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The 404: The 404 1,526: Where we got your nose

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The 404: The 404 1,526: Where we got your nose

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A Craigslist for the filthy rich, hidden mics in your city, the future of wireless broadband, a case for simpler passwords, and AirBnb's new logo looks an awful lot like your Mom's butt!

It's Thursday, July 17th, 2014. I'm Ariel Nunaz and from our CBS studios, in New York City, welcome to the 404. [MUSIC] Hey what's up kids. Thanks for tuning in to 404 show, I'm Justin Bachalar.[sp?] and I'm Justing Yu. How's everyone doing this fine day. Alright. The weather is beautiful. Everyone is looking beautiful. We've got [UNKNOWN] the intern in the studio today, which always. Liven things up a little bit. Perhaps even if it's just bringing the average age down a couple decades. You know. Matches our IQ. I think so. Yeah. Right, he's on our level. [LAUGH] alright, what do we got going on today? There's a bunch of stories we can look forward to. Yeah. And, I mean, I'm just getting excited for my Canadian little weekend trip. Oh, that's right. You're going up to Montreal. Going back to Montreal. You're gonna get nasty again? You're going for another bachelor party then. You don't have to say that word. What, nasty or basty. With nasty you imply like nastiness. I mean, after you came by last time. I haven't been there in four years, so I'm finally going back to my second home, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Where I would speak poorly French. Speak French poorly, that too. And I will have, delicacies that only [UNKNOWN] can provide. [LAUGH] You gonna go to Joe Beef? Have you heard of that place? No. What's Joe, where, we never really went into depth about what you did while you were up there. Oh, cause you weren't here when I came back from my Montreal trip last year. [CROSSTALK] You just, I feel like you just told me you had their syrup a lot. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] Maple syrup, super good. Yeah they have like a lot of syrup up there. Yeah, Did you go to like St. Helens? Did you do like. Yeah. Yeah, we did all the touristy stuff. There's not a ton of things to do in Montreal. There's a good like, neighborhood. It's kind of chill. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Like, Saint Lauren is like a nice little chill area. Mont Royale. Mont Royale, like the little. Like hill tops. Yeah. Or hips to replace. It's cool. Lotta of like hanging out in parks and stuff. Sure. Plenty of space to run around. Some pretty good museums, too. I've never done this while I was there. Everyone's like, dude, you got to go go-carting man. Go-carting is like off the hook there. Mm-hm. I'm like, really? Is that what you do, like? Huh. Travel six hours just to go go-carting. I mean, oh, are you guys going to rent a car and drive up. Yeah, we're going to rent a car. How many of you guys are going? It's just like four people in this van and like, three. It's a small group, it's only like six or seven dudes. Is it just me, or are y'all like, does this guy go to another bachelor party every two weeks. Yeah I know. I'm jealous, man. You go to. So many bachelor, and yeah, they're always destination bachelor parties too. Well. You went to California for one. Vegas. Yeah, you went to Vegas. No, I went to Vega [CROSSTALK] Oh, you went to Vega. You're going to Montreal. I feel like you've been to so many. Yeah. I've been to like four in my life. You just have a lot of fans. Yeah. I think that's what it chalks up to. It's just like. God, maybe I'm just too friendly with people. And you were the first one to get married so [CROSSTALK] No, I wasn't. I was like maybe the fourth or fifth. But I'm glad youre following along. Yeah. No it's yeah like it's it's cool this is like the second wave of my buddies getting married. From now till the end of 2015, I just have probably like ten weddings. Yeah. And I'll, you know, I'm like intimately involved in probably half of them. this being one of them. So, I'm excited, man. I, I just like it up there. It's not too hot up there. so, I mean, I went up there in August for my bachelor party. So, I'm, I'm assuming it'll be a similar sort of weather. Mm-hm. You should go to the biodome while you're there. You know, every year. It's pretty cool. Every time I'm there, I, I like think about it. I don't know. The, the crew I'm going with is like very laid back. Okay. So they don't wanna do things outside of like, just having drinks and chilling out. Okay. Yeah. So, super sexitive. [LAUGH] No man, that's a tourist trap. Ho ho! So now you have the guidebook on which ones to go to. What's your favorite? Joe Beef? No, we're just gonna go [CROSSTALK] Joe Beef is a restaurant. We're just gonna have some like, you know. Like seafood up there, is what we're going to do. We're just going to eat some crab legs. [LAUGH] You know you can do that over here. [LAUGH] We got that in New York. No, we'll make it happen. I'm excited, man. But there was talk of paintball, which, perhaps we'll do that. Oh that's cool Yeah we'll see. I've never played paintball before but I really like [INAUDIBLE] Paintball's fun man, you should do it. What do you get out of Montreal? Like, inside the city is. I don't know, I've never do it up there, I've d-, I mean I've done it out here a bunch. You know you just like, I hope if it's outside, I maybe don't want, like you're gonna sweat your. Faceoff, run around outside ball. You'll still sweat but at least it's sort of like air conditioned. Yea, yea, yea. You've gone paintball? I've never done it before. Really? Yea. I think it would be really fun though. It's amazing. Do you just grab a gun? Yea. Grab a gun. I mean that would be like awkward boarder style. [LAUGH] Yea. Hey sir, what's in that bag. Like with all the you know, the, the, the CO2 cartridges. No it's just my high powered. We all have one. Paintball rifle. Yeah. That I carry around with me. Wasn't in a briefcase then. Why isn't it in that metallic briefcase. Oh, don't worry about that you know, just hop back on your horse there and let me through. And then the drive up there is gonna be really nice. It's a beautiful trip. Really beautiful. Up Up Eastern New York, yeah. Man, make a stop at the Ben and Jerry's factory down in Vermont. I'm leaving at night, I'm not going to get there till like two in the morning. Yeah but it's going to be fun and I'm looking forward to it so if you're in Montreal look out for me, I'll be the one putting up 404 stickers everywhere. Yeah, Sean Mark our buddy who listen's to the show up there's got us, did I tell you this story already. . I don't really remember. I was running along the water front, right where like the Circ De Solei is and all of the sudden, I was riding one of those bixy bikes, and I hear like, hey Justin, and it was this guy, Jean Mark. Did he come up to you like oh, oh. Yeah, he sounded like Sebastian from Little Mermaid. [LAUGH] Wait was that the joke that Sebastian was. French? Yeah. Okay. Go on. And then, this is one of the [UNKNOWN]. I haven't any of the [UNKNOWN]. Oh really? He was French? I think so. He was French. [NOISE] I, I feel like we're just confusing. I thought it was Jamaican or something. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] Yeah man. Yeah man, what the hell's a French dude doing under the water, number one? Number two, think there's a French dude in Beauty and the Beast. Oh, maybe I'm confusing that. Well, Gaston, Gaston is the bad guy in Beauty and the Beast. Candelabra. French right? In France so. It took place in France. Oh, it did take place in France. It took place in French. Yet Belle, had no accent whatsoever. No she was like hey, everybody. Oh, my god, the guy's super hairy, but I totally love him. Gaston didn't have one either. Had an unfortunate French name. Right. So, so, but there was a French-like appliance, I feel like, you know, with the candle stick and the clock? In Beauty and the Beast. I think there was a French- Oh, that's right. I think it was the clock because he had like a French moustache. Yeah. Maybe. Alright, anyway, Wow! [LAUGH] I'm going to Montreal. Yeah, that's like our only handle of French culture. [LAUGH] That's it. That's just what we see dude. Disney movies? No, not at all. But Montreal really does feel like a different country though, doesn't it? Yeah. Right? I mean you were just there. I thought more people would speak both languages. Not true. A lot of people only speak French. Yeah, but you'll, you make do. Yeah, yeah. I don't really speak French so that'll be a problem. Alright, what do we got, to look forward to, right here right now? But wait, Sebastian isn't a Jamaican name. [LAUGH] Is it a French name? I don't know. It sounds French, more than it sounds Jamaican. Right, I don't know, it's weird. I'm going to try to look that up while we're talking about this. Yeah, what the hell is his deal? [LAUGH] He's a lobster right? A crab. A crab or a Lobster. He's a red crab, He's bright red. Yeah, I'm looking at it right here. Huh. But it doesn't say anything about him being French or where he comes from. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] the crab, after all. Yeah, I mean, and what was the other dude, like the clown fish? Yeah, oh no, that's Nemo. No, no, no. Don't [CROSSTALK] Alright forget it! [LAUGH] Don't even start, okay. Okay. Jeez. Let's get into the stories of the day [LAUGH]. I think we've gotten off on enough tangents. so [INAUDIBLE] published this article a couple of days ago and I thought it was really cool. But they basically uncovered a Craigslist forum that's only for super rich people and it's sort of hidden. So if you're a Wall street day trader and you deal with a lot of stocks on an every day basis for something called the Bloomberg Terminal. And that's what this big machine is, right here. Basically- The Gibson. Yeah, it's the Gibson. It knows everything about finances, you use it to track your stocks your invested in, and things like that. But, the terminal costs a lot of money every year. So, obviously only really wealthy, successful stock broker's, buy it, and use this Bloomberg terminal. Well, the, the reporters over at buzzfeed. They did some investigating, and they found out that within the Bloomberg terminal, there's a forum. And inside this forum, there's a thread for something called posh. What? And posh is basically the Craig's List for really really rich people. Wow, look at this. And so, what they did is, It's weird because it sort of looks like a terminal from the 90s. It's like something out of like, Hackers, or Johnny Mnemonic or something it looks like dos. It's really crappy, really crappily designed. But, Bugs and me sort of went through and pulled out some screenshots of some of the more expensive things you can buy on this Posh Market. So, it's like a super high end classified list. Yeah, yeah, it's crazy. Normally,on like Craig's list forum, you'll find like five dollar blenders and things for free and stuff like that. But on this, you'll see things like Rolex watches or diamond rings. You can buy property on here too. So what we're looking at here, on the top, is all the cars you can buy. But it's not like Civics and things. You can get like a Porsche Boxter, or a Maserati on here for- Jesus. $50,000. That's not bad, actually, for a Maserati. If you're in the New York area and have somethin' like 49,000 bucks burnin' a hole in your pocket, Yeah. Pay for this 2012 Jaguar XJ. [UNKNOWN] Yeah. That's actually, you're right. That's not a bad deal. That's not terrible for that car. For how many miles it has on it. Wow. Look at that. That's, this is kind fo cool. It's crazy because there's no photos or anything like that. There's just a contact. So if you wanna see it you just have to set up a personal flight over there to check it out, go for a test drive. So this is buried within the terminal. So only people that can pay $20,000 a year to rent the Bloomberg terminal have access to this. And I imagine that's done more on a more corporate level, like, it's not like a private people. I mean it suppose it could be, I mean it's a super powerful tool. Right. Yeah, but this is weird, you've got 110 thousand pounds burning a hole in your pocket, well hey buy this boat, get this boat it's in London, go get it. I like this one the one down below that. You can rent, Oh, I'm sorry a 15th century Italian castle. For 20,000,000 Euros Wow, so that's, that's a lot of money. Yeah. Hate that. It's about 30, 35,000,000 dollars. Something like that. It's your own private golf course, your vineyard, and make [iii] a Google map link to the exact location with the guest house and a beach villa and all that stuff. 27,000,000. Jesus that's. [Whistles]. Not a bad slice of scratch Yeah if I had the money I would buy this horse. You can buy a beautiful pedigree horse for forty grand if you have the money. It's been professionally trained, it's got a nice front leg and a good strong leg in the back. You need it for its for like the, the breed, what do they call that? Stud Ste A farms some sort of stud farms. What do they call that? No, no steers are for cows. Stead yeah maybe. Stead some sort of you know they just want the whole fast horses to bang other fast horses and make like a super fast horse. And make like a super fast horse. That's you yeah. A simplified [INAUDIBLE] for you it's just really fast horses banging each other. Very, very simple yeah. Right. [LAUGH] And just like horse incest. Yeah. That's what that is. Yeah. Essentially. Right. That's it. There's on Teslas on here. A 17.5 million ocean front residence in Miami. All right. You're making me bummed out dude. Seen. You can rent a Hampton home, in the east Hampton's for $10,000 a week. What? That's Joe Schlesinger's house. All this stuff. And then, I like at the bottom there's some cheap things you can buy. Like a $25 GAP gift card for $20. [LAUGH] Hey. Even the super rich can get a little stingy at times. Yeah. I thought they'd just. Throw that in the trash. Like what do I need a 25 gift card to the Gap for? Use it to cut up their drugs. Something like that. Is that what you use your cards for? What the hell are you talking about? Can't a dude make a joke? [LAUGH] So that's that's posh. If you have Bloomberg terminal, you probably already know about it. I just want to see it in person. Yeah. 20 thousand a year. Maybe they should put some of that money into the, I don't know the [UNKNOWN]. Yeah. Maybe make it a bit more pleasing to the eyeballs. Display photos or something, should probably be helpful. All right, Air BnB, today they announced a new logo. The brand chose a new logo that they're calling the bellow, it stands for belong. Mm-hm. Cuz the whole idea is that they want. You to find a home anywhere. Yeah. And you do that by renting an a home or apartment on air B and B. Two things I think the logo looks like. So yeah they're getting a little bit of feed back from the internet and people on twitter are sort of seeing other objects in the design. So, for people that aren't watching the video, the airbnb logo is sort of this Möbius strip almost. It's like this infinite loop type thing. Sort of like a triangle made out of loops with one point on top and two bigger loops at the bottom. Yeah, it's impossible to describe it, so you're doing a great job. That's all I can say about it. But a lot of people think. It looks like. What do you think it looks like when you first see it? Well like, when I first saw it it reminded me of like that thing your, your, your like, your grandpa used to do. Like, I got your nose. Yeah, oh right, right. Like this thing, you know what I mean? Like your thumb between your fingers. Like check me out right here, like I got your nose. Hey, look at. Look at me, I've got your nose, right? Yeah. Like oh my God, you ripped my nose off my face, you're an ****. Yeah. Is that like, to me I see two little nutties, but. Yeah. But a lot of people say it looks more like our friend with the boat. Yeah, yeah, the middle. Yeah. Sort of looks like the middle part of a woman. The front. The front. The front middle. Or the back too, a lot of people think it looks like a ****. A **** hole, yeah. What do you guys think? Yeah, what do you guys think? What, what kind of. Anatomy do you see? I don't know. At first glance. I wouldn't, I wouldn't think any of those, to be honest. It looks like a paper clip. Oh, yeah. You know? I don't know. That's a very clean way of looking at it. Yeah. Yeah, That's a very G rated way. Yeah, sorry. I'm sure that's exactly what you first saw. Right. [LAUGH] << I don't know why, now that I'm looking at a photo of it, it does not look anything like it, but I kind of thought it looked like Butthead's nose from Beavis and ****, but it doesn't look look nothing like it. << Hm. << I just thought it looked like his nose for a second. << Yeah, I don't know. I think it kind of looks like the back of like a pig's ****. Or like A pigtail Yeah, yeah. Exactly. The back of a pig's ****. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] God knows I've seen so many of those. What was the inspiration for designing the new Airbnb logo? We took the look a long hard look at the back of a pig's **** and we're like how can we recreate that? [CROSSTALK] [UNKNOWN] Yeah. I think people are reaching man. Yeah. Yeah. They're reaching for sure. Yeah. [LAUGH] Reaching around. [LAUGH] It's supposed to [LAUGH] It's supposed to be a combination of a bunch of different icons Where'd you get that? I wanna show that. 'cuz that was in the original Oh, God. [LAUGH] Don't show that. [LAUGH] It was in the, in the, the Washington Post article, but it's supposed to be a person with a face in the middle with like two hands reaching up. Also the place's logo like you would find on a Google Map, you know what I mean? It's sort of like a pin. Yeah. With a circle inside of it. And then a heart shape, plus the a from airbnb equals, the ****. And none of it matters because everyone just thinks it looks like a vagina anyway [LAUGH]. Need to check your ****. Alright, well that's. I mean it's fine. [UNKNOWN] has this weird sort of stigma to it anyway. Yeah. So, I mean. A **** logo's not gonna change like anything. It's pretty easy to draw a **** too, right? Like, anything can be a **** if you're looking for it. I mean if you want to see a **** you'll see a ****. Yeah. No matter what you're looking at, no matter where I look I just see books God knows I have What is that from? Is that from half baked? No it's lord knows I have. Oh, right, you ever, oh nevermind? Something [CROSSTALK] Aw maybe perhaps that's that, I dont know. Okay, no one knows what we're talking about. Nope. Let's you want to get to this new B2 password story? Yeah, sure. Aw come on, I was looking forward to the microphone thing. Oh okay yeah, let's talk about that then. We'll get to that. So this story is pretty cool. It's about city infrastructure and how. A lot of cities including Washington DC, Miami, Boston, New York, of course, and San Francisco, they're all starting to install acoustic sensors, microphones essentially, in high crime areas that can literally hear and listen to everything that you do. Right but there's a specific reason there. And the reason, yeah, yeah, you're right. It's part of the security company called ShotSpotter that's installing these acoustic sensors. And they're working with local police departments to sort of privatize security. And the whole idea is to cut back on the time it takes for police to listen and get a phone call to respond to sounds like gunfire. Right, so it's really, I mean. I know Vice did a story on this about Camden New Jersey which is like the. Yeah. Basically one of the most violent cities in America. Maybe one of them. [LAUGH] It's not where you want to go. When they called Jersey the Garden State, they wer not thinking of Camden. Yeah. It's. Really high end microphones that can hear gunfire. Yeah. And not only that, they like use triangulation to get a two meter radius reading where. They can get the exact latitude and longitude down to the street number. Right. Where the thing happened. And it's kind of crazy, because they obviously place the microphones in a really scientific kind of way. Mm-hm. That allows them to. You know, put up as few as possible. Yeah. And get a really comprehensive overlapping of a given area. Right. And it works. Like they're able to have someone on scene within like 60 seconds. That's something I've never heard of. There's people on patrol and. You know, if you cover the right amount of area, Yeah. You'll get someone to respond quick. Yeah, there's 500 that are already install in the Washington D.C. right now. Yeah And various part of the city. And appa-, and apparently is nothing expensive, right. I mean, depending on how much money the city has. Yeah, sure. But you know, there's a lot of privates of concern and that's something that has to be taken into consideration when you're talking about something like this. Cuz, obviously there's gonna be a lot of things picked up. That art, gun, gunfire. You know Right, right. What I mean? Fourth of July is just a terrible situation. Right, right. Yeah, yeah. It's funny We actually talked about this story before. Shock collar. We talked about this company. Yeah, shock fodder. Shock fodder, yeah. Because they installed it two years ago, in New York City, to pick up people that were firing their guns into the air. During the 4th of July. Right. And they wanted to pick up people that do that, so. Kind of crazy. Yeah, they're installing it in all sorts of places, schools, all around schools and things like that. It's kind of scary that we need to have this. I mean, these are sensitive microphones, but I don't think they necessarily pick up the conversation you're having. We just have to whisper from now. That's it in like under a blanket. Right? So, you know, obviously a gun fire, a gun shot, is a very specific frequency of noise. So, I mean. I don't know. That's the spin. That's what they're specifically looking for. Could they use it for other purposes? Perhaps, but... Yeah, I mean a gun shot is super loud. Gun shot is super loud and very specific. Right. Right. Right. So... You know... . Yep. So that is Shout Spotter. Coming to a city, or maybe all ready in a city near you. They don't tell you exactly where the locations are, cuz obviously, their worried about people tampering with it. Yeah. They just brag about notable installation cities. Yeah. Yeah. They didn't even show you what it looks like too. I'm sure it's really, really small. Just on top of a building somewhere. Crazy. This is an interesting story. You've all been told we've all been told in condition to make passwords super touch to crack. But apparently a team of mathematics have made a very strong case that even using a password like snoopy and then the number two. Is just as an effective piece of cryptosecurity as some sort of alphanumeric combination of characters would be. What? Yeah. I mean, you know, it's all math. So that's the thing. The reason why I. I understand this, or I convince myself that I understand it. No one, a lot of times, it's not like your password is being guessed necessarily. Uh-huh. To me it's like a piece of software. Trying to you know, crack it or something. So why not use that philosophy again, and the means to protect yourself. And it all has a lot to do with the formula for which you create a, a password. So there's like different like you know, hierarchy levels of like what's secure and what's not. But according to this team of researchers. They say the math proves that using a two-foundation password, meaning, you know, using a capital letter and a lowercase letter. Mm-hm. and some use of a digit in some capacity is mostly safe and mostly okay to do. Hm. So obviously your password shouldn't be like, pineapple. Right. But maybe, you know, it should be some sort of. Uppercase letter to start and end on a number and that will still make things tougher to crack than just using all lowercase and a number, or just lowercase and a number or just, you know an actual combination of letters and numbers. Hm interesting Pretty cool Yeah. Yeah, they did all this complicated math stuff that I don't understand. Yeah, what is this chart that we're looking at here? Your guess is as good as mine. You need like a freaking rocket scientist to tell me what's going on here. There's things on the X and Y axis that apparently visualize and graphically represent. The probability of a, of a password being guessed. Yeah. And I think like within the first square is what, is like the different levels of security. Oh, gotcha. Yeah. So, it's complicated. But, the takeaway is that the math. Proves that a, a password with, you know, a capital letter. Right. Followed by a number is pretty effective. Yeah, I feel like software intercepting your password isn't even the way that people get hacked now. It's always like well, we already got your credit card number directly from. The place you've used it at, like Target for example. Yeah, for sure. There's nothing you can do about that but just make sure you have a decent password and then cross your fingers. Plus, you can always subscribe to the notion that passwords are not very long for this world, and you really won't need to be worrying about something like that. At least I think Yeah. In the next five to ten years, I just, I simply don't think we've going to be using passwords the way we use them right now. You know what I use for one of my passwords? And I'm gonna tell you not what the password is but how I made it. Might be a good idea for some people. Just like the same way you find out your porn star name. Yeah, yeah. You take your street you grew up in. [LAUGH] Take like the town you grew up in, the street number something like that. No you what I did was I phonetically spelled a word in another language. Yeah, great. And then I put like a number in addition to it. Make up a word. Yeah you can make up a word. It's totally cool. Flarf one. Yeah there you go. impenetrable. No. You, you have iron clad security right there. [LAUGH] Yeah, it's pretty easy to come up with your own fad sort of. It totally is. You really need to know math really well to get a good one. The problem I sort of have, is that, and I use to do this. I used to use the same password for everything. Yeah. And, it's probably not a good idea to do that. Yeah. You just. Yeah, just don't do that. I have about four rotating passwords I use. The problem with that, obviously, is that you can never remember which password's for what. Right, exactly, and then you end up writing it down. I literally have a piece of paper in the podcast studio right now with like, all my passwords on it. Not my bank account, or like, my Gmail password or anything, but like. You know like things like my login to my computer. Yeah. And stuff that I don't really care if other people see. Right. But then that totally defeats the purpose of having unique passwords for everything. It totally does so that only sort of practical process I've come up with is sort of having three or four passwords [CROSSTALK] and once you know. And you maybe make these like sort of. You know, bookmarks in your head. But then it's like this infinite loop, because like, you know, you'll forget it, so you'll reset the password, but you can't use the previous password that you've already used. So you've gotta make up a new one, then you forget that one. That doesn't happen because I always get it on the second or the fourth try. Yeah. It's the sites that get mad for you screwing up. Right, right, right. And they're like, you're now locked out and you have to change. And you have to change it and then you're like back to the drawing board again for me. Did you say drawring? Drawring. yeah. So no one wants to deal with that crap. All right. Last story of the day. You've heard, you've seen those commercials. The internet of things. You've seen that. Like Cisco has a cool one. Yep. Where it's like a guy has a car that drives himself and then it like basically does everything for him. And his whole life is kind of on auto-pilot. Well, there is a potentially really interesting thing going on between the companies of Nest and Samsung. And they're introducing a new wireless networking standard called Thread. And it's radio technology. Specifically designed for thermostats, fire alarms, and other smart home devices. basically, what they wanna do, is they wanna standardize wireless data information. Mm-hm. The Internet of Everything is a really smart idea, I don't think anyone's, like, saying, like, no that looks way too convenient, I don't wanna do that. It's a really bright idea, the problem is that there's not WiFi everywhere. Bluetooth is short range. The only sort of all encompassing frequency that we still have and is somewhat relevant is radio. Uh-huh. And there is some space on the spectrum. We, it's still kind of like you know, invisible real estate and you know, the idea is to get control of this tiny spectrum radio frequency. Uh-huh. And have, and have that hold and transfer all these little bits of information. So that all of our smart devices can talk to each other. These stations that can broadcast a signal, have ranges of three to four miles. That's really good. Radio has great range. So doesn't this make sense? Shouldn't we do that for these types of devices? And, you know, this is a wired piece that. It's pretty wordy, but, I definitely encourage people to read it to get a better idea of what it's all about. I just, just kinda gave a talk recently about Smart Home stuff and I learned a lot, and right now I'm all about WiFi. Especially for your domestic, sort of home area. If you great WiFi then you can possibly have great home automation experiences. But for stuff, like when you're out, the story he uses is, You know I left my dog in the car, I want my car to turn on the air conditioning when it gets to a certain point. Oh, cool. You know, stuff like that. Yeah. So yeah, it's definitely things that we start taking for granted soon, but it's about unlocking the potential of this. You know, sweet spot in the radio frequency spectrum, Right. that holds the key [CROSSTALK] And that ultimately means we won't have to deal with cable providers maybe capping our service. Well, someone's gonna buy it. Yeah. So it's not gonna be like, the government just uses it for Right, [CROSSTALK] free. No, it will be owned by someone. And there's like these start-ups that are sort of trying to, you know,. Bid for the, for the [CROSSTALK] As long as it's not as big of a company as Time Warner, I think we may be able to get by. At least for now. Without paying crazy monthly fees. You'd be surprised, man. It's, you know, it's just such a handicap we have with these, you know, media companies. It's the reason we have such **** internet nationwide. It's the reason, you know, that we are in the situation we're in. Mm-hm. So. Maybe there's a little bit of silver lining to the whole disaster. Yeah. And you not being able to ever leave the service, once you've signed up for it apparently. Right. They will break your legs before you're allowed to quit. It's unbelievable. So what's that called again? Thread right? Thread is the is like the wireless networking standards. All right, okay. That's something like Nest and Samsung are comin up with. Nest is owned by Google, so, you obviously see the connection there Yeah. Who, who knows? We'll obviously see what happens. But, it's, really something interesting you should read up about. Cool pretty cool stuff. ALright this is where we say goodbye. Okay>> That'll do it for me for this week. I'm gone tomorrow back monday. Justin's here tomorrow but he's here monday. So we're just flip flopping. Yeah I think Richards gonna be on the show tomorrow. Cool alright, so until next time. Have a fantastic day. Hit us up, email us. the404@cnet.com is how you can reach us. Let us know what you think of the show or tweet us. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And join our subreddit. It's pretty cool. Until next time, I'm Jeff Bakalar, I'm Justin Yu, I'm Mario Nunez. This has been the 404 show, high tech, low brow. Have a great day. We'll see you tomorrow. [MUSIC]

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