Apple Byte: The iPad launch in San Francisco
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Apple Byte: The iPad launch in San Francisco

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We cover the Apple iPad hysteria like no one can and Brian makes a new friend.

>>Brian Tong: Brian Tong, here in front of the Armani chain store, one of the hottest fashion lines in the world. We're here, what are you guys waiting for? >>The iPad, the Apple Store. >>Brian Tong: The iPad? Oh, iPad. Yeah, I knew that. Cool. ^M00:00:16 [ Music ] ^M00:00:21 Brian Tong: What's up guys? Brian Tong here with the Apple buy with at the iPad launch. I am ready to get my iPad. We're going to start right here. ^M00:00:31 [ Music ] ^M00:00:35 You have a laptop, where is this iPad going to fit in your life? >>I hope it will allow me to do some of the off-line work I do more easily, be even more mobile and actually have much less weight to carry around. >>Brian Tong: If you had to choose between her or an iPad, what would you do? >>Alright, because they're both multi-touch, it's amazing CNET, you did that. I would go with the iPad because I can just download a photo of her and put it on the iPad and lay it next to me and it'll keep me warm. >>Brian Tong: Wow. >>Does it do what I do? >>It can. >>Brian Tong: What would that be for that? Where are you guys from? >>Netherlands. >>Holland. >>Brian Tong: You flew all they way from Holland to get the iPad. >>Yes. >>Brian Tong: That is amazing. >>She doesn't know what it is, but she just wants it. >>Brian Tong: And you're willing to pay for it to keep this relationship in tact, right? >>I have to pay for it. >>Brian Tong: Yeah, obviously. >>I have no choice. >>Brian Tong: The crowd here, the line is still going on behind me, it's massive and you know what they talk about the whole reality distortion field, I got to admit I kind of got caught up in it. ^M00:01:48 [ Background noise ] ^M00:02:04 Once the doors open, they let people in, I was calm, cool and collected. ^M00:02:08 [ Background noise ] ^M00:02:21 [ Music ] ^M00:02:26 Was it worth the wait in line for you? >>Oh, absolutely. I mean, this is just, I waited for the iPhone, but I think this one ups the iPhone. >>Brian Tong: First thing you're going to do when you go home with it, what do you think? >>I think I'm going to cuddle it. >>Brian Tong: You're kind of giddy right now, I can tell you're shaky baby. >>I'll be honest with you [inaudible]. ^M00:02:40 [ Background noise ] ^M00:02:46 >>Brian Tong: What time did you get here in line? >>I got here at 4:45 AM, he slept in. >>Brian Tong: He got to come in the line later, did he bring you any food or like...? >>No. >>Brian Tong: No. >>No, he didn't. >>Brian Tong: So, what excites you about the iPad the most? >>Just the gadgety goodness, I just, I don't know, it just looks neat. >>Brian Tong: What do you say to people that are like, "Oh, it's just a big iPod Touch?" >>Cool. It's a big iPod Touch. >>Brian Tong: So everyone here, you know, they left home happy, they all got their iPads, I got my iPad, too, and you know, I just feel like I really left here with a new best friend. ^M00:03:20 [ Music ] ^M00:03:30 [ Background noise ] ^M00:03:34 Morning guys. Thank you. >>I got it, Krispy Kreme, I got it, whoa!

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