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The 404 1,531: Where we take it to the hub: The 404

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The 404: The 404 1,531: Where we take it to the hub

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Coolio takes to PornHub to release his next album, a drastic makeup technique to throw of facial recognition, taking selfies at sites of tragedy, and a big announcement for the show!

It's Thursday July, 24th. I'm Mark [UNKNOWN] nd from our CBS studios in New York City, welcome to the 404. [MUSIC] How's it going everyone, welcome to the 404 show on this Thursday, I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. Thanks for tuning in. Real quick before we even think about entering the meat and potatoes of the show. We've got quite a announcement to make a little later today. Uh-huh. We're not gonna do it now because that just that ruins all the fun. It's not gonna be fun either. It's not. [LAUGH] I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding. We're not gonna talk about that, but what we are gonna say is whatever you do, even if you don't want to listen anymore now just. Fast forward to the end. It's huge. It's literally an earth shattering [LAUGH] announcement. And when I say Earth shattering, I mean like, planets colliding. Alright, alright, don't. The moon turned off it's orbit, and crashing in to earth. It's that bad. So no, that's. Opportunity. Yeah, oh right, that's good, that's good. [LAUGH] So yeah long story short, make sure you tune, you'll listen all the way through or you fast forward to like the last five, ten minutes Mm-hm. and we're gonna have something that every single person who listens or watches this show is gonna want to know. Okay. Okay. I feel like this is kind of like the last day of school because it's our last episode before going dark. It's true, we go dark. Tomorrow, for an indefinite amount of time. Again, I don't know when we can say for sure that we'll be back. It could be Wednesday, it could be a week from today, the 31st, I do not know. I do not know. << OK. << So, that's that, OK? I've thought a lot of things to think about in the last 24, not 24, 2 weeks. So let's just do what we gotta do [LAUGH] And get through all this. Construction is hilatious. I know. It's getting crazy. We're having to move stuff every day, back and forth. We don't know what's gonna happen day to day. It's not even the show and the studio Yeah. It's the entire office [CROSSTALK] << It's the fact that like, everyone, this is the second move we've done in a few months. The office is in shambles. There's like construction guys everywhere and they're spitting on the floor. << Yes, they're using the bathrooms. There's no bathrooms anymore. << They're saying racial words that no one seems to care about. << Yes, wait, what? << Yes. << They are? << No. << You're making stuff about these guys. << But you believed that. << Yes. << You're liking, oh, they're just dropping bombs. << They beat up John Falcone, totally inappropriate. << They said he was like Polish, so they beat him up. What's going on. It's chaos, and that's not an exaggeration, and, I guess the icing on the cake is going to be the announcement at the end of the show. So. Yeah. Without further ado, Justin Yu, do what you do so well. Mm-hm. Well, it's been a long hard road, for us. But also for rapper Coolio. Dude he was at, did you see where he was the other day? No, where was he? Coolio was at the, you know, the alternative press is? Yeah. It's like a pretty kinda unfortunate publication. Yeah. Like all about the like fashion punks sorta stuff, those bands. And he was, they had an award show. Okay. And I don't remember the name of the band. It was probably like. Something about Death, the name of the band. But, Coolio sang with them Gangster's Paradise. Oh, no way. Yeah. Way. [LAUGH] Way. [LAUGH] You act like you're intrigued right now. Whoa, awesome. [LAUGH] Oh let me look that YouTube video up. Yeah. That sounds awful. Yeah it was really bad, it was super bad but whatever. Coolio, like he's back in the news now, he's like Weird Al. He's having a renaissance. The stock on Gangsters Paradise is really really tanking right now. You can buy it cheap, you can buy that real cheap. There is a YouTube video of I think a couple of college kids at a fray party. And he was singing Gangsta's Paradise along with an acoustic guitar. It's just sad. He's come a long way from Fantastic Voyage and all that stuff. I mean he was super popular for like three and a half years, right? Like he was a big deal. Yeah, like 94. And I don't know, I, I guess. Like a staple, for sure. It is a staple and he probably made a good amount of money off that, record that he had. Yeah. For sure. And he's had subsequent records, too. Of course. In addition to being on reality television shows. Yeah. I think he was on Wife Swap. Really? Yeah. I didn't know that, but he's, he's like, what letter celebrity is he? He's in like top, top half of the alphabet. Yeah, for sure. Like G, you know? [LAUGH] You think he's that low? Well, wait until you hear this because he's kind of putting himself back into the spotlight. He's made it by an announcement this week that he, he has a new coming. Album coming out soon, or I'm sorry, a new collection of singles cuz he says a new album will never come out. Okay. So he's got a new collection of singles coming out soon. But instead of releasing them on iTunes or Spotify like most artists are doing nowadays, he's gonna be releasing the new material through Pornhub.com. Mm, all right. Everyone's favorite porn streaming website is now the home. To new content from Coolio. He signed a deal to put out an exclusive music video to promote his new singles on the site. Including his new music video, entitled Take it to the Hub. And he's doing [LAUGH] Like, take it to the porn hub? [LAUGH] Maybe. I think that's a double entendre. For something else. Hub could be used in multiple ways. Don't make me explain it. I'm just, I don't know man. All right. So, it's a new music video. It's called, Take It to the Hub. And he basically partnered with PornHub to promote it exclusively on the website in exchange for getting some modelling talent from the site to be on his music video. Seems like a fair deal. Yeah. Dude it's, Coolio's the winner in all this. Because PornHub's like okay look, nobody's coming to PornHub to listen to Coolio, but Coolio's like hey. People [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH] Yeah. They're gonna run into my music. Right. Yeah. And now it all comes full circle. Good for Coolio. Who's who's the big like who takes home all the royalties out of all this. I think it's just like a mutual appreciation thing. Just like a back scratching situation? Yeah. [UNKNOWN] tours [CROSSTALK] Good for you, Coolio, you stay hard. You. What? [LAUGH] You know what would be cool... Oh [LAUGH]. ... you know what would be cool would be if Coolio's upcoming music was the soundtrack to some videos on Pornhub. Some cross content sharing. Well he is sharing the talent, right? Good for you. Artis Leon Ivy Junior. This is Coolio's real name. Yeah. Artis, Artis? Artis Ivy Junior. Yeah, yeah, Artis Ivy. Yeah. He's 50 man. He looks good for 50. And I'm 50. [LAUGH] And. He looks good for 50. Yeah. I don't know about that. That, that head tattoo. Oh, that's right. Yeah, he's got like some sort of, well it's actually kind of phallic looking but, he's got, you know he's still rocking those dreads where he can. I was reading about him just in researching this story. I guess last year he sold off the rights to his entire music catalog, including Fantastic Voyage. For about $75. How much was it worth? Didn't say, it was on auction, and they didn't give out the final price. << How much do you think it went for, all kidding aside? Because, think about it; hey had Gangstas Paradise. He had that 1 2 3 4 song and what else? << I would say 300k for his catalog. << I think that's a very fair estimate. << Yes. what do you think? << I don't know. << Because you're buying it off the record label and not on demand. << Yes, so it's probably going to be overvalued. Maybe Let's see But like how much value does a 20 year old song have. If this were on Craig List, I would start it at 300k, to be ambitious Right And then go down week by week. That the sticker price is 300k. Yeah, but you know OBO, the price is negotiable. He was doing that to basically, fund his new passion which was cooking. I have no idea. I mean I don't really follow the, the Coolio cannon too much. << I had no idea. << But he's got an online cooking show and he published a book in 2009 called Cooking with Coolio and that was a national best seller. << Was it? << Yeah, surprisingly. << He's got royalties from that too. He's fine. I'm not worried about Coolio. << Yeah. He's doing all right. Yeah he's fine. Good for you Coolio. We'll see what the future holds for you and your porn site partner. I know you'll go on pornhub a lot so you'll probably see it. I've been there before you know. I'm just now when I see Coolio and I feel that much better about my day. [LAUGH] Yeah. All right so yesterday we were talking about the future of facial recognition technology right. And what was the basis for that. Talk is about, you know, maybe in the future we'd be wearing masks to avoid- Yeah, that's what I got into because it, that's like a big whatchamacallit, a topic in this comic I'm reading. Yeah. Called the Private Eye. Oh, right, right, right. Right, yeah. About how in the future everyone's gonna get recognized by the NSA. Right, but the thing about this comic is that there's no more Internet. Because there was like a great cloud burst. That got everyone's information out. Mm-hm. So like because of that everyone had to start from scratch and no more internet. But we still have the technology. We still have tech yeah. A little bit. Well hat's happening right now on and and this is based on yesterday's conversation. But coincidentally the Atlantic they posted an article today. About a new concept of painting your face with a certain type of makeup in a to throw your scent off would be surveillance cameras. I mean, this is exactly it. Yeah. But, but the main protagonist of this comic wear like black makeup across his eyes twenty four seven. Oh, really? Yeah, yeah. So this is a shot of what the makeup looks like. It sort of reminds me a lot of the paint that football players put underneath their eyes. Yeah. What's that stuff for anyways? Glare. Really? Yeah it's glare from the sun and lights. Huh. What do they call that specifically? The paint? I'm not sure. Yeah, jump in? Doug you're a big sports fan. You know what do they call that? No idea. The eye makeup, I think it's just called like eye mark or something like that. Mm. No one knows, Google it. And like when the hockey guys play in the stadiums outside they put it on too. Cuz of the reflection [INAUDIBLE] Yeah and there's ice, you know, yeah. Huh, well it sort of looks like that and the pattern is actually computer vision dazzle. So, maybe we can put this up on the screen. Yeah he looks, he looks pretty I don't know, scary? Yeah. Not really, no really scary. Tv dazzle is the shortened version of it. It was invented by an entrepreneur and artist named Adam Harvey. For a project at NYU's interactive telecommunications program. And it's being reported on, at the Atlantic first. But this is how it works. So, facial recognition cameras work by analysing patterns in your cheek bones, and the shape of your face. You know, things like the symmetry of your eyes and Sure the way the color reflects off your skin. Stuff like that. But if you obstruct those hallmarks of what a face looks like then you're basically going to confuse the algorithms into not being able to separate your face from regular pixels. Right. And the environment around you. Because it's not like the computer's like oh there's Jeff. Yeah. It's like oh there are his two eyes that work together and something in between. Right. And like there's something that's different from the background. Man this. The guy, he's like the worst sample person to use and the way he's going he could just grow his stupid hair over his face Yeah, right, right, he already has those [INAUDIBLE] hang down over his forehead, you can really only see about like 60% of his face I mean he's got a beard on the bottom half. Yeah. He basically, he looks like Wooly Willie. It's just like get it together you wanna be pirate. [LAUGH] I don't know, I don't want to make fun of this guy too much cause I think this is, wait, no, this is the reporter not the guy who invented it. Yeah I'd like, but the whole thing for me is like okay I'm doing a very interesting you know story about camouflaging my face. Mm-hm. Mm-hm With makeup. Yet a third of my face Yeah. [LAUGH] Is covered by hair. [LAUGH] Yeah Don't pay attention to that. Is that gonna come up in the story at all? [LAUGH] No. It help. It says that when he shaved his beard. Which he tried to do for the, for the story. Yeah. He wasn't able to notice him either. I'm tellin you man. The beard doesn't make a difference. You, looking at these little thumb nails of these people wearing the, the dazzle make up. Yeah. It's like the. You know out of some dystopian sci fi movie. Yeah, Where everyone is a camera. and you can do it in different kinds of ways with different patterns and stuff so people get really artistic with it which is what we're looking at here. I kind of like some of the ways people do it creatively. It's cool. So. It's really cyber punkish, actually. For sure, exactly. I'm, I'm telling you, it's crazy how much this is playing into this comic I'm reading but I, this makes me think like we'll never have a world where there will be. Facial recognition. Right. Because there's always gonna be a circumvention of it. And through stuff like this, that's seemingly easy. Yea Especially if I could wear like a, a, a quick little eye mask. Yea. Or do you. What I think is really cool is, aside from the makeup in these photos of the look book in, Adam Harvey's project. You can see that their hair is going in a certain way, so it kinda makes this asymmetrical line across their faces. Yeah, for sure. Like one of them has curls that go down, other ones have certain like liberty spikes. Right But then that goes Pointed down Down on his face. Pointed down. It's rad. It's really cool. I'm into it. So maybe one day our fashion will sort of be dictated by the stuff that we're trying to avoid. Yeah, I'm telling you, like tonight I'm not wearing my mask cause then I, I, I you know, I can be identified. But tomorrow night mask goes on. Oh, then the Purge happens. The Purge. [LAUGH] It all comes back to the Purge. [LAUGH] That's. It's cool, we'll post a link to it in the show notes if you want to see more of the look book. Check out those styles. Here he is again amongst the, the normies like you call them. Yeah, obviously a big portion of the article talks about other's reactions to his face paint and, they're pretty. I mean if he wasn't wearing a suit and tie you'd be pretty scared of this guy. Yeah he'd be scary, I mean, if, but this is like, the way people other people react to it now is irrelevant. Because when it becomes important to do, everyone will do it. Right. You know i'm sure like certain things looked crazy before they were in fashion also. In New York you can get away with anything. Oh yeah, this guy could easily fit in in New York, he'd be too normal. Alright, let's as a really though question here. Look at this is kind of a hard topic and we gotta tread lightly though this next Okay [CROSSTALK] But, the question on everyone's mind this week and it's a controversial one is, should you smile when taking a selfie at tragic landmarks, like [UNKNOWN] like 9/11, things like that Oh my god. A, and the Internet is sort of embroiled in this big conversation this week based on an image on Twitter that got popular last week. Right. So there was a picture from a girl on the Internet. And there's one in particular that she posted of herself on June 20th at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and it's of her smiling in front of a row of buildings, right? And, and maybe we can put this up on the screen here cuz this is a screen shot of it. She wrote with the photo of her smiling in front of Auschwitz, quote selfie in the Auschwitz concentration camp and she also included a smiling emoji with that. That's, that's where you gotta, make sure you gotta. Put that detail in. Yeah she put the emoji in there. Because as awful as this is, it could have been less awful if there was no smiley face. Right, right that's true, and. And I was gonna say like right now this is 100% awful, it could have been 90% awful if she didn't have. The, you know, the smiley emoji there because you were at a place that represents nothing but hate and death, right? That's where you are right now. Rule one though for me, you can do whatever you want. You can do whatever you want. Right. Take a photo of yourself here. Smile. Be hap, do, like you can do whatever you want. Whether or not it's in poor taste, well, I think that's for, like, everyone to decide. Yea. It clearly is, just because you're, you're, you're sort of like taking it, it, it, you know, in a weird sort of like jovial way, which You're making light of a situation that should be really grave. Right, and I, and I think like. And I'm not saying this person is a bad person, necessarily. [CROSSTALK] We don't know anything about her. Yeah, yeah. Well. I don't think that she meant to disrespect anyone. I think it may be in poor taste. But why put that smiley face? [LAUGH] So this is a, seventeen year old or maybe eighteen year old girl. She is almost about to graduate from highschool so she's really young. So she clearly learned about World War II already. She learned about World War II, she knows what Auschwitz is, obviously she knows what the Holocaust is. She she talks a lot in, in her response to the fall out of this tweet, about how she lost her dad last year, and her father was a big historian, and he taught her a lot about the Holocaust, and so she made this pilgrimage to Europe to sort of pay homage to him, and pay respect to the place that she learned about from him. And that's what that smiley was about. There's a lot of context within that smiley. Lotta context, yeah [LAUGH] I mean that's the thing, that still doesn't make it okay though. And she got 4,000 retweets, 2600 favorites, and that was at a couple of days ago. Who's favoriting that. [CROSSTALK] I guess you favorite it ironically In addition to a bunch of death threats and things like that from people that. Took it way to far. Well look, she clearly shouldn't have to die because of her tweet. No, I don't even think she should have to apologize. No, she doesn't have to apologize. Like, I'm the first one in line against our apologetic culture, for sure. It's not her, it's our culture. I actually, right but I also truly believe. That, you know, you, you do come off as kind of a dummy doing some, something like this. << A little bit. << A little bit is being generous and look it's not just that, okay. I mean it's the, that she's legitimately smiling. Thing. She's also wearing headphones. [LAUGH] And she's wearing headphones. [LAUGH] Okay. Which means That's kind of weird. that only But maybe that the hologram was worth half of her attention. Maybe there was an audio tour and she's only wearing one earbud so it's a quarter of her attention. But half. What do you mean, you've got two ears? Yeah, but she could hear a lot out of it. Oh we're not giving Brianna No, maybe she. She was listening to an audio tour that you could download through app [LAUGH] I don't know. You, you were, you were, you were finding [CROSSTALK] I'm giving her too much credit here. Look, I will give her the benefit of the doubt, and I will say that there's no way that this person. Yeah. In retrospect, knowing what she knows now- Make, to make, she's not trying to make fun of the people that died at Auschwitz. Of course not, of course not. There's way too many awful things she could have done, that would have made it come off like that. But, it is very easy, like, she needs to understand why what she did comes off as classless, and tasteless, Right And then I'm okay with it. Like, I just think like, you know, it's a cultural divide, it's a generational divide between kids who are 10 and 20 years younger than us, and people from our generation, where it's like. Yeah. You know, not everything needs a goddamned selfie. Yeah.>> Like not everything you know needs to be like. Like, not the nine eleven stuff. See that all the time at the nine eleven memorial, yeah. It blows my mind and that, that **** just happened. Right. Yeah. That just happened. Yeah, yeah, way too soon. That happened 13 years ago. And there's even signs, if you go to the nine eleven memorial right now you'll see. See signs that say please respect the grieving. They should say don't be an idiot. And you'll still see people smiling, laughing, joking around, talking on cell phones and doing things that would be otherwise unacceptable in a museum, much less a 9-11 memorial. I agree with you, I think the medium is the problem, it's not necessarily the people that we should blame, because if someone took a photo at the 9-11 memorial or the Auschwitz memorial. And said you know what a terrible place but a touching memorial none the less. With crying emoji, that would be just as offensive. And its not the smiling emoji that people have a problem. It's the fact that she used an emoji which is meant for lighthearted stuff. You know even if she did like you know semicolon parenthesis, it still would have been like. [LAUGH] That's the thing. And that's where, it's a generational cultural divide. I don't know, cause [CROSSTALK] She doesn't realize that, there's some, there's a disconnect there. The, there's some brain [CROSSTALK] I think we're giving ea, each other to much credit for it. And blaming young people too much. No, I mean. You remember when Obama took that selfie with the Danish Prime Minister, I think it was? At, Nelson Mandela's funeral. Right. He's not part of the younger generation and he still did that. I think that's pretty classless. But it wasn't, it wasn't Obama who did it. I feel the same way. The guy came up to him and was like. Yeah, yeah, I feel the same way about that as I feel about this. No. Because technology should have no. Nelson Mandela's funeral was. Also like a celebration of his life. You could say that about the 9/11 memorial too. The survivors, the people that were able, I mean it's both. I don't know. I'm just playing devils advocate. I understand, and there's grey areas everywhere. No-one ever associates Auschwitz with, like progress or like you know. The word Auschwitz is has the arguably some of the most negative stigmatism and, and association you can think of. << Right, right, right, right. I don't know, it's just, it's just a weird, it's t's a weird thing yeah. It's weird, really weird. And look she is now the poster child. Yeah. For this sort of like, disconnect with, with reality, and that's, that's the fate she sealed for herself. And I think a lot of people also you know, guy girl, doesn't matter. I think a lot of people also, you know, they, they judge a lot. Like they're, they, they, this photo says way more- Yeah. then what she intended it too. She, now I'm not making this like a gender thing, but like she does call herself princess Brianna, right? [LAUGH] Yeah, yeah. She's wearing pink. She's got this like sort of like whimsical sort of. Going on and just think people take away a lot from that. As opposed to this just being maybe like a different kind of a static photo. Not trying to say she is that person, but I think people will take that away. yeah. I think the last, and the last thing I'll say about it is, the fact that it's a selfie me is that she's pretty much covering up the third of the photo with him face. You know, and this could be something where she just could have taken a photo of Auschwitz, posted it and said, this is where I am today. We know that you took the photo. You don't have to put yourself in it through a selfie. It's, to me.>> It could just be a picture of the chair. Right, there's just, I think if it's anything. It seems kinda arrogant. She's gonna learn that there's better ways to do this.>> Yeah.>> Like, would you take a selfie with a gravestone?>> Yeah. Would you do that?>> Right. Probably not. And that's what some people were saying too. I mean, it goes way over board. But people were commenting,you know, would you care if I took a smiling selfie in front of your dad's grave site, you know, and things like that. In the title it says concentration camp, smiley face. I'm sorry if it's Auschwitz Concentration camp smiley emoji, enough said. Yeah, I know, yeah. Enough said. You don't really. We don't need to read into this. Yeah. Okay. I think that's too late. Think about it. Think about it. But I think. Right. Mark nothing to add on this? I think you guys covered it. [LAUGH] I think we tore it apart enough. Don't overreact though internet. Jesus. People are trying to get hurt. No well that's I mean that's terrible. Look. And the show doesn't deserve any punishment. Maybe kicked off the internet for a week and then have to think about what she did. Yeah, yeah. But nothing, come on, she's just a kid. Yeah. All right, is that all we have for today? That's all we got. Is there any emails? There's no emails. I want to. You want to put this off as long as possible. I want to put this off as long, cuz I'm starting to get that, starting to get that like That bubble. that weird belly. A field Mm. Where, like, you're up at the top of a roller coaster. Yeah. And you're almost at the apex, and you can, you hear that, like, [LAUGH] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Even now, what you're doing. And you get up to it. And they're such Dicks those rollercoaster makers because they don't even, it's not like right away, it's just like, oh, why don't you drink in the fact that you're 40 stories above the ground right now [CROSSTALK] Take that in for a second, and then they drop you down and right now I have that feeling where we're at the very top of the apex of the rollercoaster. Yeah, it's like you just have this drop. 4 card in UNO and you're about to just mess up the whole game and no one knows and throws down, we're on the verge of that right now. That analogy is lost on me but. YOu never played UNO? I did when I like 6. : Justin has no idea what UNO is. Yeah do you even know what UNO is. Ha. Oh wait. You don't know what food. Oh yeah he does. Huh. Huh. What. We cancelled the news we have to share. Not the uno app. I'm talking about the card game. Yes the card game. He's like wait it's based on cards? That would've been perfect. Please wild draw four. Yeah wild draw four. Reverse. 'K. Alright. Dude between Ninja Turtles and Bruno. This guy knows his ****. This guy's getting a cultural lesson. Alright, enough with the beating around the bush. We've got some major announcements to make. So without Oh yeah. Further ado, I'll, I'll give the floor to Justin Yu. Well guys, you know, I'm gonna make this short and sweet. I'm not. Cause, I don't, I don't really want a big speech out of it, but, you know, we're going dark, tomorrow. So this is our last day in the studio and, you know, I've been talking with other people here at Cnet and. I'm just gonna lay this down. I'm moving on to other stuff here within the company, so this is my last episode of the 404. After, how many episodes have we done so far? 1531. Yeah. I wanted to make it till the one more than the Bol episode. But I couldn't do it. But you couldn't back it by, couldn't you? I couldn't. You will take that place in my stead but this is gonna be my last show. And, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief What? because I know everyone's celebrating right now. What are you talking about? [LAUGH] Just kidding, I'm joking. So wait, what were you? I don't want to bum people out too much but. Well too late because you just said you're leaving the show. Right which is why, you know, we didn't want to announce it. We knew from a couple weeks ago but you know didn't wanna say anything until the last day Right. Because we didn't want people to get too bummed out. But yeah I'm still gonna be at CNET. I'll be around in videos and things like that if you know if you if you need help sometimes I'm happy to do that. But yeah in in terms of day to day stuff. This is it you guys. << This is it. << So when I said this is like the last day of school it really is. << Right and it's, you know the show is, is, is, is, we've done a lot. << Yeah. << Right, it's coming. To another chapter. Five and a half years. In the history of the program, and, you know, we're able to use this sort of move into the temporary space as like, a, a chapter mark where we, where we can, we think we can get away with doing something like this. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. So is there anything else you want to say about what's going to happen or what you're doing? << Well, we're still sort of working it out with some of the people here. << Yeah. << The managers here, but [CROSSTALK] we're going to be working with a lot of audio stuff, you know, so. Obviously that's a big interest of mine Right. so I'll be working with Steve a lot, actually, trying to amp up the turn table reviews and hi fi reviews on the site. Right. So I'm gonna be helping head that up. Okay. Yeah. Well I wish you the best of luck in all that. Thank you sir. I think on behalf of everybody we need to thank you for what you've. Obviously done with this program. Oh yeah, of course. I mean it's, it's all, it's, this is almost like stupid to even try and talk about it. Yeah. Because of how much of a part of the program you've been for all these years. And, you know, like your, your very unique take on things. Mm. And what you're able to do with your. You just, your ability to find amazing stories and just have a very unique take on stuff, you know I think its safe to say that it is the end of an era, Its never, the show is never going to be the same, no matter what we wind up doing its never going to be the same. But that's the drama. That's the cliff hanger we have here. Mm hm Is how is it gonna go? I want everyone to know that we do have a plan. The show will continue. I'm gonna be working a lot with people around CNet. And we're gonna make this work, there's a lot of interested parties in what the future holds for our show, both on the internal side, with, you know, the people who executively produce the show, the business relations, 404 is a big part of CNET and we will continue to exist as we move forward. But, I want everyone to know, we do have a plan, it's not like we're just like. Holy crap, now what? Right. You know, I didn't want anyone to get that vibe. There is a plan. The people, the guests that you still love to, to check out on the show will still be here, will, will still have that kind of a presence. But, but the look of it, and the com, you know, the makeup of it, obviously is forever changed. And that's << And that's, you know, gonna be something we all have to live with. Our listeners are amazing, right? they were with us when Randal left. They were with us when Wilson left. They were with us when everything broke, because everything still breaks. They were with us when we were live. They were with us when we stopped going live, when we were just freaking recorded. They were with us for the freaking weeks where cnet just broke our g**d***** feed and we didn't even have a freaking show for however long a period of time that was. << Yes. And now they will stay with us when you go. Yeah. So I think we owe a big thank you to everyone who's a part of the program. 100 percent, yeah. Who helps us out, who supports us, who interacts with us. And, you know, you're, you know, you're not disappearing into the ether. No. You're still a, you're still around. Justin's gonna, you know, be available, right? You said you wanted to have people be able to reach out. Oh yeah. And, and like say what's up, and if they wanna ask questions or, or whatever the hell it is. Yeah, yeah, definitely get in touch with me. You know, you can email me at my CNET email address. It's Justin.yu, just spelled Y-U. At Cnet.com. Really easy to remember. Or you can go to our subredit. The 404.redit.com. And leave me some messages there. I'll be active on that forum And then you can also follow me and reply. Talk to me on Twitter as well. It's @malusbrutus M-A-L-U-S B-R-U-T-U-S. The Twitter page if you're unfamiliar with that. I don't know why. There I am. Know why you would. You've only favorited nine things? I don't know what. Favoriting memes. I'm always, favoriting is by far the most disingenuous thing I think you can do on fact, Yeah go on Twitter, man Don't know where, so, so obviously follow him on Twitter. And then like I said our sub reddit. Yeah. You know, I, I visit that thing multiple times a day. Mm-hm. We're going to be there answering questions if you guys have them and we'll let you know the future of the 404 will look. Feel, taste, and smell like. But before we wrap things up here though, and before I make my final exit Yeah I've got a present for you. Cuz I knew this was going to be our last episode. Right, we knew this was happening. We're putting it off like a tooth that needs to be pulled. Right, but this going to be surprise for you, because you didn't know about this before. Okay, now again I'm at the top of the roller coaster. Yeah, we're back on the roller coaster. Again I've reached the apex. So, you know for the past five years, actually since the first day that I started working here. It's been my sort of responsibility to come up with the stories that we talk about on the show. And like a good magician, I never reveal my sources. I don't because, you know, if you do something well don't do it for free. And now that i'm leaving. Just like in the movie American Pie, I'd like to bequeath onto you a black book of links, all of the sources that I use. Justin's been begging me for this for quite some time now, and what I've done here is taken the opportunity to print out a whole list of links. For you. No. And this is all of them, it's a huge stack. Oh my god. And i'll obviously email you a PDF with the links as well so you can bookmark them Oh my god. But it's a veritable treasure trove of links. Pages and pages. In my hands, I hold the future. This is it. You're passing the baton. Yeah, that's exactly what it is. You're passing the torch, no torch not a baton. A torch. Way tougher. That torch is hard. This where it basically [ttt] is the backbone of the 404 should you want to use it. Wow. It's all here. Here it is. Use it in, in,. in good, in good health. This is actually very touching. Well. In a weird, twisted, trivial, way. [ttt] Strange. Dud I appreciate that. Hey yeah that's amazing. Thank you for doing that for me. Don't [ttt] show anybody that. No, I know actually. Put it face down. It is something, all kidding aside, that we have alway had going as a little. Little joke. Yup and now it's yours. Well man it's been fun. It has been. It's not like I'm never gonna see you again, you're right here. Yeah I work right next So you said you would come back on every now and then Yeah definitely Yeah you're into it Sure Okay that makes me feel a lot better, cause I wasn't sure that that was a possibility. Alright well there you have it. That is the drama that we leave you with, that is the cliffhanger if you will. How will things turn out? Well you're just gonna have to wait and see. Follow us on Twitter @the404. There's a lot planned, you're gonna have to stay tuned and see just what the hell it is we wind up doing. We're gonna be back sometime. Oh my god, the computer just closed for good. We're gonna be back some time next week. Again, we are dark starting right now. There's no show tomorrow, stay tuned to the sub-Redit, to the Facebook page, and to our Twitter account, for the latest breaking news about what is going on, and we're back on the air. So, until then, for the last time with Justin, we'll see you guys soon, I'm Jeff Backalor, I'm Justing Yui. I'm Mark. Marks, are you crying? I'm crying Don't cry it's all good things. This has been the 404 show high tech lowbrow, we'll see you when we see you. [MUSIC]

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