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The 404: The 404 1,522: Where you solve the mystery of the stolen grapefruit

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The 404: The 404 1,522: Where you solve the mystery of the stolen grapefruit

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A whodunnit mystery unfolds in the first part of the show, an egg on the face of the Internet, the voice of Hulu just got fired, and 14,000 zombies will soon join the United States military.

It's Friday, July 11, 2014. I'm Ariel Nunez. And from our CBS studios in New York City, welcome to the 404. Hey, what's up everyone? This is the 404 show I'm Jeff Bakalar. I,m Justin Yu. Thank you for tuning in. Sorry we didn't have a show yesterday, but we just had more important things to do. Collectively as a whole, did we not? We had business meetings. We had very important business meetings and luncheons. All day long. [LAUGH] Where we talked about the business of the day. Yeah, we shouldn't laugh when we say that. The important matters of the day. But, we're back and we're gonna have a great Friday and I hope you're, you're doing the same with your fine self, today. Yeah. We got, we got good stories today. I'm a little biased, but I happened to think that they're pretty good. They're all right. What? No I'm just kidding. What, you can't just say They're great, I, I found them, they're good. Just say, really mediocre show for you today. Decent spread of stories, not my favorite. Decent. So what else is going on? Before we jump into this is this Why are you smiling about? I'm not, I'm a little frazzled right now. Oh, yeah. Having some home security issues in my apartment [CROSSTALK]. Well, not your personal home. Not my stuff, but, my neighbor got broken into earlier this week. Weird mystery that we're, we've been trying to solve in the pre-show, but I won't get into it too much. Why don't you give them an Encyclopedia Brown thing? You want me to do it? Yeah, like figure this mystery out. All right. How did this happen? So, this is the story. You guys are going to have to sit through this cuz I've told you it already. No, it's good. [CROSSTALK] You guys. It's good. All right take notes, wait, pause for people to get a pen and paper. Yeah get a piece of paper, get a pencil, write this stuff down, cause I really wanna know what you guys think happened. How'd they do it? So Wednesday night, I get a knock on my door at midnight, and I open the door and it's this huge cop, a cop wearing a really small shirt too. You ever see those guys around? Fat cop in a little coat. No no no no, like super buff, with like tribal tattoos, all that on his arm. Right. But then like an extra small shirt. He was like, he was an offensive lineman, and didn't work out. Yeah. Like he was so big, he like couldn't put his arms fully down. Right. You know, like those guys that are uncomfortably large. Anyway, so these two cops actually are in front of the door. And they're like hey your neighbor got broken into, sometimes between 6 p.m., and 10 p.m., this evening. And I was like whoa that's crazy and, and they were asking me if I had heard and I told them that I had been home for the entire time between six and ten, that's usually about the time I get home from work. And I, I have headphones on when I'm at home and I play music, so I don't normally pay attention, but I also didn't hear anything out of the ordinary coming from my neighbor, who I share a wall with. Mm-hm. Interesting. And the walls are pretty thin, so I can normally hear stuff going on. So they said somebody broke into our apartment building, which has two doors downstairs. And then came into her apartment but there was no signs of tampering from the door, there was a deadbolt on the, on the door as well. Mm-hm. And they had a locksmith come in along with the super. Both of them said there's no way if the deadbolt was on, that somebody could get in, otherwise there would be signs of lock picking. Some sort of break in evidence. Yeah, there'd be damage to the door, something where they kicked it in, maybe, or, something that would happen like a pry bar or whatever, and she insists that she definitely put the deadbolt on the lock. Otherwise the way our doors were, cause if you don't put the key in afterward and lock it yourself it doesn't automatically do it. So obviously it wasn't MI6 breaking into Yeah, yeah, there'd be some sign of damage. Right. But here's the weird part. The stuff they stole was really random, like, she said. Her laptop was missing, that's normal. But then, she also found, That's normal. Yeah, take that normally. But, there was also a grapefruit missing, a single grapefruit out of her fruit bowl. A single grapefruit. There was also a Kindle charger that was gone. So basically a micro usb charger? Yeah. No Kindle attached, by the way, cuz she had that with her, and just charger was gone, but they had left the iPhone charger, which was next to her bed, and they left a bluetooth speaker that was just sitting on her counter. They didn't take that stuff. No value in the secondary market. Yeah. Her window, you'll probably ask about a window and the fire escape. She does have a window that leads to a fire escape outside. but, there's an air conditioner down installed underneath and she had a screen on top but nothing around the windowsill was disturbed. Right, so there's no way. She had figurines and stuff like that, so they didn't climb over that, there's no footprints on her bed or anything like that in front of the windows. Oh, okay, I was like [LAUGH] jumping on her bed Dance party [LAUGH] Woo! This ain't my place! Yeah. That's weird. So you're saying they couldn't have covered their tracks. They couldn't have backed out of the place through a window. Right. Installed the air conditioning unit, placed all the figurines. And made sure nothing was around. No way, no way. The door wasn't tampered with. Those are the only two entrances to the apartment, through the window and the front door. So we ask you, the viewing and listening audience. How'd they do it? [CROSSTALK] How'd they do it? The other clue is that she's a runner too. So she had the same schedule. I was talking to her yesterday. She has the same schedule. She comes home at 6 p.m., goes for a run. So this happened in the four hours she was on that run, 6 p.m., to 10 p.m. I suspect that someone probably saw her running, and knows her schedule, too. And they probably figured she lives by herself. They've seen her carrying groceries in. Yeah. And stuff. But like I said [CROSSTALK] before, How did they get in? True. And like I said before why do all that reconnaissance work just to steal a grapefruit? Do you hike a lot? And why hike up four flights of stairs? I'm on the 4th floor and then the dead bolt was locked when she came back in. Or was it? I maintain the only way, and we've all, the three of us seem to agree on this. Yeah. The only way they do this is one, they had a key. They had a key. They had a key, right? That makes sense. Landlord asked for that though. I, mean, I, I think that could be a possibility, but we asked her that. She said she's never made a copy of the key before. And the landlord said like, he changed he or she changed the locks- They changed the locks every time. -in between tenants. Yeah in between [UNKNOWN]. But she's been living there for four years. Aw the plot thickens man. Yeah. She's gonna miss that paper towel roll. The paper towel roll I can only assume would be to sop up the juices from the grapefruit, which is probably delicious, otherwise. Maybe that grapefruit saw something it shouldn't have seen. Yeah. [LAUGH] And you'd of had to take care of it. Yeah. [LAUGH] And the laptop was just, was a consolation prize. Yeah are you sure you want to grab that laptop on the way out? Sure friend. [LAUGH]. Weird, right? Yeah. What the hell's going on, man? All those stairs made him hungry! I guess so. So we leave you, the audience, to figure out what happened. Let me just also preface the story with, we don't know what happened. No. We don't. It's not like a riddle that has an answer. The cops have no idea. But they're on the case. [CROSSTALK]. They have their best detective's on the job. There will be a Law & Order episode about this. They're working in shifts. [CROSSTALK]. Yeah. Oh man, I don't know, I don't know what happened, it's one of those, it's a caper. I'll tell you that. [CROSSTALK]. You should be smiling about, because I'm terrified for my apartment. And you're ten feet away from the crime scene. Yeah, I can touch her door. Just leaning outside of mine. But Yeah. You'd be a pretty big fool. But, but lightning won't strike twice. That's what I was gonna say. Yeah. You'd be a pretty big dummy in the, as a criminal to come back to the crime scene. Or, or your address is the biggest laughingstock of the criminal underbelly. Yeah, yeah. It's so easy. in New York. Like, oh my God, it's like stealing candy from a baby. Right. [LAUGH] Or a grapefruit. Or a grapefruit, however. Grapefruit flavored candy. Whatever your poison is. What a weird story man and I am curious to hear what our listeners think. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] but now leaving the radio one before I leave the house probably shouldn't have just said that for always [CROSSTALK]. Why don't you have the randomized dog barking? Is there ,is there an app that does that? Yeah, there is something you can do on your, on your computer. Yeah? Just like a random like, ruff. [LAUGH] Or, you don't usually do. That's a really good idea. You, yourself just just record a couple of bars. [LAUGH] [NOISE]. Yeah. Or get one of those haunted house CDs. So it's like, that place is haunted, I'm not going in there. Play that the whole time. Of course, of course that's the third, and the reason, the explanation [CROSSTALK]. A haunted dog. [LAUGH]. But you realize. That dog's been dead for ten years! Oh my God, it's zero. [LAUGH] No, but yeah, the, they were ghosts. That's how they did it. There you go. They can get, they're specters. They went through walls. [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] And that'll be like a Home Alone thing where I'll get cardboard cutouts to dance in the windows [LAUGH] and people think it's a party going on, right? Oh yeah no way we're gonna rob that guy. Rockin' around. Dude, that seems absurd, because there's only stuff going on in one room. Anyway, no, the funny thing, well it's not funny, again, but again, it's like very strange to me that they broke in. Yeah. That's like prime time I'm home. Yeah, people are home, like just getting home. Which, why would you lead me to believe, I'm putting on my detective cap. Yeah, dude, no. I'm sorry, my true detective cap. Uh-huh. And I'm saying to myself, well, you know, six to ten, odds are you're home. Yeah. They had to know she wasn't around. They're tracking her. Yeah, they saw her leave the apartment, and I bet they had a runner to go behind her to make sure she wasn't coming back to the place. Right. Is she, but she's okay, herself. She's fine. Yeah, she wasn't there at the time. Yeah, she has renter's insurance so she'll be fine, but. Get renter's insurance. I need to get out of there immediately. Yeah, you can't get out of there quick enough. Right now, yeah, geez. All right, well let's shift to more, playful events. What do we have going on in today's run down? Alright, I didn't watch this game but you guys probably did, the World Cup game between Argentina and Belgium. Did you watch that? I did, I saw some of it. What, what day was that, Tuesday? No, it was, it was last week. Last week? Yeah. Okay, well, during that game, you know how sometimes in between game play they'll, the camera man will pan through the audience. It's the best thing about the World Cup. Yeah. They have these unbelievable super slow-mo cameras. Right. And they always close in on someone who is super emotional about the events transpiring in the match. Right, right. It's either joy, elation, or just devastation. It's, and it's always either severe emotion or extreme attractiveness. Like, it's always a very attractive person. You know, a guy or girl. Right. Right, right, right. Well during that game the camera man just happened to take this picture gf a very young, attractive Belgian fan named Axelle. And, she's smiling in this photo, see if you can bring this up, cuz she is really attractive. I mean, she looks like a straight-up model in this picture. I'm going to Belgium. Yeah! Look at this. I've been there! And it's just completely like, she, her face is painted with the Belgian flag and she's got a crazy hat on. She has pom poms in her hand. She's like a super fan, right? And who also happens to be beautiful. Well, she was probably bummed at the end of the game cuz their country has lost that round, right? They did lose. But she went home, [LAUGH], so I read in this article. And, she went home and set up a Facebook page for herself. Just to console and meet some friends that were at the game. And over the course of the next few days, she racked up a ton of followers on her Facebook account, just because of her exposure in the, in the game. She got 200,000 followers, and that's growing as we speak right now. And nobody watches soccer. Yeah. That girl's been dead for ten years. [LAUGH]. No, that's just not right. So the defeat was was made a little easier, though, because the day after she created that Facebook account, a company contacted her. It was Loreal. So, you know that makeup is pronounced L' Oreal. L' Oreal. Yeah, come on. They called her up to offer her a modelling contract. Just strictly based on that picture of her in the Belgian hat and makeup. I mean HD is a beautiful thing. It's Crazy, Right. Yeah. People get sponsorships so easily these days, I know. People work al their lives to get a modeling contract. She gets one by accident. Yep, that's it. That's crazy. The American dream. Just go to a soccer game or do a Kickstarter for potato salad. Right. Yeah, that's it. So easy these days. But anyway. So, they filmed a hair tutorial video. And that got more than a million views,' cuz people just can't get enough of seeing this girl. It's, it's gotten crazy viral, I guess you would call it. but. God, look at her. The story. I mean, I'm sorry, I don't want, she's beautiful. Yeah, Jesus. Perfect everything. [UNKNOWN] I mean, this is like her. [UNKNOWN]. Perfect is subjective. Okay, all right. There's no such thing as perfect. Right, and come on. But, she, empirically, almost. She's, she's. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Yeah. She's beautiful. Get the laser pointer out here. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH]. You see I mean what's funny is she's not even posting here, there's the thing. And I'm sorry where were we, where were? Most of the time when you catch someone sort of off guard it's some sort of derp face, or you know they have like a weird face on but nope not her. Gorgeous. Axelle, she excels, but you know. All good things must come to an end. All good things must come to an end. Exactly, I couldn't have put it better myself. The french company L'Oreal already cut ties with her, they've already fired her less than a week after that video campaign launched. Because a couple of photos on her Facebook page started getting some bad press. Mm-hm. She made the mistake of uploading the wrong photos to her page and this one surfaced just yesterday. What the hell is that? Did she kill a yak? Which is of her yes, holding a rifle and posing above a dead animal. Severely dead. Oh, Axelle. You can see the blood coming out of its head and everything like that. Yeah, it's gone. L'Oreal doesn't necessarily want to associate themselves with a model, I'm sorry, a murderous model. Like, it sells you. [UNKNOWN]. That's her last name. Yeah. Okay, yeah. I'm not gonna pronounce her last name. But the caption on this really pissed people off. Especially Americans. She said, quote. Hunting is not a matter of life and death, it's much more important than that, this was about a year ago. Ready to hunt Americans today ha, ha. This was July 1st. You forgot smiley face tongue sticking out. Yeah, oh, I'm sorry yeah, she obviously did that too. Because that means like, even though I just said I wanna murder Americans. Right. I'm taking it back and I'm making it okay with a smiley face tongue sticking out. Right, so passive aggressive. [LAUGH] It's kind of funny. And, and when this came out, you know, that comment got a lot of controversy on it obviously because Americans were really just defensive about it. And after that, L'Oreal cut her off, just immediately, and they sent out a press release that was saying L'Oreal does not test on animals, we do not condone the killing of animals. That's what it was. Yeah. Cuz, oh, cosmetic companies get that stigma of like, testing on animals, even if they don't. Right. Right? It's just cosmetics in general. Is that true? Is there a pig somewhere with a bunch of lipstick and mascara on its face? I would kind of like to see that. Like Joe said, I can not say after hearing that, but. [LAUGH] Oh, that's too easy. But. But yeah, like there's somewhere there's a cat with deodorant on. Yeah. Somewhere there's a dog with like, Dr. Scholls attached to its paws [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Yeah it's not this though. This animal's not made up at all. No, I don't know what the hell he, is that a yak? Is that what a yak looks like? I'm not sure, yeah. It's got amazing horns, man. Oh gosh, she brutalized it. Yeah. That's upsetting. Okay fine. I know hunting's not illegal, but I you know, I don't know. We're we're not super into that sort of stuff. Yeah. But whatever. I think of it as more about the hunting Americans comment. And obviously a cosmetic company Right. Not wanting to associate a dead animal with its brand. Right. For commercials that air in America. Right. Right. Right. But the Internet loves to do this, right? I, I, I think it's just like any kind of public figure. Americans love to see a good celebrity tear-down. Take, take you down as fast as we build you up. It, I mean, it's, this is like the super sped-up version of the celebrity syndrome, right? Absolutely. Where, I guess like, one negative publicity photo is worth 1,000 positive photos. Yeah, she literally had 15 minutes of fame. Yeah, that's it. Now she's done. 15 hours. I don't even know if she made money off. ...is that. I mean... He is super famous now, so. Yeah, and, and look, some, you know, murder loving company will take her on now. Yeah, yeah. When I say murder, I, I joke a little, but, but, it's not, I mean, I don't know, to me, posing with like a dead animal that you just shot. Yeah. Is not the most attractive thing. To me. Not super tasteful. I mean, I guess if you're like naked and afraid, and you're trying to survive in the wilderness, that's one thing. Right. Who knows, maybe she ate everything, from this animal. Including those weirdo Horns. Oh no, I don't know. I don't know. This story also reminds me of a lot of that ridiculously photogenic convict story that has been going around lately. Yeah, and now there is a cop too. Have you heard of that? Yeah a cop in SF. Yeah. So the the convict story, if you haven't heard. A couple of weeks ago, the police in Stockton, I think it was, in Stockton, California, they rounded up a bunch of gang members, right. And they took photos of them in a lineup, and they posted then on Facebook because that's what Stockton cops do to shame their, their criminals. And people go a hold of this one picture of this guy named Jeremy Meeks, he was one of the gangsters caught. And, that one picture on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page, got 10,000 likes in a day. Mostly from women that were admiring how attractive [LAUGH] he is. And, they were saying crazy stuff like oh, this guy could break into my apartment and rape me any day. You know, like just really distasteful jokes. That's disgusting I mean, considering he's a convicted felon. Yeah, like oh this guy could kidnap me anytime he wants. That's felony weapon charges, that's not like he stole a soda machine. Yeah. Yeah. [CROSSTALK]. He was caught with a weapon. And he was a felon before that. Right. So, that's what he was charged with. I mean he is really good looking. Mm. And his picture is like, yeah, I guess mug shots are normally really unflattering obviously but, not with him. The comments were, were priceless on this one. This is kind of an old story, but Didn't he get a modeling gig too? He did. Yeah, I don't know how he's going to do it from jail. Yeah. He's not going to be a rich model, because I think he was fined for like $250,000 or something, so. And, you know, he probably has like 8 to 10. He's thirty. Yeah. The best he'll get out is maybe five with good behavior. What is going on? Yeah. Is he going to have to fight that cop now for, for celebrity fight? That's looking like cops and robbers. [LAUGH] Yeah. Sort of best looking. I don't know. God, sometimes it's just like I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Yeah. Anyone can be famous. And sometimes it's just like you know what? I think I'm good. I think I'm good. All right, moving right along. All right, you want to hear another story about the internet? Yeah. And this plays into a story we did a couple years ago. Really? Remember, yeah we're talking about the Spielberg thing, right? Yeah. A couple years ago, there was this, I don't know, like, a renaissance for the movie Titanic. Uh-huh. And if you recall. Oh. We did a story about people on Facebook and Twitter who did not know that the Titanic was in fact based on real life events. [LAUGH] Right. This is the thing. This really happened. Right. Man, I know it was like 100 years ago, but still and we sort of reported on a story that collected the best comments, and then our buddy Jim Rowe and Escow wrote about it and transcribed our conversation which was pretty awesome. Right. And now, the dummies on the internet, well they're up to it again. What happened this time? Another egg on the face of the internet. Here's one more story for you. So a couple days ago some random guy posted this picture to his Facebook page and it's obviously a picture calling our Stephen Spielberg sarcastically, obviously, for killing what appears to be Stephen Spielberg. Sitting in front of a dead Triceratops. Oh, the poor thing. Yeah. It's name was Daisy. [LAUGH]. Yeah so what we're looking at is just yeah, a picture that was from the 90's. A young Steven Spielberg posing in front an animatronic or some type of fallen triceratops. They don't make them like they use to. Right. And in the caption this guy he called Spielberg a disgraceful human being, he's despicable for hunting one of the world's most beautiful animals. It's, it's just so funny. He says, disgraceful photo of recreational hunter. Yeah. It doesnt even say Spielberg obviously that would have given the joke away, happily posing next to a triceratops that he just slaughtered. Yeah. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man. Unbelievable, this guy. And then the internet did what it does best, be effing stupid. Yeah, 30,000 shares on Facebook for this photo, 5,000 comments, again. A lot from people that one, have no idea who Steven Spielberg is apparently. And two, also believe dinosaurs are just walking around the earth waiting to get poached by hunters. Perhaps, the best interaction that happened in the comment section of this post, which is by the way, a brilliant joke. Yeah. Because now that you know the internet is filled with these people who just shouldn't be allowed access to an important machine, right? Yeah. I mean let's be honest. The exchange that went on in this comment section is priceless. Someone points out, obviously, like 300 comments, you guys, Steven Spielberg, and that's on the set of Jurassic Park. Right. And then someone wrote back, I don't care who he is. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] He should not have shot that animal. That's when you just drop everything you're holding. That's so good. And you, you know, run into traffic. I like this wall of text comment from Penelope. She goes, scroll down, this is ridiculous. He, she goes, he's a disgusting human being. I'd love to see these hunters being stopped, I think zoos are the best way to get to keep these innocent animals safe [LAUGH]. Yep, cuz that's were all the freaking elephants are dying to go. Oh, no. They're like oh, my God, if I could only just be incarcerated in, like a fake forest or jungle. Take me to the nearest zoo. They're lining to get, they're lining up. Live in 400 feet of space. Right like a penguin is like, oh please, can I live in a refrigerator for the rest of my life. Oh man this is good, so it keeps going on and on and even after people just come clean. They're like okay, enough. Enough with the comments. It's a fake movie. See. With a movie director. Still comment after. Yeah, but see then, you know, obviously people comment first then read later, right? Yeah, yeah. Like that's a big trend. But I feel like at some point in the, in the thread of the comments. Yeah. I feel like things kinda like did a double-twist. [LAUGH] Where people were get, they started to get the joke, like, oh my God. These dumb assess are saying, are, are upset that Steven Spielberg [CROSSTALK] killed a. Oh of the heart of the [UNKNOWN] species. Right. And then it's like, you know, now it's like, wait a minute. That one was almost too good to be true. Yeah. May be someone's having a little bit of fun. Or maybe it's the movie studio behind this whole thing and the comments. Because Jurassic Park 5 hits theaters this summer. Exactly. I think, they are after four actually. Yeah, four, Jurassic world. Right, Jurassic land. All right, Jurassic planet. It could be. That's pretty kick ****. I hope, I hope our buddy, Jim Románico picks up on this because he really dug that last story. Yeah, it was a good one. Right on. All right, I, is, can we be done with like stupidity on the internet today? Yeah Or is that, is that unavoidable? No, no, there's no more stupid internet stories in the run down. All right, thank you. All right, let's talk about Hulu, because I think this story's kind of weird. And, it, it's a short one, so we don't have to spend too much time on it. But, you know when you go on Hulu, you watch any movie or television show, any content on Hulu. Right before you watch it there's that Hulu voice. Okay. You know, and it goes like, the following program is brought to you in part with limited commercial interruptions. The following program is brought to you commercial free. Yeah, yeah. That guy. Is like radio guy's voice, right? well, the man behind that voice is Dave Fennoy and he was just fired from Hulu. Oh my god. [CROSSTALK]. No longer hear the voice of Hulu anymore. I mean look at his face, he's, he's the angel of a thousand humans. But the weird part though and that's sort of the story that's going on here, is there's no reason for the termination. Dave you know he, he went on the internet last week and he announced that he was fired. But there's no word, no thank you for his, service, you know, he had been with Hulu since the beginning which is like, what, 2002 or 2003? What did he do? He said he didn't do anything. So he just got fired. They just axed him, which is what happens, you know. But, meanwhile 40 million people who visit Hulu every month know who this guy is. So I don't think he's gonna have a problem getting work necessarily. I think I know why they fired him. But it's another mystery. They didn't need him anymore. Yeah, he already recorded- [CROSSTALK] He recorded everything. Yeah. He was coming in to work every day and just playing video games. He probably signed his, the rights to his voice for that section. He told Courts, which is a publication, I'm baffled. Not a word, not a note, nothing. [LAUGH] They just told me you're out. [LAUGH] That's mean cuz he's unemployed now. But still. But he still had that beautiful voice, you can't take that away from him. And that's not going to go away. That's his instrument, unless, he signed like some crazy, whackado, no competition clause with Hulu. With God. [LAUGH] With the good Lord. Yeah. I don't know man. This is whack. Maybe it's because you didn't know how to say the word mature properly. You said matuer. You ever notice that? The following content is rated matuer. There's some dudes that over pronounce words like literatuer. Yeah litratuer. [LAUGH] Oh, man. Maybe that's why they're like. Hey. It's mature, murder. Hey, I'll do this right now. We will give Dave $500 to do the opening to 404 everyday. Well yeah. [LAUGH] We'll only need you to record one. Yeah. No but yeah. $500 right now. Tweet it out if you want to @Davefinnoy. That's two n's. Got some competition, Ariel. $500. Yeah, I don't know. No, we'll keep Ariel too, but you guys will actually have to. I'll just be his hype man. I'll just be like, yeah, yeah. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] You guys can alternate. [LAUGH] All right. Five hundred bucks, you think I'm joking, I'm not. All right? I'm, I'm, I'll put down for that, definitely. Yeah. Definitely gonna happen, we'll, well hopefully, we'll see. All right. Great story. could, could we do this last one? Yeah. All right. This is wacky. The Selective Service. Just reminded 14,000 men that were born between 1893 and 1897 to register for the draft. You know what that means Justin. Y2K is back. Yeah, and zombie soldiers are gonna defend us. This is crazy apparently men that were born in Pennsylvania between the years of 1893 and 1897 obviously well over a hundred years ago, were just reminded that you need to register for a draft. The selective service system which keeps a roster of potential men who can be enlisted in the military inadvertently sent out mailings to 14,000 men, remind me not to register. It was a computer error because of something that goes back to the Y2K problem. Isn't that weird? Now, what I find super strange about this is that the SSS, the selective service system, it's like not in place any more. Like it doesn't, it doesn't happen now to people. Right. Because there is no draft. There is no draft. So, so it just sort of happened. But does no one that decided to take that offline because they didn't think that this sort of thing could ever happen? I don't understand what the glitch was. The glitch was that they were mixed up with people born in the years of 1993 to 1997. Oh. So that's the hundred year glitch we're talking about. It was gonna, it was funny. They we're actually planning on sending 27,000 letters, but after they got to 14, they started getting like, phone calls from people being like, yeah, that's my great-grandfather you're trying to mail, and he's been died for about seventy already. Yeah. So it's kinda crazy and it, it had, you know, we haven't had a draft since '73, Yeah. And the Service, though, the Selective Service still requires a registration to be kept in the case of a draft ever Oh, it's just [CROSSTALK] Being reinstated. Yeah. You, myself, and our good old friend Ariel, we're, we're clear. What, are we already enlisted then, or do we have to [CROSSTALK]. We probably were. Yeah. But now we're too old. good. What, what's the age cutoff? I've, someone wrote in, I think they said 30 or 28. That's kind of weird cuz, thirty something year olds are still completely able to fight. Yeah, but we have a lot of 18year olds. Yeah, [INAUDIBLE] You, you can't brainwash 30 year olds. Yeah. I mean, we're smarter than that. We're already jaded. You've got 18, you've got, like 40 million 18 year olds with hair triggers in Call of Duty. Let them fight. That's true. Yeah, yeah. Okay? Right? Let's do it. It's crazy. And apparently you get registered like automatically, but it's a quarter of a million dollar fine if you wind up like not registering. Right. But it's still a thing. Huh. Crazy, dude, Y2K man. Yeah. I never thought we'd talk about that again. Dude, Y2K was, I remember I was in high school, right before that happened. Yeah. And I had a Social Studies teacher, he wasn't a great teacher but he would be engaging. He didn't really teach us anything, he just liked to have good conversation and sometimes maybe that's the best way to educate. Mm-hm. So. He comes in one day and he has like a Newsweek article. And the Newsweek article is basically a collage of the most terrifying things imaginable. Mm-hm. And it says the year 2000 the bug we can't stop. Right. Right? And it was basic, and he comes in, he starts reading the article to us and that's all we did for the 50 minute period that day,. Mm. And he's talking about planes falling out of the sky and computers, Yeah. Unlocking viruses. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like, just missiles firing, Yeah. Every which way, and like. Things kept under computer lock being launched into the freaking mortar system and he scared the **** out of like 40 16 and 17 year olds. Yeah. And it was just, it was such a weird time. And I feel like we, you know, we didn't realize how crazy it was. Yeah. Maybe because we were a little naive in our teens and we were like, this shit's just not gonna happen. There were, I remember, there were a lot of doomsday preppers. Oh yeah. That were coming out around that type, that had like, you know, dug bunkers up and things like that. They had like sheds with like ten years worth of food inside, hidden underground. That reminds me man. I gotta find this, maybe I'll tweet out later from our account. There is a mini documentary about a guy who just came out from his bunker from Y2K. What? Yeah. It's like a dude that's been there for 14 years. Just now? Just now. Two years ago, came out, and was like, is it all clear? And we're like, dude. Dude, no way. And we're like, dude, 9/11 happened. [CROSSTALK] And he like locked himself in there? And he comes in with a big beard like. Yeah! [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]. I'm serious, like, Gross. And there's actually like a fictional, novel, about a family that comes out ten years after Y2K. Whoa, with like, no TV underneath. And they're just like, who's Justin Bieber. [CROSSTALK]. And then they go back inside, Miley Cyrus [CROSSTALK]. [LAUGH] If I were to emerge out of a bunker like 14 years later. Yeah. And I came out to see you know, like what's going on in the NBA like I might go be like, I'm good. Yeah. Good night everybody. Too hot up here. You know what? It's cool down there. My skin never looked better. [LAUGH]. That's really good. Yeah, that's crazy. I want to see that documentary. You gotta find it. Yeah. Aw, man, I can't, it doesn't come to my, my mind right away, but I'll, I'll have to look it up. It's it's short. I think it's just like a web video, but definitely worth checking out. All right that's it for us everyone. Thanks for tuning into the show. Shoot us an email at the404@cnet.com. How do you think those criminals did it? I have no idea. Oh man I have no idea. Let us know what you think. Yeah. We've got some, we've got some more submissions for the fake Tender profiles, those are awesome. So keep those going. That contest roles through out the summer. We're back here Monday with a brand new program. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Reddit. Yeah. All right, make sure you do all those things. And we'll see you guys Monday. And have a awesome weekend. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been The 404 Show. High Tech, Low Brow. We're gonna give that dude 500 bucks. I'm not joking. Yeah. If we get him to do it, believe me, we will come up with $500. Dave Fennoy. Dave Fennoy. That's his name? Got a check with your name on it. All right. Let's do it. Until Monday. We'll see you guys. [MUSIC]

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