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Tech Culture: The Green Show: What is 230?

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Tech Culture: The Green Show: What is 230?

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On the Green Show this week, Lamborghini hybrids, the Samsung Reclaim hits the market, and what is 230?

[ Background music ]>> Hey I'm Mark Licea and this week Lamborghini hybrids, Samsungs eco friendly phone and what is 230? The Green Show starts now. ^M00:00:10 [ Music ] ^M00:00:18 >> The Samsung Reclaim is a new phone made from bio plastics and the body is 80% recyclable. Natali Del Conte was at the New York launch event, check it out. >> Thanks Mark. That's right I am here at a Sprint conference where they just announced the Reclaim. This is a Samsung phone that's eco-friendly and they claim has more eco-friendly packaging so I'm going to un box it and verify. The Samsung Reclaim comes only with the phone, the charger and a small user guide. Samsung claims to have skipped a bulky user manual, instead pushing users to the web for more information about the phone. >> Using the material that they have it can be any phone. It can be sort of a low end phone for the masses, which actually this one is kind of more of a messaging phone. It's not gonna take much for them to take this up market cause it's actually the materials and not so much the software. So I think that you know over time maybe we could see all phones coming out that are made out of really good material for the earth. >> I really do like this phone. I think it's really cute. It's got a couple of green features like a button that shows when it's fully charged so you can pull it off the power grid. It's also got a green glossary and some green tips for living a more eco-friendly life and it's only $49 so you really can't go wrong with that. We'll of course have a full review here on CNET but this was just my first reaction to the phone here at the Sprint conference so that's my first impression back to you Mark. >> GM was very vague in its recent ad campaign with the number 230. >> 230 >> Take a wild guess. >> is the start of happy hour. >> It's my IQ. >> What the heck is 230? 811 some secret code see the little power outlet winking at me. That's weird. >> Turns out those triple digits are what GM claims will be the average gas mileage of the new Chevy Volt. Pretty hefty claims although we'll have to wait and see how those numbers add up in practice. GM says their gas electric will give about $2.75 per 100 miles. The Volt will run 40 miles on a purely electric charge and from there the gas engine kicks into recharge the battery. With mileage like that we can expect a high price point. Unconfirmed estimates say the Volt will sell for around $40,000. Speaking of GM the company is partnering up with eBay to begin a program this week to let Californian's purchase new and used cars. The site GM.ebay.com will let you users compare and negotiate pricing, ask questions and arrange financing. Users can select the buy it now option or bid of a vehicle through eBay's auctioning system; seems easy and convenient enough. You'll still have to go through your local dealership to finalize your purchase but hopefully the car sales man interaction will be kept to a minimum. The Lamborghini Murcielago tops the US Department of Energies list as having the worst fuel efficiency. It averages just about 8 miles per gallon city but the Italian automaker is shifting gears to begin production on hybrids by 2015. CEO Stephan Winkelman [assumed spelling] says a full electric model is not gonna happen but the company's future lineup will include hybrids to boost power and adhere to admissions regulations. Ok most people buy Lamborghinis to impress not save the planet but if you want both and can't wait year's maybe a [inaudible] would suffice. If you live outside of the US and need a Green Guide to Electronics you're in luck. The Green Electronics Council announced that the EPEAT rating system is going international. EPEAT scores consumer electronics on 23 attributes like packaging, toxic materials and energy efficiency. EPEAT covers monitors and desktops but the organization plans to include TVs, printers, and copiers soon. So now countries outside of the US can search and compare what products will give the greenest performance in their country. That's it for this week. Write to us greenshow@cnet.com. I'm Mark Licea thanks for watching.

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