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The 404: The 404 Show 1,542: We all have so much in common (podcast)

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The 404: The 404 Show 1,542: We all have so much in common (podcast)

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CNET's how-to expert Dan Graziano drops by to talk with Iyaz and Ariel about TV award shows, Amazon buying Twitch, the noPhone, and trolling.

So, Dan, you watched the Emmys yesterday. Oh, I did. In preparation of this show? Cause it's all we do on the 404. Well, yeah, and because I had nothing else to do. I was on Twitter, people on Twitter were watching it, my life revolves around Twitter. Did you feel like you were forced to watch the Emmys so you didn't have to, like, not understand Twitter? Well, I just, you know, I want to gain followers, but I lost two for my Emmy tweets. What did you tweet, do you actually know what tweets caused it? I mean they were like, I was like oh, Breaking Bad's awesome, it should have won and it did win spoiler alert and I don't think anybody cares who has won an award or not. No, no people like just didn't, cuz they follow me for tech Tweets. Like I Tweet about Instagram's new app. And people expect that from me, and they don't expect to hear some kid talk about the Emmy's. You definitely need to set expectations differently. Yeah. I worry about the most insignificant things, last week I wrote dang nab it, I need a taco. [LAUGH] And, and my, my phone, I saw this thing blowing up. It's like this is being favorited more often than your other tweets. Wow. I mean, I don't know set, what I've set up. And I didn't lose followers for that. At least I don't think I have, unless you are one of the people who stopped following me. And you're like, tacos, I don't trust Iez for tacos. My big thing is on Sunday I tweet about football and people hate football, at least when I tweet about football. They just want tech, that's all they want from me. Just be talking about that yellow line, like it's beautiful. Well I'm like hey, like I, I'm sick and tired of seeing this curved Samsung TV commercials, that was one of my tweets. Got like one re-Tweet. Okay, I'm on following. [LAUGH] First I'm gonna follow you, then I'm gonna follow you just for that. [LAUGH] Are you gonna follow me? Let's, let's start the show. No, I don't follow you yet. [LAUGH] This is a, this is a terrible time for Dan right now. [LAUGH] Anyway, let's start the show. It's Tuesday, August 26th, let's get started with the 404. [MUSIC] Welcome to the 404, Jeff Bakalar is on vacation, or he's playing video games or he was checked really hard during a hockey game. One of these might be true, or all of them may be true. I'm Ayah Zactar. Ariel Nunez, running the board, his camera is not working. Yeah it sucks. And we've got a special guest. We've got Dan Graciano. Hey there. Whatup Dan. And to celebrate this, we, all three of us have worn matching shirts. Now you can't see Ariel. I know. But we're all wearing blue shirts. Which we did not discuss before the show. Let me slide in real quick. Alright, yeah, get over here, let's get a, let's get a group photo. This will be the thumbnail for the promo image of a. Here comes Ariel. We're all wearing the same blue shirts. Now granted they're slightly different. Ariel's got no sleeves. He's got half sleeves. Yeah, I cut mine. Graciano's got the open. Bingo, I've got collar stays in mine. That's the Wolfman going on. That's the Wolfman going on. Okay. So before we get to Ariel going through his trending topics on Facebook. Mm hm. Let's introduce Mr.Graciano. What the hell do you do here? Everything and anything. Everything and anything. Okay. I mostly focus on how to videos. I dabble in wearable tech reviews, from time to time. And then just kinda videos wherever they need me. I did some first look videos for the new sharp film that has no bevel. I do some live events. And fill in on the 404 hopefully if this goes well, you know. And you do actually, you do play hockey with Jeff. Against Jeff, yeah. Against Jeff? Same league, different teams. And you're the reason why he's not here and your foot's broken at the same time, right? [LAUGH]. It's fractured, actually, but that could be the reason. He did get a penalty for cross checking in the back. And then suspiciously he's no longer with CNet right now. Just stopped showing up. Huh, I wonder how that works? No, before you guys write in and freak out Jeff did not get fired or suspended for any. Any kind of hockey play, it's Jessie on vacation, so we're just trying this out. And we're, we do this new thing where we ask Ariel about Facebook trending topics but I wanna change it up cuz I'm gonna basically take this show off the rails because why have rails? I mean, Jeff's not here, Dan's here. We're all wearing the same shirt. [LAUGH] I mean this is looking very corporate at all. Does it? No, not at all. I mean we need some ties in here. I'm going to give you the trending topics. But I want you to guess Okay. Why they are sorry, if you can actually show my screen. Don't show me. Okay, let me let me block it out so I can't see it. I'm gonna ask you, okay, so I'm gonna ask you I guess two questions, Uh-hm. I give you two different topics okay? Okay. Why do you think Spiderman, is trying to trending right now on Facebook? Hmm, oh so I'll answer both of these questions? Yes. Okay. So Spiderman is trending on Facebook. I'll give you a hint, Donald Glover. There's your hint. Again? So Donald Glover is playing the next Spiderman. You are somewhat correct. He's actually going to be voicing Spider Man in a Disney cartoon. Nice. So its not like, 'cause it isn't, I don't know if you guys follow the Ultimate series, but there was a, a Spider Man that got killed. Mm-hm. And they replaced him. With a, with a, I thought it was a Hispanic. Yes. Spider Man. Its like a, black Hispanic [CROSSTALK] I know that they wanted Donald Glover to be on, like there's a petition for him to play Spider Man. For Andrew Garfield. Look at this, you actually know comic stuff? No, I know internet stuff. Okay, you know internet stuff, that's true. And that's, that's why was inspiration for killing off ultimate Spider-man. Giving a, a non-white person a chance at being a hero. Well, I know every single one is like, white and- Male. Mostly male, yeah. So you got that.>> I like that. Very good, Ariel. Knowing why that's trending. Nope the number two question here Okay Why is Matt Damon trending right now Matt Damon Matt Damon is trending he's a top topic maybe that's why they call it a topic. A top topic [LAUGHS] on Facebook right now I'm guessing he probably has a movie coming out of something like that Totally incorrect. Do you want to guess Cristiano? yes. Probably some sort of like environmental stuff. Close. Not bad. He loves the environment. I would never guess like fracking and stuff. He's against it, I believe. Matt Damon does ice bucket challenge with toilet water for 800 million without clean water Oh. Oh. So that's, that's very nice. It is environmental. It's bringing up that stuff. And now we know why Matt Damon is trending right there. He's I mean I don't know where he got the water from. What part of the toilet, because the back of it's clean. Oh yeah the back is clean. And the Well it's clean inside after you flush, yeah. Well I mean I don't know if he had this thing freshly scrubbed before he did it and, I'm not going to look into this. I really don't care enough Nah, Yeah. I do care about. Water's important. I'm not gonna say water's not important. You, you drink water, right? I do drink water. You drink water? I drink water. We have so much in common. [LAUGH] Ariel, do you drink water? I do drink water. Oh my gosh. What. [CROSSTALK] same shirt. [LAUGH] Same drinking habits. It's, it's pretty epic right there. [LAUGH]. Anyway I normally do a bit click bait. It's not a bit so much as oh it's hey what's not, what's trending on CNET and it's usually iPhone rumors and guess what same thing iPhone rumors again are all over the place so we can move past that. No click bait today. We can go. Yeah, if you want to run the bumper anyway. [CROSSTALK] Yeah actually let's do that. Run the bumper. Run it. [MUSIC] Actually awesome. It's an awesome bumper, the problem is it doesn't have an iPhone on it. [LAUGH] Yeah, yeah, exactly. Just change the I to like a lower case I for and it's totally going to be accurate untill the next Samsung. That's a good idea. But let's talk about the number one story that's on the subreddit right now. We got a subreddit. At red.com/r/the404 and the top story was Amazon bought Twitch or yesterday this happened. Mm-hm. Now a couple of days, couple of days, a couple of months ago, it was rumored that Google was gonna buy was gonna buy Twitch and it seems like the reports are coming out of Forbes that the reason why Google didn't end up buying Twitch was based on antitrust concerns. Mm. That's why this would seem to be a done deal to the point where everyone I spoke to thought Google had bought it. For a billion bucks. There were reports saying, it was a done deal. Like, numerous websites said that our sources say this, and stuff. Like, everyone, it was like written. It was from very reliable, like a variety was saying, and the journal was reporting a variety of [INAUDIBLE]. So, it's kind of interesting because the headline read. Google confirms purchase but it's actually Variety source said source familiar with Google say. That's not confirmation but Amazon did release a press release. $970 million in cash. Wow. For Twitch Last valued at 100 million. Which is, like, crazy. They raised 35 million, I think it was. I mean, but they get more, views than HBO Go. Which is insane. Twitch? Yes. Okay. People are video games more than they're watching Game of Thrones. But Twitch is free. So. Like, you don't have to, like, have a subscription to Twitch. HBO's free too. I use my parents. Come on. Everyone uses their friends [LAUGH] It's free for you. Okay. So we got this story which, obviously, everybody at the, at the sub rider was really enjoying this. This idea, like, ok, they don't want necessarily Amazon owning this. What do you think Amazon is gonna do with this. Is there anything,that, in your head you're like, ok, this is a great purchase because. I think Google would be a better fit, just because if you look at YouTube, but I mean Amazon, you have the fire TV which has gaming capabilities, it has the controller and what not. So you put twitch on there, like it's on the PS4 and XBOX1, that's kind of cool. Did you know that twitch is already on Amazon Fire TV. Is it? There's a channel for it but right now... But no I mean to like record yourself. No, not yet. Not yet. I think that would be, and even if the casual games but. People can watch you play Flappy Bird. Ariel, do you think they're gonna to mix stuff together or do you think this is going to stay separate? Mm. I mean, Amazon owns a lot of stuff but they don't always Right. Mix them, you know? Maybe it's just another case of wanting to own the brand, you know, and just letting them do their thing, still, but figure out how to monetize it a little better, The disembodied voice of Ariel Hehe Are you sure you're still there? Still wearing the blue shirt? Still wearing the blue. It's solidarity today. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Speaking of Lou, let's go to Facebook. Okay. We've got, we've got this story from, that you wanted to talk about Graziano. Oh. This is you yapping about it. Facebook nixing click bate headlines in users news feeds. You tell me about this story, because I don't, I don't Facebook very often. Should have read it. [CROSSTALK] Okay, you read the headline. Great headline. Great headline. [LAUGH] So, pretty much Facebook is changing their algorithm, I believe, and they're gonna try and remove all the click-based articles that you see everyday on Facebook. Which is good because I want to know what people I went to high school and college with and I want to know what they're doing. And the example on Facebook was the headline "You'll never believe which two stars got into a fight on the red carpet last night." Mmhm. Click to find out which starlet they were fighting over. This doesn't necessarily, like take away, like misleading headlines, just the like. Find out or you'll never guess. You'll never guess what happens next. Jinx. Yeah. Now you can't talk for the rest of the episode. [LAUGH] I have to, unless I, unless I call you by your name. And don't you owe me a Coke or something? Is that. Well actually, now I can punch you cuz I didn't call you by name, but I'm not gonna actually do that. I know this is lowbrow, but I'm not gonna just, and you already, you already got bum leg. I'm not making this up. He really does have like a, not a cast, but. Yeah. It's it's a walking boot. It's a what? Yeah. It's a walking boot. Is that, you almost sound a little English. It's, it's impossible to walk in it. like my hip is going to have injuries just from walking You never told me what happened with your foot. So I You'll never guess what happened to his foot. [laughing] I got a stress fracture from a combination of running, hiking, kind of like being active. Uh-huh That's what I avoid. It fixed itself. Sometime 5 months ago, but then since I kept going and going at it, and kept on running and stuff, it just refreshed and it got worse and worse, And I didn't go to the doctor because come on, nobody go to the doctor, no one got time for that. [LAUGH] For those of you guys who are listening, Dan, you, you're like the ripe old age of 25, right? Right, getting yeah, getting up there, almost 26. Almost 26,. That's probably why you don't go to doctors. Yeah [LAUGH] Some of us are older. I'm gonna be 35 this year. So if some, if I'm if my eye is twitching I would go I need to go see somebody. I'm covered. But you were running like crazy on that thing. I mean, not it was like. I used to run in college so it wasn't like I was doing my crazy like 60 miles a week or stuff like that. It was like basic casual like three mile run. You don't brag here. So when we're sitting at our desk you ran 80 miles a week. Now that we're here Well, my average is like 60, [INAUDIBLE] I'm a average at mostly. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] Follow him, genius, he's above average of Twitter, it's true add Dan Graziano. Lower third as well. So you've messed up your foot. Yeah. You didn't see a, saw, you waited for a doctor. I waited like five months. My girlfriend threatened to break up with me if I didn't go to the doctor. Because all I did was whine to her. So why should I see a doctor when I have a girlfriend who doesn't know anything about feet. [LAUGH] Yeah, she. Like your girlfriend's going to be a lawyer. So, so your, your idea. Let me get this straight. Your idea is that your had a bum foot. Your idea is I'm going to complain to my girlfriend who is versed in law. Not like you're dating a nurse or doctor. And so, that helped. [LAUGH] Well, I asked my brother's girlfriend is A physician's assistant. Okay. But she's like, no with everything. I was like, hey. What's wrong with my foot. And she's like, you should go see a doctor. And I'm like, what? Come on. Your girlfriend negotiates, that's what she does. The other she'll be a doctor. [CROSSTALK] Everyone's just like, go see a doctor. So I finally went. And the doctor's like, you should have came like, five months ago. And I'm like. Yeah, thanks. It's like, do I have a time machine? Thanks Dr. Obvious. So now I'm in this boot for six to eight weeks. Mm-hm. I'm sure running and doing activities afterwards is going to be a pain. Are you gonna get a scooter? You ever seen. No, I'm just. You, you've seen the ones with people. Just gonna work from home. They're kind of bent on one knee and they're like. That's what they give to football players, have it. Yeah. For their, I think that's for like, knees or. Like- Broken, broken foot. It's like, fracture, it's A fracture is broken. Do you realize Yeah, but it's, it's a hairline fracture. It's not like- [LAUGH] It's not fully through. I mean Spoken like a young man. [LAUGH] And a lawyer too. I'm thinking like, the MRI was like, it's like a one millimeter fracture, which is really small. [LAUGH] Well, you know, you, most, most bones have, like, a zero millimeter fracture at this point. [LAUGH] It's like, that's not. Broke it. Well, yeah. Okay, maybe one day you'll move on to the idea of what broken really is. [LAUGH] I mean, I broke my wrist one time, and it was like, broken in two places. Like, broken. Mm-hm. Like, when you, they had been snapped. But I mean, you have a point. I think the moral is you should probably listen to your girlfriend. Or she's learning something. She's learning something. She's not watching. Yeah, yeah. [CROSSTALK] She's learning something that, if she's threatens you, you will cave. oh, yeah. I'm surprised I waited five months. Yeah. I caved so quickly. There's, there's no serious way to go to next. And let's talk about a No Phone. This thing was making the rounds online past between the episodes. There is this new plastic device, now it started off as a gag. So if you go to the actual site, let me go find NoPhone, and what it is it's a piece of plastic meant for people who like have like conniptions if they don't have a phone. Okay, it's about the size of a regular phone, it's hard plastic and here's the actual website. A technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact. So, if you look at how does it work, this is brilliant video shows you how it works, when it go to full stream video, and you can see the noPhone right now, looks like a beautiful rectangular black slab, you know like every other phone. Okay, so if you listen to the audio only, Uh-hm. Somebody just picks up the slab, that's the entirety of it. Testimonial, I used to sleep with my phone in my hand. But my night terrors would cause me to hurl it across the room, in an un, unconscious panic. [LAUGH] With the noPhone I can the comfort of holding a phone in my hand. I sleep without waking up to a shattered screen. Thanks noPhone. Whitney R also the testimonial on this. With noPhone my eye contact skills have improved 73%. And special features, batter free, no upgrades necessary, shatter proof, water proof. FAQ's fantastic. Does it have a camera? No. [LAUGH] Is it bluetooth compatible? No. Does it make calls? No. Is it toilet bowl resistant? Yes. That's big. [LAUGH] I mean, it's a nice site. It, I mean It's obviously a gag, and you can see it's like a 3D printed, some kind of, screen on top of like an iPhone or something. And the weird thing is the folks in A Gadget have found out that people actually asking for this device. They want this device. Stan, are you int he market for no phone. man. I, I mean, if, if Apple makes it then, come on, sorry. Be agreed. But [LAUGH] Everyone's gonna want one. Yeah. You can blame [UNKNOWN] for that one. Looks like a Samsung product. Look how much plastic's there. [LAUGH]. I can't believe this thing is actually like, people are. This, No Phone website's up. The team's. This is from actually a fast company. The team has gotten an overwhelming number of emails from, phone addicts who want to buy one, maybe. But why? You know. Just so you have like, another big thing in your pocket? Like. I said this to you before, if the guy started a Kickstarted campaign him and like the potato sun guy would make millions. It's definitely. Like why? When people just have extra money they just. I think it's, they spend. I think it's like a gag gift. Like, if you know, you'd buy somebody this thing. True. You know, like check it out, I got the no phone or like. I would imagine what, what is an overwhelming response? Would they have to get like six emails? Ariel, wh, what's an overwhelming Yeah. day for you for emails? Is it like, ten? For me? Yes. For you. 20 is a lot. 20. Yeah. That's all it takes. 20 emails, if you wanna And that's overwhelming. [LAUGH] Yeah. So then maybe that's the overwhelming response. Also, I would imagine, I'd imagine the folks behind noPhone were expecting, no response whatsoever. Oh, right. Right. Like, None, whatsoever. They have a contact field on the bottom there so if you guys. You guys wanna actually get one, you can contact them. I don't know why. [LAUGH] It says, what do you want me to deliver? Is actually the question. [LAUGH] It's like, what do you actually want? I don't understand what you want, right there. That's funny. Or they have a list of email addresses, which is always good to have. So we got that.>> [LAUGH] Alright, so we don't have any calls from the public, actually we got a couple calls from the public and one of them was 7 minutes of silence, Mm-hm. so somebody was butt-dialing us again, and another one was 5 minutes of silence, so it was a different phone number, so somebody else butt-dialled us again. Mm-hm. And then, we got an email, so we can't actually, I can play, there's no jingle, cuz there's no calls. Oh you guys have a jingle?>> You've watched the show right?>> A few times you know, not since you've been on it.>> Thanks.>> Cuz you are just, you are just the worst host.>> Speaking, speaking of that.>> It was a good transition.>> [LAUGH] Let's go to that I, I want to look at some feedback anyway. So we got. We got some emails and things. So let's just jump to this. This, Dan's gonna like, poke the bear here [LAUGH]. And it works. I went to the Reddit. I, I'm on, I'm, I'm a lurker, okay. I'm on Reddit. And when you go to my screen, you will see my username. It's actually Iyaz. So I don't hide. So there's my name, at least from my public account, which I don't mention any other accounts. I saw this is the second story on [INAUDIBLE] this week, [INAUDIBLE] I was like well, I've gotta click this, right cause this is probably not the sanest thing to do but I did click it, so I look at this comment, it says I can't stand him, haven't been able to listen to an entire show since he started, and this is from [INAUDIBLE] so [INAUDIBLE] if you are listening still, if you have made it this far. Cuz you, you got to actually get a mention. But otherwise he has no idea. I'm playing [UNKNOWN] man. You're playing [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH]? I have like, eight different accounts and I just trolled a 404 because Jeff never invited me on. No. So I'm like you know what? I'm just gonna troll the [INAUDIBLE]. That's what you do. I you know, I, I saw this. I was like, cool cuz I, this is not that big of a deal. One of my many. Many titles at CNET, troll. You are now Plantonio Graciano, the new account. No I don't okay, I don;t use Reddit a lot, but is that, that, is that the subject line that says, have to admit, Iyaz is growing on me, and then that's the comment? This is the topic and this is the subject. This is the actual perma link to the one response, because there's... There's a second... I see, oh, I see... ...response right? Okay, no this one, no there's not a second response. This is, this is, his only comment, a response from somewhere else. Oh no, I mean, but the guy who posted the thread. And it isn't the same guy who made the remark. No, no, it's. Oh, okay. I was gonna say, keep drawing me, psyche. Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. Well, I was, the other thing was I got you good [LAUGH]. I've seen a lot of this and I thought the same thing about me just fine. Hm. So I'm like, I've, I mean, if you think I suck now, you should watch my stuff when, like six, seven years ago. Man, I was terrible. And I'm not any better, so [LAUGH]. I mean, everyone sucks. Like, when I first started video, I started videos in like, last October when iOS 7 hit. And I was just awful. Awkward, I mean I'm still kind of awkward but I'm getting better, The reason I bring this up at all is Dan's got this fun habit, I sit next to Dan in the office, and he's got this habit of reading his YouTube comments out loud to me, and he's like do you see what they said? I'm like no I don't read YouTube comments very often because like it's YouTube and it's usually quite frightening, the civility's not really there. And so I asked Dan to find some of his favorite YouTube comments, and we've got a video of his right here, and you can see he's wearing the same blue shirt. No, it's a different, it's a different make. I mean, you wanna dub your self right now, what are you saying at the CNET update Well I was filling in for great Bridget Carry with a [INAUDIBLE] T-Mobile, FTC. Oh yeah, was charging people for saying [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] I'm just saying you can say anything right here, I'm Dan Garaziano [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] .OK, so what are your favorite comments are? [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] seen on Youtube? [INAUDIBLE]. You are a poor replacement for Bridget, even if I squint, you still look like a dumb jock Ok I'm gonna try this, [INAUDIBLE] can you squint at [INAUDIBLE] just squint real hard, I'm gonna squint too and see, I see dumb jock. [LAUGH] It's not working, I wear glasses so maybe if I took them off and you wore a blonde wig, maybe there's a chance. And I would look like a dumb, you have to be blonde to be a dumb jock? No, it says, squint and try to see Bridget Carry. Oh [INAUDIBLE] Then all I see is dumb jock. So may, but that was, that was too easy. That was too easy. Okay. Most of them are, I get lots of comments from people saying oh, like he's good looking, and you're the best, all this stuff. I mean sometimes it gets. Creepy but I take it as a compliment, when a guy goes, you're not as something about Bridget, you're not as good as Bridget but I still like you, I'm gonna start off by saying something hurtful. And then be like, you know what? I still like you. Mm-hm. [LAUGH]. So I like Little Matt. Good god. I wish every single person on the Internet could be him. [LAUGH] So you went? [LAUGH] Wait, what? No because he started off, he's like, he is, it's when people are like, you know what? Iyaz, I hated him when he first started but he grew on me. Yeah. So it's like, oh. Like, this is gonna be bad. I hear that more times than you think. Oh it's. [LAUGH] From family mostly. [LAUGH]. But I had won a [INAUDIBLE] Update actually, the other one, the Microsoft one, I was wear like a tighter polo shirt, and someone tweeted me, it was like, hey man do you have an app to get the arms you have, what's your workout plan? Clearly he was sarcasm hopefully may be. I bet it wasn't. I bet some was like...>> It made me feel good I was like, I looked at my arms and I was like they are nice arms. Not bad.>> Not like Mark. I mean.>> Right so you, so you comment on Mark's videos when he, he use to do them. You'd be like how did you get those arms Oh, man.>> And he wrote back.>> [LAUGH] And then you got his arms.>> I took his training routine. Right, right. Got smaller arms [INAUDIBLE] You need to pass it down man, let that other guy know. It's more efficient, right? I should've let Justin the intern know about my arms. That's true, he's going around there with, with skinny arms because of you. Maybe that was him, he just thought it would be awkward to talk to you about it. Justin if you're listening, which we know you're not, since you don't watch the show anymore. Cuz you're not standing over there anymore. Yeah, he doesn't care anymore. He's like [INAUDIBLE]. If you're listening Yeah. Email Dan about his arms. The point is that most people online just say really. I mean it's, it's anonymous. I used to troll people all the time and then became the other side. Then I was like, ooh. Trolls kind of suck. So I really don't let it bother me. [LAUGH] I, I usually laugh at it. I laugh at everything, laughing right now [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] I'm sorry, that was killing me. Okay I mean, I've, I've, I've do have a maturity that I did not have a 25 when I was doing this. It was like, you mother. Well there was like, the Internet was, a baby back then. Yeah, well there were still trolls back then. They were fun. I got criticize once for not being British. Well I was on the British network, [INAUDIBLE] you're not British, I think I've told this story before and I'm like it's not my fault you had 2 chances [INAUDIBLE] that was India so you can't have control of both of these things, and to have control of America. So, they blew it twice, not my fault, so [INAUDIBLE] British people If you're British, tweet Dan, let him know [LAUGH] let him know on YouTube and ask him about his work on the team [LAUGH] We did get one e-mail that we gotta point at right now, it's really important it was. Super ,super hard to find in my list here, we got this e-mail from K&L Gates, this is a serious e-mail here, final notice, herby you are notified that you have unpaid utility bills, and your debt amount to $45 for August 21, 2014. So, what does this mean? So, we're gonna, basically they're gonna get a collection agency after us. So, clearly we dont get a lot of emails and secondly, I think we need to, to get 45 bucks. This came out like they're serious. Let's go Kick Starter. Wanna do a Kickstarter? It's the only way [LAUGH]. Alright, y'all do you think we could raise 45 bucks? I think so, man, I think we could figure out a way. For $45 you can get my arm routine workout [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] It's a really great price. That's a great deal. Are you gonna give them an app for that? You're gonna make an app? I'll just show up at their door and workout with them. I [LAUGH]. For $45? [LAUGH]. It's a Tri-state area. [LAUGH] Okay, I'm like, let me give you, give you a limitation Jackie. Like, as long as Metro North and the passed train are [UNKNOWN] [INAUDIBLE]. I prefer like, New York City, or Hoboken. [INAUDIBLE] Me and Jeff show up You are aware that somebody's gonna take you up on this right? Yeah Somebody will take you up on this, it's gonna be the top topic on [INAUDIBLE] No the top topic will be, God when is Jeff coming back [LAUGH] That's probably true [INAUDIBLE] enough clearly. Where is it at, Dan? Wait, what? Oh, I, sorry. I just wanted to mess with you. reddit.com/r/the404. Or if you're bored, you can write the404.reddit.com cause that's Do they really? All of those do redirects. Oh, I had no idea. That's really smart, that's cool. So you can do technology.reddit.com? I don't know, you show me. Does it work? Does it work? This is the, this is the most exciting audio ever. Why I love the text set. You got two people trying to find out, yeah it works just fine. Oh wow. There we go. What's the phone number Arial? 1 8 8 I got it right here. Bing 866 404 CNET 866 not 888 I feel like and idiot. 866 404. CNET 2638 if you can't find that on the keypad, we've got like what's the other ways to get to us, we're on Twitter, we're on Instagram for some reason Oh really? Facebook I have Facebook, yeah [INAUDIBLE] video of it, 15 seconds of it, We can do hyperlapse video, it's [INAUDIBLE] iPhone users, it's like. Smooth time lapse videos which is like awesome. You know, I should really pay attention to when this show closes cuz I don't remember. [LAUGH] Other than he, Jeff says a whole bunch of stuff and he goes I'm Jeff Bakular. And then you say. I'm Dan [INAUDIBLE] And then you say [INAUDIBLE] And then we say we'll see everybody next time, on the 404. Adios

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