Apple Byte: The hidden features in iOS 8 Apple didn't show you
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Apple Byte: The hidden features in iOS 8 Apple didn't show you

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We'll update you with the latest iPad, iPhone and iWatch rumors. The hottest iOS 8 features Apple didn't show us at WWDC. Plus, Ariel comes back to the office.

Man, it is so good to have you back here. man, the old office, it's good to be here. I know, it's been way too long. It has been a while. Have you seen everybody? Yeah, I saw the editors. I hung out with the mailroom guys for a little bit, grabbed a bite, you know? It's cool. What about Brian? Not yet. Nah. Really? He really hasn't gotten over you actually. It's been two years, man. I, I don't know what to tell you. I'll go say hi. Let me go say hi. Alright, alright. [MUSIC] No. Don't go, don't go. Please. Say goodbye, you don't have to. [MUSIC] Ariel? [MUSIC] What's good? Brian Tong here, and welcome to the applebyte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. This week, it's the stuff, that Apple didn't show you in iOS 8, and product rumors galore. Let's get to it, and we'll start off with the gadgets Apple still hasn't shown us. According to a new report from Mac Generation, Apple is planning to update it's iMac line next week, with speed bump and lower prices. We aren't expecting these iMacs to bring a Retina display just yet. And they could surprise us but, recent evidence in the OS 10 Yosemite beta. Points to direct references to retina display iMacs in the near future. Now, in more Mac news that we couldn't get to last episode, Intel announced their next generation Broadwell chipset, that will be used in devices that will go on sale later this year. The Intel Core M processor will be the most energy efficient one in the company's history and even better, a majority of designs based on this chip are expected to be fanless. A fanless chip is a big deal. And, I don't know if we'll actually see that tech integrated into Apple's laptop line like the rumored 12 inch MacBook Air. It's not likely, but we'll see. Alright, Korean site ET News reports displays for Apple's next iPad Air are set to begin production this month, with the camera module entering production soon as well. We're still expecting an updated AA processor, an upgraded camera, and touch ID this time around, with rumors still pointing to a September/October release based on the past history of iPad releases. And, watch out, multiple reports including the Nike and Re/Code are saying Apple is aiming for October with an Apple event in the same month to show off the device. The Nike reports it will use the curved OLED touch screen, and will use biometric sensors to collect health-related data. Even Apple has already started pushing the idea of health and fitness, with their new ad. [MUSIC] Go you chicken fat, go. I mean, what they even mean by chicken fat? I didn't see it in the video. Hey Brian, I got a picture of chicken fat for you. Look on the screen. Okay, that's disgusting, and I'm going to finish this show without throwing up. I promise. Alright, Apple Insider found the big A was recently granted a patent this week, for a weightlifting tracking system that uses a stand alone sensor to transmit metrics to a remote display, including a wrist watch. A sensor laden device would attach itself to a weight lifting bar and counts and displays repetitions, or what we call in the workout community, reps. Now, this is just one of the examples that perfectly aligns with the idea of Apple's next gen wearable, but come on. I don't need a watch to keep track of my reps. [MUSIC] [NOISE] Two, three. Oh my God. Four, 25. 26 [MUSIC] That's right. I work out. Now the IOS 8 and OS 10 Yosemite beta have been out for a while now, so we just wanted to go over a some of the things Apple didn't show you or really get into detail at WWDC. The rumored split screen multi-tasking is still in works, code related to apps running side by side has been found in the beta, and it will reportedly only work in landscape mode and may be limited to the iPad Air initially. Also iOS 8 will be able to show battery usage by app so you can find out which one draws too much power. That one's super helpful. There will be a time lapse mode for the camera which is a great built in addition. Safari includes the option to request the desktop version of the website on your mobile device. You can set a time of 30 days or one year to remove you stored messages to free up valuable space, and your recent photos will also show up, so you can add them quickly instead of always going to your photo library to find them. There's a grayscale mode for accessibility. And there will be an option that will allow users to place calls over Wi-Fi, instead of the older cellular networks, saving minutes, data, and the best part, better call quality. So, there's still plenty more little bells and whistles, but those are just a few of the smaller, useful changes we can expect in iOS 8, when it's available to the public this fall. And, if you thought Apple's Maps were all figured out, they're not. We were expecting to hear about the new improvements, but TechCrunch reports that many developers left the company, and improvements for iOS 8 Maps just weren't finished in time. Now, the story continues that tasks were badly planned, developers were jumping from project to project, and internal politics issues were more significant contributors to the failure to complete Maps on time. Yikes. Now, do we even have to question this? That's a bad apple. Aah! And, I'm still not using those maps. And, you thought I wasn't going to show you an iPhone 6 rear shell case this week, right? Well here they are, thanks to Taiwanese race car driver, Jimmy Lin, who is flaunting his iPhone 6 mockup case, thinking he's a cool guy. It's not the real thing because, if it was really working he would have turned on the screen. But, more importantly, what can we learn from these photos? Use nail clippers. Alright, that's going to do it for this we week's show send us your email to or tweet me @briantong. And if it's your birthday you might get a special wish, and if not, it means I don't care. That's gonna do it for this week's show, I'm Brian Tong, thanks so much for watching and we'll catch you all next time for another bite of the apple. [MUSIC] Yeah, [LAUGH] you know, he's a nice guy. I mean, don't get me wrong, but. Well, you know, I think,. Whoa, Ariel. Oh. Hey, Brian. Where have you, I heard you were in the office. I mean, how long have you been here, man? I got here a little bit earlier. Just kinda passing through. No texts, no calls or anything like that? Only, you know, I don't know how much time I have, you know? I just gotta get in and out, you know. Okay, well, you know what? Look, you're here, back in San Francisco. Let's go hang out, you know, like old times, like, you know, we're bros, man. Old times. Look sad, you're sad. Give me sad. Mm. Gross! [LAUGH]. Told you. I'm gonna remember this moment for the rest of my life. We were bros. Yeah, the old days. Brian, I, just, I just don't think we should hang out any more. What? That's crazy. What are you talking about? Brian, it's not you, it's me. No, no, don't go. I gotta go, Brian. [MUSIC] Hey Brian. What's up? Let's go grab some smoothies like old times. [LAUGH] I thought you'd never ask, man. Dude, seriously, okay, I like the Protein Boost. Uh-huh. And Echinacea. [LAUGH] okay. And that, whatever, that, that Spirulina. Alright, so there's Immunity Boost, there's Energy Boost, there's Protein too. We'll, we'll get it all, whatever you want. Really? Yeah. Woo! [MUSIC]

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