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The 404: The 404 1,524: Where we hit the eject button

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The 404: The 404 1,524: Where we hit the eject button

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An encrypted mixtape sneaks by the NSA, blaming Google Chrome for your dead laptop battery, getting weird with a 3D printer in Japan, and crowdfunding a way to eject yourself from awkward situations.

It's Tuesday July 15th, 2014. I'm Ariel Nunez, and from our CBS studios in New York City, welcome to the 404. [MUSIC] We wanted Ariel to, to do the announce, the intro. Of Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish. Although his name wasn't Hootie. I think everyone just assigned him Hootie. That wasn't on his passport? His name is like Curtis right? I only wanna be with you. Darius Rucker. Darius Rucker. Rucker, right. Good job. How the hell do you know that off the top of your head. You don't even have Wikipedia in front of you. I'm very aware. Yeah, definitely. That's like a Jeopardy answer. Yeah, that's stuff you don't need to know. [LAUGH] I feel like they're still making music. Hootie and the Blowfish, are they? Nah. I think they are. Don't act like you're not a fan. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] I dunno, I think they covered a song in a movie. I don't wanna, we're not gonna have to dive down that well. But nevertheless, welcome to the 404 show. I'm Jeff Backalar. I'm Justin Yu. Today we've got a plethora of stories. A nice potpourri if you will. Some emails maybe if we get to it. And yeah. So, real quick before we get into the stories and before we talk any more about Hootie and the Blowfish or Collective Soul or Chumbawumba. Remember Chumbawumba? Yeah. Jesus Christ. so, so there's a lot of changes happening with our office here in New York. It affects you a little bit. It affects us a lot a bit. So what's happening is starting. A week from this Friday. That's July 25th. We're not gonna have a show July 25th because believe it or not, we have to move our studio and we're gonna be moving within our office but we're, we're gonna be in a temporary space for what's likely to be a few months until they rebuild this studio in the new location. It's all part of this like massive office renovation. It sucks, it's not fun. But when it's all said and done, our studio, is actually gonna be even a little bit bigger than it is now, and we're gonna have a, you know. It'll be the same sort of set; you're really not gonna notice any, difference, but, obviously the move and the constructions gonna eat into some of our time, so So yeah. Yeah, it's gonna get very real on the four oh four. It's gonna get. Like the show is probably going to look different for those couple of months. It won't sound any different from film. Yea. So if you listen in your car, like the majority of you, this means nothing to you. If anything but what you are going to have keep in mind is starting the 25th, we might be dark for like a few episodes, at least the 25th on friday. An the 28th on Monday, and hopefully i will. To be back up on the air by Wednesday, the 30th of July. But, we'll, we'll, you know, just follow twitter.com/the404 for the latest, and we'll update you guys through that. That's just a little programming notes. Something to keep in mind fo the next few few weeks. For the video people though. It'll look a little bit different. But it might be nice to change it up a little for, for some, few months. Yeah, yeah, when you say different do you mean like, terrible. No, it'll look fine. No. We actually don't know what it's gonna look like. We don't know. We actually have to figure it out next week. So that'll be fun. And you know, we'll, we'll make it work. Like we always do. Like we always do. When adversity hits us, what do we do to it, REL. Oh, man. We beat it up, man. We kick it in it's stupid adversity face. Yeah. Alright? [LAUGH] We march. We do that. We're gonna do that. We march forward. We should do a show at each other's house one day. That would be amazing. Do one at my place. [CROSSTALK] I don't have to leave. How can we do that? I dunno. Bring these cameras with us. I dunno. Oh my god, that sounds tough. I would love to do a show from. All iPhone. All iPhone video. Yeah, man. That might work. That could work. That'd be really fun, actually. I would love to do that. Maybe while we're dark for a few days. Yeah, and maybe while you guys are there you can help me put some stuff into some boxes, do a little. Cleaning, so [CROSSTALK] I don't know what's gonna happen, so- It could get crazy! [LAUGH] Sounds crazy. Maybe we could help you pack. Yeah, exactly. Nobody ever wants to do that. No. Like when you put your friends out like that, like they hate you. Yeah. Hey man- Never ask your friends to help you move. Hey man, you wanna help me move? Yeah. No. Oh I don't like buy my own dinner any more, no one wants to do that.>>Yeah>>Little life pro tem.>>In the meantime, though if you guys want anything out of my apartment, I don't know if you ever saw anything that. That you actually wanted to have, but, I'm getting rid of a ton of stuff. Really? Hm. Yes, yes. Did you take photos of everything for us? Yeah, I could do that. All right. I'll make whole database of stuff. I might be into it. Yeah. [LAUGH] A bunch of dolls, air soft guns, just random toys and stuff I can't bring. That's weird, you robbed like a Toys R Us, that's awesome. [LAUGH]. yeah, but I will be selling a bunch of stuff. I'll let you know. Oh yeah, what do you want? You want anything? I want a bunch of old hats if you have old hats. Oh that's right. Yeah, you want hats. Do you have any? I thought you were trying to stop wearing hats? Yeah, it was, when I was growing out my hair, and then like, I grew it out, and I hated it, so, and I still wore hats every day, so. You hated your hair? I hated it man, yeah, I just look like a way different person when I have long hair [CROSSTALK] No, right now it's short. I'm gonna keep this hairstyle for the rest of my life. For the rest [CROSSTALK] I just can't have long hair man, I hate it. Wait I don't even remember how you had it styled when you had long hair. Yeah I had a part, like I had it long and I had a part over here and it kind of went over Well that's cool, no? Not for me man, I mean it looks good on other people but not for me. It made me look 35. [LAUGH] I don't want to look 35. At least you still have hair man. I mean, that, you're ahead of the game already. Yeah, that's, that's, that's going too. For sure. I mean, you. It's receding. You know, I think to make that declaration right now is kind of like a ballsy thing to do. What? To say I'll never have long hair? Yeah, I mean, who knows what the future might bring. That's very true. I can have a different opinion in a few years. Do you think that the fact that we've all made it to this age without going bald means we're going to be good? No. No. No. I mean I'm speaking for myself. It's not going to happen. Like no age cut off? Really? I have no chance. Well I know your brother is balder than you. Is your dad, yeah your dad is bald. It's thinner than it's been. It's gonna happen. For sure. But I mean And it's happening, for sure. You're a good age though, like have you seen people who start balding when they're [CROSSTALK] Dude, yeah. 25 years old and that's kind of a bad look, but if you're 40 and your bald, its, you're all right, you know. Yeah, I guess. [CROSSTALK] I just don't, like, have a plan. My mom's dad is bald but my dad's dad had a full head of hair. What do you think? Cuz people say it's your mom's side [CROSSTALK] That's completely, that's an urban legend. Is it really? Yeah, totally. It's the roll of the dice, man. Seriously? [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] It's a crap shoot, you know that. Told, cause I know people where that's been the case. Yeah, where their moms died [UNKNOWN] ball and they were fine? Yeah, yeah. Alright. Well I'm good then. You, you roll the dice. Yeah. I think you're good. You got a nice head of hair. Yeah. But I say, if it starts going, just get rid of it man. Yeah? Go bald. If you, if it's, don't try to hold onto it. But, if it starts going [CROSSTALK]. Just as hard as you can. Yeah. I know. I see some people where their hairline is like back here. Yeah. [LAUGH] And they just hold on to it. You know? Yeah. Or you get the whole like just, like the Homer Simpson. Where it's just a round. Horseshoe. Right. I mean you wont see me doing that. I mean if you wanna do that go ahead. But. I mean you, you're good cuz you already have a, a shaved head. Yeah. For the most part. Yeah. For the most part. Yeah. When that happens, I'm just going to shave my head and then wear hats all the time. Yeah. You should be wearing hats anyway, right? You. When it, when there's like a lot of sun out. [CROSSTALK] Just for like UV protection. Yeah, for sure. All right, this is depressing. [LAUGH] I don't want to talk about it [LAUGH] anymore, okay? Jesus Christ. We're all old. Yeah. We got a lot of stories, not a lot of time to get through them. So Justin, if you would. Lead us down this treacherous path. All right. Let's start with the story about the mix tape, I think it's really cool. So, you know, there's been a lot of news, if you read CNET or any other tech blogs, obviously the NSA has been in the headlines a lot lately, for pretty much spying on innocent people's computers and conversations, and, Based on that there's been a lot of reactions to it. One person that's actually done something about it is an artist and software engineer, his name is David Huerta. And the way he decided to sort of call out the NSA. Is to make a mix tape. This is kind of cool you guys remember what mix tapes were. Explain it to Justin. Justin know what a mix tape is. But, for anyone out there who doesn't it's basically a cassette tape, google that, that you would record a CD or the radio onto. Google that. Google that. And you basically make a mix of different songs, right? And you can tape off the radio, if you had a stereo cassette deck, and, and you could tape off CDs or pretty much any audio source. And then you'd piece together different songs to make your own soundtrack. Sometimes, if you're like me, you record personal little greetings before and after each Yeah. So. In between each one to like tell the girl. Right. Which is who you normally send the [CROSSTALK] to. That was no effects with linoleum. Right. [LAUGH] The reason I chose that was because. I'm feeling very angsty at this moment in my life. Right. Right. And I hate my parents and I hate school and I hate everything [LAUGH]. Yeah. It must seem like a week ago for you. [LAUGH] You know, it's like we record those little intros. Yeah, we, you would do that, I never did that. I made custom covers for my mix tapes. Oh, you, remember we were talking about like doing your own radio shows with mix-tapes, so I talked about how I used to do that, right? And then my brother, you know, he started listening to the show, and he's like, he heard that episode, he's like, dude, don't you remember it was like. You and me. Oh. And I'm like, no. I don't remember that. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] new co-host. Stealing the show over there. Yeah. Yeah, I was like, I don't remember that. And then like, the more we talked about it, the more it started to come back to me. Yeah. And, and yeah, he would just be like, that's right Jeff. [LAUGH] Whatever, but, I mean. Some things never change, man. Oh! [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] spot light, huh? No, no, no, no, no. [LAUGH] No one needs to introduce the show but you, huh, Jeff? What are you talking about, Ariel does it! Yeah, [CROSSTALK] Whatever. Don't whatever me! [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I wanna say [CROSSTALK] What are you gonna say Ariel? I said it's my show. Damn straight, it's Ariel's show. It's his world, we're just living in it. [LAUGH] Yeah. Welcome to my show. Exactly. Yeah, Johnny was on too, I remember that. You don't remember ****. What the hell are you talking about? It wasn't a publicly [INAUDIBLE]. But anyway, this mixtape is pretty cool. He decided to make a mix tape that the NSA couldn't listen to. Right. So here's what he did. He built a DIY version of your classic cassette tape. Using an Arduino board, which is basically a really cheap small computer. And transparent plastic tape. And he calls the mixed tape a sound track for the modern surveillance state, right. So he doesn't really talk about, nobody knows what's, what's on the mix tape. He hasn't released a track listing or any like that. That's just for him and whoever he wants to listen to, to know. He actually sent a copy of the mix tape to a bunch of friends and then made a couple other copies, one of which he sent to the NSA, without instructions on how to decrypt it. So, it's sort of a statement on On Proving that the NSA isn't invincible, and he says quote, to show the rules of mathematics are stronger than the rules of any state. Issuing a challenge to the NSA to crack a code probably not always the best idea. That the type of wild animal you want to poke with a stick? Yea, right I mean we don't know a lot about what the NSA does. Even after the whistle blowing stuff. So who knows. Maybe they have crackers that. It's just like, come on. Is that the, is that the organization you want to provoke. Right. Who are like, constantly. I don't know. And we already have proof that are, know everything that you do. Basically. And you're like, just trolling them. Man, I get it, you know? Takes balls though. Yeah, one man challenging the NSA. I mean, if I had to gamble, I'd probably bet on the NSA. Yeah. But regardless, it's a pretty cool idea. Chances are I can see the NSA opening this up and just throwing it away. If they even opened it. Just be like pfft. Yeah. Tossing it. More fan mail for us. I'm tired of this stuff. More fan [INAUDIBLE] That [INAUDIBLE] Basically what this is, is fan mail. Yeah. Yeah. I like it though. I like how it's designed to resemble a cassette tape. Yeah. It's pretty neat. I also want to hear what's on it too, like. What, what do you, what songs do you think are on there? Robin Thicke. Just all Robin Thicke. [LAUGH] Robin Thicke, and Collective Soul. It's an advanced copy of Weird Al's next album. Oh, man he is so hot right now. Yeah, yeah, I didn't even put this in the rundown, but Weird Al has been in the news lately, because he's coming out with a new album, I think he's releasing new videos for the music every day this week. Yesterday he did the parody of funny, or what Happy. Happy FRL>>Yeah, yeah, did that have a funny name for it?>>Tacky. Dude it's so good. I don't know if like, the nostalgia is bigger than what he is. Well, people that didn't listen to him growing up. They have no idea what it is. Don't think it's funny at all. They don't get it. Yeah. And that's what it is. I mean, the video featured Aisha Tyler and Margaret Cho and Kristen Schaal and, who else? Yeah, so A list. Jack Black. Yeah. Like, legit celebrities. Celebrities. And then Weird Al just doing like a funny dance. For half of it. Yea, yea. What do you think it is. I feel like half of the people listening know weird al, like when i grew up. When i was growing up, you listened to like the real thing and then you listened to the weird al version. Yea and by listened to the weird al version, i couldn't make like thirty seconds of it out. Yea, you wouldn't like listen to it like you would regular cd. Yea. You would like listen to it to laugh once and then. Right. Oh, look what he did with like. Michael Jackson's Bad. Right. He just made it Fat. Right. You know, like goofy stuff. But now he's back. Yeah. He's releasing one new song every day this week. I like today's, it's a parody of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. Except his is about bad grammar use, and it's called Word Crimes. Wakka wakka. This might be a case where the parody is better than the original. I mean yeah like that fact that he's stayed this long in the public eye, means that man that's just a testament to perseverance, right? Like if people hate you just keep on doing it and eventually people will love you guaranteed. It may take 20 years people, but keep at it. Dude he sold millions of records, people do not hate weird al, they go out and see him in droves. It was like Live. Live. I remember for a while, that was a hot ticket. Yeah. Like, what are you doing this weekend? I'm going to the Weird Al show at the Garden. Cuz he sold it out I think people like him because he just seems like a very nice guy. Yeah. It's his hair, too. That to. And he was, you've seen UHF, right? Yeah. You guys know what UHF is? Yeah, I remember that. UHF is this crazy sort of parody movie from 1989. Yeah. Here's the Wikipedia of it. Starting, starring Weird Al Yankovic, and. Michael Richards. Michael Richards is in it. And, and I feel like. Who else is in it? A lot of, oh, David not David Bowie. Who the hell is, there's like, other musicians, I think, are in it. I could've sworn like Raul Julia is in it too. Oh, really? But I guess not. Maybe that's, I'm mixing that up with something else. Very strange, man. Yeah. What's the thing where he did that like, Rambo? Parody. Probably. [CROSSTALK] Pretty sure. I gotta re watch that. Fran Drescher is in it, it's weird. But it's yeah Kevin McCarthy is in it. It's one of those weird parody movies from the late 80's. Gene Siskel is quoted as saying, never has a comedy tried so hard and failed so often to be funny. [LAUGH] that's pretty much, like exactly what Weird Al is. Right, right. That's a compliment for him. Yeah. But he loves it though, and, and you know, I don't know, I would kinda rather listen to Tacky than Happy right now. Yeah. Just because I'm sick of that Happy song. [LAUGH] Yeah, true. Like, who's not sick of that Happy song? Totally off-base, but whatever happen to Ernest? I'm just thinking about like 90's celebrities no he's been dead for so long oh my god no way earnest p whirl that guy's been dead for so long he's not even that old yeah i think he died from cancer man nooo jim varney he's dead dude earnest is dead no he died in the year 2000 yeah man he's been ead for 14 effin years dude i think he died of lung cancer or something oh that just ruined my week you didn't know that no yeah jim varney is. dead. Or murdered. What happened to Vern though? Vern is still mourning. This guy is [CROSSTALK] Yeah, yeah, look it, he dies, he died from lung cancer. Is Vern still alive? Don't smoke cigarettes. Yeah guess that's why his voice was like that. Yeah. Hey Vern. He's only 50. You know who Ernest is? No way. Goes till Yeah, Yeah [CROSSTALK] Dude, The best one, what's the best one? if you don't say the right one I'm closing and leaving>>Ah let's see>> Jail is okay. not the best one Ernest It's over, right, jail is okay. And we're talking like the bar is super low on this one. Let's see, I forget. Don't oh God he's gonna look it up [LAUGH] I mean it involves turtles parachuting. I mean, oh. I don't remember, which one is that? Ernest Goes to Camp man. Yeah, that's the main one. [CROSSTALK] the big one the best one. come on. I haven't seen them since I was like, a really young kid. Do you guys remember Dorf on Golf? [LAUGH] What is Dorf on Maybe that's before your time, I don't know, Dorf on Golf. Dorf on Golf? Yeah is was a guy that used to just like, stand on his knees but pretend that he was just that tall. Oh, that is so oh my God [CROSSTALK] What? I'm looking at it right now. [LAUGH] It was stupid. Geez Dorf on Golf. Dorf. Dorf. Dorf. [CROSSTALK] Tim Conway just kneeing it up. This guy, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh my god. This [CROSSTALK] Wait til you see this, Justin. You are going to cry. This is a dude on his knees pretending to be a small person>>HaHa>>It is like a golf instructor>>Ha Ha>>He's like bent down and put his knees in his>>Ha. [CROSSTALK] Oh, it's that guy! He's dead, that dude. The guy from Ghost. He's from Ghost and he's from, Fast Time at Ridgemont High. Yeah, [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] How would you describe that? Super ugly dude. Scary. Yeah, he's dead. I wonder if Dorf on Golf is [CROSSTALK] This is so offensive, by the way. It is! [LAUGH]. Like, you can not do this. No, not at all. This is like [CROSSTALK] ending up doing black face, right? Yeah. Like, this is really offensive. It's so good. Oh my god. Is he British? Who cares? He had some sort of accent. Oh, he's Swedish. Swedish. He's [UNKNOWN] five year [UNKNOWN]. I cannot believe they're like, here's my gimmick. Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna get on my knees and pretend to be a small person. Yeah, and he can never move around, either. Always in one place. [CROSSTALK] watching him walking. Yeah. That's genius. Who's that? Anyway. That's hilarious. Oh my, oh god. What am I watching right now? Ew. What? I'm watching him. And look, like there's always, like, something covering his legs. Yeah. He's a golf instructor, yeah, so He's, he's got this, like, scantily clad woman looking at a golf hole. Oh my God. Look up dwarf on golf. [LAUGH] Come on [LAUGH]. [NOISE] [LAUGH] I just can't. Yeah. Ew. Anyway, enough with that loser. Door fun golf, thanks for that one Ariel. Yeah, No problem. . That's quite the rabbit hole we just fell down. Yeah totally. All right, whoa. [LAUGH] We're gonna crawl outta that. Are we? We went from Weird Al No, NSA- Going from the mix tape to Weird Al- From the NSA mix tape to Weird Al to Ernest to Dorf on golf. Anything else before we move on? I think we're good. We're good for now. Hurry. Please- [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Wanna talk about dinosaur seeds? Push the eject button. All right. Whew, man. All right, let's get a little serious about tech. Oh, okay. So have you ever noticed that when you when you use Google Chrome, your computer tends to lose its battery life? Quicker? I can't say I've noticed that. I didn't notice it either. Until I read this article on Forbes. And if you ever noticed lately, yeah that your laptop battery is running out. The culprit might not be the actual computers fault. You know like for example in a, in a MacBook. You usually think, man this, this laptop battery is running out, I gotta buy a new one. And those are always a 150 bucks. Well, if you're using a PC, and Google Chrome as your browser, it turns out there's a problem that was discovered in 2010 that Google doesn't seem to be taking seriously, which is why it's being reported to Forbes today, and the problem is something called system clock tick rate, and on standard Windows computers. To conserve power, a, a standard windows machine is automatically set up to go into sleep mode at certain intervals, right? Ok? And a standard interval is going into sleep mode once every 15.6 miliseconds, right? That's quick. It's pretty quick, but for some reason when you fire up chrome. Chrome automatically readjusts that system clock, tick rate on your computer, to automatically go into sleep mode at one millisecond. Oh, [CROSSTALK] To recover from, to recover from it in one millisecond. So the processor, is basically getting jarred awake, at a thousand times per second. Mm-hm. Right, so one millisecond, a thousand times per second. When it should just be 64 times a second if the idle if 15.6 milliseconds. Does that make sense? It 100% does, but like, so, there's gotta be a reason Chrome is doing that. Yeah, it's basically overclocking your processor to account for speed, and it's doing this because of things like extensions and all the stuff that runs in the background with Google Chrome like Synching your bookmarks and all that stuff. So Microsoft said that the [INAUDIBLE] rates, they increased power consumption for that 1 millisecond as much as 25%. So you're losing as much as 25% of your laptop battery life. On your PC if you use Chrome, whereas you know, if you use other browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox, for example. Those only take it down to one millisecond when necessary like when playing a YouTube video or streaming video file right? Right. Chrome does it automatically when you fire up the browser which is what takes your battery life down so much. It's interesting. I mean it sounds like they were doing this to make it appear like Chrome just works faster. Yeah. Right is that Chrome is a faster browser. The problem is there's not really a lot of solutions unless you want to sacrifice something. You have to sacrifice something. So with Chrome your battery life might get a little bit slower. Or, or it might drain faster. Mm-hm. But, if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, those take up more memory. Right. So your computer might slow down. Right. So for me, like, if I'm, you know, if, if, this is something I'm between it's like, all right, well Chrome is [CROSSTALK]. Still, for battery life, especially if you have a power adaptor plugged in. Yeah, it's, come on, but that's crazy. Apparently it was first reported back in 2010. Yeah. But they only confirmed it as a bug, yesterday. Mm-hm. Google did. So I guess it's something they can fix. But I wonder when they do, when and if they do fix it you'll notice a, a performance decrease in Google? Yeah. Yeah. I mean if you're on a plane or something like that and you're using the internet then you should probably, you know, either plug in or use Internet Explorer or Firefox. Yeah. I feel like I haven't been on a flight without a power source in a while now. Yeah, yeah. So awesome, love that. Yeah it's great. Although I hate like cause there's only two in between three people, so there's always that one guy who's like you mind if I charge my laptop and my phone. Oh yeah yeah. I've definitely asked people next to me if I could plug my phone charger, into their computer. Doob protector>>Yeah Ooh that's a good idea>>Isn't it?..I never want like a plane to not get the power it should, like I don't want to be>>You think we're all sharing the same power, like the pilot. Also using the same power? All part of, I get you're right. I guess it's not like. Probably had it separate. I guess if you really tax a power, the power, the engines aren't going to go off. I hope not. Hope not? It's all [UNKNOWN] chained together. That'd be terrifying. I don't know. Like how do they do that? How do they power it? It's probably like a car where the engine is so powerful, I don't know, is it? Yeah. I have no idea. You didn't bring like a refrigerator or something? [LAUGH] Something. Yeah I could see if you just got a lap top or a phone. Let's try it next time. Who's taking a flight next. This is going to get like 19 search protectors. You change them all together. Back them all up. What is this guy doing. Yeah. All right, very good. There you have it. Chrome leaking, battery juice, all over the place. Yeah, just keep it plugged in, you'll be fine. Okay, alright. Shit's getting weird in Japan. Let's talk about that. That's my only intro to this next story, because, it's a very bizarre story. this week, and there's really no other way to say it than just to explain it, but this week Japanese police arrested a 42 year old woman in Tokyo for allegedly sending a man a digital file containing 3D printed blueprints of her genitals. Oh, well that's not bad. That's not that weird. How many of those files have you received? Zero, but I mean I don't know. When I was a kid, you know I used to watch Real Sex on HBO. That does not sound too far out of that universe. Alright. Well let me finish first. Okay. Go on, go on. According to a [UNKNOWN] news agency, she was doing this in exchange for money. So, the guy sent her money back. And it wasn't the first time she had sent out those blueprints. I'll let you know when I'm offended. Okay. And she had sent it several times before because she's raising money to fund and 3D print a boat. In the shape of her vagina. Alright, I'm still not [CROSSTALK], but now it's weird. Hold on. And she's, the project is called, roughly translated, peach on the beach. [LAUGH] That's good. The boat. I like that. The boat. it is called the middle and it is a reference to what she calls her middle which is what that's Okay, yeah I get it, I get it [CROSSTALK] Yeah, yeah [LAUGH] and she's already raised a million yen or about $10,000 in an effort to a, to to make this boat. And if you scroll down on this article you can actually see some of the early blueprints. For the boat. Oh, oh, this actually is what we're looking at. Keep it on this guy Rama here. What the, what am I looking at? Yeah, okay, let me know when you're offended. I'm not, never offended but I'm in, I'm, I'm definitely you know, interested. Yeah. Confused? [LAUGH] So. Are we showing what I think we're showing? Well yeah that's exactly what we're showing. This is again. There are people in it I know, this is a diorama right? Like a small probably about the size of a shoebox. But what we're looking at is a temple with people sort of standing on top of a large dirt mount. But the mound. Again. Is the middle. Is the middle. Oh, oh. The peach, yeah, the peach itself. Oh my. That's what we're looking at. What, you didn't realize that? Thought it was just like a baseball mound. Yeah, and so, she, she makes all kinds of different art, I will say, Of her stuff. Stuff. Yeah. Hey, man. I don't have to explain my art to you. This is actually, okay, go back down to the diorama. Sure. This is actually life size too. [LAUGH] I'm serious. Oh, maybe, cuz it's a diorama. Yeah, the diorama, [CROSSTALK]. It's an exact mold of that. I think this is going to be the photo that we use today. Probably. It's gonna be the thumbnail. So you can contribute to her crowd funding campaign. The Japanese version of Kick Starter is called Camp Fire, right. So if you scroll up a little bit. You can check out how much she's made so far. But she's gonna receive a pretty hefty fine, because apparently in Japan, it's illegal to send computer data of indecent material, so you can't sent porn [CROSSTALK] or anything like that, and this is considered porn. That explains a lot, for reasons I shall not get into. You were trying to buy Japanese porn? No. You got arrested? Just, just kinda vocalized something that I internally just realized and I wont I just can't talk about. Okay, way to bring it down to zero miles per hour All right, all right I'm starting like you ever notice like pixelation? Oh yeah, yeah that's right That's a thing But it means That's a real thing Yes that's real that's why everything is censored, I mean there's an uncensored They have like an embargo on it. right yeah. It's on both male and female parts too. Sure, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I think we should do that here. Why? For the male part at least. Oh stop it. [LAUGH] grow up. Anyway, [UNKNOWN] she's raised over a million Yen so far. I guess that's what that says. Yeah. I don't, yeah That's a lot, I mean that's only 900, $800. Half the money that she wants. Looks like- Right, I mean, it's a big boat. That's not why its [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH] Yes. Scroll down a little bit, you can see the shape of the boat. There she is, that's her face [INAUDIBLE]. That's her face. No one gets to pass that. [CROSSTALK] Keep scrolling down. Neither does she. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, so there's the- Oh here you can see is, like, a really easy to understand diagram. Right, and actually on the left, man, that thing that looks like sushi, right there, that has all the embezzlement on it- Yeah. That's actually another mold that she made and then bedazzled. Right, it's Japanese for hoo hah. Yeah, so that's what, see the japanese characters are covering the, Hoo Hah Y, yeah The hoo Yeah, that The middle Yeah, the middle, let's just keep saying that. We're gonna find out if anyone listens to our show tonight. yeah, okay so go back to that article, and then scroll down a little, cuz you can see the boat which looks pretty cool Oh you mean back to the Japanese kickstarter. Yeah. That's, that kind of, that kind of looks like it too. [LAUGH] No that's just a cute bar code. No, that's just someone smiling. Okay, okay, okay. These guys seem upset with this. They're like oh, you shouldn't have picked up that pink piece of paper. And then. Keep talking, keep talking. God. This is talk about cultural differences. But she's gonna try to 3D print her own boat, which is cool. Obviously you can't do that with like a Native Bot, right. Okay, okay, gotcha. Yeah. Yeah, you can't do that with the Maker bot so the funds are largely gonna go to a professional 3D printing service. So like, what's the goal? Like is she trying to find something special in her, in her hoo-hah boat? No, she just wants to make like a Noah's ark but just for herself. and then paddle around I guess. She should make something out of the oar too, I feel like there could be something there. Hey man, don't give up on your dreams is what I am getting from this. Yeah However weird they might be, don't get up on your dreams. Oh, I forgot about one detail. This will probably push it over the edge for you. Okay. The reason why she's so excited about making this mold of her genitals is because she recently had surgery for something called vaginal rejuvenation. Oh I've heard of that. And that's why she's really eager to show everybody what it looks like, now. Because she got a new one. She got a new one,. Was rejuvenated. It reshaped to look smaller apparently. So she's really proud of it and that's why she's just putting it online. Good for her man, if you got it flaunt it. Right? Right? I guess. That's it [LAUGH] Don't have to make a boat. Kind of overcomplicating it. She could just flash people, right? Like no guy would be like. I don't really want to do that. [LAUGH] Can you maybe do a boat? [LAUGH] It would be nice if it was a boat! Yeah. I kinda wanna climb inside of it, can you just make something huge? It makes, it really does make no sense right? Like in our country some women get breast implants. So it's like would you ever built a boat out of your new boobs? Probably, I don't know you build like something else maybe Yeah, Mm-Hm bounce house A what? Bounce house A bounce house Right a bouncy castle I think their actually doing that right now at the sex museums have you seen that? No Yeah they, they have a bounce house made of boobs at the sex museum. Right now. If you live in New York, you should go check it out. It's right next to our office, Justin. Yeah. It's very close. I don't know if Justin's allowed in there. [LAUGH] Yeah, look it's pretty cool. I can't show that. Yeah, yeah, show it. It's just boobs I mean it's basically like They're not real They look like huge stress balls Yeah let's hold off on switching to this just yet Okay, okay, okay you can switch to that Yeah that's fine that's totally cool. Yeah there it is it's basically just your normal bounce after kids but instead of the normal walls you have boobs everywhere Yeah that's. Those are fake we just want everyone to know. Yeah. God we're in trouble today. We're really in trouble today. All right. Let's just say we're sorry collectively. Anyway we should go to this after the show. Yeah, I'm there. It's really close, right. Make a reservation. It's like 26th and Madison. Okay. We made it. Alright. We made it. I feel like we need an eject button. Yeah. [LAUGH] Good one. Right? I feel like we gotta pull up a lever and blast out of this. Luckily. [LAUGH] Luckily, there's a new product on Indiegogo called This is Your Out. We just got word of this from one of our buddies today. What this is is a hardware and software solution to force yourself out of awkward situations. Like, if you're on a date that's going really terribly and you want to make, like, a fake phone call, you hit this little button on your key chain, your phone rings, and you're like, oh my god, emergency. I have to leave. So it uses Bluetooth in this like key chain thing. Yeah. You press and then that activates a phone, like a fake phone call. There's way to do it. I'm not sure if it does use Bluetooth. I think some of it is like, it activates like like a ringer sort of setting. Whatever, however. Way it does work. The take away, yeah, it does use blue tooth. And it's sort of like a car alarm thing. You know you beep the car, you can kind of like beep your phone. Right. And get yourself out of a terribly awkward situation. It's it's out of Canada. They're asking for $100,000, though. Yeah, or $35 for this is your out, with 50 free calls. You have to pay for extra calls? That seems kind of a lot. Especially when you can just fake a text message really easy. Yeah. There's free apps out there. I think I downloaded one once when I was dating. So, it's, I don't know, it, it's. But I'm talking about 100k for the indigo gold. Yeah [CROSSTALK] 100k is a lot of money I mean I think the idea is [CROSSTALK] right I think the idea is good, but it does feel sorta gimmicky like Spencer gifts kinda gimmicky. Right. And I don't know if you're gonna get that kinda support though they're at $1,000 within a few hours of starting it so, if there on pace for that they'll hit the goal. You know what I always used to do if I wanted to get out of a date was. [INAUDIBLE] just [INAUDIBLE] bring up the text message app on my phone and be like oh man my roommate just locked himself out of the apartment, I gotta go. And then they'd be like, I thought you said you lived in a studio, and that's when I would throw a drink in their face and run. And then you drop a smoke pen [LAUGH] Damn man, whatever happened to like, this isn't going well, I don't wanna talk to you anymore Yeah, yeah, just tell the truth. Suck, << Whatever happened to being honest, I get it, we're too nice, that's the thing. << You are going to pay money to get out of an awkward situation that you could just vocalize. << There you have it, I am interested to see how it gets funded. They shortened it with a TIYO, for this is your out. << Or just get a friend to call you in like an hour or something when you know you are going to be on the date. And if things aren't going well, you can use that as your out. Yeah but I mean, I can't even speak to this because I haven't been in a date in twelve years, right? So I have no idea what the hell this is all about. There were no smart, there were no cellphones when you were on a date. What? When you were dating right? I'm not ninety. You started dating. That's basically in college Yeah like in 03 You didn't have a cellphone back then? Sure did, I had a cellphone in high school But not an iPhone? No not a smart phone but I had I was texting. Oh okay God you make me feel so oh [LAUGH] You been out of the game too long [CROSSTALK] If it makes you feel better there was no phones when I was dating Yeah See there you have it [LAUGH] It was probably easier that way [UNKNOWN] The real monster [LAUGH] Yeah old weird guy [LAUGH] He's the real dinosaur. So how did you date back in the day. Before you can text. You just set a time and a date. Telegram. You can meet and that's it. [Laugh] [Laugh] Carrier Pigeon. like, how, what do you mean? Like how, how did I ask them on a date? How did you go out? Yeah, or like. Fax. He faxed them. Yeah. [Laugh] Yeah. Carrier Pigeon. [LAUGH] I don't know, call the house. Page them. Oh that's right, you'd have to talk to the parents first and ask for permission. Yeah, yeah, but we did a lot of pager too, a lot of pager codes. Don't forget, and this is definitely Justin's generation, maybe a little bit, of an overlap. Like, how much. of the time when you were making a call to someones house, obviously like the parent would pick up first, like hey this is Jeff, is Justin there or is, you know, like, theres>> Yea. That's just gone, now its just Mm-Hm theres a direct line right into the person Yea, yea, yea you know yea I I mean it now like a hardship by any stretch. I remember you just had to put on your polite voice yea you know that's what I'm saying. Speak to, blah, blah, blah, please [INAUDIBLE]. Hello. Kids don't do that no more. No way. They don't respect elders. They don't. They don't. [INAUDIBLE] Damn kids. You whippersnappers. [INAUDIBLE] With their pop rocks and their sodas. Or do you just think it's like we're jealous of their conveniences? That too. [INAUDIBLE] And yeah, their lack of desire to learn about anything before their generator, even though it's. Easier than ever to do that. Yeah, I mean that's one thing that, there's a disparity. Like, when I was that age, I gave a **** about history. Yeah, yeah, you like sought things out. For sure. I feel like kids don't do that now. It, I don't know it's like the 24 hour news cycle. [LAUGH] I don't know, speak up! What do you think? You're not that much younger than us, [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE]. Maybe I'm not much of an REO but [UNKNOWN] Maybe and REO's son [UNKNOWN] Okay. I'd be that with one exception. Like I know stuff before my time. yeah. Tell us everything you know. Yeah right. Like you know about. Wait, who's the president when you were born? If he says Bill Clinton. Oh no it was GW, it was George Bush the first. . Yeah. God, if he said Clinton I Was just going to flip this table over and burn it to the ground. Yeah, we don't have to talk about it. Alright that's going to do it for us guys, hit us up, the 404 at. cnet.com. We're back here tomorrow with a brand new show. And we'll get into some other stuff. First one email. Bryce wrote in talking about lock bumping man? He's like dude, it is a real thing. I've done it. Oh crap! Not cool. But. He's freely admitting his crimes. Yeah he's like I'm a fricken B & E expert. [LAUGH] Thanks to everyone writing in to the show. Like I said, the 404@cnet.com. Follow us on Facebook. Twitter. Instagram and all that other stuff, we're back here tomorrow. Brand new show, stay tuned. I'm Jeff Backalar. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Ariel Munez. This has been a 404 show, high-tech, low brow, have a fantastic Tuesday, we'll see you tomorrow. [MUSIC]

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