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The 404 Show 1,539: HTC One M8 for Windows pass/fail, Ant-Man, how to rebrand a movie (podcast): The 404

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The 404: The 404 Show 1,539: HTC One M8 for Windows pass/fail, Ant-Man, how to rebrand a movie (podcast)

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Is the HTC One M8 for Windows a big deal? Plus we'll get a first look at Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and talk about a new cryptocurrency for porn.

Hey, I got a question for you. What's that? People wanna know, what's your nationality? Well, I'm from, I was born in Brooklyn, and that's very exciting. Yeah, I was born in Brooklyn, too. I, we were trying to get this for a while. What do you guys guess? What was your guess? My guess was Mexican so I was way off. Mexican? Yeah. I'm just joking by the way. After such a Mexican name, you're right. Of course. I couldn't tell if you were serious. No, no, no, no. I'm a little, I know a little bit, okay? But I wouldn't have guessed, I wouldn't have guessed any better. I'm like yeah, I'm like yeah, you're not a dummy. Yeah. My folks are from Pakistan. See I, I was doing that with someone and I said I think he's Pakistani. Yeah, but see, that. This question. Nailed it. Nailed it. Nail. This question comes around all the time. Where are you from. I'm like. Brooklyn. Where are you really from? No one's asking you that. I know, it's like, it's weird, though, I don't talk to, you know, white people and go, hey where are you from. Yeah. And they're like, I'm from Jersey. It's like. Yeah. No, where are you really from? Yeah, yeah. No, you don't say that. You- Like the question I've gotten a billion times. But that's not the question, the, that's not the way to fashion the question. The right way to ask is, what is your ancestral ethnicity. I guess that'd be the smartest way to do it. But I've gotten so many bizarre comments and folks who immediately call me their brother. They're like oh, you're like me, and they start talkin' to me about, like, their plight in the country. And I'm like. What do. I'm like, dude, I'm, I don't know why this cabbie's talkin' to me right now, I just need to get to the, to the airport. Yeah. And they wanna like, like, bond with me. Yeah. It's like. I'm. It's interesting though. Where were you raised? I was raised in Queens. So why don't you have an accent? Because I put it away. I used to have. Don't act like you can just do that. It's not a set of car keys. Well in high school, in high school I started like, my accent sounds too New York, I've got to kind of cut that out. So full of crap, Ariel. It's true, man. It was far too. Yeah right. Bring it back. In New York. And I'm going to need some beer. If you want it back, give me some drinks. I'll speak faster and I'll speak with a minor accent. So, so, so you trained yourself to have this non-regional dialect. This is the television news style noise. Noise. That is so much crap. Be proud of who you are. I am. That's why people are like, you have such a good accent. Accent. Where is it from? Nowheresville. It's like yeah, in Vermont that was asked that question. Did you practice that accent? I'm like, a little bit, yeah. But it's not like. So do. All right now. Is there any. Like, at one point did you have like a Pakistani thing going on? No, my folks, they spoke English pretty well. The only weird things my dad would say is like, instead of. Intestine, he's like, intestine, he would just have weird. Yeah. Stressing on certain words, medical words. And I'm like oh, that's about it. I knew he said the [INAUDIBLE] wrong, so I never bothered to pick it up. So they don't have accents for the most part? They have- The older I get, the more I can hear it. Yeah. But I guess when I was growing up I never heard an accent. I can kinda make it out in your voice. You think you can. I can, I can hear you trying. You can hear Pakistani in the way I- No, no, not the Pakistani. I hear you trying to cover something up. What you're, what you're hearing is me trying to. Slow down. Oh. Because normally I speak at a much faster rate. I don't like what you're saying right now. I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm [UNKNOWN] You don't like it? Offended I'm gonna turn this table over if you don't like it. That's what gonna happen, man. [LAUGH] I don't know, I just have this issue with, like, people hiding accents. Why, it's been, let's see,my accent's been gone for about. Twenty years. So, okay. So, you grew up in Queens. Grew up in Queens. Where in Queens? South Ozone Park, right by Aqueduct Racetrack and the airport. Yeah, I know exactly where you're at. And you were born in Brooklyn, what hospital? Brookdale Hospital. So we were all born in the same house. Of course we were born in the same house. Two years apart. Brooklyn is a very small place apparently. It's not. It's ginormous. You know who else was born in Brooklyn? In Brooksdale hospital? Michael effin Jordan. So Michael effin Jordan is not the guy who is playing Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four? Micheal B. Jordan? Dude, don't. Micheal Jeffrey Jordan. Don't give me this Human Torch crap. You don't remember the Human Torch? I know who the human torch is. All right. I'm talking about the legendary basketball player. Oh yes. That's right. That. [LAUGH] That one. That one. All right. S M Jordan. Not Jeffrey Jordan. Like I thought his middle name. That's cool, man. That's weird. We were born in the same hospital. Have you been to that hospital lately? No. Not a great area. No, I have not been. [LAUGH] Not a great area. It's been a long time. It's been 32 years since I've been hanging at that hospital. [LAUGH] I'm not even sure, my brother was born there, too, in' 85. I'm not even sure it was a good area then. Nope. Yeah, it was probably bad that, back then, too. And where were you, Ariel, you were born where? New York Infirmary. In the city. Right here in Manhattan. Freakin' all of these- Fancy [CROSSTALK] New York brothers right here, I love it. Oh, yeah. Well my, the only reason why I was born in Manhattan is because my dad was a super. I don't think we have money. Yeah, but that's, no, I wasn't assuming that. Why, do you not want people to assume you have money? No you can think I have money go ahead but the truth is I don't Anybody who's wearing moose on their, on their jacket is clearly rolling in the dough Top dollar yeah Do they say that anymore, rolling in the dough Rolling in the dough Remember that saying I think so Maybe I'll take it Maybe it's like a Pakistani It's a Pakistani thing definitely All right it's. It's Tuesday, August 19th, let's start the show. [MUSIC] I'm never getting sick of that theme music. [INAUDIBLE] So breaking [UNKNOWN] Welcome to the 4:04 show. I'm Jeff Backler I'm joined by Iaz Acktor. And over there on the board Mr. Ariel Nuniez. Howdy Born here right in New York [CROSSTALK] Born in New York City He was born right in this room actually Right here [CROSSTALK] right were you're sitting. His umbilical cord is right over there [CROSSTALK] That's disgusting And it's true [CROSSTALK] You know what time it is Ariel Nuniez. Five topics you can choose from. I'm going to Facebook cause Twitter's stupid. All right. Trending right now. Ant Man. Hmmm. Co- Chris Clue. Okay. Carl Edwards. Cleveland Browns. Or Pope Francis. Pope Francis, always in the news. He's always trying to, he's a popular guy. He's a super popular guy- Yeah. With the Jews, I mean, the Cath, the Christ, the Catholics. Catholic Church. He's probably popular amongst many. I think everyone like, everyone knows who he is. [LAUGH] I know who he is [CROSSTALK] I'm going to go with Ant-Man. Okay, so Ant Man, the movie starring Paul Rudd. And people don't realize this, is that Marvel has a superhero named Ant Man. A lot of people don't know that there was a superhero named Ant Man. And we now have a first look. And what he's going to look like right next to the golden gate bridge. Apparently Ant man is just like a loner, who wears a hoody, and a denim jacket. And there you have it, first look Ant Man. okay. Played by Paul Rudd. What was Ant Man's powers. Shrink and growing. Shrink and grow into an ant. He doesn't shrink into an ant. He's about ant-sized. So stupid. Or he can become really large and he's known as giant man. Really? Seriously. Okay. This thing has two names. You could say anything right now and I'll believe you. It's true though. That's a, yeah he became. He didn't want to be ant man he'd be giant man. Giant god. What would you add GI in front of ant man? Giant man, get it? I get it. Can he carry five times his own weight? Great question. I have no idea what his strength proportionate ability is. Why would you want that ability? Most super hero powers are accidents It doesn't work like that So like what could you do. I guess you could like break into places. It's basically. Like, what else am I doing. Oh, oh, go- You're a plot device, man. There's, when there's something too small to get through, they're like hm, what do we do. It's like, when, when is the Flash useful. It's like oh, well, you know what. Oh, my god, the Flash is so useful, going at the speed of light, that's like [CROSSTALK] Well we need something that could only be solved by super. Speed, nevermind super strength or intelligence or anything like that No, speed is clearly a benefit. All that aside Shrinking down to the size of an ant, not so sure He went by giant man a lot more, he's just like okay I can get really big How big are we talking when giant man Size of buildings pretty much, kinda like a King Kong thing. God, I'm just thinking about his junk when he's that big. You should think about his wife. [LAUGH] Really we should be worried about the Wasp, if you guys don't remember. Really? Oh, his wife is the Wasp. Oh? That's freaky. He tried to, he tried to kill her with bug spray. Why did he try to kill his wife? With bug spray in the ultimate. It was awesome. You're making this up. I'm not making this up. I thought it was one of the crazies things I've read was that Ant Man losing his mind, or Giant Man, and trying to spray the Wasp with bug spray. Like i guess it would kill you if you were tiny. Your gonna have to shut u about that [LAUGH] So stupid. [LAUGH] Wait im dumb. This is the dumbest thing ever. Oh im sorry im bringing, i mean, im i bringing the class of the show down. [LAUGH] Its impossible. No, no, no it has nothing to do with the class of the show. Has nothing to do with it. You just think Ant-Man is dumb. I just think Ant-Man is silly, and I think the bigger talking point here is how Paul Rudd, in my opinion, I mean I love him. Mm-hm. I, who doesn't have a man-crush on Paul Rudd? But is he a superhero guy? Could be. Depends on the the way that they do it. Is Ant Man a, a comedic? Is it, is it like ha-ha, you're tiny. He's kind of tortured. So I don't know. Yeah, I, what do you think Ariel? Right? Paul Rudd's like. Yeah, I would think he would be like, do you remember the Tick? Of course Yeah, so when I heard Ant Man I'm, I thought of the Tick. And then I think he would be perfect for something. Yeah. Like the Tick. Who was the Tick, Patrick Warburton, right? In the live-action one, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That was, that was a pretty damn funny show, actually. Yeah. Hilarious. You know, look at Paul. This is the most serious photo I've ever seen of Paul Rudd. Yeah. It doesn't, The idea that this is the first photo of him, if you just listen to the audio, it's, he's basically in a jacket and a hoodie. Yeah, he does look tortured here And he's got a bit of what, it looks like Band-Aids on his eyebrows, so like. And that's where his antenna grow from. Clearly. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] There's nothing to do with an actual ant. No. Alright. [LAUGH] You don't like Spiderman. Geez. No, I get it. I get it. That'd be crazy. It's amazing in a Marvel Universe, they're like, well, we have Spiderman. Could use another insect guy. Well, [INAUDIBLE]. I'm just gonna drive you nuts. Don't even. alright, so there you have it. Ant Man coming out next year, right? I think. I'll see it just because I have such a freakin' mancrush on Paul Rudd. alright, so clickbait today was an iPhone story. We're obviously not gonna talk about that. But what we are going to talk about is what, Mr. Akhtar? News of the day. We've got, we've got a new, Android phone, Android phone, Windows phone, that is, from HTC. It's the HTC One M8 for Windows. And if you look at the thing, it's basically the hardware of an HTC One M8. Running Windows phone. It was a really short presser today, like 45 minutes, so they were like, here's the phone, here's what it does, go try it out. Mm-hm. And I just wanna like, I wanna get you like, all of you guys, do you guys think this will make a dent at all? It's beautiful hardware. We get a Windows phone, that's the HTC 1M8. Pass or fail, Jeff. I'm just gonna say fail because nobody who wants an M8 waited this long. Right and if they do, I mean, I don't, I just, I know Windows phone has a dedicated fan base. I get that. They're a really small minority but they're out there. I mean, so they're, they'll buy this for sure. This is gonna be their flagship phone, but it's just irrelevant in the regular, you know, in the real world. Ariel, is this cooler or less, or less cool than the news of Antman? I care more about Ant Man, to be honest. [LAUGH] But I do think that some people will be into it. I think there will be people that are into it, but not like other phones. I'm curious, I wanna hear from people. Who are you Windows phone people? Like who are you, what do you do, how did this happen? I wanna know what circumstance conspired that forced you into a world of Windows phone. I, I had a window's phone once, I had a Mogul back in 2008, it was an HTC Mogul. Do you remember that phone? Was this a Windows mobile phones? It was a Windows, was something else, it wasn't this. Okay. It was way better. I don't remember the Mogul though. And it was terrible. And I wanna know who you people are. It, I'm not, I, I'm sure the phone is fine and it works okay, but in a, in the world of IOS and Android it's sort of just like, why, why even waste your time? You know the weird this is if you look at HTC like Sense, they're like, regular UI it looks kind of like the tiled interface of Windows so like it kind of looks like a regular M8. Yeah. It could be really confusing. LIke, oh, that's the way it looks because that's the way. [CROSSTALK] Right, their UI is, it looks very similar to that [CROSSTALK] A nice piece of hardware. I don't, I think it'll do fine. It's only a hundred of bucks with contract. Strange. Strange. Very strange to me. But I guess there was enough of a demand for it. Right? Something happened. Something maybe [CROSSTALK] No, I don't think demand had anything to do with it. He was just like way not? Microsoft's like we got a contract, put something together and that's probably it. Oh yeah. You're due. I think we're due. So it's been like two years. Yeah. Why don't you just reuse one of those? Fair enough. It's very strange, someone needs to do a really long, you know, long form sort of piece on like, Windows Phone. Why? [LAUGH] Like what is this? [CROSSTALK] How is this still going on? I mean you look at, you know like, I hate to compare it to Blackberry but. I won't [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] I was like, no way. I'm just saying, it, but it seems to be just as popular. Like I feel like the amount of people still using Blackberry. That might be a, that's a huge slam on Windows, isn't it? Is it? I don't know. Just as popular as Blackberry. A lot of it doesn't, you know, a lot of it deals with me not caring about it. And you know, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe if I played with the Windows Phone, I would fall in love. I can't. And be part of the revolution. I can't wait for all the. That's not happening. I can't wait for all the calls from the public for this one. All the angry Windows Phone users, or like, everyone who calls, like I don't use it. Well, we needed some calls, so here I am, pouring a little fuel on that fire. All right, first story that I want to bring up today is something called. I'm just gonna come out and say it. It's called Titcoin. And here's a Titcoin right here in my hand. [INAUDIBLE] That's T-I-T-C-O-I-N. And not to be confused with Bitcoin. Okay. Because it is a very different kind of coin. A Titcoin is a digital currency. For, the pornographic digital world. Okay, how does it work? Like, do you, do you mine them yourself- You can. Okay. It's kinda weird, and I don't really understand why, because I feel like we're at the point now where most people are comfortable paying for pornography, if they even do that. I mean, I don't know anyone who does, right, do you know, like, let's, let's have a mature conversation About porn, offline porn No, but offline porn? This is about downloading, this idea, right, why would you be paying for porn? Why? Okay so you've, you're already, you're already beyond that. You're paying for porn. Okay>> Inexplicably, you're paying for porn. Even though, you just don't need to. Okay But you are. So now that you've crossed that line, you're like ok, I'm gonna use a, a crypto currency an anonymous digital crypto currency to pay for it because the people active of, I keep saying sigma like I think I'm saying it by accident. Like you'll get in trouble. [LAUGH] Calling up this link when i'm sitting at my desk, and i'm like okay, is this going to get blocked? One by corporate, There's nothing wrong Or then two, it's going to be there. So this is for the interest of science. Zoom in, so this, it's funny that they gave me an actual coin. [INAUDIBLE] The people at titcoin, they gave me a physical titcoin. Oh, I'm sorry. Like a poker chip. It's quite a heavy titcoing, and it's got a lady on the front. MM-hm. You, you said in the preshow, why now just put a boob on it and call it a day. It seems like it's a circle you know, finish it off. You could put like a mud flap girl on it. Yeah, there, it looks like a Kapa logo. Remember the Kapa, that Kapa brand. Anyway. So here it is, and apparently they believe that there is such a demand to be anonymous in the transactions and ongoings of pornography that it needs it's own crypto currency. So I think it was developed by a small group of advocates. Like I said, who saw that industry, their saying the adult industry is the perfect. Conduit for brining digital currency into the main stream. I'm pretty sure Bitcoin has transcended that already. Regardless, there are team of professionals who've had plenty of experience in digital marketing and that's sort of the thing. YOu know, it's a little, a bit of a joke. Well no kidding. [CROSSTALK] I was able to, sniff that out from all the information provided. But there you have it. Look, it's, and it's getting coverage. So do you plan on increasing the amount of tick points you have or is this the only one you will have? Well, considering this is just a prop and not even worth any real ticks. It's not actually tied to anything? It's not like a NFC that you can tap and go. This is, I don't know. I don't know, it's got a gizmoda pull quote on the side that says, titcoin is the bitcoin for porn, well yeah, we get, yeah, that's pretty obvious. No kidding. Anyway I thought it was interesting that titcoin is a thing. And I also want to see how many times you can say tit on the show. I think we've That counters up to 78 right now, so enjoy that. people of the internet. alright, there you have it. Bitcoin, the future. What was the name again. Bitcoin. Bitcoin. Thank you. ok, lets go back to movies for a second, this is super interesting. Warner Brothers, now you remember the Emily Blunt Tom Cruise movie, Edge of Tomorrow. Yeah, yeah, saw the trailer. Lot of people liked it. People who I trust, their opinions of sci fi, and I like Tom Cruise in sci fi movies. I don't necessarily like Tom Cruise off camera, but Tom Cruise I do happen to really respect and like as an actor. Alright. And I love his sci fi stuff. I mean minority port, report is one of my favorite films ever. So Warner Brothers. Releases Edge of Tomorrow, bombs, did not do well at the box office. Now, this is one of the first times that I can really recall, they're rebranding the movie, for blue, Blu-ray release. By rebranding, what do you mean? What are they [CROSSTALK]? They're changing the name of the movie. To what? To, I believe they're changing it to. Live die repeat. Yeah, yeah ,yeah. So it's weird. There seems to be a fair bit of confusion over the whole thing. But that's sort of what the you know, the idea is. And if you look at the branding, if you look at the imaging of the poster that you have up there. It's completely different. Then what they did for the actual for the actual film. Like, the whole typeface is different, the way it's being positioned and, and talked about is different. It's a little, I mean, look, the rating on IMDB's 8.1, that's pretty good. So why would you rather to rebrand it, cuz it wasn't a hit? Yeah, that's, I think the idea is that the, that they're sort of reassesing. How they're gonna deliver this you know, deliver this, this movie when it comes out on blue-ray, and I think we're at a point right now where you can kinda blur that line between a theatrical release and blue-ray release or a VOD release, and sort of get away with doing that. Our attention spans are, are miserable right, so people kinda forgot about. edge of tomorrow ready and they seem to be, now I don't know, this is all out of a Reddit thread so it could be that people, you know, were sort of, you know, part of the lore and mystery could be, you know, ground up from this sort of thread that we're referencing. But they do seem like they are making a concerted effort to change the branding of the film. And I just thought that was interesting and I don't think I've ever seen that before. I mean, I've always seen, DVD releases and home theater releases have like different kinds of movie posters, different art, different, maybe even a different logo. Yeah. For, for the thing. Yeah, well, like what? Like X-Men, right. The X-Men logo is different from the, when you see the movie posters when they were first released, very different than the one that was released on the the DVDs. Okay. There was just a slightly different font. It was just a, a change there. When it comes to that kinda look. But when it comes to changing the name of it. I mean the, one of the big things about movies, in general, is all of that freaking advertising money they throw in the beginning. Yeah. And they build you this brand. But Edge of Tomorrow is really forgettable. The name. Yeah. Edge of Tomorrow. Yeah. Live, Die, Repeat. Sounds pretty neat. Like, what's that? What's that about? So, maybe that's what they're thinking. I mean, it's gotta be what they're thinking. They, from the, the box office numbers here, at IMDB, they estimate the movie cost $180 million to make, and they only recouped about $100 million of that in the box office. So, that's really bad. That's you know, that's a net of negative 80 million dollars which doesn't, doesn't look too good for Warner brothers so you know, in their effort to recoup some of those loses perhaps you rebrand the whole thing but I, people told me this film is great. They said it was amazing so I'm going to check it out. I, I was planning on doing it anyway. Right, because of, of, of the recommendation that I got, but I think it's just very interesting that they're trying to rebrand this after a theatrical release, which I'm not sure has been done in, in the level of detail that it seems Edge of Tomorrow is getting. Yeah, I'm looking at the description and it says an officer finds himself caught in a time loop in a war with an alien race. Time loop. Live, die, repeat. Sounds about right. Let's do it. Maybe they should've called it that in the first place. Well you know, hindsight's 20-20. I just wonder, are they gonna bother to have. Is this gonna be a trend? Do you think we're gonna see a lot of like, let's say Godzilla 1998 and they can just call it like, not the 2014 Godzilla. They just call it like. I mean basically you know, that's. That's sort of the thing, I mean they had a great director attached to. Doug Liman, who's done the Bourne movies and a couple other classic films that I, that I personally love. I mean, I don't know, it's strange right? I look forward to the other tweet movies that we'll see. There must be other ones, this can't be the first one, it won't be the last one. What do you think would be? I mean if this does work they'll all do it. I don't know what bombed at the box office recently? I don't know but I feel like Sin City's gonna bomb. That has a strong enough brand, though. That's old. Yeah, but that movie I feel like no, I've never felt less of a buzz for a movie before. Have you, right? I haven't, I've only noticed the trailers online. But then again I don't watch regular TV anymore. I just feel like all the, the air has been deflated, has been sucked out of those sails. I'm lookin' at crappy movies, we got like Jobs with Ashton Kutcher. Yeah, that's a bad movie too. Can't rebrand that. There's no getting around that. Yeah, that's gonna be kinda hard to. You know, everyone knows what they're getting with that. The Lego Movie. That could be rebranded. All right. There you have it. What, do you have anything for us? Do I have anything? Other than. I wanna get that tourist story. I thought that. Let's get to this tourist story. There was this story written on The Verge, by Thomas Ricker. And he's basically wants people to stop being a tourist, and the concept is, what's a tourist in his mind is pretty much anybody who is constantly, basically living within a 4 inch world. That's what he's saying, taking pictures of everything. And he recounts a time where he visited the Mona Lisa. It's like ok, so people wound up, you know, around this tiny painting. They stare at the. is small, right? Turns out small. Yeah. I didn't realize. I always thought it was a gigantic type of thing. Yeah. Like blue boy and it's just [NOISE] just a little postcard. I don't now what blue boy is. . Oh, like from Ghostbusters. Okay, then yes. No, it's not that big. It's really tiny. And so everybody gets twenty feet out they take a look at the Mona Lisa, they take a picture and then they walk away and look at their phone. What? Instead of looking at the actual work that's standing there and [INAUDIBLE]. Then Richter's talking about how basically this has happened to everyone. This is what everyone's doing. They're constantly on their stupid phones instead of I don't know, living and seeing stuff for their own. I mean it's not exactly the, the deepest complaint. No. I mean this isn't really, this has been a problem for awhile. Okay so there's like what? How many freaking check in apps or meals, lets say you're having a meal, right. Someone, someone wants to take a picture of the, of the food you're eating. You gotta check into the place your at. If you're having a drink you gotta check into either like untapped or some other wine thing. Well people who do that **** leave the, leave these, you know, shallow lives and whatever it sucks to be them. But not everyone's doing it. Just like not everyone, not everyone is doing the ice bucket challenge. Not every single person, it does seem like it, but not every single person is doing it. This is just something that pisses me off in general. Like I am sick and tired of, I'm with you. of sitting around with people who are like you know what I'm gonna do. First thing I'm going to do when I sit down with you, to talk to you. Is first I have. But what's your Twitter name? Oh, @iyaz. I'm with this person. Let me do this, that and the other thing. It's like, I'm sitting right here. Yeah. Would you put that phone away? You've got to get new friends, man. I'm working on that. It's why I moved across the country. Yeah. Better people here. You think so? I don't know. I mean less coverage here. I'm biased. I just, I just need to start going into diners that have like, Faraday cages in them. So right. Just like stop every freaking signal in there so, hey look. How's it going? You're over here. We're it, it, we're just going through a like a trend right now. It's a fad. I really do believe this because I think everything in, in culture is like cyclical or temporary. Right, so like, we'll get out of this check in obsession phase. I do, I think that'll happen. I truly don't see it happening. I think it'll be like chic and in vogue to be detached down the road. I think you've got a generation of kids growing up who think this is normal because they're basically, are sitting there. And they've got nothing to do. And there just like photo photo photo photo. Just think about it with us with like video games and stuff and it is true. Yeah, people sit around and play video games and obviously it's led to the, the decline of society. Maybe I'm a hopeless optimist, maybe [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] But maybe, maybe we will evolve out of that, culturally. I mean I don't, I mean I tweet a lot, or not even, I get yelled at that I don't enough. But, you know, that's my really only, sort of consistent you know. Notion of being tethered to the digital world, you know? I, I feel like, I, you can, I feel like it's a, it's a balance, right, you gotta balance with it. What this story is makes fun of is just how like, everyone's just doing the same **** **** over and over again. They're going to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and they're pretending that they're leaning on the actual thing. They're doing stuff like this. They're doing the clichéd things that everyone freaking does. And how that sort of just like waters down the, the, the idea of living your life right. I think there's that and like, this can be solved by technology. I'm gonna like advocate for a really crazy idea. A lot of this crap is far too active to check into anything. You gotta go into a bunch of apps, gotta click all these buttons or click all these touchscreen buttons. But this stuff is more passive. Like automated, you mean? Yeah. So if you're wearing something like Google Glass you have something on your wrist that knows where you were when you were it's like OK, fine. That way you're still involved in your life and not like oh I'm leaning, I'm holding up the tower. It's like OK. You know you were there, we got a record of it, let's move on. Man I saw a kid taking a panorama of central Park. I'm like this photo has been taken like eight million times. Do you think that you're offering something amazing with your new Iphone panorama? Is there any reason you're bothering to do this. Right Or will you totally forget you were standing in a park? In the middle of the day. That's something you think people forget easily? No I don't, I mean I understand what you're saying and I sympathize with that because my first, you know, gut reaction is to always be like put the God damn phone down, take a breath of fresh air in and, and live your life, and understand where you're at. But. I think you can, like I said I think there's a bound, I think you can have, I think you can have both things. And this is why I'm an advocate for 4K TV. And AK TV. Because it's almost like reality and I don't even go anywhere. Like forget anybody. That's gonna contradict your entire argument. I said it could be solved by technology. I don't have to go see these people. And they can put their phones away. This is a great picture though. This one right here. This is an awesome picture. That they're petting the leaning tower of Pisa. Yeah, I mean if I knew these people, I'd be like, look at them, they're having a good time. It's a. I would have no problem with it. Composition-wise, it does happen to be a nice photo. Yeah, it's a great picture, man. But, but you understand where this article's coming from, though, right? I do, but I. But not. I, I think people, I mean,. Like you, do you think there's a problem with just like, every single person trying to achieve the same things as everyone else, just to sort of, say they did it. I mean,>> And not realize and take it in. Like, you mean, not enjoying their environment and just like living through pictures, I think there is, but at the same time, just let them man. Like, you do you, let them do them. Like it doesn't really, it doesn't affect my life when people are taking pictures. Let them. I have a lot of friends that do it. Yeah. It gets annoying sometimes, but its, at the end of the day I have a roof over my head man. Its not affecting me. You know what I mean? Its not that big of a deal. You have a very nice and mature opinion on this, but when someone is flashing a stupid flash by you're head and your trying to watch a show. And they don't know how to turn off the flash in their camera because they need to document the whole frigging thing. It does get irritating because you're like- Yeah. I'm trying to watch that thing over there. And then boom, boom, boom, boom. Yeah, I've been in similar situations where I'm at like a sports game or, or some sort of live event. And the prick in front of me won't put his hands down because he's taping the entire concert. If they will watch all the time, right? Right. Then they'll watch, because the sound quality's on that's gonna be- Fantastic. amazing. Like, stuff like that pisses me off. I can see that. For sure. I can see that. People, get aware of this. They're not gonna change, but why not? Bet your bottom line again. Yeah, what are we doing? I don't even know what we're doing any more.>> No. That guy's as a world, where are we going and why? Mexico. well, at least Hey, I'm from there. At least, there's two points. [LAUGH] All right. We're actually running out of time. I did want to talk about a few other stories but maybe we'll get to that tomorrow cuz we will be having a show tomorrow. For now, let's get to a few calls from the public, that I was not able to get to on Friday. Calls from [INAUDIBLE] Time to show the love. Call me. 866-404-CNET. 404. Calls from the public. [MUSIC] So I got an LGG3 and I was complaining about the resolution because its just kind of overkill. Right too much resolution how crazy that is No but like I maintain if that it had a 10adp resolution. The battery would last longer, instead of 1440 P, I mean that's not stupid, that like a logical sort of conclusion. I've had screens side by side, I don't see much of a difference, so Gary called in and said, well here's why you might want to, hold on to that high res phone. Hey gents, this is Olympia from New Gary, on show 1536, you were talking about the LG. G3's resolution being insane in not knowing why anyone would need that crazy resolution. And one reason is cardboard. If you have Google cardboard and you have the camera right up to your face with the lenses, the G, G3 looks awesome. So if you've got a G3, check out Google Cardboard. And that's one of the reasons you might want in the same crazy resolution. Thanks. All right, that was, that was a good call, Gary. And I, I, I appreciate you taking the time, but if that's the best answer for why a G3 needs that high res. For a do it yourself 3D cardboard head visor thing? Not feeling that, man. You don't enjoy, like crisp resolution when you're reading stuff on there? I mean, yeah. Like looking at paper? Looks good, but a 1080p phone did the same thing for me. In theory, yes. Yeah, [CROSSTALK] It's like after awhile. You know, your, your eyes can't tell the difference and that's what I was getting. So when you do this VR book reading, which I'm expecting you'll be doing. That's, that's how it'll go. And that's, that's crazy. Like if that's the best reason, that's crazy. Come on, there's gotta be another, I mean like. The phone comes pre-loaded with stuff in 1440 p, and I'm like, wow, that looks great. And then I, like, move on with my live, because it's stupid. Okay, so we should downgrade you to, like, a Moto X or something. No, I'm just saying. I wish the, I wish the screen, the screen size is fine, I like it's big, but I don't need that resolution, it's stupid. But thanks for the call, Gary. James from San Diego, wants to just chime in real quick. What's going on James? Hey guys, it's San Diego from James, sorry to see Dustin go, and met you at Comecon, you guys are awesome together, but Iaz is also pretty awesome too. Well there you go dude your first official endorsement, no I'm kidding we've had plenty of people call. This is the first official one all the other ones were unofficial and they were paid for Right, this is the first organic, you know Your tip coins in the mail Yeah, it is. I can stop holding on to this thing, it's kinda like You're fondling It's a coping device, this is my totem I'm gonna leave that alone, that's what I'm gonna do It's my tittum. [LAUGH] You like it. Yeah. [LAUGH] finally, this dude, I feel so bad for. Everyone knows about the PT thing. [INAUDIBLE] Oh, yeah. The game that, honestly is, is currently sitting pretty at number eight in game of the year, in, in the top ten games. PT is? Yeah, dude. I'm doing it, unless something else, unless, like, a bunch of games knock it out. I'm gonna do it. This playable trailer? Yeah. Okay, all right. Okay? I'm just checking. Anyway, this, I feel so bad, this dude really caused his wife some stress playing this game. Listen to this story. Hey guys, this is professor Jim from [INAUDIBLE]. I was calling because you guys talked about the D&D demo the other day on Playstation 4. And if I sound tired, it's because it's so terrifying, my wife. Sat up crying until six in the morning, because she watched this play. [LAUGH] I was in the last hallway. Mm. And, something happened that I haven't really found anywhere else where Lisa decided to stand up at the bathroom and start shaking endlessly. Spoiler warning I guess, but Anyway, she started screaming, attacked us, and it was so terrifying my wife cried until 6:30 in the morning and kept me awake all night. Anyways, thought I'd share my experience with it. Love the show. Keep up the good work. Yeah so sorry. Yeah, you're gonna have to update your feed. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about that. Update your article. PT, if you're a video game marketing genius. Yeah, maybe not. Unless it causes your wife to crack and start crying in the bathroom. It's so funny because I had that happen the first night I played it too. You went crying to the bathroom? I didn't cry but I did not sleep very well. Okay. And my wife did not either. Little update on that whole thing, though. So, people think they've figured it out. Remember, there was the whole, like. It's the repeatable thing? You can actually go to the end? Well, so, believe it or not, part of it is that you broadcast it on twitch. Aw, that's, that's kinda lame. Aw, that's lame, or awesome? Well, it's brilliant marketing, still. It, absolutely, it's brilliant marketing for them. If the program, they think it's either that, or. It's like talking into the game with a headset. Okay that sounds about right. Cuz that's the one where people seem to be able to replicate. It's wacky. Go play it. Seriously, just don't play it at night. I guess like play it during the day. And don't play it, I would say at least three hours before you go to bed. So you're advocating ditch work? Like do this at 12 o'clock. Yeah, yeah, or do it on, like, a saturday or a sunday, or whenever you're off. Yeah. I'm just sayin', it's, it's dangerous, it's super dangerous. Player be warned. [LAUGH] I'm already scared. I'm not gonna play it man. You, you don't have a PS4, but you should come over and play it with me. Oh, man, I'm scared. Don't be scared [LAUGH] I was already crying in the bathroom. Yes [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] That will do it for us today. 866 404 CNET is the number you can call. Shoot us an email the 404 at cnet dot com. We are gonna be back tomorrow with a brand new show. We'll have a rerun on Thursday and then Friday Steve Gutenberg returns. The audio file? No he's the audiophiliac I'm like no Yeah, yeah, don't Not the police academy guy? No. [LAUGH] You're the first person to make that joke, though. [LAUGH] No way. There's no way. That's pretty good, [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH] Pretty good there, buddy. Thank you. so, yeah, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, and Reddit. Back here tomorrow. Until them, I'm Jeff [INAUDIBLE]. I'm Aya [INAUDIBLE]. I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been The 404 Show. High tech, low brow. See you guys tomorrow. Later. [MUSIC]

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