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The Fix: Optimize your smartphone: The Fix

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The Fix: The Fix: Optimize your smartphone

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CNET's new how-to and DIY show, The Fix, kicks off with useful advice on squeezing your smartphone's browser speed and battery life for all they're worth.

Welcome to CNET that makes the show about do it yourself back. And I'm Eric Franklin and this week we're gonna show you how to optimize your phone. Since most that you can't ever seem to put them down I'm one of them I can't ever seem to -- phone down but I do wish -- was sometimes faster. Yeah well one can be slowing down is your web browser in this -- we're going to be three web browsers -- the test. See it going with the new browser could give you an it. Forget it. And speed racetrack was better venue for a new mobile browser speed -- We've got three different browsers here -- -- going with one of the other could give you an advantage. That's right in order to make it appear tests were all using the same phones -- using iPhone 5 as is well connected to the scene four G wireless hot spot. We all make sure that would clean our cache is cleared out cookies and cleared -- browsing history. And what we're going to do is load three types of what -- okay we've got a new site -- picture heavy website and immediate -- site. And I'm going to use -- I'll be using safari. I've got opera. He ended up -- New York Times. -- I let's go. And -- key frames dot com I wanna go 123. Go on go -- you know -- parent library. 23. Right and wrong. Not and you're done hamster who who lag and -- gone as -- and all done. How can I do you want some confidence -- -- -- I'm thinking a bit longer than expected out I think it knows that has -- okay. Yeah both Kevin come on -- -- -- fun. These are connected -- that seem -- hot -- does -- not like opera what do you think about moving on and we'll come back tomorrow and we'll see how does it. -- Those just gotta pick up I mean I think that's -- real world result -- -- -- for whatever reason that happens for sure Iowa may be it's gonna do better than -- -- -- -- -- we have one of my favorite web sites. Contrast dot com wanna. Come on I think it's obvious I hope I spelled it right. And I can run. Two three. Off again and hands your battery. Problem and it -- -- -- -- A quarter of the wake -- I'm done I want to. I think you did you search for -- you know I don't know how has been hacked and so that -- -- emotions and spirit. I would now -- opera. What you -- actually yeah yeah. And I use knives came through finally an hour later I opera is. The only down okay. Plus -- giant bomb dot com all of the current one. To you to me -- Her -- when -- box. -- come on when safari. I think and I wonder -- again I -- I don't know again. -- Thirdly there. It's almost here stuff. That's like all their final yeah seriously now and I got some meets you know find it here hot spot -- -- edges -- super excellent. Not all of the typical bland and -- and -- -- Little weird looking it up do you guys mind if we do not -- they just -- -- well we got the clear cache yeah. So let's preview this because my AM -- experience. Ran into little collections are going to parent pac fans and -- that -- again and sometimes it. Real world tasks running. Young now Donald kind of that one to three -- Time. Go -- and I'm only action and I'm I'm nervous -- at the age of opera has the speech about resolve linkages. I know -- little problems again if you don't get hot spot that we said. -- forgy hotspots -- booted it says -- -- go oh man maybe that's gonna help us get a little extra speed. 123. Go. -- I don't know how I'm -- -- aren't. Now this is not better got -- -- done. Yeah I think I'm literally heaven help me why I -- yeah and I'm sorry to say that I have a lot of. I had a lot of hope for opera -- that opera -- -- all over the place for them. They'll look quick let's go out there is some how to tips and quick tips for each of our browser -- -- night. So on opera a couple of different things -- you to really optimize the speed here maybe you can actually get -- finished loading a page. I go to settings. And it sees the first two options here are for loading images you got eternal load images off. But -- text heavy page like -- times and I'd be helpful or if you wanna keep your images -- there but change the quality at my could change image quality from time. Down to low. And see if that helps. And I'll just say briefly about safari is that it is your default browser so any link you click on like an email or something to open its apart those nice little -- -- -- But also if you have an iPad you can take advantage of -- reading -- so if you don't have time to read the story on a web page you wanna just push it to your iPad -- -- do that very easily with it's. And it Chrome is it jam packed with features that what -- -- is not pre loads pages based on where the browser things you're going to -- next. And then another great one is tab syncing so if you're on Chrome desktop and you move -- over here phone you're going to be able to load those exact same -- Just -- time so we can all safely say that. Chrome was the winner of this particular test yeah yeah and -- I got Chrome isn't what we. I deliberately and I want it was that you pressed the button I can press the magic button -- -- here if -- -- I did Matt Katz hypocrite and curry that you well ring brains little red there is no way that with they had no idea how -- will doing that will make sure you win this time okay that's all I'm asking. My husband and I -- gonna take a quick break when we come back Sharon vaknin joined us. As you'll have some great tips on how to it's dangerous and -- that. Welcome back I've ever wish your phone's battery life -- last just a little bit longer maybe even a lot longer. Thankfully -- back is coming up she's gonna have some advice for all you Android users that have you reaching for your -- a little less often. You know and it's a pretty -- for having a short battery life. But he's been a few minutes of your -- settings you can easily turn that around. Today I'm showing you a few tips using the nexus five running Android four point -- kit Kat. But if you have any phone running four point what about these pixel -- -- -- -- For starters it honed down that GPS there are a lot of -- it sucks up your battery life even when you're not using -- maps. So -- your phone's settings then at location. And -- location services from the bottom here. And you wanna disable both location report means -- -- location history chances are they're probably not using mountain. In another tip for GPS -- not location many don't. I don't Robertson mode and -- battery saving mode we don't absolutely need to pinpoint location reporting. This way your phone -- -- -- three sources to find out where you are. And here's another really good -- -- Google now okay Google where -- the nearest pizza place. You might realize it's using a lot of your battery life so head on over to the bill now and her -- and scroll all the way up. So this magic wand top that. And from here you can see what -- cool now it's showing you if you've got -- sports team your -- your place says. The one uses the most battery life are again the ones that rely on GPS so you go down to everything else. -- disable all of the feature is that you really don't you like tracker reporting and nearby places. If you don't use those features you're just wasting battery life for absolutely no reason. And here's that every one should -- UIOS. And Windows Phone users. YY. And right miserable always -- the lion's share your battery life. Of course you don't want to disable Wi-Fi Sony music but to soften the blow. Head on over to your settings. And then it into Wi-Fi. And here -- menu button and go to advance. In this menu and disable scanning always available so it's not looking for networks when you're not trying to connect to Wi-Fi. For -- and make sure and got Otto is disabled. And that you're adjusting your brightness manually to the lowest comfortable -- you'll be surprised at how much battery failures zero. Finally -- -- maybe isn't apps that are draining your battery life with I don't even really I think it. So to find out what those apps are can't to get sent to your battery usage in data are all -- setting -- -- -- battery -- in here you'll have a list of apps and services and -- using your battery. We could talk to almost always being your screen and of course -- five. So there you have it hopefully is simple -- get a little bit more Miley is I very Android. -- and those -- some pretty good tips and up next Eric here breaks out everything you want to know about your phone's battery including -- to replace it. If you own your Smartphone -- at least two years and probably knows that you battery doesn't last quite as long as he used to. That's because most Smartphones use lithium ion batteries which typically only function normally for about 23 years. So -- needs help your battery -- a replacement. Well you -- you easy ways to figure it out it's. First is that your phone just isn't lasting very long and this is pretty obvious what if you charge your phone and -- -- plug it. And it dies immediately or even if it -- and I -- Our team has -- tells -- sign that there's something wrong. You'll also want to make sure that it's not a software problems so you wanna make sure that is happening consistently. Also check for any software updates that may address the issue make sure you have the latest offer updates that's always important. You. Never tell -- that your phone gets hot and I'm talking really hot like uncomfortably so. A normal functioning battery you'll periodically didn't excess heat. But one that's on its way out how a lot of trouble doing that which will result -- you playing hot potato. Which -- really really hot phone. And lastly if you can access your Smartphones battery you'll wanna check for any swelling or bolting on the physical battery itself. This is a properly functioning new batteries so you'll see that here. Swelling or -- occurs when. One of these cells inside the batteries ruptured due to overheating so you don't wanna stop using it immediately because it can still explode or catch fire. That's who -- six then the lack of your battery is to one never leave it plugged in and charged to capacity for an extended amount of time. And tune -- related to -- completely to zero doing either of these will adversely affect the life of your battery. They take -- here is it lithium ion batteries don't last for -- -- eventually you're gonna have to replace them whether that's replacing just the battery. For your entire phone. That's it for this week's show thank you all so much for watching. Dad you wanna -- here with any show ideas I'm Donald on Twitter and what are I would actually -- and next week is all about television how to set them up and some -- on installing them. That one of the -- it's coded to you guys next time.
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