First Look: The Brinell Drive SSD has fast performance and is as expensive as it feels
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First Look: The Brinell Drive SSD has fast performance and is as expensive as it feels

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CNET editor Dong Ngo finds the Made-in-Germany Brinell Drive SSD nothing short of an ultimate data storing device and tries to explain the reason why with all of his German vocab.

[MUSIC] Hi, guys. **** Ngo here. And this is the Drive SSD from Brinell. Now this is, basically, a mobile.g drive that holds a solid state drive on the inside. But not any solid state drive, but this Samsung 840Evo, like the one I have right here. This one of the best SSDs on the market. So, Prunell is a German company and if you combine the German engineering on the outside and the best SSD on the inside, what we have here is nothing short of the ultimate storing device. That's right. Something's not only fast but also very good looking for you to show off with. Now in my testing the drive here was indeed very fast offering the sustain real world copy speed of more than 220 megabyte per second via USB 3.0. Now that's not the fastest ever seen, but very fast none the less. The drive here also works with USB 2.0, but at slower speed. Now this one here is a bus powered drive meaning you, all we need is included standard USB cable to make it work. On a side it has a one micro USB three prong and nothing else. Nothing here but just gorgeous looking of a casing. Pure luxury. The drive here come with steel frame on top and bottom here would come with black carbon. You can also find different drive that made of black leather or other luxurious material like spinning steel. In short, the drive look absolutely fabulous and do not have nay scratch on it, and to keep that from happening is already included a leather carrying case, right here. A very fancy wiping piece of cloth and a small pack of jewellery, polishing tissue. Now I'm about to drive here is [UNKNOWN] preformat free windows, but you can also reformat to [UNKNOWN] or Mac. It's reloaded with PureSync back up software ant Truecrypt. And encryption software. Now, PureSync worked very well in my trail. It was actually very helpful in syncing and backing up software. But, TrueCrypt, I couldn't make it work because it's just too cryptic. And by that, I mean, the interface is all in German of which my all vocabulary are presso, lager and, maybe, Volkswagen. So anyway what's the cost of this drive right here. Now the Prinell here is available in different capacity ranging from 120 gigabyte to one terabyte, and generally it cost about almost twice the cost of the Samsung internal drive. For example this 500 gig right here costs. Some $ 500 in the U.S. or 469 euros in Europe. But the 500 internal drive costed about $260 in the U.S. but guess what? You cannot show off the internal drive because it's internal. This one right here is external. And as I said that is looking great. So for more on the drive here, check out my full review at Basically it's a very good drive that a lot of you are gonna buy just for the look, alone. And I don't blame you. But count me out, though, because I'm not that superficial. Plus, I have this one here for free. But that's only because I'm **** Ngo, and this has been the first look at Drive SSD from Brinell.

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