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The 404 Show 1,534: Why 2014 is the worst year in tech ever: The 404

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The 404: The 404 Show 1,534: Why 2014 is the worst year in tech ever

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Scott Stein stops by the show to discuss why nothing in the future will work and why 2014 might just be the worst year in tech, EVER.

Last night, Scott Stein someone came up to me. Yeah. And I, I'm not joking around. I, I, I know the guy like in the game industry. Alright. Alright. And, I have a bad feeling about this already. Yes, it's, I'm going, I'm going to a dark place right now. Yeah. And he goes, hey, I just got back from seeing Ninja Turtles, and. This guy, this, this piece of work, he goes, it was good. He goes, he goes, dude, he goes dude, it was really good. And I'm like giving him that skeptical eye. I'm like, I'm like you shut up where you stand right now. And he's like dude, it was good. And. Compared to what? I'm like, I, I, e, that's exactly what I was saying like, compared to what like, watching paint dry? It's like dude, the piece of pizza fell on the street, I picked it up and ate it, and dude, it was good. It wasn't half bad. It was okay. I think I'm more terrified that I'm going to possibly like this movie. That you might like it. man, Victor Lucas sent out a tweet this morning that said my favorite nin- my favorite transformer is Leonardo. And that was not bad. It's not a bad tweet. Dude, I don't know. We don't need more of that. I don't know if I can handle enjoying this Ninja Turtles movie. It's only going to encourage them. Them meaning every single person in the film industry doing this right now Exactly but you don't need to encourage this type of behavior. Do not The dudes, the dudes like, yeah man, and I grew up with your generation. I know the cartoon. I know the classic two films. He's like, they, they, they did it justice. They did a great job. And I, I just wanted to like snap his neck right there. You, well see the movie. Maybe first, then snap the neck. Yeah, I don't know what I'm talking about. I don't, it's such a, I don't believe that at all. I know, it's going to be a rough weekend. Maybe I'll get around to seeing it. August movies though, Guardians of the Galaxy turned out to be good. Yeah, I know, I had a feeling that was going to be all right. But I'm still, maybe I'm the person who says it's good not great. Yeah, all right, we'll see. We'll see. We'll talk moire about this. Yeah. Let's start the show. It's Thursday, August 7th. This is the 404 show. Let's get things rolling. [MUSIC] All right. Welcome to the 404 show. I'm Jeff Backlam, I"m here with Bach Stein. He's almost gonna say his name. Hello. Yeah I was gonna like. Just gonna say my name. We're doing things a little differently these days. You can just insert your name, my name [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, for sure. We got Mark Asaya filling in What's going on? For Mario Nunez. All right And I'm not gonna lie, you know, 40 seconds into the whole thing. He's doing a decent job Yeah I mean it only took like an hour to get started, but like, hey bro good for you man. Thanks I'm serious I really do love you I love you too [LAUGH] I've always liked Mark Yeah? Yeah That's nice of you to lie in front of him Going back to the dawn of when I started [INAUDIBLE] Yeah 35 years ago It's tough not to, it's tough to not to like that guy Yeah So, that's what we're doing. Ariel's away. We have Scott here which I'm very excited about. We will get things going as we've started doing this week with a little game we play with whoever's running the board. So, Mark there are ten things currently trending on Twitter. I'm gonna give you a choice of five and you tell me which one you wanna hear more about. Uh-oh. Okay. Cuz I'm always. Don't be so excited. Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh God. Uh-oh. It's, I Okay. Why, he's in a mood today, huh? I'm not in a mood today, I just said uh-oh. That could've meant a good thing. That had a tone to it. That had a tone, it was not just any uh-oh. God, you looked all hulked out because of that green light. The mutation chamber. Yeah, seriously, okay, buddy, try and bear with me while we play our little game here. Humor me for a moment would you. Uh-oh, Okay. Alright #SNLhost. Landon Donovan, Ron Artest, ball is life. OK. I wanna say that again. Ball is life. OK. [LAUGH] Or hashtag, mere bears back to school. Wait, the last one was what? Mere bears back to school. Check out my screen, you can see what it looks like right here. Okay, okay. It's hashtag M-E-R-E bears back to school. I'm on Twitter all the time and yet I always feel like I am not connected to it. Dude, is that like the Berenstain Bears? Trending. What does that mean? The, the reason why I decided to do this little segment. Yeah. Is to exploit how absurd. This **** left column of twitter is, it's unbelievable. It is, it is a, this is a joke, it is, it is a, it is a circus. Nevertheless, dude, [CROSSTALK] Marebears. Okay. But, but let's do marebears. Alright, so first rule is you gotta cut away from my screen cuz sometimes Okay. it pulls up images that are terrible. Like have you ever seen that. Oh I would imagine that you, there's a, there's a definite change of that. So I always, I always like cover the screen with my- [LAUGH] That's not gonna do it. No, because I don't wanna see- Oh, for your own- Like people, oh, okay. So, Is that, composer? The game is figuring out what the hell it is these people are. So, people are saying, my goal is to try and get better grades and do extra credit. Mare bears back to school. What the freak does that mean, man? Maybe it's a cartoon mare bears. I don't understand. Marebears. My goal, people are saying I have goals, so maybe it's like a hashtag that encourages positivity about the incoming school year? Stole my calls. I'm glad I don't know anything about this. Are you going to google Marebears after this, just so we can clarify all the confusion? I guess, yeah, I don't underst- Is it like a half. Fish half bear, like a merbear Marebear. Dude, it's just retarded [LAUGH] A mermaid [CROSSTALK] Pop, merbears! When the merbears go back to school, Yeah. we make our goal. I don't know what it is, even a simple Google search is not returning the results I want. Is this what kids in school are saying now? Cuz like. Hey, what's going on this year? And Mirbears. Mirbears. The riot cops bathed on Zion? I'm done with the internet. Sure. I'm done with it. It all makes sense to me. Is this from some sort of science fiction novel? Is it a band? I love that like, someone out there probably knows exactly what Mirbears is, and they're like, you fools. [CROSSTALK] this is so stupid, I'm never watching this again, they're thinking. It's terrible. All right. I'm never gonna listen to Scott Stein, he doesn't know Mirbear. That's the strange thing that we're dealing with I know. These days. But I'm kind of into it. People, like, people are kind of, you know, we've all done two of them, this is the third one. People are split right down the middle on it. Is it that Mirbears. Are always going back to school or is it mere bears with like the new thought of back to school? I don't know. Is it like mere bears colon back to school. I don't know. We'll learn more. Are they always going: I don't know. And if people wanna write in the404@cnet.com Oh! Hold on. [CROSSTALK] Justin the intern, what are you showing me there, dude? What is it? I think he's found proof of mere bears, hold on. What is this? [INAUDIBLE] Oh, it's a band. It's a band. It's always a freaking band. Do you know what I listen to? My music right now. Basically consists of all of the John Williams soundtracks- Yeah [CROSSTALK] for about a decade. That have ever been made for like, a decade. [LAUGH] And, and They Might Be Giants. Yeah. And a little Billy Joel. All right. Everything else is just whatever's free. As long as you mix in Billy Joel you're gonna have a good life. Yeah, a little Billy Joel. All right. Thanks for playing along with that today, Mark. Scott [UNKNOWN] here today to tell us why 2014. Is the worst year in tech history. See, I, going back to like the invention of the automobile and all those, well that was like a great time for tech history. But like I don't know, there were probably really bad years in tech. Yeah, I'm sure like two years before the model t thing sucked. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] It was kinda like a lull if you will. Yeah, there was, they were definitely closed. I know that since, in the last handful of years, that's all of tech history yeah But in my time recently boy this has been an interesting year. it's been rough. You blew it! Everybody, that's how I feel. [LAUGH]. It's exactly you blew it! You blew it! Because people say to me. People do say to me. Yeah. You know, Scott, you like the iPhone, you like the iPad. Okay, the thing is, I was rooting, this entire year. Right. Apple had nothing. Yeah. There should be something coming. Like, they're not the people I'm looking to, now. That's what I'm saying. [CROSSTALK] Like, I almost didn't, at the point where I just don't care, what they do anymore. Totally agree. So here you go. You're like. Okay. They have nothing. Whatever. I don't know what's going to happen. Meantime, there's the whole rest of the tech industry. Yeah. Do something. Right. Right? Take over. No one's sitting on their freaking hands. Change it up. Thumbs up their ****. Samsung Galaxy S5. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] I'm just gonna stare off into space. That's been like the biggest product of the year. And when I went to Google IO, the lauch of Android wear watches. You know, thing is, like, I think of it like, i go out and meet my, like, relatives or someone. Someone who's not following tech. My mom or someone. They're like, so, you do tech. Well my mom knows I do. Right. Someone else. Someone's gonna ask you what's the hottest thing right now. Oh, you're at CNet. Yeah, so what are the fun things you're looking at? And what do you do? You spit on their feet. That's what you do. You just hock up a loogey and spit on them. A mess everywhere. [LAUGH] That's the hottest thing right now. I just, I get up and I leave. No, you get up and you just take a piss on their shoes. Every week. [LAUGH] That's what you think. And you keep turning around and around. [CROSSTALK] It's on fire. Impossible. [LAUGH] Oh [CROSSTALK] And walked away. But, you know, I wanna tell them. I do. And I just go, Yeah. I start to talk about things. Like, well look an Android Wear is a, it's a smartwatch. [CROSSTALK] But they're like the first, so they're not the bi. They're not the one of the smartwatch you want. Now tha, they're like, gone. Right. We like, lost them. They weren't even necessarily into smart watches. You mentioned that these weren't like the ultimate ones with, so there's that. Last year I think like, what happened? Last year, oh, that's right, Google glass. Now I didn't like Google glass all that much, but everyone wanted to hear about it. Right. At least you were like, oh, what was it like to try it out? At least it, at least it was ballsy enough to, to make a needle move a little bit. Yeah. Xbox One- - Yeah, new console- - - - Playstation 4. You know, you have like a bunch of other things. That's was like, there was a lot of stuff going on. Right. You know what it is? And that's the theme. What's going on? And that's what we're, what is going on, that is gonna be kind of a reoccuring theme we're talking about today. Is 2014 truly the worst year in tech ever? And I don't know I, I, I'm kinda into it. Obviously the iPhone 6 is coming out in a few months. Sure. So, that's gonna be something that's going to move the needle a little bit. But you know. Even then you think about like what it has. You know, at this point you're at the point where you're saying with phones. It's about larger screens. Right. You know, better processor, hopefully better battery life and it's like, you know, what magical thing is it gonna do. That we're kinda past that. Right. Now. So you, so you came up to me this morning. No. Yeah. And you were like, yeah I, I think we should talk about how this is the worst year ever. And then I thought back to what happened to me over the weekend and I was like, you know what. You're freaking right man. Not, because, and, and what happened to me over the weekend plays into everything that we're talking about. That's the other part. We, we live in a world of broken robots, okay? And here's what I'm talking about. So Mark, if you wanna look, switch over to my screen. You know how you go into the bathroom, at like public places? And everything's automated, from the paper towel dispenser, to the toilet, to the urinal, to the sink, to the soap dispenser. None of that **** works. Right. It's all broken. You're right. None of it works. You're wavin' your hands around like a damn lunatic in front of these sensors. And you're just waiting for crap to happen. Nothing works. Everything, it maybe works for like a minute. Yeah. How many time, have you ever had a bathroom experience where everything works perfectly? I don't think I have. I don't think I have. I've ne, I don't think I've ever, from front to back, and I mean that in the loosest way possible, I've never been like, oh, what a beautiful, you know, ballet of autom, automation this is. No. Every, something's always broken. I'm doing things with my elbows a lot. Yeah. To get, to make sure I don't have to touch crap. And, and, and outside of it, like, reliving a look. Like, I want to buy a train ticket. Nah, **** don't work. Nah, it spits out the wrong ticket. You gotta, like, and that part of the screen is broken. Nothing works, and the future sucks is what I want to say. It's good sometimes because you get free meals. I went to fresh n co and they're cashier machine broke down. I walked up with my food, and they were like it's free. Yeah. I was, like, oh, great. The futures gonna be, everythings broken. Right. Just go on the bus. Get your free food. Get your free movie. [CROSSTALK] It all comes back to idiocracy. It all comes back to idiocracy. So, that is the. That is the first film. It is the prediction of everything. It is the prediction of everything. That, I, I just, I know we're along ways out. we talk about connected tech. Here I am wearing my, my manacles, you know, my wearable manacles. Look at you. Look at you. Wearable tech you could also call hateable tech in a lot of ways right now. Sure. Cuz I try to talk about these things and it's a mess. There's only a few things that are interesting. And then you think about connected home products. And like you said, already everything is not working. Imagine setting that all up. And then I feel like you're looking at houses and apartments. And like, three or four years everything gets outdated. And you, it's like. [LAUGH] Old decayed. [UNKNOWN] interfaces. Old like, oh that's like the 2007 smart home interface. Oh, your house is obsolete. Your garage door's not going to work with that. Yeah. That thing is rotted out. This thing is not connecting to that system. Who, you're just going to be driving through suburbia and people's lights. They're gonna be flashing on and off because it's all broken. Garage door is opening. I've got a battery sensor that's beeping. I've got a beep that's been going on in my apartment for seven months, Who knows where it's coming from? I don't know, I don't know. I've given up. I've looked everywhere for this beep. It's just a phantom beep. It is, it is torturing me. And that's what- And that's just the beginning. You think I just. Clearly we have a pessimistic view, outlook on the future of tech. But, you know, it doesn't come from a, an imaginary place. It comes from right now, where things don't work. Well there's a, there's a central truth, which is that you have this like utopian optimism, that everything's gonna connect, and work together. The leap you take. Is that if it's all different products working together it's up to each individual thing and the software running. To work in synergy. To all work together. Everyone support that and it keeps going and update it. Right. And, and in the capital, and I'm not saying we should be Commies about the whole thing, but in a world of competition, it is within the best interest of these competing companies. Yeah. To not play well together. Yeah. To be proprietary. Right. And because of that, like, it's amazing we even have a standard wi-fi. It's amazing that, like, That is. That wi-fi is like a standard. And [UNKNOWN] so much more of that. Yeah. And we're at the point where you, where we're just gonna begin to hit all of these crazy things that don't work with each other. Sure. Oh my god. And, yeah, I was thinking about bathroom experiences, maybe fancy Vegas hotels and when I was in Japan. Yeah. Some places were. The Japanese seem to realize the mistakes of the Western World. And just respect the repair process. Right, Oh my god. It's kinda like, it's like, it's like we value. Updating this bathroom, as opposed to, most places How can we do it for cheap? Do not give a crap Yeah, yeah. [LAUGH] That thing's broken for, two years, you know, just get some paper towels or go outside and shake your hands. You wanna know why nothing will ever work? Because crosswalk buttons at streetlights are dummy buttons. RIght. That's why nothing will ever work right. Cuz those things are connected to nothing. It's just a freaking button for your stupid **** to push, to give you the illusion that you are somehow controlling the flow factor. And you have nothing to do with that. A broken world is, is so interesting to me, and it's like the inevitable. A half broken world is what we're gonna be living. I'm telling you man, like 2070, everyone's just gonna appreciate like shoelaces and like things like that are just completely tangible. Right? And like are not in the cloud. Homemade, but not. Yeah, like dude, can you tie a good knot cause my knot tier doesn't work and every time I use it, it suffocates me. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] I love this conversation. You're talking Brooklyn in 1970, yeah. It's going to be all, like, you know, Staten Island. Oh, wouldn't that be great? It's going to be the land of, like artisan things. We'd call it Brooklyn 2070. It's be great. Oh, man, we've got something cooking here. Alright, so keeping with the theme, the super optimistic theme of the future of tech. You brought in a few toys I brought in some things. That looks. Seemingly stupid on paper, in practice how do they work out? Show me this Muse thing first. Yes, these are some things I've been looking at, in all fairness these are very, I've just taken a peek, but there are a lot of novelties now. Muse is a relaxation headband. This is something that was designed by a pair of scientists, the idea that it has 7 brain sensors in here. Oh, Okay, but brain sensors? Yes, it can, it can sense every brain wave. Okay. Connect via Bluetooth. Oh, that's good. Of course. Is it safe? Oh that's, that's [UNKNOWN] says? Yeah, I mean it's just, it's just, it's just sensing your brain. That's all. All you do is put it on your head. It's very. I mean, many things will sense your brain. It's just like in, you know, like EEG or other things so. You put this on. Now what's strange is that they claim this will be able to [LAUGH] You look like you're insane right now. What's strange is several things. This connects with an app, of course. Yeah They claim you'll be able to use this to do things like mind control like for a beer tap. They claim that you can control a beer tap Finally Of course, that would be something. It's all working together as a team All going to come. This is the movie. This is it. We're all getting there. And there's one app, call, called Calm. I need to relax, my blood pressure is high. So this is like, I thought, great. Okay. But the problem is that. Now show the screen here. So, waiting for headband to connect. Even in the future, nothing works. You see, we've already hit our point. Right. So you have to turn the thing on. If people who are listening, if they look, it looks like a headband that you kind of wear in reverse. And it, it rides along the, the top of your forehead or rather the bottom of your forehead, right above your eyebrows. Now it is going into some sort of [UNKNOWN] mode. It's looking for your brain. It's probably looking for my brain. Or a Bluetooth. So, so now the. So here we've already hit an problem. But this is exactly what I'm talking about. But anyway it goes in, it asks you to relax for three minutes. Yeah. And you listen to music with headphones. And breathe. Yeah. And it can tell if you're stressing out or not. And you try to get yourself into a calm state like a game for as long as possible. Its like a meditation game. Meditation game. So it's like a bio feedback thing. Gotcha. And then if you're really good they said well, can you hear the birds? Oh. And I was like, birds? I don't hear birds. If you're really calm you hear a little tweet, tweet, tweet. How are you doing this in the, in the office? You saw me. I took photos of you. There's nothing weird about it, right? Nothing weird. Nothing weird. I thought this was actually, I like the idea of an app that does it. The problem is that the band is expensive Yep You know, you have to charge that. It'll be really nice if you could have something that was very simple. Sure. Just wear it on your wrist. I guess they want it. The problem, too, is that there's so many brain sensors on this but it's hard to tell that it's actually working. Right. So, that's, you know, well what is it doing beyond sensing your calmness? Sure, sure, sure. You're kinda going out on a limb with this. Right. All right. [CROSSTALK] How much is it? [UNKNOWN] hundred? Several hundred. Several hundred? Jesus Christ. The band is connected. Feel like this show's like sensing zone. Oh, look at that. When those are all done, Oh, man. Check your signal quality. I love that Fisher Price interface. If I could calm down, and try to get these all set up. Oh wow, okay. I mean, there is some sort of activity. Although this could be just a sophisticated animation. Yup. The problem is my hair. I think it's, if you're a long hippie hair guy. Yeah, interfaces with the brain waves. Ironically, you're not good at, you're not good at relaxing with this. It seems paradoxical. Yeah. If you have long hair. And it's called the muse what? The muse? It's the muse band. Muse band. Uses brain Several hundred dollars. Several hundred. I can't even get this one. This is turning out to be a demo. No it's a good demo for them. This is exactly showing the frustration. I think this is a real life demo. Here I am. Really trying to get this to continue connecting with my head so I can start meditating. Yeah, not working. You can also meditate, using traditional techniques Right. That have been around thousands of years. Right. Instead of a band. Instead of Oh here it is. Up. Oh you almost had it. Up. [INAUDIBLE] It didn't even, that pink thing disappeared. Ok, take that thing off your face and break it in half. There we go. let's, let's do, what's the coolest, we only have time for maybe one more. Yeah, this is it. This is all one thing. Oh, this is all one thing, Ok. A whole one thing. Good thing. Now I, I was curious about this. Now, Epson is, intentionally not selling this to the average consumer. So, don't look to go buy this at your What the hell is it? Best Buy. You know, nobody knows what to do with glasses, smart glasses. Yeah. Google Glass is a big mess, Sure. you look at this, Epson is projecting right on top of these lenses, so that a screen hovers in front of your face. Shut up. Yes, you can watch Netflix. While sitting at your desk. Which I've done. Okay. Oh my God. All I used to do is Look at this Wear this. Totally natural. Look at this spaceman next to me over here. Are you kidding me? I'm gonna do this Okay. Put these on. Using [UNKNOWN] smart glasses Right. And this is an Android module with a touch pad. Shut the Where you [LAUGH] This is the craziest Off the deep end, man. I'm off the deep end. [CROSSTALK] Are you getting paid to review this? No, believe me. I'm getting paid to be here at cnet. You're, what the, so. I mean i'm being paid to look at gadgets. You are being, that was, that was a softball question. You are being paid to do this. Let me, I'm just saying how absurd this product is. All volunteer work. I'm actually just a volunteer. I'm the guy that lives down the street. You're a free loader. So what's happening right now is I'm getting a start up menu. Are you really? YOu know what Can we, can we like zoom in on that. I feel like Fred Willard doing like a. Tech demo. Hey Justin, can you grab that camera and maybe just zoom in closer on Scott and just show everyone what the hell is happening right now? Hello. [LAUGH] Oh, look at this guy. [LAUGH] I, I am, I am eight eyes. [LAUGH] I am eight eyes. There are so many lenses going on. It looks like a future thing. It looks like Bladerunner. I feel like I'm like I'm about to sell eyeballs. You, you, you're channeling, like, Al Franken, a little bit on Saturday Night Live. I only do eyes. I only make eyes. [LAUGH] I only make eyes. And, and you. Yeah I feel like [INAUDIBLE] about to kill me. And, like, Steve [INAUDIBLE] a little bit too. [LAUGH] For your tech. For your connected tech. so, let me say, this is meant, this is about six hundred, seven hundred dollars, this is meant for enterprise use or it's a developmental type thing. What is, what does enterprise use mean? It means like, you give this to foremen or give this to people who can't otherwise have their hands occupied, in a professional sense. Okay. You... Could actually, this has has sensors here, motion sensors. So you could look around and say, like, if you're, if you're doing, hey, you're tearing down everything in this building right now. Yeah. You could say, oh, that's construction area B. Oh here's the wiring system. You could look around and it could sort of tell you. Using augmented reality. This [CROSSTALK] idea is you have virtual reality like, like the, [CROSSTALK] like the oculus that's totally in your zone. Sure. I don't see you. I'm in 3-D land. Then you have Google Glass, which is like, I'm gonna hang a little rear view mirror picture above your head. Yeah. That sends you messages. And this is the idea, is you're living your regular life and things are in front of you in 2-D or 3-D. It can run Netflix. That's like the, the number one question. Can it run Netflix? I have to, I have to see you run Netflix. The question is does our wi-fi work. [LAUGH] Could not load data. Retrying. Our wi-fi is broken but you know what. Here, I'm going to show you this. Just go browse the menu. Can I. Just a second. I got to put this. Put this one. Hold down the nose piece. Okay. As one would expect. Yeah. But you know, they even said, Epsom has said. Epsom has said, this is absurd. Epsom has said this is not for you the consumer. Oh, stop this. You know who it's also being designed for. Oh my goodness gracious. I can't even put it on my. Small. Think about this. Small craft pilots. What? They wanna set up, the sort of stuff the heads on displays that are military right now. To create something where you actually see flight paths while you're looking around and piloting a plane, that th, there's, you know, that's weird right? A giant hovering screen. You [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] You look like my aunt Vinny. [LAUGH] You do look Asian wearing that. You look asian [CROSSTALK] All I see is just like the future of, of like idiot grandparents. Not idiot grandparents but just like [CROSSTALK] We've lost our entire audience. Skype? Skype are you there? You know like Make my coffee. Dude the menu, I mean look. I'm not gonna lie. These are way too heavy for my face, like Oh yeah. They're, they're completely impractical. Well the funny thing is they're lighter than a lot of others that are out there. Yeah. But Epson like. You know, again, you do this wired connect this module. It's not officially Google Play compatible so you have to side load them on. But it's full Android. I'm not going to lie, guys, if there's a show to watch the video version of, I think today is the day. Yeah. You've got to check out these things. This is the weird tech demo. Very strange. I was wearing this and wearing this. At my desk. You look like a crazy person. That was the point where people just said, Scott needs [CROSSTALK] help. But don't you think, don't you think there's like a, a point where it's, it's clearly too much? Yes! [CROSSTALK] Like, we've, we've, we've not only seen that line, but we've like. Taking a jet pack that does not work and used it to like, go miles beyond it. Well somebody asked me that recently, this is my name drop, it was like on CBS, it was a Gayle King question they actually asked me. On CBS' [CROSSTALK] It was you know, Scott, how much tech is too much tech, is this too much tech, and I was like, yes [CROSSTALK] I mean the answer is yes, people think like you said, some of these people are like, this is the hard part, I am supposed to be looking at this fringe tech. Sure. But I wanna let people know, I wanna wear a t-shirt saying like: I am not happy. [LAUGH] I did not endorse this. Do not think this is pleasing me right now. Because it's true, there's so little of this that you really wanna have. But you wanna see where this stuff is going? So who knows, these guys might be developing, you never know. They might be designing some brain sensing sensor? That could be something that could end up designed pretty cool. You just don't know. [CROSSTALK] You have to like check it out. You have to deal with the early iteration. That's what it is. You feel like you're at a science fair. [CROSSTALK] So you wanna be kind, but you also wanna say look, you are gonna try buying this? Do not do that. Yeah. So, hold off unless you're really dead set on that. But it's crazy. I also think. It's all insane. I also think we've been afforded many luxuries. From the likes of people like Apple, where the iPad comes out, changes the world overnight, and now we almost expect these revolutionary things to come out on a consistent basis, and they don't. And that's so polished, like, I mean, Apple, like, is the last innermost of those areas. Right And they wait, and wait, and wait, and that's the whole idea is like, they would let like all these things go,. Go buy. Sure. If all companies did that, you might have stop that's a lot more practical. But you may not see many products. Maybe that would be a good thing. Yeah. Maybe it would be good to maybe have every company just make. Force them to only release one thing a year You could only make four things a year. Oh, yeah. And you're done. Samsung. Your four products. Four product challenge, we're gonna cut you off at four. It will be interesting because then you have to prioritize. Right. Then you, then you can't be like, oh you guys made a, made a thermal electric coffee maker that hovers? I gotta have one of those. Yeah. You know, you've got a brain sensing? Huh. Brain sensing tablet shoe? Brain, I gotta, I gotta get a brain sensing tablet shoe. Look. There's a lot of that going on right now. It's like just throwing things out there and it's gonna get much crazier. Yeah. In the next two years. I think we, I think we don't even understand how much the drone stuff is gonna be. Drones are. Do you realize? Already like I think, you know, I always preach this, but I think photography is like. The number one drone application. Don't you think, speaking of the future, our future CS, or, or tech shows, you're gonna see the press just deploying drones. Yeah. Like flying monkeys. Well, see that, it's, it's Back to the Future Two. Yeah. And that USA Today bot comes and covers the, the church house. The courthouse being destroyed. It always comes back to Back to the Future Two, it is a very good vision of the future. Look I mean they did, yeah. Definitely. And, and- The flying cars will come. And in 2015 when we do hit that anniversary- Yes. And it's October 21st 2015. Everyone [CROSSTALK] Every time you see that, it's wrong. The meme always changes. For like the past 20 years. Some prick figured out how to make like a generator on that. And then was like, hey it's tomorrow, con you know. It will also happen afterwards. I feel like even after yeah the anniversary gonna be 2020. Still claim that it's been the anniversary. So yeah, I mean that, that has been kinda like a good barometer for everything. And there is a time to have that serious conversation next year when, when we approach it. Yeah. But but yeah. It, it's true. And I, I'm a firm believer that the way tech is evolving right now, it seems if you were to simple, if you were to like oversimplify the ambition of technology these days, it does appear to be simply to emulate sci-fi movies. Yeah. Like that really is what it is. All we're trying to do is to get to that minority report, to get to back to the future, to get to all these things, now not to say that the ideas constructed in those pieces of art were bad ideas. It just seems like we're kind of following that, and maybe we should. Think. Yeah. I don't know. Think beyond it. Yeah. Well that's why I read, I mean lately all I've been doing is reading science fiction again. Yeah. Because I'm reminding myself of all the things like Palmer Lucky from Oculus read Ready Player One and wanted to. You read that before he started Oculus? Well, it's hard to tell. I think it was right as it was being created. Yeah. They basically thought among other things that was. The dream, You know. Right. Like right now what perfect timing. I don't know what the timing was for it but I know it's like considered, you know, very influential. Sure, for sure. But that's influential from other cyberpunk and science fiction stuff, like William Gibson. Of course. And then but just like you said you want to read these as road maps and you wonder why aren't people creating new road maps. Right. Or who's dreaming the next idea that the next. Kickstarter. And if it's what everybody's doing is they have movies and now they go I got a Kickstarter campaign based on. Yeah, that's funny. Based on, you know, Minority Report or any other science fiction movie. Bicentennial Man. Well look. It's not all bad. There are some cool things out there. There are. And, and before I left I want to maybe perhaps give a prime example of why things might be moving forward or why this could be an example of. Things not doing so well. NYU Tisch, which is one of the countries most respected film programs they are going to start offering a BFA in video game design. Hm. That's pretty interesting. That's cool. The Brooklyn based campus will start doing a BFA in game design it the MFA launched in 2012. But the BFA, that curriculum will be launching very soon and now you can major at NYU Tisch in video game design. And, you know, I feel like a lot of people who graduate from NYU Tisch, there does seem to be a crop of people that wind up doing things in the entertainment business. Yeah. But do you think the same thing will happen with the game stuff? Do you think that's something that can? Translate from, from film to success that those, those people in film, that to gain. I think so. Yeah. It's funny you say that cause, you know, I just saw Planet of the Apes. I'm late, I was late on two things. I finally saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. And I finally, I was like the last person in the world, started playing Last of Us. Okay. I'm the last person to play. You are the last one to do that. Yeah. I'm the last of the Last of Us players. Yeah. But I started playing it the night after seeing Dawn of the. Planet of the Apes and it just reminds you, we're so close to those two worlds. Oh, it's- I mean, I kinda went to sleep and they blended together in my brain. Yeah, yeah. That, the production quality, the storytelling, very much, very much on par, so I, I think that's exciting. I want more, MYU has that interactive telecommunications program. Yes. So I'm always interested in the idea of arts and indie games and I know you are too. I think that getting people to think more about that, and encouraging the creative writing for that, Mm-hm I think it's great, I think nothing but good can come out of that, and it's getting very mature now, where it's not like, it's not like people are alien to the idea of teaching games at NYU and other places, so I think it's. I think it's good. I think if you haven't played the last of us, I mean, that, I think it's important for those reasons you bring up, like, here's just a clip of it right now we're, we're checking out. I mean, the emotion that goes on in these games and. You know, it's funny because. Well directed, really well directed. What's the difference between the character Joel and you know, like the Andy circus monkey. Right. Right, like you're talking about the same thing. You are and the same acting techniques. You know games like I mean, David Cage has been looking at that at like you know, beyond and James Cameron's already been bleeding over with that in his movies and we're so, I feel like we're so close. We're close. To those just. Being almost seamless. Yeah. And VR maybe being a part of it. So it's time for people to start to film it thinking forward. Right. That I think is cool. I'm glad we didn't end things on a totally negative note. Yeah, can I also say one more thing on not a negative note? Absolutely, absolutely. This year is not over, and I mean that in the sense that [LAUGH] you're getting. Right. You're like, here's the part of the show where I just cover my ****. Right, And then don't worry, and goodbye. Right, but don't hate me. But the it's true. We're about to enter what already seems to be, is going to be an insane fall. Yeah. The fall of [CROSSTALK] A lot, a lot of things coming in the fall. It almost feels like a lot of people, obviously Apple, but a lot of other people have been kinda holding back and sort of going to this push. There could be a lot of great stuff that could change the way we think about this year. Yeah. Or not. Maybe it's all waiting. The other part of this is that, maybe, like you said, some of the most interesting technologies just aren't ready yet. And so the companies are kind of in this in between zone. They're, like, we keep making more polished things, we can launch these things that aren't quite ready. Or we're gonna try to, again, like we said, sit back in the lab. And try to make things that work. VR is one of the. Sure Like, when are we going to get to the point where I think VR games would be cool. Are they going to be practical? Who knows. There's a couple things like that. Even connect at home stuff, you know, so it's not a disaster Sure It's going to take a while. So I think we're just kind of in this. It is my covering my **** mostly. I was going to say. Like, you did a great job doing that. Totally covered my ****. You just dug my way out. Beautiful. YOu mean like a nice little exit, I like it. The bottom line is I can't think of any technology I've been really excited about talking to people about this year so far. All right, well the year's only half over, a little bit more. But, If you're a mergers and acquisitions person this has been a great year. Yeah. All you've been doing is writing checks. Everybody's been buying everything. Trading everything, there's like, you know, that's been fun. I forgot that Cocculus and Facebook happened. Yeah dude. A lot of people have, man. THat's like one of those things that. Yeah. You know, I think the jury's still kinda out on that. Big time. You could even tell when you talk to people in the VR world, nobody, I mean everyone's kinda forgotten about it. Yeah, it's a wird thing. Moved on. They're still kinda operating independently, but never the less. Yeah, it's hard to tell. I want everyone to go follow Scott on Twitter @jets. Scott, make sure you do that and get involved in the conversation. It's okay Mark. He's not me, but it's fine. Put it on my Bar Mitzvah photo with my dad on it. He's putting, look at Mark, like struggling to find the right kind. There he is. [LAUGH] There's the guy. Now he's just being funny. Who is this? He's being Oh. Oh, Jeff Bakalar. Scott, what are you? You can pick which one. I'm everybody. You can just follow me at everything. and, really. He's just being a ****. Only follow me at jetscott. Make sure you do that, it's been a pleasure, thanks for having fun with here today. Yeah, this is great. Always a pleasure. That's gonna do it for us. 866-404-SEENIT, that is the phone number. Rerun tomorrow, but we're back here on Monday with [UNKNOWN], have a fantastic weekend. I heard everyone, every voted in the subreddit, we're gonna do reruns when there's no show, alright? Thanks for tuning in, guys,. This has been the 404 show high tech, lowbrow. See you soon. [MUSIC]

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