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The 404: The 404 1,501: Where we raise the stakes

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The 404: The 404 1,501: Where we raise the stakes

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Justin returns from his trip to Montreal with stories from the French Quarter, plus Airbnb's dinner party pilot program, the rise of social media prenups, and an uptick in Twitter heartbreak.

It's Monday June 9th, 2014, I'm Ariel [UNKNOWN]. And from our CBS Studios in New York City, welcome to the 404. [MUSIC] Hey, what's up, everybody? Thanks for checking out our little show, here. I'm Justin Yu. And I'm Bridget Carey. What's up you guys? Hey, welcome back. Thank you, thank you. It's been a, it's been a crazy few days. And I wanna talk about my experience in Montreal. But what the heck happened yesterday? [LAUGH] You mean, Friday, yeah. Yeah Friday I came, yeah Friday, I came into this studio this morning just to set up the area. Like streamers everywhere. like, glitter [LAUGH]. Glitter still on the table, a party hat, some remnants of food and headphones, I hear Steve Guttenberg came in here and just kind of, had a one man party. There was only one party hat, so, what happened? Well, it was episode 1500. Yeah. So that's a big deal. Right. And so the CNET family got a big bask, gift basket of junk food which is like. What? I know, it's junk food! Yeah, you would have loved it. [LAUGH]. Of all the days that I've missed this is the one. But, there's still some junk food around. Yeah. We'll have to, we'll have to scarf it down now that Jeff's away at E3 in, in Los Angeles. Mm. Right, he's there right now at the press conferences. Cuz you know what? You know, 1501 is still very special. We're starting it off right. We're celebrating it our own way, yeah. Without Jeff. [LAUGH] The next era to, 3,000? [LAUGH]. Yeah, 1500's a good milestone. I remember when we did 1,000 that was a big one too. Some people stopped by but, I'm looking forward to 2000, or whatever [UNKNOWN] got to, I want to get to one over that. There you go. And then just stop. And then retire. [LAUGH] That food is definitely gone. I don't see anything around here that's edible. Let's see where they stashed it. There's gotta be something. Yeah. So, how was it? Was it cool? Steve dropped by. Yeah. Bonnie sent his stuff over thanks to the SS team, right? Yeah! Yeah, yeah. All have seen it. I mean it's, it's, it's cool. You, you guys have done a really good show for a while. Oh, well you guys are all part of that, so thank you guys for helping us out. Yeah, yeah. So, how was your trip? It was amazing! It was so good! Yeah, have you guys ever been to Montreal before? Any of you? Never. No. I would definitely go back. We should, for sure go back. Because the way Jeff described it last time? Mm-hm. I think he went there for a bachelor party, so that was like my only, thing that I'd heard about Montreal before going. Mm-hm. But this trip was a lot more wholesome than what he did there. Yeah. [LAUGH] I think he saw like, the shadier underground. Yeah. Of Montreal. But I went with Peeny so it was a lot more G rated. [LAUGH]. Is [INAUDIBLE] seeing to do? Yeah. Definitely. Okay. I mean, it's you know, it's the French quarter, so. Mm-hm. Everybody speaks French there. And there's amazing French Food. Yeah. We had all kinds of really great food. And not just French stuff too. Of course I had the [UNKNOWN], did like Cambodian food and Burmese food all that stuff. But before I forget, I definitely wanted to give a shout out to a guy John Marc. I was riding a Bixie Bike which is their version of the City Bike Share. Mm-hm. Over there. Me and Peeny were just riding around the downtown district and all of a sudden I hear this, Justin! Oh my God! [LAUGH] Every time this happens it freaks me out cuz I always just think it's the cops for some reason. [LAUGH] I don't know why. About to get stopped. But this guy, John Marc, came up to us and he was with his wife celebrating his wedding anniversary and he's like, dude I can't believe that you're here right now. He's a 404 listener. That is, that is awesome. I guess I didn't mention on the show that I was even going to Montreal. I probably should have. I feel like you did. Yeah, I thought I did. Right? Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. Maybe he didn't remember. But I wanted to say what's up to him because he said some really, really nice things. And I won't repeat everything that he said. But it's interesting, you know, he's been listening for four years. So he was back with us around the Wilson Days. Yeah. Mhm. Too. When it was the three of us in that tiny studio. And he was saying some really nice things about how Jeff and I have both changed over the years. And that's a strange concept cuz we've been doing this show for so long that, you know, he was talking about, yeah when you were 26, like you were like this, and your storytelling has changed and. People are watching you grow up [CROSSTALK]. Yeah, a really weird thing to have sort of, you know, lived part of your life on the internet? Yeah, I mean, how long has it been since the show started as a whole, and then like, since you've been on, yeah, like yeah. That's a good chunk of, that's a good chunk of growing up. Yeah. Yeah. But it's great cuz, you know, these people just feel like friends to me. Yeah. We've grown up together, maybe I don't know them as well, but yeah he said some really nice things so I wanted to say hi to him. That's cool, that's cool. Yeah, but we did a lot of different things. We did we went to a Biodome that was in the city, and we ate a lot of good food. Yet, it's weird I feel like Montreal is sort of on the verge of this like tech transition. Like, while we were there we liked stopping at a lot of music stores. Mm-hm. By the way, Montreal? Amazing for vinyl. Oh yeah? And dollar vinyl [INAUDIBLE]. Wow. is everywhere too. It's like Flea markets and things like that. But Are they stuck in the past? [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]. It's weird cuz when we we're in the record stores, obviously Penny and I just. You know. made a beeline for the vinyl crates. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. But they were also selling used CDs. Mm-hm. And used cassette tapes and video tapes there. Oh wow. Like VHS tapes. [LAUGH] And it seemed like all of the young kids were sort of passing by the vinyl records. Yeah. Old [INAUDIBLE] stuff. To get CDs. Like I, I understand like the collecting of cassettes and things but. Mm-hm. CDs? That's kinda weird. Yeah, yeah, I bought CDs not too long ago actually, Really? and it felt really weird. [LAUGH] But you know, it's better than buying [INAUDIBLE], I mean I love buying cassettes. What was your reason? What was your reason to do? 'Cause it was hard to find, 'cause Yeah, it was just, it was cheap. It was like, the one dollar cassettes for full albums, you know. And I just ripped them, and threw,threw, actually threw away the CDs. [LAUGH] Yeah. But you could still keep the, the art and the lyrics, and I guess that's kind of cool. Yeah, you can keep all of that but. I feel like I that, that gap between what is cool in the past. Yeah. is getting smaller? Yeah for sure. I have a hard time throwing away my old CDs and jewel cases, for a, like, like, no, I really did like this band, and I'm just gonna keep that. Mm-hm. What am I doing with it? It's in a drawer somewhere. Yeah! [LAUGH] Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I'm like, why do I need it? But, I- Yeah, it's just taking up space Yeah. But, that, that was kinda weird. So it, it sort of felt like there were a lot of people around the city using pay phones too? And there were a lot of phone booths, it's something that you don't really see a lot in New York so when I was there yeah you really take notice of it on the side of the street. So there are a lot of like [INAUDIBLE] sales and stuff selling VHS tapes but if you are a digger of any kind, because of that it's a really great city for finding any kinda of used media, it's got like tons of like flea markets and garage sales. I should go there Yeah definitely we should definitely go back, John Mark actually. Gave me his email address, and sent us a nice message that was encouraging us to come back. Oh, that's awesome. So if we ever want to get up here, it's only a seven hour drive. Wow. Yeah, it's really, really nice. Get this. On the way back, you're gonna like this. Okay. We stopped by a land mark in Vermont. Check this out. Did you know that the Ben and Jerry's factory, the original factory and store is located in Vermont? No. You went there. I didn't know this. Oh my gosh. What's it like? Like do they have like tours or something? It's amazing. Yeah I, I mean don't know if you guys were ever fans of that show on Food Network, Unwrapped. Okay, I know it. With Mark Summers. [LAUGH] With Mark Summers. Yeah, totally. It's basically just like that but a live version of that. So, you get, you know, your tour of the factory. No photos, then you get like a free tasting session, where they just give you a bunch of free Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Oh man. It's really, [CROSSTALK] really fun. Oh man, that's heaven. That's the kinda tour, all tours should involve ice cream and men. [LAUGH] So we you went to food factory tours, for some reason. [LAUGH] 'Cause, I'm a. I dunno. Prediabetic [LAUGH]. But You know. You know the best one is though? You ever go to the, Jelly Belly factory? I, I been there a long time ago. It just made me sick, man. [LAUGH] I can't eat too much of that. Yeah, it's like what, two hours out of California? Oh, out of San Francisco? Out of San Francisco. Yeah I used to live in that area so I was there a lot. Oh, you did? Yeah yeah yeah, I used to live in, Baskerville. Oh, okay, yeah. Not that far from Fairfield. That's closer to Fairfield, yeah. That's super close, yeah. That place is cool, cuz once you take the factory tour, they let you go and do like a Jelly Belly taste, right. Yeah. But then you can also buy all of the flavors and the Jellybeans that are kinda messed up. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And they call them belly flops. Yeah. [LAUGH] They're all like. You know it's like two giant ones stuck to each other. [CROSSTALK] Siamese twins. [LAUGH] exactly. [CROSSTALK] Oh that's cool. Super cheap it's like a huge one pound bag for like five bucks. Mm-hm. I know everyone use to go, like, crazy when I worked at the mall for, buying those Harry Potter bad tasting Jelly Bellies, [CROSSTALK] like oh I want the vomit. Flavor. Yeah. [LAUGH] I'm like, I'm like, I think it's so funny, how, like, they can, they can make money off anything. It's Jelly Bellies [LAUGH]. Did you try those? I remember when that came out, there was, like, a urine flavor? [LAUGH] There was a urine flavor? And like, feces flavor. Gross. No, there wasn't! And there was, like, yeah, there was! No, there wasn't! There was, like, a vomit flavor, too. Well, I'm, the branded Harry Potter one I don't think was that crude. Something beans. Yeah, I forget. Oh man, those were nasty. But yeah, there was earwax. Yeah. [LAUGH] The best thing about Montreal is the poutine, though. I know everyone talks about the poutine when they go to Montreal. I don't know what you're saying, I don't know what this is. Oh, man! So, poutine is basically a French-Canadian dish, right? Okay. But, it's like your. Typical drunk food of, of that regional area. And it's basically just french fries covered in gravy. We're looking at it here on the screen. Covered in like a thick beef stock? Doesn't look so great in the photo. Is that hot dog cut up? No. Like really fancy hotdog cut- Yeah, and you get like cheese curds they put into it. Curds is a bad name. I don't know. I think that's what puts a lot of Americans off to the food but curd is, basically, just crumbles, right, cheese crumbles. I'll take loaded fries over what that looks like. Yeah, it's like it's like a fancier version of chili fries, except they put gravy and then you can add bacon. [CROSSTALK] I like how the hot dogs are cut. Via a diagonal, like oh this is so much more classy now that we cut it French, French style, you know? . Yeah, gourmet. [LAUGH] Yeah definitely. I mean, it's not something that you wanna eat sober. You probably wanna, I don't know, get it at like one in the morning or something Yeah. or something like that. But it was pretty delicious. Alright, I'll keep that in mind to try. [LAUGH] Yeah, so that's Montreal. Lot of food, lot of record shopping. Cool. You guys would like it. It's great. What did I miss while I was gone? I mean [INAUDIBLE]. Apple's, [INAUDIBLE] something. Oh I was there for that yeah. iOS eight, something like that. Yeah, something like that. Yeah [LAUGH]. How [UNKNOWN] how often have you guys stayed at airbnb's. I, I have done one that is not the airbnb brand. It's like the vacation bi-owner, like it's the same exact thing, it's just VRBO I Huh. same exact thing. And it worked out great for when I had to do it for a work trip, because I had to go to San Francisco during an Oracle conference and everything was booked, so I got a chance to stay at a really cool place. By the beach and it was a separate home so I wasn't in the way of somebody. Uh-huh. Like, like she was a very nice homeowner but like she separated it. So, I felt like it was my own space. Oh, so she was in there with you but it wasn't the entire home. It was a like a two-story and so the way they did it is to make money as a vacation home. You know, she was the landlord upstairs- Right. But downstairs had some kitchen and bedroom and, and everything. If you needed help, you could always reach her. So, you didn't feel like totally lost. Yeah. It sounds like that's a little better than [INAUDIBLE] self. I got, yeah, I got a pretty good deal out of it and it makes me now wanna maybe look into it for actual vacations. Right. I feel the way about Airbnb like I do about, like, internet comments. I like reading them and engaging with them but I'll never do it myself. I feel like everywhere you hear, even on this show, we talk so much about stories, Our whole stories [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah you, you so much [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] like, you can't go well maybe i will spend another [INAUDIBLE] that hotel. Yeah. Just for the comfort of not being worried about [INAUDIBLE] Right. Or how well do they clean or what this, what if that? Right. Its just a sensationalised thing and that's partly Just for the comfort of not being worried about [INAUDIBLE] Partly. Mm-hm. Our fault I guess, because you don't want to hear about positive experiences. You want to hear about the crazy sex clubs that are happening in your apartment while you rented out. That was a legit story we talked about on the 404. But that makes me not want to rent out my apartment. On the other hand I did want to say some nice things about airbnb because our host up in Montreal thought it was great. It was sort of a gamble because you didn't have any customer reviews on this page. Always kind of hesitation because. Mm-hm. of that but it was amazing. And it's working out for you then. Yeah, it's really really working out for me. So I love airbnb I don't know I've been using [INAUDIBLE]. Was it just that one room or the whole apartment. It was a whole apartment. And it was a lot nicer than I thought it was gonna be. It's weird, You know how on Craig's List people take really sensationalize photos of their apartments. Uh-huh. On [INAUDIBLE] it's kinda the opposite. It's sort of a toss up on the quality of photos. This one I think it was actually a lot nicer than what the photos looks like. So, it was a very pleasant experience. Did you meet the person, or did they, you know, like, have a key under the, under the tree somewhere for you to find? [LAUGH] Yeah, I, I think you know,with this experience is a lot different than the other airbnb's we've stayed at. In the past, it's sort of just like a key hand-off, or, you know, what you just said. But this time, he met us up at a restaurant and gave us some tips on what to do. Mm-hm. So He was really friendly. That's kind of interesting too cause that also gives him a moment to see like how sketchy you are. You know. Yeah. If you have like some eye patch and like, you know. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] looking kind of shady. He might go no, here's my, I'm not giving you my key". You know. Yeah. What about you guys? Have you guys tried airbnb's. I, I've done it. Plenty of times, yeah. Mm-hm. Yeah? Where have you stayed? I stayed in Chicago, I have done all over in New York. I have done bunch of places in New York. Oh, when you, before you moved here? Yeah, yeah. No, no, no. I was living here, it was just for, I use to do these sex parties and [LAUGH] No, before, before. [UNKNOWN] moved here, she would come visit, and then we would go scope out like different areas of New York we would like to live before she moved here. Oh, woah. Yeah, and then we ended up in Brooklyn. That's really, wait, so you would stay like one or two nights in the, in the area? Yeah, whenever she would visit town. Oh, man. Yeah, whenever she would visit town. Oh, man. Cause, you know, the whole year she was living out there in California still. Right. And then she'd come out here, yeah. It was nice. It was a good way to experience the city, you know. So you have like a lot of reviews on your airbnb page? On Christine's, yeah. Did you have a bad experience? No, all of my experiences were really good. There was one guy who got kind of mad at me because I didn't completely clean up everything. But, yeah everything was really good. Everyone was went above and beyond, they like tried to give us little things to do while we're out here and stuff like that. It was really nice. Yeah. I love doing that. I mean, I'm not sure I'd ever host somebody at my apartment. Just cuz it's not very clean? But I think, yeah. For someone who's just travelling, or wants to get tips on what to do in areas, pretty great service. I have a friend that rents out his place too, and he makes a lot of money. Oh really? Yeah, yeah. That's the thing! Is I feel like a lot airbnb's they're either your personal spot. Or you have like an extra apartment that you could rent out and so it's like free. But yeah this guy, I think he just stayed at his girlfriend's place and just rented out his place to us. But, I don't know. Would you feel comfortable doing that in your, in your apartment right now? Not in my apartment right now. Not with a lot of crazies [INAUDIBLE] You have a lot of useful equipment in there. Yeah I do. I do. Can't do it. The the reason I brought up airbnb's is because I wanted to talk about how they're sort of raising the stakes and that's our first story of the day. There is a new service out there introducing in the Bay area, it's kind of this pilot program that, I kinda of wanna to try. It's an interesting concept, they're testing it out in San Francisco right now, only. It's basically they're letting people open up their home, but instead of folks staying in there for the night, they're opening up their home. To dinner parties for strangers. So, you're shaking your head already. Doesn't sound like a good idea? This is very sketchy. Yeah. So it's a pretty simple concept, right? You know, public dinner parties have been a thing for awhile. You could do this on any website. But now airbnb wants to be the official place for you to. Put out an advertisement, hey I'm having a dinner party, anybody who wants to pay, you can, can attend. Get a three course meal and AirBnB takes a part of the cut. Now, they call it a dinner party, but really, I mean they're, they're trying to be a secret restaurant on the down low. Right, yeah. And they're gonna be in. In so much trouble with, with agencies that are, you know, regulating, food safety, regulating alcohols, sales. I mean, if you think of it as, like you're basically an unlicensed restaurant, it's, they're gonna crack down on that. I mean, it's like, it's almost like airbnb is pushing their luck. They're already dealing with fights. In places like New York or how like, no you're operating like a hotel and you cannot be here. So yeah, during all this you know fighting let's push our luck some more and operate like an illegal restaurant. Yeah. It's not that I'm pro or against. The concept, I kind of like it if I, if, if, if there weren't so many regulations in being able to use your home as a temporary rental. Uh-huh. But the restaurant thing, I know they're already fighting that in other places. It's almost like it's no secret that it, that people are doing this. People are getting together with these secret restaurants. Right. I've seen this trend reported on, actually. So. They're just going, eh, we're already fighting stuff, let's just fight some more stuff. Yeah. Let's just push the limits, I don't know. It's like not so much the concept that I have a problem with, it's more that Airbnb is behind it, and if you're going to do it just go for it. Put out an ad somewhere, like post fliers or something, that way you don't have to pay the Airbnb part of the cost. It's, it's, it's interesting, and, and, they know they're gonna be dealing with the repercussions and they rather probably have that publicity for all of the hassle that they're gonna get out of this too. Right. Something the article sort of talks about, I, I didn't even consider it, and you brought it up too is food regulations, and alcohol licenses? They're talking about. If you're selling a meal. Yeah. You are, you know, a pop up restaurant for the night. Right. You know, and so, some places. What are you, checking IDs and liquor licenses too, that's kinda shady. Yeah, I mean. It's kinda like, you can call it a party with strangers, and you all have a giant contribution bowl, your bill. You know, [INAUDIBLE] its [INAUDIBLE] your'e starting to like, you know, get this funny territory that needs a definition for whatever is convenient. But would you go to a place like this? Not at all. [LAUGH]. I [INAUDIBLE] poor people were. Reported on this, like really fancy. Like it's really fancy when you go to some underground things. Yeah. You have to get told via a friend of a friend. You can't just like look it up online. People try to do it on their own and make websites and, oh, I wanna be a part of the trend. I wanna start my own little restaurant. Right. I mean they're, they're crazy here with, with laws in New York and other places, too, with like, you know, grades [CROSSTALK] Mm-hm. And everything. I mean some places are more like. Laid back, I guess. Maybe, maybe in other states it might, it might start to take off. I don't know. Yeah, I think you're starting to see more, more people cracking down on opening up their homes to people that maybe they shouldn't be. Like airbnb I know a lot of apartment landlords. Don't allow that to happen cuz it's basically it's subleasing. It's subleasing on a small basis, right? Right. Yeah. The question is how much do you trust strangers? And like that's kind of the, I was thinking about that over the weekend cuz I interacted with. So many people just on the street, and our airbnb host was super nice. I think traveling, the more you travel, the more open you are to just having random conversations with strangers and the more trusting you are. I don't know, maybe it's the New York thing that once you're here for a while, you get a little bit jaded and paranoid about strangers, but. Yeah, no. So many things happening first online, and then in person after. I. I mean, how much do you really trust people. Like, it's like, a din, dinner party on airbnb versus a random Craig's List transaction? I've been on a lot of shady those. You know. That's why, that's the only reason why I personally want cuz it is, there is a bit of a creepy factor like, I don't know who's home I'm going into. And they don't know me. Yeah. oh, I don't know who I would be inviting into my home. Right. Are there cameras in here? Well, well. And, then you got to wonder,like, when it comes to the more innocent stuff, like just renting out your apartment for a weekend Right. Why do they have to crackdown on that? I have a right, don't I? Yeah To like, yeah, sure, crash on here, you know, crash my couch. At a certain point. Mm-hm. Then the, the the government push back is really annoying. So I'm more about you should be able to do what you want. The food safety stuff is that extra line. Right. That's like, like, I'm, I'm for being able to rent out your apartment to make money. You know, you should have that right. Right. And at what line does it cross that you are just running a hotel underground? I don't know. You know, I, I or you're running a restaurant. Completely. Yeah. Without having to pay any license fees. There, there are funny lines here. I don't know. I think the line is the website. Cuz, you know, you could, you could have a friend come in from out of town. They could stay at your apartment and maybe they'd pay you a little bit of money for that time you spend somewhere else and that's. The transaction is okay, no one's gonna talk about that. But the moment you put it online, and there's a trackable history, then it's a problem. Well, you know what. This is starting to sound like prostitution for that reason. Well no, they're taking money away from the hotels. The hotels that cost $300 a night, which is ridiculous, maybe there should be some shake up in the economy here? That's all. All right, well I don't know if I would go to a dinner party unless it has some pretty good reviews. Other wise I would probably just go to a restaurant where everybody else gets food. Yeah, yeah if you're that good open a restaurant [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, well speaking of getting social, its funny, sometimes the ones you have to look out for aren't really the dangerous strangers. [CROSSTALK] Really sometimes it's the people who are closest to you that end up betraying you on the internet. And it's gonna be kind of freaky but every couple has their own way of handling social media, and I, I want to hear from both you guys. Okay. Mm. On how you do it in your relationships. But I think it's sort of relatively understood it's an, an unspoken rule that any photos that you post online from your account of your significant other should probably be looked over by that person before you get posted online. Well. You don't think so? I think I think I hope you have a healthy enough relationship [LAUGH] that the person isn't trying to embarrass you [CROSSTALK] with, with a clearly like, like strange faced picture, you know? Usually, You know, I don't know about you guys but like when you're out together and there's a pitch you wanna share, you kind of do the whole like hey, you like this? How about I share it? You kind of verbalize it, you don't like surprise them with like, I took a picture while you were sleeping sweety. And I put it on the internet, so that everyone to see with this filter. You know and there's a line of like, oh, looking out for like, what people think of me you know, or is it all about you? And that can kind of come across weird I think. Right. That, that's how you guys do it too. I mean, I followed both you and Christina on the air. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah we make sure. You have to. Yeah. The trust definitely has to be there. I think, that's like the foundation. The trust and respect. Yeah. Unfortunately, not all couples have that foundation in, in place, so. This story is kinda crazy. I can't believe this is actually happening but couples are actually starting to write a new clause into their pre-nuptial agreements according to the lawyers interviewed in this ABC News article. They're starting to write a new clause into their pre-nup agreements to basically accommodate for things like social media etiquette and protection against, you know, the unlikely event where. One person posts either an embarrassing or even an incriminating photo of the other person online that ends up sort of taking a cut into their character. Right. And it could come back to bite them. You know, not even if they break up. Afterward, as like a revenge thing. It could even be within the relationship, during the relationship. I did read this story, it sounds like it's mostly for people who have high net worth, like millionaires, people who have careers are. Right. Are based upon Social Media and their public image. RIght. So you got some Kardashian marriage going on. Someone tweets like a picture that makes her look terrible. Yeah. Or, or that, where she's maybe has, imagine someone has like a sponsorship with one company, and they use the opposite company product. You know, like those kind of things. Like, everything about your image online is part of your career. And yeah, that makes total sense to put it in a preen up if you're already doing a preen up, because you're a millionaire, you know? Right. Right. Well you've a pretty big social media presence on line. I don't have a prenup though. You and Jose don't have a prenup? No. [LAUGH] I feel like one person always has to have a lack of common sense if you're gonna get into a situation like that. I feel like, I feel like. Just think about it. Yeah, there's always something that you have to keep in mind. You have to be very talkative about, about like what you're sharing. Right. How you feel about. Something, you know, like, I don't I. It's hard to, common sense sometimes is hard to come by. Maybe that's why you need the. You need a punishment. Yeah. It's crazy how specific these prenups get, too. So, one of these lawyers talks about, a contract that he recently drew up for a prenup agreement. Talking about how, there was one clause that. Stated that if the other person posted a nude photo it would be $5,000. But if it was just an embarrassing photo without any nudity in it it would only be $3,000. For the fine after it was posted. My gosh, it's just common sense. And if you have issues like this then why don't you trust your significant other. Like are you afraid they're just. Gonna like get mad during a fight. I'm gonna tweet this is up. I don't agree with you. I think in that case, the fight would just come with a break up right afterwards, too. Yeah. You wouldn't just find them and then continue on with the relationship. But what about if the person loses their phone? So, the, there's sort of a personal story here, too. You should be responsible and have something on there that you. Right? Have a password, basically? I would say that there are things out there that I don't want other people to see, but, Penny recent, recently lost her phone-. Oh. In Washington D.C., and it was a complete accident, or maybe it was stolen. We still don't know how she lost it. But, there were definitely conversations on there, and I noticed she had passwords and things like that. No embarrassing photos beyond just like silly faces and things like that. Did she have like GPS on to like track it somewhat or? I don't think she did. She didn't have the find my phone feature. Yeah. But, what if you have one of these pre-nup agreements then. Like, do you have to get so specific that if. Somebody accidentally loses their phone, and. Then you will take the proper precautions to report it to authorities and have your phone blocked and cancelled by your carrier. Yeah, no, it's common sense again. But yeah [CROSSTALK]. You guys don't have a prenup agreement, right? No. You have a good relationship. [LAUGH] Yeah, sure I never even thought about doing that. It's terrible. Yeah. Some of these lawyers even talk about how social media is being used in divorce court more frequently these days. Well because people can't control themselves and they don't realize that everyone can see anything you do on social media. Totally. It's almost like, for some people it's just like wait no one else can see this right? Yeah. It's all like my own little world. It's like, it's like a, I. I hope the next generation isn't this, isn't this stupid. You would think, right? Like turn off your geotags. If you're gonna do it, do it right. It's just about understanding how technology works be, be, before you, you know, sign your whole life away to it. Yes, I give all my rights to Twitter for everything I do and you can track me for everything. Right. You know, let's. Let's wake up a little bit, here. Be careful to overshare. Last story of the day. This isn't gonna help, our respective relationships, cuz it's kind of bad news on that front. But, you know, Facebook is really not the only social media platform that's standing to break up couples. Twitter is also a big offender in that, too. Nice. And that's what the story's about. I mean I know the three of us are pretty active on Twitter. Yeah. And we're in long-term serious relationships, so just be careful. Because, there's this new study that came out over the weekend from the University of Missouri. It found a correlation between relationships going sour in a very serious way, you know, cheating, straight up breakups, with frequency of Twitter usage. So, the more you use Twitter,. The higher chance that you have of your relationship breaking down, because of those reasons. You know what this comes down to? It's communication but in a different way than our parents had to deal with it. Right. It's about having secret hangouts and conversations with people that are not your boyfriend or girlfriend, it's about. Having that like, oh like we're having inside jokes and all of the sudden the other person goes who is this Sally26 that you're talking to this whole time. Right. I don't care if it's Twitter of Facebook, this is the same thing to maybe the AOL chatroom that were ten years ago. Yeah. You know, if you're having a. A, a big relationship with someone and you haven't told your significant other that they are like, an internet friend. Right. Then you have a established a reason for them to distrust you. Right. And, and, you know, I'm on the same networks as my husband. And, you know, so I see everything. There's nothing to hide really. I mean, on some networks that he's not on, like Instagram, you know, I, I. He has access to it, it's a public network, you know? Mm-hm. Mh there, it just, it, it really does comes down to a different tool to cause the same problem, that always is a problem. If you had a work colleague that you always hang out with after work and had secret talks and secret jokes with, well that's not fair to the other person either. Yeah. In terms of just. Being open about who you're hanging out. A, and if you are always [INAUDIBLE] like. Like, like, like, like. It kind of feels like flirting. Doesn't? [CROSSTALK] You know, I mean it could just be like I think you're funny, a favorite and a like mean a lot of different things to a lot of people. But if I'm only liking one guy's thing [LAUGH] all the time, it starts to look like is she trying to flirt? Right. People interpreted in different ways. You got to be open about who you are talking too. It really does test the trust in a relationship. You could really fall down a rabbit hole just with access to people's open profiles, if some one doesn't. You know, set their Instagram account to private. You can really lurk on them and be like, why are you only liking photos when they're in it. You know, things like that. If you're already a jealous person, it can really drive you crazy. And, and the other person needs to just be, needs to be open, why are you spending so much time. Being so flirtatious maybe, and so commenting on a person that isn't your husband, wife, or significant other in some way. You know, like. You and [UNKNOWN] both work in, in media and you have a big social media presence, how do you guys sort of negotiate the, do you guys have like a, you know, no phones at the dinner table, or like, no Twitter at home. It's kinda part of your jobs and that's not something that turns off at 5 pm every day. Yeah, it's, it's different than most people because. You know, sharing on social media what, what we do as journalists is part of the gig. Yeah. And making sure you're engaged in the conversation of whatever topic is being talked about online. But, yeah, when you're like having like a discussion like I get like a dirty look if I pull out the phone because it's a force of habit of like just your mind wandering, Right. Like your [UNKNOWN]. Its like, its like he's like really? And I'm like, [INAUDIBLE] it's okay, I'm just checking the date. It just dinged a little, you know? And you put it right away, because you should be in that moment. I love weekends because I actually disconnect a little bit. I get to be more in the moment than constantly, like I am during the week, where I'm like, what's being said on Twitter. Let me just scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. You know? Yeah. Like, it's kind of good to take a step back sometimes. Right, yeah, you should have those periods of time where you're just not on your phone. You're in the moment, and you're actually living life. Right, well what about you guys, I know it's never that serious where you have to have the conversation. It should come naturally right. yeah, I don't have any issues far as like social network stuff. I'm not really that active anymore. Yeah. Yeah I used to be, but not anymore. I used to be but I guess. I feel the same way, I've kind of pulled back on my Twitter. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Privatized my [INAUDIBLE] I use it to keep up with like news feeds and stuff like that, but besides that I don't really talk to people anymore unless they hit me up. You know, [CROSSTALK]. It's like you have enough friends in real life. Exactly. and you don't need to create more. Exactly. I think it also depends on what stage you're at in your life. If you're a socialite and you're trying to meet new people, then you might be more active. Right. I'm not important, so [LAUGH]. I [INAUDIBLE] I just put cool pictures up, that's all. Yeah, yeah I here you. I don't take it too seriously, that's how I do it, too. And, and don't use those apps like the secret sharing apps. It just adds more, you know, like the apps. You can chat secretly about what you're thinking. Like, whether it's secret, and there's one called YikYak. Whoa, wow. You know, all these apps where you're anonymously sharing, that just adds to like, like, why do you have to have conversations out in the blue, anonymously? I didn't know about that. Yeah, it's kinda, there's kinda some weird stuff out there that. Is not necessary. Yeah, that's an eyebrow raiser for sure. Or like what if you have snapchat and the other person doesn't. [LAUGH]. Like, why do you need snapchat? Yeah. Like there is no need for snapchat and the other one doesn't. Sure. At least try to get your other person to be on it. Right. Like, like you should be on it cuz I'm, I have a lot. Friends on or my family's on it. Right. They you're like, oh okay. Well if your mom and dad are on it too maybe I'll join in. And then, at least so that, if you feel like that's happening get them on your network so it's not like why are you having a conversation with someone that isn't on the same network I'm on. Snap Chat's messes up too cuz it shows you the person that you snap the most frequently with. And if the other person doesn't have Snapchat at all, that's gonna be somebody else. Yeah. Kinda shady. Yep. Too much tech for people to get jealous about. People, people, see people don't have self control to handle all this tech I think. Yeah. Or they don't have common sense. True. Yeah, I remember when Penny and I first started dating, she like pulled out her iPhone and she had, the key lock on. Mm. She had to like, type in her password. And I never do that cuz it's just annoying, for me to have to type that in every time I wanna use my phone. And she also had the she had the message. Preview turned off. Mm-hm. You know, so when you get a text message on your phone, the message usually pops up but you can change that to just say like, message received. And then you have to open it and unlock it to read. Mm-hm. I remember thinking like, why do you have to have a lock on your phone, and then why do you have, like who's texting you that you don't want anybody to see if you're phone is just out on the table. Well she got her phone stolen so ain't it a good thing she had a lock on her phone. You're right. You're right. You know, like, like. She's probably. Cheering right now isn't he? [CROSSTALK] I know his password. He knows mine. But we have passwords because you just should. Yeah, yeah, I agree with you. But, but it just seems to me like: that's kind of weird. But your imagination can just wander because of a lot of the technology. Mm-hm. Ooh, I'm getting scared now. [LAUGH] Alright, well that's gonna do it for us today. You have a press conference you want to check out. Yeah, I'm about to hop on the Microsoft E3 press conference. I'm all excited. I've got my portal earrings on, my little, my little orange and. [INAUDIBLE] portal earrings. I thought those were just hoops, but those are actually portals. In one ear, out the other. You're such a nerd. [LAUGH] What can I say? Well, you'll have to come back tomorrow. If you have time. Tell us about what happened at that press conference, cuz I probably won't be watching. Yeah, and then Sony happens later today, and then Nintendo's got something going on tomorrow, so there's a lot going on the next. Two days. Cool. Sounds good. Well let us know what you thought about today's show. You can email us We're also on Twitter and Facebook. I promise not to check it too often at night, but during work hours I'm there. Thanks for checking us out. we'll be here all week. And tha's gonna do it. I'm Justine Yu and I'm Bridget Carey. I'm [UNKNOWN]. It's the 404. It's high-tech, it's low-brow. See you guys tomorrow. [MUSIC]

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