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The 404: The 404 1,515: Where this game rocks

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The 404: The 404 1,515: Where this game rocks

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Finding our own zen moment with "Rock Simulator 2014," digital home security recommendations, pizzerias getting extorted for BitCoin, and why the Internet is so blue, literally!

It, it's Friday, June 27th, 2014. I'm Ariel Nunez. And from our CBS studios in New York City, welcome to, the 404. [MUSIC] Yes. What's up kiddies? It's Friday, it's the 404 show, I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. How's everyone doing? [INAUDIBLE] We're doing much better. Oh, yeah. Now that you know it's Friday, the weekend is upon us. Mm-hm. We got a four day work week ahead of us. You have a, two day. I have a- No, a three day work week. No, two day. No, two days, I got one of those gruesome two day work weeks. You just came off of, not working for a little while. Woah, woah, woah, woah. I'm having a 4 day work week. No, I was in Los Angeles. I wasn't. Yeah. I wasn't just, dicking around, dicking around in, in LA. I was working. Mm-hm. I was working eight to eight man. What were you doing, what were you doing? You [UNKNOWN] video games for a living. Your whole life is dicking around [LAUGH]. Anyway, [LAUGH] coming up on the program now. I want before we get to the, the rundown, I wanna talk about, what do we got to talk about. Next week, scheduling. Yeah, we'll figure that out, whether or not we're gonna have shows all, you know, the whole time. Obviously there's no show Friday, a week from today to celebrate, the birth of our country. Yes. So there be that. [LAUGH] so there be that. [LAUGH] I'm like a freaking pirate today. Independence day has got nothing to do with pirates. There be that, no, yeah. Yeah [INAUDIBLE] for that one. [CROSSTALK] independence from Captain Hook. Yeah. Yeah so. Oh, that's what I wanted to talk about, the tinder thing. So we got, I have like twelve really good submissions and I want to get more before the end of the summer. So, write us in and send us your best photoshoping job of a fake tinder image profile for Justin, Ariel and myself and you could win $200 worth of cool Cuten Berg donated stuff. Yeah, what's in that bag, do you know? There's there's a, it's, it's behind on the shelf somewhere I think, or in the cabinet. It's, it's it's an amp, like a really cool analog looking amp. Uh-huh. A working one? A transparent one, that you can hook up to like a record player or anything, any sort of audio source. Okay. You can't have it. Yeah, that's, that's kind of upsetting- Yeah. Cuz I just asked Steve if he has anything that he could [INAUDIBLE]. Well, I'm sure, I'm sure he could hook you up. And then, there's also, a set of really high end Klipsch earbuds. Cool. So you're talking like $200 worth of free stuff. And then we're also gonna add in some like cool 404 giveaway stuff. Plus, I think we'll get like other things. I think I'll throw in like a few video games or whatever. Yeah, we have like a few- You want a camera, I got you a camera, yeah? [LAUGH] Empty water bottle, anything you want. It's fine, so, so get on that. Send us an email with your photoshopped job to the404@cnet.com or any of you want to tweet us, that's fine too. You wanna make your own little, thread in our subreddit. Go bananas and participate in the next level of audience interactivity. Mm-hm. okay, that aside, what do we have in our fine run-down today, sir? Well, we have a couple of good stories about, Facebook, logins and a little bit of exportation that's being going on with BitCoin. And why the internet is completely blue, literally. All right. But, I wanted to start with [LAUGH] your story, about yesterdays game Yeah. And, you know I love the game soccer, but there's another thing a love more than soccer. It's not, no, [LAUGH] I'm not going to complete that sentence. But for some reason, yesterday, the word Nazi appeared, way more often in Tweets. Yeah. Was it trending, yesterday, too? I don't think Na, I don't think the word Nazi was actually trending Okay. But, when you know, we're looking at regressing, which is like a, a sub blog of dead spin. Uh-huh. They mapped out the tweets that were going on during the USA, Germany game. And like, the second the game sta, well, you know, a half hour before the game started. Yeah. The word nazi was getting tweeted a whole hell of a lot. More so than the average Thursday, if you will. Right, there's a huge spike. There's a little time line. And obviously, when Germany scored, we were clocking in at about 25 tweets a second, that are containing the word nazi. I mean, I don't know. You know, people just yelling at Germany, that they scored. Yeah. People like, oh, those Nazis. I don't think that's cool. Like if I'm from Germany and I have like, you know, I mean you're talking about 80 years ago, 70, 80 years ago. Yeah. You know, it's kind of not cool. I mean, 80 years isn't a super long time. It's a long time. It's like maybe your grandfather was a Nazi. [LAUGH] Right, yeah. That's not like too long. Or like maybe like your grandfather knew a Nazi. But still, obviously the soccer players have nothing to do with that, so you could figure that was gonna happen. I knew that was going to happen even before the game started. The word Nazi. It's Godwin's law. Yeah, for sure, right. It always goes, it always evolves into nothing. Yeah, Godwins says that, as an, online discussion gets long enough, sooner or later someone else or something else will be compared to Hitler. Right, it's kinda, kinda I guess funny or not funny [LAUGH] however you wanna throw this. [UNKNOWN] gave like a weird sort of Heil, Hitler Nazi. salute, in a, in a weird way that was totally unintentional, I'm sure. That's a moment of zen if I've ever seen one. That is a moment of zen, but yeah he did, he did kind of salute, that disgusting person. You know, hey I don't know, what, how do you think, how do you feel about this? Is it as bad as other epistats we, we utter on Twitter? Is it as bad? It's pretty bad in terms of things you can compare somebody to, it's up there. But, like [LAUGH] it's real, it's it's, I don't know, it's, I don't know, there's all these double standards. Is it okay? I don't think it's okay. Is it okay to do a joke? Oh, like the soup nazi? Like that's the thing, you know, like. Who cares? Yeah. It, it's okay to do a joke with, with the word nazi, but you, you can't do a joke with like, other awful words. It's totally not okay to call an actual German person a Nazi. Oh, I, I think that goes without saying. [INAUDIBLE] Unless they are actually wearing a swastika. Yeah. And then your like oh, hello Mr. Nazi. But then you gotta see if it's turned, which way it's rotated, if it's the opposite way then it could be a Buddhist. Oh like the Aztec. Oh the Buddhist, yeah. Yeah, no could be like a Buddhist symbol. But if the guy is high lane then it's probably. It's probably pretty obvious. Not a peaceful. Yeah, yeah, I don't think those two really ever get mixed up anymore. Yeah. So I don't know, I just thought it was interesting that there was this kind of blatant timeline. I like that the internet now gives us insight into these statistics too, so we can see exactly what people are thinking about, when stuff like this happens. Twenty tweets per second is actually not that much. You, you're happy with that figure? As long as it stays around 20 tweets a second. I think like, if it was a thousand tweets a second, that's worrisome. But 25 a second, that's really not a lot. It makes. We've come a long way. Still makes me embarrassed to be American because I'm sure that's, where all of the tweets were coming from. Well we, we don't know that. That's the best thing to do, we, we are smarter than that, as insulters, we can come up with something more creative. Yeah but, like I am. Germans Nazis. I'm the f, oh, yeah, calling Germans Nazis is like kinda uncool. It is uncool. Yeah. But calling anyone else a Nazi like a grandma Nazi. Right. You know, like that is such a casual term that is thrown around, you know. [LAUGH] They are just words right, [INAUDIBLE]? They are just words. Let us talk about this next story of another dummy. This one tried to burgle somebody's home. Is that a verb? Burglarize. You can't say burgle? [LAUGH] Well you could, you say pilfer. Oh, okay, right? So, what happened to this guy? Purgle. Purgle [LAUGH]. So I wanna tell you about a, a pretty bright individual in Minneapolis. He breaks into a home, he steals a bunch of property. Whilst doing so, he decided that during his pilfering event- Mm-hm. He's gonna log in to his Facebook account, in the victims home. Yes. He also left a pair of Nike shoes there. And decided that he would log in to his Facebook account, peruse his Facebook timeline,. Mm-hm. But in his great haste to leave the crime scene, he forgets to log out. He also forgot his pants. What is going on? [LAUGH] It was raining outside when he broke in so, he probably just decided to take off his clothes, his wet clothes, but he left his shoes,. His jeans and his belt there, which is weird cuz they didn't really talk about, you know, the owners of the house coming home quickly. Yeah. It wasn't like he was in haste or whatever. Yeah, you're right. There doesn't seem to be- He clearly had enough time to log in to Facebook. Right. And he left it open, right. He left it logged in. He left it wide open. Time reports that, they were wet because it had been raining. Yeah, yeah. His clothing. So, we can only assume that at this point the criminal disrobed and then logged onto Facebook to play Farmville or something. [LAUGH] If you- That's an actual quote. If you didn't think that this guy was an idiot before. Well after, he left, the owners of the house came home, found out he was still logged in and they left a message on his Facebook wall asking for the stuff back, like his wallet and the jewelery. And the guy thinking that he would get off if he did it, came back and hand delivered it, to where the police were waiting for him back at the house. You, it's like you could not write this. It was the easiest job ever for the cops, open and shut case. Dakota County attorney James Backstrom told CBS Minnesota. I've never seen this before, it's a pretty unusual case. Might even make the late night television shows, in terms of being not too bright. Yeah. Yeah, you could label this guy as the world's dumbest criminal. [LAUGH] How at like, 26 man. That's, that's a quarter century. You've survived pretty long. Yeah. For being as dumb as you are sir. Like someone like this is like the same guy who, you know, like does things while driving a car. Yeah. Where he like tries to eat a bowl of cereal. And stuff like that. And gets into an accident. [LAUGH] You know like it's crazy that Darwin has just not erased this guy. [LAUGH] You would think so. Yeah, he wold just take care of himself. Usually these people, they weed themselves out. Right. It's amazing, it's amazing to me. What do you, what like. When I first read this I was like man, I would have way more fun with this guy. Like the fact that you, stay logged in, that leaves you up to so much more harassment. What would you do? Is there any? I don't know. I would have to, you know, I don't know maybe because of, like, the traumatic circumstances I, I would've done exactly what these people did. But that's kinda funny though that they like wrote on his wall. Yeah, they appreciate that stuff [CROSSTALK] They were like hey, are you the guy with the B and E? Can you bring back our, our junk? Yeah. And he's like, yeah cool and he liked it [LAUGH] and then he came back with all their property. What's your guys' home security situation like? Not to reveal too much, but- It's like a series of locks and laser grids. Yeah, do you guys have tech in your apartment? I've sort of been looking at this recently myself, in light of certain events. Yeah, like, okay. But, I've been trying to beef up my home security a little bit and when you work in tech. Yeah. There's a lot of stuff. I've been doing a lot of research on our own website actually, cuz we have that appliance division now. Right, right. A lot of it has to do with, home automated technology. You know, web cams and things like that that are that use a sensor, so if they detect movement in the house. Sure, hidden camera [CROSSTALK]. It'll automatically text message you and things like that. Yeah. Pretty cool stuff. Yeah, yeah. But it's all really expensive, you could rig it up using a webcam, like a desktop webcam or whatever from Logitech, but, sorta of a budget fix. But, yeah, I was wondering, do you guys have anything with regard to that. Keep an eye on your place when you're not there? I don't want to say specifically what I have because I value that information. Don't tell us where your address is. No, I'm not gonna do that, I've got a, I've got a series of provisions. Yeah, like a broken light bulb on the ground. Yeah I go all Kevin McAllister. Yeah. Whenever I leave. Mm-hm. Now well, think about it, when we got Matty, we kind of wanted to see, what he was doing during they day. Oh, yeah. That guy, old real quick cuz he does nothing. He doesn't have a crib. He doesn't have a crib. Oh, wow, you just let it roam. Yeah, he is a, he is a part of the family man. Okay. Okay? Do you chain him to the radiator like [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH] Not any more. [LAUGH] that's the saddest visual I've ever gotten. Yeah no, we you know, you get a drop cam. I think those are really rad. What's that? A drop cam is just like an, an IP Camera. Oh. You can like wire up to your your home network. And you can always monitor it for, like, whatever browser. Yeah, I think so, I don't know. I think it needs power, though. Well there's definitely power in some capacity. Through your NAS, or I have like a, a NAS system in my house, too, and you can hook up cameras to that, as well, and access them through an interface online. Oh, that's cool. So there's like, totally there's a lot of options you have. I wouldn't, you know, say that one's necessarily better than the other. I'm curious to hear what other people have. Yeah. That's something I'm very curious in. Like, you know, we're also, I'm also, in like a very big building and there's all these units. You got to worry about those neighbors sometimes too. No, I'm not worried about them. Do you have a fire escape coming. No I don't have a fire escape, no. Like that's kind of dangerous. Is, is it? Does your hall, your hallway must have a fire escape. It does. Yeah, okay. But my unit does not and I'm like, you know, 30 feet off the ground, so. Okay. If you're breaking in, hey you've earned it. Yeah, you've scaled the wall. What about you Ariel what do, you have like a drop cam or anything techie? No, I've got a crazy dog. Cuz you've got a lot of nice, nothing there. That's right. I have, I have insurance on, all my stuff too. Yeah get renters insurance people. Yeah, yeah, yeah and then I have an insane dog that will eat even friends [LAUGH]. So, that's enough. And I have an AK47 [LAUGH] but whatever. That's a whole separate conversation. AK47 with a banana clip. That's what I wanna know too, what is the best bed side weapon to have, in case of a night time burglary? A bat wrapped with barbed wire. Like a nail coming out of it. Do you really have the bat, next to your bed. Wrapped in barbed wire. Seriously. No. What do you have? Nothing. Jeeze man. I was thinking about getting a teaser, but. I have a dog that can hear a pin dropping in Africa. Yeah, I think that dogs are best. I don't have any weapons, I was just kidding. I'm scare of guns, so. Yeah I'm terrified of, of that. But I mean, I've got like a I don't know, hockey stick I can mess someone up with. You keep that like underneath your pillow? Nope in the closet up front. Okay, yeah I don't know. What do you think would be the best weapon like aside from a gun, like a non-firing weapon. A bat. A bat, really? Just like an aluminum college baseball bat. Right, right. They're light as hell, any, anyone can swing it. You could, swing, like you know, recover and swing multiple times if you needed to. Really tough to block. A bat. Yeah, you could break someone's arm with that. You, you like someone goes like, forearm first against a bat. That forearm- Yeah. Is not going to be in great shape. Yeah, I don't think pepper spray would be a good solution. I know a lot of people that keep pepper spray in their bedside table. Do they? Yeah, but that's not always a good idea cuz that stuff lingers in the air and if you get it in your mouth. I'm not gonna lie, man, are you really that worried about being burglarized? Yeah, yeah, I am. Don't be. I mean, I, I have a fire escape that leads into my window, and there's a lot, lot of stories that happen all the time your hear about, lower east side, east village. Yeah. Giving out too many details about my apartment. So here's what you do, you get, one of those like, what do they call them? When you put the mask on, welding. Welding mask. And that welding mask and a welder right and you just Torch. Saw off the fire escape. Oh and just let that drop. [LAUGH] Bing, done. Case closed. Easy. Your problem is solved. Yeah, well I wanna know what people have done to digitize their home security. If you have a good recommendation like if you have a drop cam and you- Yeah. Think it's cool. I'm curious too. I wanna know about it, yeah. Cuz I like hearing those anecdotal reviews. All right, you know, it depends on where you're at. Like I said you know, I'm in a big building. It, it's like impossible to get in unless you have a series of codes and keys. Codes? Yeah. Mm-hm. I don't know. May put, now you're making me worried. You should be. We should all be worried. This is New York City, man. Actually, you live in Jersey, so you should be more worried. Yeah more worried It's sad that you placed that. [LAUGH] All right, next story. All right, next story, just to terrify you a little bit more, this one's about extortion, so keep that in mind, don't be too freaked out, unless you own a pizza place, cuz apparently that's relevant in this, in this story, So, this is crazy, but we've reported on like virtual extortion before and things like that, but this latest case we're talking about, happened in Pomona, California, a couple weeks ago. So, that's not too far away from where I grew up in Huntington Beach so that's kind of freaking me out, but they're dealing with a new kind of crime over there that sort of combines new and old technology. It's really perfect just for this show. Two weeks ago a pizza place in Pomona called Pizza Pirates, they received a letter, like in the mail, a genuine piece of paper with a note written on it that reads, your business has been targeted for extortion. And, it was obviously from an anonymous sender, and the letter threatened to do all kinds of damage. Like very serious stuff. You know, as much as you could do from thousands of miles away probably. Stuff like threatening to leave negative reviews on Yelp. Ooh. Or calling in bomb threats, things like that. Not leaving a bomb there. Not sending a bomb. But calling in bomb threats. And calling the cops to say the company is running a meth lab. Threatening to call the cops to tell them they were training terrorists inside the pizza parlor. Right? All kinds of sort of, annoying little pranks. And to make it stop, the person who send it, sent it, said that if you want to stop, all you have to do, is send me one Bitcoin. Who starts Extortion by bitcoin. Who starts out an extortion letter by saying. Your business has been targeted [LAUGH] for extortion. Yeah. And it's like, hello, I'm a murderer and I'm about to murder you. I mean, context is always valuable in these letters. Strange. But, they sent a link to Coinbase, which is a popular BitCoin exchange online. And all they asked for was one Bitcoin, so they're not too greedy, these thieves. One coin currently worth about $600 on the internet of course that's always changing cuz there was a, the, the value of Bitcoins is always changing. This is really weird. But he's not a greedy thief and you really, the thing about Bitcoins is that you can't see who is requesting the money. You can check out the wallet online, so there's a link in that story to the guy's actual Coinbase wallet. And currently, nobody has donated money. Of course cuz this guy's a freaking coward little punk Yeah, it's probably some high school kid right? I don't know. [UNKNOWN] about BitCoin. I, like, you're threatening me with negative online reviews? Yeah, yeah Go for it, make my day Not violence or anything Yeah I mean that could, in, that's sort of like. The long tail of, extortion is over many years, you may lose tens, or hundreds of dollars. Yeah. That's so strange. The strange thing is that, other pizzerias across the country are reporting receiving the same letter. Why pizzerias? I don't know! That's so bizarre, right? The grand rapids pizza Michigan. A place in New Hampshire called 900 degrees pizza, they both received the exact same letter. Very strange. It's just like the worst example of extortion I've ever heard of. Yeah. It's funny cuz one of the pizza owners is sort of an older 37-year-old mother of two, and when she first heard about this extortion. By BitCoin she said, what, is that from the spice road? [LAUGH] Yeah, the drug thing? Such a mom of two [UNKNOWN] thing to say. [LAUGH] The silk road, nice. Yeah, of course we're talking about the silk road. The spice road. The spice road, grandma. Instant gram. God, 37 year old people are so old and out of touch. Ho ho ho. [LAUGH] I didn't even hear what you said, man. [INAUDIBLE] hearing aid wasn't on. Oh yeah, yeah, we're jerks, we're just jerks. Is that where the internet is? Oh, that's pretty good. But yeah, if you own a pizza, a pizzeria, or something like that, you gotta, you gotta be careful these days. Are the really making that much money? Are you kidding? Their, their overhead is like zero. Yeah, That's true. They make money hand over fist, if they're, and they only have to be, like, half way decent and open at night on the weekend. Yeah. Until 4 a.m, millionaire. Yeah, that's kind of smart. Dude, like, how much does dough cost? And cheese. How does much cheese sauce and dough cost? Man, I've been eating way too much pizza lately. Cuz every time we have one of these every time we have one of these conferences and, and- The press conferences. Keynotes- Yeah. And things like that to listen to, we always get pizza. I've been eating so much pizza. Yeah, I'll be the first to admit, though, I think it's very good. That's not my favorite pizza place. I think they have quality, where we get it from. And we are pizza snobs on this, on this show. Well, at least I am. I am too, man. My favorite pizza place, is Prince Street Pizza. You ever come to New York, go to Prince Street. You've been there before, right? I think so. They're famous for their square slice. Yeah, I've been there. And they add a little bit of sugar to the sauce [UNKNOWN]. Yeah, you know, you know what, I, I, there's a lot of great pizza in New York, obviously, I do like some places that use the corn meal crust, that's becoming a little more popular. No, like a [INAUDIBLE]. No, that's too chainy, I'm talking about like a home, mom and pop kind of place doing that, and then, if you're ever on the Jersey shore. There's a couple places, used to be called Mac and Manko. Now I think it's just called Mac. Like one of them left either Manko or Mac left and now it's just one or the other. There's a lot in Ocean City, New Jersey, I think there's one in Atlantic City. They're all good? Amazing. Huh. Amazing pizza down on the Jersey Shore. And I'll be having that, in about a month. [INAUDIBLE] Just want you to know that. You guys like Grimaldi's? You ever had- Yeah, Grimaldi's is good, there's one right around the corner from me in [INAUDIBLE] I like those good. Yeah, Grimaldi's is pretty banging. I like Modorino Pizza in the east village too, that place is good, they have a really good sobrasada. Sobrasada is something I had never had before, before coming to New York. Meat? Yeah. Were cap, [UNKNOWN]. Yeah. All these new deli meats that I discovered. It's a salted meat. Yeah it is like. Cured meat. The easiest way to get gout. You're a big [UNKNOWN] guy. Oh, yeah definitely. I am no [UNKNOWN]. I might have to cut off my toe in a year probably. No you won't get gout until at least you're 38. Good. You've got, you've got plenty of time. Solid 8 years. All right. Are we talking about this Boost story? Yeah, it's not a long story. It is more of an observation story, but, it's sort of weird. Someone at the All the All blog. It's like sort of, a long form blog on the Internet. Someone noticed this strange trend on the Internet. They're asking the question, why is every website and web service so blue? Cuz blue is very soothing. Is that what it is? I mean, literally, blue is in the color right. So you know, links are always blue. Hyperlinks both when you click them and after and before, they're always blue. Historically, yeah. Google, they use a shade of blue and I think if you look at that sort of lighter royal blue you immediately associate it with Google. And then there's companies like Twitter and Facebook and even Microsoft that. Their entire logo is blue. Twitter's bird is blue. Yeah. Blue's the color of the sky. Instagram is blue. It, is it like a soothing color? Yeah. I mean- Easy on the eyes, man Is that what it is? That's why I believe, they use the color green a lot in car dashes because it's just soothing. Oh, it gives you a pleasant feeling. You know, like if, I don't know. Although I think, I think Michael now, has like red stuff there which it will seem to conflict with soothing. But, yeah, it's it's all about, you know- Sort of as the consumer, you don't really think about, the decision making behind all these color themes. But, I'm sure they spend, you know hours, months, whatever probably coming up with the perfect shade of blue to [CROSSTALK]. Yeah, if you notice, no one uses yellow. Why? Except seeing that, for in the past. Cuz yellow's freaking harsh man, it's really ugly. I feel like red is harsh too, I don't know if I like seeing [CROSSTALK]. There's a lot of red on the internet, though. But, it's probably cuz it's eye catching. But I just think yellow is the ugliest **** color there is. Also yellow doesn't show up in fonts ever, so you probably never wanna have that as a background. I mean the it, it's, I think it's the whole soothing thing, I think it's like a psychologically pleasing thing. Yeah. I hate, you know, it makes me think about like what all those websites that used to have a black background and white text on them. The worst, you read, you read it for thirty seconds and you look away and all you can do it still see it in front of you [LAUGH]. Still reading. You're like what the hell, whose decision is this? Right. Yeah. Blue is soothing man. Like taupe, taupe is a very soothing color. Taupe? Taupe is like a off white. Huh. Most hospitals are taupe. I never even heard that before. Yeah, taupe. Okay. Look that up. Look that up and write it down. The only other reason for using blue, according to this article, is Facebook, cuz apparently, Zuckerberg is red-green color blind, so all he can see are blues. So, that's why he decided to make the Facebook logo blue. He's red-green color blind huh? Yeah That sucks That's weird You know who else is red-green, color blind? Russ Freshtick. Oh, really? Yeah He can't see anything. He's terrible, he's terrible, he doesn't know what he's got. Does that mean he can only see 3D too? He doesn't know if he should stop or go, what was that? Does that mean he can only see 3D too? He can't see 3D No, that has nothing to do with it, I don't think that has anything to do with color blindness Yeah. All right, this is ridiculous, which is why we're covering it. Rock Simulator 2014, [LAUGH] the latest adventure game. Everyone, speaking of relaxing, I mean, this is the best way to do it, right. Like, especially if you live in New York City, where things are always stressful and hectic. You can now relax thanks to an upcoming title on Steam being released for your PC hopefully later this year, if it reaches its Indie go go funding goal. It's coming by way of Strange Panther Games. You ever heard of that? I have. Indie game distributor and maker. They're coming up for an idea for a game called called Rock Simulator 2014. Mm. Sounds kinda nice to me, it's like a video game I would play. Yeah the latest in Rock Simulation technology. It invites you, to experience the deeply rich diverse life of a rock. There you go. Rocks have seen it all man. If rocks could talk, they'd tell us the history of the world. You will tumble through the world. And for the most part, not really doing anything. It's a very calm game, and you know, most of us enjoy either sitting on rocks or even throwing rocks if you're feeling extremely crazy. But to get the full experience, you really need to become the rock. Be the rock. You need to be the rock, and if you don't happen to have some mushrooms around with you at the time. Then, this Rock Simulator is the best way to do it. And you can try your hand at sort of different environments like grass plains or salt flats and different beaches and things. It's not a very active game and unfortunately there's no multiplayer to be had here. But you can't go online or anything and, and interact with other rocks [LAUGH] but you can choose, what different locales you want. This, this game comes in a similar vein to things like Goat Simulator and So Goat Simulator is amazing. Surgeon Simulator. Yeah, Surgeon Simulator, but. You gotta play Goat Simulator. Yeah, yeah I've seen that, it's pretty fun actually. That's, that's a lot of fun. The the developer at the Strange Panther, says quote this simulator is a rock enthusiasts dream. It really is. You can watch beautiful rocks in any location in the world. Men, it's it's amazing. I mean. What you can do now. It is a single player only like a mentioned. But, I think the cool think is that they are planing some secret mini games as well. Yeah. Which can be play in addition to it. Super soothing. Yeah. Men, I feel a little more relaxed just to be talking about this game. And then come some ripple simulator. Yeah oh, if you can skip three. Play three simulator. But, they're, they are looking at how much is their funding goal right now. I don't know. Can you see that on the Indie go go thing, there is a link to it in the story there. But, you know there is different contributions gift. If you contributed a minimum of $15, they are gonna send you a real rock as well as a handwritten note, as a thank you. Mm. But if you contribute, $50, they're gonna up the anti to three rocks. Woah. One of which will be slightly bigger than the rest. We're not, we're joking this is real. Look at their Indie GO GO. They're kinda near nowhere they need to be. They Just started. They just started. But I can tell you what you should do with that rock once you get it [LAUGH]. Bash your head in the face with it. Because why the hell are you playing the rock simulation game. What are you gonna do with the other two rocks? I don't know. Paint them. Sit on them. They're only at 187 dollars right now. They need 5000 to make the game. Rocks are expensive. That's how you know, it's gonna be very, very real. Rock sims are, are big business. I don't get this. But, look. If you wanna fund it, go for it. I just, man, how do you go around telling people, I'm making a Rock Simulation game? I'm really into it, that's cool. I think they're like animals to come up and nudge you every once in a while, it's so amazing. Yeah, very good. All right, I wanna talk about this other article [INAUDIBLE]. Okay Because we were talking about. New words in the last story, and I read this one this morning. I read an article this morning on Slate, and the article was, words that are most known to only men, or only women. And I wanna test you guys. It has nothing to do with technology, aside from the fact that I read it on the internet. **** it, that's fine. But it's an interesting story, and I kind of went through it with my girlfriend and I had no idea what any of the female only words were. Okay. So obviously, these are, like I said, words that men tend to discuss. You know, not all men know this. Yeah I get it. Here's the ones that men know. Okay. According to this study of I think 500,000 results from an online vocab test. Okay. Words that men most likely recognize over women are codec. A tech term, we know what that is, right? Sure. solenoid. Do you know what that is? No idea. No idea. Gollum. Wait, wait, wait. We're gonna pass over solenoid? Oh, you wanna look that one up? I'll look it up, you continue. Okay, solenoid mach, as in like Mach Five. Humvee, claymore. Is claymore like exploding. A bomb. Yeah, okay. Scimitar. Ariel do you know what scimitar is? Is that an instrument? Nah. Scimitar is one these big swords that you find. Oh, starts with a c? Yeah, yeah. S-C. Scimitar, what are the other words. Kevlar. You know what that is right? The farmer. Paladin. Obviously a lot of these have to do with video games and science, scientific things. Are they sure men or losers? [LAUGH] You know what it is. Biped. I know a loser. A solenoid is like a, like a coil. Oh. All right. Yeah, we are like yeah, yeah, yeah I do that to my car all the time [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]. Create magnetic fields. Okay, right [INAUDIBLE]. Biped we know what that is. Sure that is the thing with two feet. Yeah, dread naught. No idea what that is. Oh, I know, yes. Do you know what dread naught is, define it. It's spelled like ght right. Define it, No. Yes yes, it's a type of battleship that was used in the twentieth century with large caliber guns. But those are boring words. These are the words that women are most likely to know over men. So, I want, our female listeners to chime in here. Okay. Who's that? Our female. Who is actually a male, singular. [LAUGH] That's, we're talking to you, Barbara, wherever you are. Here we go, taffeta. Taffeta? Capital, I think I even pronounced that wrong. That's for you to know that I don't know what it is. T-A-F-F-E-T-A, taffeta. It's a woven fabric. Wha, I have no idea. I guarantee you Stacy knows what that is. Tresses. Do you know what tresses are I've heard that. It's a long lock of women's hair. Okay. Bottle brush. No idea. I mean, you should be able to figure that out on the content of the word. It's a brush for a bottle okay. flouncy. Is that like a descriptive wavy fabric. Sort of, it means gathered and pleated. As in a piece of fabric. I do not get credit for that. Okay, mascarpone, what is that? Is that a food? [LAUGH] That narrows it down a little bit? Is it? Mascarpone? Yeah, mascarpone. It's like a, is it like a fish based food [LAUGH]. Is it? No. No, what is it? It could not be further. Do you know what it is Ariel? No idea. Mascarpone. Mascarpone Mascarpone Yeah It's a soft, mild, Italian cream cheese. Yeah I was right. You weren't, [LAUGH] it had nothing to do with it. I was totally right, I was right about a food though. Come on, give me some credit Yeah, yeah you were almost there I got it in the ballpark You were like 5% there Yeah, 30, here's another one Decopage Decopage Decopage I know it has to do with arts and crafts Right. Dec, decopage. Could you use it in a sentence? [LAUGH] I have no idea what decopage. Decapash off me. Yeah [LAUGH]. I don't know. What is it? The decoration of a surface with applied paper cutouts often finished with varnish or lacker. All right. That's like hodgepodge. Progesterone. [LAUGH] There's no way, there's no way- You know what that is? You even know what that means? It's a real, it's a real thing, this is something that only women should know. It's a disease? Is that what you said? [LAUGH] Yeah, it's a disease, it sounds like a diseases. It does. A steroid hormone released by the corpus luteum that stimulates the uterus to prepare for pregnancy. Some men maybe should know what that is but we don't have it so that's probably what it was. Yeah. I bet like male O-B-J-Y-N's know what the hell that is. Probably. Yeah probably. Yeah all right. There's a few more of these Can you get one that's like pro, like guessable? You know what's funny one of them is P and E. Oh, the flower. Which is a herbaceous plant of north temperate regions. Okay last one, bodice. Come on, you should know what this is. bodice? Yeah, you guys know what this is about because you have been to quote burlesque clubs? B-O-D-I-C-E. Oh, so it is like a dress. Yeah, yeah, the part of a woman's dress, that is above the waist. Score one for the good guy. Yeah, crazy right? That's it, huh? Yeah. All right, very good. Before we say goodbye for the week we've got two emails worth mentioning about air tracking speed control. Nice, I saw that. It's real! Tracking by air is real! Clinton writes in, hey 404 I hate to burst your bubble but those speed check by aircraft signs are legit! Aircrafts check your speed by using time distance calculations. And they used markings on the pavement that, basically, like, give them insight as to how fast you're getting places. It's pretty easy to see the airplane up above, it just circles around the area. I still, maybe it's like drones, I don't know, Dustin also confirms it. This is a real thing. Planes use perpendicular lines that are painted at certain intervals on the sides of the road to record how long it took you to get from one point to another. Then they use that formula, speed equals distance over time, and they calculate your speed, they can then alert authorities in the area. And give you a ticket. It's just so, such a waste of money. Yeah, what a waste of a pilot's license. Right? Right, like you go to school and you're a psyched to get up in the air. Yeah, and I'm gonna fly a Navy jet. Like okay, you're job is gonna be like a glorified meter maid. Yeah. Plus, how any times have you actually seen one of those flying by? Never. Never, exactly. And we're still end up [INAUDIBLE]. If a, if a freaking cop pulled me over and said, this airplane caught you doing seventy five, I'd turn and say, officer, go F yourself. Yeah. Yeah. Is what I would say to that. Well, don't you have the right to see the proof, like. Yeah, you do. Yeah, so like go get it. [LAUGH] And show me. [LAUGH] Yeah. [LAUGH] Tell that bastard to land [LAUGH] Meet him at the heliport down the street [LAUGH] And then bring that over. Yeah. Thanks officer and I would like smack him on the **** as he left. Yeah, I wanna know if anyone has, gotten caught by an aircraft. I would like to hear that, for sure, all right, that's it for us guys, [LAUGH] thanks for tuning into the program. [LAUGH] It would be funny if you gor sent like a letter like a photo of like an aerial photo of like a million cars like, yep you were speeding right here. There's no way you read my licence plate from up there, there is just no way. Oh God, what a waste of money. All right, I guess I'll take those signs a little more seriously now. Yeah. Shoot us an email to 44@cnet.com, and then stop what you're doing and follow us on Twitter right now it takes two seconds. Follow us on Twitter. Follow myself, Justin and Ariel on Twitter as well and then check out the subreddit. Check out the Facebook. Check out all the good stuff we're doing off the show. We're back here Monday. Have a fantastic weekend. Until then I'm Jeff Backalow. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been the 404 Show. Hi-tech, low brow. We'll see you Monday. Bye-bye. [MUSIC]

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