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The 404: The 404 Show 1,533: "Apparently" kid wins the Internet, UberPool, Leak goes down

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The 404: The 404 Show 1,533: "Apparently" kid wins the Internet, UberPool, Leak goes down

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Apparently you've haven't laughed until you watch this video of a child being interview on a Pennsylvania local newscast. Also, UberPool enters beta in San Francisco and the anonymous email app Leak crashes under the weight of its own nefariousness.

What did you think about the ride? It was great. And probably, I've never been on live television before. [LAUGH] But, apparently, sometimes, I don't watch the, I don't watch the news. Because I'm a kid. And apparently, every time. Apparently, Grandpa just gives me the remote. I have to watch the Powerball. [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] Tell me about the ride. What did you think about the ride? Well it was great. Why? Because apparently you're spinning around, and apparently every time you get dizzy. If you all you do is get busy. Was it fun? Hi. Yeah, and I've never, ever been on live television. I never, ever been on live television. Are you excited? Yeah and apparently I only went down the super slide. When I went on [INAUDIBLE] I was scared half to death, I just freak out. Okay. Your time is up, that is unbelievable, how's everyone doing? If you haven't heard about apparently kid, who, I guess that's like his name now, he is destroying the internet. And rightfully so, I mean. This is from the newscast right? This isn't from this [INAUDIBLE] No, this is just from some Pennsylvania local news broadcast, and he just kept saying the word apparently, and, I don't know, it's just the way he says it, and the way he was motioning with his arms, he was just like, apparently, I don't know, I saw this last night. And cried from laughing. [LAUGH] I watched this and I'm like, okay this kid sounds like so many adults I've met [INAUDIBLE] sell me a car, apparently you don't like the car I'm selling you. I'm like, okay man, you got me. You got me. I'm in love with him. It is the funniest, he looks like, it's funny, he does look my little brother when he was like. Four but he never said apparently. Over and over again. Your brother would have been famous if he just figured that out. Yeah if there was an internet [LAUGH]. It's so good. Oh, alright welcome to the 404 show. We're going to start things off in just a second. I wanted to share apparently kid with everybody. And then I wanted to also address. So we had a flood in the studio. That's right. Yeah. So, with water. I'm just being as an honest as I can with people about the flood, and we gotta little late start today. But don't worry, we're here and we're fine, so far. Nothing's electrocuted us. Wait. Say it out loud. Think, think. Although I just taste like batteries in my mouth a lot. Is that weird? [LAUGH] That's perfectly normal. That's fine. It has nothing to do with that. And then, everyone who's written in our sub-reddit, I'm gonna start doing re-runs when we don't have shows. Sounds like a great idea. Is that okay with you. So, I'll click on the 404 sub-reddit, and like yeah, that seems like a great idea. Yeah, like a no brainer. And then a lot of people are like, oh, you still haven't addressed Justin at all. And my you know, I guess like it's tough for me to speak for him. A lot of people have been like oh, what's the deal. You know, he left kind of suddenly but all I can really say is we all talked about this, Ariel, Justin, myself talked about it. It was something Justin wanted to do, he left because he wanted to. I know there was silly speculation that something else happened. and, yeah, and that's really all it is, and we obviously wish Justin the best. And, we're still very close with him, you know, even though he's very ugly. [LAUGH] And that's all we can really say. Great cover up man. [LAUGH] I mean, well like, Ariel.g, do you have anything to add to this, like? Yeah, I'm gonna tell the truth. We murdered him. What's that? We murdered him. He's done. Oh, it was so easy. We're done. There's a reanimated version that comes that sits across from me every frickin day and that's his brother. The kid is frickin phenomenal. He is Bizarro. He went to Brooklyn, Bizarro. So I hope that somehow. Pacifies this undying, sort of uneasiness that seems to happening with a lot of the emails, tweets and on Subreddit. That's the deal, I hope that provides some closure on the whole situation. I, I ca, I understand. Of course, I do, too. - You know, they're, they got attached to musical part of it for so long. Get over it, man. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] It's a new time. Wow, okay. Yeah, like. I'm not, you know, I don't know i I'm as like, you know, brash as that. Those are my words. No, and I, and I, and I can't like totally disagree with those words, Ariella. Mm-hm. I'm with you on that. You know, like look. It's a new chapter in the show. Like, that's what it is. Mm-hm. Obviously, the whole renovation is playing hell with everything because. It looks like we lost Justin and had to move into a closet, but you know, rest assured that things are moving forward and they're getting even better. As if that was even possible, right? I can't speak to that. Yeah, cuz you [CROSSTALK]. The pressure's on me here. It's gonna get better. [CROSSTALK] Alright. But let's get things going. It's Wednesday, August 6th. Let's start the show. [MUSIC] Alright welcome to the 404 show ladies and gentleman. I'm Jeff Baklar. I'm joined by Ayez Aktar. Ariel Nunez over there on the board. [LAUGH] Whazzup? How are you Ariel? I'm great. You know what time it is. I do know what time it is. Alright here are things trending on Twitter right now. Okay. The first one I'm gonna give to you is Happy Independence Day Jamaica. Okay. Okay. hashtag, you did it Grace. Aaron Craft, Bruce Leroy, or my personal favorite when I'm gonna. What I'm gonna really hope that you do is hashtag 5SOSF, i'm sorry 5SOSsamgetnakedforfourmil. I'm going to push away from this and go to the last one before. Okay, so we have to switch away. Mm-hm. So what is 5 SOS. 5 SOS is a band uh,called 5 seconds of summer. Okay. Have you heard of them. I've never. They're like a new rock boy band outfit. Have you guys heard of that? No. No am I the only one? I think I only know about them because. And you're a boy band fan? Well that goes without saying. I kind of indirectly know the guy that produces them. Oh okay. It's this guy called John Feldman from a band called Goldfinger. If you recall from the 90's. And hey got naked. And I don't know what this 4 million dollars getting naked. Hey I'll get naked for one million dollars. I'll get naked for $1.85 [LAUGH] .Right here right now. Lets not get naked for props. Right? I'll get naked for literal. [LAUGH] I'll get naked for a, a working studio. Yeah. [LAUGH] How about that? Is that so crazy? I think it might work against you on the working studio thing. [LAUGH] Yeah, cuz then the studio would break, me being, me being naked. All right. There you go. That's REL's Twitter Trend of the Day. You know what time it is right now, it's time for clickbait. [MUSIC] So if you weren't here on Monday, Issac [UNKNOWN] runs the front door for C-net, he eliminates bad headlines and substitutes them for what? Formal headlines. What did you call it You called it last time. It was like this. I, I'm making them sexy. Sexy, but you said something else. You said there was like industry speak. You're like we, they're just. They were basically saying better. But you didn't you, you like euphamized I don't, I have no idea what you're talking about. God you're full of crap on your second day already. I have no idea. You know, my memory's like a goldfish right? Wait what were we talking about? Exactly. [LAUGH] So Iyaz what has been the most popular story on CNET in the last 24 hours? You will be shocked to know it's not an Apple story. Dude we're two for two on this ladies and gentlemen. Two days in a row. And I'm psyched. I'm psyched. Okay. It's actually a piece by Dave Katzmaier or David Katzmaier, excuse me. 10 best TV technologies. It's about the best stuff that's happened since the HD revolution. Okay. So we've got big screens, OLAD. We've got local dimming, HDMI. So way back in the day, do you remember all those RCA connections and component. Yeah. The white, the red and the yellow. Yeah. It's like how HDMI is actually somewhat of a godsend considering the amount of components we've got these days. Netflix multi media display, so basically people are looking at the bright side of technology. They were clicking like, they were clicking like these crazy people even. Really, now what does that mean? I don't, obviously we can't like give the cold hard numbers, I don't think we can, No. You're like, no, that's not. [LAUGH]. Yeah. but, in terms of popularity how like banging [CROSSTALK] It was pretty freaking killer. Like I thought it was a slide show, the amount of numbers it was doing. Really? it did really really well. Interesting. People wanna see what was good about this generation of stuff. He also wrote another piece that was the 10 worst technologies. And that didn't do? That did pretty well, but not as good as this, if you really. Can you blame the people Chuck? That's like, that's like hot HDMI input action there. Gadget porn right there. That's a, what a tease that is. I know. Not quite, not even close to in. Almost there, not even the tip. [LAUGH]. He's in [LAUGH] Is the big old tease. So alright, there you have it, there's your clickbait for the day. Clickbait, ten best TV technologies written by our very own David Katzmeier, who is such a damn gentleman. Go read the story. OLED is probably, like, I, I mean, I'm psyched for that. When, let's get an OLED TV in the, in the house. Let's do it. Let's get a whole bunch of them. But they're only like super freaking expensive or something. No, they're only like 45 grand for a 13 inch. [CROSSTALK] What? Oh, I don't know what I was thinking, but they're so pretty. Yeah, it's, it's absurd how, how much- So pretty. How much they are. okay, there you have it. ClickBeat. Thank you very much Ayes. Let's get into some of the stories. Let's start with this, leaking email app.>>Yeah, so I found this story the other da, it's about this, web service called Leak. It's kind of like Whisper, and the way it works is you go to this website, you pu tin somebody's email address, and you can write to them anonymously. And the weird thing is, this thing got covered by so many different news outlets. To the point where the site, justleak.it, is completely down. You can't even use this any more. And they had to set up a Twitter account to explain what's happening and a Medium account to explain what's been going on. They get like, it used to have like, pretty much nobody was using the service. Then it got picked up and people were sending like ten leaks. Every minute. So the idea would be like hey. I stole. Let's say I stole your your lunch out of the fridge as I do regularly. [LAUGH] Oh my god that is not a big deal though. But I, but I really want it. Like I felt guilty and I want to confess it. I could actually send you an anonymous email that said. You know sent from anonymous but it would say I stole your lunch. I'm sorry. And that would be it. That is so not cool. I don't like this at all. Why don't you like this? I, it, look I don't know. There's certain things that like I guess anybody could make a fake Gmail address and do the same thing. Yeah you can kinda go probably go backwards but who's gonna go through that much effort? If it's something major like you're not the father, you know, or something like that. [LAUGH] I mean, Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. What? [CROSSTALK] Why would you setup a fake account to tell somebody they're not the father? Wouldn't that person know who Who it's from. it's with. Do they even like, this example I think falls apart just slightly. Yeah. You're right. I totally did [UNKNOWN] It's more like I stole your car. Or like, hey, I left you a full tank. I stole your car. Why would you say that too? [LAUGH] No. Just like I'm the one who stole your car. Maybe you don't like the service cause you don't know what the hell to do with it. Cause I don't understand it. You're like, why would I, what could I possibly [UNKNOWN] Well, okay. Here's the thing. I think more of it is my paranoia of actually getting one of, one of these. That's- Because I, I hate surprises. and, I think you, I think if you are, the recipient of a leak email, you should have the option to not view it. Meaning the email should come to you. It should make you aware of someone leaking you something. But I think you should have the option to say, okay, I don't want to read it. I'll, and, you know, instead of like reading it or whatever, be like click here if you want to read it. You have a leaky leak? Yeah, I don't want to a leaky leak. And I would just, you know, hit the old archive button on that one and just be done with it. There's some weird ones, like examples are like being with you is like drinking my first Coke, can of Coca Cola. I think you're so sexy even though you're fat. Why would you say that? It's anonymous, right? So, I guess people get brave when they get anonymous. I think it would be good for the company to make more parties with the team. That's not even scandalous. The problem with this team is, At the end of the day nothing is truly anonymous, it's just anonymous enough for people to not care. So if I'm using this service, deep down I could probably never send anything. Catastrophic because i would be too afraid of this electronic bread crumb sort of trail. It's more for Leak has a repository of that stuff. exactly and IP address right. there is no way they're not logging IP's. They're like by the way we notice you thought your coworkers was really sexy and that could be harassment maybe you could pay us 25 bucks Or like you right exactly there is no, this is. This is begging for blackmail. And what if, I mean, I would just freak out, you know, like there was this one thing I heard on, on This American Life about this company that that, that takes people and, and allows them to, to rat on, on them to the IRS. Like people who wanna. Like a whistle blower. Yeah. So that's, that's essentially what this is. And you're playing with fire when you do that. I mean, they, there's supposed to be some kinda terms of service that says basically don't be a jerk, but like that's what you're, but, how many people do that? I'm just waiting, I mean I'm sure it's already happened, there will be the catastrophic, you know, nuclear bomb being dropped, on someone. The service doesn't even work right now, so I'm not sure this is gonna happen [CROSSTALK] Leek, there's one thing about that internet, it always comes back. Alright. That's how it works. Uberpool is a new service that is debuting in San Fransisco in a beta status and look at this, written by former, CNet editor Karyne Levy, hello Karyne, Yeah, Uber, UberPool. So they're basically saying, hey, you thought UberX was cheap? Get a load of this. They're going to somehow figure out a way to, to like, share rides between people who are ubering with similar pickup points and similar destinations. And they said UberX, there's a quote from Uber on its blog, they said on average, UberX already costs 40% less than a taxi. Imagine reducing that cost up, to another 40%. I'm not a mathematician, but that's like a million percent. That's about right, I'm pretty sure. I mean, I am also not a mathematician, so that must be correct. I was looking at this. The idea being. Car to carpool with a bunch of strangers they're all using this app so they're already. wait time out. You know we don't **** on Uber on this show. I'm about to. Okay. Are you ready? Nevermind. Here we go. I didn't think anyone could do it, but Aiz, his second show's like guess what, [CROSSTALK] you really like Uber allow me to poop on it. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] you got these people using Uber already. Yeah. you said got they already know that. They're pretty pretentious already. Whoa. Right. That is a gigantic blanket statement. Yes, I know. I'm making this ridiculous statement. What do you mean they're pretentious? They don't want to sit in the frickin' cab. They want to sit together apparently. They want to car pool together, über pool. Right. It's gonna go really well. Right. So they're like, poor pretentious people. Well, I guess my, my fear is personality clash in this car. Sure. It's like the list. Well see [INAUDIBLE] I would pay more to do this full thing if they would match me somebody who is not irritable, see what I'm saying here. Like if I could somehow, being an über pool where they just play metal the whole ride, that would be sick. Now see, that's what I'm saying. Like you have a bunch of people like, well I'm going to go to this latest hipster thing. Yeah. Cuz they're all ready to go, and you've got those guys with their scarves and, and, and weird stuff going on, cuz I don't know what the heck a hipster looks like anymore. I'm too old for that. No you're not. But go on. But my point is, who knows what you're gonna be matched up with in the car? They should do a cross promotion with OkCupid man. I'm, I'm, the guy wearing the Wolverine shirt just said, I'm too old for that. Well I like Wolverine. Yeah I understand but like come on. He's mainstream now, this is, this is so mainstream that no hipster will wear a wolverine shirt. Sell that at Nordstrom, alright. [LAUGH] So this is from Old Navy, I'm sure it is. [LAUGH] So I'm with you, [LAUGH] I'm with you though [LAUGH] like I agree but everyone in San Francisco is headed to the same place anyway. That all. [CROSSTALK] So that's why Uber Pool will work in San Francisco. This app, but seriously, though, I was looking at this. This actually makes a lot of freaking sense. Of course it does. I loved it. I'm like, this is brilliant, this is gonna be so freaking cheap 'cause sometimes. You, you, have ever had that happen at the air port when like, you're going to the same motel, you going to the same motel? And you're like, yes, you're a stranger. Yeah. Makes it less weird, at least. I mean, I don't know. I'm totally, you know. And the beauty of it is like, it's not being forced upon you, so if you don't want to uber pool, you don't have to uber pool. Right? That's sounded like a medical condition. [LAUGH] I came down with uber pool? [CROSSTALK] Yeah, so you don't have to. You, I use Uber a lot here, do you? No. You don't. [UNKNOWN], you don't use it either. I've used it, but not a lot. Yeah. I have to learn how to use it. Dude, the price is going down, still. It's on, and, they claim, I think they claimed for a month in the summer that it was going to be cheaper that a yellow cab, and, I hadn't used it during that but, I mean I took one the other day and it was, it was like six bucks. Pretty freaking cheap. And I went, I went decently far. I don't know, I don't know. I feel like, I feel like every time I get out of an uber, I feel like I've broken the law some how. I feel like I've cheated the system, and I'm like. I just like always check my, my, my sites when I get out of the car, I'm like okay well in fairness usually you take an Uber after you've killed somebody. Does that mean [LAUGH] right it cuts down on the, on the paper trail. No get away trail. Way easier. It's im, it's important, Uber's important for that. Alright so Justin TV going away, pulling the plug Justin TV the same company behind Twitch we've had Justin Khan on the show before. Not that that means anything but, Twitch is, the big, spectating video game streaming site and it was birthed from Justin.tv. Justin.tv Variety reports is being phased out. Now, it provides a very different services than what Twitch does. Twitch is just for people mindlessly spectating video games, something [UNKNOWN], myself, Ariel, everyone in the room still does not understand. Weirdos. [LAUGH] They're not weirdos. Don't call them weirdos, it's just. Alright they're are weirdo's, but I don't understand, I, I don't get it. I can maybe understand like the mystery science three theater, mystery science 3000 aspect of it, like making fun of my game play session, maybe, and I'm being generous there. I mean, I guess you want to learn other people's strategies too maybe. Sure, I guess I mean again, we're being very generous. twitch. Is now the focus of the company's resources is what they're saying, and it's gonna be going away. Yeah. It's kinda sad because this is like this is like a Ustream. This is like a staple, live stream. These are staples of the internet and it doesn't seem, I mean I guess they just weren't making money on it. I like Justin.tv and Ustream and there's a whole bunch of other services out there, but there's. And I'm still not sure about this. From what I've seen it looks like Google's buying Twitch. To the parent company it would make sense for them to kill that since they have You Tube live already. But it's just kind of depressing because you have some TVs built into so many different things. I was looking into it, every API is not going to work. So if you have the mobile app... So like it'll still work in the background, this thing is dead, and if you have, if you have old stream, those are gone too, as of June 15th. Oh, like archived stuff. Yeah. you can't even get your archives, Uploads Which is kinda really crappy. Uploads. Like if you're gonna leave, and just disappear, at least give us an opportunity to get our stuff back. [INAUDIBLE] [UNKNOWN] was using them too, but, I don't understand it, And, I'm a downer. I don't understand it, I don't know what exac, I'm sure, obviously these are smart people, they have a reason, but. On the surface, on the outside looking in we don't understand it. Speaking of not understanding things, I don't understand how AOL still has 2.3 million dialup subscribers. This is from Quartz, apparently not only are they plentiful, but they are profitable. These guys are making money off subscribers who are going in to dial up internet. Now, obviously as you can see by these blue lines, it's been trailing off, If you're listening to the audio version, there are blue lines that are getting smaller and smaller from left to right. Right, although something happened at the end of 2011, where they went up a little bit. I don't know what that was, extra CDs being sent out clearly. I don't know, you know what, that's weird because I was like, yeah I don't get it. I don't understand. Something happened. And it went back up in the middle of 2002 as well, regardless we're not going to dwell on it. 2014, the lowest it's ever been, but it's still there. 2.3 million subscribers each paying an average of $21 a month for dial-up. Are these boonies people? Are these people in like, you know, Screwball, Idaho or something like that? I think it's a mix of that and people who just forgot they had auto-pay on. That they have auto-pay on, they're like what is this charge? AOL? Oh, they're my internet. So i'm just leaving that on. They don't even realize you don't need it to get online. It's like the glitch in Office Space. LIke, for some reason we're still, we're still paying them. This is Milton. You're right. These are 2.3 million Miltons. I'm not paying attention.>> What a great band name, 2.3 million more [LAUGH] Staplers and AOL disks for all.>> That's it, like it's the only thing I can put together. I really want to know, what's the percentage of people on autopilot? What is the percentage of people that just have no freaking idea. That's what I want to know.>> Does AOL have to like alert them? Send them like an email, that they probably don't even check at their AOL email address? They, they must. If you leave a bank account dormant for three years the state takes it. So there's got to be like the transit of property of like alerting the public. Or AOL takes your bank account. I, that's probably how it works. Really interesting stuff. How about that. If you ever hit zero do you think it's ever possible, this is always gonna get close to zero. The way we're going it seems like it's just like infinite end, like it's just never going to end. It'll never hit, there'll be this one guy. Okay, I don't know man, it's terrifying, I have no idea. Alright, we're almost at the end of the program, it's time for calls from the public. I'm really psyched about this, you guys, it's back. We're very excited to bring you a new crop of voice mails every single day. So let's check this out. Time to show the love. ABC Big 404 CNET. 404 [UNKNOWN] Sid. Calls from the public once again. I know we haven't done it in a while and I want to thank Jamie Lewis, the gentleman who designed that little jingle for us. It's always a pleasure hearing that, and I'm psyched it's back. The first voicemail for today comes to us, from someone talking about Iaz. You know, it's a time of transition right now. So I haven't even heard this, so I'm really looking forward to it. You haven't heard this, and I haven't really warned you about it. No. [LAUGH] And for some reason I feel no guilt about it. Let's go. So, let's hear it. Hi guys. Just wanna say, glad you're back. And it's nice to have [UNKNOWN] on the show.' Cuz he's got the know how of tech news today. Oh, wait a minute. Is he, just like, dickin' around with the channels you used to be on? [INAUDIBLE] channels I used to do. Yeah, that's [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] You pulled a fast one on me, you little punk. See, I guess it's a good thing you didn't hear it.' Cuz I,' cuz even I. If you saw the video, I wasn't, like, rolling my eyes. I'm, like, okay. Thanks though. I appreciate being, I really do like being here. You, man, I'm gonna find you. Hey, I like puns, that's cool. That was puntastic. Next call. Guess who it is? It's Marlin from Trinidad, it's been awhile dude, how are ya? Hey 404 guys this is Martin [INAUDIBLE] from Trinidad. It's been a while. I just wanted to say congratulations as what I see as a new era for 404. Thank you. You have [INAUDIBLE] who hates fun. Ask him, he'll know why I said that. Why do you hate fun? It's just a long-standing joke about that. I don't actually hate fun. I can explain for alright, you've got five minutes. [LAUGH] 300 seconds [CROSSTALK] that's a long time. No, no, no it's just I, I say a dislike things enough people starting catching on to that. There's actually a brick that says ISH funds somewhere in California. I had to approve actually. What do you mean a brick? I can explain that off air. Alright. That's weird, I mean, come on, you're preaching to the choir here. I know, that's why I'm the optimistic guy of the two of us, it's hilarious. Somehow you would up being that, alright, he continues. Jeff who hates everything, we all know that, and then Arielle who just watches both of them and couldn't care less. It's true. Stuff that they say which made me realize. [INAUDIBLE] still has gone up, and especially the episode where Justin's first episode. Yeah. And listening to the conversation that, I'm now looking at the conversation. Now, I mean, [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] But no [INAUDIBLE] cuz we have three married guys on this broadcast, and one guy who has a kid. So, you know. You know, I've softened a little bit, even though I loved the Twitter argument yesterday about Superman. Please keep that a feature. But all in all I want to wish you the best. We have seen your email before for. I hope Justin keeps checking back in, because we really do need a good and proper send off. I wasn't pleased with that send off Justin. [INAUDIBLE] so, Yeah. Maybe you'll do that sometime in the future, so keep on keeping on, guys. Is that a saying in Trinidad, keep on keeping on? It's a seventies saying, man. It's actually within the US, too. I know I'm just [CROSSTALK] You are younger than I am. [INAUDIBLE] Really bad, not. You're a bit younger. Two years younger than you. That's a long time. Nothing happened in those two years. [LAUGH] The 80s happened. No, nothing significant happened be in 80 and 82. What happened? Like they tried to shoot Regan, when was that, no that was way after. I wasn't exactly paying attention when I was three. Right I guess so. I was kinda out of it. Well thank you Marlin it's always a pleasure to hear from you, it's been a while. He says we softened up a little bit. Perhaps, but I think that is just a byproduct of growing a little wiser, that's all. Right. Ariel, back me up a little bit. Yeah, yeah. You just winked. I'm not, I'm not soft. We're not soft, we're hard. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Keep it. [LAUGH] Yeah, we are men, we are tough. Men is what we are. Nice alright, [LAUGH] I think that said we can safely end the show today, 866-404-CNET. That is the number give us a call, leave us a voicemail follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and all that junk. Just do everything down here, and we're back. We'll be back tomorrow. I, I believe we're going, we're going to have Scott Stein. So, I will be back next week. Okay. [LAUGH] Did you just find that out? I just found that out. No, I put it in the thing. No, I'm just screwing with you. I got the voicemail the first time, but, you know. Yeah, that's true. Actually, I'm gonna keep. Is that okay if you like don't hear the voicemail? I like finding out what's going on. Yeah, that's fine. That's fine. All right. so, we're back here tomorrow, and then, no show Friday, but I'll do a rerun, like we like we. Everyone wants to do. Asking for. And if you want to vote for your favorite rerun for me to air, go to our sub Reddit, that's reddit.com/r/the404, and pop in your favorite episode to be rerun. That will do it for us. Until then I am Jeff Backular. I'm [UNKNOWN] I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been the 404 show, high tech, low brow, we'll see you guys tomorrow, have a good one. [MUSIC] Go ahead man.

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Sony's ZX2 is luxurious and pricey
2:13 March 6, 2015
The Sony Walkman ZX2 is a luxury portable player with Android streaming apps, a premium build and excellent sound -- but its incredibly...
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Apps to help you plan your social life
1:04 March 6, 2015
It's time to break out of that social rut and jump-start your weekends and free time with new activities, restaurants and day trips....
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Tomorrow Daily 140: Google's Atari AI, a futuristic doghouse for £20,000 and more
26:40 March 5, 2015
We check out a robot that could be a precursor to dinosaur robots, an extravagant doghouse full of luxury amenities, and an AI build...
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