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The 404: The 404 1,528: Where we change your life forever

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The 404: The 404 1,528: Where we change your life forever

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CNET's front door wizard Iyaz Akhtar joins the show for the first time ever to talk about a cheaper Tesla, projection watches, and a 404 Easter egg he's been sitting on for years.

It's Monday, July 21, 2014. I'm Mario Nunez, and from our CBS studios in New York City, welcome to the 404. [MUSIC] What's going on everyone? Welcome to the 404 show. I'm Jeff Bakalar and today. I can't belive this, I can't believe this day is actually happening. Yeah. Because this has been something brewing in the works for millenia. Pretty much like six years ago. That's not what, what's, millenia's like thousands of years, right? Well no, but in actual time, but. Actual time. Internet time it's been millenia. You're right. It, it's a life time. Mm-hm. For the first time ever, [UNKNOWN] is on the program. I want to give a round of applause for [UNKNOWN] Thank you. And this is not going to end. I'm going to talk over my [INAUDIBLE] Going to sound real good for everybody. Yeah. Holy crap man. How are you, first of all? I'm good. It's Monday so I'm sort of like figuring out the week already, so it's. Doing pretty well. Good weekend. Okay, good. I'll tell you about my weekend whether or not you want to hear about it in a minute. I didn't ask it, but go ahead. No, I am. I'm gonna force it down your throat. So welcome to the show. Thank you. Welcome to CNET. I don't know if anyone's publicly welcomed you to CNET. publicly? You've been here for almost a year now. Seven months now. Okay, so that's close enough. It's a long time. Feels like a lifetime. Welcome to the company. Welcome to New York. Back Okay, welcome back to New York. You now live here. Mm-hm. Thank you. Give, give everyone a brief history of who the hell you are. And then I want to get into like some fun facts about the Inez and the 404 that date back to 1976. Three years before I was born. [LAUGH] Right. [LAUGH] I love that. That's that. Yeah before I was a pre-zygote. [LAUGH] Right. No. I'm, I, I've been at CNet since January. I'm the front door guy which means any thing you see at CNet.com I'm responsible for putting there, most of the time. So, if you're like hey, why is the 404 never on the front door, you go it's this guy. Your fault. And that's why you're having on. You son of a ****. Exactly. I'm just trying to grease the wheel a little bit here. [LAUGH]. so, I do that pretty much and I do some videos from time to time and write up posts. Right on. But I just moved out to New York in, oh it was last month, to the day. Oh, look at that. I didn't know that. How bout that. Moved out last month. I was in San Francisco for the first six. Yeah. And then I moved out here cuz my sons out here and so I get to see him a lot more and so it's. Really nice to be back in New York. So, you. Yeah, this is amazing. So, you know, you, you were doing stuff before this. Mm-hm. And we don't have to talk about that if you don't want to. I don't know what you were doing. Oh, wait a minute, yes I do cuz you had me on your program all the fine times. [LAUGH] That was right, you were on the show called 50's Today. That! And I had a blast every time I came on. That was a. Fun show to be on. I did a lot of drugs before I went on every time. But I had fun nonetheless. Well, that's always important that you're having fun. Your mental state, isn't exactly, terribly important. Sure. I mean we're talking about the tech news of the day at the time, you know. Right. It was fun. You had Tom Mayer as the anchor so he had no problem. Yeah, he's a good dude. Mm-hm. The show was great. And and now you know, times change. People change. And now you're here and you're happy. Oh yeah I'm. That's all the matters is if you're happy. It's nice that I'm happy now. Okay. So now let's take it back a few years before that. And you blew my mind a minute ago before we started recording. [LAUGH] I, eh, just tell me what you just told me. Okay. And, and for people live, have been listening to this show since the beginning. I mean, maybe not the very beginning but in our earlier years. Blow, blow their minds as well. Okay. So I, okay, I still watch and listen to both 404 and Buzz Out Loud everyday, because I was working at home as an editor at a place called Gaudet Hell, and so Right. Because I was living upstate New York, which was boring. I always had something going on. So I was in this chat room, this mythical chat room. Sure. And the eventually I started calling into the 404's Mario. Because [CROSSTALK] Not talk about if for a second. Hello everybody. [CROSSTALK] Iez was the Mario guy. Yeah. Da, was this before your time Mario? Probably I don't remember this. All right, so describe what you use to do. Okay, so what would happen is Jeff would. Pronounce Mario Mario, Because that's how true people like people who are honest to the heritage Anyhow, so I would call in, I used to do, I used to make voices when I was younger, and one of the voices I started working on was super Mario, so I started calling in. As Mario and it be like, it's a me Mario. But that's way too [INAUDIBLE], more Luigi. But, it's a me, Mario. Yeah. It's pronounced, I pronounce Mario, Mário. And that would be the thing. Yeah. And you started playing it, and then I would, you would argue. So I'd call back. And I'd do this I think for three days in a row. Yeah. That was enough of that. But that was me calling in, along time ago, in between editing. Blog posts on a tech site, it's like im just gonna call, and gonna leave this **** message I didn't know it was you man! But I knew you in the scene in the tech scene in new york back then, you know, I knew who you were we were friendly. And I had no idea that you lead this double life where you're calling up our show pretending to be some Nintendo character. It's odd to tell somebody that. Like, hey, nice to meet you at Pepcon. It's me, Mario. Like, what are you, what are you doing? Huh? What are you nuts? So I didn't I didn't mention it just because I thought it was an odd thing. So I'm like whatever. At some point I'll mention it. Maybe on the show. Why not? Late, six years later. Yeah, the, the series of events have led, led me to the show and doing a Mario impression. Not on the phone. Right. But on a microphone. It's very different. It is kinda cool that, you know, circumstances conspired that, that brought you here, to the seat that you're sitting in right this second. Yeah. Yeah, I used to work upstairs at PC Mag for like, a little bit. Yeah. And I'm like, I know this building. Right. So I know, this, it's very odd, like, bizarro land. To now. Wow. All right. That's very cool. Well thanks for being here, man, and for filling in for Justin. So here's how the rest of this week is going to go. And it's not pretty. I'll be honest, okay? Starting Friday, we're going dark for a few days. There, I just wanna be completely transparent. We're moving this studio. Our entire office floor is being renovated, and they're picking up this studio and moving it a few hundred feet, and the, you know, the room's gonna be bigger, you, you won't realize that but the room will be bigger and we're gonna have a. A few technological upgrades that should make, for the, for this to be a lot, that much better. And during that time though, we will be in a temporary studio space, that I'm not gonna lie, we don't know how is that gonna work out. It's gonna be dicey, is gonna be held together with duct tape and dreams. So like where the old show was. Basically. Yeah. It'd be above that, I mean, I don't think you could possibly get below that standard production, right Ario? Like, [CROSSTALK] Ario can't do anything but laugh. Yeah. I don't know, we might get there again, we might [LAUGH] That's the goal, [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] So the bar is so freakin low, that we may actually flirt with its elevation. Gonna go to four three, Oh yeah, we're going back to four three, black and white. [LAUGH] 15 frames a second. Yeah, it's gonna be, something to be seen so, you know, I want to apologize in advance. The sounds gonna be fine. If you, and that's what a lot of people do anyway. They listen to our show. In their car, in their headphones, wherever the hell they're doing that. That, the experience probably won't change for you. But for people who are ingesting the program. Through their eyeballs. Hey, look. Nobody's perfect, okay. Things might change a little bit and apparently this is gonna be happening until. Brace, brace for it, Thanksgiving. Oh. Yeah. Pretty cool. Let that, let that soak in for a second. So yeah that's the deal. That's what happens when you, when you, you know you build a new studio and then CBS is like oh, like we're renovating your. Four, so that's, that's what happens. Yeah, so this would be worst possible plan to move to this building. Yeah. Cuz I moved last month, and now, it's like, I, I bounced around, I'm hold up with some office right now, and after being in the lab, so, it'll be nice. Right, like look what happened to Aria, what kind of psychotic human would do that voluntarily. You just got drawn into it. It's not your fault. I'm totally cool with it. Actually, it completely fits my personality. Alright, great. So, I'm glad it worked out for someone. Not gonna work out for us is what I'm trying to say. Alright, now be honest with me. How are you feeling about the whole thing? Honest. I mean, it's kind of inconvenient, but from what we've seen with the floor plans and stuff, it looks like, it'll, it's gonna be really cool, you know, it's just so inconvenient, you know what I mean. Yeah. I don't know, I'm just one of those guys that just rolls with whatever happens men. That's what I love about you, you know. Thank you, thank you. Leave to Aria to just find the silver lining, state the course. Cool, calm and collected. He's got some kind of secret over there. He's really zen. He does man. I need to, I need to zen like that. Maybe it's the. Yeah. I have some zen for sale if you need some. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I have some zen for you real cheap. No worries. Yeah. All right. Justin's back tomorrow and we'll you know, we'll take this slow and steady and we'll see how the rest of the week pans out. But just so you know, Thursday is going to be our last show. In this studio for quite some time. When we come back, next week, we don't know. It could be Wednesday, it could be Thursday, but just follow us at the 404 on Twitter and that's where we'll be updating everybody, so make sure you do that. Okay, this weekend I was in Montreal. And I, I, I changed a human beings life. How did you changed some bodies life? So we're in the, you know, driving from New York to Montreal is like six hours roughly. And I met a gentleman that I, we're from the same hometown, but I wasn't really friends with the guy, but we sort of like. You know, re, remet each other if you will. And, you know, we were talking about technology and stuff as most people are interested in whether or not they have a choice and, he, he kind of. He kind of told me that he, you know, that he didn't have any music on his found, and I found that peculiar, you know, it's like oh that's weird, what's, what's the deal with that? He's like yeah I still buy CDs. Yeah, so your eyebrow raised a little bit. Wait. He buys CDs? He buys CDs. Okay, that's an idea. That's an idea. The thing, and I get it you know, I appreciate vinyl, right, like I appreciate vinyl and it's just in clearly like. That's, there's an aesthetic to that. There's a certain sort of, but this guy, not only does he buy cds, but the buys them on Amazon. Which blew my mind again because then I was like man, so you're sittin' there, You're online. You're online. Mm-hm. And you're like, I can either have this music, right now. [LAUGH] Or I can have it two days. And he choose the latter. He's a prime subscriber. He's a prime subscriber. At least. Right. Like I'm waiting six to eight weeks. No. He's a prime subscriber but opts for the CD because you know, CD's gonna get there in two days for free but that digital file, it's right there waiting for him. He's like no, I don't want that. Get the CD. Pop it in my Discman. How- how old is this guy? He's my age. He's just, he's just a little younger. He's like 31. He's a year younger than me. I used to, I think it was not til like. [LAUGH] He goes how old is this guy? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] You know, he's up to like maybe two. Three years ago I was still buying CDs. Really, that's late. Because I wanted to, I wanted to still be able to rip them and not have some DRM stuff on it yeah then when everything went DRM free I"m like OK, fine, I can buy what I want. And I"m not listening to it any, like, with great headphones I can actually hear the audio quality loss yeah of it getting compressed. Finally buckled. How did you change this guy's life? Well, I just kind of like, convinced him that, that was the thing to do. And like, the quality of MP3s, even though there is a lot of compression going on. I mean, you're probably not gonna notice the difference. Especially the like, higher encoded MP3. You just have like the, the iPhone ear buds of craptech [CROSSTALK]. Well, I don't, [LAUGH] I don't, he doesn't use them. So, you know, he was listening to music on his phone, and, I don't, it, it was, it was sort of like this eye opening thing that. I don't think he realized how universal listening to music on your phone is? What kind of phone did he have? He had an iPhone. He had an iPhone 5. It was an iPhone? Yeah, he had an iPhone 5, man. An iPhone 5? Yeah. It's like a relatively new phone. I know, I know. I know. It's like one of the main features of an iPhone. Yes. Storing a bunch of music on there. [LAUGH] I'm like, you know it's in iPod that makes calls. [LAUGH] Totally man. And like. Everyone in the car, it was sort of like the record scratched like erk, what? What, you don't use your iPhone to listen to music? How'd that happen? Amazon, it's really easy to buy the CD and they give you the music, the MP3s with is at this point. Yeah. So he might accidentally have a collection he has no idea about. Oh yeah he does, okay? And. He, also, as a Prime subscriber, gets Amazon Prime music, which is [LAUGH], which is a lot of songs for free. Well, not for free, but you, you know, it's [CROSSTALK] based into the subscription. Didn't know that. Okay, I'll given them the benefit of, of the doubt about that. Does he actually make phone calls? Is that what he does? Yes, he's making calls. That's why. [CROSSTALK] That's weird. Okay. I don't use a phone app. At all. You are right, well. Well. [LAUGH] That's that, at least that's reversed right? Yeah. At least you're you're using it for it's main function first, fixed it. Hey I, I don't know. So, I, I, I feel like I did some good this weekend and changed some people's lives a little bit. Wait. So, you're, you're definition of changing somebody's life is telling them. They could click a different button more. More or less that's a I mean you got a This is a low standard man (chuckles). A button a button. Ok. All right. You do know what show you're on right. I know (chuckles) i know. But I'm just trying to say like you know it it sometimes you need that little little push. As, as, as, seemingly trivial as it may be, on a program like ours, where that stuff comes with the territory, you, you know, you just give a guy a little nudge, his whole life changes, whole outlook on stuff changes. Did he watch the 404 like on DVD that you sent him or something? [LAUGH] No, no, I told him to watch, I hope he's not mad that I've been talking about him a lot. But he's a really good dude, and now he's a digital really good dude. Very nice. Isn't that amazing? That is. Now you gotta teach him how to subscribe to podcasts. Oh, forget it. Baby steps I mean, come on, I'm not a miracle worker. [LAUGH] Okay, I change people's lives, I don't give 'em. A miracle at work. But that's the story. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah. Better than my weekend I guess. [CROSSTALK] But you get that's life. Hey! Even you can. Can I? Really? Anybody can! I will teach people how to click buttons in the future. [LAUGH] But, And I see people about an elevator like that. How about that one? Yeah. I'll change people's lives right now. Okay. If somebody's on the elevator with you and they hit a button by accident, and they are like oh they don't want to go to 47, just have to hit the button again No way. and it turns it off. That's a universal, that is no way. I've been a lot of elevators I've been in that actually works. So if somebody's like oops, you're like not a problem. Are you sure you don't have to hold down close door and hit that. Nope, no secret anything, it's really simple. << It should be like that. << There you go. And that's been true of, at least this building and the one in San Francisco. << I mean, I know we don't need written directions on an elevator, right? That would be kind of silly, like push the number that corresponds with the floor you wish to travel to. << But now there's gonna be tons of people who are trying this. Yeah, so good luck. Hm. All right, I'm gonna try that one when, when we're on our way out today. That's all you did this weekend, is figure out the elevator hack? No, the elevator hack I've known about for a while. Oh. What I did this weekend, I want to see Walking with Dinosaurs. You ever see that? Oh, how'd that go? It's a huge arena show. These giant, robot dinosaurs. At the Garden? At the Barclay Center. Oh, all right. And I had my four year old with me and he was freaked. Out. Yeah. Cuz we were like, in row one. So he was like, seeing these things come at him, he's like, this thing's gonna eat us! I'm like, it's not gonna eat us. Eat your pretzels. Yeah, yeah. Be quite. Cuz he's like, trying to leave and I'm like, I paid a lot of money for these seats and you have no idea how cool this is yet. Sure. So, eventually he starts watching it. He's getting, he's go, oh, that one's friendly and that one's a mom. And then one of the. Giant dinosaurs eats a baby one which is like aah. They do that? Oh yeah it was pretty neat. Oh they shouldn't do that. Oh you've seen like, stuff like that on TV. Yeah. Cause that's just nature. Was there like blood? There was no blood this time. This time? Yeah. When you're watching them, when he watches the, documentaries, of the, the CG documentaries online. Yeah. He's like, wow that one hurt badly, that one got a boo boo. [LAUGH] That's a pretty big boo boo. Yeah, and then he, he understands the concept of death already because the dinosaurs. Freaking loved the Dinosaurs stuff by the end. Yeah. Cause the T-rex thing came over and like the people with the puppets running around. It just looked phenomenal. Do they claim it's like anam, you know, anam, anatomically correct? Like they, like. I guess if they're all female. If you wanna go that No, no, I'm not talking about like dinosaur junk. I'm talking about like, that T-rex the size that what we believe a T-rex Yeah, it is supposed to be life sized animals and when it comes. To their posture and everything. It's all done as accurate as possible.>>That's cool man.>>So some of these like, why does the T-Rex have feathers? I'm like, cause it might have had feathers.>>Right.>>You're seeing part of it. It was really ,uh, it's from the BBC, so they have some awesome science behind it.>>Right. They have a human guide telling you what's going on. He's just walking around with like a safari hat on. He's like. Pretty much. Right. Here's the T-Rex. He looks like Han Solo and he's running around because like the people, like these things will kind of chase him out of. Yeah. Areas. It was a really cool show. That's very cool. I want to see that. That's, that's awesome. I've heard so much about it. So not, again, that's not telling people how to download stuff. But. Right. It's. You know showing a kid dinosaurs because he said, so what do you want for your birthday? He goes I want to see a live dinosaur. Can't do that. I was like, maybe I can. Dad can give you anything you want? Did he understand that there were like people inside of them? Yeah. I had to explain it to him the robotics and everything. Yeah. He eventually got behind that concept. It took him a little bit. That's cool. He's four. Yeah he's four. I can't - - I don't know - - I can't. I guess I have a four year old niece. She's, I mean she asked me if our dog came out of my wife belly and I was just, I just didn't even like, look I was like, I can't even look at you. You, that's such a stupid question. And then my, And then my, my sister was like, Jeff she's four. I was like, all right, still, that's a stupid question, you dumb us. Yeah, you gotta remember that about kids, like they don't know a damp thing. Yeah. Is like. Wait, you had to learn at some point that I think differently than you do? Right, yeah. No, you don't think the same. We like the same thing. We all like the same things. [LAUGH] I'm like, okay. Okay. That's a huge step in the, in the development process. He says I like this. He's, it's like, where's my chair in this car? It's like you don't have a chair in this car. Oh, that's funny. Little kids are funny. All right, I'm gonna drive the show a little bit today with the stories. Maybe let you take, take the wheel for a little bit with some of the ones that you found. Sure. I want to talk a lot about, you know, I, like I said I was in a car for, for 12 hours this weekend. And obviously the, the idea of of driving a Tesla. Came up and, you know there's some haters still but, there's an interesting piece of, story here on CNET, that went up yesterday. Talking about what's gonna happen when Tesla releases something like a $35,000 vehicle? Mm-hm. They revealed this week that they are pursuing that price point with. What will be called the Model Three. Quote, unquote cheap Tesla. And, you know here's sort of like the prototype. It looks pretty sexy, I think Eh, You think that's a sexy car? looks like a Honda Accord or something Yah, but for, you know, for an electric car for an electric car it's not ugly. See that's the thing, Tesla's been able to make electric cars sex, sexy yah, based on the Lotus thing, right, the Tesla S right, so it's, it's been you know something that you can really get on board with. What's gonna happen? I've already conceded to the fact that my next car, I just bought a Subaru Forrester last year, but my last winter. But my next car without a doubt will be fully electric or some sort of hybrid. I know that because the fact that a Tesla now is 70 grand means in six, seven years when I'm ready to buy another car it's gonna be way cheaper than that. Yeah, kinda like the Google Glass explorer thing, right? Like if you. The people that get these cars. The 70,000 really want it. And then we're gonna put up with a lot of bugs. Yeah, right. But at 35,000 you're gonna have people like you buying the car. People like me. But you're gonna **** and moan. You're gonna complain when something doesn't work. Right This stuff better be you know, pretty much on the ball when it comes to what to do with it. Sure. It's, I like the fact that they're stylish. I mean, when I was a kid, way back when. Yeah. [LAUGH] Okay these cars looked like, electric cars looked like the Ev one, or, remember the probe? Yeah. These were hideous cars.>> I don't know why just because it was electric why did it have to look absurd? Absurd. I, I have no idea. I understand, you wanna separate the two combustion engine, and like a little motor, electric motor. I get that, but the body doesn't have to be [CROSSTALK]. Like, we figured out the body, you know? Like, aerodynamics are important, like we figured that out. So, let's not make it look stranger, let's make you know, let's, let's have it look like everything else. You have the fear of running out of juice, when you're trying to get somewhere with these things? I don't. I, I, I, I guess now, right now I do, but I don't own one so it's not an issue for me. I've read, I've read you know long, foreign stories about people who've flirted with you know, mm-hm running out of juice and I've read stories with people who have in fact done so. But you know what, I came real close this weekend too. You know that e, that e pops up on you sometimes and the idiot light comes on and says hey ****, you better put more juice in this car. Better put more gas in this car. [LAUGH] But you know what? When you're driving in upstate New York at 3:00 in the morning, not a whole lot of gas stations open. You also don't wanna stop in upstate New York 3:00 in the morning. You don't because there's no like. All kidding aside, like we were, you know, I wasn't driving, we were all having a good time, and. You know, I wasn't driving, and, and I kinda looked over, my buddy Greg who was driving, and I looked over his shoulder and I saw that needle was on E, and the idiot light hadn't come on yet, you know Mm-hm The light that says like, hey fill up. And I'm like, hey man. We need gas. And then like a panic ensued in the car where it was like, oh my God, we need gas. And you, and, have you been on 87? The thruway? Mm-hm. Yeah. That is a really scary road for a very long time, with gigantic patches of no service. So we were honestly, con, like, we were faced with the, with the idea, with the notion, that we were going to run out of gas. With zero cell phone service. What do you do when that happens? Absolutely panic, I'd imagine. You don't panic, like your five, dude. And, you know, no one's gonna die. You know, you're just gonna have to wait for, like, a car to come by in the morning, I guess. You just pull over somewhere- Yes. Stay there, and hope, somebody is like, I don't know, like good old Bill wakes up. No, I don't [CROSSTALK] No, I don't want anything to do with Bill. I want. I want something to do with like a truck that says like AAA on it. You could send out a guy to get a, a,thing of gas, right? You can't send out a guy to get a cup of electricity. Right, for sure. No, you can. I, I promise you you can. You can do that? Yeah, well that, that's gonna be a thing. A cup of electricity. Yeah, well, the same way you can jumpstart your car hum. There's gonna be a way to like top someone off and give him like 50 miles. You don't think so. There should be a way. It's not a thing. There should be a thing. There's definitely a way. If you can, if a truck can jump a battery. I'm not equating the little amount of energy needed to jump a battery to your. [INAUDIBLE] I am, but it's still like a practical sorta thing, right. You don't, you're telling me twenty years from now tow trucks aren't gonna have battery chargers in them? I didn't say anything like that. Right. It's not a thing now. But I do think it's a thing. I was reading an article about a guy. Did, have a Tesla die on him. And he was seven miles from, I'm sorry, 17 miles from his charging station, which is kind of like teetering on the I'm not walking that far, you know, sort of threshold. And the guy got him, and he, and he jumped him a little bit. And gave him some juice. I think if that's a normal thing. Then everyone that has 35,000 dollars is going to get one of these. Right? Are we, I feel like we're on the precipice of something completely global changing. And their trying to build that infrastructure out. Where you can, you're not worried about where's the latest station or the nearest station. There's a lot of them. You don't worry about that with gas stations in general. Cause. It's already there, you already know it's there. There's one on every corner. But with the super charging stations, you know, we've talked about this on the show before. They've placed them strategically in between half points, you know, half way points in between major cities, it's a big deal, you can do it, you can make it cross country. Why not. Are you, are you, is this something you would buy. I'm never getting a car again. You're not gonna buy a car. No. Okay. Never again, I love the [UNKNOWN] of the concept, but I'm like, I'm done with cars. I just sold my car, that had for ten years.>> Yeah. And it's gone, and I'm super happy with my metro card. Okay. So, that's me. Until you'll need a car Zip card And then you zip carded. There you go. But user card would be a test load. It can be electric. That'll be awesome. Aria, what about you my man. I kinda want to get a car. Like I do zip car right now and I'm on my bike. But I think some day when I do want to get a car. I think this might be it. That sounds like a good price. [CROSSTALK] Right? Yeah. I mean sa, you know, a $35,000 entry level car. I mean. Come on. I mean 35 is still I guess sort of on the higher end. Right? Yeah it's [CROSSTALK] Starting point? You know. But yeah. Why, why the hell not? I'm into it. I got nothing against it. All right. These, these charging stations, do they charge like how they charge gas? Or is it just like? What do you mean? Like when you have to put more juice in your electric car? Oh no, it doesn't take like seven minutes. [INAUDIBLE] But I mean like, it costs money, though, like, just like filling. No. No, it's free? But you know how Tesla has free super charging stations. Oh, wow. It does take an hour to charge, though, or two hours. Oh, okay. To charge the whole thing. Isn't it like they have little mini-mall kinda things that are there, so you have something to do? Right, they put them in like. [INAUDIBLE] Like a strip mall parking lot. Right, okay. So, look, you might have to deal with a Panera Bread or a Starbucks guy for a bit but you'll have something to do. You won't have to like, stare at the wall. That's pretty neat, though. I think it's smart. Start putting them in, like, hotels or lodges, right? [CROSSTALK] Go to the parking garage, leave it there. Yeah, that's it. That's it. Very cool stuff. And I guess there's sort of a compliment to this story I just wanna bring up the fact that space industry news is reporting that the Model S actually has security. Software and a flaw that will actually allow hackers to unlock doors by remote access. So look, it's not perfect. Okay. Look, I, this is inevitable. Right. This, this door is not a, but it's not a very, threatening story. That's overblown. It's overblown. Totally. I mean you can get into any car with. Pretty much any other means, Right. To say: oh, this app, there's an issue with this. Right. Like that's gonna be true with pretty much everything. It's definitely sensational. I mean, that's like saying like: windows will break when you shatter them, you know. [CROSSTALK] I mean, like, You can get cut! Like you could get inside of a car if you break the window. Oh! You know, they gotta get rid of windows, Right, yeah we gotta start making bulletproof stuff, anyway, thought I would thought I would follow it up with that. Okay, here's another cool story, have you ever read cloud atlas? You heard that story? Nope. No? You don't. You've never read it? No. You know about it? I know of it. You know about the Wachowski siblings movie that came out with Tom Hanks? Uh-huh. Wasn't really received that well. Many people favored the book over the actual movie. Regardless, the author of Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell, has released a new short story called The Right Sort. And it's being delivered. Exclusively through Twitter at 140 characters at a time. What do you think about this? Could somebody tell a compelling story through a service that was, des, devised and designed to keep people short. Yeah, oh yeah they could. Yeah. Not a very detailed story. Well, we talking about what? I think this guy did about 270 tweets Yeah. To make it actually a full story correct you know how many just stupid tweets and stupid IMs I've written? If I just actually bothered to do what this guy did and go for 270 tweets straight, I'm gonna write one story. It's just really quick to do this. Now I don't know how good a story it is, I haven't read it, I'm assuming since he's a published author it's not a pile of garbage. Right. But this I think, it's a nice gimmick. I think the author was saying something like. I didn't want to just promote my book sales. So I wanted to give you a story. I'm like that's really a kind of really neat idea. But it also makes me think I'm incredibly lazy, cuz I, I've written like, I don't know, 10,000 tweets. And never written a full story. But you have. It's been the story of your life, Faez. But it's not. It's disjointed. It is disjointed. Emoticons! If you go to David Mitchell's, emoticons, and links to weird crap, if you go and read through David Mitchell's twitter account, the thing is this right? The way, the only thing I can equate this to is the way I understand is a comic book. Comic books for the most part are pretty short. They're about 20 to 30 pages and they tell a really short story, but they have cliff hangars at each. And, or there's some sort of ike closure. Where you look forward to the next issue. On this platform, David Mitchell is literally just adding ellipses at the end of a tweet. And being like all right this sentence will continue in a second. And that, I find disjointing. So, I, I, I totally am down with the idea of telling a story through Twitter. But the fact that you're just like tweeting sentences in eight tweets is stupid to me. And if you're gonna tell a story in Twitter, and that's the challenge. And that's why I don't think we should be doing this. Is, you know, the challenge is to get thoughts through in each Tweet. Meaning like, oh, I can't wait for an hour to see how that ends. Instead of like oh, here's an m dash, sentence continues, right? I see, I see your point on that one. He is kind of doing that. Like he is doing that. Like he is getting like a complete though out and the m dash is like placed strategically. He'll either end it early or. You know, make, the make the sentence fit to that. To have a compelling sentence in each tweet, compelling idea, that seems like a different exercise entirely, this seems like a nice little publication, or publicity stunt kind of. Man I, I just, I really wish I had done this already. The other thing is like. Someone's done this. I know, I, I'm terrible at reading fiction works. Because I am like, I want to read stuff that will impact me directly. Yeah. And so. Fiction can, can do that? What the hell? I know, that, that's the weird thing. I love comic books. This, this, there's, there's an issue here. Right? Yeah, there is. It's like it, for some reason, if it's written word I'm like, I ain't gonna look at this. Right. Cuz I speak well. I ain't gonna look at that. I ain't gonna do that. But, Twitter I will read and this is a sneaky way to read something. I used to get, Shakespeare Works through email. They'd give you like 100 words. They'd go, here. Read this byte size thing. Totally failed at it. But, I like the idea. Made better fiction because of this. I do, I can't, I can't lie. I do like the idea. But it's a little. Do it better. Now is your chance. Yeah I have to beat this cloud atlas guy, beat him at his own game. At 271 tweets. Pretty neat. So we'll link to that in the show notes and you can read the story Mr. Mitchell is writing, it's called The Right Sort. Alright. Let's, let's change seats a little bit. You, you have some stories that you've prepared. Yes, I do. I would love for you to introduce them to the fine people watching this show. Sure, so saw this this project on CNet, it's an IndieGoGo project. About this watch projector, and it's this piece of jewelry that you would wear as a regular wristwatch, and what it would do is it would shoot the time on your wrist, and if you're watching a video version, you'll see the guy, he's holding like, just, just pondering in this image, and there's the actual watch face where the time appears there, and. And if you scroll down the video you can see what I thought was an Audi ad, but it's actually, it's the all the rings of the wrist watch. Not an Audi ad. It's something called Ritot. And the idea is that you would get smart notifications aswell on your, I guess on your palm top. So you could see those Twitter notifications, you'd be able to see Facebook things. But the time, will be one of those items I don't know men, camera watches right, this is being a big crazy push, it's got a projector. And if you look at it is has a leather nice look of it. Would you ware this? I would ware it if I'm going somewhere that nobody knows me. Cuz there's no way I'm doing this in front of my friends cuz I would never see the end of it. You wear a wrist watch. I do, yeah. I wear a wrist watch. I don't, I won't, I- You wouldn't want a projector on it? It's pretty neat. It reminds me of that Justin Timberlake movie. Yeah, I was gonna say that. In Time, which we actually talked about recently. Which by then I've seen. Which is very bad. This does not tell you when you're gonna die. Right. It's not gonna add time or anything. That's what the media comparison is. But what drives me nuts is, in this video. They keep showin' people with the image projected but they cannot freaking see the time. Look at that. They're just projecting it to the world. They're like, look over here, I'm really I touching my ear, I'm holding hands with somebody else and you can't actually see the time. And that's what's, I don't understand. That guy wasn't even [UNKNOWN] wrong arm! He's looking at the wrong hand. That's what's driving me nuts about this. I love the crazy idea, just 'cause, the smart watch is a mess of a concept yah, yah and. I, I would like to actually look at my watch for the time. That's the other thing, you don't get the time on this until you push a button. They probably shouldn't have a dead man be their spokesperson also. [LAUGH] Oh man they. Jesus christ. Yikes. Bounders. I'm sorry, I'm sure he's a bright guy but people need to read. I mean he's trying. I wonder if he's reading something. I can't tell. [LAUGH] I can't tell. Oh geez. Yeah, I wonder if he is actually doing something else. Instead of engaging with [CROSSTALK] I mean op, there we go, there's eye contact for a second. If you, if you listen to the video when he starts talking you actually hear like what appears to be the crunchiest audio that's been like super compressed. Yeah. And it was just like. So, you can design this beautiful watch. And you can actually produce this at some point, if I give you money. And it'll project this daylight readable image on my wrist. But you can't figure out how to get your mic settings. So it doesn't sound like you're coming out of 1994. [LAUGH] Right, and that's the thing man. That. That's why this should, like look, do I think it's a bad idea? That doesn't matter. Based on the production value of that god awful aah, ending, end of that video. I'm sorry man, no sale. Based on that alone. You, you've lost me as a potential investor because you couldn't get your **** together for those minute in a half, [LAUGH] in that minute in a half, there it goes. There it went, and I don't, and I mean, these were all photoshopped too so there's no way you can really, I want to see real worlds. What sort of stuff? Do you have a prototype, what's your deal man? I haven't seen the prototype yet and I don't think it'll be that small and just, I just love the concept. But it's never gonna work. I do, I like the concept, I would maybe wear it to sort of, you know, be as a conversation starter sort of thing. But I don't know man, why do I have to, I hate having to like. Make it engaged, you know? Like, I don't wanna push the button, so that it projects. I want it to know, when I flip my wrist or something like that. Why don't you just irritate your friends, like okay, flip the button, push down. Yeah, what time is it? It's a [UNKNOWN] his face. How about that? It's time for your face, there you go, Face Time. [LAUGH] Right? Stupid I don't want to deal with that Actually, that should be a really good campaign. Yeah they wouldn't be bad. [CROSSTALK] Project stuff anywhere you want, all right, I don't know. I've been fascinated with projectors forever. Why? What's been revolutionary in that market? Nothing. Pico projectors? What's a pico- projector? I don't know what that is. A tiny projector. That's it? Yeah. One that hooks up to your iPhone And what? Does it look good? Let's say No. So, it's good if you don't project far. Oh, like onto like the back of a candy bar? I don't understand. No, like the back of your hand. Oh, okay. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Here's my screen. Pretty much. It's just like, oh come on. Projectors are for like, massive audiences. Who, no one's asking for a projector for. What is this, a projector for ants? There is a phone that actually has a projector built in. Yeah. So if you wanted to goof off. In the, on an airline. Yeah. Ooh. That's kind of neat too. That's not. sorry. Has nothing to do with a watch though. It's yeah, but sorry, sorry it's just a silly silly idea. Protectors have not, small form protectors have not taken off. There's nothing, there's nothing that's been amazing. Trek throw 4k blah blah. Yeah. But we can, they're not about this. I can bore people to tears with this. That'll be another show. And then finally, tell us about this. > Seemingly brilliant woman. So, there's this story out of Houston about a woman who refused to give up her galaxy phone and got shot. So, it turns out that the robber said give me your phone, or I'll shoot you. And so, what she decided is she's not gonna give him the phone and then proceeds to crouch down preparing to get shot. This is it. Which she does get shot. A bullet grazes her head. She then gets up but she's not dead.>>Yeah.>>So she's lucky for her life. Goes into like a neighbor's house and is like trying to close the door. This person is still trying to come after her for this phone, on top of it. It managed to fend her, fend this guy off. And the crazy thing is, the woman who got a shot, says she does not regret her decision. It's a $700 phone. Jeff, would you, would you prepare to get shot as opposed to go, here, take the phone? [LAUGH] Yeah. That's what blows my mind. I could not think of one material object. Like, what, what is that important to you? That you would die over. And then? And then I thought about my PS4. [LAUGH] No, it's like, it's crazy, right? I can not figure out why this person thinks. After thinking about it and after actually being shot, she doesn't regret this idea. The idea of accepting your fate of like okay that's it. Well it's been a good run, but no one's prying this Samsung S5 out of my hands. He's not even gonna know my code so good luck with that. And that's another thing, this is a guy that's stupid enough to shoot her. That's another thing, you're gonna throw away your life because this person. Is not giving you the phone and you're going to shoot this person? Like this is a terrible, like the thought process of a thief, normally is pretty good. Like, hey, look: I can't afford to get that on my own. So I'm gonna go take it! [LAUGH] Right, right. That's my thought process. Yeah. But to go, I'm gonna be locked up in jail cuz I stole your phone. I know it's great, it's crazy. Here's a quote that I'm really excited about. Really excited to read to everybody. Go for it. She says, I almost lost my life on a $700 phone. I don't get it. You don't get that? [LAUGH] What I don't get. Is why you are this ridiculous. It's tough that you don't understand why you almost died, and why no one else can understand why you wouldn't just give up the **** phone. What's also hilarious in the news footage of it, this lady who goes by the name of Courtney, did not want to be identified so they shot her from like the neck down and everything, but it's like. You do want to publicize this story apparently. You want to make sure that your friends know how dumb you were to do this. Just give the guy the damn phone. There's never an object I think that's worthwhile. And it even had a little crappy case too. It's not, I don't, I don't, I can't, I think it's a Note. I can't quite figure out which phone it is. But, I can't think of a Galaxy phone that's like, so amazing. Yeah, and I'm gonna defend stupid people for a second. Okay. You know, in defense of most stupid people, I feel like most stupid people would still give up the phone. They might say like, no at first, you know, cuz that making them stupid, but then they would eventually be like all right well, now that I've thought about this dying doesn't sound like a good option. That's it. What can you say, what can you say? There is nothing on earth worth losing your life over. And when I say that I mean like a, a piece of material. Something that could be easily replaced, easily replaced. When I first saw this story, I'm like, okay maybe this is like a high level executive at Samsung, was like, no. No, no, no. This is like prototype? This is like the s-eight. This is like so [CROSSTALK] far ahead and I got to protect this thing with my life. And they're gonna really have my head if something goes bad. Yeah. It's like, no, it's a Houston woman who just has a Galaxy phone. [CROSSTALK] that she got from somewhere. Yeah, that's it. And she paid, I mean, she obviously got it off-contract, 700 bucks too. So you can get a deal. What's the thinking in this, man? Like, anyone, anyone have anything to add about the thinking behind it? No idea. No idea. [LAUGH]. You're just not even like a, I cannot, no, I'm trying to think like oh, I'm a diamond dealer, and I have 83 million dollars worth of diamonds in my briefcase. Perhaps I get shot over that. Maybe hit some snap shots. She just couldn't right away. Unread. I haven't seen them yet. Oh man, I have 14 unread Snapchats. I don't want to die but I don't know. This doesn't even work evolutionary. It's like fight or flight. It's not crouch and duck. Yeah. Yeah. You should run or fight the guy. What about the guy that missed? How do you miss? He must have been on something if he's going to. These are a couple of morons. Why are we, why is this even a story? Two [INAUDIBLE], morons. Why is this a story? It's on CNET, it's news. Yeah. Chris Matyszczyk had to cover it. Hm. That's how it works. All right, enough stupid stuff. That's it for the, for the show today. Iyaz Akhtar, dude; what a pleasure- Thank for having us- Thanks for being here- [CROSSTALK] No problem- And I hope it's not the last time; I hope we do this again soon. Well, I tell you what, I'm gonna, like destroy the set on the last day- That's fair- That's what I'm gonna do- [CROSSTALK] That's fair, dude- We'll wreck this place- Fine, you can help them tear it down. [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHTER Be my guest, we'll give you the, your sledge hammer. We're back here tomorrow. Justin's back and we'll have a brand new show. Shoot us an email at the404@cnet.com, follow us on Twitter at the404, follow Ias on Twitter at Ias. Yeah I gotta get, I want to get Jeff. Good luck with that. Not gonna happen, I can't even get Jeff B. Well you could threaten they're life over it.>> No it's like you know some guy named Jeff, he's probably a cool dude. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Reddit as well. Join the conversation on there, and we're back here tomorrow. Thanks again to Iyez. Until then I'm Jeff Backelar. I'm Ariel [UNKNOWN]. This is Ben, the 404 Show, high tech, low brow. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Later. [MUSIC]

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