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The 404: The 404 at CES 2012: Where we have the power

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The 404: The 404 at CES 2012: Where we have the power

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LAS VEGAS--For our last live episode from CES, we're joined by Sony's John Koller who show us the US version of the Playstation Vita and President of CBS Interactive Jim Lanzone...fingers crossed that we still have jobs after this!

-- -- And of course. It's yes twenty well. Thank you so much for tuning in -- that I'm Wilson tang and -- nothing new in this -- you know where we have the power we do have the power because it does work for statement. John -- Thank you submit your being here -- director of hardware marketing for Sony and specifically the PlayStation vita and you've brought. A US version -- Of the place it right there that the US -- -- urgent happy mythical creatures -- -- it -- I think -- really not an all right I thank you for being here thank you for. Showing -- off to us. I guess we wanted to do was we want to talk about. Some of the concerns that media people -- brought up with the Japanese that a Japanese -- for a couple weeks now. Can understand what -- thing but. I've been able to place in the games hit the big issues that you sort of the end -- -- let's get right into -- he is the view from Japan -- explaining -- you lately you probably can't -- to finally yeah. Gonna put your finger on it but when he got -- -- -- he opened up started on first thing I asked them when typically gamers. -- is a memory card so so yeah let's let's let's get into that because you know. The original PSP required -- well but it did come with more right and that's sort of the big issue here. I ordered it on my -- from Japan I got and that part was the Lee. And all the gains that I imported needed the card so is everything gonna change -- the -- answers we. They'll burn both games at launch you're gonna be okay am I the reason they're couple questions that we've had -- address you want your life right here. Notes that this -- so. A lot of things and I've never heard that and everything you have and sale of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- get -- you bulky if he probably left unsecured -- at a very. Relevant -- -- -- from piracy problem. And we had to go to -- publishers. And publishing -- they look. We're gonna solve this for you. Built into the memory it's a very strong Ironkey for that plan though we had to make it. So that he was for -- -- -- to scan content linking to -- SD card to run we we we just cannot have that in -- along in this device is the physical medium but also very strong digital device I think that you're gonna -- become much -- digital focus of -- X 83 to four years here we couldn't -- publishers -- content on the PlayStation network. And then -- -- slipped off the that was going to Africa about why it's needed. Is because. We are allowing developers to -- as much appointment within a key part as possible he -- it to a four game. So you go to that feeling. You have to do not allow the content to be there and not -- require -- -- for instance. -- -- state of the art that's where that's coming from it not for all games that for many of them we're just kind of you think that he -- -- getting them. Sure don't like to think who -- -- -- You know you think you think that I feel like. Especially here at the yes you can just grab meant you know memory with respect -- -- It is gonna the idea goes it is is that -- and it certainly sounds you can you put in a have to be one just in the box so if I bought -- uncharted and I bullet. My idea. I can go home and not worry about being like I got this error that you're human especially from education again -- -- You're the best side guys always trying to sell you know nothing that it could be that you know you need this memory called amber and I get the consumers -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The one of the differences between what happened and what's happening here in United States that we have a bundle that if you pre ordered before actually -- that you actually will receive that it in the wrong. Correctly -- working state -- -- placing him for that very reason. Okay I'm now. Relevant I think to kind of why we did put into the core bundled price so we really want to get the 250 dollar price. I was really key and running up to the point -- the price point sure you know we are trying to keep it that few if you price point I think that's right like when we add memory in the matter how large -- -- and even engage. You'd be surprised it's almost think price none it does it to hit that we had -- bring -- -- are possible. We haven't received much on the job to handle -- that says that that was a major issue there that your delay notwithstanding. Get admit if the -- shipping issue yeah yeah together and wouldn't have been a lot of that is under a -- and -- that I got it at the back. On I think what we really need to talk about are the -- On I think we got them the launch -- for the US version of the vita. And I think everyone has an agreement it is pretty off I mean their 25 -- it it in my opinion it's one of the best launch lists. For any game console I've ever seen in in a very long time. I think what that sort of the question that raises is when you look back at that he has he. Maybe perhaps towards the end of its life cycle didn't have that -- the there were few quality -- -- in terms of known quantity. That source effort towards the -- -- that. Obviously you're making its -- -- with -- -- you know great 25 can list how can continue through to be like said. So this is. Absolutely the most relevant question for the future of the handover feature any harmful and we've been working on this since 2008 in the first thing we did -- going to -- the roadshow and actually have them. Assistance with -- night picture but also talk then about getting -- best franchises. The launch on -- for the first eighteen months 44 months of life cycle. And there's a lot hasn't been announced the things that happen -- called these assassin's creed in the uncharted. I'm you'll see all of those and I think makes it you know real hardcore gamer proposition. One thing that happens in gaming is. You can keep harbor alive until the developments -- turns -- -- and you know if you go to a publisher to say look we really want to make games for PS3. -- PSP and Microsoft -- thinking -- through sixteen intended as well. There's only so many dollars in the middle table for them to divvy up Germany look at the market -- say where this market going increasingly. They'll say look I need to go here here here and they'll go to PS3 and 360. What's that can help ports and regain her platform that can go to -- -- gone to veto it for this first when -- Vermont which has been great. Okay -- you brought up the market. And I know for a lot of people the big question on the -- these. Why should get kids can view them when I've got an iPhone or Android film written and it's not nearly as powerful by extrapolating forward -- -- you're too. At least according to the specs they'll be just as -- Well before is that I want to defend portable battery life -- growth in the movie wasn't that Big Apple -- he'd look he loves his nine thinking. I hate crime part of the school of thought that says portable game. On you know that's fine with the casual flicking swiping that's great for for the for the doctors reading room where that is but I want I want fun and I and I want that experience. And because it's wise that another 300 dollars that something else I think the the real question is you know. I can get -- and I -- I'm thinking. -- the pricing hasn't been completely solidified -- them right to immediately could be. Yeah I mean it it will have games that are smaller that'll be available -- tablet and it won't be any games all the way up that. You know 3949 dollars okay depending on the -- -- -- so so so. Why am I you know did I mean 43 dollars -- I can definitely gaining significantly less than. This was the main question if we -- we were three years into the he would be -- not started beating that the market beating rapidly and either be. Do we need it even before with this or should we just go PlayStation suite which is very Android me. Gaining. Proposal itself will be -- you know what there's an opportunity for core gamer. They are being serviced on tablets involved in what they're gonna be true is. A lot of those guys that are playing now it's killing them they'll that there are found. Outplayed its game plan that would early billing and -- -- -- typical control I think the thing that we -- -- vita you can see here we got quite a few days. Really make it quirky problem that that your yes I think in the capital like it but it's hard to -- in Providence. Two dual analog stick for -- persecuted for persecutor tablet phone. I played with a lot in Israel music players and yet cannot play the game itself you're gonna get all you hear you you talk developers and -- thing. We're able to make well -- type games. As they should be unhelpful -- portable and -- -- -- -- -- the power would be -- People think if you think your -- doesn't have -- yet. But it's as close you're gonna get them anyway it looks like great. And the question is you know you've got a Wi-Fi -- -- -- -- receivers. One registered to itself. Moon and his other is another question that the bigger and bigger than the Apple maturities of the things we look at though. We we quickly realized it phones. Think of integrity counsel table they're they're -- to be sure you bite communications for. And there's an element that person for gaming as well but at the secondary -- PlayStation. Clearly we're not a phone and communications at Sony mobile group lets them -- -- at them -- mobile certainly keep getting that. We've Xperia you guys talking about that earlier and this is not meant to be well what it is meant that you do -- bring everyone together socially and it. That community way. And that was one thing that we noticed that everybody. On the PS3 want you want to be on the -- pressure. You know don't have that you know if you -- the world -- at the very singular experience we got. Derisive comments about -- -- has -- its personal and you just in the yourself right at the site that way this is designed. For all of us. Instantly capture and there's communication -- that this guy. In Baghdad and certainly all that FaceBook Twitter and I think that allows -- communicate and the Apple work things that here we don't have -- three raffle times crossed into. Across the capital partners now you can place here you can be playing games played soccer game you can -- that these games room now look that I bring you that your request. So when -- found that we think we found that Netflix -- via a PlayStation -- has become an unbelievable source port for four as a video portal me personally and original games and achievement. With -- William -- just to get that experience on the viewed as well in time because. That's something that you know the competition has really stepped -- Nintendo thing to -- and obviously -- yeah -- can we look forward to. Yes yeah streaming real perfect compliment -- -- is the new Netflix than to -- example of that and you'll -- we. Netflix -- PS3 and tactics to pass the smoky bar that lets you know that. You'll see the same thing with which the and I think the thing that's great about needed you can be re enact that that opportunity -- streaming it's really fun and you know we -- talked a lot about all the other elements. And ask that we come out where we're not gonna be injured marketplace not going to be. You know Apple what we -- -- -- relevant apps for art here if it can be gain access and what games you downloaded this little deviant that is the games -- like he but I think speaks to -- -- it's about what this device to be one of the key pillars that we had. In mindless. You know augmented reality and how can we really playoff on the for real small part of the market -- -- global mean you know that you're not you're not using it for months. Here we do you you will be able to do that though the state game. Of course that this game that utilizes that and but you get the -- and came here there's the basically. -- one of those games you'll see people playing on -- -- -- standing up and keep it for me -- these things and I believe the if you can help wrangled -- that he -- you can see it -- you can see that -- little -- -- come around and I think you guys here and you know they'll come around -- you -- -- if you haven't done so this is one of the kind of pick up and -- expenditure a lot of fun. You know is is utilizing augmented reality kind of a unique way I think you know it's not just something you turn it sideways. Right after that. Time so now listener of every now -- -- every -- will be available. Will most of the games that are -- Those will also be available on PlayStation network down as well -- that right -- that's. Bird with only a game that's absolutely true AD -- an -- again and intensity and very strong digital device. Third party publishers get him if something happened to them I would -- that you're gonna probably be most of them. And real quick -- difference in pricing are by the physical copy of right now that's what we're still exploring we'd like to get there to make laws and that is so urgent you know consumers wondering -- what we got lot of consumers and any broadening its name out there would be higher than you think they'd get on the value that the packaging -- -- to get here at the you know we're -- make. More rights are gonna take those applications or there really isn't the Motorola leads -- to -- -- John Koller director hardware forget to thank -- kayak there's a lot -- for -- right after this stick around. This -- a -- or move forward. And her captors to show where we all settings. A at CES 2012. The floorboards can be advantage. Ma think the first thing that that the entire area is really just I think about utility and you got to -- for the videogame -- -- yet been I've been using an editor here at CNET. But most coveted -- storage that we talked about today that I talk about my expertise. Not paperwork movie yes. Click click dot com -- you know obviously there isn't that big of return on it yet -- -- because another conference. Next we write -- EE EN adult entertainment we're gonna talk about -- -- -- experience I -- -- go let it be okay. Both of what you think that -- -- that make up about kind of I honestly have no idea you would think that the demographic. Is yet lineup immediately while Andre -- -- -- euros I get more people with pain but here but can be can I take a serious. -- -- I've noticed. Traffic is it is suggested yeah. I don't reading -- -- that but I think it's -- more you know pleasurable experience when it comes just. Getting stuff done and getting around -- and ride ride I agree as well so what is the that is -- is that when it didn't do. Hopefully China -- fired before the president. And they will vehemently anti ship but apparently there you with -- and it news. Start okay and anyway they're walking around for over two more years -- yet you -- -- -- -- -- rethinking how they can bring. Musical community. And each mean together a that we are both an operating apparently yeah. I -- of the Internet they -- -- -- I hate you but. Yet known if that can't actually walking around -- -- and he recognized. Let bill. I knew about one point I don't for a lot of right movie right but I did some -- research. And we should really be in that industry. He was walking around the show and out in an iPad. There apparently it had very that your children and I -- -- -- so we're doing want to watch a huge hit it is entertaining and app on her iPad you know -- Hugo's it is. -- -- -- So let's strap to her cat that's not right how do you feel about that I think HD used to have never seen I think it away yeah and I you know appraiser -- -- patient. -- Patient years yeah. Like when you stuck in aviation and we think -- -- in the tech world when it in of that industry bird. A few elements sort of led the way in terms of technology right -- -- it is adopted technologies that everyone. Eventually filed form right angle needs to be that was the that was the end HD media ignored -- -- thumbnail videos and I'll probably pioneered by that -- to think so you don't. I think so -- Our -- we're here at the S lot of innovation going on. About two hours ago we just had the best of CES awards here. On CNET main -- -- and I just about a couple of more gaming related. And these big surprise that -- from the birds that have been shows this year and was HDTV. Yeah right -- have -- seen this thing I mean it is so unbelievably theme and right eye and it blows me I mean if it's a little shocking provocative. One thing with that the news about the -- you sleep a couple of months that -- to the last week was your authority. Com and -- Molly Wood -- -- know. How awesome. Black levels in the picture quality. Right now and that blows my mind says. I'm surrounded by these important every -- I think the picture looks really ready right but apparently -- -- with them. Yes but you know -- as well. -- and made it does that I remember a couple of years ago Sony had -- -- was. -- -- -- -- -- -- Dropped from science fiction movie and of -- thinking yeah totally practical and now we're flirting with the portability. With with these films. Mountain -- on the news. Almost just as important prize is -- people's voice -- -- that anybody can vote for now actually gain from. The first I've heard on the -- project you own right this is something -- icons that. I have -- -- a few and unfortunately but it's basically a handheld tablet that's that's flanked by Q. Hand held controllers. Allies and partners. Basically -- the power -- -- -- gain computer. Harnessed in that -- Is this something that you can see yourself using and the -- it's still way actually in that. -- -- picture of it looks. Pretty ridiculous. And he looks ridiculous. I think that I always download an imaginary plane that but yeah it certainly -- -- The thing with the tablet the gaming devices through -- -- -- I think respect yes you read on is it's too big to be portable. And it. It being that size advantages that the game and -- on a console. Or your PC a year now. Married okay that's a path that's when unplug him if I could sit down on the county -- yeah and and -- It takes me okay if the battery lasts that long so here. Put the fact that -- could fit on the couch and play with this yet she's watching the real housewives of new agers and I'm happy again. Them occasionally or if you're actually watching it with their carry a limited time with your wife let's talk about B another category -- let -- If you we had an emerging technology category. And at the winner that was the maker bought -- -- Peter read. -- Vision technology with -- can present the colors real overseas votes you know printing -- -- -- -- you know. -- this really -- and also what if you lock your comic or remotely and the color right now which is kind of related to that -- when I explained that the and so. Are we saw the -- -- printer going and -- during her first day of rehearsals yet and we like that that's amazing what you know what is -- -- in -- -- delicate his view on blowing through it. So hopefully a future who's who helps me with -- in the media artists we thought wouldn't be cool to show up -- 3-D printer that world. -- the 3-D printer yeah right. So there we go and that's that's the conference and program them -- -- -- -- up on the depend on on the screen here and now keeping me on which they don't want that on of people they are there areas there and I kinda hoping you. I don't know how to play -- artists via a I mean you know that guys wait you tend to be cut a path. I thought I'd like I don't mean that is something that's actually really really cool security -- Well received letters accidentally -- think it pictures that can accelerate. Yeah right now. On let's talk about the -- that we did yesterday on the show floor. On Wii dropped a bowling ball on your iPad and don't -- you really happy about that kind of surprised you -- and stole your iPad for that -- operate on. So what what product. This is feet G form extreme sleeve that these are really impressive -- Hubert durable. Basically. What we found out with the company Q -- was they were involved in the they were -- as a video. What's a little bit but no talking over. -- over a little bit -- -- -- And their athletic. Body but they do it is. -- here and they are realization was just yet so round -- and -- questions honestly though if you. Or others like it in -- -- it opens up. So if this viral videos -- room with the it. He basically from the proposed a date yet and here is that hit the ground yet. -- completely -- -- -- demonstrators Justin dropping a bowling ball on Wilson's iPad so it's not like I wanna do my whole life yeah. In the pay attention something then absolutely -- And believe and I everything worked out yeah and W technology I believe that. -- -- for sixty dollars so you gotta pay a little bit of that it writes that sort of in -- projection and I'm glad they stand by their product because that would pretty bad it hasn't yet met -- the iPad. Apps moon. All right so are there any videogame -- -- maybe one of three video -- anyone fell again. Yeah because in those sonic -- and I was not now. The side of there's a brand -- game on the 3-D path. -- sonic generations and figure was -- enough to give it a -- for Gateway. Guess when the media answer security questions maybe you don't want to -- you'll win in Austin. Mean it would be. These by the -- that. The body that looked on the network has -- of the draw string that you would normally be eaten that he. They're actually here but you can plug in the door whatever music -- using into the pocket -- And -- button right here is and that's Eugene impossible to yet you can don't try it don't you think it's there. Right yeah right so maybe some real quick sonic trees -- -- wherever. Basically it's we have our -- roaming -- here okay excellent the first question when it. What with the first to the first thing that ever features -- it that's what year was that released. -- it -- don't get synthetic anyone's guess. Right there with like this that gentleman who hear me what year -- cancer early nineties. No 993 but you can come get a -- 91. Million hello as I can view line guys the -- -- come on appears -- -- the with the actual -- game you -- the game right. -- do and getting -- to yeah -- and thank you very proud because that's. Are terrific question of -- that we can absolutely yeah well that and that. Sonic has a friend. -- -- in aviation. -- that. Okay can you name this brand. Told me that on the retail -- on -- You know his middle name with the -- do you before he was the video game there. Not. I got you went there at that come -- -- get your game here all right. Here's another question this one is pretty hard -- word that I'll be surprised branding and get it -- -- it's not mean nemesis. With -- doctor robot leader -- -- new name. You've got and you need to do in all -- -- that there some -- I'm -- I'm gonna. Now -- anyone have any idea what -- by an ex do you mean you know there's -- game. It let -- thing for the care. One man and no one has any idea -- want to -- an -- if a man whose name. Okay. Yeah you -- -- -- we're thinking that you cannot. Extract the job. Alright with you one that last one all sonic games on your collecting these sort of objects in the -- of specials pages. What are the names of those objects there chaos. Lying. No no sorry -- -- up. -- -- -- -- -- -- You might not be a sonic generations on the previous model can get one and a -- its job. Very impressive. Well all right that's what it's totally agree if you remember this night they had to part Q where are collectively. Will -- with. We'll look at the -- sound -- I didn't know I -- I don't know -- he's -- and I edit. That. Sonic have a favorite food I gotta do multiple choice for this because -- answers they're totally ridiculous. -- -- -- -- -- Pepperoni pizza French Fries or -- don't want to get would you build -- plane down but some people know that yet. She died and you've got you know it's a personal level -- -- -- and I congratulate the -- -- registered copy of sonic generations here. Ticket he you're welcome bright you like to look it up on Wikipedia to real life that you Merkel had not and I -- I don't know exactly -- -- and you would know very cool thing. Video audio and human. Are right there thanks -- -- -- playing along with our sonic generations giveaway. I think we have time. I actually think we think we're break when we come back a few -- -- and humans don't going to be on the show yet not obedient if you're absolutely right back after this keep it here there's a lot more for -- four coming your way. -- -- -- His wife to love lives -- in the -- at the -- we -- at work -- show. We're doing it right now with -- aside -- -- on Maureen. -- -- -- You are doing -- I'm gonna talk is a design. I had -- -- visiting them -- It's going up yet the evidence that have a good time but it busses to name of the pool. And -- been -- and a -- -- property bowling balls and a -- which -- people who have a lot of fun and Africa. -- dropping things that yeah you just literally to -- level literally different. People. Are available live here is your first DS's as presidency the F that it probably think. A lot more. Meetings and use it for me and her home. Vitamins amino -- at sixty and tutorial people here this week which is a huge amount. And does and I'm just really proud of how you know the the entire -- interactive group is done there especially. -- that I -- see the article yesterday that. -- medicine is the number one most we did that domain. About CES this week which of those Green -- -- Because of three of the top fifteen. And it was I think number one we're number one that is like -- the next mass -- was it was it was that soon. Huge amount of work and energy from teams I was would probably yes but he -- let them maybe announcement Q. So that's what he -- involved with -- ZI anything in this room where they -- you can play it. -- you're you're realizing -- vision treating them. Everybody with -- robot dogs -- -- -- I mean the AK TV businesses like you know those terms he -- -- seen yet Justin between Justin Bieber Ryan Seacrest I'm not sure which one but. Look at it from being my my -- Start -- was and an interactive TV guide and so it's actually embedded in them but these TVs on handheld clicker application which is now TV dot com since you don't Panasonic TVs. Was a really cool moment meat -- Yet -- actually because restarted here at the yet it's here they actually open up a whole couple rooms at the Venetian. But that they're calling eureka. You know you make it more yeah yeah you're gonna -- street view about -- -- -- yet -- Yeah I mean I remember when these have -- -- across the street here that it -- accident site and I like to see them do even more. With that because we we have this this clipper app last year you know -- I was -- scrambling around trying to get deals done here in there's a way we can help bring people together. I'm I think that's -- -- -- to me because no. -- more of -- six sensors that on May be posted -- not really wanna. Most of the cracks in and people don't really get. The exposure that. You know some of these stars with great ideas with others and -- -- the electronic cigarette. Yeah you'll be able. -- would immediately -- Vegas and but does that supervisor and another -- -- last year yeah but a company in China and activated too much bears I bought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Number sixteen in the top fifty most powerful diesel latest entity. He -- his fifteen I don't know what what are you doing to -- does not detonate them. It isn't a good idea -- -- -- -- -- he ever done. -- now its its at the pump that you know with. Particularly happy and capital equipment that needs -- and I'm going to double funds needed to. There's this young looking in the sky and outsourcing accessible across a kind of thought -- -- -- -- -- what are you working with it if it does then yeah yeah. That -- -- -- -- things up this year. -- -- I don't know but. But when referendum next Friday and -- it all these lessons -- young lists. One of those trophies back there you guys are handled it -- -- -- religion where's my trophy and I'm not gonna supplement -- -- reward myself when notoriety through the best you'll do that a good guy who walked around the world. I know besides the -- of TVs besides. Movies or live about -- else you know we talked a bit about the start community. Leading hardware wise this is what this shows is generally about but for me I think the focus -- -- work apps like. I don't -- so -- -- -- I mean. I mean by DO GB of history when we go walk around a red steel has happened movement favors actually the race car. With the with the surround -- objectivity consider race car and in just the -- -- of the peaceful -- -- documents and so anyway I firfer possibly for CBS the the TV side this is the most inching I was -- tours -- Monday morning. With a bunch of CBS executives you can just either they are scoping out all the TVs and -- humans -- -- that soon. I'm a big a big changes is TV thick and here -- -- ultra books are burglary gonna talk about. -- say that we're going -- Would what do you think about that voice activated TV instantly that I'm not united that. -- the Symbian series -- series student Danny Sullivan's walk around -- by the king of search. And we've I think we've both owners and back. You know -- -- is just. A voice layer that sits on top of actual search engines experience not in search engine. So I mean I don't know if you guys your impressions that you want to sit there talking your TV that that's the thing. Thing missing your lights on that's perfect that's a little bit expected -- users -- somewhat like previously you know how many people are clamoring for -- -- -- I don't know that voice activated TV is the the video to my house with three kids running around to -- -- I don't know what's Kenya. -- do it over all go backwards in mind the effectiveness. These other TVs have. Built in Internet TV and enjoy. -- clicker itself as a replica way to connect the Internet he -- -- on television set. The content side is something that a lot of people haven't really talked about -- and this is our efforts made so where is lead content -- -- And this decision for -- election can be eaten yet. And -- just a huge jump to I was on -- data NPR interview mr. in the -- trying to get you -- stated it was that for a us all these other. Distribution methods -- -- its. It's amazing immunity I mean I think it in the days that people want content make it doesn't matter what's on traditional TV or tablet. Users are more opportunities to get it back content. On with it she's that is as Internet videos exploded. Television viewing has also continued to rise. So the pies is getting bigger I think that you know again the thing that's that's going down -- people's free time or their effectiveness of work I don't know where to watch analyst video and over the beneficiaries have been -- also you get new business models because it's not just out supporters you know we can charge per download or for subscription -- So I think at the end of the day a lot of these things may change the hardware that the devices the you in the business model but that premium content in the -- -- consumers want to get -- and that's what we mix. -- -- -- You mean you think it when I went there are newer than speed world of -- I want him -- could potentially -- the the school of thought when he whispers earned them huge on the Internet was this is -- -- -- Right gonna be your TV in your just gonna have a laptop on your Apple and that's you V places but not much pestering him death rate -- It appears that nobody is going to if you if you have -- if you have a live. Mr. religious or -- commercials are going to go watch it on your iPhone or iPad. It's DVR and you have it on your big screen that you know that's in you have access to it -- you're gonna watch that after wife wants wants something different than you may -- -- Watch the iPad near you either but I mean it's about you know DVR for about time shifting. In these devices are rapidly shifting -- not let you watch it wherever you wanna watch it. But you know if you have the ability to watch a sixty inch. Screens where you go that's for -- ago so it's it's really I think Internet video RC competes DVR -- Traditional TV. -- work you know the with interactive television and the fact that these are competing devices -- with big monitors attached to them. A couple of about premium content that's kind of a one way -- Hello all we really couldn't see explosion of QA kind of contact with video -- -- that was the prime example. But interactive movies -- interactive shows. -- Richard -- -- Droid X has flipped the page if there's an if you accidentally download at. You vote today you know who apparently do anything -- -- -- -- -- Brian Tong. America but -- it's already happening right and it's happening on Twitter -- on FaceBook when you're watching something -- T you're having to interaction with other people were watching and we -- absolutely going with CBS dot com in our our entertainment group. Going into a two way conversation with our. With our viewers and -- uses of our applications. And -- each team to build interest in new products and features of extensions of shows. You've seen a right now on what big -- a good example we have a subscription days. IPad application. Where I you get extra features you action videos it's interactive you participants who. You will see that across everything. I've noticed that's happening in video games like there's these apps that are like supplemental huge gamer meeting place -- and -- You have your little -- here on gamespot there you go you're -- -- the likes -- and you're you're playing an on screen and then you have this complimentary sort of iPad app that shows you world the -- dragons or something that that's pretty cool. Well for me is game facts you have confused that are excited for us and environment using that they did it in -- -- -- Super Mario yeah that's the -- -- a welder. The water in my area that's still my favorite you'll console Donkey Kong all right I'm -- really wants standup version of that you know office. At the appropriate I -- but Microsoft hinted that the group. To which you've got the iPhone you're thinking they had actually built into his stand up -- old school video -- arcade games have you know school. It. Would have gobbled up -- -- due to the arcade I. Everything good that I'm aggressive and -- and our dignity that centuries of its -- what you have is exactly where it. May or early Q I'm sure you know who knows well the -- And. It's upsetting that -- -- feel that -- you feel like an arcade machine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that is the video games online. Are we going to legal can -- you look I'm highly likely hasn't. Died I -- like. We talked about the -- -- This year video games -- the rest of media and industry terms of revenue. And so obviously we got a lot of time. Properties and brands. They can actually go -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you're just asking questions to a list of reasons punitive and bow wow and yes I have active and had an autograph oh yeah I -- Justin -- and company you can -- a different death and opinion -- -- been taught fitted with. There that we actually like YouTube users. Are signed by the book or not better and I know that Israel hasn't had any one of a kind right I don't care that my food and that you -- your business. I -- remember there it is but it if they go with the funds. I know that's gonna do we get some stickers read is awesome your problem right we come prepared. Do you -- and monuments may be mark. But the -- that we just think that -- around her feet the average. That's kind of a great job really Johns Iraqi desert -- Atlanta I don't think so much for being here this code -- -- -- that's gonna do it for us here -- -- -- -- We really appreciate -- -- -- -- stream movies back on Tuesday in New York with the notebook by Joseph if you wanna call them. 8664. Of course it's inevitable. We're when he announced that that's right for -- I've seen it. -- -- -- I heard and a -- I love it you could take care I'm just an hour we'll -- to have done it before school -- high tech. Little brown -- candidate John Holdren in -- -- for joining us.
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