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The Best of CES 2013: Tech Industry

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Tech Industry: The Best of CES 2013

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CNET's Brian Cooley and Molly Wood announce the winners in all the categories, the People's Voice winners, and Best of Show.

-Hello everybody. -Good morning. -Welcome. I'm Brian Cooley, and welcome to the 2013 Best of the CES Awards, presented by cnet.com. -And I'm Molly Wood. These are, as you know, the official awards of the Consumer Electronic Show as determined by the editors and the users of CNET. -Because users like you are part of this. We have nine categories this year, in which we're going to name what we feel, as a team, are best products in each here in this very important show. -And then we will name just one of those products the Best in Show, as well as reveal the People's Voice winner, that's the product that our CNET users voted the absolute best. -Before we get started, if you're here representing any of the companies whose product wins in a category, make your way to the riser here to the right, CNET's Bridget Carey is waiting there, has the award to present you, and that's also where the press and media, photography and video is taking place. -That's right, so make sure that you give a little pause so that your pictures look absolutely beautiful. -Yes [unk]. Two flashes. -Two flashes -- -Wait for two flashes. -and tilt your award down so you don't get any glare. -Alright. -And for the details. -With that, let's go ahead get started. -The first category that we will award this year is, Car Tech. -Car Technology. And the nominees here, near and dear to my heart are the Chevrolets' MyLink 2nd generation 2.0. We're also giving a nod to Garmin's Infotainment Platform for cars. And also to Ford's AppLink, the 2013 generation, going forward. -And the winner in the Car Tech category is -- -Give to Chevy. -Chevy MyLink 2nd generation -- -Who've got Chevrolet here, congratulations, make your way on up here, Bridget will hook you up. Alright. -Here we go, moving along -- Congratulations Chevrolet. The next category, is the people's awards -- -Go -- Stick my gear. -Alright, the next category that we'll award this year is Emerging Technology. -Emerging Tech, these are the new products that have come out, but often represent a new category of tech, that we may not even seen before. And the nominees of Emerging Technology include, the Tobii Rex, the Fulton wireless charging technology, and 3D Systems CubeX 3D printer. You can see the wide variety of what's going on there. -And the winner in the Emerging Tech category is the Systems CubeX 3D printer and 3D printing -- -3D printing. -is not going away. -Well they didn't come unprepared, did they? -Apparently, and it's also wearable. I mean - -Wait a minute, that's wearable tech. -This printer does it all. -And they made the basketball. -That's outstanding. -Which is bigger than the printer, I'm sure how that works. You know, it's like, you know, giving birth to a very large baby. -Baby printing defies in the laws of physics over and over. Alright, the next category that we'll award this year is, Gaming. -Gaming category, the nominees here include, NVIDIA's Project Shield, all-in-one calm-shell prototype. We've got the Razer Edge accessory and gaming tablet concept. And Toshiba's Qosmio X875 gaming laptop. -Alright, the winner in the Gaming category is the Razer Edge. -The Razer. -That's right, congratulations Razer. -The Razer Edge, come on up guys. And they've got one with them, and hold that up as they walk up. There you go guys, hold that high as you walk through. -Very cleaver, -- and sort of 2nd stream gaming system, very cool. -Yeah, very cool. Controllers and clip-ons are really big part of the story on that thing. -Yeah, absolutely, and the ability to detach, and be sort of sub-screen controller. -In via tablet, as well as the as -- screen. -Via tablet, yup. -Yeah. -Alright, moving a bright along, the next category that we will award the Best of CES Award in is, Home Theater and Audio a CES Staple. -That's right. Goes way back to the early days, but stays fresh. The nominees in Home Theater and Audio include VIZIO's 5.1 Sound Bar technology, and Polk's Woodbourne wireless speaker. -And the winner in the Home Theater and Audio category is, VIZIO's 5.1 Sound Bar. -Let's hear for VIZIO. -Congratulations VIZIO. And Sound Bar is I think are making a real comeback in that Home Theater category. They're simple -- -Yeah. -they're elegant -- -And sounding so much better. -I am totally hooked on them. Yeah, and they sound amazing. -Oh, yeah. Hate all the wires and the rear surround speakers or like that. Okay. -Our next award category is Mobile. -Mobile Technology, that of course is probably the biggest hot button in tech these days. Here are the nominees from .13 CES in Mobile area. They include Sony's Xperia Z smartphone, Yota Devices Yota Phone, no relationship to Yoda, and the GlobaTrac TrakDot luggage tracking device. -This was a tough one, but the winner the mobile category is the Yota Devices Yota phone. -A phone with a colored LCD on the front -- -Yup. -and an -- what? E-ink on the back. -An e-ink on the back. So, if you have something you need to stay out there like your mobile boarding pass. -Right. -Your phone doesn't have to be [unk] -Your movie tickets. -Your movie tickets - -Yup. -anything scanable, like our party invite. -Very cool, very cool. Congratulations to the Yota Devices Phone. -The next category we'll award here today is Networking and Storage. -The nominees in Networking and Storage for the 2013 CES include, busy crowd by the way, D-Link's DGL 5500 gaming router, we've got Seagate's wireless plus technology, sort of a wireless mobile NAS, network-attached storage, and Lowe's Iris Smart Kit, home automation platform. -The big winner in the Networking and Storage category is the Seagate Wireless plus portable NAS drive. -Kinda like 4G pocket hot spot meets portable drive. -Meets portable drive. And especially with SSD drives populating notebooks more and more -- -Yeah. -I think that portable storage and any additional storage -- -Yeah, if you get that space -- -Is really -- -you use to enjoy with the old drives. -It is a must have. Alright -Congratulations. -Congratulations again. The next category we'll award this year is PCs and Tablets. -And the nominees in the PC and Tablet category are as follows. We've got the ASUS Transformer All-in-One, Lenovo's Horizon 27 inch table pc, and Lenovo's -- latest in their Yoga line, the Yoga IdeaPad 11S. -The winner in the PC and Tablets category is the Lenovo -- -Lenovo. -Horizon 27 inch table pc. Congratulations. -And despite of being pretty good sized, they brought it. They brought it. -You didn't know it was portable, but it is. -And he held it over his head. -And he held it over his head. Please don't drop it, it's very -- -Please don't drop that. No, no that would hurt me. Very good. -Wow, that got a ton of buzz this year. -It did, yeah. -Congratulations Lenovo. I love it when they're excited. Alright, the next category that we'll award this year is TVs. -Television is really is the ultimate mainstay of CES, and the one you see the most of. The nominees are, in the television category, we've got LG's 55 PM9700 OLED Television, mind bringing the OLED revolution to market imminently. We've got Samsung's UN85S9 Ultra HD or 4K Television, the one with a big easel stand, and we have Panasonic's ZT60 Plasma, [unk] Plasma still has really good legs. -And the winner in the TV category is, I'm excited the Samsung -- -The Samsung. -UN85S 4K Ultra HD TV. I love that design. -It's almost -- -Lovely. -as much furniture as it is television. -Yes. -Modern furniture. -And I'm all over that. Congratulations to Samsung. -Very cool. -The next category we'll award -- -And they didn't hold that over their heads. -And didn't -- -A little too large. -No. Yeah, no. I'm disappointed they didn't bring in the giants. -An army. -Yeah, an army. Alright, moving along, the next category we'll award this year is, a new one Wearable -- -Yeah. -and Health Tech. -Totally new for us, and for many of us here at the show. The nominees in Wearable and Health, here's an interesting field, the Fitbit flex, they've gone to a bracelet technology, we've got the Basis Bands, also part of this fitness and body monitoring technology, the Martian Passport watch, no need to go to Mars anymore they apparently came here, we've got the Vuzix M100 Smart glass, smartphone extension technology, and Happy Lab's Happy Fork. -And the winner in the Wearable and Health Check category is, the Fitbit Flex. -The Fitbit Flex. And of course we have James Park here on a session yesterday about the next interface, Being You, is the really good example of that. -Yeah, this -- this was a huge trend of the show, sort of a underlying subgenre that came out of nowhere. -Yeah, it moved from an itch to big deal. -The quantified self. -Yeah. -Yes. -Yes. -Alright, those are our main categories everyone. Now we crank up the heat as we turn to our Special awards, beginning with the People's Voice. -This is where the voting is open to the entire CNET audience able to vote online until literally just like about an hour ago for any of the nominees you've seen so far. Obviously it doesn't matter if they want a category or not, because that wasn't know until just now. These are on our entire field. -Alright, let's have a look at the results then. In third place was the Seagate Wireless Plus. -Nice work. -Storage is important to everyone. -Coming in at second according to CNET users, on the Garmin K2 Infotainment Platform for vehicles. -And the winner of the 2013 Best of CED People's Voice award is -- -The Razer Edge. -The Razer Edge. -Boom. -Congratulations again Razer. -And they've got different delegates to accept each level of award, it looks like. -I know I like that. Way to -- way to plan ahead. -Now you look like and army over here. Oh, they can carry the Lenovo TV. Alright folks and that gets us right to the end of our awards, the best one is now remaining. That leaves a single award for the Best CES 2013, the Best of Show. It signifies the most impressive product we've seen of any of the winners, here are the nominees here according to the editors -- these are among our winners in the categories, with [unk] super distillation if you will, to the absolute best. -That's right. So that most sought after -- sought after honor at CES this year goes to -- -And by the way, out of 28 outstanding finalist and the winners that came out of that, very competitive field. -Or we're just dragging it out. We're gonna go a break, and then -- -We have a break. -come back and tell you. No, I'm totally kidding. -[unk] Alright. The winner of the best -- -The winner -- -of CES 2013 is, the Razer Edge. -The Razer Edge. It's a sweep, congratulations Razer. -By the way you got another one. -They're still doing interviews for the People's Voice over here -- -You got another. -Let's have Razer. Join us up on stage. -Let's get it up to Razer. Get the Razer team. -Bring your army up on stage for a moment. -Come on Razer Team. -And congratulations. -Come on guys show us that thing. Folks have seen that, put your award there, bring it up, here come on in. Tell us about the product a little bit. -Good, how are you? -You're good -- -So, this is the Razer Edge. Kinda exciting, yeah so, what we try to do, I think with our fans and we did last year with Project Fiona was bring something to the market that they really want it. And so we spent the year in that time doing crowd sourcing feedback, figuring out what they wanted, you know, and so we changed it made it -- -Detaches out air -- -Detaches out of the docks, created a suite of accessories that really can drive your game play experiences. So it's tablet, it's a PC, and it's a console. So [unk] big picture, you can put all your games, or we have our launcher program as well, right on your television screen, play in the living room, watch net flicks, do whatever you want. -And now is this a prototype, or is it shipping for fans at home? -Shipping in Q1. -Shipping in Q1. -Or i5, -- -Say that again. -It starts in shipping Q1 and it sells for 9.99 for the i5 model. -Great. -Very edge on the edge -- -Let's have a hand for Razer Edge, and now we -- -Congratulations. -wanna have all of our winners come on stage. Let's get everybody up here. -Come on Winners. -Let's get everybody, here we go. Come on winners, get on stage. -Some of the Razer guys are gonna have to leave, no I'm kidding. Come on everybody. Let's let everybody have a look at that. Not you. -Alright folks. It's a chance to see all the winners. We wanna thank you for being here at the 2013 Best of CES Awards from cnet.com. Remember the shortest and the best route to understanding CES this year or any year is by going to ces.cnet.com, and continue watching our live coverage through the -- end of the show this week at cnet.com/live. Thanks for joining us. -And congratulations everyone. Hold them up.

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