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The 404 1,523: Where we paint it Vantablack: The 404

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The 404: The 404 1,523: Where we paint it Vantablack

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A new material was invented that's so black you can't even see it, those naked selfies can still be extracted after a hard reset, and a wearable device to fix your curved Mr. Burns back.

It's Monday July 14th, 2014. I'm Ariel Nuñez and from our CBS studios in New York City welcome to The 404. [MUSIC] Hey what's up everyone? Thanks for tuning into The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. And I'm Justin Yu. So it's been a, quite a couple of days. Here at the lab. 404 mystery lab. Where we've got a team of scientist and gumshoes working around the clock trying to figure out the great grapefruit caper. Yeah. No, but seriously if you listen on Friday. Justin told us a very interesting story about, a robbery that occurred across the hall from him, and, you know, the police are stumped. No one knew exactly how it happened. So, if you didn't, if you haven't heard the story, go back to Friday's show and listen to the circumstances of what transpired, and. Over the weekend we got a, a smattering of emails and tweets. Mm-hm. People, guessing, hypothesising what happened. Using all the details in the story, including the grapefruit, to come up with, a hypothesis. Grapefruit is a key character witness. Yeah. So, a lotta people, you know, and again, this, this kinda gives away the thing. So if you didn't hear the story, go back and listen to Friday's show. But a lotta people are writing in, and they think it was the girl. They think she somehow was. Involved in it. Human error is always where the story goes wrong. Human, human error. So the responses were split between that answer where she was in on it, she was trying to get the insurance money. Right. Although come on. You're doing this to get like. Two grand? Somebody wrote in a pretty good theory on on maybe she made a copy of the key for an ex or something and he copied it before giving the original back when they broke up. So he And he was feeling vindictive and that's why he came back to the scene of the crime. And I guess maybe. And stole the grapefruit vindictively because she loves grapefruit. Right. And it symbolized their bittersweet relationship. Right. Achille writes in and says that from the items that were taken it sounds like a pissed off former significant other that came back to collect items that he or she had yet to return. Right, like the Kindle charger. Right, which was like couldn't live without that. Why steal a Kindle charger? They knew her schedule had a key and only took those items specific to someone who knew her very well. They also knew she loved grapefruit and therefore is the one item they took just to piss her off. But they also knew details about exactly which apartment she was in cuz nobody else got tampered with. And that's why the had the balls to do it, you know, in the evening, but then also, it was clearly somebody who, you know, knew her running schedule, too. And knew that she was, would run every day after work, and that she would be gone for four hours. That's a long time. Well, I'm going to say no one ever runs for four hours. Then what was she doing? Well, I just think like, the run. The real run schedule is hidden in those four hours. Probably. Okay, so Manuel writes in. He says so how about she goes out. It's easy for a person to grab her keys at work or at a bar make an impression of a key and go make a new key from the impression. I don't know about that. That's a lot of work. Which is to steal a laptop. If you were gonna, were gonna do that much work, you got to take everything, know what I mean? And what was on that laptop? Maybe there was some vital information on that laptop. Gotta get our hands on that laptop. That's what makes me think it's an ex boyfriend, maybe there were pictures, or something, of his, on the laptop. Who knows. Have you heard about lock bumping? This. Look so there's the theory of the ex boyfriend, but this other theory about how potential broke in, it doesn't really explain why they chose her apartment but it does explain why. The deadbolt was untampered with. So, John Hester, he, he wrote in ya know this happens a lot, and, and a few years back most consumer great deadbolts were vulnerable to a technique. Known as lock bumping. Now I hadn't heard of this before, have you? I'd heard of it. This is like some Penn and Teller stuff, but he's like the bumping technique involves basically tapping the lock with a hammer while you have the key inside. But you make a dummy key with all the teeth filed down. And you tap that while it's in there and you turn at the same time. Apparently that'll open up pretty much any lock. Here, here's what it looks like when someone bumps a lock. I don't know, man. I, I don't think, I mean, that's a deadbolt but. I don't think those old school dead bolts are vulnerable to that. You know what I'm talking about, the old school sort of golden ones. I have no idea what. [CROSSTALK] Right, what are they. I mean I guess those are dead bolt, too, but come on. I mean these look like really cheap **** locks. Maybe I mean I have no idea what quality of lock we have in our apartment. Lock bumping, get out of here. I don't know. I don't know. Creepy though. Some one else said maybe you can make a wax key have you ever heard of that what no got all of these B&E experts yeah it is kinda terrifying how people come out like that>>> I dont know the mystery still continue you have no updates for us no no updates att all actually i saw her over the weekend she said cops had no leads or anything they obviously dont care Yeah i was going t say they are totally not investigating this. Pivotal to national security right now. Insurance scam man. See, I, that's, you know you're not the first person to say that. I, I don't know man. That's not a lot of money to do-, like you, if you wanna do insurance scam you do like you're wedding ring, or something, right? Yeah, but that's when they start investigating though. Right. Like if we say, aw, it's just my laptop, this only valued [CROSSTALK] Yeah, maybe your laptop was gettin kinda old, which is like, ya know what. Let me just get a new laptop, i'll pay the $500.00 deductible. And i'll get like fifteen hundred [CROSSTALK]. Wait a minute Justin, how do you know the specific amount of her deductible? << You are in it together. << This show is over. << Ha ha ha << Imagine just like, flipping the table. << I am the girl, ha ha ha. << It was her, it was her. << I am her. << I don't know man. But what I do know is this mystery is getting old. I want a new one now. I've, I've moved beyond. [LAUGH] I want something else. I want something fresh. You don't even care? I mean this girl still had her laptop going. She'll get it back. Yeah, I don't care. I simply don't care. She's fine, she's not hurt that's all that matters. Let's get a new mystery. Yeah. I want to do a new mystery every week wouldn't that be rad? If you have a great mystery and don't do a clichéd one because we can just search on the internet for the answer. Okay. We need a new. Fresh mystery from our, from our listener. Mm-hm. Or maybe us. I'll try and think of one. I don't think we should move on to new mysteries if the old mysteries [CROSSTALK] These will all be unsolved. Yeah, they're just open [INAUDIBLE] We're not real detectives. But like, yeah, this is a cold case. Okay. You know? It went cold. I mean, what's the statute of limitations? Like 72 hours on a freaking petty larceny. Yeah. Right? I need a new, fresh, dangerous, and daring mystery to excite my senses. Yeah, alright. I'll let you know what's going on with people. You don't have any weird mysteries? Nothing weird out of place? Yeah. There's like. I don't know. I'm trying to think of something wacky. Yeah. You know? Nothing, it's always like, oh it was just x y z. Mm-hm. You know? There's like, maybe 30 seconds of sheer mystery- Yeah. And you're like, oh, simple explanation. I'll tell you, it's really, it's a really weird feeling to know that there are maybe people across the street from your apartment that are watching you and sort of taking note of your habits every day. If that's really what was happening here, it really doesn't make me feel good about the neighborhood. Who the hell is. Who the hell is doing reconnaissance stake out work for a freaking laptop. [LAUGH] You know. We watch too many god damn TV shows. I started like jig like really closing the door very quietly so that none of my neighbors could hear me leave. And pretend to talk to someone in the apartment when I'm leaving. [LAUGH]. Like ok I'll be right back don't go anywhere [LAUGH] I'll be back in fifteen minutes I'm not gonna leave for very long you know just stay right there and keep. Keep polishing that gun. [LAUGH] Keep cleaning the gun, I'll be back. [LAUGH] This has driven you crazy. Yeah, that's basically what's happening. And then I'll like go out of my apartment, leave, come back in, go back out again. It's turned you into mad man. [LAUGH]. All right. I'm into it. Yeah. I hope we get a new good mystery. I could use a new one. Yeah, under exciting. [LAUGH] Our needs are exciting. In the mean time though we got, we got some pretty good stories today though to talk about. Great. Speaking of, stolen data, this is kind of terrifying. You know these days it's pretty old to sell your, it's pretty standard to sell your old phone when you buy a new one, right? Everyone does that. Yeah, sure. They trade it in with Gazelle or Radio Shack or something, they get a new phone. And then, also I think the only standard thing people normally do when they give a old phone away. Is to do your factory reset wipe, right? To basically wipe the device clean of all your old stuff. I mean, that's regarded as, like, the complete. You got to do that. Well, yeah, but people feel, when I think of a factory reset, I think of, like, complete zeroing, zero out. Like you are getting a whole brand new device. Yeah. But over the weekend, we got some pretty terrifying news from a security firm in the Czech Republic. They're called a vast, and they told us that they were able to take phones that had been reset, factory reset, and they were able to recover pictures, text messages, and videos, using really simple software that pretty much anyone can download online right now. What the hell? Yeah. So here's what they did they bought 20 random phones on Ebay. These were older phones alright, they didn't say which ones they were but they were both Android and iOs based phones alright. A little bit older but they took those 20 phones and using those. That software, Gabriel to extract 40,000 photos of women- What? In various stages of undress. Why was it just women and why where they naked? It's not just women, it was just 40,000 photos of women. They also found 250 selfies. Of dudes Okay go on with pants [INAUDIBLE] Oh nice I mean yeah Yeah fully exposing themselves. Alright. So, so it didn't matter what kinda a phone? No it didn't matter what kinda phone it was but they were able to do that. 250 vs 40 thousand there's a lot more women out there sending nudes than men. And that's a way over 20 [UNKNOWN] That's an unscientific What's 40,000? That's insane! This is an unscientific survey, though Yeah. It's weird, so, I guess the real thing is like, man, factory reset, not what you think it is. Yeah. You need a hard reset. And the other thing is, if you take a random spattering of phones on Ebay, chances are each one will have over 1000 photos of naked women on it. Well, that's really disturbing. Or it's just plain old good luck. I don't understand why like so how does the software work? So the software like, I guess, it's basically, just security software. It's meant to look for indexed phones but the problem with old devices is that. I guess those old ones don't index then. They just kind of wipe it real quick and then you could still have the backed photos and media on the phone. Yeah, I remember when the big thing, when you would get rid of a hard drive was to zero out all of the drives. Meaning you would write zeros instead of just. Yeh instead of just deleting it you have to overwrite it. Because the way I understand it is if you dump something to the trash or the recycle or whatever the hell it is. Yeah,. It's just telling the computer, like, forget about it. It's not actually eliminating those ones and zeros from the hard drive. Yeah. It's just sort of saying, hey, don't worry about that anymore. Right. So what you wanna do, and this is, like. I feel like it's 2002 computer you know, philosophy but you wanna write over that. Right. You wanna make sure that never comes back. That's not necessarily gonna be the case when you hit the, the factory reset. Yeah. I feel like a factory reset is different than a hard reset, where factory reset is gonna bring the phone back to the condition it was when you first opened it up. >meaning it not right zeroes i don't know how to manually overwrite a phone so what you do is you take a phone and you put it on a table and then you grab a sledgehammer yeah and you just bash that thing and that's the best protection it sounds like you know what's funny is vast actually gave that same advice smash it up yeah if you really dont want anyone to have access to your stuff. Just gotta destroy it. In a glorious sort of Office Space-esque style execution. Yeah. Take all your crap off it, put it on another hard drive, and then destroy that phone. Makes sense, man. I mean, I don't know, I don't really, I don't sell my phone back. Yeah. Do you? Mm, I sold one or two, yeah. Gotta smash it up, baby. I don't have too much incriminating stuff. I only have five good photos of me. I'm sure your phone is as clean as an infants sheets. Yeah didn't they just announce over the weekend that like 2% of the catholic church, did you read about that? The pope announced that over the weekend 2% of the roman catholic church, are pedophiles. It's pretty bad. Yeah. Two percent's a lot. Two percent is a ton! [LAUGH] I think it's over 2000, Oh, because of that cliche I said? Yeah. The preacher sheets? Right, yeah. That's gross man. I know. Sorry to drop that little tid-bit. Why'd you [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] Speaking of preacher's sheets, two percent of them are [CROSSTALK]. [LAUGH] I just read that before we started the show. I was like. Freaking out about it. Just needed to get that off my chest. Yeah. Thanks for letting me do that. That definitely falls into the not my problem category. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Is all I'm trying to say. Yeah. In the mean time, though, do destroy those phones. That's priority number one. Yeah. Smash it up man. And we'll take care of the church stuff. I'm not taking care of any of that. That is clearly not my problem. But smash it up baby, smash it up. Yeah. Alright so what do you want to talk about Les? Lets talk about this posture story because its something that I think we're all affected by. We all have terrible posture right? Speak for yourself man. Come on you look like mr Burns. No. or a T-rex. You've got terrible posture. No. First of all, T. Rex's were horizontal for the most part. What do they call? I don't even know, I forget what it's called. Scoliosis. Scoliosis, yeah. Yeah. But I don't know, I think think that's a squiggly spine. I don't think that's hunched over. Is that not the same thing? Yeah, it's not the same thing. Well, I remember in High School we all had to do that scoliosis exam. Right. Where you kind of sit down with your legs against the ground. And you're like, try to touch your toes with your fingertips, and no one could do it. Everyone has some degree of scoliosis. Yeah, and I mean like they, they wanted kids to stop wearing heavy backpacks. Yeah, yeah. You know, your back is super important. I can't stress that enough, to young people. Yes. Just don't treat your back like crap. This guy's been having back problems lately, haven't you? << Yes, but it's just because I'm old. My lower back will just hurt because I stepped wrong, you know. I been riding my bike a lot lately and it just kills me sometimes, too. << I sneeze real hard and my back hurts. But I did do that scoliosis test and I remember them telling me to stop holding my backpack on just one side. Yes, you have to balance the weight. You know what it was too, we went to school in the 90's so everybody had their backpacks really low so I feel like you are not supposed to be doing that, like lifting with the lower back. You know what I mean, [CROSSTALK] Like, I don't if that means your lower back. Yeah, I'm not sure. That can't be good for your back, though. That's not how backpacks were meant to be worn. .>It can't be good for you back. You see like these movers, man. You ever see what you, I mean, you're getting ready. Yeah, those belts and stuff. Not only that but they like. They just put a leather strap around like 90 pounds of boxes. Yeah. And just pop it right on their back. Yeah. And they, I don't know. And they walk down four flights of stairs. And they walk backwards. Yeah. Yeah, it's crazy. I'm just saying. I, I don't get it. I don't get it man. You're Batman, you gotta really take care of your back. It sounds like this is good advice. Yeah. There's like kids on my hockey team who are all jacked up. Yeah. its that bacheomoty yeah you dont want a bacheotomy that's bad for business and yeah i feel like as w e were probably the first generation to have bad backs because we were the first internet generation and computer game generation you mean like the perch yeah yeah that thing and then our eyes were bad from watching to much to so it's all a bad recipe for scoleosis. And so anyway, our whole generation is, is sort of plagued by this. But there's a new device. It's called the Upright. And it just made double the amount they were looking for on Indiegogo for funding. But, it's basically a tiny little strip that attatches to your lower back, right? A little plastic strip. You put that right on your spine, just above your waist. And then it basically trains you, like a dog, wearing a collar with these shocks. These little vibrations. The shocks. I mean, you know, I use the word shocks loosely, but they're more vibrations. Little subtle vibrations that, that let you know whenever you're not sitting up- Zap! [LAUGH] It's just like zap this kid upright. [LAUGH] Yeah. Yeah, that's basically it. Little vibrations to let you know when you're slouching or if you've been sitting for too long and to let you know to get up and take a break. And then it also works in tandem of courser than app to give you a real-time updates. See that is bad right. Yeah, look at these cavemen. Look at these Neanderthalers just hunched over. They all like golab to, like. They are just like looking at their stuff, like playing with them in their hands. So this cannot be real electricity, right? It is some sort of funny vibration. What and you put like a 3M strip? It's a hypoallergenic, strip. Yeah. I, I think it's supposed to regenerate the stickiness every day. Okay. Like the sticky. Yeah she. Oh my. Yeah she's upright. [LAUGH] It certainly helps to have, that girl. Wouldn't it be cool if you could like. Shot like. Do like a bluetooth shock remote thing. Yeah. Like put it on someone elses, I don't know, [INAUDIBLE] No, and just have it [INAUDIBLE] Oh, give me a break. Oh, look at that. It works. Yeah. Look at this, he looks great. Look at it, it gave him muscles too. Yeah. It's a [CROSSTALK] Oh yeah! Yeah, see. G, I don't know man, it might be. I mean, what's to say, what's the difference between this. I mean, I guess like, the patch is actually delivering nicotine into your blood stream. But the idea is actually the same. I mean, I think the idea is that, it's supposed to be pre-emptive, as opposed to like, a salon pause. That's something that's like, you put on, after your back is already hurting. Right! This is, they should really aim this at young people, yeah, like you Justin, who- That's right. Yeah. I don't know. All I see is a bunch of stiff **** in this. Yeah. The problem is when you have a really upright posture, people tend to think you're stuck up. Yeah, they're like [CROSSTALK]. Straight for? Yeah! You think you're better than us? [LAUGH] Yeah! That's what everyone would think. You think you got all the answers? Yeah! Why don't you put a book on your head and walk around. What are you a model? Yeah why are you? Why don't you hunch over like the rest of us? You know better than me. Yeah. It, it's really like that. That's what everyone thinks but. You know, you don't have to have, like, a princess posture, just. What, what is, what's a princess posture. You know how they train princesses. Oh like royalty [CROSSTALK] Gotcha. That kinda thing. You don't have to have. Gracefully. Be that guy. Just, yeah, I don't know. I dunno, you have awful posture. Oh, it's terrible. Yeah. And you're a tall dude. Like I bet you're missing out on three valuable inches. You know what it is. I think that's wise because I am so tall, but I always interact with short people like you so I gotta like, I gotta like bend down and put my hands on my knees to talk to you. Like I'm talking to a child. Stop it, I'm not short. What about your girlfriend? [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] baby. I gotta like do this, when I talk to you. That's all you guys, it's so short, your all like five foot nothing. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] That's what i'm talking about. I'm shor-, I accept the fact that i'm short man. How tall-, where, where, what's your height? Like five seven, five eight, something like that. Oh [UNKNOWN] he is short. Yeah, i'm tiny. [LAUGH] I mean I'm not that much shorter than you. No? You have maybe two inches on me. I gotta like look down at you guys all the time. And then I feel so bad when I'm at like a venue watching a live show, because then like people behind me, I can like hear them complaining. Oh stop it! You're not a tree! People are always like, this guy. I always get stuck behind the tall guy. But then they say it just loud enough so I can hear. Makes me feel terrible. Oh man, you really have a terrible life. [LAUGH] Yeah. And you wear a hat. [CROSSTALK] People can't see. Yeah for sure. The worst. I can't wait to not sit behind you. [LAUGH] In a movie theatre. Yeah, and I'm like super upright, too. [LAUGH] Yeah. Why don't you get some real problems, and then. But, you know, talk about. I am so tall. [LAUGH] You know, the world's not built for tall people either. No, it's not. It's really built for people like five eight to like six one. Yeah. My feet are always dangling over the edge a bed. Yeah. I hate that. It's the worst. Does it suck when you ride rollercoasters and you get knocked out. [LAUGH] Yeah. From hitting, like beams, low hanging beams Hitting a bar. Yeah it's bad. That must suck. Like my head is always pressed up against the top of a car too. I gotta like turn my head. Yeah, how do you fly in a plane? Driving like this all day long. Oh, you can only get cars with mood roofs. Yeah How do you fly on a plane without disrupting the aerodynamics of the airplane. You just gotta poke a hole in. [LAUGH] Into the overhead cabinet. You're not even that tall. But dude, there's dudes who are six 6' 5" in this office. What are you talking? Who? What are you 6' 1"? Who's? Yeah I'm 6' 1'. 6' 1" and a half. [LAUGH] We used to, we used to have a dude. [LAUGH] Oh yeah that guy! There was a dude in this office going back 3 years or so. He was, he was. Yo, he was tall! He would be 7 feet tall. Nope. What you don't know how Klausen feels. He was like 6'5 maybe. Oh you mean 7 inches shorter than 7 feet tall. He was really tall. He would sit in a stall and you could still have eye contact with him. Yeah like you would open the, seriously, You would open the door and he would just be sitting there. Like hey whats up? Making hard eye contact the whole time. [LAUGH] Wake up dude, just bend over a little bit. [LAUGH] We're being silly, let's move along, That's funny. I'm going to get one of these though. What the back thing? Yeah, I'm going to end up being taller than you, when it's all said and done. Trust me, it's not that great man. Yeah, I know, you live a cursed life. Yeah it sucks. Long sleeves are always up to your elbows and stuff.>>Feet dangling off the bed.>>Yeah, you can't even look in a mirror.>>That's it, so only your chin?>>Yeah, exactly it's from like here down.>>Yeah, tough life.>>It's worth it man. Chicks love tall guys.>>They do. So do businesses. Like I think, I think taller people are more successful.>>Yeah, I agree.>>You know. You're the anomaly, I mean, I feel like [LAUGH] Maybe because I'm not standing up straight. Maybe it's cuz you're super hunched over, yeah. I've been sitting down for like 10 hours a day. I guarantee you start walking around today you're gonna get like. Yeah, picked on first for like, ordering food. Oh, sir, did you, did you know what you want, you tall fine man, you know? [CROSSTALK] You've got racist cameras. In this office, oh you sir, you clearly [CROSSTALK] He's the one, cuz I could see [CROSSTALK] Everyone gather around, whoever I can see most clearly gets the raise. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]. I'm telling you man. You look at, you look at all the executives in our, in our company, 60 plus. Yeah, because we're all looking down on you guys. There you have it. Well, we figured this out. Everything's dusty up here I'm sure. It sucks being talk. All right, anyway, let's talk about this new weird material that's. So black. Finally. The, the most metal material ever. Yeah. And it's not made of metal. It's just pre-metal. It's called Vandeblack. It is a synthetic coating made using carbon nanotubes. I mean this is gonna seen here. Hold on seen here. Looks great. [LAUGH] Seen here right? It's pitch black no here here's an actually photo of the vanta black and it, it absorbs all but .035% of light. Mm-hm Okay, so that, is basically like a black hole. Yeah, And it;s made with carbon nano tubes, which, I don't know what that means. And, like I said, it absorbs all but .04$ of visible light. It's grown on a sheet of aluminum foil. The coating grabs a hold of the light and refuses to let go. What? I, I don't get it. It has something to do with, like,. It just refuses to reflect light. I just don't understand how they make a new material. Carbon nanotubes. [CROSSTALK] Yeah what does that even mean? Carbon, nanotubes. [CROSSTALK] Right yeah. I thought everything in the world already existed. So here's, here's what happens. Light apparently. Enters this material, then bounces back and forth within it without ever being allowed to bounce out of the material. Mm-hm, mm-hm. They should make a room. I need Stephen Hawking to explain this. Like, maybe like a room in a museum or something like that, made completely of this material. Maybe like a hotel made with- Yeah, like lined with the material. It would feel like you're floating in space, right. Here's where it starts getting a little creepy. It's so freaking deck, right? That it even shapes and contours light to become invisible when it's coded with the stuff. So like. You can make things sort of, look like they're not even there. Mm-hm. If you coat the right angles of something, which is crazy. The guy who, behind the company who developed the material says that, you expect to see the hills, and then it's all black, like a hole, there's nothing there. It just. Looks so strange. It almost. It's almost like, you know, like when we talk about like pure white. Mm-hm. Where like, you know they do like those old iPhone commercials in white rooms to make it look like there's an inth. Well, this is the same thing, but just black. Mm-hm. Where there's like infinite blackness. [CROSSTALK] So what are the practical uses besides just freaking people out. Astronomical cameras, telescopes, infrared scanning systems, wherever you need to collaborate a device, oh I'm sorry, calibrate a device. This is the blackest black thing we have. So like what, you know, like, I mean, you know, Katzmaier, the CNet TV reviewer. Yeah. He writes whole fricking features on like, TVs that can display the blackest black. Well is it vantablack black? Well we could find out. It's super expensive though to make. Yeah, because it's new. Because it's new. But that's pretty good. I think, I mean there's so many jokes you could make like finally something lining up with my soul Hm-mm Or like the first comment on this Gizmodo piece. The blackest thing in existence << These people have clearly never seen my exes heart. << Someone made a reference to the black hole in the Road Runner cartoons, that Wile Coyote always puts up, those ACME black holes. << Like in who Framed Roger Rabbit? << Yes, like a portal, so if you put one on the wall you can probably just reach onto like China, or something and just tap someone on the shoulder. Like, you know what I mean, like that kind of black hole. But what else are we gonna use that for? You're still going to be able to see it right, unless you have an entire room full of it. Right but like if someone gave you a piece of this it might just look really dark. When you hold it I bet it feels like an optical illusion, like your eyes can't discern discern much dimension in it. Think about And the night time, forget it. You're not gonna see it. [LAUGH] Yeah, for sure. But like think of, no, I, see, I think you would be able to see it at nighttime? The conjurers and everything? Yeah, the conjurers would be sucked. Like you've never seen a black like this before. Like even these photographs of it don't do it justice. How do you take a photograph of something the human eye can't see? Exactly, so, I think about, you would want your camera's lens to be, not the glass, but you would want every other part of your camera. To be made of that I guess right? If you are trying to get, if you are trying to focus all the light in on the sensor. That kind of makes sense in theory, I could be totally off base with that. But, I think that could make sense. Let's see what they are going to use this for. Vanta Black baby. Where did that name come from? I don't know. It's not great. Could this be the photo for the blog today? Just like the best,. All these comments. Have you? You know [INAUDIBLE] You can like add comments to photos and like annotate them so people are like it's right there. You just made a box and be like, hey, it's like right there. It's pretty good, you can see it, it's right here, not so much here or here, it's right there. That's pretty good, that's pretty good stuff. We'll link to that in the show notes as well. Speaking of show notes, some information has come to light over the last couple of days. Some new information has transpired. And we want to relay this information to our listening and viewing audience. If you go to the CNET webpage. That's cnet.com, and then cnet.com/the404. You, you hit on our home page, which we're looking at right now. Now, lotta people have been wondering hey, Justin, Jeff, RL, where the F is the show notes? I can never get to it. Well worry no more, because now, keep scrolling, keep scrolling. At the bottom. Right hand column you can now hit up our show note posts. Did you know about this? Yeah. You did? No, I didn't know about this. Oh, okay. You're like [INAUDIBLE] Jeff. 12 months it's been, no. So here you go. So I'm clicking on one, and then you go right to the post that Justin does every day for us and you have a, a, a you know, link to all the stories we talked about in that. Cool. So, I'm not a hundred percent sure on how far back it's going to go, right now it looks like it is only the most recent five episodes, but apparently our web guy tells me that will soon be able to go back months and perhaps years. Woah. So right now it is just five shows. But, yeah, the future does look mildly black. Like vantablack. You can also go to our Twitter page @The 404, where we tweet our link to the rundown [CROSSTALK], the show block. We do, we do. I just don't know how you know, reliable Hmm That is for people. But either way, you know what to do. Head, head over there. Twitter.com/the404. We're almost at 10,000 followers. Yeah. With the 404 Twitter. That's, that's a big deal, right. Let's do that. How many more do we have, do we need. We need about 301. Ooh. According to this. same here. And then we get what? Profit. There should be a star base system or something. Because ten thousand seems like a lot. But it doesn't really matter right? No, they don't matter. [UNKNOWN] I hope it happens very soon. Anyway, Thanks for tuning into the show! Shoot us an email the 404@cnet.com. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about the great fruit caper, is what we're officially calling that mystery. We're back here tomorrow with a brand new show. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and all that good stuff. We'll see you guys very soon. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been the 404 Show, high tech, low brow. We'll see you guys tomorrow. [MUSIC]

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