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The 404: The 404 1,513: Where we there's something for everyone at Google I/O

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The 404: The 404 1,513: Where we there's something for everyone at Google I/O

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Wrapping up all the announcements of today's Google I/O keynote address, including Android L for your wrist, your car, your TV, and more.

Its Wednesday, June 25th, 2014, I'm Ariel Nunez, and from our CBS studios in New York city, welcome to the 404. [MUSIC] What's up everyone, welcome to, the four o four show, I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin U. We're entering hour nine of the Google I/O keynote. Oh my God, I have to take a shower, and change in between. That was the longest press conference I'd ever seen, out of a tech show. Its, it was crazy. It was a marathon. Dude, Mark, Mark, he like left to take a shower. Yeah. He came back, he's like it's still on. Still going on. So many things happened, during the course of that time. Soccer games were, were won and lost. Mm-hm. Babies were born. Yeah. It's insane. And the, I'm sorry, but the nerve of Google to do something like this. You can't do it for more than, I think the cutoff's 90 minutes. And they went well over two hours. Almost three hours. Almost three, I'm sorry, like, there's like a time and a place, just don't go that long. You know, it wouldn't have been so bad if the show was a little bit faster paced. I think the rhythm was so slow and, and the speeches were really dry and there were sort of peppered with some jokes, but not really. No, no. It was just really droney. And then the big announcements didn't have much, I don't know what you'd call that, like it wasn't a crescendo. It was just like, well here are a couple smart watches that we've been working on for the past five years. It wasn't it even them. Yeah there was no, there was no fan fare, like very little buildup. And I don't know, I I guess sometimes the, the language that Apple uses at their keynotes can get slightly, I don't know what you'd call that, slightly, a little too descriptive? This one didn't have any of that. No excitement whatsoever. Not that there weren't exciting things announced, it was just the way they said it. Eh, I don't know. I think this was definitely more for the developers than consumers. Right, and so maybe we should stop going to these things. Two people arrested, three people dead. Two, what? What headlines are you reading? Yeah. Two people were probably arrested though, because this keynote, was plagued by protestors. If not those for incidents, I would've turned it off half way through. May the good lord bless those fine people, seriously, cuz they made the show entertaining. Oh, that was pretty funny. And what, I guess we'll go, you wanna like get the episode? Yeah, let's lead with that. So this is super weird. So like, two times during the press conference,. These people interrupted the keynote. One time the guy speaking, just kinda went on with his thing, even though the protester was like literally right in his face. I know, just, what do you think that was like 45 minutes, or an hour into it? He sat pretty patiently. It was a little while before he decided to speak up. It's a woman. Oh, okay. But she holds up like a t-shirt she made. Mm-hm. And it says: develop a conscience. Stop Jack Halprin. Yeah. Did you look up any of that? No, I didn't. No. Because we're trying to prove that protesting is ****, especially at a Google event. Naw, I wouldn't say protesting is ****. No. At a Google event. At a Google event. Probably not. Yeah. Protesting is fine. Jack Hopman is a Google lawyer and a landlord now who He's a landlord? Yeah, he's the landlord of a lot of buildings in San Francisco, obviously there's a lot of tension there with the rent prices going up and that's probably what she's protesting. But still, Who protests rent prices, at a Google event? Although I don't disagree with their cause. sure that wasn't the only one though there was another guy who. you know maybe that is what it, so I am way more mad at this guy. Wait, what? I'm sorry. Oh, that guy. Yeah, that guy. Yeah. I was mad at him, too, but for a different reason. We'll get there, we'll get there. He wasn't protesting. Here, here's the guy Yeah. Okay, let's show the photo of him real quick. So this guy's the best. About, maybe an hour after the first woman started protesting, this guy stood up, and my man was like, you all work for a totalitarian company that builds machines that kill people. I like that,. That's him talking, me moving the image. Yeah. That's pretty good. Right. He, he claimed, he was yelling at people saying, you're gonna make machines that kill people. Which is probably true, he makes a valid point. Yeah, but, what I wanna know is like, how did he know where Google I/O was even being held? Yeah. How did he know how to get there? [LAUGH] He's a mole. Bing? You think he used Bing? No he probably used Google. Yeah. He probably used Google to get directions to, where was this? The Moscone Center? Yeah probably. They need to stop having those events in San Francisco. It's too much of a hot bed for this kinda stuff. Well, it's clear that like not enough people in San Francisco have ever faced true fear in their life. What? Where they would like, you know, protest other more meaningful things. No, that's definitely a meaningful thing when you mess with people's livelihoods, their apartments. The apartment fine. I'll give you the first protester. Okay. Not this guy though, this guy's like things like Sky Net is next. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's using Nike shoes too. The message is sort of lost there. I don't think you should use these guys as an, as an example to generalize all of San Francisco. Right. These guys do not represent [CROSSTALK] you know [CROSSTALK]. I don't disagree with their cause either, I have a lot of friends in SF that are pretty pissed off and had to move out of the city. Fine, rent is un, we're, we're past the rent thing, this guy with the robots. Okay, wait what robots? He's like you build machines that kill people. What does that mean? LIterally they're robots... That are funding, or that are funded by the government. Google does it and they're going to war. That contract is over. Regardless, that was a pretty exciting part of our show. And that guy's protest. Let's talk about the guy driving the fake car. Let's bring up that photo. Oh my god, here he is. Kind of a head scratching moment here, but this is when they were demoing, basically you don't have to watch the entire two and a half hour keynote. All you need to know is that Android, the operating system, is coming into every device in your life. And possibly car. Yeah, and possibly your car, or your next car. So, this is a demo they did, of Android in the car, with a heads-up display that can. Do everything pretty much expected to, I didn't, I didn't really get any surprises out of the whole conference, did you? A few, a few and we'll get to those, cuz it's really long. But I just thought this was like the funniest. This guy just, him miming driving- Yeah. They brought up a shell of a car so they could show off the in-dash. He's kind of smiling goofily the entire time. Then there's the whole theme of the double lid peanut butter jar, i'm sure what that whole joke was about but do you know what i'm talking about? Yeah so, what the hell, the was one point where. They were trying to dictate a note through an Android Wear Watch, which is their wrist watch smart watch operating system, and it like couldn't do it. And he said. And they basically were dictating a note, that you mu, or something you would want to get down in, in like this moment of brilliance you would have. Right. So the example was that they set up like I would, you were saying let's say Michael's trying to reach that last bit of peanut butter, in his, in the jar. Uh-huh. And, yea, Oh you can unscrew it from the bottom too. [LAUGH] It's not the worst idea, it's really not the worst idea. Do you think they came up with that themselves? Well think about it, it's not the worst place. Yeah, you just put an extra thread on the bottom. Yeah, you just put, like the bottom in the middle if that makes sense. Anyway, let's just sum up the whole sort of conference in, as quick as we can. There's a lo, I took notes basically throughout the whole time. And it was only until like an hour and, you know, and, and fifty minutes into that I realize well that was a bad idea. Yeah. I shouldn't start doing that. This is the only keynote address that you could actually see people in the audience getting up and leaving. [CROSSTALK] Apple keynote, nobody goes anywhere. Well there was six thousand people there, obviously. That's a lot of bladders to take care of. So they start out, they, they give some pretty impressive numbers to start out. They said Android now holds a 62 percent share of the tablet market, which was not the case a year ago, or two years ago, that's impressive. 42 percent of tablet owners that use Android make up the YouTube Viewership, so 42 percent of YouTube viewership is... Android, that's kind of amazing. Mm-hm. Because two years ago what would you say it'd be. The iPad, right? Don't shrug your shoulders. [CROSSTALK] No because you couldn't view YouTube videos on an iPad. Sure you can. Not before. Yeah. Not a couple years ago. There's always like an app. There was an app, yeah, yeah. Right that's what I'm saying. I would assume that they would come with, it would come more popular with Android. Right, so basically there point is that Android is becoming very popular, pervasive across all devices. Mm-hm. So what they want to do is continue that effort. And, then do in it through the brand new operating system that sounds like its going to live across multiple devices, and that's L. Cuz that's the letter they are up to. Right. We just had kitcat L. Well, they're just calling it L. I assume they're just calling it L because they're waiting for somebody to buy it. Yeah. Or they're like working out a deal. I'm a little confused, even before this started. Yesterday, we were talking about what it could be called, licorice, or whatever. But, why did he do that? [CROSSTALK]. Well, I, I truly believe they're just, like, waiting for someone to bite. And then they'll call it something afterwards? Yeah, I truly believe that's what is, cuz, don't you remember key lime pie was pretty much concrete for a little bit, and then Kit Kat. But who bought it out that turned, made it turn to Kit Kat afterwards? The, whoever makes Kit Kat, I don't know, Mars? I don't know, Nestle? Oh, you're saying they're waiting for the snack sponsorship to come in? Yeah, someone's gonna do, right? Oh, I thought you were talking, yeah, yeah, yeah, that kind of makes sense. Right, someone's gonna buy that A. Right. Of course, I mean, I thought Kick Eye was brilliant. Right. I, you know, say what you will about the OS, but the, the whole marketing integration, that's brilliant. Mm-hm. As far as I'm concerned. We'll see about that. So we'll see who wants to buy L. So they're calling it L, brand new operating system with totally new features and a whole new aesthetic to the operating system. And there calling it material design which is like everything is layered when it represents paper and you get things floating. They spend so much freaking time on animation. [CROSSTALK]. It did look good, I mean. It looks fine. There's a lot of cool new features, but I feel like they could have set it in such a way. Sure. That it would have moved along a lot faster. Sure. Basically it's just a lot of geometric shapes, flat designs with shadows. Right. It's cool. Long story short, IOS and Android are starting to look a hell of a lot alike. And, you know, everything looks great and animates real fun. They spent, I swear to god, they spent like six minutes talking about animations. Yes. Saying everything is gonna run at 60 frames per second. That's fine. Just let me like be able to hook up my bluetooth thing quicker, if you could do that. They had some, a few sort of like cool little, you know, details, authentication sounds pretty cool. Where they were saying like, all right, you know, everyone waits all the, all the time of the day foll, you know, following a pattering to unlock their phone or entering a keypad sequence. Yeah. Now we'll unlock your phone if we know that there's, like, a recognizable device, or a location that you're in. Certain sort of things will allow, the phone to unlock without having to ask for a password. Phone and Chromebooks too. Right. Pretty cool. That sounds good on paper, the demo they did, didn't really prove anything to me. I gotta see it in action, see if it works. Chrome has a brand new list of features. Recent view tabs easier multitasking and web to phone functionality. They're doing stuff with app indexing, which will let apps show up and app result and search results so let's say you're looking for a restaurant with like an open table, search result word come on, they can go right to it. Oh, God, I'm already frigging this is just killing me. 60 seconds, 60 per second animation on Google Chrome browsing. That's pretty cool but you probably won't notice that unless you're doing a lot of multi-tasking. It's just gonna make you think your computer is running quicker than what is truly happening. Remote shutdown for stolen phones. I'm surprised, that Android phones don't already do that, where you can I think perhaps you can get but now they're centralizing it. Oh, okay, yeah. No word about whether they'll track the phone once it gets. Stolen, but you can shut it down if somebody does take it from you. Right. So, they're doing all these centralized security measures, like Justin said. they're, they're, they want every sort of Android platform to incorporate a mantra of certain set of parameters, right? Mm. So, they want everything. TO be contextually aware of what's around it, voice-enabled products, seamlessness, like I started doing one thing on one device, and I"m picking up where I left off. Like I would say, they're all the same thing. Right, it's all the same crap. And in mobile first. Saying like, alright, if there's one thing you're always gonna have, it's gonna be your phone. So let's start and make sure, and insure. That the mobile experience is, prioritized to the top. And then we go onto Android Wear. Right? Yeah. That's the whole watch thing. and that's the conversation I was kinda looking to having with you. Because you are the biggest smart watch hater I know. Yeah. A guy comes on and says hey, people look on their phone 125 time a day. That's crazy. How's the, the, the, how is Android Wear gonna fix that. And that for me is the thing. Like I am. Sympathetic to that, not having to take your phone out of your pocket, especially when, you know, hands are cool man. You need your hands for a lot of stuff, and I hate having to hold my phone in one hand and do something else, and it's not every single time, but it's those... You know, unique scenarios, those unique situations where you're like, getting off a train or your maneuvering through the terminal at an airport, or in the examples that they provided, cooking. Where you're like, I don't wanna hold my phone, and you know, you know, stir the pasta. Whatever, however that plays out. So what do you, what do you think? You see what Android wear is sort of introducing. The things I like. There's a lotta sync synchnisri, synchnisrity. Synchronicity. Synchronicity. Yeah, it's a good word. Yeah, there we go, yeah, between your phone and your watch. Mm-hm. To me that's kinda cool. The dictation of phone notes. Like if I wanna talk, do a little, like, **** Tracy stuff and write down a note real quick, not take out my phone, open up the phone app, ope-, oh, I'm sorry, open up the notepad app. Type and then do that, I mean you're talking about saving a significant amount of time with stuff like that. [LAUGH] But again none of that crap worked in the demo. [LAUGH] Yeah, that's what I just saying. Yeah, it didn't work. It didn't work. If it didn't work in the demo, who how's it going to work you on, on a any given day? What's google's motto? It gets better. Okay. [LAUGH] No, I thought okay, yeah. That's what's gonna happen. Okay, so they did this demo like you know the guy says, the guy was at a restaurant. He didn't know what the hell Limburger cheese was. How do you not know what that is? Give me a break. but he said okay google what is [UNKNOWN] and it looked it up fine I could see that maybe working in a weird kind of way I can [INAUDIBLE] mention glass at all by the way did you notice speaking of glass I have a really great photo of that I screenshots from the keynote but yah they introduced three. Smart watches. [CROSSTALK] They were all known watches but they dove deeper into them. Right. I, I'm still not a believer in it. I thought it was kinda cool the, the one application I thought was kinda cool was [UNKNOWN] using it as a D pad. Sort of as a mouse function in how he connected his tv using his computer and he was scrolling through his watch. That was cool. That was kinda cool. I didn't think that a application like that could exist. What about? In the future i, i feel like more applications will come out and i'll be like wow i didn't think i could use it like that. Before i, i didn't see anything that could drop. How much? They haven't announced. They haven't said yet. They haven't said yet. All right. If it's more than 100 bucks. You're not on board. I wouldn't be on board. I think if it would be cool if you could leave your phone in another room, say, right and go, go and wash the dishes or go and cook a meal. But as it is you still have to this thing connected by what, bluetooth? Yeah. So that's like 5 meters or something like that. It's a little bit longer than that. You have to have your watch sort of on your person or very close to you. Might [UNKNOWN] Pretty close enough, like in your apartment I think will work pretty much. Like, I would wanna leave it somewhere. You know I understand. Like in a back up or like throw it anyway. Like lose your phone willingly. And then be able to have access. Well then you are talking about like a watch, radio. Yeah. But it kind of can do a lot of that stuff, like do come on you gotta be un board with the music control. Not really no. No? Because he, he wasn't selecting the music, he just randomly totally told it to play music so it was probably was on shuffle. They'll be a way, there'll be a way. I don't know, and then gorgeous album art on a one inch screen on your wrist? I'd rather look at my phone. I don't care I about that. Okay. All the gimmicky stuff I don't care about it's, it's the true to life, like functionality that I'm actually gonna use. Mm-hm. And, things as simple as like skip next track. Like it kinda works with my remote. Yeah. But it doesn't always work. Yeah, now that it took away the physical button that's changes tracks. Come on. It isn't only have to pull it out and, and do it virtually. Ew. But it doesn't mean that I want to have this whole separate device on my wrist that I have to charge every night in order to get that functionality. It won't be like that. You gotta to wind you watch, don't you? No. No? No. No, does it have a battery in it? No, this is a fool ex man. What does it got a little battery in there? This has candy inside of it. [LAUGH] It runs off your blood sugar Let's talk about google glass because I want to show this picture off. I think it perfectly illustrates who is in attendance at these events. Yeah. Google IO. This is what we're looking at here, a hall of mammals. I you know, [LAUGH] so we're looking at a basically five or so people all rocking Google glass, They quit, very quicly cut to this shot right in the beginning of the show. And I almost died like, This is so good, it looks lik it should be,. In the Natural History museum. It's kind of amazing. I, I don't even wanna get into the details of it. We'll post it in the show notes. They're all wearing Google glasses. They're all wearing Google glasses. Do you think they're all seated in the front row for this reason? For sure, look behind them. No one's wearing glasses behind them. It's genius and no one else is wearing those lanyards around their neck either. It's just, [LAUGH] that is so good. [CROSSTALK] Really? Yeah. I don't think they're walking anywhere. [LAUGH] Sorry, too easy to make. You set me up for that. I know. That was my plan. You hit it out of the park. It's still going. yeah. No, it's it's it's amazing. You have one dude rocking like a Cyclops. Sorta stands the way, homeboy would do with his, glasses. Yeah. His laser beam sight. I, I look, you know, this is fun, this is funny because. The woman on the right, what's going on there? The, what is that a headband? They're just happy to be there. Or is that her, I don't know. I, I'm not making fun of you guys, it's just. No, we can't. A perfectly timed photo of all of them accessing Google Glass. I think Google Glass is the one piece of tech that just cannot. Jump the absurdity. Yeah. Like you know tipping. We're not ready for that. It's just so stupid looking. Yeah. And until it is perfectly integrated into your glasses or sunglasses, where no one knows what you're doing or you don't look like some. Stupid spaceman from a 1980's movie, right? I mean, and everyone, you know, I was, we were making fun of it Twitter before, and someone was like, hey, you shouldn't make fun of glass, because, you know, cell phones started out looking real goofy, too. Yeah, that's true. And I'm like, yeah, but we, number one. That it was goofy for sure. Mm-hm. And like, that was. But like that was also something that, I don't know. We needed. Mm-hm. I don't know. May where, like do you think that logic plays with Google Glass? I, I, I think that Glass has more of a function to it than a smart watch. I mean, you would look less ridiculous if you had a watch on as opposed to the glasses, but I'd rather have something like that. I don't agree with that. That's actually beaming an image into my eye. No. But I also haven't tested out Google Glasses too much. What happens if you look at your smart watch through Google Glass? [LAUGH] What happens then? I don't know. You'd kill yourself, is what'd happen. I think all five of these people would show up, in definitely an idea. I mean they all definitely have more than that, right? It's, it's crazy, just look at this photo. It'll, it'll definitely show up in our social feeds later today. For sure. Okay, back to the anarchy that was. this god awfully long key note yah where the hell are we even at alright so you know a lot of this look it is a developer event there is a lot of tech jargon that the layman would have no use for whatsoever. Long story short, all you need to know is that they've improved performed with games, they've improved importance with the runtime, which basically is like the you know, the way it handles processes and stuff like that. Everything's gonna appear much faster. It's 64-bit ready, the new architecture that's embedded in L. Project Volta, optimizing battery life, right on. I'm, I'm excited about that. Mm-hm. Now, Android TV is pretty cool to. That's, they introduced a new layout to how you scroll through things. Like we said earlier you can use your, any of your, Android powered watches to scroll through those. Right. So many sharp TVs coming of this year are gonna be running Android TV. What was with the accelerated feed for demo purposes, though? Did you hear him? Yeah. That was a little strange he sort of buffered, the demo beforehand by saying they had sped up. Yeah. The, UI in order to make it appear faster? I'd don't think It'd do good to make it do that. I don't know what that all means. You know their going, their not going after consoles, but they're definitely. Saying that our games are flirting with console sort of standards. Which I think maybe perhaps graphically they're in the same conv, not conversation, but they're in the same realm, but in terms of functionality you just can't, you know, they're all like platforming games, they're not, you know, heavy duty rpgs and stuff like that. That's fine. Back to the car stuff real quick. So they're doing something called the open automotive alliance, which I thought was really cool. Yeah, uh-huh. And it's basically, like, 25 auto makers all agreeing, in some capacity, that they'll offer Android in their vehicles. Right. In some degree, right? That was pretty encouraging. Because, let's be honest, I've yet to see a car. You know, proprietary interface. Mm-hm. That's good. Really besides maybe a Tesla. Mm-hm. Right? I mean everything is just trash because it's all proprietary. It's all built from the ground up by a team just working on either Cadillac or whatever it is. Mm-hm. In my opinion, you introduced this well-established OS that people are familiar with. That's kinda smart to me. Mm-hm. I don't like the fact that they're trying to act like this is somehow safer. Oh, just because it's a alliance? Well, no. That they were saying that bec-, you know, they were trying to make the case that everything is voice-recognizeable, which is good, in that does. You know maintain the idea of like hands free stuff, but then you have this guy in the fake car and he's just like poking button galore and he's just like hey look at me I'm hittin' every and I was just like no, dude, that's, you, your hands are off the wheel. Yeah, yeah ultimately you're still giving drivers way more of a distraction in the car. Exactly. Than you had before so automatically more dangerous. And I'm sorry. And, man, you've been out there. You know what kind of people are allowed to drive cars. They shouldn't be more distracted. Yeah. And there shouldn't be a touchscreen. I truly believe there [LAUGH] shouldn't be. Mm-hm. Maybe, like, only in the passenger's seat. So, like, if someone's sitting shotgun, they can reach to the little thing in front of them. [LAUGH] Like, there should be a weight sensor, in the passenger's seat, that can only be active. I'm telling you. That's how airbags work. Yeah, that's That's how passenger's airbags work. It's true. Right? Am I crazy? That's the, that's the million dollar idea. But then someone will just put a bunch of books on the passenger, so you can, someone will find a way. Hey, what's up, fifty? [inaudible] shot in your passenger seat for. Yeah. People will figure out a way. I don't know. I just thought all that was a little, contradictory. Yeah. And, I mean, there's so many car manufacturers in this alliance. It's a lot. There's no way that anything's ever gonna get done. I mean [LAUGH] We'll, either way, one, I think the first thing we're, we're concerned about is the safety thing. Uh-huh. But, I'm definitely welcome the introduction of Android to a car. I mean, how long have we been saying that. Yeah. Right, ever since we realized, like, oh my God. Android navigation is so much better than your Garmin or your TomTom. Yeah. You know, like why is this just not in my car. Man. So there is really going to be a day when you're gonna have to devote your entire life to one platform, right? Oh, yeah. You can't have an Android phone and then a car that operates iOS or vice-versa. Maybe. You're gonna have to commit. Everything in your life to one of those. Well, think about it. People, I don't think Apple has the penetration that Google has. Whoa. Okay? So here's what, what I mean by that, and people, I'm sure, have crashed their cars listening to what I just said. But no, hear me out. Google is your email, and it's way more of your like,. Day to day sort of stuff. Whereas Apple's probably your, your, your material stuff. Like your, your content. hm, Right? Google, most people have Gmail and a calendar hooked up through that. So, I'm not saying like, you know, I truly believe like you, like you have Gmail but you also have an iPhone. Yeah, true. Like you're the person I'm talking about. Right. Right. So, like a re, there's just going to have to be some sort of overlap. Cuz you're not going to be like, oh, man, I was going to buy that Audi. Right. But it's only an ios car. Right. Right. In fact, there's no way car makers. They're going to have to support [INAUDIBLE] There's no way car makers are going to be like, cool, sign us up. Yeah.Yeah. Or it has to just be like an auxiliary port or something you can just plug whatever device you want in there. Right. Sure. I'm hoping. Or you, if your conscience doesn't come with a [UNKNOWN]. Yeah. Famous last words. I think that's what it is. Yeah. It's crazy. So, and then, you know, that's. I mean, there's a lot of other stuff that transpired. Google Fit is now a platform. Yeah Games is getting a lot of upgrades Google Fit was probably, There's like cloud **** happening Yeah, so Google Fit plus the cloud, I think that demo was the funniest because I forget what it's name was but the presenter just got up there and he was talking about how he was sharing. A neighborhood walk with all of his friends. So they could all see where he was walking around. No one gives a crap where you're walking around. If you called me up and told me, hey I'm on like a really nice walk you want to know my route? I would hang up on you right away. See, I'm going to call BS on you right now. Use a GPS and then there's a marker and it sends all the details of everything you're looking at through google glass to your friends. It's just a walk. All right. But what if that dude was on a bike? [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] I don't care. Hear me out, hear me out. What if that dude's on a bike? Yeah? And it was, dude. [CROSSTALK] No they have that. [CROSSTALK] They have that right now. And you've definitely used it? No. I, I don't use it. [CROSSTALK] But I don't hate on that idea. [CROSSTALK] Bike trail. There's cool bike trails, there's cool places to take your bike, maybe it's scenic... Yeah, I've used that app before, it's Java, it's a great app... So what the freak are we talking about, man? But this guy, he wasn't even looking at anything cool. Oh! Like if he was on a hike, yes, that's a good application for it. I'm, I'm with you. **** that guy. But he was walking on a sidewalk. Right. I'm with you. **** the guy walking. He's like, yeah. I mean... But when it comes to like ...how many cool things. A scenic bike route, where you're like, man I wanna try out that just new bike route. Yeah, and like try to beat it's time or something like that. It's got 43,000 likes, you know, and you can see, like, where he hangs, like, I yeah, that's useful. Yeah, I like that there's an app called Strava, does that exact thing. Right There's like a leaderboard and they post routes, [INAUDIBLE] the fastest route, it gets a little higher on the leaderboard. That's cool. Gets a little badge. But a walk? C'mon, there's gotta be a cooler app they could have demoed for that. [UNKNOWN] sharpen your whole thing to walking. Yeah, I just hate walking. Keep walking. Fair enough. Walking's for losers. Yeah. All right. Is there anything else that like really stood out? They were super big on recipes, like cooking. Mm-hm my new stuff like, you can now have custom wallpapers, for when you're not using. Chromecast. Chromecast. Yeah. Why don't you just turn off your T-V. Yeah. I don't get it. Strange. Just a lot like for me, you know, maybe it's because it was so jam packed with, like kind of big stuff, Yeah. a whole lot of minutia, you know, like a lot of just little junk that was peppered in. [INAUDIBLE] At the end, it was just like a catch all, where everyone was just like spurting out stuff, and it was just like Jesus, just end this so we can all leave. Yeah. But there's a lot of information. If you want to make sense of it, go over Cnet.com Cuz we've done the best job any one can do, organizing and, and transcribing all this stuff. I feel like they kind of jacked everybody that was watching the live, yeah. But there's a lot of information. Keynote at home. Why was that? Because they gave everyone that had to suffer through the actual event in San Francisco, they gave them some cool stuff like a watch.>> Right, yeah, they got like two watches. What do you need two watches for? I don't know, same reason you need Google glass and a smart watch. Yeah, exactly. And, and for people, that had to suffer through it at home we get nothing. It's true. What's up with that? I want my watch in the mail. Two days. You, what do you mean? You wouldn't even use it. Yeah, I wouldn't. I would sell it. Let us know what you thought of the Google Keynote. Hopefully, you did not have to suffer through it, like we did. Cuz it was brutal. Yeah, but we got free pizzas, so I'm not complaining about it. Yeah, it was totally worth it. [LAUGH] Shoot us an email at the 404@cnet.com. You can tweet us at the 404, hit us up on Facebook and start a thread in our sub Reddit. We're back here tomorrow with a brand, new show. Until then, thank you very much for tuning in. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin U. I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been the 404 show. High tech, low brow. We'll see you guys tomorrow [MUSIC]

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