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Apple Byte: The Apple Byte skits episode

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Apple Byte: The Apple Byte skits episode

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Brian Tong shows us some of our favorite skits that have made Apple Byte so unique.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:07 >> Brian: What's up I'm Brian Tong and welcome to the Applebyte. This week we're gonna do something a little different because I'm out of town so we wanted to showcase one of the things that's made the Applebyte so unique, our skits. So let's start where it all began with a simple app that'll get you out of a sticky situation. I called her earlier today? Let's just say you've got that buddy that won't stop talking. >> She said she needed space, like what's space? >> Brian: Pull your iPhone out of your pocket ever so discretely. >> I don't know man like everything I do reminds me of her. She has that same necklace. Can you not wear that anymore? It just -- what are you doing? >> Brian: I'm just checking my email dude. Open up the app and click 'Get ready to fake it'. >> I was suffocating her. >> Brian: Then when you need it double click the screen [sound effect] and you've got a call from your uncle in France. Dude, it's my uncle from France. You know what I haven't talked to this guy forever. Let me take this okay? You know what I got to go dude. >> Okay, I didn't know he's French. >> Brian: Thanks Fake a Call. I can't tell you how many times I've used that on girls that constantly keep talking to me. Now, the next skit took things to another level. If you ever wanted to recreate a martial arts flick with Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee iFu Kung Fu is the app for you so let's check it out. ^M00:01:28 [ Background noise ] ^M00:01:44 >> iFu ^M00:01:45 [ Silence ] ^M00:01:47 >> Hey Brian would you like some salad? ^M00:01:49 [ Music ] ^M00:01:57 [ Background noise ] ^M00:02:18 >> iFu ^M00:02:19 [ Music ] ^M00:02:20 >> Brian: The one affect they don't have [sound effect]. Come on now make it happen iFu you could do it. Alright, the App Store as brought a lot of unique apps and one of them is Bump. Hit 2 phones together and they exchange contact information but it doesn't always workout the way you want. Say you're out to lunch with a lady friend and you guys are hitting it off. That's not guacamole. You know what I'm saying? Oh my God she like ate it and everything, oh dude. You have an iPhone and you notice she has an iPhone too. So what are you gonna do? Hey do you want to bump? >> What >> Brian: You know, bump. Here let me get in my pocket here. >> Excuse me? Wait, wait. >> Brian: Here wait. No I'm trying to get a -- no, no. I want to bump. ^M00:03:03 [ Music ] ^M00:03:07 >> Brian: You know, people always ask me, Brian you are such a lady's man. How do you do it? Well, now you know. Alright, apps have helped me in life and this one has saved my relationships. It's called PMS Buddy and let's you track the cycle of your lady-friend. >> [inaudible] on 2, hut, hut, oh, I'm open. >> Brian: Guys, guys what the hell's going on here? You said this stuff would be ready yesterday. >> Well we're working on it. >> Brian: You're working? I've got a headache and my stomach hurts. Get your shit together. God dammit. >> Whoa, what's up with him? >> Hold on let me see. ^M00:03:41 [ Background noise ] ^M00:03:45 >> Oh, here he comes let me get the music going. Hey Brian got the music -- >> Hi Brian. >> playin' you know what I mean? >> Brian: You guys got Celine? >> [inaudible] >> Brian: Oh, wow. >> Relax man. >> Brian: You know what? I just got to say sorry, you know, I was a little out of sorts and how do you guys do that? You turn my frown upside down and it seems like you just know when the time's right. >> Don't worry about it Brian we just know you, alright? Get to work man. >> Okay >> Alright? [music] >> Brian: I'm sure there's a lot of diva's in your workplace like there are here at CNET so keep that app handy. You can thank me later. Now at the Applebyte we also make sure to give you tips you can use and printing CD covers from iTunes goes a long way. Nothing shows you care more than making a CD mix for that special someone. Hey dude check this out. I made this CD mix just for you. >> Oh, okay cool thank man. >> Brian: I'm Brian Tong with CNET.com and we'll show you how to make it even flashier by printing a CD sleeve for it from iTunes. The first thing you'll need to do is create a playlist in iTunes and I'm gonna name it My BFF Mix, and then drag and drop songs from your music library onto the playlist. That will become your mix CD. If you purchase your songs from an online store they'll come loaded with album artwork that you can see here in the corner of iTunes. But if you have songs without album art you can download the images directly from websites like Amazon.com or Discogs.com. Now select your song without the album art in iTunes and drag and drop the picture file into the bottom corner and now your song has artwork. Once you have that all taken care of you can make your CD sleeve. So we're gonna go to file in the Menu bar and then print. You'll see a few different options such as Mosaic and Single Cover and if you want to really be creative you can even create your own custom album art and attach it to songs and create your own personalized CD sleeve. When you're happy with what you've got print out your CD sleeve, trim down the edges and you'll be making new friends in no time. Hey, check this out. I made this cool mix and then I made this custom CD case for you. >> Oh >> Brian: Pretty cool huh? >> Cool, hey, what are you doing right now? >> Brian: I don't know, nothing. >> Let's have a bite. >> Brian: Really? >> Yeah, I love you. >> Brian: Cool man. I'm Brian Tong for CNET.com with your how to for printing your own CD sleeves in iTunes use it wisely. That was probably one of the best nights of my life. You can never really underestimate personal connections in someone who, you know, just let's you be you. Now, if you're looking for that special someone guess what there's an app for that. Hey, oh what's up Ariel? So, Jamie I know last time was kind of awkward with the whole phone thing so check this out. You know, I think that we should try this thing out it's called Love Link. You know, it shows us if we're compatible so just give it a try. Come on give it a try. >> Jamie: Okay >> Brian: Yeah, okay there you go, okay ready? ^M00:06:26 [ Background noise ] ^M00:06:33 >> Brian: You know what, I'm just gonna go. >> Weirdo >> Jackie: I don't know why he just doesn't ask me out. >> Honestly, he's socially awkward. You should just go talk to him. >> Jackie: Maybe I will. >> Yeah, do that. >> Whoa Brian. >> Brian: What's up? >> No what's up you're looking down today. What's going on buddy? >> Brian: This stupid Love Link app it doesn't work it's horrible. >> Wow, let me see that. ^M00:06:59 [ Background noise ] ^M00:07:04 [ Music ] ^M00:08:27 >> I'm gonna go get some coffee. >> Brian: I'm gonna wash my hair man. Alright, we'll be back next week with an all-new show. If you like the skits let us know and we'll keep them coming, so send your emails to the Applebyte@CNET.com. I'm Brian Tong thanks for watching and come back next week for another bite of the apple. ^M00:08:45 [ Music ]

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