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The 404 1,530: Where we're richer for the experience: The 404

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The 404: The 404 1,530: Where we're richer for the experience

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Convincing Google that you accidentally clicked on a racist search result, Comic-con 2014 events for TMNT and X-Men fans, a sequel to Fight Club, and an upcoming novel about people working on their novels.

It's Wednesday July 23rd, I'm Mark [UNKNOWN] and from our CBS studios in New York City. Welcome to the [UNKNOWN]. Oh man he means it. [MUSIC] He just means it and I believe whatever he says. What's up everyone, welcome to the 404 show, I'm Jeff Bakalar, And I'm Justin Yu. What is it, what's his name, Ariele.>> Yeah, Ariele, you forgot his name already, I did not. He's only gone for a day. He's gone for ten minutes and I've already lost track. He's gone, and he's actually straddling the blackout period, so we're not going to see him til we're on the other side of the blackout. Yeah. Thanks to everyone who's been emailing in. I've had about a dozen requests. There's actually a Reddit thread going on as well. Not even gonna be that many episodes gone, so. Either way, I'll post I'll post, you know, what I feel are the best ones out of that. Yada, yada, yada. If you still have a A request for a rerun episode, shoot us an email, the404@cnet.com. Mm-hm. Or go to reddit.com/r/the404 and find the rerun request thread. And drop in your two cents there. Yeah, a lot of them I actually forgot, myself. People were just discussing nostalgia for earlier episodes. And one of them that I forgot was that episode where for some reason the tricaster was making my face green. But only my camera Yah, Remember that one, I do, yah it started hulking out in the middle of the episode. It's so weird. People would like that one. Wasn't that like four years ago, or, or did Awhile ago that happen recently? Yah, no that was awhile ago. It was back when we were in the old, the old studio. Also, a lot of people were suggesting Natalie Del Conte appearances which was also a long time ago. You remember her, Mark? Woah. You've just reached an octave I never heard. [LAUGH] She doesn't ring a bell. no, no. No, of course I do. We were actually Her name is Natalie Morris, man. Oh right. We ac, we actually chatted, last week. Wait, what'd you say? We actually chatted last week. We, we caught up. How's she doing? She's, she's great. We saw her like a year ago. Yeah, yeah. She has a beautiful family, she's doing well? She does, she has the most amazing looking family ever. Well. It's, it's pretty incredible. Her kids are, are incredibly cute. That's a pretty definitive statement. Yeah. They're adorable. They're cuties, they're absolutely adorable, I mean they're working with a pretty super hero gene pool. Yeah, I know, they've got two good looking people, it's tough to make ugly kids when you've got two really good looking people. Yeah, except, yeah, well, we won't even talk about that. Anyway. So today on the show, we've got a bunch of stories, as usual, for your listening and viewing pleasure. First thing I want to talk about is a little thing that happen to me last night on on my computer, on my home computer device. Okay. I forget what I was searching for, I think it was like a Jonah Hill thing I was looking for, like an old interview with him that someone recommended I check out. Okay. Didn't know the headline so I couldn't search specifically. Started searching a little bit and the third, the third search return, result was a direct link to a White Power forum. And I clicked on it by accident. It was called something like Front. You know, cuz it's all like. Yeah, yeah. Stupid racist ****. Right, like Frontline or something. Or yeah, like whatever the hell it is. And I'm like, and I didn't even realize it until I read the subject of the thread, where it was like, overrated stupid Jewish actors. [LAUGH] Jesus Christ. Jonah Hill was at the top of that list. [LAUGH] Like one, Seth Rogen, all those guys. Yeah, yeah. These guys do not like Jewish people. They had some really awful things to say. They were kinda saying things that did, that. [laugh] Warn you, like, I don't know. I see Sarah Silverman in there too. Yeah, sure. Whatever you want. Like, then I man, I, but what pissed me off- Was it storm front? Yeah, maybe. I feel like I've been there, too, accidentally. Don't give out the name like it's a place to go. Hey, but people don't have to go there, we won't put a link in the show notes today. [LAUGH] You promise? Yeah. But anyway, I'm there, and I, like, bef, you know, I, I scrolled maybe three times before I realized oh, crap, I better back out of here. Yeah. Cuz now Google thinks I'm a bigot. Right and that's what I'm scarred of now. I feel like Google's like hey, when **** hits the fan when push comes to shove, Baccalar is a racist. So lets make his IP go inline with all the other pieces of garbage on earth. So first thing about was A there goes any potential career in politics. I've ever wanted to do Right Because one day I accidentally stumbled across [UNKNOWN] some white power forum and then the second thing I thought was hmm whats it going to be like in oh 2032. Like the election that year. Is it like whoever wins has the cleanest digital past? Oh. I feel like if that's the worst of your search results, that you're probably fine. I guess so, right? I think you're probably fine compared to everyone else. Maybe. But there's no way, there's no way that a, a candidate in 2032. Mm-hm. Won't have a picture of him or her, like, taking a bong hit. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like, there's no way. There's just no way. Yeah, yeah or like packing something or like doing something bad. Yeah, definitely. Doing something awful like vomiting on some sort of you know, paid personality or something. [LAUGH] Like something awful will come out awful about everybody. Yeah. And think about it, like you have all these people now. the, the, the generation of Obama and Hillary Clinton. With these people who are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who maybe don't have a digital past the way you or I do. Mm-hm. Think about people before our generation or, I'm sorry, after our generation now who they have nothing but. A digital life. Right. Like, when we were in college, when we were doing the worst things you coul do in your life, which I thought, oh, I pretty much, you know, file in the, the college category, there wasn't real digital, digital photography wasn't as mainstream as it is now. Right. So, now, like, you have everyone from, I don't know, 2006, like the class of 06 and beyond, has the worse. Portion of their life completely digitized for the world to see. Yeah. When the time, when, when the time comes them to run for office, it's gonna be a disaster. And they, I mean, this is gonna sound weird, but they only know about the photos they were aware of, you know? Right! Thing about how many other photos were taken at random parties they were at, out of when they were drunk maybe. Sure. Are floating around there just waiting to surface when they run for office in the future. And, and if you think for a s. Second that this is, will not be an issue, you're out of your freaking mind. Facebook already suggests that you tag people it recognizes. Yeah. It says hey. Pretty damn sure that's Justin Yu, I'm a robot. I should know. Yeah. And then bam, that's it. Game over. Wow, you really connected the dots from some, like a very small problem. But it's true. To a huge issue that we're going to have in the future. It's so [UNKNOWN] right? I don't disagree with you though. But in the mean time, I would suggest getting off the white power forums, even if you're not going to run for office. Yeah, no. I'm not, I mean look. I registered, but. But the thing is the dangerous. This part is it's a slippery slope because I'm sure you, claimed atheist, have also read articles about religion and things like that before. Maybe about atheism. So that's sort of a short connection. Maybe Google is looking at that and being like yeah, it's kind of not a far cry for Jeff to be looking up this stuff now. He's just kind of getting deeper into the internet hole. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. And then it's going to start serving you more ads. For cloaks, I did get a lot of racist advertisement. Did you really? No. Okay. I don't think they allow for that. I don't think its like, hey check out this flammable cross. Doesn't work like that. Need some starch. That's messed up anyway so that happened and got me thinking. Which is why. It's maybe cuz I'm reading this comic book right now that is severely changing the way I think about privacy. It's called the private eye. It's fantastic everyone should check it out. I think everyone in the future is going to wear masks. Wait, what? Yeah, to conceal their facial identity. What are you talking about? Oh so nobody recognizes So no one will recognize, that's what the comic proposes. You know, way into the future 50 years into the future. Mm-hm. You know, we'll, we'll just decide to like reinvent ourselves. Yeah, that's kinda smart, right? So you just wear like those little masks or. Mm-hm. Or, you know, however you want to be. Mm-hm. It's basically gonna look like Comic-Con 24/7. Right. I mean we've actually talked about stories like this on the show before of artists and, and designers that have created face masks that will sort of. Yes they are all facial recognition cameras and stuff like that, I remember one guy that was exhibiting at the new museum in new york, he drew like a bunch of lines on his face and just looked like a magic marker or sharpie and that sort of threw him off [INAUDIBLE] yeah you don't have to put a [INAUDIBLE] So, obviously like. The people who start doing that first are suspicious, but once becomes main stream and everyone's doing it, then we're all once again anonymized. Yeah. Ooh. This is the cyber. I'm just going to start wearing a scream mask everyday just to freak people out. That'd be normal. It's the cyber-punk version of the 404 today, I love it. Overhyped Jewish actors. We could have a whole show on that. [CROSSTALK] up right now. Yeah I did actually. Did you really? You know what's funny? I looked up [CROSSTALK] Okay. I looked up worse Jewish actors, and it's the first freaking page that shows up Yeah. on Google. Yeah. But you know what, I also thought that Google. takes your search results and caters them to some stuff that you've seen in the past. They sort of organize it for you. There's a picture of David Ducovany[sp]. I don't know if he's even jewish. There's a lot, man, there's a lot of really racist searches. [LAUGH] Oh man, it's crazy. So like, you know what else is kinda crazy. I, so I click around in that, in that forum. Uh-huh. And I'm looking around and like, you know when you go to a forum people are like super proud of like their post count. Yeah. And like their you know, where they live and details about their live like. Mm-hm. And there's like the moderators who've were like super proud to be a moderator. Right. Of a freakin racist scumbag white power organization. Yeah. That's, is nuts kinda. They're like on top of the racist mountain, They're like hey amongst the pile of filth. Yeah. I'm the flag sticking out at the top. And filthiest. It's amazing to me. You know what's funny is this is going to bite you in the **** in the future. How? You'll be at work. Your boss is going to be over your shoulder. You're going to try to Google something. Yeah. And this is going to come up in your search results with a thing that says you visited this page on July 22nd, 2014. Well that'd be embarrassing. Yeah. [LAUGH] Thanks Google. And you were probably signed in too right. Yeah I was signed. And your Facebook was signed in too so. Usually when I'm searching for nefarious stuff I, I do the old Apple Shift+n Shift +n. Which for you noobs out there is open up a new incognito. Browser. Doesn't hide your identity, but it just, it gives you like a clean slate browser. Right. So you're just. You're not logged into anything, there's no cookies active. Mm-hm. It's kind of the best thing that's every been created by human beings. Yeah. If it works. It does work. It probably just sends everything you're looking at straight to Google. Right, like that would be like kind of a reverse thing. Like a direct route. That would be a great way to really cut to the chase Yeah! And find all the crap people are looking for. That's what the Incognito browser is! It's a red herring. It's a back door. Yep. It's a back door. We figured it all out. Conspiracy theory. Cyberpunk conspiracy theory show. You heard it here first. Put that on the storm front man. I bet they'd be all over that theory. [CROSSTALK] saying that even that word is upsetting. Yeah. It just sounds scary. That, that collaboration. It just sounds awful. It's like Crimson Jihad. Yeah. From True Lies. [CROSSTALK] Well that just sounds awful. Anything with crimson in front of it, crimson goats, crimson [INAUDIBLE] Stop, it's like, oh I don't like that, make it go away. All right, when you mentioned Comicon, and it's funny that you mentioned that cause it starts tomorrow and unfortunately. Guess what, we're not. [LAUGH] We'll be here tomorrow, cleaning up the office. God damn it. Yeah, we'll be spackling, and, and putting caulk in the walls. But yeah, [UNKNOWN]. So Comicon's starting tomorrow, in San Diego. We're not going to be there, unfortunately. Is he not sending anybody there? I don't know. I talked to Peter Brown for a second today, and it sounded like he was going, but I don't know. What? There's no video. If he was going.with GameSpot. Oh, okay. There are video games there. There are? Don't you remember, every year we go, it's. It's like the scene at game spot base station. Yeah, right, right, right. That's not gonna be there this year unfortunately. Yeah. Well we're starting to hear about some of the cool promotions that they're gonna run for coma kon this year. When we went, together the first time there was The Walking Dead, What's it called? Escape The Walking Dead. Yeah, yeah. And that was sort of like this big So an obstacle course Obstacle course that you could run in. But this year, Fox is kicking off the experience, sort of with this new promotion to let you, sort of enter the mind, the telepathic mind of Charles Xavier, from the X-men, through Cerebro, do you remember what Cerebro is. Of course, it's like his Imax theater that shows a portal into the lives of human and mutants alike. Yeah, exactly, it's that helmet that he puts on, which basically amplifies his telepathic abilities. Come [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, let him whatever, you know, find all the mutants in the world [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] So check this out [INAUDIBLE] starts tomorrow so I want that are going to [INAUDIBLE] to take photos and tell us about the [INAUDIBLE] experience it sounds really cool. So Fox set up a booth where users can walk in and sit down in a replica of Xavier's wheelchair, It's pretty rad. Yeah, if you ever wanted to sit on a wheelchair, yeah, Comicon's your spot. That's not cool. Yeah, and then they'll put an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset on you, that sort of mimics, the shot that you would see if you were Xavier wearing the Cerebro helmet. Right? And then the rift will show this sort of 3D environment that lets you hunt down Mystique in the San Diego Convention Center where Comic Con's taking place. So she's hiding. So she's hiding and you get to explore the Comic Con floor through Oculus Rift which will obviously be really immersive and all the great things that come with it. That is neat. Yeah. That is neat. It's, it's really cool. I was waiting for a VR stunt to sort of come out using Oculus and this is great. They're doing it to promote the October 14th Blu-Ray release of Days of the Future Passed, the last X Men movie. And it's really cool. If you if you throw down, how much is that? 80 bucks for the preorder, you get X Men the Cerebral Collection. Which actually has all of the X Men movies in it, all the way up until Days of the Future Passed. But it comes in this limited edition box, shaped like the cerebral helmet. it all comes full circle.>> Yeah, I was kinda psyched about that until you told that you had all of the X-men movies. I mean let's be honest there's only really been 3 good X-men movies, including Days of Future Past.>> Right, I liked X-men 1. Yeah, that's included. X-Men one and two, for my money, are pretty damn good. Right, I mean. What about First Class? I liked First Class. First Class had it's moments, didn't love it. I like that one. No? It's definitely fourth place. I would say X-Men one then First Class. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Days of Future Past. What about two, X-Men Two? Well, who's the villain in that one, again? It's it's, it was Striker. Striker. Brian Cox. Oh, yeah. No, that was [INAUDIBLE]. Nightcrawler. Yeah. That opening scene with Nightcrawler. Yeah, yeah, I liked that one, too. Give me a break. Three, though, [NOISE]. Yeah, oh, man. It's kinda funny. [INAUDIBLE] I guess if you haven't seen Days of Future Past by now. Mm-hm. You know, just hold your ears for the next. Well this isn't really a spoiler. He hasn't, Justin the intern hasn't seen it. Yeah. [UNKNOWN] This actually isn't a spoiler. Someone said this to me and I, I'm, I'm stealing it from them and I forget who it was. I, it could've been you. But the best thing about X-Men Days of Future Past. Is that it theoretically undoes the events that [CROSSTALK] Yeah, yeah exactly. Thus making Brett Ratner irrelevant Genius. Genius! Yeah it's awesome, yeah only time travel could do something like that. It's the only time when you can get away with time travel and have it work in your advantage, as long as you are running anything Brett Ratner did. Yeah. He did the, the third one? Or did he? Definitely did the third one. Singer did the first two right? Singer did one and two and he did Days of Future Past. man. Freaking Bryan Ratner Freaking Brent Ratner. They, they gave that guy. They were like, here. Dude, make this movie. Yeah. And he was like sure. And he just. Slammed it into a mountain., Mm-hm. Yeah, don't pick that one up. They should just leave that one out of the collection [CROSSTALK]. Yeah. Like a big question mark? Didn't happen. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] All right. In more movie news at Comic-Con, this is really cool. I want people to definitely take photos of this cause we don't have any actual pictures of it. All we have is this mockup. Okay. So remember when we went they had this whole. The whole layout in the grass outside. Every single one of the Batmobiles from the 1960's Adam West TV show all the way up till Christian Bail's version. The Tumbler. This year there's gonna be one new vehicle and it's not from the Batman series it's from Ninja Turtles. You remember when Ninja Turtles one came out in 1989. They had all those toys that followed up with it, and one of the toys was the pizza shooter. Of course. You remember that? Do I remember that, Can you bring up a photo of the pizza shooter toy? It was so cool, I really loved this. So this was different than the Turtle Van, which also shot pizzas. [LAUGH] Man those guys love pizza. They really cashed in on the whole pizza thing. And it's amazing that. Yeah, the one was like a tank. So here, I'm sorry. Here's the here's the actual image of the pizza shooter. Am I correct? Yeah. Is this it? That's the guy. Yeah. It had like a cool little sort of loading chamber in the middle. Mm-hm. It doubled as on oven. I'm pretty sure they were loading raw pizzas into the loading chamber. That's. and what a waste of food.>> And certainly a waste of food. Nonetheless loading raw pizzas, the thing would cook them and then shoot them out at a rate far beyond anything you would want to eat. To burn someone's face.>> Right. Or slice it in half. Oh, right, yeah. Right. Super sharp pizzas. This was battery powered and it flung these plastic, pizzas It was loud. That came with it. Yeah, yeah. It was like and you're like whoa. [LAUGH] Yeah. This is [LAUGH] It was that thing. Little loud. Yeah. You, and I used to put quarters. Did you own this thing? Yeah, I put quarters in it. No way. Yeah, don't do that. Did you shoot them at your brother? Shoot it. Should of told you not to do that. Yeah. Made little holes in the wall. Hm. Yeah. That's why you don't have kids. This is why I can't have nice things. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well that was everyone's favorite Ninja Turtles toy. I think there were some other ones, that were up there too. I like the techno drone. and Shredder had this sports car that I played with too.>> Shredder had a sports car? Yeah, it was like a Chevy something, I forget. Yeah, but those toys are super beloved and obviously when the new Ninja Turtles movies come out. People get nostalgic for the old stuff. So what comicon did is partnered with Pizza Hut. Which what the hell took so long. Well pizza hut had Ninja Turtles campaign back in the day. Did they I don't remember that. I was too young to know I was being advertised to. Right you just thought it was all from the same toy. Exactly. Well, Pizza Hut partnered with San Diego Comecon and a place called sin labs. To come up with a real live, working pizza thrower. Sick. Yeah, like an actual pizza thrower. And, this is the mock up of what's it will eventually look like, when it actually debuts. We don't know what the real one's gonna look like yet. Right. And this one is built on a twenty year old pick up truck. That's the thing that they used for the base. It can fling real pizzas at 75 miles per hour. That would hurt.>> That would seriously hurt. Getting hit with anything that's travelling 75 miles per hour would hurt. You know? And now a whole pizza. Wait, wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, no. I'm sorry. I read this article completely wrong. The thrower's capable of hitting speeds of 75 miles per hour. Does that mean the truck can go 75 miles per hour or? I don't know. I'm gonna. It can throw 75 miles per hour? I'm gonna say that the. Yeah, I don't, oh, okay, okay, okay, okay. Yes, the thrower can g-go 70 miles per hour, but it can only manage five to ten while it's shooting pieces. So that makes. Send. I don't know. We'll have to ask Amanda who wrote this article, to clarify this. We gotta get our numbers straight on this pizza deal. [LAUGH] Yeah, yeah. We gotta fact check this story really quick. But it can also throw a pie up to 30 feet, which is pretty impressive, too. Yeah, that's pretty cool. Mm-hm. Cowabunga. Yeah. Hey, guess what, though. Kinda bummed out that this is even a movie Wait, the Ninja Turtles, the reboot. Why? Yeah, it looks, yeah, it looks bad, it does, you can say it. Say it looks like ****, because it does. Their noses are really small, which kind of threw me off in the trailers. That's what's bothering you, the noses? Yeah, but I'm not sweating it too much, I'm still gonna watch it. Why are they the size of like trucks, why are they abnormally large Yeah. Things. They're really really big. And, yeah, I mean it's just not going to be as cartoony, I think, as the initial series was. Well, no. It's all CG. It's really violent. Yeah. Is it? It's going to be kind of, more of like the Eastman and Laird comics where they actually beat guys up. Yeah, but it was, the, the, the first movie was very violent for a PG, PG. The first one was kind of weird, yeah, the first one was dark. Yeah it was super dark. Like. Thematically and esthetically. Did they do LSD in that movie? They don't do drugs. I feel like they did acid in that movie and then they had visions of No! Do you remember when [UNKNOWN] came out of the fire, and they were having all those visions and [CROSSTALK] Oh my God you're right! I'm pretty sure they did it, they did acid and had a bad trip. I think they did peyote at the campfire! Yeah. [LAUGH] Do you remember that? And then he was like, oh turtles. Yeah, they were on like, April's farm. You're right! Yes. And, they like, I don't know if they smoked anything, but, they were seeing some weird visions. They- And I'm pretty sure Raff said he was peaking at some point, too. No, I don't know if he, they actually like, referenced straight up drugs. [LAUGH] But- You know I'm gonna pour this water on my head [LAUGH] It's gonna feel amazing. Rub my face with your [UNKNOWN]. There is right. You know what were talking about Mark right. I don't remember. You didnt' see the first Ninja Turtles movie. I did but it was a really long time ago and I don't think I enjoyed it enough to watch it again. Jess the intern you were three when that movie came out. What about you. [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] ninety one Ninety one and he's over 18 already, that's messed up He's 22 I know that's crazy. You've seen it? I've seen all three. Don't act like the third one is part of the trilogy. I was not born when the original Ninja Turtles Movie came out. That's- Crazy. I, I remember that, I remember standing in line for that, of course I remember standing in line for that. I remember when they had the first scene where the Ninja Turtles title screen came up and they all jumped together. 1990 is when that movie came out. Still doesn't matter. Still negative one. Yep. [CROSSTALK] Not even conceive [CROSSTALK] What is that? Yeah. What is that like? What's that feel like? He doesn't know. I don't know. I wasn't there. I don't know. That's so wacky. Yeah. But I have seen it. Well 24 years later they are going to ruin it, is what you need to know. Yeah. Yeah, I had tapes of the original cartoon. alright that's all you need to know.>> Because that my mom hates me.>> Why?>>She had to be there.>> Oh, to make sure that there is no weird stuff happening, no peyote trip. Oh gotcha okay. So that's how things went in that house. So there you have it, Ninja Pizza Shooter. Yeah check it out if you're going to be at comic con this year. Yeah we would cover that were not going to be there. Speaking of movies actually, and a continuation of the movie. There's going to be a fight club too. And I put the story on the rundown yesterday, but you wanted to talk about it today. Unfortunately, it's not going to be a movie right. Right so Chuck [UNKNOWN], the guy who wrote fight club, and he's written countless. Really, really twisted but amazing novels. He has decided that he's gonna work together with Cameron Stewart, mm-hm David Mack and a few other guys and put together, oh and coming out of Dark Horse Comics, they're putting together a graphic novel that will. Basically fill the void of a fight club sequel. Mm-hm. So this is actually, I'm okay with this. Because I don't think they should do a movie. They're gonna option it for a movie after That's fine. But that doesn't mean it'll be a movie. They should not do a. I mean, you talk about, like, a definitive end to a movie. Fight Club really had a definitive end. Right. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] We don't really need to see his kid or anything in the future with Marla. But that's what they're proposing. That's what they're implying through this Do the sort of you know, teaser image, it shows you know, the, the anonymous funt man character, which I believe they're calling Sebastian now. Right, he was called narrator before. Or, some people thought his name was Jack, Oh, yeah. And it shows him and Marla, impregnated and smoking a cigarette nonetheless. Mm-hm, mm-hm. Kinda like at the altar, gettin' married. Yeah. Little shotgun wedding there. I remember watching an interview with him before, with Chuck, where he was talking about a potential sequel story idea. And he was saying that in the future. It's gonna be him and Marla they had a kid and their life is kinda boring but then Tyler comes back to abduct his kids yeah i mean that's kind of the only thing that really makes sense because you know jack we'll just call him jack he sort of like deals with. Tyler in his own way. Yeah. And he's able to remove him from his life. And that's what I was eluding to. When I was talking about a definitive end. So I don't know man Yeah. But nevertheless, I'm really into it. Yeah. And I, I love reading, you know, comics. It's like my thing. You know that one. Mm hm. So, yeah, I'll, I'll,I'll absorb Okay. A new Fight Club in this. Fashion. Mm hm. For sure. You must've loved the first one. Right? When it came out. I actually read the book after I saw the movie. But the movie's pretty damn good. It really holds up. Didn't he say that he prefers the ending of the movie as opposed to the book? Well that's the thing, like what's going to be? Cause I didn't read the book. What happens at the end of that? Hold on, you're gonna spoil that. Oh really? Okay, all right. So it's completely different. Well, it's different. So, yeah, you know I'm curious to see like which kind of universe they go along. It's ten years after the events Mm-hm So, you know, we'll have to see Yeah Man, maybe I need to read that book again, too, cause you know, for whatever reason my left, you know, I've see the movie, I've only read the book once. Seen the movie like 11 times. Yeah, yeah. So, you know one definitely dominates the other. Mm-hm. In terms of remembering. But yeah, this is pretty rad. There was this buzzfeed article that was like 25 things you didn't know about fight club. And one of them was it said. In every single shot of the movie, you can see a Starbucks coffee cup in every single scene. Is it every, it can't be every single scene. That's what he said. Yeah. Every single scene there's a Starbucks coffee cup. I don't know. That's what, that's what they [INAUDIBLE] I know, I feel like I know that it's, it's there a lot. Mm-hm. I think there's even a. Go to fightclubstarbucks.tumblr.com. Okay It's a collection of screenshots from every scene, with the coffee cup sort of pointed out. But it's everywhere, I don't know. There small, sometimes it's just characters holding them, or in the background. But. They're all there. It's kind of impressive actually. There's a lot of it. It makes sense with the whole message about consumerism in the film. Sure. Maybe it means like every scene there's one. Yeah. Maybe not every shot. Every single shot. Pretty rad. But that's cool though. I definitely remember a lot of that being the case. Really cool. It's a good Easter Egg. Man, I love that movie. I know. You've seen Fight Club, right Justin? Okay. I thought it was all over for a second. [LAUGH] All right. What else do we have? All right. Let's let's talk about this summer time gadget. Because I think this is really cool, and lately we've been talking a lot about **** kickstarters. Mm-hm. And I want to get off the negativity for a little bit because this one's actually pretty cool. and it's gonna get made because the funding has already reached its goal. So there's this new gadget called BunchaBalloons and it's poised to make your summer water fight super epic. Because the worst part of making water balloons is what? Wrapping that frigging nozzle around the hose. Mm, wait, really?>> Wait, what?>> Wrapping the balloon around the hose.>> Nozzle. Nozzle. Yeah, and then you fill it up, you gotta tie it off. Oh, it's terrible. Without breaking your hands, your fingernails or whatever. Oh, it's terrible, totally terrible. Yeah, it's the worst. And you know, and this bunch of balloons. So basically it takes all the work out of filling and tying those balloons. So check this out. This is what it looks like. It's thing that hooks up to the nozzle on your hose. Right. Right. And it connects all of the balloon stems that come together in the package into a giant stem. And that thing screws into the, the neck of your hose. Kind of brilliant. And you fill it up the same way you would anything else with the hose. You just turn on the water. And then when they're done, they actually disconnect themselves from the main stem. How does that happen? You just shake it, and then the blooms fall off, and they're already tied. That's remarkable. That'll change summertime forever. Yeah, it's crazy. Is there a video? Yeah, there's a video of it too. Of it actually working? Mm-hm, yeah, check it out. Let's see it. Yeah it's right in the beginning there. It can tie up 100 balloons in less than a minute. No, I just, 100 balloons in a minute? 100 balloons in a minute. See isn't there a trick to tying the balloons so that they always pop. Probably I'm not sure. So this is what it looks like. It's kinda, it's kinda crazy. Yeah. So they oh, I see what happens. So they all fill up and. And when you shake em, they just pop off. Unbelievable. And you have a whole bundle of, of water balloons. This is so cool.>> Yeah, no wonder it got funded. Crap like this always gets funded.>> Yeah, it's crazy. I feel like water fight technology hasn't been. Hasn't really been upgraded since the Super Soaker. Not a lot of leaps and bounds. Yeah. Yeah, not going to lie, the Super Soaker kind of sucked. What? ! Yeah it wasn't that good. No, it was good. I never. I just, was never impressed. They had the 100 Series. The 200 Series. Yeah. They you got up to the 1500. Yeah. It still wasn't that. Like powerful. Oh, that thing would be like a fire hydrant. [INAUDIBLE] Huge. I wanted that power with like 18 [INAUDIBLE] attached to it. At that point you just need the hose. Yeah. And just put your finger over the hose. That's what I wanted, man. That's pretty rad, though. So, man, you know what's crazy is when I was reading this. Story. It was at $20,000, because I wrote that in my notes. Oh wow. It's well past 31 now. And now it's at 31, that's like $11,000 in the last 20 minutes. With a month to go. Yes. It just launched two days ago. Wow, So, it's got 28 days, 762 backers, it's already tripled its goal. I'm kinda glad we're entering the kickstarter category again, real quick, because if you listened to our show on Monday, when Iaz was here, we stumbled across a product called the, Titron. Is this the watch? This is the watch Yeah Okay? I think you mentioned this And a lot of speculation now, it's the watch with the guy pondering his life. This is the one that projects the time onto your. Wrist. Right. It was called the Ritot. But not on the watch. Right. On your actual skin. Right. It's called the Ritot. Yeah. Okay. There is a a shocking amount of suspicion now. And I think we displayed some of it as well when we were doing the show. Uh-huh. I thought it, I didn't come out and say that I thought it was ****, but I was definitely super skeptical about the whole thing. Mm. Turns out the consensus now is that this was a scam. That it was just a smash and grab, raise a bunch of money on Indi Go-Go, and then just claim like, oh, it didn't get funded. And then keep the money. Then keep the money. So it's more than just a prank, it's actually a Oh, this is a straight up criminal act. What's it called again? It's called the RITOT, it's kickstarter is nearing half a million dollars, Oh my god. And they only wanted fifty grand. It's been funded 928%. And people don't believe it because There's just a lot of speculation, and like when you go, they never show, and here's like the big kind of giveaway, it's the you know like clearly it's photoshopped. And the dude's not even looking at the right wrist in this photo. [LAUGH]. Right? [LAUGH] What? Look at that photo. Dude's not even looking at the wrist the freaking band is on. Lot of speculation because, look, it's all clearly photoshopped and we said that. We go "Yes, it's freaking photoshopped." Featured in all these reliable things, including the dummies at Cnet. [LAUGH] You know, but, no, it's, it's, it was, it was something that people were easily duped on but it's all photoshopped, there's never once in the video, there's never one semblance of prototype. Right, right. Usually they build a prototype or something or they have. Or they have some half-assed, thrown together, Mcgyver duct-taped thing. And there's none of that. I'm telling ya, this is a freaking scam, okay, this is faked. And I wanted to follow up because we did kinda make, we hated on it for sure on Monday when Iaz was here, and, and now there's a bit of a reporting coming out. about these guys sort of dodging questions and stuff like that.>> Oh wow.>> Play the video for just for a few seconds.>> Ok, Sure. This could be the first. I feel like it might be the first to get exposed, I don't think it's the first to actually. You know, I don't think it's the first to actually attempt it. Yeah. But I think it's just the first one that's being called out because- What does RITOT mean? I don't know. It's gotta be like- It probably stands for like, I'm taking all your freaking money. yeah, it's completely like, there's no, this is all CG, this is all a rendering. There's nothing real here. And then they start showing, just like hi-res, you know, model clip art I like that high quality material, Yeah, what is that, Wardrobe, okay. And people were eating this up, I mean this is basically a glorified potato salad as far as I'm concerned. Yeah, and that was real. Yeah, I mean look at this, it's like a tutorial in a video game, it's not real. Yeah, yeah. It's not real, this thing aint real. yeah but look at look at photoshop.>>Indie Gogo has to have something built in security wise to make sure that this doesn't happen. They are sure going to have it now, after the fall out from this thing. This is not real. This will never be a product. If it is it's going to come from a different company. Look maybe i'm wrong. Maybe I'm wrong but I will gladly eat [UNKNOWN] If I am wrong. Cool. And then this. this is the kicker. What? The criminal himself. Look at this guy's video, man. Oh this is the creator? I guess. He's the face of the company who can't make eye contact with the camera. Also doesn't have the watch on either. Nope, he's just a guy talking and a wall. He's just a dude with a blazer. That's it. What are his credentials? Blazer. [LAUGH] Wow, that's quite the conspiracy theory. It's not a theory, I think it's a fact. Check it, I'm telling ya, I'm telling ya. I'm glad we brought that full circle. Bunch of balloons, look, it's not the most mind melting idea ever. No. But at least there's proof. Yeah. At least we got a bunch of kids doing it easily. Right, it's right here. They're doing it. You can see it working. They did it. There's Jared from Subway telling us how freaking easy it is to do. right I mean c'mon. Yeah, yeah this is real. It's real. I think you did it. Good one. Again I'm not the whistle blower on this one. But we definitely talked a lot. Right you were here Justin we weren't you. We talked. Crap on Monday about that [INAUDIBLE] I believe you. Yeah. It does look pretty suspect. Hindsight is totally 20 20. Yeah. And you're not the only one that thinks that, too. I'm reading a bunch of articles that are [INAUDIBLE] A lot of people. A lot of people are starting to call them out. Definitely. [INAUDIBLE] What kind of a name is [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, [INAUDIBLE] that's got to be an acronym for something. It definitely is an acronym for like. This is how you steal money from people. Right. Whatever it is. Exactly. All right. Finally I do want to get to this last story about the working on my novel thing. [LAUGH] Okay. So this is really a basic story. There's not a lot of meat here. But an artist named Cory Archangel. He's been collecting a bunch of Twitter messages with that contain the phrase working on my novel. This is like the quintessential Brian Griffin line. Yeah it's been, and so he basically compiled them all into. His own twitter account called working' on my novel. And here it is, every single instance of somebody on twitter saying working on my novel in various capacities. So there's one girl that's like sitting by the fire working on my novel while my dog's next to me, another one's like love technology, working on my novel as I sit outside during lunch break. All kinds of stuff. The best is working on my novel, fears of the unexpected. Yeah. Don't title your non-existent novel before you have a novel. I like this one too. Gravity's Alex says. Kanye has inspired me to start working on my novel again. Get some new inspiration! [LAUGH] So, it's funny, this guy, uuu, he's taking that collection of tweets, and turning that into his own novel. Appropriately titled Working on My Novel. Wait a minute. Yeah. You can't do that. Working on My Novel, the novel. That's like Inception. Yeah, yeah. Wait a minute. But it's not, it, it, it clearly can't be an, it's not a fictional story, though. No, no, no. It's a collection of these. navel gazing tweets. Right. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Good. Good job, Corey. You and I would get along pretty, for sure. This is a followup to his other project he had a couple of years ago called Sorry I Haven't Posted. And that the blog of people Mm. Who have blogged saying, sorry I haven't posted. No book there. Look, I got no problem, people exploiting the stupid. And maybe they did do a novel. And maybe one of them was Dan Brown. Yeah. And he's like, I'm working on this weird. You know, American history thriller, Yeah, exactly. Maybe, maybe. But, when you navel gaze like that it kinda rubs people the wrong way. What does navel gaze mean? You don't know what navel gaze means? No, yeah, you've said that twice. Oh my god. I've never heard that before, is that a figure of speech? Yeah, you don't know. Okay, let's deconstruct. I know what shoe gazing means, is that different? Yeah, what does shoe gazing mean? Shoe gazing is when you're like pensively looking down. Oh I guess it's kinda the same thing then. Oh, okay. It's sorta like you, you're, you're like very optimistically contemplating yourself. Oh. Yeah, okay. You're like oh I'm so frickin interesting, even my frickin belly button's got something to say. Oh. Gotcha. [LAUGH] That's funny. You never heard of- You frickin navel gazer. Yeah. [LAUGH]. Yeah. Urban dictionary says navalgating is excessive, introspection. Yeah.>> Too into themselves to notice anyone else. Perfect definition. [CROSSTALK] Excessive introspection, yep, yep, for sure.>> Won't you stop navalgating? Hey won't you stop navalgating and give me my freaking food that I ordered a minute ago?>> I'm pretty sure this whole show is about navalgating. I mean, it's not about us. [CROSSTALK] No come on, that is not my original. Idea. That is a fake-ass, Kickstarter. But never the less. You stupid [UNKNOWN]. I'm gonna start calling people that. Half the fun is explaining what it means. Good. That's it for us, guys. Shoot us an email the404@cnet.com. We're back here tomorrow. It's the last show for a little bit while we go dark, and yeah, that's, that's just about going to do it for us. Shoot us an email, follow us on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Reddit, and we're back here tomorrow with a brand new show. Until then, I'm Jeff Backular, I'm Justin Yu, I'm Marco Saya. This has been the 404 show High tech. Low brow. See you guys tomorrow. [MUSIC]

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