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The 404 1,498: Where we go through the roof: The 404

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The 404: The 404 1,498: Where we go through the roof

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Jill Schlesinger returns to talk about WWDC, Tim Jenisen, and if you can believe it, Leisure Suit Larry.

It's Wednesday, June 4, 2014. I'm Mario Nunez. And from our CBS studios in New York City, welcome to The 404. [MUSIC] What's up everybody? Welcome to the 404 Show, I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Ann Jill. All right, Ann Jill is here and I'm very excited about that because, not just because. You have nothing to talk about. You're replacing, well that's a big part of the issue. [LAUGH]. But not because you're replacing Justin for today. Justin watch us. I've told Justin many times. Uh-oh. Oh my god, here we go. Is this camera looking? [CROSSTALK] Yeah. [CROSSTALK] There we go. Justin. Get it off your chest. You better watch it. Yeah. You better show up when I come next time, or else I'm gonna A, get my feelings hurt, or B, take your job. There we go. Who else thinks that Jill is kind of like rocking a Heath Ledger nurse Joker, Batman, Dark Knight, sort of situation? Write in about that. That, I'm happy about that. I'm glad. These are the little things in life that bring the joys. You know, it was really my whole wardrobe choice changes when it's a Wednesday. Right. Right, because Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm on tv. Yeah. Wednesday I'm like, rockin' it from radio. Yeah, yeah. So, it's amazing that I decided to come here on a Wednesday, because that would mean that I have to put on makeup when I don't really have to. Right. And have my hair done. Well, you look great. Aw, thanks man. It's been a while, but a lot's happened. A lot's happened, it's been a month or so since you've been here. Yeah, yeah. You told me that you went on tv. You went on television. National television, our network, CBS. Because, because when people think apple experts think she'll [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH]. No, no, no, no. But tell us the circumstances- So, You got them before www.dc hit. So what happens is a lot of times I will be on CBS evening news on Saturdays or Sundays. Right. I prefer Sundays myself ,cuz I feel like oh that's. Day before the week begins, Sure. Sorta like looking ahead. Probably more people watching. Probably, although a lot of times we get preempted on the East Coast, because of sports. Right. So it's a, but anyway. I go on a Saturday, we're talking about which we talk about. Right? Yeah. And the young assistant, associate producer says, what about. The world wide developers conference coming up, the app, do you know what that is? And I said, yes I do. [LAUGH]. Well, you weren't like the what? No, I did know. I did know it was coming up, because I always have Apple stock on a, on a ticker. Right, sure. So I'm always watching what's going on with some of the big, market moving kinds of stuff. I am sure it was percolating. It was percolating and like this whole idea it was gonna be big. And so, the only way that I could be a expert on apple is just like what's gone on with the stock- Uh-huh. You know, when the stock, the earnings came out, it was on ABC morning about that. Right. So it was like. That I knew enough about it about the stock split and everything that was going on with it, but then they're like what do you expect the the new thing? [INAUDIBLE] What should it be? So they were like hey Jill Apple, noted Apple expert. So what did I do? Go to CNet immediately. Yeah. Like what to expect at www DC CNet. Yeah, right. Thank God. Yeah. I had it. We saved you. Well, you know, I didn't understand half the stuff that we did now. [LAUGH]. But but the, what I could, what you can wrap your head around is the idea that, I feel bad for Tim Cook. Well, why? Cuz, there's a lot of pressure on that dude. There's a lot of pressure on him. Right? We, we talked about, on, on Tuesday, where we talked about with, was that when it was? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yesterday. oh, I'm sorry. Monday, Monday we had a late show because [CROSSTALK] we waited til it ended. And I felt like he, while he is clearly the CEO, he's the center of atten, when on stage, he doesn't have the stage presence. No. He has basically zero stage Right. presence. Right. And, it was the, the other guy, Craig. [CROSSTALK]. Who's like the active. Yep. Jubilant sort of, you know, face of the company. And I kinda feel bad for him in that regard because of how much of the spot light- Hm. Steve Jobs was able to, to gather. Well he sort of was, he was so iconic and you're never going to fill his shoes. Of course not. Maybe the cool thing about Tim Cook is that he's not really trying to fill his shoes. You think he wore sneakers before any of that? Probably. You think so? I think any San Francisco do. He just looked uncomfortable in the outfit he was wearing. Maybe he'd be happier in a suit you mean? Yeah, or like sports jacket. Potentially, you know. Yeah. Well, you know, so it was interesting because I was going back and looking up all the product releases. Yeah. Not the upgrades, the real like new. And you know, you say, where's the innovation, it's been four years? And that's what really struck me. Yeah. Like, wow, that's big. That's their biggest criticism. Right? That's a big, chunk of time. Although, you know, when you look at things that have been unveiled there. There is a good chunk of time between new product category. Sure. So I was sort of, oh yeah, I forgot. It was 2001 or that was 2007 and three years later, you know? So. Right. It's good to go back in time and to look at it. I'm not sure that, you know, the smart home thing is exactly the same thing as saying, here's an iPhone. Right. Because they're not. You know what I mean? Cuz it's not like. It's intangible. And, and, and, I guess that, I mean, so that's a convenience factor. Or even like this whole thing about the watch. Like who cares? There's, there's like different permutations of that. Yeah. So to me- Well. It's it's it will be cooler. It will be more elegant Yeah. It will be more interesting. It will be easier to you. It will look prettier, right? But, I wasn't a 100% psyched by that. By those announcements. I wasn't either, but I guess I wasn't expecting much. Yeah. The software stuff, I think some of it is really cool. but, for me, I don't know, what, when the watch does come- Hm. It still won't be the first, right? Right. You have some time to do it, [CROSSTALK] and you know, they weren't the first smartphone either, but they catapulted that into this mega, mega category. Right. So I think there's like you know a reason that they won't be able to reach those heights. Mm-hm. And it's kinda been like that since the iPhone came out, you know? That was in my segment with with [UNKNOWN]. That makes sense. That makes sense. Okay. So what, so like, tell, so how did you, like what did you say? So you know what happens is that, not to give all the secrets away, but you know like, I write the questions. Over the anchor, and then I write my answers Really? Yeah and then Wait a minute, I've been on things like that and I didn't get that luxury, is this because you are like a mega mega superstar? That's always on the evening news that's the way it is. Huh? If you are gonna be at the desk. Did you know that Ariel? I know there's like stations that do that, they, they give you like a lot of times where there are artist's interviews they tell you what questions to ask. Like, I know Arsenio and stuff like that, it's what they do. Man, I am, Yeah, they can go off. Changing my world. They can go off. Sure. [CROSSTALK] A little bit. A little bit. Yeah. All right. But generally, they wanna know like, what's the direction there. Couldn't you just give them like a bunch of soft balls? Well, I think you know, what's interesting is when you only have a minute and 30 seconds to do a segment. Yeah, yeah. You have to be wildly efficient with how am I going to tell this story in you know, 90 seconds- Right. To bring as much information. To the audience with as little frilliness as possible. Right, no fluff. Like here, we can be like la, la, la, la, right. That's what we do here. [LAUGH]. La, la, la, so I think that it was interesting to, it's a, it's a great challenge, right? The shorter period of time, the harder it is to write for. Sure. And so, you know, I knew I wanted to do was say something about the pressure on Tim Cook,. Mm-hm. The stock price and what's expected. Okay. And, but the last quest-. But your more than capable. The toss of the last question when, Jim Axlerod turns to me and goes, so what do you think is the most important thing that what will be like, what will be the, what's the bigger thing to announce. Like the home thing. Yeah. Or the watch thing. I'm like, the home thing. And I was like, I don't know why I said that. Right. But I said it. [LAUGH]. It sounded right. I know I'm out. [LAUGH]. Something that I haven't thought of that I should invent. I don't know. But, it was fun, when the announcement of, actually came down. Like when, when everything was happening on Monday. I was, I was sort of intrigued of course by this, this whole iCloud thing. Cuz I'm like, wow. Are they gonna, like, spank Dropbox now. Yeah. Dropbox is in trouble just because, you know, a lot of these. I think, we said this on Monday, but Apple really, you know, brought it to a lot of companies. Lot of third party companies that are already doing things well. Mm-hm. And they were like, all right we're kinda just taking your idea. Right. And making it our own. And I don't know if you can copyright all of these ideas, but you know, that's essentially what the iCloud drive is is its Dropbox. Right. But you know, it's a, a, it's something that has such a, will have an, a much bigger install base because you have some many people just with the hardware in front of them and now a new icon's gonna appear on their. You know, desktop, and they're like, oh, I'm gonna use this now. What's that? Right, exactly? So yeah, I don't, you know Dropbox is pretty established but you know they they'll pick a hit from that for sure. Yeah. Well you know, of course all I care about. It's the iPhone. It's this. Yeah. Because-. You're still using an iPhone 4 and that blows my mind. Right, and 404 fans, we just wanted to double check that the only, the big difference and the way to tell the difference between the 4 and 4s is Siri? Yeah, because it's a hardware thing, too, the 4S is quicker than the 4. Well, I definitely don't have Siri. Right, so- Siri, do I have you? No, I don't. [LAUGH]. Your just never getting a response and that's why you- I keep asking. Keep asking for her and how has she been. so, remember when I was talking about getting the five and you said wait for the six. Well Because at this point,. Right well you were gonna get the five's, so I said wait for the six. Right, right. Because you always want to get the, the whole number in my opinion- Yeah. Because are always the major, major upgrades. But here's the question so do I get the six when it's announced? Or do I wait for the first you know the first update to it? Aha. You mean like the 6.5- Yes Or the like the six's- Yeah. Or whatever the hell they do. I would get the six. I mean at this point this is a sick little puppy. Yeah, I mean you're living in like you know, mid evil times with that. Aren't I? I, it's, it's, you're like a cave-woman. It's like a tin can, I have a tin can. String right now More or less, you might as well like have a burner for something. So just apropos of this, so let me tell you a story about how why, how funny how old and how bad this phone is. So my girlfriend has to be in London- Yeah. For four to six months for work and we just found out about it and it's like back and so we were there. You know, right around Memorial Day weekend. And then she left for good- Mm-hm. Yesterday. She is gone already. Gone. All right. Yesterday, with three massive duffed bags and everything. All right. When's the party? Well, right. The big party. I'll tell you about what I have been doing, since she's, you know, when she's away, okay. [LAUGH] And so, you know, to prepare for this we have been doing all of our. Like things that we have to do, we go shop, we do this like what are the apps that we need? Do you have, you know, I could teach her to use Skype, she never used Skype before. Right. And so I'm going into the iPhones her and I'm like why can't we use face time? Hm. What's going on? I know why [LAUGH]. Would you like to tell our audience? Theory. [LAUGH] Your phone is, your phone is all in water. I can't, we're like, why is this not working? Yeah. So much so that the Sunday before she left we walked down to the apple store. Happened to go down and it was empty. Yeah. On the west side, right? Right, right, right. And I'm like, I don't understand this and the guys like, well, and he's say oh. Mm. Oh. Like, I'm sorry the test results are in. [LAUGH]. Sorry. You have an old phone. So I said oh forget it, who cares, I don't need to see your face anyway. I'm just happy talking to her. Right. Do you feel like when you are traveling, do you feel like you wanna see Stacy's face? I never, we've never done that. You don't do-. I've never Skyped with you,. You just call. Right. Yeah, I just call. And, and, we, we, use Viber or texting. Yeah. And so, its a constant we'll send some photos maybe? [LAUGH]. Some photos maybe, but yeah that's crazy to me, that I've never done that with her. Yeah. We've never, I'm gonna do. It's interesting. I'm gonna on Easter on Sunday, I'm gonna do that. Just, so anyway, I, so, this phone sucks but. Yeah. I do now. You know, I have Viber. I have Whats App. Sure. What's better? For, for texting What's App and, and calling Viber. I mean in my opinion, you know, Viber does everything, so. Okay, so let me just tell you one other thing. So she has a work blackberry. Yeah. That has the coolest feature on it. Because you know, this big. There's, no one's ever said that, by the way. I know! No one's ever been like. blackberry, the coolest feature. But this happens to have a cool feature. So, she has this, they have some thing through her blackberry where it's her, through her bank, basically it, it, it's a way for her to use her blackberry, call through work and the phone call, even though she's in London. It comes to me as if she's sitting at her desk in New York. That's not that crazy. I think that's super cool. And it's free. I mean, it's just like a GPN sort of thing. Yeah, I don't know, but it is super cool and it's like, why am I paying for anything? But let me tell you how crazy she is. Okay. Have you met her or not? I've never met Jackie. That's so weird. Yeah. That's, that's your fault. It is my fault. It is your fault. It will not happen unless we go to London. Yeah, well, all right. Anyway. So. [LAUGH] Anyway. Yeah. So, you know, I just think that this is really cool, but. Jack I said, so we don't need to worry about anything. She says wait a second. Yeah. That only works if the person's in my contacts at my work through work outlog. Okay. Right. Gotcha. So what if I'm London in a cab, and I wanna call someone in the UK. Mh-hm. I said, well you just use your blackberry and dial the four four. She says, I don't wanna think about that. So what she made me do is buy a separate AT&T international plan, as a backup, for 120 bucks a month. Oh my god. For her, phone. No. Which she will never use. That, that seems crazy. She'll never use it. So what I plan to do is I wanna see the first month, I'm gonna say to her, did you ever use it? Right. And then I'm cancelling it. Right. And that is that. Yeah. All right, so that cost $120 to figure out. [CROSSTALK] But anyway, I've got a lot of things to think about. So, I was in London. Um-hm. Last week and I went to go visit the CBS News London Bureau. Nice. Totally fun. Yeah. And I'm gonna broadcast from there. Oh, cool. I'm gonna do radio from there. I'm gonna do TV from there. So I'm kinda psyched. So, now I'm thinking, hm. What kind of plan do I want? Yeah, well. Right cuz I'm gonna be going, let's say, let's say I'm gonna go every three weeks. Right. So guy- Oh man, that's just a lot of traveling. It's like the Amtrak. It's like, whatever, I'm getting on an Amtrak. Why are you worried about that? I guess, it's more like a seven hour flight. Yeah, not too bad. It's not so bad. All right, so what should you do? So what should I do? Well. This is what one person told me. Yeah. I, since I have such an old phone, the only good news is, is that I can get a SIM card there. Right. Which, get in gear and get a plan, a London plan. Right, with like Vodafone or whatever it is. Yeah. Yeah. 12 pounds a month. 20 bucks a month. Yeah, yeah. Like as much texting and calling as that I could ever do. Well, right. The SIM card's the way to go. That's what I did when I was there, [CROSSTALK] That's the way to go, right? Here's the question. Did you buy it when you got there, or did you buy it in advance? I bought it when I got there, but the, the key is to go to a store and not like a vending machine. Uh-huh. A vending machine's gonna rail you. Uh-huh. So that was the only bit of advice I, I had gotten in that department. There was one thing, like, it wasn't Vodafone, but it's like another service. A guy at, at her office, Gabe, sent it to me. And it was like, for 12 pounds a month we'll give you a free SIM card also. Great. So do it, right? Yeah, that's, that's, that's what is, that's not even 20 bucks a month. It's less. Yeah, there's no. Is it really? Yeah the exchange rate sucks. What is it? 17 to one. I remember it was 16 when I was there. I remember when I was there in college, 100 years ago, and What was 13? How about it was one to one. No way, pounds and dollars were the same thing? Unbelievable. My mother was like, go to Burberry and pack up- Yeah. As much as you can in that suitcase! Wow, so there, that's like beyond my comprehension that there was a time where like going to England was financially beneficial. There was a time when going, my parents used to go to Italy once a year. My mother would do all of her shopping for the year, because it was like half price. That's insane. Half. And that was basically double. Exactly. All right, so. So I got that down. Yeah so, but I don't know, can you put the SIM card in that iPhone. I think so. I think that if, isn't this. That's a GSM phone, right. What do I do there. I, I just hit that little guy, right. Yeah. What so wait. You, it's all about the, the spectrum technology too. I have no idea what that means. What service do you have. AT&T. Okay. No, yes, yes, it's AT&T. So it's GSM, so, so it should work. Yeah. Yeah. But you know I don't know, like I'm kind of anxious. Is it GSM? > I don't know. Ariel, do you know? It's three G, what does that mean. It has nothing to do with. All right, great. I don't think it does I don't know. I think, I think AT&T is GSM. All right, so what does that mean? So there's CDMA and GSM Yeah. Two different wireless technologies. Yeah. CDMA is North American kind of exclusive technology. Uh-huh, uh-huh. I think it's elsewhere in the world but from what I understand it's it's mostly here and that's like Verizon, for Verizon users. Okay, okay. You can't use that there. Okay. So you need either a phone that uses GSN technology or CDMA. Right. I hope I'm not completing speaking out of my mind. I don't know, this is good. I sound like I know what I'm talking about The intern's approving, did we get Justin on camera yet or not? You for a second yesterday. Don't worry, he's gonna be here all summer, we'll figure it out. Okay, good. So yeah. So that's the, the mobile technology jam. But let me ask you something. Say I wanna be completely an idiot. I know you guys are used to this- Mm-hm. So just bear with me. Yeah there are no stupid questions on 404. So when I turn this phone on it'll have nothing to do with my apps or anything. In other words, when I have a new SIM card in here. Yeah everything. Everything is gonna be the same. Right? It should work, I guess. It should, yeah. Can we get our British 404 friends, give us a holler around here. Yes we, we definitely need but, I am pretty sure because yes it will work. Because when I, I had men, when I went on my European vacation. Couple of years ago, I, I grabbed like some sort of you know hack job phone- Yeah. And it was like this no name phone that had. Joe's phone. yeah it was like had every band on it so it had CDMA it had GSM it had everything. Mm-hm. And I got there and popped in a SIM card and it just worked. I love that. So, I had like Instagram on it, it worked, I had Twitter on it, it worked. Okay. So, I don't think the apps will- Okay. The apps will work fine, it won't be a problem. All right, that's all good, and You're sure, you're sure the, the plan you're gonna get is unlimited. I think there's gonna be something, but I'm not gonna be there for. [CROSSTALK] I'm going to be there, like every three weeks for five days. Yeah, so I think you'll be okay and you're not a huge data hog, you'll be fine. Mm-hm, and I have an office. Right It's not, you know what I mean, so it's not gonna be. Use WI-FI where you can-. Right It'll be fun. Now, another dumb question. So, when you're on WI-FI- Mm-hm. It automatically means you're not on your 3G? Correct, uh-huh, it's, you're not using service unless you're calling. Unless you're calling, okay. Right. And so, when you, so do you keep the, I always keep that data roaming thing off. You know what I mean, that's what they told me to do. Yeah, just keep it off. All right. Yeah I can't imagine a situation where that would be beneficial to you and it wouldn't cost you money, so leave it off. Yeah that's what I figure. [CROSSTALK]. It's just so hard. That's what you're here for. Do you want a couch to lie down so we can talk about your problems- I know. Your tech psych problems. When you go, so, Jackie is a friend who is an American guy who's there for six or eight months. Okay. He says, that when you go, and you enter Netflix, it automatically will change and understand that you are in the UK,. Oh, yeah. And your choices are limited. Yeah, cuz it's different regional. Totally different! Contracts. Well that's bologna! Well, I mean this is the world we live in. Every region, every country-. That's crazy! Every continent, has different restrictions and access and-. No, I'm gonna tell you something, if Orange is. Is the new black. Yeah. It's not an -. That's a great question. I am gonna have to go insane. And you haven't done anything. I have no [UNKNOWN]. I have to be, prepared for this show. Yeah. I could not be preparing for that. All right, I'm going to do your dirty work for you. Do my dirty work for me. Are you the new black in UK? Right. Yeah. Yeah? You can do that. All right, good, phew! Yeah. That was tough. That was a big one. [LAUGH] What else can I tell ya? Okay. While we were there last time. We weren't in the apartment yet. We were in Yeah. A very nice hotel. And, we watched a movie. Hm. Not that kind of movie. I know you're dirty. You're dirty. Action. You know, that was like the third thing I thought of. second? Yeah, second. Okay and. The movie was about the guy who created the tri-caster. No it wasn't. Swear, to god. [LAUGH] Was it the worst movie ever? Okay, now, type into your little browser, if you would, Tims Vermeer. Tims? His first name is Tims? Yeah. Like two of them? T-I-M apostrophe, like Tim's Vermeer. Oh, so V. Vermeer. V-E-R-M-E-E-R. As in, the Dutch Master. What's a Vermeer? It's a, he's a, Vermeer was an amazing Dutch, painter. Hm. Okay, I'm working on it. And he created, 26 paintings that are considered among the most prized possessions of the art world. And, you know Girl with the Pearl Earring. Yeah, of course. You've heard of that. So he did that. And the images of Delft. And it was really, tremendous. All right. Here's the IMDB page. Okay. We've got this up here. Tim Vermeer. See, see that guy? Tim Jenison. Jenison's his name. That's the guy who created the TriCaster, okay? So here's the enemy. And here he is. And so, the premise of this, so let me just say the reason why I thought that was so funny. That's, there was only one [INAUDIBLE] Are you sure it's the same thing that we're using. People who don't know, TriCaster is the technology. The hardware, and software that allow, [CROSSTALK]. Positive, [CROSSTALK]. To switch, all the cameras. Because in the movie. Yeah. You know, this movie is about this guy who is a, quote, inventor. Like, and, if you look at, see he is there in the front, right there, next to the grey haired dude. Right. So it is the story about this guy. And they say he's an inventor. Mm-hm. . And what did he invent? He invented this. And he invented this. And then they say. He said, he invented, the TriCaster, which many people were not, for, used to, produce podcasts. And they specifically said podcast? Yes. It's interesting that they did that because I feel like. So, so why don't we just say and it's produced by Penn, you know Penn Jillette. Penn Jillette. And, it was very interesting. Penn and Teller wrote the movie. And, he, and it was amazing. So what the guy is trying to do is, he's basically saying. I'm not an artist, I'm completely fascinated by Vermeer and his use of light. And, he says, I wonder if. Hm. Really, that what was, what was happening was that Vermeer figured out a way to capture light, through light and mirrors and, using images, backward images, and then, using a specific technique. Anyway, can I just say. I'm gonna watch this right away, by the way. It's totally worth watching. Yeah. Because it's sort of fascinating the process. It gets a little tiresome like. You know, and you know hour 78 and you're in his you know, his 112th day of trying to recreate this. It's only 80 minutes long. I know. So anyway, it's, it's worth doing but anyway it made me think like, this guy they hate the TriCaster. Yeah, well we hate this, TriCaster. But you love it. Well not the, TriCaster. We don't hate it as like. You know, the, the, the big idea. Well I broke it once so I don't go near it anymore. Yeah, you have a, a shattered relationship with the TriCaster. Correct. I cannot believe this, that's so weird that you watched a documentary about that guy. It's that wild. That's crazy. Only because was, I'm a big. I am a big fan of Vermeer, so I was sort of, I got the title and I was like oh that's interesting and then it ends up, you know, I just thought it was like Penn and Teller had something to do with it. They're interesting guys. Are they in it ag all Penn and Teller. Yeah. Yeah. See I. Who's the fat one? That's Penn. [CROSSTALK] Penn is in it as like sort of someone who. Teller doesn't talk. Right. Penn is in it as the he does a little bit of the interviewing and he's the narrator. I, absolutely have to watch this. Okay. I'm gonna watch it. This weekend I think. Instead of watching the Stanley Cup? Why do you gotta go there? Well I just figured that you and I, that's why I was telling you. Why you gotta go there? They only good thing about, Jackie leaving yesterday is I said honey, thank God you don't have to be here for the Stanley Cup. That was really the saving grace, she goes that's the only good news, of this whole process. There's a few angles that work in. With this Stanley Cup Final number one, I again have to be in Los Angeles for E3. Oh right. I'm gonna be there Sunday. Thankfully. Are you gonna go? Well last look, last time I was there for E3, the Devils were. The Devils were, yeah. Last time it was 2012 and that was the worst, week of my life, basically, for sports, because here I am trying to do my job. I know. Trying to cover the latest and greatest in the world of video games. Yeah. Set against the backdrop of my team losing the Stanley Cup Final. It was not good. And when I got out there, they were losing two nothing. Mm-hm. The night of the first press conferences I'm like supposed to live blog Sony. What, I'm watching the game. Yeah, exactly. Make sure to [INAUDIBLE]. I'm watching my team. Mm-hm. Is what I'm doing. And I'm. Freaking out during the press conference. One because the press conference was crap, and two. [LAUGH]. Because the Devils were getting the, crap kicked out of them. DId they win, what did they lose, four, one? Four, two. Oh, four two, oh. They were the only team to beat the Kings twice that season, in the playoffs. So, that was terrible. And now,. Here it is again. as if things could get. Any worse. You are an L.A. Kings fan right now. No I'm not. You have to be. I, I want them both to lose. You want there to be a bomb dropped, [CROSSTALK] and be nearby. Well, I don't want anyone to die. Right, but injury would be fine. [LAUGH] But I want their ice to melt and everybody break their ankle. That's what I want. No. You want there to be like a, maybe like a, remember when Hurricane Sandy came and they had to cancel the marathon? Yeah. So you want there to be some sort of natural disaster where no one gets hurt. [LAUGH] Right. But they have to cancel the Stanley Cup. But that's just delaying the inevitable. Because they would makeup the game. Okay. Right. So, I have, I don't have a horse in this race. But. I want, it's good for hockey. Who do you want to lose. I want the Rangers to lose. Of course. That's exactly the point. I don't want the Kings to win, but I want the Rangers to lose. I understand. Jackies favorite headline. Islanders win. That Jackie's second favorite headline. Rangers lose. Rangers lose. Okay so there's that angle that we're working in. Luckily, for me, while I'm out there with Mark in Los Angeles, that will be the two New York home games. Oh that's brilliant, that's great. So there won't be the traffic, you know, right, and LA doesn't even know that this is happening. Yeah they don't even know what hockey is. All that will be was like maybe a little like, you know, sand castle outside of the Staples Center. Okay. Like they did two years ago, which was really stupid. Okay. And it was just pathetic. And you know, we won't have to deal with it. So here's like the the, the financial angle thing. Mm-hm. Did you hear this story about how it's cheaper. To go and fly to Los Angeles to see a game than it is to buy one ticket for Madison Square Garden. Are you kidding? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well it's just crazy [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] That's crazy. How much money the tickets are going for these days. Well that's all those people on the bandwagon. Right, but. These girls wearing like Rangers shirts, like you didn't even know what ice hockey is. [LAUGH] You don't even know where the Garden is, it like pisses me off so much. I love, I love hearing you talk about this, that's bad. Like, they show the girls are like these hot chicks with their big boobs falling out all over the place. Right, right. Like, I'm a Rangers. I might not be mad at that but I'm mad at him claiming allegiance to. To anything. But he's gorgeous, he's a gorgeous man and a great goalie and I get that. But I want him to die, just kidding, at least get hurt. I get it, the Rangers are a super, likeable team. They're like America's team, right, in a way. No, they're not. Kind of. And no team from New York can ever be America's team. Why's that? Because we are filled with elitist. Aren't the Yankees America's team? No, they are not. Definitely not. No, alright, good, I don't want them to be. People hate the Yankees. I know, but anywhere you go. There's no sound like that. Anywhere you go in the country, everyone's got a Yankee hat. Yeah. And in the world, anywhere in the world people would. But that's because they have good marketing. Have a good brand Although I have to say that if the Yankees are playing the San Francisco Giants. I'll root for the Giants. I'm rooting for the Yankees. Really [LAUGH] that's funny. [LAUGH]. And America's team is only the Dallas Cowboys. Yeah, which. I don't, I don't want that either. But yeah. That's, that's the angle. We've covered a lot of ground here. That's the angle we're going with, yeah. Yeah. Let me- Do you have other stuff or no? Well, I have a couple of financial questions. Okay, yeah. Let's do that. I'm trying to think if there's anything else I wanted to finish with, So, I can't belive you're doing that in LA. Where are you staying in LA? we're, near USC. Oh, very nice. Yeah, sort of. Okay. It's, get, every year we're there, in the spot we're in, it seems to get nicer. Okay. In terms of like, the, the area. immediately surrounding it. You'll be happy cuz it's starting to get humid now. You hate the hot weather here. It's nice there. Not much better in LA. A little bit nicer. Less humid I guess. Yeah, yeah. But no, I'm excited for E3 and. What's going to happen at E3. What do I need to know, about that. I think it's going to be a big software show. Mm-hm. Of games. Okay. Actual games. Last year was a hardware show, cuz the new consoles were coming out. This, this year it's like, all right. You know, now you got to prove to everyone, convince everyone that they to buy this thing. And you what a gamer I am. I know. You're as much of a gamer. As you're a Broadway show fan. [LAUGH] I like Broadway. You do? Yeah. Oh no. [LAUGH] I thought that was a good try for the group. I tried. I tried. But I do like Broadway. You do? Yeah, I do. Have you seen anything good lately? What did I see, I saw, I saw Motown, a couple of months ago. Oh, that's nice? Did you go with your parents? That was good. I enjoyed it. They must have loved it. My dad lost his mind. Loved it. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, he was like, I didn't know this was possible. They like the, there are. Specific types of people. [LAUGH]. You know what you should take your mother Stacy. Kinky Boots. No. Yes. I love Kinky Boots. But Stacy should take your mother, and her mother. Yeah. To go see ca, the Carol King musical, Beautiful. Okay. I heard. Yeah. You should not go. Yeah. I heard that. The boys need to not go to that. I saw Matilda and I didn't like- I love Matilda's, like, the set was awesome, right? Yeah, with the Scrabble pieces and stuff. I didn't love the show though. Nah. I saw it in London. It was a while ago. That's where your supposed to see it. Yeah. Wow, we're really going the wrong road. We're far afield. Back to E3. Okay, E3 is there a Broadway show, game that I could play. No, but I-. I think the Tonys are this weekend. They are. I wonder what the first, video game. Turned Broadway will be, cuz it'll happen. Yeah. It'll happen, right? Yeah, right? Who ever thought Spiderman was gonna end up on Broadway. Or Rocky? Or Rocky's, Rocky. Who ever thought Rocky was gonna end up on Broadway? What's the first video game that makes its way to Broadway? It's not gonna be Pong. No. One of my faves. [LAUGH] It's not like a. Maybe it'll be like a Mario Brothers thing. Do you think that it is so lame, that my first reference, that comes to mind when you say video games. Is pong. For me, is pong, A game that's honestly four. How old is pong. It's like 40 years old. yeah. More. It's probably more. Yeah, its' it's insanity but that's exactly what comes up for me. That may be the last game I played, besides my Sudoku app. Yeah, Pong is 42 years old. All right, so. Yeah, so. [LAUGH]. I am ten years younger than Pong [CROSSTALK]. Lately, yeah. Really? And I don't like doing it because he got such a baby face and he looks younger than anyone I know. No, I hate that about him. When I find out he's [INAUDIBLE] I say what? You were pissed right? I was. Just give me ten more years. Watch, I'm gonna fast forward it and look 110. No, you won't [INAUDIBLE]. Grow that beard out when you get some gray in there and come talk to me, Man. Exactly, exactly. It's not gonna happen, look. He's got nothing but a beautiful [CROSSTALK] That's not gonna last long. Between, between him and Lycia [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] It's not very often [LAUGH] But I'm just saying that between him and Lycia, it's like these gorgeous, young men. Oh, I know. [CROSSTALK] God I hate that. So, the, is there a game that you know or youre looking forward to, or is it all under wraps? In other words, do you get leaks? Well, it's interesting. This year, more so than ever, and I appreciate you trying to, fake enthusiasm for this. That means a lot I am! That means a lot. I, care about what you care about. That's. That's so awesome to hear, it's weird, this year, a lot of things are leaking out before. They always leak out but, they're deliberately leaking out. Mm-hm. . People are like they, like Microsoft lifting the curtain on pretty much everything we thought they were gonna announce at, at their press conference. Monday, June 9th is a big press conference day. Mm-hm. That's a big pissing contest. Yeah. Where all would be look at ooh. So, I'm surprised that they have announced a lot of things ahead of time, it would lead you to believe that either, the press conference is gonna be super underwhelming, or they have, even more stuff to announce. Hm. I think it's the former. Yeah. so, yeah, that's it in terms of like specific games, I don't, I don't know. You know? [CROSSTALK] I wanna be, I just wanna be surprised. [CROSSTALK] I know you like the ones where they blow up. Peoples heads, and stuff like that? No, I do, but that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something that's new. That makes me think. Hm. Stuff like subject matter that we haven't covered yet. Oh, I thought of another game that I played. What's that? It's, I, you wanna know the year? I know exactly the year that I played it. Okay. 1987. Pac-Man. Wrong. What? Leisure Suit Larry. Oh, wow, that is. Not what I thought you were gonna. How about that. Yeah. A porno game. Yes. So you had like 1987 like, pixel boobies. Correct. Yeah. Because, when I was like, put this one up, I bet that these young folks wouldn't know about this. They know this one? I don't know. I don't think people, coming up now. [CROSSTALK] Would know you know what? I was like, I was like worried we shouldn't play this trailer but it's 1987. How awful could it be? Leisure Suit Larry there. Okay, it's for the mature gamer but look at it, it's so crap, it's hysterical. Like look, so it's funny that, there's like one frame of animation going on. [LAUGH]. Right? So there's like a woman at a bar, who is like and I guess that's like her leg going back and forth. Yeah, this is a disco. [LAUGH]. [CROSSTALK] Breaking it down on the dance floor. Oh, look at his **** shaking, you see his **** shake? [LAUGH]. [CROSSTALK] He just threw her into the ceiling. Yeah. And she had to come [LAUGH] down. Uh-huh. This is, this is amazing. [LAUGH] Here we are, oh. [CROSSTALK] Whoa! There we go! [LAUGH] Whoa! Oh, he literally jumped into. There it is. There she is. Okay, so now there's a little more detail Yeah. You think they're gonna show, like. I don't remember. I don't really remember. They might. I kind of don't care cuz it looks so terrible that. But it's so much. It, so now looking at it, it's so funny. because it's like Yeah. So you played this game? Yes. So here's what happened. When, I-. [CROSSTALK] Play in the background. When I was a clerk, on the floor of the commodities exchange. Yeah, yeah. In, New York, that was my first shop on Wall Street. A bunch of the traders were all starting to play this game, and we had to like, go to a terminal. Oh, right. Right? To play that. Yeah. So, it would have to have, With the floppy disk. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so it was like, when, we could actually go to either someone's office, or. Get someone's computer down on the floor. Right. And play it. And you'd have to wait til, it was really dead. Okay. Right. But it's 1987 so it wasn't like, things were sort of happening so we sort of learned about it. Then the market crashed, and things were going crazy. And so, after that the. All the financial markets were really dead for a while. No one wanted to invest. Mm-hm. And all, we did all day long was play Leisure Suit Larry against each other. That's what we did. What are we going to do today, boys? Hey let's [CROSSTALK]. That's right they wanted the real thing. Listen, some of the guys just went to the strip clubs around town. They just went there. I didn't think that was appropriate for me. Right. And any seven. Exactly. And, so, there, Leisure Suit Larry was something that, so my brother-in-law was a trader, and I was a trader. We would come home and play it. [LAUGH] Right. [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] That is so awesome. No kidding. You two can while away your time. It's crazy, like that game. It's funny, I remember they, they came out with something recent. In that franchise. Oh really? I don't think it did well, but, it was like first risqu

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