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Apple Byte: The best iPhone watch EVAR!

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Apple Byte: The best iPhone watch EVAR!

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Liquidmetal rumors are the craze with the next-gen iPhone and we're fearing for our life. We have tips on how to protect your Mac from malware, and the Pebble watch blows our mind!

What's happening? Bryan Thong here and welcome to the Apple buy for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. I'm back from my vacation and a lot of you have been requesting to see more skin. Well I had my very first sunburn ever and it now has been bolt me like a snake. It's all very new to me but don't worry Apple biters, I may try protecting all of this for you. All right. On to the stories and the real reason we're here with some juicy good next gen iPhone rumors. A report from Korea itnews.com claims our sources have confirmed Apple use liquid metal technology to make a thinner and lighter next generation iPhone. The big A acquire the rise as a padded a morph as metal out wood that are first liquid and then can be cooled into other forms from a company called, Liquid Metal Technologies in 2010. Now Apple use this metal for smaller parts like the SIM card ejector tool but all I'm saying is that I do not want my phone become alive and stop me to 1000 style. Now the article states the new material would allow for a surface smooth like liquid and they say the phone will be announced at WWWBC2012 in June. Now those are some pretty big claims but when will we even see this phone. We're thinking to September time frame but some people were still hoping and clinging for the June to July time frame but fall seems even more likely after qualified more of analyst that is expecting supply issue with little this advance mobile LTE phone chip, the same 28 nanometer chip that people are expecting to see in the next gen iPhone. Now Verizon is the king of LTE for US phone sears. We're just now recovering 2/3's of the US population right now. But current iPhone users will be getting to know a Verizon family data plan will be available sometime this summer following springs week. All right let's catch you up to speed with a Max splash back (??) update this first key lab says the number of inspected machine has now dropped to around 30,000 machine significantly down from its peak around 600,000 macs. Java updates or Apple's own removal tool has been able to take care most of them after one of the most successful mower campaigns against the Mac platform. Now this first key official's expect the Mac platform to be a bigger target because the market share is what motivates the tackers and believe it or not no Mac is safe. All right let's take a quick break with a batch of chips and meeting info to help protect your Mac from mallaware. Whether you're a long time Mac owner or new to the big Apple, it's time to beef up your Mac security. I am Seth Rossenblind. And today I've got 6 comments and tips on how to safeguard your Mac against the rising tide of mallaware. Step one, get a security suite running a security program it's just common sense. Good free and paid options include a vast, sophos, clam XAV, kasperski and Intego. If you absolutely refused to install the suite, at the very least, use a browser tool that will check link to make sure they're safe before you load them. The free AVG link scanner is a good place to start. Step 2, walk down admin privileges. The default account that you create on your Mac is an administrator account which can be leveraged by the bad guys to infect your machine. Simple solution, trade a none admin account for daily use such as e-mail, browsing and music and video watching. Jump over to admin when it's necessary. Step 3, stay on top of the software updates. Make sure that you let software update do its job. Programs are rarely updated on a whim so make sure that you got the latest versions because they're make and pay in security fixes. These includes the latest security patches from software makers and Apple itself. Step 4, ditch Adobe reader if you can. Adobe has been notoriously slow in the past about patching security hold in reader. They've gotten somewhat better but why risk it when preview and snow leopard and lion can handle the basic PDF reading requirement. If you must keep Adobe reader around, make sure that it's always updated to the latest version. Step 5, get rid of Java and Flash. You can disable Java by going to the application folder then utilities and unchecking the Java version boxes under the general tab. Be warned, killing Flash and still enjoying the modern web means switching to Google Chrome for your main browser because it's the only browser that comes with Flash built in. Chrome updates regularly and the browser has earned its reputation a long side Firefox as a safe browser that patches security problems when discovered. Step 6, take control of your passwords. Unlike Microsoft, Apple helpfully provide a solid password manager called key chain. As often as possible use strong passwords. This means, random multi word passwords separated by spaces. If you want to get password sinking for multiple device and machine support, use one password or last pass. People can and do run macs without paying attention to security. But as we've seen over the past year, a tax centered on macs or almost certainly going to increase. All right thank you Seth for all the good stuff in there. Now we're still waiting for OS and mound lined up official really state the progress is being made up to the 3rd version of the developer preview has been made available with the building improvements and if there are any other new features that circus, we'll let you know about them. Plus the (??) 5.2 and S code 4.4 also receives update for developers as well. Now the biggie wants everyone they can get to count on (??) Bonita have why and first and it's primarily distributed to the app store. So Apple is offering mobile users who are still using an older OS a free copy of now leopard which will then allow themselves great to lion and then upgrade to mound line while updating for mobile (??) club see that all made for the sense right. And we also know Apple loves older glass board designs and they sell the pan for ownership of the design of the massive 12 meter tall glass cylinder at their Shanghai China mega store. Unique to the store is the arrangement of it's curve black panel. Now I maybe casing that this is the bliss avenue store in New York. What up Randy and I was the first to make a joke about Apple replacing all the glass panels, how visually if you're scenes. I admit that glass too bliss even more amazing than before but it's really not as big as I remember. All right we showed you an awesome kicks at our project last week but it is now been outdone by the E paper base pebble watch that's truly in a class of its own and it's rate over 5 million dollars up to this point. The sink over Bluetooth for your iPhone and Android they'll be able to do things like customize it with apps, see incoming calls before reaching for your phone, view notifications and reminders and control your music directly from the watch and if something will be watching. All right guys just (??) Windows from our true perfection Heather Brown cases, we ask you to try in with some of your own ideas for the actors in the new reach out movie. So here are the winners. Ronald Alcasid says, Jason states him as Johnny I. Huh. I know a lot of you guys said that as well. Eddie Canyon writes in with, told for greats would be a better Scott for style because of buggy eyes. Bill Gates to be played by the big bang through Jim Parson. Now that's a good one too but by far Racquel Jones says, cast it by Ola Davis from the help as Job's wife in the movie. Totally on board with that. Now Lucas Matthew Wesley says, Tim Allen should be Phil Schiller. And Bernie Spilts writes in with Daniel Day Tim can store as in rapid CENA reporter Bryan Thong. Come on he's not nearly as good looking as me Bernie but I guess I'll still give you a case. All right. Thanks to all of you for writing and then we'll be in touch with our winners. That's gonna do it for this week's show everybody. Send all of your burning questions to the Apple by at cnet.com and if you're lucky enough and ask nicely, we'll give you a glass of my skin. I'm Bryan Thong. We'll catch you next time for another bite of the Apple.

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