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Apple Byte: The best of the Apple Byte 2011

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Apple Byte: The best of the Apple Byte 2011

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We take a look at some of the best moments from the Apple Byte in 2011. We've got you covered with tips, and we definitely have you covered with skits.

What's happening? Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Bite. Now, our entire office is shutting down right now but we wanted to give you a little some some. So, we put together a few of our favorite tips and moments from the past year in this show. Now, IOS5 was released this year but there were plenty of hidden secrets inside of it that you probably didn't even know existed. So let's check it out. Hey, guys. Brian Tong here with cnet.com. And Apple recently announced some of the new features that we can expect to see in IOS5 for I devices when it's released this fall. Now, customization has always been one of IOS' weaker points and they are bringing widgets but there are other ways to trick out your phone. How about keyboard shortcuts? Go in to General and enter Keyboard Settings and you can now create a shortcut you type in that will display a phrase to make life a whole lot easier. Apples also improved the accessibility options that can be helpful for all of us. You can turn on the LED flash for alerts but you can also turn on custom vibrations on your iPhone. Now, it's not what you think so. You guys can stop giggling. Now, go to sounds and find vibration patters. You have the ability to enter and use pre-made ones or create your own custom vibration by tapping on the screen for a contact that, you know, is more important than others. Now, on the iPad, you can also use a custom gesture to open different menus on your screen by turning on a system touch. At the moment, you can't assign it to lock your screen or launch any apps but it's probably coming in the future. And the multi-touch gestures we've seen from previous builds from returned in IOS5. The notification center is one of the big rebounds and you can create the alert style if it's more important, the option to view it in your lock screen and how many notifications show up at one time. You'll also have the option to purchase more ring tones or alert tones in the preferences. If you check out the photo app, it allows you to create albums on your I Device and also move photos in to different albums. Safari, the web browser, has a nice option that allows you to open a new page in the background instead of interrupting the current window you're viewing and the weather app has a panel for your local weather instead of adding a new one for every city you visit. And for all you sketchy people with something hide, you will now be able to delete individual calls from your call list. Plus one of the biggest ones you can't see right now, IOS5 supports 1080p video playback which sets them for better video output directly to TV sets and high resolution displays for future devices. Now, there's plenty of other features buried in here while we wanted to show you a few of them that you can expect to see in the fall. I am Brian Tong with your first look at some of the hidden features in IOS5. Use them wisely. I guarantee you learn something new there but I also learned something about relying on IOS apps a little too much especially when it comes to girls. Look out boys. Boom go the dynamite. Aces on you all and all that money. No, it's all mine. Wow, Brian. It seems like you've been in a good mood lately. Yeah, you've been on cloud 9 lately. What's with you? Things aren't going my way. Remember those iPhone apps? iPhone... Yes, they've helped me meet a girl. I am actually seeing someone right now. You're seeing somebody? A girl? A girl. Hey, Betty. Yeah. What are you guys doing? Are you guys gambling again? You know, that's a great question but before I answer that, I want you to check my phone for me. Check your phone? I am really really sorry. Yeah, you are sorry, aren't you? Yeah, rub my back a little more. You know what? I am also thirsty. I left my thermos in the control room. Could you get it for me? Okay. Thanks, Baby. Yeah. Just over that direction. That's how you do it. Wow man. I don't believe what I just saw. And you just saw it. You know what? I need that app right now. Get on that. I told you, I got this man. (??). She's like a dog man. I got a leash. I'd say roll over and she rolls over. Who let the dogs out? Who let them out? Cool. Nice. My darling, your tee. My tee? Like that? Yes. You guys, cheers. Cheers to that. That's how we do it, all right? Wow, must taste good. That's great. Yeah. Totally. All right. Here we go. That's it. It's not good. What can I say? I learned my lesson and I will never do that again. Now, people have been talking and saying, I have a very close relationship with my gadgets. There were rumors flying around that I made out with my iPhone. Totally untrue and even when as far as saying that I had a physical relationship with my Mac-Care, that is sick. It's completely sick. All right. Brian, we actually have a footage to prove you. Would you wanna roll that? You guys really believe that stuff? You know, there's a lot of things that you can do with computer animation and graphics, you know. All right. We'll wrap things up and address some of the criticism I get because I care more about my Steve Jobs statue than I do about them. People say I don't treat my staff nicely. Well, I would say the same thing about them but sometimes talking to Big game isn't all that is cracked up to be. Nice. Here we go. Here we go. Dude, (??). What are you doing? Hey, what's up Charlie? We're gonna play a little home run battle 3D? Home run, baseball? Hey, I like that. Do you mind if I give it a try. Yeah, give it a try. Give it a try. Okay. Here. Here. Tap. Pitch and tap. What was that? Charlie, that's my phone sausage finger. What are you doing? I wanna see you at 3:00, the real baseball diamond. We'll see if you can play baseball. Hey, player. Let's get it on. Here we go again. All right. Let's get this over with. Let's play ball. Sabrina, hit (Nunez?). Yeah, the hit. Hi. What? Jamie. Right down the middle of the plate. I got it. I got it. I got it. That was good. Okay. Okay. Seriously. Real blood bled from my knee. I just like to let you guys know that it bled for the apple pie. All right. That's gonna do it for this week's show special episode and in case you missed Brian Clooney's cut starring a lead role on the Apple Bite, you can find it in our May episode. I am Brian Tong and thanks for watching. And we'll catch you guys next time for another bite of the Apple.

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