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The 404 Show 1,538: Shanon Cook presents the Spotify song of the summer, guilty pleasure playlists (podcast): The 404

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The 404: The 404 Show 1,538: Shanon Cook presents the Spotify song of the summer, guilty pleasure playlists (podcast)

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Spotify's Shanon Cook stops by the show to officially declare a song of the summer and let us in on the guilty pleasure playlists of men and women.

[MUSIC] What's going on everyone? Welcome to The 404 Show on this Monday, August 18th. I'm very excited today because we are welcoming for the first time in our lair. [LAUGH] Miss Shannon Cook. How are you? Thrilled to be in the lair. How are you? Thank you for being here. I'm fantastic. Ariel and myself are way better now that you've graced us. Oh yeah. With your presence. Oh that's nice of you to say. Thank you. Well, it is. I think it is too. I feel, I feel better for being in your lair, in your presence. Lair, that's not a good for an Aussie accent. Lair. Lair. Lair. I love the Aussie accent, by the way. I know, but there are certain words that just don't work. Don't work. Don't work. And there are certain names I can't. I just can't say it. It's Like what? Like, Cara? Who? [LAUGH] Exactly. I don't even know her. Exactly. You would say Cara. Cara? But I can't say Cara. I have to say Cara. Okay. When my husband and I were coming up with names for our children, they had to pass the O-V test. They had to be names he could say cuz he has an American accent. Sweet. And names I could say. You're saying there's nobody in Australia named I'm, yeah, in Australia named Cara? Yes, but they [CROSSTALK] just say Cara. Their names are butchered [LAUGH] their entire life. No, well, no. They, they go through life as Cara. But if you're over here, you go through life as Cara. Cara. I, you, when you say that you, you, like, twitch your neck and there's some negative undertone. No, no, no. It's just. You're, like, Americans are, there just acting just stupid. no. It's just unnatural, so I'm twisting it out. Twist out the word without. Sounding ridiculous, but I sound ridiculous anyway. No you don't. I think people are all in agreement that you don't. Would you have like something cool you, you obviously always have something cool when you come to the show. I do. You brought something new with you, do you want to talk about that first? Which new thing? Your thing. Am I pregnant again? Please no. God no. Yeah. Oh, you wanted to mention my book. Yeah. I wrote a book. You wrote a book. Thank you for brining that up. That's very nice. I'm very excited about it. It's a memoir. It's a humorous memoir, and it's called The Baby Bumps. Right, and I know that's perfect for our demographic. Right, and by bumps, I'm talking about all the bumps. That come out. Oh. During pregnancy. And also it's a play on words of course. Sure. Talking about a baby bump. And also bumping into a new life. Bumping from one life into a new life. So when I, when you emailed me, you're like hey I wrote, you're like I wrote a book. I am like oh awesome. I click through it and I am oh it's about. A female pregnancy. [LAUGH] As opposed to a male pregnancy. [LAUGH] I guess you're right. What was I expecting. [CROSSTALK] Now will it. And I was like, oh man, that's really gonna go over well with our audience. Yeah. Or all of our. They're gonna just love you. Female pregnant [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]. Breastfeeding and cankles. No, but it's not- In cankles, you had cankles? I didn't. But I worried that I would. The book, it, it's a really humorous look at, at deciding to jump into having my first baby, and, and being very reticent about it for all kinds of reasons. One of the reasons being that I. I worked at CNN at the time. And I was an entertainment reporter. Yeah. I was interviewing all of these exciting musicians. And I was very worried about how having a baby would affect my career. As a lot of women most working women do fear. Right because you are talking to Jay Z and you're breastfeeding at the same time and it's like awkward. Yeah, and I did that too. Did you really? No! I don't know! Who's going to show up to jay Z with a baby hanging off of your breast? I don't know because I feel like everything is okay. Like when you're pregnant, you can do whatever you want. You can. You can, you could walk through, you could cut lines. You get access to places you normally wouldn't have access. You go like- You can sit down. You get a seat wherever you go. Yeah Get on the subway, ten people get up. Like oh my gosh. And I'm like, I'm not that wide. [LAUGH] All ten of you don't have to stand up. [LAUGH] No one will even sit next to you. Right The whole room clears out. Right. That's cool. You have different, and, and the reason I, I wanted to actually bring this up. Mm-hm. I know you were like, Oh, this isn't gonna relate to anything, but it's funny, and you have, like, a really cool sense of humor about it. It's funny, and it also talks, you, you get to go a bit behind the scenes with some of my interviews. There's one interview in particular that a whole chapter is dedicated. To interviewing Sting, which was a, a big deal for me. It was a, a career, a career moment for me, to, to get an interview with Sting. It's awesome because he's the man. He is the man, I guess. He was. What do you now think? He's very intimidating. It's, you unanimously decided. He is the man. Well, you decided that, and I was agreeing. He is the Poli, okay, the Police. The Police were pretty [NOISE]. [UNKNOWN] And that's, you don't even have to go, beyond the police No, I know And then his whole like, fields of gold, or whatever the hell, his like independence stuff, all right. It's nice. Whatever. It's nice for like commercials you know but do you, the police, ghost in the machine, forget it, forget it Yeah some great music. my favorite song I play it. At least once a week actually. It's tea in the Sahara. Okay. Which is a sweeter song and I, I just love it. So it was a really exciting, it was a real thrill to interview him, and I, I kinda use that interview as a way to procrastinate having the baby. Right. It's like [CROSSTALK] So I said to my husband, right, in two months time I'm interviewing Sting, so. Having a baby is completely off the table. Yes. Until I get that done. We're gonna shelve that for a few years. Yeah. so, we'll link. But there's some fun stuff in there. It's not, and there's some really foul language too, so if you're a fan of boobs, Sting, and. Potty mouth. Yeah. You might actually get something then. Well you hit 3 out of 5 of my favorite things in the world. What are the other 2? That is for me to know and for you to find out. [LAUGH] So the book is The Baby Bumps and I'll, we will link to it in the show notes, it is inexpensive and it is a quick read, right? It is cheap. And you should go buy it digitally. It's a quick read too. All right, beautiful. So- Thank you. You're here, obviously when you're here we talk about trends and lists on Spotify. Right And you know, the summer is rapidly coming to a close. I know. Which is very upsetting. Thank the good Lord. Really? You're sick of summer? Summer's the worst. Everyone knows that you guys are just lying to yourselves as you sweat and walk down the street. It is a big joke. I don't sweat darling, I perspire. It is a big joke and everyone knows it, but every song is known for the song of the summer. Yeah, and usually we are able to identify one song, and last year the song was Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. Man, that is amazing, I also feel that in the modern era. Summer. Songs of the summer, just go, like, the go away and no one ever wants to hear them again. Yeah. Like, I don't want to hear that Blurred Mind song. Do you. I don't. Do you want to hear Everyday I'm Sufflin'? No. No. You don't want to hear that. [LAUGH] You don't want to be, like, I'm gonna get in my car and. Draw and listen to that. No, you're right. Well, sometimes the song of the summer ends up being a one hit wonder. Yeah. But, and in the case of Robin Thicke, he's kind of had a bit of an unfortunate ride. That song is the song that really introduced him to the world, and a lot of people really loved that song. Some people were a little. Not so happy with the lyrics. Sure. But, but, he went on to release, a full length album this year. And I think the expectation was that it would resonate, because he made such a, a huge name for himself with that song. However, it, it has really struggled to find. [INAUDIBLE] An audience. Yeah. Because. I just put it nicely. No. You could say that. And, and here I, I will continue to not put it nicely. Mm-hm. It is because he is a disposable artist. You think so. I know so. The numbers don't lie. Right, Ariel? Nah, I wouldn't agree. He's been around for a really long time. He has. And, actually, I, I interviewed him before. But, but, but, but, I'm talking his like solo stuff. Yeah. He had a solo album in like two, early 2000s that did decent. That did decent? Yeah. I stand corrected. When I say Blurred Lines is the song that made him a, a household name,. I didn't, didn't mean to suggest that that was his break out. That was his debut. He has, he has, [INAUDIBLE] But he has released some albums previous to that. I actually interviewed him, several years ago, when not many people did know who he was. So then, what's his prob, like why cause I, there was, it was a big joke on the internet like a month ago that he sold like. Very few records. It may have been a bit of an image problem. Yeah. Frankly, I mean since he did the, the MTV VMA performance with Miley Cyrus. That was a little risqué. A lot, some people were a little put off by that. Yeah. Then there was the whole I don't know whether you wanna call it a scandal or con, con, how do you say controversy in America? [CROSSTALK] You just said it. Did I say that right? Yeah. How do you, how do you say it in Australia? I'm not sure. [LAUGH] But then there was the whole thing. We'll just call it the thing. The thing with his wife. Yeah. I don't know about that. There were allegations of cheating. But no one really knows if that's what happened. They separated. And- Amazing what can really make or break you in this business. it is. And also the, some critics argue that the songs on this album just weren't strong enough. Right. And at the end of the day, if the songs aren't good, people aren't going to like them. So maybe like his image with the pop image was like the disposable part of him. [LAUGH] Stop using the word disposable. I do, we live in a throw away culture. We do and the music business is absolutely very cut throat and Yeah, and I don't wanna use the word again, but it. I think that does describe a lot of popular music. Yeah. Wh, Ariel, what was his like popular stuff before anyone would know him by name? He had a song called, Lost Without You. Yeah. Yeah. It was it was fairly big. It got some radio play in the early 2000s. He cou, he was kind of a bit of a Marvin Gayish, Mm-hm. Singer. He, he released an album. That was very sort of sexy sounding. And it was- Yeah. This is that lost without you song. [MUSIC] Looks like, very, like, sexy. The whole thing was, he came out around the time, [LAUGH] when Justin Timberlake. Went solo. They had similar sounds, and there was always a debate on like who's copying who and stuff. Oh, so they were like the Beatles and the Stone going at it. Basically. I love this album, man. I mean, this is, this is way better than what I thought he'd be doing. This is from, 2006. [MUSIC] I like the album cover. Yeah. Interesting, the evolution of Robin Thicke. No, he, I mean, he was usually really low key, and, a bit Motownish. Yeah. but. Blurred Lines was when he really stepped it up and wanted to take more of the pop, pop audience. Mm-hm. And he brought Pharrell and T.I. into it. And it blew up. Right. It was huge. Yeah. It was huge. And I think it's a great song. I still hear it every now and then. I'm like, yeah, I like that song. Yeah, I know. It was, it was a song. For sure. [LAUGH] I, I think it's about. I feel like, I feel like his success really revolves around the producers he works with because. That album he worked with a very well known producer and Pharrell. And then this new one, he worked with Pharrell a lot. And that kinda blew him up. Yeah. And his most recent album, I don't think he has, I, I wouldn't know. But I, I feel like new album just doesn't match his past. No, it's possible that he kind of rushed it as well. Yeah. After. The success of Blurred Lines, and the, I mean, the truth is the pressure does get to, get to people. Mm-hm. You know, when you have a massive, massive hit and you're every show, you're on every award show, you're winning awards. Trying to match that next time around is, it's tough. It's really, really tough. Yeah. Its, yeah. And some people manage to sustain it. They manage to ht it out of the park again, and again, and again, but. It's very, very hard to do. Yeah, I- Especially when you're going through, perhaps, some marital strife and who knows what else. Mm-hm. I mean, we never hear the whole story. Follow, you're right. Following up that, that- Oh, we're on Wikipedia now! Oh, yeah. Oh, oh, because I want to find out who produced the record. Following up that explosive hit- Yeah. is pretty much impossible to do. I mean, just ask like. M Night Shyamalan. [LAUGH] I think he's also being pretty creepy with his little break-up, too, cuz he called his new album Paulo, right? Shyamalan. Which is his ex-wife's name. And he's done a bunch of interviews talking about his break-up openly and she hasn't said anything. So I think he's just being really creepy. And I guess, I guess some people think that's a little disingenuous, too. Yeah. Like, is he really trying to get her back? Or is he using this as a, as a. A, a promotional tool, you know? To seem like the guy who's, who's, you know, on his hands and knees saying- Sure. Yeah, totally. Hands and knees? No [LAUGH] Yeah! [LAUGH] On his knees! On his knees! He could be on both hands and knees. He can get down there. I think he'd be more of a drop to the knees type, saying, Paula! Well, the hands just, the hands just mean you care more. You're groveling. Your knees, you're like, all right he gives half a. ****, [LAUGH] and then your hand. His latest- Are we allowed to say ****? Yeah, I guess. Do we bleep it out later? No, you can say it. Go for it. Go for the gold. Oh, I should read some passages from my book, then. l [LAUGH] You should. Ariel, do you know, so, so his latest record, was called Paula like you said. It was his seventh studio album. I [UNKNOWN] I had no idea. Yeah. No, he, he's been around. He, he produced it along with someone named Pro J. Yeah I don't know, I don't know what that is. I don't know. Probably R&B I mean, you know who he is. He's the son of Alan Thicke. Yes, of course. That hair, alright. They look very, very They do, they do, really ugly people, But as for this summer Yeah, what's this summer about? This summer we, we don't really have one song. Oh. Man are we lucky. [LAUGH] You know, his last year, we had one song. But we have several songs, and we also have one artist who I think is kind of the artist of the summer. Mm-hm. And I think that is Ariana Grande. wow. And you're like who? I, I think I know her. She's quite. She's quite a force, she's very young, I think she's 21. Okay. 22 maybe even 23, very, very sweet, young, pop thing. She made a name for herself on Nickelodeon. She had a- Oh my god, that's making me feel very old. I know, she was, dont feel old. What, what show? It was called Sam and Kat, I think, Ive never seen the show. Okay, past my, past our time. I try not to watch Nickelodeon, as much as possible, but, bit unavailable now that I have small children. However she, she has a gorgeous voice, I would say that out here on the public landscape she has the best. Voice [CROSSTALK] imaginable. It's pure and it's clean and it's crisp. She gets compared to Mariah Carey. And she's being called a diva in the making, and that sort of thing. And she, at the moment she has three really massive songs. I would imagine the most popular one is the song called Problem. Yes it is. 103 million plays on Spotify. Yeah, I know. That's been a huge. A huge song, huge song. So, Ariel and I will be the judge of whether or not she has a good voice. I'm not gonna say that you like it, oh come on, cause you know so much. [MUSIC] Okay. It's clean. This is, it's, it feels like it's Beyoncé. Yeah. Doesn't it? But you can. It's not bad. [MUSIC] She can hit the high note just like Mariah Carey. She's got that, that really, that amazing instrument. Yeah. Which is her voice. And people are really loving her stuff. She's been everywhere. She's performing on TV shows, she's got a big performance coming up on the MTV VMAs. She's. [CROSSTALK] She is very likeable. She is very likeable, she is very sweet, she seems very genuine she is very sexy, she has stepped up the sexiness, you can see there that cover of her, her album, she is wearing boots, I would love a pair of boots. Yeah, that would be great for you. Is she dating Big Sean? Is she the one dating Big Sean? I don't know who she is dating. I feel like she is too young. Big Sean is a rapper. I feel like she's too young to be dating anybody. Yeah, I know. And she's too busy. All this stuff about, who Taylor Swift is dating and all that stuff, it's all crap. Because these people don't have time to date anybody properly. RIght, Right. It's maybe like oh, lets go out for dinner one night. Yeah, like maybe they made out one time. I'll see you in three weeks time, but its Right. I don't, I don't pay attention to any of that relationship stuff because I've seen these musicians and how hard they work and what it takes to be this successful. There's no way they have time for relationships. She's got some set of pipes, I mean it's really [INAUDIBLE]. She has a really gorgeous voice and she, that song is actually, it features Iggy [UNKNOWN], but we talked about her last time I was here. She's an Aussie blonde rapper. Yeah, I, Who clearly. [UNKNOWN] That fancy song is gigantic. You know we were, we were ready to call Fancy the song of the summer. What? Cuz it was everywhere and it was, it was the number one song on Spotify for about, two whole months. It was huge, it's still huge. Oh this [CROSSTALK] so this is the part where she comes in and just starts- Yeah. Doing her thing [MUSIC] Yeah she's, you know, it's okay. I'd, I like, Ariana's voice, it's, I think it's really good. Yeah. It's really, really great, and she has a new song, called Break Free, and the music video is actually quite kinda funny. I kinda want you to see it. Okay. You might like it because it's- All right- Intergalactic. Oh I am into that, while you play And things- The video I'll play the, the, the song. Things shoot out of her boobs. Oh, as they should. Okay let's. Missiles. Missiles. Or missiles, as we say in America. We know what that means, missiles. How come it's not playing? What you are about to witness is scientifically. It's not playing? It's not playing. Well, here's the song. Nothing I did. Break Free. Yeah. [MUSIC] Yeah. I don't, I don't, I don't mind it so far. [MUSIC] It's got a bit of an EDM flavor. She partnered with, [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Feel to it. Oh, yeah. Try and skip on the timeline. Maybe you'll get a little. So we'll progress a little bit there. Sometimes, that, you got to kick YouTube in the pants sometimes. That's difficult to kick YouTube in anything. no. Anyway, she's absolutely smoking hot in this video. And it's a bit of a space age kind of thing, and it's very cute. And yes, she shoots missiles or rockets or something out of her boobs. So is she like fighting someone or why, like why the rockets out of her boobs? Oh, I don't know. Don't ask me to analyze what's happening in space, but, but yeah. Oh, yeah. She's firing. Oh, so you know. No, I remember now. I remember now. Sorry, I got so defensive there. I don't know, I don't know what the rocket kids are going. She was firing at some kind of robot. Its almost looks like a transformer type thing. Sick. It's much more fun when I can show it to you. I'm sorry. But she's really sexing it up, which kind of makes me sad on the one hand but that's just what everybody does. That's the way the way the world. I know I mean your book is a third about boots, you said. It's not about why thigh high boots and. Dancing like a little **** but Yeah that's what I mean, when she first came out she was this whole sweetness and radiance and she still is that don't get me wrong and she's hot, she's gorgeous and she's having a lot of fun and people absolutely love her and she's a big social media maven too Yeah she has. Millions and millions of Twitter followers and she's very, very active on Twitter. And, she's really fun. Anyway, I think she's the artist of the summer. All right, you have it, your first [CROSSTALK] I don't think we have, I don't think we have a song of the summer. But we have a girl of the summer and it's Ariana Grande. And you've gotta take that for what it's, I mean, that's like gospel. Coming from you. Yes. Because you, I mean, you predict the future of music as far as I'm concerned. I do? Like you're the. You've got this musical crystal ball that you peer into. Right. And you find these people month, well, she's clearly established with the summer ending a little bit. Right. But like, we gotta take your word for it. Well, yeah, we have a way to monitor artists who are bubbling up, and what we do is we focus a lot on shares. You know, if somebody's, you know, when you discover something fun whether it's a video on the Internet, Right. Or it's a song. You feel inclined to share it with your friends. And that is a, a indicator of hit potential. Sure. That's how we see it on Spotify. So we, we pay a lot of attention to. Artists that are, that are being shared widely in the early days. And [INAUDIBLE]. It's like an economy, almost. Yeah. And often it translates to success. Very often. We say that with Lorde. Another person we saw that with. And we won't dwell on little pop starlets.' Cuz then it's just gonna start to get weird. [LAUGH] I mean, [INAUDIBLE]. But. This is, this is, you know, a show for little pop starlets. It's a show for dudes. [LAUGH] We'll get to some dudes in a second. Okay. But the other person we've seen this bubbling up phenomenon with is Meghan Trainor. Oh, Meghan Trainor. Oh, oh, see now you say Meghan. You and I just speak a totally different language. However, we still like each other. [LAUGH] Somehow. Meghan Trainer in Australia we say Meghan. Oh God, no we, we can't play this. Her song, All about that Bass, is very, very cute though. No. We won't play it, we won't play it. Because it's not all about that bass. Well you know what she means by bass. No, low frequency. She's talking about booty. She talking [LAUGH], she's talking about a big ****. How old is she? She's 20. She's not allowed to do that. Why not? Because she has a father somewhere, hopefully. I know, but he's very supportive of her career. She's actually been she's from Nantucket. Very sweet girl by the sounds of it. She lives in Nashville and she's been. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] He's out there being you no, she's been, she's worked as a successful song writer over there and now she's scored this record deal everyone loves this song, except for Jeff No look my problem is that like I can't tell the difference between her and Iggy [INAUDIBLE]. Oh come on. She has a bit of a, this song has a bit of a doo-wop, she is singing, Iggy raps. I am trying to hear this, Okay this part is cool. But you know what I am saying when I compare her to Iggy. Not at all. No? No, But the rapping kind of thing that seems to be popular? No? She didn't do that thing? Maybe I mis-heard her. She doesn't rap at all, no, no. No, there's no rapping here. This is all crooning. All crooning. But the, the music, the music video has been been a hit because she's singing about having curves. She has curves, you know, she's not a little stick. She's got bass. She's got bass, and the idea with the bass is she, she was trying to come up with a song that. She could talk about bass and talk about her ****. And then she was like, well the bass, bass is very deep. It's a very big, deep sound which to her represents curves. Yeah. And one of her lines is I'm all about that bass, no treble. You know, so the treble kinda represents the skinny, the skinny people out there. But you need treble. You do need trouble. No troub, I don't know. Oh c'mon. It's just cute. I know, but, but, it, it. Don't take take it too seriously. I know but like, I get, I get it. I get it. It's cute, but it's interesting, because the music video has, Balance is cool, too. Like, to me it sends, Right. It sends out a weird message to, to girls. Well, that's been the discussion. I'm glad you brought that up. Because a lot of people, The conscious one. The culturally conscious one. [LAUGH] Comes up and says, hey maybe you can't have all **** stuff. Right. You need treble stuff, too, in life. Right. And that's a nice point to make because this song is very, very pro-bass. And a lot of- [LAUGH] Pro-bass. [LAUGH] A lot of, a lot of people have voiced it online that they don't like it because of that. Like, some skinny girls who said, well, I'm skinny. I guess you don't like me. Right. That kind of thing. So. It, it at first came out as this body positivity song. But, and some people are like, well is it really a body positivity song? Because, yes she's hailing the fact that she's got curves, yet she's also sort of perhaps disparaging those who don't have curves. And, there are a lot of women out there who don't have curves. Exactly. And, they don't want to know that it's. All about that base. Right, because, what is one thing you just have no control over? Right. Or, for the most part. Ned says she has a lot of fans and she, it, this song, is the number three most streamed track on Spotify at the moment. It streamed, nearly two and a half million times last week. That's a lot. People are all about that space down there. That is a lot, wow okay. Oh, and another big song we have got is Magic's song Rude, you would have heard this song I am sure, it has got a bit of a reggae flavor. 4 guys Magic is the band, 4 dudes from Canada. Okay, what is the name of the song? Rude. Rude. Okay, magic exclamation point. These guys sort of came out of nowhere. They sort of had a bit of success with this song in other parts of the world, Australia was one fo those places, and all of a sudden they just blew up. I think it was around about June, and it's just been the, the number one song globally, and in the US, for quite some time now. It's just been. Move to the second spot. When did this song come out? Oh I'm not sure. [MUSIC] Last year actually, I think. It's been around for a little while, but only just you know, found its American legs [LAUGH] in June. Best song you've played today. It's a nice song. Really good. And I, I'm hearing it everywhere and, every time I turn on the radio or when I'm in a cab or something I, I always hear it. I hear it when I go shopping. It's, it has a beautiful reggae sound to it which what, is what makes it a bit of a, a bit of a summer song. It also has that magic ingredient of being everywhere. Yeah. You know, and it's not, a summer song is a song that. You're almost really sick of by the end of the summer because it's just been everywhere. You hear it wherever you go. This song has been everywhere, but so as the [INAUDIBLE] I feel like I should be on like, on a boat with like a, a Corona right now. Yeah. That's the vibe I'm gettin' from this song. But, yeah. When you listen to the lyrics, it's not necessarily a. Happy song. Yeah. that, you know, song of the summer. You think, oh, up beat, you know. Right. Let's celebrate. Let's have fun. Sure. But it's all about a, a man who doesn't approve of his daughter's boyfriend, you know. Oh. Okay. That's why it's called, Rude. You know, why do you have to be rude. I didn't think we were going there with the reggae song. I know. [LAUGH] It's usually it's not the content, but that's okay. Apparently that's not the direction. Or-, originally when they. Were writing the song. They wanted it to be not about that. They wanted it to be about a girl who was apparently just quite rude. Yeah. But then they changed it into being the, the father of the girl. So the base. And the girl is nice and they're gonna marry here anyway. That's, that's a lyric. Just pissing Daddy off. But not all of them, because that would be polygamy. Is that, when you? Yeah, you can't do that. It's bad news. People do it though. I guess, under the radar. So these guys, so is this their style? They're like a reggae sort of band? No, they're easy listening I would say. But the, all their stuff isn't reggae. And they've kind of been coming out and saying it that lately. Like I know we've got this reggae song. Please stop calling us a reggae band. Oh look, we have this reggae song, but that's not us. Well, it, it is, it is them It's. [CROSSTALK] We're actually, a polka band. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Funny you mention polka. I wanna talk about Weird Al coming up. [CROSSTALK] Okay. Right on. But it's, it's a song. It's just, their most reggae song. They do have other songs which have a reggae inflection but it's not. They, they want you to know that they do other stuff as well. They actually had a song. That they wrote and performed on Shakira's album. Oh, oh. Which doesn't have a reggae sound to it. Okay. Well, I'm into this song. I've heard it before. It's also a very, like, rom-com perfect song. It is! I happened to wonder- Yeah. Like, Matt McConaughey is on the end of the song, you know. [LAUGH] That's a perfect way to describe it. And he's like, and this is like over, like, a montage [LAUGH] where they, you're at the point before the third act where they're really hating each other. But then something will come out. Someone brings out the Coronas. Right. Someone brings out the Coronas cuz they're, you know, they're in Hawaii. Cuz that's where all [UNKNOWN] take place. I didn't think you were allowed to drink Corona when you were a dude. You are? No, I mean, I'm not a Corona guy. Oh. I think Corona is, I don't like Corona personally. Oh. Well, I like it. Do you? We've had this conversation. We have. It's weird cyclical is what happens. Everything is cyclical. We're just running out of things to talk about. Alright, so that's a good song, Rude by Magic. Another song which I just can't avoid and it's a song that I really love actually. It's been really popular and that is Calvin Harris' song Summer. Oh I know that song. That song has been everywhere too. That's another commercial song. Yeah, maybe. It's been huge. Like we're talking about almost 150 million streams. That's not that many. Globally, yes. I am kidding. Globally it was the top song. For about two months in a row. It's been popular all over the world. It's in the U.K. They love it in France. They love it. It's a big deal. And I like it. Yeah, 147 million wow that's just un-freaking believable when you think about it. And what I like this song is the fact that. Calvin Harris, I mean, Calvin Harris is a DJ/Producer who's had major hits, like the song We Found Love by Rihanna. He's, that's his song, but he doesn't always sing on his tracks, but he sings on this one, and, and I really like it. Some people are like, hey, his voice is terrible, but I love it. It's, it's unique [MUSIC] I like it, I think it has this sort of sexy laid back, vibe to it. Which is perfect for this song. Yeah, it's cool, no, I don't, I mean it's very catchy. It's impossible to hear this and, the first time you hear this it's impossible to, to be like oh that's That's awful. Right, I don't. I just for me it's like don't you think it's cheating a little bit calling your song Summer? [LAUGH] Maybe. Right? Maybe. And. Seems like. And electronic dance music. That hook is really catchy though. It is. Aria what do you think? I feel like you hate this. Yeah, I am not, I am not into this at all. I am not an Idiom fan. Me neither. So, I am the wrong guy to ask. It's a catchy hook. I can like objectively, objectively. Spotify listeners love EDM. Oh, they do, right? Yeah. Because they just wanna put a playlist on and do their ecstasy. Yeah, and, and [LAUGH] In a dark room. We don't offer the ecstasy. No, Spotify is, they don't do that. It's just, it's just so easy to be your own DJ on Spotify with the way you create your playlists and. So it does attract a little, electronic dance music. I mean I understand. [CROSSTALK] You want to be [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. I understand why people like it. For sure. It is very catchy. I'm with you. I'm absolutely rooting for you. I think it's great. I love it. But like I said, I think it wasn't very [INAUDIBLE]. The other big song, and this our number one song in the U.S. at the moment, is Stan Smith. Stay With Me. Are you into Sam Smith? Are you familiar with Sam Smith? I'll let you know if I've ever heard of it. Sam Smith. Mm-hm. Stay With Me. He's kind of the, the man of the moment. And, has been. He's not a has been. [LAUGH] He has been the man of the mom, man of moment for. Sort of, half the year, actually. Okay. Let's see. Stay With Me. That's funny. Because to me he reminds me of Boy George. Just in appearance. Yeah, exact;y. I was just gonna say that! Just in appearance. His face is very similar. Yeah, they've got, it's similar, sort of, shape. And the look. Yeah. And tweezing. [LAUGH] Similar tweezing. Similar tweezing effort. A little less makeup application, I think, for Sam. Okay- This is a beautiful song. starts with piano, already a fan. One of, this is probably my favorite instrument. Really? Yeah. Piano and guitar. I just, piano's amazing. People who can play it well blow me away. [MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] He's a big deal huh? Yeah, yeah I am. Curious what this hook is like. His voice is gorgeous. [CROSSTALK] If you like I'll stop talking [LAUGH]. No. What's his deal? Like where is he from? Here you gotta listen to this. [MUSIC] It's another montage song. [LAUGH] You know? Maybe with a glass of red wine rather than Corona. Yeah. His deal is, Plenty of people have cried listening to this song. [LAUGH] His deal is He's been a big deal in the UK for a little while, and he's just caught on in a huge way here in the U.S. with this, his, his new album. He, we knew who he was at Spotify. He actually came in to Spotify and performed a, a little strip-down set for us a while ago. I think it was. January even. Maybe even in December. And it was beautiful. Sure. Except I don't think he played this song, but it was gorgeous. He was the featured, is the featured singer on a popular song by an EDM duo. Sorry [LAUGH] to bring us back to EDM, your least favorite thing. Disclosure. Ariel, are you familiar with Disclosure? Yeah, that's an exception. I love Disclosure. [LAUGH] You love Disclosure. I love Disclosure. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Well,. What's that song called? Can I play that? It's called Latch. And this is this has been a huge song with our listeners too. And he's the vocalist. And so that song, as well as another song, helped bring him to the, the fore And Sam Smith performed on Saturday Night Live, a while, a while ago. [CROSSTALK] Yeah. And, soon as he. Did that and he just blew everyone away, and after that people are like, who's this Sam Smith, this amazing voice and from there he kind of took off. But, we knew about him long before that. You knew him way back when before he blew up. This is the song Disclosure and. We knew him when he was Sammy Smith, now he's just Sam. So this is Latch by Disclosure and Sam Smith. You like, so this, you've heard this song already. I have, I have. You were into it? Yeah, this is a great song. You know this sounds like hip-hop to me to be honest. I think EDM's kind of a blanket Yeah. kind of thing. But this sounds like hip hop. It's like a bit of a [UNKNOWN] hit. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's definitely like an evolution, a branch out. Yeah I like it. [MUSIC] Wait till he, wait till he gets to the chorus. He hits the full set [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] I like [INAUDIBLE] I think you should, you should check out his whole album. My favorite song is the song called Money on my Mind, right. You know what I do- I think he [INAUDIBLE]. What I do is, I convince, oh, our Spotify crapped out. I convince, No. Yeah. It's not you, it's us. [CROSSTALK] It's our, it's our network. Our network is, [CROSSTALK] our network is ****. I find artists that I can tolerate, and then I introduce them to Stacy. Right. So that when it's time for her to choose the music, and the car, or the house. You at least like them. It's like this sort of passive aggressive thing I do so that I can stand it. Because if it's not gonna be Sam Smith, it's gonna be. Oh, my God. It's gonna be, like, The Police. Oh. Like, Katy Perry or something. Right. You know. Not to say that her taste in music is bad. But it's, it's really bad. [LAUGH] Speaking of Katy Perry, did you know that her song, Dark Horse? Dark, there's another tricky word. Dark Horse No, dark is how they say it in Boston. Dark, I know. Like, no r's. No regard to r's. I should move to Boston. I would fit in. Yeah. Dark Horse is the number one, is the biggest song of the year, so far. I'll take your word for it. I'm not gonna play it. Just, [LAUGH] you don't have to play it. But, we just found out recently We were like, so okay, we're, you know, eight months into the year, let's. Figure out, which has been the biggest song so far. Right. and it's been that song. Oh you know, you have to, you told me you had like another list for men and women. Let's get into that before we have to say good bye. Oh yeah, yeah. Guilty Pleasures,Guilty Pleasures. yeah, we did this fun thing, we have so many play lists on Spotify, there are like more than 1.5 Billion at the moment, thousands get created each day. Yeah. So we can. We can kind of read the play list sometimes. And, and, sort of pull some information out of it. So, how, how do they know it's a guilty pleasure? Like, is it, We basically, what we did was we looked at, Did you look at people's playlists called guilty pleasures? Yes. [LAUGH] Some people, some people, So, that's just like self admission. Yeah. I mean, we, we looked at. All playlists that had the words Guilty Pleasures or something along those same lines. Right. Or Songs I'm Embarrassed To Play, that kind of thing. Okay, yeah. That's funny. And we, we wanted to eek out which were the top songs that people were embarrassed to admit that they loved. Right. And from, from there, we were actually able to separate the sexes. Figure out what the guilty, top five guilty pleasure songs for guys What on user names and stuff? Yeah. Okay. guilty. Well, yeah, and, you know, you tell us if you're [CROSSTALK] Okay. Right, right, right. Membership. Yeah. The, so anyway, the top for women Oh, my God. How And keep in mind this was done in the UK. This was our UK team who did this so some of. It might not be applied to the US- It'll be less embarrassing. Yeah. The top most guilt pleasure song for women is One Direction song, What Makes You Beautiful. All right. We all know that song. We don't need to play that. It's followed by Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Son, Yeah, that's a guilty pleasure for sure. I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys. I kind of admit that's a bit of a guilty pleasure song for me. But that song's, like, 15 years old. Yeah, but that doesn't matter. That, and that's the thing about guilty pleasure songs. Yeah. They're often older Yeah. They're, like, Britney Spears. Yeah. From back in the day. And speaking of Britney Spears, What. Okay. She made it on the men's list Oh, sh-, my God. That's Oh, shm- [LAUGH] That's really Shmy God. Oh, shmy God. [LAUGH] That's a miracle. [LAUGH] And the, the number four song for men is Toxic by Britney Spears. What is that about? And there could be, What is that about? It could be a multitude of reasons. One of the reasons could be is cuz that was her sexiest music video. Right. I think that there's gotta be a sexual undertone there. So, there's a remembering the video while you're listening to the song. Keep in mind. Spotify is no video, it is all audio. But it is that auditory memory. Get this, the number one guiltiest pleasures song for dudes is Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe. This is where I hit Apple q and I. This is where you say whatever. Guilty pleasure? I mean what is your guilty pleasure song? I know I was trying to think of that, I don't know if I really have one. There is no. Song that you only listen to when no one's around. I know, maybe, like old- And you really enjoy it and then afterwards you feel kind of like having a shower, you feel guilty. Like, yeah, like you committed a crime. Feel like, I hope no one saw that. No, my, I guess. Maybe, and, but I'm not ashamed of it. I love 80s music. Mm-hm. I love Yeah. The cheesy 80s music. Yeah, me too. Like old school, like Phil Collins and, and stuff like that. Mm-hm. But I'm not, I'm not, it's not a guilty pleasure. I will willingly and openly play that as loud as I can and be like, yes. That is coming from me. [LAUGH] Stu, stu, studio is emanating from my vehicle. Deal with it. So you I am enlightened. You own it. You don't try to, you don't try to hide it. Oh, I own the hell out of it. But want to hear Ariel's, cuz he's definitely got one, I don't know. What is it? in the queue. I don't think I do. I mean, I don't have any specific songs. No. But it's gotta be some era or genre of music, Mm-hm. From the past that was super. I mean, I don't know. Even, I dunno. I would say, like, even, like, like, late 80's, early 90's hip-hop that's, like, super cheesy. [LAUGH] But that's good. That's funny. Like Vanilla Ice or something like that? Yeah. Something like that. I could listen to that. I think I'm really into, like, Like easy listening rock and easy listening jazz. Like elevator music [CROSSTALK] Yeah, but that's not guilty. Actually what we, we discovered cuz we talked to a psychologist about what makes a song a guilty pleasure song. And she told, I think it was a she. [LAUGH] That person [LAUGH] told us [LAUGH] that, The song has to be easy to listen to, like it doesn't require any brain power. Yeah. Which is why the songs are usually pop songs. Let's be honest. Whereas a jazz, a complex jazz song is not a song that people are going to be embarrassed to listen to because it. It requires a bit of thought usually. Right. There's a certain intelligence, like, that, that's required to process that sort of stuff. Yeah. To enjoy it. But so, but I understand what Ariel is saying, though. Like maybe, but you don't feel embarrassed about listening to it. No. It's not really a guilty pleasure. No. No, I don't. I don't. Yeah. Cuz he has one. It's, like,. WHAM. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. But it's, Jeez, I love that song! I love that song, too. That's probably one of my guilty pleasures. But I think, for me, Britney Spears, early Britney Spears stuff is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I don't listen to it daily, but, Yeah, right. Just every now and then. Yeah. I'll hear a song or I'll go to a song and I'll be like My brother was on Spotify and I guess there's some tumbler sites. Have you seen the tumbler sites where it's like people take screen grabs of their Spotify statuses No I haven't seen that. And they post it and it's embarrassing. Like someone my brother was listening to One Direction at one point or something Right. And we took a screen grab of it and shared it with all of our friends in an e-mail it's like. John, what's up? What happened on, on August 1st? And what did he say? You're no longer my brother? He's like, shut up, I live with my girlfriend, or something. [LAUGH] We share accounts. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Something like that. I don't know, but I, you know, I'm not really embarrassed about anything I listen to. Well good for you. It's not that I'm. I, I'm boasting You own your cheesiness. but, yeah, I don't know. I own, oh, yeah, I own it. I mean, even like old, I'll listen to like, Meatloaf. Like, 80s [LAUGH] Meatloaf and I'm like, this is the greatest music ever. Or Journey. Yeah, but it's, it's great, it's, if it's a great song, I don't, I don't see why you should feel bad about it. I can see people being embarrassed about Journey. Especially after it's new found renaissance, Yeah. and sort of just. That overkill sort of thing. Such a great song. Yeah, they're, they're all right. They're pretty good. They've, they, they have an amazing amount of singles. Mm-hm. Like if you look at their greatest hits record, it's like 35 tracks long and you've heard of every single song. Right, I know. No, I know. Yeah. It's pretty impressive stuff. I'm always impressed by bands who have so many hits. You might only. Only one or two might come to mind. Yeah. But then when you really dig into it, you're, like, oh, yeah. There's that one, and there's that one. I'm, I'm a bit like that with Hall and Oats. I'm, like, Oh my god. They have so many songs. Hell yeah. Hell yeah. Cuz Your Kiss is on My List. That's their song. Your Kiss [LAUGH] You never heard that song? I thought it was on my lips. No, dude. What? Because your kiss, your kiss is on my lips. Is on my lips. Kiss in on my list. I thought it was on my lips. Wait a minute. You might be, no it's list, it's list. When I was, when I was young and we, a young little child, a little lass with lots of freckles in Australia. Yeah. Where'd those go? I used to sing. Cuz you don't have any anymore. They're buried under the makeup. I used to sing your kiss is on my lips. Dude. Which is, which works just as well. Legendary song. Is list. Legendary song. Again our Spotify is not, I don't know why our Spotify is crapping out here. I think it's our network. But yeah it is definitely list. Okay. I am sorry. Aria do you have like a personal. Summer song. Do you have a song that you've just, like, been abusing? Lately there's this. It's, don't play it cuz it's not, not work appropriate. [LAUGH] But it's, there's this group called, Rae Sremmurd. Okay. And, and they have a song, what's it called? No Flex Zone. It's just a club banger. I'm into that. A club banger? Club banger. A club banger. Is that just like fist pumping? No. that just means when you're in the club, and it comes on, you're gonna go crazy. Yeah. That's Yeah. That's what I was going for. Yeah, yeah, yeah. By fist, fist Yeah. Club, club banger. That's A club banger. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Dude, this song is gonna bang in the club. And you a, you're a club banger type. Let me see Ariel again. Me? Oh, no. Ariel, let me see. [LAUGH] When I go crazy in the club, I just do this Catch you. Trying to catch you with your arms in the air. Oh, yeah, with a drink. Drink in the hand. Yeah. Right here. One arm in the air. Yeah, I see, I see it now. Wait. So, I didn't Like that's how I go crazy. Are you, are you a club dude? I feel, like you don't go to clubs. Not so much anymore. But, I mean, I'll end up in them, in them for different reasons. You know what I mean? [LAUGH] What does that mean? I mean like if I'm meeting someone or if I gotta do an interview or something like that or a video shoot. An interview in a club? Yeah or like or like even a show, like if the DJs rockin' in before hand. You know what I mean? For sure. Okay. That makes more sense. That type of thing. I do, cuz I. You know you don't always come off like the dude who just goes to a club. No not a lot. Not a lot. I am not that kind of guy either. I am not that kind of guy either. Alright. Cool. And what about you. Do you have a personal summer song? Actually one of my favorite songs that I have been listening to a lot, it's not one that we've talked about and it's Shaky Grave. Shakey Graves. Actually, you know, here's an artist you would love. He goes by the name Shakey Graves. Okay. But his, his name is actually. Wait, I've got it written down. Alejandro, I'm gonna get it wrong. Say it. No, that's okay. Alejandro. Rose-Garcia? Who? Rose-Garcia. Okay. But you wouldn't say it like Rose, would you? You'd say it. I think you're do, I think you're doing it well enough. I don't know. Anyway he has an amazing, he's kind of folky. And he performed at the Spotify House in Austin at South by Southwest, when that was going on. That seems like a lifetime ago. We recorded it, and it's been, that recording has been a hit. With, our listeners. It's a song called Dearly Departed. He has a gorgeous voice. He describes himself as a, a Texas gentleman. He's actually from Austin. And this song, Dearly Departed, has really been, it's one of those songs that. Is going up and down our, viral chart. Right. Meaning people are sharing it, people are totally digging it. I'm sorry that you can't hear it because of network issues. I know. You seem to getting the internet. I urge you, I urge, you know, it's not working for me either. I urge you to check him out. Again, Shaky Graves. Okay. I feel like that rings a bell. That's his stage name. I don't know. Has he been listed or featured somewhere recently. Quite possibly, cuz he's starting to really. Turning some heads. Yeah. Or prick up some ears. I don't know. What, what do we say? [CROSSTALK] I think in this country you'd, you'd, you'd be better off turning heads than pricking ears. Pricking up ears. Pricking up ears. Prick your ears up. I get it, like, oh, yours perk up, right? You're list, you're listening. Seems like a safer move. Maybe. Perk up ears. Maybe. But you can see, look for his song Dearly Departed. Okay, I'll check that out. All right. I'm glad everyone has a couple of tracks to, to maybe seek out for the rest of the year. Yeah. Or for the summer, rather. Yeah, I hope so. All two weeks of it. Is it just two weeks? No, it's about a month. It's a month. There's like five weeks left of, Is there? Of summer. Yeah. It doesn't end til, the 21st. I'm going on vacation. I haven't been on vacation yet. Good for you. Where are you going. I'm going to Canada. Yay! No. Canada's great. Where you going? I'm going to, Vancouver. Okay. And Victoria where my in-laws live. Very nice. I'm visiting them. Very nice. It is. A western Canada. Yes. Sweet! And then we're going to Bermuda. Have you been to Bermuda? Have I been to Bermuda? Gorgeous. Maybe. I've been. No, I haven't. I've been to Aruba. It's only an hour an a half away on a flight. Oh, all right. Really. Check it out. But first. Check it out. But first check out Shakey Graves cuz that's a little closer. Yeah. All right. Very good. Well thanks for being here Shannon. Thanks for having me. It's always fun. Absolutely. And I, I always love chatting with you and I love the lair. I hope, I mean, you'll probably be here again before we move out of here, but Oh, will I? Yeah, you'll be. Oh no? You don't, is that? Oh, no! I'd love to come back. Is this the episode where we break up? This is, We need a breakup song! No. Oh, no. It's totally that. End of summer. [LAUGH] That guy. End of summer. Whatever those lyrics. That's right. Because yeah, because at the end of summer, people start to break up a little bit. Yeah, it's that summer fling. You know, you got to douse those flames. Well, you are not my summer fling. Fling. You're my year round fling, and I can't wait to come back. Lair, or other set. It's always a pleasure. Follow Shanon on Twitter, at Shanoncook, that's with one n, In the middle. Not gonna budge on that, not gonna help everyone out, and help yourself out, just double that up, that's fine. We're gonna be back tomorrow with a brand new show, IS is back. Shoot us a voicemail. 866-404-CNET. You can follow us on Twitter @the404. Head over to our subreddit join the party, and follow us on Twitter and all that stuff as well. again, Shannon, always a pleasure. [UNKNOWN] Go check out the book. We'll like to that in the show notes. Thank you. And that is all for us. Until next time I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been the 404 Show. High tech low brow. Big thanks to Shannon Cook. We'll see you back very soon, yeah? See you soon. Excellent. Have a great one, guys. We'll see ya. [MUSIC]

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