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Tech Culture: The Green Show: A fully electric jet ski

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Tech Culture: The Green Show: A fully electric jet ski

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We get a look at a solar-powered light from PiSAT Solar. Also, there's an application from Earth 911 that can help you properly dispose of your recyclables, and the company EcoWatercraft unveils the first electric jet ski.

[ Music ] >> Hey everyone. I'm Mark Osaya and this week we look at a super efficient solar powered light. We learn how to properly dispose of certain materials and show you how to reuse green packaging for anything. The Green Show starts now. ^M00:00:16 [ Music ] ^M00:00:23 >> Now a days, you can pretty much slap the label green on just about anything. For example, NYCO just released their wand for the Nintendo Wii. The packaging is made up of recycled materials plus the company suggests that you can reuse it. Well, that's a claim CNET gaming editor Jeff Bachalar and I put to the test. ^M00:00:43 [ Music ] ^M00:01:24 Wow, you can totally use that container for anything. It's really green. For Jeff's actual review on the NYCO wand, go to CNET.com. Many solar powered gadgets take a long time to charge and a short time to run out of power. But the K light from Pie Sat claims to offer a solid 1 to 1 charge ratio. Plus a portion of the proceeds go to a great cause. >> This is 100% solar powered, rechargeable lantern. So you take the solar panel, connect it to the back, and you get a 1 to 1 charge. Put this in direct sunlight for an hour, you're going to get an hour of light on full, which is 16 LEDs or 2 hours of light on 8. The total charge time, you can burn up to 10 hours charge. So on one full charge you have 10 to 20 hours worth of light. The battery will also hold the charge that you do for 6 to 8 months, so you can charge it all up, you can throw it in the closet. We recommend every 6 to 8 months that you take it back out and recharge it. The top comes off, put it on the back for safekeeping. And then what you have is not only a flashlight to use, but always the arms come apart so you can use it as a utility light. And it rotates in different directions. Originally designed for Africa by missionary doctors. It's designed to last for 10 years with everyday use. It's essentially a lifetime light. Nickel metal hydra battery with no mercury in it. It'll give you 3000 charges. The LEDs last forever. It retails for 4995 on our website. The proceeds of the sales will go back into the Quinania Foundation, which is how this originated. The Quinania Foundation does solar projects in Africa, full systems and computers on schools and clinics. So we can modernize education in the developing world. [ Music ] >> You can find your very own K light at Piesotsolar.com. Ever get confused about what's recyclable and what's not? ^M00:03:13 [ Music ] ^M00:03:34 If that's you, your heart may be in the right place, but your recyclables probably are not. There's a new app called Irecycle from Earth 911 that tells you just what you can recycle and where you should bring it. Irecycle pulls from a database of over 100000 recycling and disposal locations. It even gives you the hours of operation for the facilities, so there's really no excuse. Irecycle is free and you can download it yourself at Earth911.com/iPhone. Like anything fossil fuel powered, jet skis are not green, not to mention they're less than soothing engine roar. Now if these reasons have kept you from embracing your love of water sports, then you should check out Eco Water Craft. [ Background noise ] They're the company behind a new fully battery powered Eco Jet Ski. [ Background noise ] The ride is supposedly much quieter than its fossil fuel burning counterparts. And Eco Jet Ski can reach up to 50 miles per hour with 3 hours of battery life. The company says the jet skis will be built in a facility 100% powered from renewable energy. And that's it for this week. Send your feedback in, greenshow@cnet.com. I'm Mark Osaya, thanks for watching. ^M00:04:50 [ Music ]

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