Rumor Has It: The anti-iPhone 5 episode
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Rumor Has It: The anti-iPhone 5 episode

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How much will the Wii U cost? Will Spotify live in the cloud? Who wants an HTC tablet? How about two? Nobody? Shucks.

Hey I'm -- -- -- and -- Emily -- and welcome it's rumor has -- the show where we round up the week's biggest tech rumors and -- how much sounds legit and what seems like it'll never happen since Apple products are dominating the news this week -- -- a little break and devote to other players in the tech world. And remember that you can vote on all of the rumors too so keep your eye out for the pull in interactive player if you're watching on -- We get to our new Apple -- -- let's take us -- movement to pour one out for our dearly departed friend iPhone 5 rumor. Five rumors you've been with us for two years through it -- through good times and bad through Siri and retina displays through metal chassis and no forgy and you kinda until we -- -- -- like members of our family you were always Mars we'll miss you buddy. Our first rumor is that the company that makes my -- a little old Smartphone HTC. The Taiwanese brand -- -- introduced two tablets according to each species -- -- com. The hundred slates would drop on September 19. And a seven inch model would be dubbed the flyer and a ten inch would be the evo view forgy. Any suspense HTC if that's RS that they can -- -- -- -- -- words of their line up the naming convention is getting old seriously. I'm gonna go in yea -- astronomer with an -- vendor of -- -- also go if I don't care with the addition of our second -- belongs in the category of good ideas that should've happened long ago. Crunches favorite sources -- Spotify is readying a browser based app will -- who are tech -- as favorites arsonists in invisible people. This is techcrunch cared about this -- So basically invisible Obama told techcrunch that Spotify is finally ready to make things easier for you and let you use the service about downloading the software. What's that techcrunch is anonymous source. You think I should vote today okay yet. -- -- Then -- product distributors which is a wholesale media distribution company posted on the Internet last week. -- Wii U bundles along with the November 11 state. The prices -- 249 dollars -- -- 99 dollars and 349 dollars and they -- with no other real specifics. But we -- was announced at 32011. But Nintendo left out all of the specifics including the release date and the price. Nintendo is holding an event on Thursday when all of these price and release states speculations will finally be put to rest let's hope that none of these prices are true and it actually knows something cheaper I think that this is the least anticipated new gaming -- of the century and it needs to be priced competitively in orders. See I think that 250 dollars is priced -- -- I think that offering these three bundles at those prices seems pretty competitive depending of course on what you -- for -- prices I would pay through an hour and 49 dollars -- -- console if it seemed cool enough and so far that we use seems T cool. What do you guys think voter poll a week left -- Francisco about the Wii U. There been some rumors that it's gonna be priced the bundles will start at 249 go up to 349. Is that -- to sell for you. Yeah I think that's very competitive for me because. -- -- like 400 dollars the Xbox 360s so Katrina 200 dollar to fifty dollar Wii in a tablet but to be pretty good how much did you pay. Move that's a tough one under 200 dollars pool to debate how much -- think it'll cost. Probably around 500. Things I'm -- but I'm not sure. Would you be willing to pay that -- Him a friend when though currently came out we had camp out overnight actually survived. -- -- And now I. Million dollars -- would you Byron at this price it 200 dollars. Think about it haven't you have Internet access then also they need bigger TV that -- time what was your fever and Nintendo game Mario frog. Mario sixty. War -- awkward time and Mario card is. -- is fun -- isn't so -- friends. And non gamers on the street had a lot of assault for old Nintendo let's go upstairs to -- council thinks about the Wii bundle. The CNET councils composed of five editors who cast their ballots anonymously their opinions -- not endorsement by CNET or CBS act obviously because these are rumors folks. And the CNET verdict in. Yeah me. Our editors think that those are the real prices for the Wii U although one of our editors thinks that needing to bundle will come with out the -- in no way. Our comment of the week comes from Tom Hanks and who writes. -- green is the new scheme Ryan Seacrest. -- Tom -- I'll take that as a compliment because I don't actually know you mean by that did you -- the Ryan Seacrest actually used to work at CNET of course. -- -- show everybody please share your rumors that rumor has it at or call us at 1075. Us CNET and to us and number into an exe from march hackers think -- this week sponsored today where you could get some of your own both patents.
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