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The 404: The 404 Show 1,545: The end of passwords? Samsung Note 4, Note Edge, Sony announcements

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The 404: The 404 Show 1,545: The end of passwords? Samsung Note 4, Note Edge, Sony announcements

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Today we'll follow up on the iCloud hack and ponder a world without passwords, plus we're covering all the major product announcements from Samsung and Sony!

So Mr. I as actor, I think it's important that we revisit the iCloud, hacking debate. The fappening? The beckler? Yeah. I didn't call, I didn't name it that, I didn't either. That's just a popular name for it. It's just I'm mad at everything. I'm mad at. I'm mad that it happened, because that's not cool, it's stealing. Definitely. It's illegal, and these poor celebrities or people rather, I don't feel bad for any celebrity, but I feel bad for people who had their privacies invaded, and that is not cool. Agreed. I'm mad that it happened to these people, I'm mad at the people who are mad. And they're the people who say you're a child molester if you've seen the photo, or you're, you're a, you're a **** peddler, like if you, if you were on twitter the day it happened, and you innocently enough clicked Jennifer Lawrence's name on trending topics. You saw her naked, is what I have heard. Well, we tried to see trending topics on twitter, we have done this, you click something you can't un-see it because it is there. It isn't just nude celebrities, sometimes it can be gruesome death. Yeah, I have seen far too much death online on Twitter, by accident, clicking a hash tag going, oh what is this, then like oh, I can't un-see it, but it didn't, it was. I guess, and people are gonna get really upset. They're getting upset at the people who were actively posting this stuff, reposting this stuff. Up close. Totally. Reposting this stuff. And then putting it up like on Twitter. Making it possible for people to accidentally find it. Maybe that's where the rage should be. That's where the rage should be directed. You wanna do rage, then just send rage in other places. I mean, you know,. I, I feel like the majority did this and saw it, not shared it, but saw it, right? If that make's sense. I don't think it was, I think it was an unavoidable thing, cause then the people are like okay I shouldn't see it, and then they go well what are people talking about? Yeah but then there's like these self righteous a-holes. Who write articles, and say like, you're a scumbag if you looked at that. Well, look it, just, just look at yourself. How dare you? Okay, well, yeah, I, you know, I didn't go out searching for it, but it came to me in an unavoidable fashion, perhaps. Is what one person might say. So you think that. I meant it like the self righteous people. Are there scumbags out there that seen it then saying that there is no scumbags. Oh they're scumbags. They are scumbags who blame. There are scumbags who a, blame celebrities for this happening who b, say they brought it upon themselves. Those are the scumbags. Okay. Those are the scumbags, and they deserve to have their **** handed to them. But these self righteous people who are just like, you're a, you're just a piece of garbage with no soul. If you, if you participated in that right. Do you hear what I'm saying? I don't know if I. I'm just mad at being, I'm just mad at people being mad. So people are getting outraged. You're getting outraged. Outrage sounds about right but I'm. Can you get outraged at outrage? I think so. Why not? I'm proving it right now. I think it's very possible. I've gotten upset because people are upset. All right, don't let's maybe change the subject slightly. Don't you think that this is a perfect example of people who just do not have enough respect for their own security? Now, now, now, now, now I know that sounds like a crazy thing. It does not fall into the category of like blaming famous people for their own. You know. Nude leaks. Of course not. That's a, those were the words of a madman. But I think as a generation young people don't, they sort of take for granted the password situation and like security. They just don't understand how important it really is. I mean, yeah, if you are a celebrity you are targeted. So you have the target on your back anyway. Well I think there's definitely a lack of understanding when it comes to being secure, because if you've got these security questions, and people actually ho, answer them honestly, that's the dumbest part of it. Like what high school did you go to? You tell everybody. What hospital were you born to? Yeah, fine. People can know that information, but when you actually use it as security Yeah. that's where you fail. See, but no one know that you're supposed to do that. No one knows that you're supposed to, like,. Use a different answer. It's just, Lie, freaking lie, Of course! where were you born? I was born in, Toledo, Ohio. there you go, just completely **** all these answers, keep track of it somewhere, cuz you're gonna need it at some point, Yeah. like, I use a password manager for this, I generate passwords for all of these things because I'm like, wait a minute. I share way too much information. Somebody looks at my Facebook profile, they can find out where I was born, what high school I went to. And these are the damn security questions. So the thing is, I don't know is, maybe it's not on the person, because people are going to be dumb. Maybe it should be on these companies. Be like, okay look seriously add in like another part for, another answer than this. Oh, like we found this, we cross checked against your Facebook. Change your answer. Yeah. I think if there's one thing to take away, is that this is the beginning of the end for passwords. Like, we're just not gonna use that. You think regular humans, are gonna know about like two factor authentication. And like, N, no, like, Im saying I mean like extra dongles, like plug into things. Something. Something man. And, a, a biometrics scan? Something. Because this is crazy and it can't happen. It, I mean Home Depot today. Oops. Everyone's credit cards out there, it just can not happen anymore. There's gotta be something better than the past. Do you think this? It's just not working. It does not work. They proved it. They targeted celebrities, high profile celebrities. They were able to do it with seemingly, amazing ease. Mm-hm. You know? No more passwords. Come on. We've been saying that for years on this show. So you think it's [LAUGH] gonna be this happening is gonna be the awakening of. Security. [CROSSTALK] I don't love that name. But perhaps. Perhaps. All right. We've spent a lot of time on that. It's Wednesday, September 3rd. Let's start the program. [MUSIC] Welcome to the 404 show. I'm Jeff [UNKNOWN] joined [UNKNOWN]. Richard Peterson over there on the boards. Hello. Hey. How you doing dude? I'm good. What do you think about all you remain silent the whole time. If you're silent you're a scumbag. I didn't want to talk until you introduced me so I was just sitting here. If you just sat there, you're a piece of garbage, James Peterson. If you're recording this, clearly. If you're switching cameras and not telling anyone about it. I'm a scumbag. I'm a scumbag. All right,. But do you have an opinion on this? I'm curious because people wanna hear from you, they love you Richard. No I agree with what you've been saying. I also think, well there are scumbags out there, obviously. And one group you didn't mention is the group that continue to share it. Like they not only looked at it but they continue to share it. Right. I think that. Is that, now what defines sharing? Does that mean like, taking a photo, taking like, downloading it and then hosting it yourself? That would be sharing. Like posting the links on Reddit or something. Right, sharing links for sure, we can't have that, but that is going to happen man, it is the freaking internet. You know? There's always a system that around, the internet gets around everything. It does. It's like this never-ending cat and mouse game where the internet's the mouse, right, cuz the cat never, is that how that analogy works? Who's the cat? Who's the cat? I don't know. I think arguably 4chan's the cat. 4chan's the cat, yeah, maybe. And it thinks the rest of the world is the mouse. The mouse always get's away doesn't it? No. Tom and Jerry, the mouse always got away. Yeah but that's one mouse, I mean if you have a mouse problem in the house, you can get a cat, and the cat usually wins. Cat's usually does win. Cause I mean it's the one with blood on it's face cause it's killed the, batting around the mouse. Getting bloody with this okay? This is a simple analogy of cartoon animals. And you made it real. Right, because there's explosions, dynamite and exploding cigarettes I might add. You made it real. That's Let us, move on to the stories of the day. Lot of announcements happening, kids. If you're into, Samsung and Sony, and you, you know, you, you like gadgets and whatnot. Sony just wouldn't shut up about the amount of gadgets they Hm. got coming out, so can you give me, cuz I've been very casually paying attention to all this. Because it's just, after a while, it's just mind numbing. Right? You're like, everything is plastic, everything's got glass on it, okay, I got it. And They're all the same. And everything's waterproof now. Almost. So that's the thing. So Sony's got some waterproof stuff coming out. They got the Experia Z3, it's a cool phone. It's got, it can work with the, your Playstation 4. You can actually use it for remote play. Okay, so what? Does that mean I can use the phone as a PS4 remote? Remote play. So like a Vita. Oh so I can, so I have to bring, so I can use it as controller and the screen. Yes. That doesn't excite me. So they got that it's water proof. So, you can do it in the bath if you wanted to. I don't know why you would, but you could. Is it like completely water proof, scuba certified. It's water proof, yeah. They're claiming it's like the toughest water proof phone that's out there right now. We'll see about that. So we got this. So, it's a pretty nice looking phone. They've got you know, decent specs. They also have a compact version of it. Okay. Confusingly though, Sony announced. The Sony Xperia Z3, that's their phone. Then, the Z3 tablet, that's the eight inch tablet. Hm. Then there's a Z3 compact. So basically they named everything the same, making it very confusing when you try to buy something in the stores. Everybody got that? Yeah. [LAUGH] That's a [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Man, that's. Come on man, that's, that's Okay. There's never [INAUDIBLE] for that. Well we got, and then there's Samsung's. They didn't go waterproof with their stuff, but they had some pretty cool Gadgets. They had the Galaxy Note four, which was everyone was expecting this to have a new s pen to go with it, it's suppose to feel like writing on paper a lot more, not water proof. Really, okay. 5.7 inch screen, crazy screen, it's got like, I think it's like. 5.7? See my G 3 is 5.5. This is a note. The note is usually quite big. And then they had another one. Yeah. Called the edge. And this has a screen on the side. So it's kind of a. Screen on the side. So yeah, you've got like this the normal screen you can see in the center. It kind of goes off onto the right like a waterfall. Do you have a photo of it? I'm going to go grab a photo of this right now. Oh, so you're saying it is like the wrap around building ticker? Kind of, so let me grab this it's really quite neat and it's missing, let me go find this dang thing. So, why have that though? So, right now they didn't explain what apps they have. Just the weather is going to go there. Well they did show something like if you wanted to use. Your camera, right? The, the buttons would appear like on this actual [UNKNOWN] now there's finally [UNKNOWN] image of it up. Oh and you can touch it. You can touch it, it's same screen that goes across, and they got, the first thing they showed is like they have apps on the side, or you can have different buttons there, if you're watching a movie on the regular screen you can have your notifications pop up here. So the real applications of this, when you [CROSSTALK] when you put a case on it Yeah Like a little flip case Yeah You still have that notification thing on the side. Yeah, there you go, man, pretty freaking cool, like, I'm into it. This is unusually cool Cause it's, it's also has a stylus cause it's a note. So only the note will have this side ticker thing. This is a new version of the note. Galaxy Note Edge. So they have the regular note four. Four. That does not have this extra screen. Right, but the note Edge is gonna Will have the screen. Have that. It's not, sorry, it's not an extra screen. It's like a curved screen. Yeah. The screen just wraps around. Yeah. It's really kind of neat. Yeah. It's got these. Cause I saw, this was a, Nu-uh. Ballsy. You think that's ballsy? so. It's not gutsy, it's ballsy. It's rounded, I guess. Anyway. But it comes to- Don't know where I was going with that, but anyway. I think that's where you were going. No, I was going, like, it takes balls to do something like that. Well, they showed this off as a concept a while ago, and they didn't think they were ever gonna actually try to release it. There's no firm release dates yet when it comes to the Edge or the Note 4, but it's really different. If you're gonna go, if you want a wow factor. This has it. Samsung also had a VR headset. Right. That you, you put a, it's kind of like Google Cardboard. The big plastic thing you put on your head. You put on a note for in it. Yeah you know, yeah. Okay. So we, they really team up with Oculus for that? Yeah, they partnered with Oculus so they can do this. I don't know exactly what Oculus did, cause I think you use a regular note 4. All this VR stuff. I'm sorry man. I'm sorry. This is just turning into another one of things where it's like 3D TV all over again. Where it's like everyone thinks it's awesome, but then they don't care when they have it in front of them, right? See, you know, I don't think that it's dumb as a dedicated headset anymore. It's, it's, because the phone's doubling as Right. Okay, yeah, I'm with you on that. So like, like here, let me show you the person trying it out. This is one of the TV presenters and they're. Their amazing presentation this morning was phenomenally funny, they really wanted to make a note of everything, that's what they kept doing, I'm not even making that up. I mean she has been overcome by the voice of God. [LAUGH] So this TV presenter has this VR plastic headset with a node four in it. So, I, I'm always having trouble with this idea of spending $400 for a video [INAUDIBLE]. Sure, right, cuz you're not crazy. I mean, I would like the idea of like, hey, I wanna watch something different or I'm in an airplane. Okay. I wanna get these [INAUDIBLE] glasses or something. I'm not spending $300 for these. And that's the only thing they do. Right. Yeah. But this is, you pop your phone in it. It does look really stupid. They tried to say it's stylish. It looks like something you'd see in a Daft Punk video. Yeah, nobody wants to wear those helmets. But if I have those two French dudes in Daft Punk. A lot of stuff works in music videos, shocking. Does not work in reality. It looks like crap. Like, like why was that the pitch? Something you'd want to wear like you know, a Daft Punk video. I have no idea. Samsung, you're just so out of touch. They tried. They tried, but did you, I mean, when I say that they're out of touch it's just like, that is not how you convince someone that your product is cool. I think they had a balance about it because they got the ballsy Note edge, and then the have like, okay here's the. Eh, let's see if this works. Samsung likes to throw things, like, at the wall. Thousands of things. Like, what's gonna work? Yeah. And no way thought the Note was gonna work. Like a 5.5 inch phone with a stylus? That's- Yeah, people cannot get enough of that ginormous phone. Well, now it doesn't seem so big. It doesn't. Dude, that's, it's crazy, man. I was, my mom's still has a 4S. And I had my my 4s [LAUGH] I know, it's hilarious. I have a 4s, what's so wrong with it? [LAUGH] No, I just had to keep trying, because I'm like okay, why not? Dude, no, look, I don't care what kind of phone you, Yes you do. Unless you're like my dad and you have the flip phone and you're just like this caveman wandering the digital world alone and hungry. But you know but you put my G3 up against your 4S and it was just stupid you know and I the the G3 does look stupid next to a 4S that just sort of like fits into your little pocket. A friend of mine told me sub five the problem with the iPhone five it looks like a receipt the display and I can never unsee it cuz it's this long thing. Stupid **** back. It's a bad **** recreational. Ii does it's so super thin. It's like. Turn it sideways and it's thinner than anamorphic. Or it is anamorphic. I don't know if anamorphic spreads an aspect ratio. But it's that sort of like ultra you know letterboxed sort of thing. Sure, yeah. I'm going to make sure that people write in whoever are super aspect ratio nerds. Yeah, go write that in. Do it! And then shove it. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] So, so, yeah, i'm into the, into the wrap-around, note edge, I think that's a tight idea, it's something new, and it's smart. I almost feel like, I almost feel like it shouldn't even wrap around, I feel like it should just be, like it's own little ticker. Well, yeah, that'd be kind of neat, but this idea that it can be used, I think it's the wow factor, it just looks good. Other than like if you had that second screen like you're talking about, like yeah, and you put a little extra screen and it's a bezel for some reason. Yeah. I guess, maybe you're right. The, the cases for this phone are going to be a huge pain in the ****. Yeah, people are like, Samsung announced a whole bunch of line of cases. And included a partnership with Mont Blanc. What? You know Mont Blanc, they make really fancy pens. Oh right, yeah. So they're making a pen that's also a stylus for the Note. And they also, Samsung announced a bunch of partnerships with Swarovski Crystal. Crystals, yeah yea. They have a crystal back. For the Note. And they have crystal wristbands for their new watch. We'd make, we'd make more fun of that like, four years ago. They really went all out with like, okay, what the hell's gonna hit. We have no idea. Some jerk's gonna buy it. They had the presenter on. it was like, I really like the sparkly one. I love that one. It's like... Oh god, those press conferences are so painful. They're were hilariously bad. So painful. All right, and we have dates on anything. Like what's the first thing to come out of this? Sony's stuff I know comes out, they said in the autumn. They didn't say specifically when. Who says autumn? That's what the guy said. Fall dude, no one says autumn anymore, I can't wait til autumn, no, no one says that anymore, I fancy a trip in autumn. They were British so. You go over, you go over to Sony and you correct them for that, you go like how dare you. I don't have the dates on the Galaxy Notes stuff. What about that edge, you might want to play around with that edge thing. I am trying to find it. That is not happening? This is coming out in October, the Galaxy stuff is coming out in October. Oh really, every caliber? I think the Spheres coming to T Mobile, they didn't mention calibers. Just T Mobile? Samsung, not Samsung, Sony's got a good relationship with T-mobile. I guess so, alright, very good. For more on that, check out CNET.com, and you're on your own. It's either there, or go to CNET.com/IFA, IFA, right. Because we've got a page there, a landing page, so if you wanna see all of the stuff that's coming out, because this is the highlights, there's some crazy stuff coming out, including from. Bosch, they are making fancy, like home connected ovens. They have got to fix their dryer situation, I have got a Bosch dryer that just **** the bed the other day, and I don't know why I told you that. I think you have a problem with your plumbing lines more than anything. [LAUGH] No, it is not like a crossover thing like that, better than a crossover appliance joke, that is just. I was just, it's just, I don't know man, why can't anything work? I am just sick of stuff not working, and I know everything breaks and I know, it is just like man, a dryer is not that complicated, right? Is it, or is it? I have no idea. A clothes dryer man, the thing is just not turning on anymore. A dryer, the biggest problem used to be that they were. Catch on fire. Right. People are like hey there's a lint trap. Right. Make sure you clean this damn thing out. I do all the time. So then that's the only thing they could do that they improve there. It's just aah! Nothing works man. Maybe it's just your ****. Maybe you just have bad taste. Well I did go through eight Palm Pre's. Yeah, wait a second, maybe it's not the appliances fault. Maybe. Don't give me that like. It's possible. Don't give me that like I've got the hex. No, it's not a hex. I've got some like. You just have, you just keep picking the wrong stuff. No, no, no, no. We didn't pick that. It picked us. [LAUGH] When this dryer was on, it started wobbling it's way towards you at Sears, coming at you, saying pick me, pick me, like a puppy. I need to dryer. I don't know if it's a vampire. [LAUGH] It's a Romanian, Transylvanian. Hey Jeff, I would love to dry your **** man, and I was like alright. No I'm kidding when we bought th place it was just there. [LAUGH] All right I want to bring a story to this show today. That's an idea. I don't really make Ias laugh allot that brought me great joy, do you like were you laughing when you would listen to this show? Yeah. Okay. I would laugh. I need like. Confirmation sometimes. Well, okay. Cuz, you know, I hear Richard snickering. That makes me feel good. Yes, that is a good thing. Ariel just doesn't think anything's funny. Ariel's so chill. He's so chill that comedy like. Goes through him, or I am just not funny. Maybe just think of mental respect. [LAUGH] That is what I think is going through Ariel's head most of the time. Yeah, that was funny, I am not going to laugh, but that was funny. Okay face, don't move. [LAUGH] Your muscles are like, I damaged your brain. Alright. This is a crazy story, there's this like strange set of occurrences happening with these mystery interceptor cell phone towers. Explain more, what's an interceptor cell tower? So there are these military grade towers that are being you know, erected around the country, and there's only about 17 of them. And they can hijack a GSM and C.V.M. A. cell phones and just grab your conversations and listen to it, the long and short of it. But they are mysteries because nobody knows who is putting them up, nobody knows. There is a lot of speculation that it is some kind of military operation that is off the books. It could be some sort of contracted work. Because this is not like some guy broadcasting on pirate radio. This is like, major deal installation tower that's been put up. So it's not like it was just some jokers in the middle of the night, just put up a tower. They don't really know who it is. But, what it does do, it does shed light on the fact that there are real world use of techniques this is a call fro Steven Allison manager of Cyber threaten tell us and security, who says that this is a confirmation that yes you can instill this real life. Techniques that have been proven to be real things by researchers for years. And now were just seeing them erected, and we dont really necessarily know who's behind all that. This is clearly Google. [LAUGH] Why would it be Google? I mean like, okay so Google does. What, like Google needs, needs towers to read and, and hear your stuff? Not to hear your stuff but to do their own network. They're nuts, right, so they have like a barge system that was gonna be a floating shop and that got scraped. And they have the Project Loon thing, where they've got these balloons going around to give Internet access to places that dont have them. And Google's going to, and I'm like looking at this map, and like, who's got enough money and enough places like, they can actually go to all these places. To find property to build this. Get everyone to just quietly build a tower. It's not like. No, no it's not, not, they, they contracted it. It's not like they're building like, okay this is a four foot thing. This is a cell phone tower that's gotta be pretty freaking high. Yeah. And they look. You can, he, they, the story says you can tell by looking at them that they're not. Regular cell phone towers with the bays like you normally see. Yeah, so if you're looking at the map, there's a bunch in California, Yeah, There's like Google's back yard. There's one right in New York. And and they've got, there's Google there too. I wanna see a map against Google's actual locations because this could be them, because they're crazy and they've got a crap ton of money. Or it's Richard Branson, Well you know, but there's. Well yeah, he's, He's crazy enough to not tell anybody. Right, you mean our lord and savior, Richard Branson. I didn't say there's anything wrong with him. He's a smart dude and he's got amazing hair. He;s at the virgin towers ro the google towers. It's strange and apparently though I was your knee jerk reaction I was like oh this is the NSA and they didn't research them. The idea that the NSA doesn't need to set up towers they're like come on haven't you seen. They're like excuse me I'm typing everything you got already they probably tapping these too. The NSA just laughed they're like ha. Thanks for your inquiry, but no. Sadly. We didn't need those. Yeah. We actually read your email as you were typing it to is. It's like, no, we actually have keys right to the vault. Oops, we weren't supposed to tell you that. So, that's a cool story. That's, yeah. I don't, I don't know what's really going on. It's fi, it's just, you know, it's just wacky mysteries. Wacky tech mysteries. We need Scooby Doo on this, man. Okay. Call him, I don't. Yeah. Why not? [LAUGH] Got him on speed dial. alright, we have one more story here? Sure, why the heck not. There was a, this, this thing on, Business Insider. This online dating site called Singled Out. It's got this approach to match people, I mean, everybody's got to have a gimmick. And their gimmick is to match you based on your DNA, so what you have to do is like, spit into a tube, send it to these people, pay them $130.00, and they will match you based on your immune system and I forgot the other part, and other hormones that you have to see if you are kind of a chill person. YOu can tell that from DNA? That is what they are claiming. Isn't this like what Hitler tried to do? I don't think it was voluntary with Hitler, this is slightly different. This is Eugenics, man. Well they're not, well, I guess that they're saying, if they told you what your baby would be like. They're saying your baby wouldn't actually be viable. That's a whole other thing. This is, it's just a weird thing. Like, who, who, who are you people that would be like, oh, you know I really can't match, is it really working out, okay it's not working. It's time to go to the DNA route. And like see whose DNA I match up with the best. Well, it's a limited promotion right now. It's 130 bucks now for six months, in six months, it's gonna cost 250 bucks. And does DNA, like, who could be attracted to someone's DNA? Do you know what I mean? Like. Don't get me wrong. I mean, you, you took biology in school right? No no I, no you're right but like I'm saying one person's dna, and the other person's dna, they still need to have bodies attached to that for like a, an attraction sort of thing, you know what I mean? True, true. Yeah like I'm sure there's probably like okay you get to see the match of the person and then you also would get a picture and hope, unless it's like the actual like here, here's your sequence. I can see that's- Kind of a hot sequence. Maybe I'm wrong. That is some, that is some sick double dealing. Illegally leaked. That's the problem, we can't have that being spread. You know what though, I, I talk **** about this singled out thing. I mean, ten years ago people were talking **** about Match and all these things, and it turns out like, oh, this is probably the way you should of been dated all along because it's really more efficient. Right. Instead of just It's, it's supposed to be efficient. Instead of just like roaming bars alone, drunk. Wait, so efficiency. I mean, that's how I did it. So you're, you're upset that you weren't more efficient in finding No, I'm just saying it appears that if you were not one who enjoys wasting time. You would rather pre screen all of your potential mates, right? Not, not through like a dna scan, do you understand what I'm saying? I'm getting the dumbest image in my head about a guy that's going to a bar asking women to spit into a tubes saying I gotta go send these out, that's where I think this guy's you know it's way more efficient [UNKNOWN] could you just spit right here, she's like [UNKNOWN]. Not a word out of you. Just spit. Yeah picture. And I will pay the fee. And I'll be back in two to six weeks. [LAUGH] No it, but I'm saying you know just like the evolution of dating right? Mm-hm. Where Oh, so that's, Tinder, right? you know, where we grew up, right. That's the evolution dating. Exactly. Like, so, Tinder, is much I had to read about it. is much, you know about Tinder. No, I was like, I was taken so I wasn't like I'm looking for this frigging app. So I'm like, what's Tinder? Yeah, Tinder's, weird, yeah. Reddit explained it to me. Yeah. Reddit's much younger than I am. It's totally true. You know, I was just saying, like, you know, when we grew up, dating was very analog, right? It's like, hey! It was like, hey. Is that girl looking at me? I think she's- No man, no. She's looking at you. Is she wearing a ring? No dude. She's, okay. And that, you know, that's what that was. And now, it's totally streamlined. Can I do the set? I'm just not into that just yet. Not yet. Okay. Good to know. We'll see. We'll see. okay. I think that will do it for us today, friends. A'right, 866-400-CNET is the number. Please call us up, say hello. Let us know what you think about the show, and any topics therein. We will have a rerun tomorrow, but we're back on Friday with a brand new show. [FOREIGN] Isn't that awesome? [FOREIGN] It is awesome. okay. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all that stuff. And again, we will see you on Friday. Thanks so much for tuning in. I'm Jeff Acalar. I'm Maya Zackar. I'm Richard Peterson. You sure are. But that smile, that smile, it just brings everything to light. It's the 404 show, high tech, low brow, we'll see you guys very soon, thanks for tuning in. [MUSIC]

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Jaguar's 2016 XF gets a much needed update
1:29 April 1, 2015
Just when the current XF was starting to feel outdated, the Jag gets a high-tech redesign
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What's free on Xbox and PlayStation: April 2015
2:27 April 1, 2015
Check out the free games of April 2015 available on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live's Games with Gold services.
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Whirlpool's Gold Series gas oven looks great but cooks slowly
2:04 April 1, 2015
Priced at a premium $1,749 the Whirlpool WEG730H0DS Gold Series gas range has expensive looks, is crafted from sturdy stainless steel,...
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Lincoln Continental Concept shows the future of American Luxury in New York
1:47 April 1, 2015
Lincoln's new Continental Concept is looking lovely on the show floor of the New York International Auto Show. Let's take a closer...
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Chevrolet's 2016 Malibu shows off its new curves in New York
1:33 April 1, 2015
Chevrolet is unveiling an all-new Malibu at the New York International Auto Show. Take a tour inside and out from the show floor.
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