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The 404 Show 1,535: The future is backscatter, burgerbot, the loneliest tweets: The 404

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The 404: The 404 Show 1,535: The future is backscatter, burgerbot, the loneliest tweets

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Allow us to introduce you to backscatter, the stuff that might be able to power devices without electricity. We'll also chat about the impending death of fast food jobs and a new site celebrating the world's loneliest tweets.

as you went to Catholic school. I went to 12 years of Catholic school cuz my folks they wanted me to go to a school where they had a student teacher ratio that was low, but they couldn't pay for private school so they send me to Catholic school for 12 years. After the fact, you understand how, how like kinda strange that sounds right? Yes. I'm not catholic. My folks are catholic. Yeah. And I had the weirdest name in the class. Cause everyone else had, were named after saints. So they were going, hey Iaz what's your confirmation name going to be? I'm like I'm not getting confirmed. Saint Iaz. There, there is none unfortunately. But I did find out that. On my birthday, there was a Saint Bruno, cause you had to, find the Saint who was, like canonized on your birthday. And so Saint Bruno, So people called you Bruno? No, this has nothing to do with conformation, this never got confirmed, it's just a random part of catholic school. I have, I just don't understand anything you're saying. It it, it's weird being taught by nuns, and having to go to mass. And you just like, okay, so you want me to just do the motions? They said yes. They go you, you, you know I'm not Catholic, right? They'll like yes, nobody's perfect. And they just, they, they just made you do the whole spiel. spiel, couldn't say spiel like that. Spiel was not, is not, spiel is more of a Queens thing. That is not cool. That is not kosher in Catholic school. It's Monday, August 11. It's time for the 404 Show. Let's start it. [MUSIC] Welcome to the 404 Show ladies and gentlemen. I'm Jeff Backler joined by Ias Acktar. We've got Arial Nunez on the board. What's up Arial? Hey. I like your shirt today, sir. Thank you. You look like you're about to play in a football match. [LAUGH]. I just got off the field. You just got off the field? You're feeling that FIFA fever? I am. I love it. Alright, five trending topics for Ariel today. Okay. I'm ready. This is very exciting. Professional go karters. 'Kay. Drinking Arnold Palmers. [LAUGH] #imhappybecausejorts. That's J-O-R-T-S. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jorts. Okay. Would you like me to use jorts in a sentence? I know what jorts are. Okay, and then, last one is Better Call Saul. S-A-U-L. Like my uncle Saul. I am just really curious as to why jorts are trending. So let's go with jorts. Okay, once again we hide the screen from my virgin eyes. That is a good idea. So jorts is trending because some guy named Michael is wearing jorts. Hold on. Oh, okay. So. Can we look? Yeah, we can look. Okay. I think this the jorts in question. Hm. Again, apparently all Twitter is, is this five seconds of summer band. That's like all it is right now. Oh, that's who this is again. Yeah, it's this guy again. He's playing acoustic in like jean shorts. Which is where we get the abbreviated jorts from. Mm hm. Right? Yep. Is that what it is? That's what it is. Just jean shorts. Jean shorts. Yeah, jean shorts. I don't know why it's such a topic. What are you? What shorts are you wearing? Right now? Just motion the cutting at the knee cap. Yeah, yeah, yeah. [LAUGH]. I somehow did not understand. [LAUGH] What kind are you wearing? I'm wearing cargo shorts today. So cart, corts? Yeah, I'm wearing corts today. You're wearing corts today. All right, very good. Thanks for playing along Ariel. Of course. People seem to like that. Do you like it, Ian? I was really glad you picked George because I had no idea why that was trending. And I still don't see why it is, but it is. He does it pretty well, this guy. I mean It looks like an, like a photo from the 90's. It's a really odd look. I guess so. He's like rocking his Green Day shirt and he's playing for some radio station. I just don't see how it's weird. Why is George weird? Like, why do you guys find George weird? I don't know, I don't think it's weird at all. [UNKNOWN], why do you think it's weird? It's, it's like a, it was an old fashion staple and then it just went away after a while so the thing is is it cool again or is this guy like a hipster so it's not cool and it will get cool again? No, I think people, it's in scene that the word jorts is trending just 'cause of this guy. It's just an impressive thing. That's how many people like this band, which is amazing. I wonder, you think he's, he like lose a bet? Or maybe he started a bet, like okay if I get George trending, you're gonna buy me like 30 pair? No, [LAUGH] it's weird, man. A lot of these like kids like, they're wearing Misfits shirts and Green Day. I'm not with it, man, I don't know. I don't really. No, that's fine. But I don't, I don't know what this band is all about. We're gonna have to. Dig a little deeper. If you know anything about this band and where they can be reached, let us know. Write into the show or call. So, okay. It's time for Ias to do his daily segment. Let's find out just what the click bait is for today. [MUSIC] As you mentioned, it's a daily segment. I do it even if i'm not on the show. Right you do it on Tuesday's and Thursdays as well. I just sit at my desk and I just. Just talk, out loud. It's just an odd thing that I do. It's gotta be done everyday. Yeah. So, yeah, the, the, what, what do you think the top story, do you think it's an Apple story today? I mean, if I'm a betting man, I'm gonna say no simply because, the way it's been trending, there has not been one since we started doing this. So far. Not another Apple story. This is actually 9 reasons to get excited about Android L. This was the top story over the weekend. People were clicking through this thing like crazy! I'm going to run through a couple of the important ones, I think. Let me know what you think about each one. Do you think this is a reason to get really excited! So again, L is the next version of Android. Right. The last one was. Kit. Kat. And they haven't Kitty cat. They haven't told us what L stands for yet. The Android L is the next version. Yeah, I'm try, I, now, I remember seeing this when that Google IO thing happened. Mm-hm. Do you think L just has not been sold yet? Like, they haven't sold the rights yet, to like, to like Likely. Who would it be? Like, I want to know what brand is gonna buy the L. Listerine. No, see [CROSSTALK] I don't think they're gonna do, you think it, it's gotta be candy. Yeah I feel like it should be Lollipop, right? But there's no Lollipop brand. But KitKat was the first one that had that branding, the other ones were just like donut. It's not gonna be like Lemonheads. They don't have enough money for that. [LAUGH] Right? I don't know, I've never looked at Lemonheads books. Maybe they make a crap ton of money? You got a sweet tooth, Justin the Intern? What's L? Licorice is not a brand. We need a brand. So it. It's, [LAUGH] he's like, I don't care. Oh, Little Debbie. That was the one people were talking about? Little Debbie would be No, no. Okay, well none of those are the reasons to get excited about this. Okay. So. Let me, let me see if you get excited Jeff because I know you love everything. I know you get super hyped about technology so this is great. Sometimes. Okay so we've got do not disturb, as a feature. Are you excited about do not disturb as a feature? Explain how it works. Okay so you go into the settings and you tell Android, your phone, you say hey look. You don't have to tell it that, you're actually pushing buttons. Right. You say don't have any alarms go off between the hours of like, let's say ten pm to 6am. iPhone does that already. Farm Aid does that. Yeah. That's one thing that people are excited about. The thought already was there, too. Yeah. It's already there. Next one was smarter lock screen. So, you get notifications on lock screen. Okay. You excited about this? We're really splitting hairs these days with new Android updates. This is what people are excited about apparently. Because people were clicking this all weekend. Faster performance? I can see that being good. That sounds good. Sure. Oh, I always want my phone going faster. And then there was, multiple users. I thought it already did that too. No. The, Andr, no. But iPhone should do this. iPad should do this. Then you're making this an Apple segment. Well, I, I, this is something I've complained about for a while. I think every iPad should offer user profiles. I agree with that. Right? Yeah. Like, what are we, what are we, crazy, I mean, come on I don't know why we'd need it on a phone though. No, we wouldn't need it on a phone. Yeah. I don't want anyone using my. 100% and I, and I get it, there's saying this for like the Android tablets of the world. This is not a phone feature people are clammering for. The feature that people were excited about was separating the work part of your profile from the like your normal way. Oh my God. You can do that. How bout you just like life in the, in reality and realize. That you can separate work and play. Well, I'm saying if you have 2 different users, right, you don't accidentally send someone through your work twitter. Let's just say you're like, in charge of that social stuff that could be a colossal **** up. Like, so it's like a different environment? Mm-hm. Whatever. These are the exciting things I don't find terribly exciting the first thing I thought was exciting was the new design, I think it's pretty. That's about it. It does look cool, I'm diggin it. Okay, that's it. That's it. That is it. That's it. That's what you people are clicking on all weekend? People love this stuff. They love, this a reason to get excited. You excited? Time to start assessing the kind of people that visit CNet, I think. Okay. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know if, I don't think I'm supposed to be assessing the audience. Nevermind, we're not allowed to do that, all right there you have it, clickbait. It's nine reasons to get excited about Android L. We'll post the. The link to that slide show in today's show notes, the show notes you can read every day at Cnet.com/the404/jorts. We are gonna have to do a redirect, right now, right. Okay, we got some interesting stories to get through today, Ayez take it away. Yeah, I am freaking excited about this, these researchers out of the University of Washington. They came up with something that could be huge for the internet of things. If you're a nerd like me, you like the internet of things. This idea that every device can be connected, And with this, what they've come up with is an RF powered device that uses WiFi backscatter to communicate. So what this means. Backscatter? Backscatter. So it's being powered by your router, okay? I like that word. It has no battery, this device. Basically it's just getting hit by a Wi-Fi signal, and it's able to reflect or not reflect a signal back. And that's the way the other device, the laptop, is gonna learn what this thing is saying. So it's gonna communicate like binary. So this idea is you can have a bunch of these sensors all over the house. You never have to put batteries in them because they're powered by your, your router. Back scatter! Back scatter. I love it. I think it's gonna freak people out cuz back scatter's in the word. Because, I mean, it's in the term. Because of that whole airport thing, I am freaking excited because. What airport thing? You know the whole back scanner scanning thing when you get up there and you put your hands up? That is what a back scanner is? You don't know about that? No, what? There is this back scanner, so you put your arms up, they do the little thing. Yeah, I know what that is. There is a lot of back scanner that happens. On the sides, because those aren't closed. Oh so you could like charge your phone off that probably? No, you probably could get cancer from all this stuff. Oh. But that's why people normally freak out with back scatter, and now you will too. So, so, okay. But this is a really low amount of back scatter. Oh yeah, back scatter is not. In and of itself, dangerous, as is just. And back-scatter is what, again? It's like the signal scattering. So, it's just like the remnants of it? Mm-hm. Sort of back, scattering. [LAUGH] Yes [LAUGH] it's like that! I like that! I love the term. Do you want gadget that can communicate like this? Cuz I, I sure as do want them around the house. Yeah. I mean, they don't need power. No power. That's brilliant. Well they actually use power. They're using the signal itself. But they use the backscatter. Mm-hm. That's really cool. So it's just like, little specks of energy? It's, it's, nothing so far has been able to take and use that signal as power, until they came up with this. Because of the way it's communicating it doesn't actually need Wi-Fi to communicate. It's just reflecting stuff. It's a really cool demo and I want to just be able to use this because, I know, when it comes to the all the smart gadgets stuff, everything we talk about, like I, you sit, you sit with Scott Stein enough, cause I sit next to him. And he talks about all these gadgets, and we got tons of wearables and all of these freaking things need to be charged, and I'm really lazy about that. And if I want to have these things to actually work. They have to be powered. And this thing? This could change like, it would make to actually have a smart nightstand for once. Like okay, this can actually tell you some. You have too much water on your nightstand or whatever the heck you do with it. It's really cool, I mean you know, they have a really cool video here too that sort of like breaks it down, like the challenge being that wi-fi is an energy hog. Mm-hm. You know, having to keep it on all the time. Man, I never thought, I never thought that happen. But now it looks like it, it's closer to reality than ever. Neat, neato. I, I'm excited. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, no. I'm legitimately interested in something like this. This is unusual. I actually care. But think about it, can't they use, I mean isn't there like other applications for this, couldn't they figure out a way to power other things using [UNKNOWN], like couldn't radio waves essentially be used for energy? Well that's what they're using with our app [CROSSTALK] Right, but on a bigger scale. Like they're literally everywhere. The efficiency is just too freaking low. That's why this things uses a really small percentage of energy. This is one of the most efficient. Devices that have been created to handle this. Gotcha. So that's why it's not, like, widespread, because it would be great if you could power stuff from across the room. That's usually quite dangerous at this point. Right. We're getting there, though, and I'll be the guinea pig for sure. That sounds awesome. Okay, cool. Moving along. This guy from Wired did an interesting experiment For two days he liked every thing he saw, on Facebook. Everything. Everything. Okay. So, his name's Matt Hanan and, he did this as an experiment, and he said, he didn't say no to anything. He liked everything. He was into everything. So he found that the second that he started liking everything his Facebook feed completely you know went from people to companies and he just became this sort of like 24/7 robot that was just intercepting advertisements. There's nothing he can do about it really. Obviously Ed became a problem really quick. And it's funny because he said for a while it seemed like he had no more friends. And then it was just companies. So if, I mean, you know, and I guess like this kinda speaks on a bigger level of like, what are we really doing here, you know? There are people out there that over like things. Right on Facebook. Do they go away when they keep liking stuff? Would you not see them anymore? What's the impact that his friend's saw? Did anybody see anything after that? His friends were, then got the impression that he was just like, spamming everyone. Okay, oh that's right cause his face is gonna show up next to everything saying Matt likes this. Matt like. You know living social, Matt liked Fuddruckers. Matt liked Dave and Busters. You know, you should too because you're friends with Matt. And everyone kept writing him, and like dude, you're getting thin, you're getting thin. And he writes like, he's like no, I just liking everything. [LAUGH]. [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] And he's like, stop what you're looking at and look at this baby that looks exactly like Jay-Z. Yeah. [LAUGH] Now that baby looks just like Jay-Z. You've seen this kid? I have seen it. Standing next to the kid that looks like Tiger Woods? Right. Right, now that's really interesting. But I hear Matt, like, Facebook's already annoying to me. When I see my. That's bad news. I see my friends who are like, they're already next to those ads. Like oh, Liz likes this. And it's like, when did I even ask for this? When did you like this? Oh, like a year ago. And it is because I can use it to get into their website, cuz you have to do this for a lot of stuff. It's just really kind of crappy. He said he was getting emails from friends that he hadn't talked to in a while, saying I'm really disappointed that you like x company. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Isn't that weird? Well there's, there's a lot of like controversial stuff he was clicking on liking. A lot of well a lot of stuff with Gaza going on. Yeah. Liking this. He just, and then he seemed to be playing both sides of the fence. Which is way strange. Yeah. So, yeah, that's a weird experiment. Why would? Why would you even start this experiment in the first place? Like, I'm just gonna like not. Cuz, why not, cuz why not? You always gotta throw you know, you always gotta throw a wrench into, into the normal sort of flow of things, I believe. You always gotta question everything. You always gotta turn everything on it's head. So, are you gonna try a similar experiment by like, retweeting everything that you see? No, I'm not gonna do that. I don't think that would be as effective. Because the very makeup of Facebook relies on these likes. A face, a big part of Facebook's ecosystem is just likes. That is built into the fabric of what it is. This, this shows you how little I use Facebook. It's that [UNKNOWN] man. I just... This is all Facebook is, is that. That's it. Wasn't this supposed to be a big deal. Supposed to have other verbs. No. Not just like, [CROSSTALK] like, dislike. Yeah, they were gonna do that. No, didn't, not doing it. It's all about [CROSSTALK]. Isn't that crazy. I'm, I'm just still Facebook confused. I only have it cuz I have to. Yeah, I don't really go on it either but this is part of the reason. I keep seeing you know, and. You, the thing that upsets me about Facebook is, you're friends with people right out of college, right. Or, when I was in college, Facebook started getting huge. Mm-hm. And, you friended everybody and then you, you go like six years and you don't talk to this person, and then you really sometimes get to find out what kind of a weirdo they are. You know cause, people digital sort of expression of themselves, is sometimes very different from their real life. And I find trouble, I struggle with dealing with that. Cause we friended everybody from college and they all started having kids, all they started writing about was their kids, I'm like, you're no longer interesting. I don't care about your kids, man Unfriend. Right. I don't care. And then I got an email from one of them saying, why'd you unfriend me? I can't message you. I'm like, you just emailed me. Yeah. You clearly can get to me. Yeah. You don't need to Facebook message me, but you wanted to actually point this out. It's like, you just talked about your kid all day, and I just, I could care less. It's just one person, I'm not gonna say who it is obviously. This, this one. Person will not leave me alone. Trying to get me to join our, our like high school reunion page and I'm just like. Don't you wanna do that? Lay off. I'm like lay off man. Sir. [LAUGH] You know. This really bothers you. It does because it's, there's just certain things that you shouldn't have to deal with. I don't know, Ariel do you ever deal with people from your past who just won't give up on Facebook? Yeah I have, but. You're just nicer than me? Yes, I guess so, man. I mean. I just stop replying to people. If I don't wanna talk to them I just don't. I don't reply. Yeah. You know it's just that easy. Easy. But you know Ayaz you can also hide people from your feed too. Yeah. If you don't like kids you can hide it. I have done that. I have done that. A lot of people I don't even know exist anymore. Right. Great. They should. They should have a setting like I don't want to see babies anymore and they just delete all the babies off your feed. Like get out of here baby. You know? That, that would be a plugin. I'm waiting for that. I mean think about it. Facebook already knows every single person by their face. They can't detect a baby? You know, small, no hair. Pudgy, useless. I'm gonna gripe a little bit more about Facebook. A lot of my friends put pictures of themselves as a child as their little profile picture. If you are using the new Facebook machine, it's like, why don't you verify who you are. They show you pictures of your friends and I'm like. I don't know what you looked like when you were three. Yeah. This does not help me, like you, you actually, there entire system is screwed up by Facebook as far as I'm concerned. I agree. Look you're preaching to the choir man. Alright let's move along and discover our saddest, loneliest tweets. Yeah, this is a website right now, it's called sadtweets.com. And, it's, you, you authorize Twitter to work with this, this actual sadtweets.com. And what happens is you get this slide show of the saddest tweets you've had. Which means that nobody's re-tweeted it. There's been no favorites, no replies, and it even says how long it's been online. So I did mine this morning. And and like I said, seven months without a reply and I was like saying, hey I need a new backpack, any suggestions. [LAUGH] So, nothing, right? This is, just there. Seven months without a reply or favorite. And just from there. And then it. It just goes on, right? [LAUGH] yeah. And there's actually, then what I notice is that little speaker icon, there's actually music, sad music playing underneath it. [LAUGH] It's funny the website's down right now, I can't even get to it gut we'll link to it in the show notes. It's actually, I, I thought it was going to be really stupid. But it's not so bad. And then a lot of the stuff I saw from my account was like I was at replying people saying, well thanks for saying something. Right, well that makes sense. But they didn't reply back. That makes sense! But I didn't feel so horrible. Yeah. Jeez. Thanks for no help about this back pack, guys. Yeah. Well, I mean that to me just sat on the road, side of the road with it's like little, what do they call that? A hobo Bindle? Yeah, that bindle, right? Thumb out Nobody's Popularity or bust. Not happening with that one. You know, response or bust. Cars, buses flying right by it. No one cares. The music made it so much better. Yeah. I'm sure. It was just so depressing to go. Okay, that's really sad. Thanks. It's sad, you know. And it'll just, and it'll be alone forever and it'll d. Yeah it's still there. I'm gonna go back and delete so they have no record of my sad Tweet. That's what I'm gonna do. Don't reply to it man. [LAUGH] With just like a, with an irrelevant Tweet or backpack. You need to do a Jansport backpack or something. [LAUGH] Make you feel good. I appreciate that. [LAUGH] That, that's. So when, when it does actually get replied to does the sad tweet change? Does it like go to like a smiley face sort of situation? I haven't gotten that far. Yeah. Rel we gotta do a. Okay. Little Okay. Experimentation here. See what happens here. Yeah. Psyched out. To your sad **** tweet. There's this story here from singularityhub.com. I've never been to this site but I really dig the first story that, that we're going to access from the site. It's called burger robot poised to disrupt fast food industry. Great headline. It is a great headline. Fits all on one line there too, you gotta love that. Apparently there is a robot out there that is able to build quite the good looking burger I might add in a few seconds so will this change the world. Now obviously this one little machine is not gonna put the entire fast food industry out of a job. But it's definitely gonna nick away at it and it's gonna make a dent. And I truly believe that we will hit a point sometime near in the future where we have all of these sort of small time like entry level filler jobs go away. And replaced by robots. Now, you're gonna say oh Jeff, that's not cool. All these jobs are gonna be lost. Well, no. Because while you do lose the assembly line burger worker- Mm-hm. -you then employ and create the need for new engineers. For burger engineers. No, a burger robot engineer. Oh, my mistake. Yeah. Okay? So that kind of engineer. And, I mean, it's to, it's not, a total loss. The problem though, is that there will be this, like, 20 year gap or 10 year gap where, you'll have like all the burger workers out of a job, you know. And then not enough of them becoming, burger technicians. So you're gonna have a bunch of [INAUDIBLE] An influx. An influx. So eventually it'll catch up. It'll look like that. I was looking this, this guys quote, from the, the cofounder of the company. He says our device isn't ment to make employees more efficient. It's meant to completely obviate them. [LAUGH] Right. He's, he's legitimately telling you, they're trying to put people out of work. [LAUGH] Mm-hm. Yes by saying that. Dude, I, would you, okay, if I, if I go to a nice four star restaurant yes, I want the chef touching my food. If I go to a fast food place, if I go to a diner, I'd rather have the robot make my burger, cause the robot's not gonna sneeze. On my burger, robot is not going to go to the bathroom and perhaps not wash. If they have an oil leak, that is not good, it is nothing personal. It is not going to wash it's robot hands, it will be fine. That is what I am saying, I mean come on, who is with me here, this is like the future of burgers. They are not that complicated. Burgers are complicated No they are not. Obviously they are. Not for a cheap $5.00 or $7.00 burger. Oh, so like a crappy burger. Yeah, but whatever. Or, you know, or if it's like a McDonald's fast food sort of application. Yeah but then, so, let's, so a McDonald's could basically be a effectively a giant vending machine. It's kind of ridiculous it's not already. It should be a vending machine. Cuz you can come in, you pay with your card. I never go there, it's filth. I never go there. But, it- Okay, if they had robots you'd go. No, I wouldn't go. But it would be just more, probably more sanitary. Just why is it not a vending, why is it not a Rube Goldberg machine with just a big yellow, you know, M on the front. So you just wanna walk into this? There's nobody, it's not staffed by anybody. This is like. Maybe one guy comes in like for an hour a day, just to make sure [LAUGH] all the robots aren't getting unruly. So this is like, so you walk in, and there's like a shoot. And they. Sure. A way to pay. Yeah. Or maybe like a door on the shoes. No, there's like a, there's a little NFC payment place. Okay. Where you place your order as well. Okay. You've got some kind of iPad or something. Yeah. You put in your order. Done. That's a dirtiest part of the whole. It is. Transaction. You could speak to it. You could tap to pay. Okay. If you want. [LAUGH] You almost it, almost as bad as I am with germs. Okay, this is good. So you walk in this place. You do this. You hear all this worrying and stuff in the back. Yeah. And then there's your burger. Here's a Big Mac and like fries or whatever the hell they sell. Right. I think this is a, did I say? I'm not crazy right? Like this will definitely be a thing. If Google already has driverless cars right now, we're going to have vending machine MacDonald's very soon. But that was hard to get passed in lots of states. Won't you think there won't be weird union laws to stop this? No, because they're, with MacDonald's, and Burger King and Wendy's and Taco Bell. What they're all gonna have to do is. They're all gonna have to become like, you know, the, the launch partners of getting all of their current workers into the into the higher learning sort of program, where they will then train their existing employees on the maintenance. Engineering and upkeep of these products. You're only gonna need, though, like, what, maybe one out of every ten people for this? Look, man, I don't know, I can't. What are all the other burger workers. I don't have all the, I don't have all the answers. The burger workers have to go somewhere. You need to come up with some other. I don't have all the answers, but come on, like. Ari L, you with me? Yeah, I, I think it's gonna happen. It has to happen. I bet they're working on that already. They have to be. There's no way in 2065 you're gonna walk into a McDonald's. And it's not going to be like, well done Phil. [LAUGH] You know, like it's definitely. Why would it have a crappy robot voice, if it's the future, it can't be smooth, like it's still gotta be like no I am not threatening, I am not like this, [LAUGH]. We figured out everything, but the robot voice by then. I think Steven Hawking voice is pretty good. There you go. Like, welcome to McDonald's. I'm sorry, I, I look. The, the truth hurts, the future's gonna be like that. Right? I, I, I can't wait for it. Good your with me. Do we have time for one more before we hit the calls from the public? How long's this story. We can make it very quick. Go for it. Alright, so I can't tell if this story's just really cool or really stupid. So, I'm gonna ask you to judge [LAUGH] my favorite. . Alright. Story. Alright so this, there's a auto desk. They make a bunch of auto cat softwares, you can design things Yes. They have this tool called terra miss. And what it is, it allows you to make paper airplanes that will fly. And you can basically have any weird shape. And one of the weirdest shapes they've shown of this is an armadillo. So if you want, you can have the thing designed. Where you kinda draw this thing out in a tool. And then you can adjust it in the tool to make it fly. Because they've done all this research to figure out how to make it, actually work. They made a dragon and an armadillo. Hm. And they throw this thing and it works. Look at it go. [LAUGH] So I can't tell, is this really cool that you can make a flying armadillo? Or, is this really like a waste of technology? Cuz this. I kinda want to make one. Yeah, I don't. I think it's cool. I think it's cool because it's, it's, I, I guess the Autocad program is like taking into consideration aerodynamics and stuff and that's what I find most interesting. And so what they did is like, in the video they actually have a demo to explain what they did. They took a look at all of these air, [INAUDIBLE] Paper aircrafts and see how they fly where they suppose to do and then figure out how to adjust your weird design more like something that would fly so this gonna, you can pop in anything into, pretty much and so what it does at the end [INAUDIBLE] pops out into this material like a little bit of foam board. And you can, put it together with these tabs and slots and it flies. It just, it just works. It's just an oddball idea. So see, that's. See, you can make anything fly, is the take away from this. Well, I mean, if you look at the Armadillo, it doesn't exactly look like an Armadillo. Yeah. It's a standing one that's like, it's like, looks more like the. Maybe that's the take-a-way. Anything that you want to fly is eventually going to look like a plane. [LAUGH] Like, you know you want that thing that looks like a cat to fly? You know. Well know the cat has wings and a tail and it looks like a plane. They let you design it. You actually can move it and make it fly. It actually has all this correction stuff. This is just, it's almost like, this is the future, kind of stuff. Like: oh, I can't design anything! I need this to actually work. Yeah, that is interesting. It's like this thing that's in the video right now looks like the Homer, the car. You know, if you've ever seen the Simpsons, this really bright Simpson [LAUGH] kind of thing. Well, that's so funny. Cuz it's sort of like. You know our generation you know it was always like oh don't use a calculator when are you ever going to have a calculator accessible to you 24/7? Oh by the time im 11 well now i have this kind of information available all the time. Think of all the application. Think of all the engineers that are going to be put out of a job. Tight when the McDonald robot is done making a big mac. It then makes a Boeing 777. [CROSSTALK] The Happy Meal itself can be deconstructed into this. That's it. I'm telling you, it's fun. Don't fear the future. Last week we talked about why the future's gonna suck with Scott Stein. Mm hm. But maybe it's not gonna be all bad. All right. Very good. It's totally time for calls from the public. You can chime in at any point. During the day, week or night, 866 404 CNET is our number, it's open 24 7 for your voicemail leaving pleasure. Let's hear a few calls today, it's calls from the public time. Joe the love- Call me! 866 404 CNET. Call 404. Calls from the public. Calls from the public time brought to you by Jorts. You can get your Jorts. [LAUGH] They just sell them on the street with hot dogs. Would you like Jorts with your hot dogs? Yeah, would you like a pair? What size waist are you? All right. First one is our buddy Drew. He is calling in about the music. Point of contention these days. Let's hear what he has to say. Hey there, this is Illinois from Drew. I just gotta say, that first day that new music came on, I was not very happy about it. But day two, and day three, it's really growing on me. Keep up the good work. We'll miss you, Justin. [INAUDIBLE] Wow, so that's it. Two days it took. That's great. It's like a fast acting fungus. I love it. It totally works. I'm feeling it. You like it too Rel right? Hell yeah. Hell yeah. Next call is Lorenzo. He's calling in about I guess about like listening to or reading the stories. Before your time Justin would always get all the stories, oh you know this. You know all about this show. You used to listen. I, I know. So he would find the stories and I really wouldn't read them. I, I in the last like two years I started reading them. A little bit. I would like, skim over them. That's crazy. With my coffee. Mm-hm. Why is it crazy? To actually know what you're gonna be talking about on the show? It's a wild idea. No, no, no it wasn't about that. It was about the organic response, that I would have. But then I just want to be a little more familiar. Nevertheless, here's Lorenzo chiming in about that very topic. Hey, Jeff. It's nice to finally call in again to the 404. This is New Hampshire from Lorenzo. Just wanted to chime in on a couple different topics. WIth Justin being gone, I remember at one point you and him both said that you really don't read the articles that he would submit and stuff, so I hope the show quality doesn't go down because nobody's reading the stories anymore, you know. Keep going. Someone's going to read them. Maybe we just shouldnt have stored it. Maybe we just have the headlines and try to guess what was this story about. So he goes on here and then he talks a little bit and he gets a little serious and we'll play this because it's very interesting and we'll have little response here reading those articles and hopefully somebody can start chiming in with great stories because Justin i don't know what sources he used but he had the craziest links and things to share with us everyday especially. Nobody else is bringing weird stuff to the table. And the other topic I wanted to chime in on was technology. You guys were hating on technology on a recent show and I just wanted to tell you, you know, my daughter was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. Whoa. And within the next day they had her operated. They removed the brain tumor and she was out of the hospital and A-okay. Within four days she was going home after surgery. Unreal. So technology can work right, especially in the medical field. And here I am calling you from my car. I love technology. Yes, it doesn't work sometimes, but I'd rather be in this era right now than back 80, even 40, years ago. Okay. That is an amazing story and we're so psyched to hear that your daughter's doing well. But, let me take a step back. I was wondering how you were gonna go back to [UNKNOWN] on that one. I mean, we were complaining about, like, bathroom automation. We were complaining like the sinks, the automatic sinks don't work. No automatic towel dispensers- We were just talking about how we live in this society of, like broken robots, essentially. That really has nothing to do with the advances in medical technology. We weren't like," **** vaccines." We weren't like," **** arthroscopic surgery." You don't damn all technology based on its worst model, which is the automatic. Hand towel dispensers [CROSSTALK] to hell with all of it, burn it all down. I was just more bummed out with the fact that we just live in a, you know we have some unbelievable achievements that we've done, like Lorenzo just said with his daughter and the now [UNKNOWN] situation they find [INAUDIBLE] but holy crap there's some really terrible stuff also. Right? Again, again the automatic paper towel dispenser is not performing surgery, right, on anybody.>> That's why surgeons will always have a job, that's why surgeons won't replace them, that's [INAUDIBLE] why McDonald's will always have people making their hamburgers That's task that at one point it does break down, you'll be very upset. There you go, ok, I'm glad we separated facts from fiction there a little bit. Next call is Evander from Kansas, he is very confused about assigns creed and the upcoming two games, and rightly so. Listen to this. Hey Paul, Paul, this is Kansas from Evander. Glad calls from the public are back. All hail to tuna Tuesday. Gotta say, Sad to see Justin leave, but couldn't have found a better replacement, Iaz is the man. And with that I do have a question for [UNKNOWN] both, gentlemen, and who's ever running the tri-caster today. That would be Mark. You know, seeing if that was creed coming out, unity looks cool for player co-ops with stuff. Right. But then they had this Assassin's Creed game, this other one that's coming out. And it is most confusing on the release dates. Yeah. Assassin's Creed Rogue is only going to be coming out on previous generations, so I have to dust off the old 360, and chronologically in the story it is going to be wrapping up Kenway's narrative, but then it takes place after Unity, but Unity comes out before Rogue, which comes out. Oh on NextGen, only after, and I don't know what to do. I need an adult. [LAUGH] Yes, you do need an adult because it's absurd what's happening here. All right. The way I understand it, Assassin's Creed Unity is the NextGen Assassin's Creed that's coming out with the multiplayer and all that stuff. Rogue is the 360 and PS3 sort of watered-down game that will not be allowed on next-gen consoles the same way unity will not be available on last-gen console. And that's really all it is. I, I think they just want. Each generation to have an Assassin's Creed game or an Assassin's Creed update, this this fall, is the vibe I'm getting from that. It is confusing, but not only that what's really stupid is that they don't, you know, usually you get this in one game's a little watered down but they're both kind of revolving around the same narrative. Mm hm. That's not the case with these two games. One is, they're, they're completely different games. But that's, that's the long and short of it. The short of it's really they just want to make a lot of money. They came out with lots of versions of it. Yeah, I mean, they obviously wanna give every single person who has a game system, regardless of not if they upgraded to next gen, the chance to pay them money. Yeah. Exactly. Right. And that's what it is. Will that result in a. Inferior experience across the board. Look i'm not going to say yes, but i'm going to say likely. That's what I think. Would you believe I played a video game this weekend? What'd you play? Rocksmith. Who? Rocksmith. That's not a game. It's a game, i'm playing the guitar with it, it's great. Ok. Tell me about your video game experience. That's the entirety of it. That's it. Whoa, you had me rivet, that was riveting stuff there I know, I know I'm gonna make this a sad tweet, nobody reply to this. I'm going to send this out right now. You want it to be a sad tweet. Too late, it is a sad tweet. Last call this is Omaha from Steven he's talking about Twitch. Hey this is Omaha formerly Long Island from Steven. How do you go from Long Island to Omaha, Nebraska? Not voluntarily. Yeah, so what like Steven right back call us. How did this happen? How could this have happened? Must be a military assignment. I hope their paying you well. I'm sorry. Go on. And first of all, sorry for Justin. Tell him I said I love him and good-bye and good luck, and all that nonsense. Sure. Secondly, to Twitch. You guys are always ragging on Twitch and stupid to watch video games on. Twitch. Yeah. And I agree. Twitch is stupid. [LAUGH] But I have found a channel that is great. I don't know if you guys know what League of Legends is yeah but on League of Legends they have this great stream, SatlyTeemo if you know I've heard of that. Teemo, he's a character in the game. You can't miss it. If you go to SaltyTeemo it only shows the worst players in the world, by far. And you can bet on it and earn points and select the soundtrack while you're watching it. It's really a cool experience, you sit there and you're watching these people just do the dumbest ****. Like, they have no idea, dumbest stuff, dumbest stuff. Edit. Alright, so he's saying there's a, obviously there's a, there's a, there's a channel you can watch where it just shows you the worst players possible. And that sounds kind of fun. Probably amusing for a little bit. Right. Would I, would I tune in night after night? I don't know. It depends how dumb their activities are right? Yeah. Like how much can you **** up on a video game? You're right, it, it, it just essentially the same joke over and over again. So I don't know how long that would, that would last with me. Well, apparently I find it very funny. Yeah, good for, good for you man. Again I tried and I failed every wishing upon. I even have a channel. And I, I think I was streaming once. I was streaming like the destiny beta for a little bit. And I don't know. I guess if you form a community around a certain channel, there's something engaging about that, that makes you want to come back for more. But again, i'm not done, I will keep on trying. I know a lot of people over at twitch, so i'm not going to just turn my back on them. Did you tune out while you were streaming? Did you find it so boring that you just. Hit you back on the head? Yes. Okay. It was tough. I was, even with my own stream, right, which is really upsetting. That's, that's really bad. Yeah, for sure. alright. Well, that's it for calls from the public. 866-404-cnet. Hit us up, let us know what's going on. Get in touch with the program. We will probably be back here on Wednesday, so that means a rerun tomorrow. Until then, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and everything else that I forgot to mention. Thanks to everyone who's calling in. I know I didn't get to play everyone's but you gotta keep calling and make it good. And try and keep it under like a minute. Because it's tough to play a four minute voice mail. That's all I'm saying, right? It sucked a little bit more [LAUGH]. It did. But I do it because I love it, all right? We'll be back very soon thanks for tuning in, I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Iyaz Akhtar. I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been the 404 show, High Tech Low Brow. Justin the Intern your last day is Friday? Friday. All right, we're going to do something for you on Friday. We'll see you guys next time. Have to move on. [MUSIC]

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