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The 404 Show 1,544: iCloud leak investigation, Sony's QX1 pro lenses for your smartphone: The 404

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The 404: The 404 Show 1,544: iCloud leak investigation, Sony's QX1 pro lenses for your smartphone

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Today we'll discuss what the celebrity photo leak has taught the world, why you can't use only emojis to communicate and Sony's QX1 pro lenses that can fit your smartphone.

So, I was trying to be responsible. I just moved and I'm like, hey, I'm going to connect my, my credit card accounts to Mint. You ever use Mint? It's like. Oh, yeah, it's like a financial management service. Yes. I've used that before and in the time before I moved and getting here. My credit card was lost, so like the, the account wasn't showing up properly on Mint, so I. Who are you people that lose credit cards? I don't understand. Oh, this'll make more sense pretty soon. So I, I go ahead and link my new credit card to Mint, and then I get an email saying, unusual spending at bars and restaurants. Cuz normally you spend about 50 bucks a month on that. Which Mint was telling you this. Yes. Okay. Mint sends me notifications. And it says, this month you spent $440. On bars. Oh my God. And I'm like, 440 bucks. I mean, this can't be right. So I go. In a month? In less than a month. Cuz this, the period doesn't close for another seven days. That's pathetic. You think that. That's probably why I've lost my credit card so often. Cuz you're always drunk, and [INAUDIBLE]. I'm always drunk in a bar. Constantly losing my freaking car. So I'm like, you know what? 400 bucks. I've been complaining at home, like, you know, I could buy other stuff. I wanna buy an XBox One or a PS4. I could buy a new laptop over the course of two or three months. I'm like, I have no money. Now I see where the hell it's going. How'd you, how, how you know you were drinking so much? Well, it, well, it's not just me, though. I'm paying for friends. Are you an alcoholic? No, not that I know of. Alcoholics don't know it. Well see, as far as I know, denial's the first step of being an alcoholic, so if I don't deny it, I'm not an alcoholic. All right, today we're going to find out if Iyaz is or is not an alcoholic. It's Tuesday, September second, let's start the show. [MUSIC] Welcome to the 404 show. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Jeff Backler joined by drinky drinky. Drinky drinky that's my real name. Zach Tarr. Issues over on the board, guys Richard Peterson. Hey, it's been a while. It's been too long brother. How are you? Great. Yeah. What's shaking? Not much. Been working, doing a lot of first look videos while I've been not here. So, [LAUGH] Well, thanks for filling in today for Ariel. Yeah. Appreciate that, dude. I was gonna say, you this was your first time in this studio. Yes it is. Huh. Yeah, it's kind of, it's different. I mean, all the controls that I'm working with are pretty much the same, but. Yeah. Yeah, there's a little, few differences. You could be honest. Yeah, I mean I like it, I like it here. Yeah? Yeah. So you're gonna, that's your official, the official word? Yeah. I mean, I don't like it as well as the other studio. Of course. You're [CROSSTALK] But it's fine. All right, good. Thanks for lying to us. You're welcome. [CROSSTALK] I appreciate that. Any time. All right. So I'm back. Welcome back. Thanks. I listened to I listened to the shows while I was away. With the fabulous Dan Graziano and Bridget Carey. Is that how he says it, Graziano? Graziano. Like, [CROSSTALK] Well he doesn't say it that way. He's, he's completely Anglo-sized, he's Graziano. All right but you're. Okay, either way. He was good, Bridget was good, everything went well man. So thanks for doing that. Yeah no problem. It was a good time. Those guys were, were, more way more fun. Especially, well Dan. Dan is not fun at all. So I'm really glad he came across as fun. [COUGH] No he, I think he came across as like a really young kid, who's like finding his way still. But I think it worked out. I mean, I think he was he I think he did a good job. I only harass Dan cuz I talk to him every freaking day, and. Yeah. Hard time in real life as well. And he now, and now he's done because he broke his foot. And he's working from home. Yeah, he's staying home. As long as there's no videos to do, he stays home. All right. When he comes, he walks with a swagger cuz of that boot. He does have a swagger. Mm-hm. okay. So I'm back from vacation, I believe I am. Relaxed. You believe you're relaxed. Yeah. You sure? You know, it's tough for me to really, truly find total relaxation, I found. I found that I can't find relaxation. What did you do on your vacation? I just, I just hung out at, at this shore town in southern New Jersey. Called Ocean City. That doesn't sound fun at all. **** you man. That was my vacation. [LAUGH] You know. What'd you do on your vacation? I took my kid to a lot of museums. Nobody asked you. Oh no. Wait. No, so, I did ask you. So, no, it's the beach, right? So there's a boardwalk and there's. You know, the ocean. And I, look, I'm not, I don't like going to the beach because it's stupid, but Did you tan? You look tan. If the audience listens you can hear the tan [UNKNOWN] >No right now No, I don't tan. I don't know that, I don't really tan, I burn. So, I was just under an umbrella for like seven days, a big like Sombrero Yeah. Like the weather was so relaxing and so amazing. It was cool. It was breezy. And it was just, it was like, it was almost like a little paradise. it was, wasn't it beautiful here last week? Right? It was cool- I don't remember, I was like, in the office. It was like cool, it was like, legitimately cold at the beach and I, I loved that. I played a lot of pinball, as I do, that was fun, for me and, you know, I'm, I'm better for it. I think I'm a better person for it. The, to, words of wisdom. Again, we always do this. Your words of wisdom this week is to go on vacation and play pinball. Yeah well, like, that's what I do when I go there. That's like a big attraction for me is playing pinball on the boardwalk. It's like a very New Jersey shore thing to do. Just play. I have no desire to do this whatsoever. You don't like, like video games and. Well yeah but going to Jersey shore, that's, going to the Jersey shore. I can do that. That pinball thing anywhere. Yeah, there's actually a really good place around the corner. But, hey, that's what I did. And I relaxed and I enjoyed it I think. And I'm back and I'm fully revitalized. All the relaxation has gone right to my head and I'm just freaking pumped for this big video game release season that starts. Next week, basically, with Destiny That's right. [CROSSTALK] You can't escape the ads for Destiny. Yeah, Destiny's everywhere and it's going to go, the season's going to last from September 9 all the way to like December 1. So I'm a busy man for the next couple months. What's up. I'm just thinking about IFA, I'm stuck on IFA right now. Yeah, what is IFA? IFA's just a giant show where you're gonna see like lots of phone news and it,s it's just an enormous amount of things coming out and I can't mention any of them yet. Oh, cuz they're embargoed? They're all, like, yes. All right, so. Secret. So we, we don't have like a clickbait thing today, right? Well, if you want to we got something. What is it? As Apple. Yes. That was [LAUGH] decide we I'm like all right well does it have anything to do with the iCloud thing? No that wasn't actually. Okay so let's do that. The iCloud thing? The iCloud thing. Yesterday was or was it Sunday? Sunday yeah. An interesting day if you were on the internet. You couldn't escape what happened on Sunday. You could not escape it. Everyone knew about it. My dad was like, hey, did you hear what happened? I'm like, yeah, dad, I'm looking at it. It's crazy. I was on Reddit and this thing popped up and I was like, what's happening? Oh, that's happening. What is it, what, do you remember what the hashtag was for this? I believe it was #JenniferLawrence. That was one of them. And there was The Fappening. Oh, that's- That was the one- That's kind of- Everywhere. I guess that's, is that, that's kind of funny. That's what it was. Kind of disturbing, actually. [LAUGH] I didn't name it. What's disturbing? The Fappening? The Fappening? Yeah. Well I mean, it's like, you get it, right? You know, it's like, fap, fap, fap. Yeah, it makes sense I guess. Mm-hm. That was the hashtag that was everywhere on that, on Sunday. You think everyone knows what that means? I think if they, if they didn't, they'd click through, and they'd, they'd find out exactly what it was. We haven't mentioned exactly what we're talking about yet. Yeah, so why don't you why don't you cover that real quick. Sure, I'll, I [LAUGH] unless you were like. WIthout, without any visual accompaniment. Yeah, so. [LAUGH] There were tons of naked celebrity photos that were released on Sunday. Many many of, actors and, I guess actresses, excuse me. Weren't a lot of, there weren't a lot of guys in this. There was the. Why not, is what I want to know. The big names was Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence. Yeah. And the rest, like I saw on the list, I'm like, I don't know who these people are. Yeah, didn't know a whole, yeah. So. Okay, I'm not, I'm just going to shut up. [LAUGH] There's a whole bunch of people who were affected by this. And the latest rumors are with the murmurs right now is that it was an iCloud hack that led to these photos being scraped and then uploaded. And just like released on Sunday. Everybody was posting them up on Twitter. Twitter has taken action up against people who posted photos. Shutting down accounts of people who have actually posted the photos. new, news stories all over this. The FBI is looking into this. Yeah for, Jennifer Lawrence is pursuing criminal action against people posting these, so that's what happened on Sunday, ok, so now that's like the technical details of the whole scandal, let's talk about like the ethical ramifications of it real quick. So Apple's looking into it, that's the story we're writing about on C-Net because that's. You know, the kind of story scene that's going to write. But we're culture show so we want to know about the cultural implications and ramifications of what this is. What, what do you think about all this? Cuz this is, this is, you know, I, I, I when this happened I'm like oh, ****, we're going talk about this. Mm hm. That's exactly what I thought. I thought what's this? What's the proper way to discuss this at all? How do you do it? How do you do it? You know, you're walking on egg shells. It's a sensitive topic of course. So I'll let you have, have the mike first. What do you think, man? I think that when it comes down to everything this is stolen property. Yeah. Stolen stuff. I agree with that There's many people that did not consent to any of this. So, even though a lot of people online are like, well, they're famous, so this is okay. And then we should repost. It's not, not okay. Like, this is stolen stuff and that's really kind of a jerk move to do. Of course. And so like, a lot of people are getting angry about the idea of hashtags. You know, if someone hacked my iPhone, it's like, oh, what did they find? They find your pictures of pizza and beer or whatever. Sure. Like, that's not the point of it. Not the point at all. Is as much as people want to get super excited about, oh, these are nude photos of these stars. It's like. Yeah, that's true. But it's also not like they published them. If they had published them, they did it on purpose. Totally different story. Sure. And it'd be a lot more fun to be like hey look what they did, they decided to drunkenly cheat this image. Right, this wasn't like a deliberately leaked sex tape. It does not appear to be that way. No. A lot of folks are like oh, what are, what are we missing right now. Maybe the NSA the, the conspiracy theories, right. NSA is trying to hide something like something major is happening in the world and they're like. Release these photos now. No way. So we're not paying attention to anything. Who are you people that think that? I don't know. So, okay. I mean, I, I definitely line up with your thoughts on pretty much every detail. I mean, yes, like as, I guess, you know, intriguing as the whole matter is, it's still way uncool. And the fact remains is that somebody, illegally obtained, these very personal photos. And it doesn't. And obviously it makes news because they're celebrities right? Mm-hm. When it, it happens all the time though. Sure it happens all the time. That these pho, you know, these photos get leaked out or whatever and they're. You know, comprising photographs and what not. It's just crazy. I think it really, I think it really sheds light on how little people understand. Like, and that to me is like the eye opening take away from the whole thing. What don't they understand? They don't understand how technology works. Like people just, you know, and like they, the problem is that people get all of their information from movies like Sex Tape, you know? They like see this and they're like, oh, the cloud, and they have this like big, you know, really uneducated understanding of how cloud technology works. And they don't know. And I'm not saying like, these were the celebrities that didn't know, I'm talking about the people who then you know, go crazy over like, security concerns and privacy concerns, stuff like that. And I think if anything, this needs to lead to a, a massive overhaul in the way you know, we teach people about technology. And I know like, the finger kind of points to us for stuff like that. Like we should probably. Maybe have like, you know, a one oh one cloud class for on CNET. Now, when you, when you get your phone and you have like drop box. You have Google Play or whatever. Not google play, Google Plus and you have iCloud. It actually asks you when you start it up, like. Do you know that your photos are being uploaded to the server behind and people, yes okay. Yeah. You know it's going to go over here okay. Just cuz you wanna get to the phone? You think we're gonna see more and more warnings that are stopping you- [CROSSTALK] It seems like they give you all the [UNKNOWN] in theory, yeah- They do, but a lot of it is, like, hit one button and it's, like, done forever. There just seems to be, like, sweeping okay's. You know? Yeah, but I think- I'm not, I'm not, I agree. Like. I think, you know, once you get past the first gate, all bets are off. I don't wanna run through like, in the 58 pages of the iTunes, Sure. Value that's like, ok, make sure hit ok, the vista like world you hit, have to hit ok for everything.>> But I think what's happening though is I think it's too easy for certain things to be uploaded and shared. Not shared, uploaded. And the second they're uploaded they're, they're vulnerable. Mm-hm. And I think that is what people don't understand. I think people have this misconception of the cloud being this safe, this safety deposit box in the sky. When it's just not. I mean think about it. After Edward Snowden came out and said what he said. Google searching from then on was fundamentally changed. The behaviors of people Google searching changed forever. But people are getting more upset about the celebrity stuff getting leaked than the idea that everything we're doing, at any given time these cameras could be on on our laptop- But I think it's all- Our phone- It's all related, it, it all comes together. You don't think there's a louder outrage right now when it comes to this? No. Because I mean the stuff I'm seeing on Twitter, a lot of people are super- You think there's a louder outrage over. You have these porno photos then when Snowden first came out and said what he said? No way. Not at first. But I think it died down a lot faster. Yeah, it died down such is the 24 hour news cycle. Right. But I don't think this is going to die down for a while cuz this is like a sexy story, people are like, oh, look at this, what happens and they're gonna keep checking cuz your, in your pocket is a device that can compromise your whole life! Right, right. And you don't even know it and it's like, oh, yeah. Yeah, okay. There's just, there's a lot of fear mongering, and there's a lot of ugly stuff that seeps out a result of this nastiness so, I don't know. We don't really have like a takeaway with it. But I think it's something we need to. There's really no good. It's a conversation that needs to be had though. I think education is paramount. So if technology is the problem, you gotta go back to like Polaroids. That's the thing, no uploading what so ever. Nope, I don't, I definitely don't think that is the answer. You don't think Polaroid is the answer? Nope, No? There's no way that's the answer, there is no way Unless I'm gonna take a picture of the Polaroid, that's a problem. [LAUGH] There is no way Polaroid cameras and pictures are the answer. Not actual printed pictures. Yeah, there's, there's just no way. What if they were just like canvases? So it's just, just too difficult to work with? Just like, like, like cumbersome? >Exactly. [LAUGH] It's too cumbersome. I'm trying to find a good solution to this and there's no good solution. There is no solution. I think the solution is evolution and the way humans interact with technology. And like the day where maybe we don't share as much as we do now. Maybe that utopian society is around the corner. I seriously doubt that. Is that, I mean look you know, It's too easy to send naked photos of yourself. I know. I know, I know. You appear to not be wearing clothes, do you want to send this photo? Yes. Are you sure? Have you worked out in the past two weeks? No. You know someone's gonna be out there like it's too easy for this to happen. It's too easy to get naked and take a selfie. I do it all the time by accident. [LAUGH] By accident. You've never taken an accidental naked selfie? That's a lot of work. [LAUGH] That's, I know that sounds like a lot of steps to line up. But it happens. You're just, you're, you're one of those guys who had the accidental front, a front facing camera. Yeah. Like, oops. I didn't think it was going to be there. I was going to take a picture of the street, but I wasn't wearing pants. You're telling me, you're going to sit there. Yes, I'm going to sit here and. A CNet employee. And say? You're going to say that you've never had an accidental. Front. Selfie. Naked front. A naked front? that, yeah. You're naked front. Not yet. I guess a bound, it's bound to happen.>> Richard, back me up man. Accidental, on accident. No, I have never had an accidentally naked selfie. Front. So you have. An accidental frontie. Is that what you had? Yeah, man. This happens to you all the time. And guess what? Wasn't pretty. Did you send it is the question? No but all my photos get auto-uploaded to my Google Plus. Aren't you glad it's a Friday? That's the one I went, I dove back in after. [LAUGH] You're like oh, Google Plus still exists. That's the, that's, that's the wallet you dive back in for. That's the little bone you dive back in the pool for. So I guess it's just a matter of time before we all fall. Victims of the [INAUDIBLE] It's going to happen man. It's going to happen. And they will trace the first reporting of it. To this very show. This is history you're listening to. Damn f-ing straight it is. Alright, what else do we have here today, dude. Now we've got some dumb stories out of business insider. Oh good, let's get to the dumb stuff. Dumb stories, dumb stories. Okay we got this, we got this lady who decided she wanted to communicate. The emoji for a week. Oh, okay. That's all she would do, but like, everyone was in on it, so they knew what she was doing. It wasn't like she didn't tell anybody ahead of time, because that would be really weird, It would be if all of a sudden, because like It'd be the equivalent of like going mute. Well it turns out there's a lot of other variant to this, which I didn't know about. One guy who was trying a diet based on the foods that are in emojis. Oh, somebody did that? Somebody has tried that. No, no, that's not very That's an interesting idea It's not creative. That's not creative? That is not creative. It's not a good idea. It sure as heck Freaking stupid. Yeah, I agree with you. Like, what are you eating? Ice cream and poop. [LAUGH] That's all you're eating. I don't think he ate each of the emoticons. He ate the foods that were the emoticons. He ate a building. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] He would [INAUDIBLE] a car, and, Asian person. He constantly would make these thumbs up cakes and just eat them. You're right. [LAUGH] If we had this guy do, if we had this person to do this, add Look at him. He's eating a baseball in sunglasses. Would you try this silly thing? Would you, you just like I think it's an interesting social experiment. I think, you know, I think, like, I don't know it's weird cuz when I see stuff like this and, you could, Richard if you could switch to eye as the screen. Like this is what [CROSSTALK] looks like. Conversation looks like and I feel like there are. It's almost like the idiocracy thing where he goes to the hospital. And she's just looking at the icons to diagnose him. And it's a similar sort of thing where, you know maybe people who can't type, or you know who are illiterate perhaps? Okay. Like maybe they can use this as a way. So like we have to, we have to laugh at it, but also be cautiously. Respectful with it. Well this one's impossible. Hey lady remind me where you were born again and then there's a bunch of photos of what looks to be a city and then the tree and then there's a couple buildings and then a house. Oh my god yeah. That's indecipherable. Yeah so you were born by a tree in a hospital, did I read that right. It's weird because. It's like two hospitals in that reply line. [LAUGH] That, so what's up with that? She was born at both? She was born, that's tough. Some kinda city. I don't, I don't know. I mean, there's, there's been this joke running around, like, are we going to devolve as much as, as a society than we go back to hieroglyphics based on emoties. Because people just always write in emojis. This seems like it's not possible, right? Different languages that use symbols. Yeah. Isn't Chinese basically- We, I mean, technically, we're all using symbols. Wouldn't you say? Yeah, but Chinese, but, but- They're not like drawings of- Chinese, like one symbol is the word. Okay. So that's hieroglyphics, basically. Well, that's much more pictographic. I, I, I know, you're thinking of like Egyptian things like. [INAUDIBLE] I'm not trying to downplay the Chinese language, I think you are. I think people should get angry about this. Get angry, it's an insanely complicated. Did. You know, I, I don't know. Are we gonna devolve into hieroglyphics? I think so. You do? I think we're gonna see a complete corruption of English. Kinda like if... Dude, it's already there, we're already there dude. Well, you know with the word, what's the word...I'mma. I hate that word. I'mma? I-m-m-a. Like, I'mma be over there. Oh yeah, that's bad. I freaking hate that word. I hate the way language has devolved into like skipping words. Like that. But not contractions. Well that's already, I'm gonna. Well, gonna is... I'm, no, it's I'm going to. Right, but that's, it's a corruption of I'm gonna. Even, that's even worse. And then they still got the [NOISE]. It's, it's, it's like in corruption. Of a corruption inception. Of a corruption. Exactly. And I'm pretty sure that's probably how like, Shakespearean. Authors are like: you guys are talking in such vulgar ways. That sentence, right there, was blasphemy- Right. To Shakespeare. So 50 years from now, when I'm talking to grandkids, it's like: I don't understand what you're saying. Yeah. I have no idea. I'm a be there. Black-eyed peas, I hate you. [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] We don't say that enough. Black Eyed Peas we hate you. The band. I don't know about the food. I'm sure it's good. Well that's, that's, that's something you figure out on your own time. I'm sure it's in Emoji somewhere. All right. Let's do one more story and then we got some calls from the public I wanna get to. All right I wanna talk about the Sony the Sony news that's leaking right now. I saw it on. Tech Crunch. It's about their lens camera. I don't know if you've seen the lens camera before. The idea is that you can put this camera on your phone. It doesn't have the, a big view finder or anything. And allows you to take photos. But the new version of it that's, that's leaked out. Yeah. On SonyAlphaRumors.com, is a version that is, they separated out the sensor from the lens. So you can put others lenses on this, making it interchangeable lens camera. My biggest complaint about Android phones has been the friggin camera. And I know right now, this stuff's not really workable. It's kind of slow when it comes to the way this whole contraption works. But the idea of having the ability to add any real lens to your phone, based on this, at least if it's Sony compatible. I'm kind of intrigued. Is this one of those things where like it's just, I'm, now I'm on the line of like again is this stupid or cool? Cause I think its cool but it could be really stupid. Man this is tough man, but what about, its about the sensor dude, like it's not jus the lens, it's the sensor. Right, before they were one thing now you can actually have options, the [UNKNOWN] sensor are pretty good. Sure. I, I, I'm kinda with you man. I'm intrigued by it. Like I have an SLR, I have a Nikon D5300. I love it, it takes Um-hm amazing photos. But it's a pain in the **** to bring around. And it's like the one thing, and, and dude, Android, by the way. G3. Is a laser. Best, best photos I've ever seen on a cellphone besides like iPhone camera. Okay. Talking about Androids. Best pho, camera phone I've ever had. I, i mean that. what. Yeah, I don't know if, if you could somehow make this. Again, it's like you're never, never gonna get past the need to have a long lens, right? Right. Like science, just, that's just like a science barrier there, right? For the most part, yeah. Right? I mean, digital zoom only brings you so far. Then it looks like crap. Then it's ****. And you're just gonna need glass and a long lens, and that's it. So this, this does make it less cumbersome than an SLR with a body. I think, I mean it's smart for Sony as a business to do this. I'm just, as a nerd, I'm like this category of, of products didn't exist, this lens camera. Yeah, it's not real. It's so weird. It's weird that now it's a thing. This is, this is what it should be. And this is definitely happening. Well, the lens camera itself already exists. This interchangeable version is just, this is elite. So does it have like an adapter on it or something? So, before it was this, all in, all in one piece, right? You had a sensor with the lens. So now what we have is a sensor that has an attachment, well, actually like a [UNKNOWN]. An area where you can **** in a regular lens. Sure. So that's what you have now. So it's been uncoupled. Right. So that's what this thing's gonna look like. Hm. I've gotta get my hands on that. I've never heard of Sony Alpha rumors, though. Well, now you know Now they're on the map. All right, cool. Good story, dude. I actually give a crap about that. [LAUGH] You went in- That's cuz you rested. You went in- Next time, you won't get the phone. Yeah, but, you went in, you're like, I've got a bunch of stupid stories for the show today. You know- I did. this is one of them. All right. Fair enough. It's time for calls from the public, ladies and gentlemen. Let's hear what everyone has to say. Time to show the love. Coming. [UNKNOWN] 404 CNET. Four-0-four [MUSIC] Woah, cool! Alright, calls from the public time, kiddies. Let's keep it in the, let's keep it in like, the, the, the, the faux, the photography, Let's do it. topic right here. Here's a guy, I can't, I couldn't make out what he says his name is. Maybe you can help me, but, nevertheless, he's super excited for. Photopenia? Photokenia? What is it called? Have you heard of it? I think it's Photokena. Photokena. All right. Nevertheless, here's this dude. Let's hear what he has to say. Yes, this is Kerry Pac, your resident photographer watcher listener. dude, I'm excited about phototina this year I don't know if he has her excited about photo [UNKNOWN] One of the things I want to see soon this year's phototina or next years' phototina is the Cannon Rebel. T5, T6i, excuse me. I want to see the T6i, the next in the Ti series, the next in the Rebel Ti series. Okay, do you know anything about this? The actual event or the, the Rebel itself? The Rebel. No. I, I stay with the SLRs in general, because I would lose more money. [LAUGH] You believe that? I'm obsessive, so I'm like, no, I can't get new DLSRs. Really? So you actually cannot dip your toe into that pond? If I get one lens It would kill you. I'm gonna spend so much money on lenses and then I have to worry about storage and then I have to worry about cases. Why don't you implement something we like to call self-control? Cuz I suck at that. Didn't you hear the beginning? Obviously, I don't know what I'm doing. Really? You can't, you can't stop? I don't trust myself with DSLRs. Cuz I'd probably get way too sucked into it. All right. Then I get to Photokina, which is happening in a couple weeks. You got a sickness, man. All right, well, apparently. And I, I bring this up cuz we just talked about this Sony rumored lens product thingy. Photokina. [LAUGH] It didn't have an N E A on it, but sure now it does. [LAUGH] Photokina. Yeah. Photokinea. Photokina. Kina. I did put a N E A over that. Yeah. N E A. Photokina. Photokin, Photokina. It alone, isn't alone. It's in Germany. Yeah?>> sure. I guess. Anyway, I don't know anything about it. I'll ask, some of our photography people around the office. Maybe, we can follow up with you. But T6i? I know everyone's, I know plenty of people with T5i, they love it. [UNKNOWN] Just don't know anything. I have no I have the T4i. Yeah? It's a good camera. What, what's your like wish list for it? Because maybe they'll do it with the T6i. I don't know, I think it's pretty good. I just, it's just lenses that I need to make it better. Like, the camera itself I think is great. That's the thing with cameras. It's like once you have one that's been made in the last ten years, you're pretty much good to go. You should be. You should be. That's when the lenses, you keep buying lenses. Yeah, it's those lenses man. It's like the, it's like the printers. They get you on the ink. No, that isn't the way you spell inc. Yeah, you're right. **** inc. Yeah. All right. Here's an interesting call that I think we just need to address. So, I was entertaining A message, I appreciate it. question. A couple of them. When is the show actually airing live? So, that I could possibly call in. Okay. Number one, we're not, we're never live. Well, I mean the guy could walk in here if he wanted, right? [LAUGH] Don't, don't even play that game. Why not? There's a bunch of space right there. He can call. Your phone's right there. Totally. You, that kind of use to happen. I don't see why I can't have it put in. Yeah, but it never- We got a smaller studio now. No game. Okay. We don't do it live, sir. We used to. We don't do it live anymore and you cannot call me live therefore. Okay? Keep going. Not that I have anything int-, interesting to say but- Oh. Just because. Okay. And two, I don't know if this is, the forum for it, but. I love the new CNet app, but it has an issue on both my iPad and my phone. You can not access the pause button. Okay. Because when you click on it, it brings up the prompt to transfer to AppleTV. Now, let me just stop you there partner. We'll we'll forward that along to the people. [INAUDIBLE] helpers. I don't know who. Do you know who that is? I might. I might know who to ask. It's like a San Francisco person. Yeah, yeah. All right, cool. [UNKNOWN] you're wrong. Okay, here's, here's a throwback, from a very long time ago. This about something Wilson said on the show. You pro, you might know, 'cause you used to listen to the show. This is something he said, like, five years ago and, let's see if it stays true. Hey, [UNKNOWN] it's Toronto from Daniel. Just listening to past episodes because, I've been missing my Asian brothers, Wilson and Justin listening to episode 103. And Wilson made the big comment about the iPhone five years from that episode, wouldn't that be more powerful than your. Mac er, your Macbook. All right. So, you heard what he said. Um-hm. I don't know the context, so I don't know if he was saying that it was gonna be more powerful than MacBooks five years ago. Mm-hm. Cuz that doesn't seem like a stretch to say that. No, it actually, then it does seem like a stretch, because phones weren't that good. They weren't that powerful. But there was an iPhone. Right, but to say that it would be more powerful than a Laptop is crazy. Yeah, I guess, but it's not, but that's the thing it's not. It's not faster than a current one, no. I think it might be as fast as five years ago. It might be as fast as one five years ago. You think so? Five years ago was 2008? Five years ago is eight. We're talking core-two duos I think, at that time? Right. So is a octocore what the AA's going to be. Yeah. Yeah we talking about the next one. So it might be there. Something about app performance right. That's a whole other. This is about apples and oranges. I don't know if we can do. Right, right, right. Does Garage Band run as well on a Iphone as. Yeah I don't think. Cause the ram's not there. It's not. Can we like definitively say I just want to definitively say he was wrong. I think we can do that. I want to say, arguably, he's wrong. Arguably, he's wrong. Fine, that works enough for me. I'm trying to think, if he was saying it at the time- Mm-hm. Like- Mackelson. Right. Okay, and when was episode 103? Probably 2008. Okay. Okay, so that's last year. It would be five years later. 2013. So talking about the iPhone 5S? Sure. Versus a MacBook with a core 2 duo. I think the core, I don't know. [UNKNOWN] Let's get the lab guys on it. We're gonna have a [CROSSTALK] Let's get a benchmark on it. All right, we'll get a benchmark and we'll let you guys know how it worked out. All right. That's it for us today. 866-404-CNET is the number you can call. You can reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Head over to the subreddit. Reddit.com/r/the404. Here's what's happening the rest of the week. We're gonna do a show tomorrow. No show Thursday. We'll have a rerun. And then we'll finish stuff up the right way on Friday. Fantastic! Sounds good? Sounds wonderful. Excellent. Until then. This has been the 404 Show, I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Iyaz Akhtar. I thought Richard was gonna say- I'm Richard Peterson. There it is! We'll see you guys tomorrow. [MUSIC]

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