target Android directly. But one company that has no intentions -- -- with them. Visit HTC. Now both companies -- -- suing each other since 2010 because they love each other so much. But there's one thing that ACC's next ten inch tablet won't look like based on these leaked images. And that's an iPad. We know what it sure looks a lot like an iMac. You go to bad self -- easy. Now just a few quick things and wanted to -- a big congratulations. -- Siegelman as white Ford do you have already delivered by now Davey G -- officially. The Apple -- youngest fan and is somewhere in this picture. And a reminder are 200 episode party is going down on September 7 in San Francisco with free -- and giveaways and all kinds of crazy stuff. We're taking our cameras and use. Could even be in the shelf. That's right they can all get the details on my Twitter are just go to this link and it might even let someone like this -- -- the party if they're lucky. Right it's gonna deal for this we show sandy Nelson the applebyte@cnet.com. I'm Brian Tong -- -- we'll catch you guys next time for another bite of the Apple.

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