Googlicious: The HTC One M8 is Official!
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Googlicious: The HTC One M8 is Official!

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HTC reveals their next-gen phone bringing features we've never seen in a smartphone before and we like it. Plus, the best smartwatch concept to date with the Moto 360.

[MUSIC] [SOUND]. What's happening? Bryan Tong here. And welcome to Googlicious. For everything Google, that we can pack inside of a show each week. And this week, there's plenty of Google news. But we can't ignore. Probably one of the worse kept secrets this year. The official announcement of the all new HTC One Me. Now you've already seen its unibody metal design. That brings a quad course Snapdragon 801 processor with 16 or 32 gigs of storage. And a new micro SD card slot for up to 128 gigs of additional storage. The Sentui gets an update to 6.0, like we've shown in past episodes. With bolder colors, motion launch gestures to answer calls or access apps. And an updated blink feed. And the new HTC Sense TV sports, for real time scores and stats. Now the biggest feature improvement, is its duo camera. That has a mode called U-Camera that lets you take a picture. And then select what part you'd like to be in focus after the picture is taken. Just think of it like a Litro camera on your smartphone now. Now a fun add-on is also their HTC dot view case. That allows you to see or answer calls without accessing your phone. And also shows you date, time and weather reminders. Now the HTC 1M8 is available starting today for 199 with a two-year contract. I don't know if it can really change the market share breakdown. Or close the distance between itself and Samsung's marketing machine. But my personal favorite Android phone just got better. Alright. In Google news, a new app called Photowall is now available on Android and iOS. That lets you turn your TV, with a connected Chromecast into a live digital photo frame. People using the app can beam pictures to the TV live. And even doodle or annotate images on the photo wall. Now, I like to doodle on people's faces, like my niece and nephews. Just let's add a little facial hair and then some glasses. And some finishing touches and perfect. Alright, now Chromecast development is starting to take off. Photowall is my favorite price. It's free. And this is a fun and clever way to use your Chromecast at a party or just by yourself. Now, Google Glass development is also taking off. And one example is Layer's Augmented Reality app for Glass. It overlays data about a user's surroundings. And just became available in beta form. You can sign up for it now. But some of the ways it could be used in this video clip. Show off its potential for looking at real-estate locations. Or interactive content on top of existing things, like a movie poster or magazine. I'd like to see this being used on other magazines, specifically with quality content like Maxim. And Google recently posted an article of their own called the top 10 Google Glass myths. That sounded pretty defensive. Highlighting points like, Glass is the perfect surveillance device. Well their argument is that there are better cameras out there that you can use if someone really wants to spy on you. Another one, Glass is always on and records everything. I don't see a problem there. Another one. Glass Explorers are tech-worshiping geeks. Really, guys? That's your target market you're bashing. And Glass is only for those privileged enough to afford it. So, yeah, it's $1500 right now. And their countrer points were that some people have worked hard for it. Some have received them as gifts. And other people have gone to Kickstarter to raise money. So yes, it is only for those privileged enough to afford it. It's like they just decided to make themselves the biggest glasshole after the article. Come on Google, don't be stupid. Now, Google now gets some new functionality with some new voice commands. You can now say, okay Google, play some music. And, an I'm feeling lucky radio station, will start to play via Google music. With a constant stream of music based on your listening history. Google also recently added the ability to take a picture and take a video with voice command, last week as well. And in case you missed it, Google officially released their Android wear SPK for developers, after our show posted last week. That relies heavily on Google Now. And it will power Android wearables coming later this year. One from called LG called the G Watch. Which was teased with the standard rectangular design we're used to. And then the best freaking looking jaw dropping smart watch concept that we've seen from Motorola, called the Moto 360. With a round screen design and a thin bezel that looks like an actual watch. And it's still leaving people looking for a change of underpants. Now I'm still not sold on the Smart Watch. But if it does end up looking like that, and they make it a cross platform compatible. iWatch who? But obviously we'll see what everyone ends up bringing to the table. And a quick note, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is available on all the four major carriers for pre-order. Here in the U.S. for $199 with a two-year contract, for its April 11th launch. And their line of Gear products have been officially priced with a new Gear 2 at $299. The Gear 2 Neo at $199. And the Gear Fit, the most buzzed about gadget from Mobile World Congress at $199 as well. Alright, That's gonna do it for this week's show. You can email us at Or tweet me at @briantong. Thanks so much for watching. And we'll see you next week for some more of that Googlicious. [MUSIC] Googlicious.

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