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The 404: The 404 1,492: Where we're not gonna protest (podcast)

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The 404: The 404 1,492: Where we're not gonna protest (podcast)

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Taking three guesses about the purpose of Porktrack.com, calculating the potential earnings for the average Uber driver, NYC using Yelp to track health code violations, and more!

It's Tuesday, May 27th, 2014. I'm Richard Peterson, and from our CBS studios in New York City, welcome to the 404 Show. [MUSIC] What's up everyone? Welcome to the 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. And I'm Justin Yu. Very glad to welcome back Mr. Richard Peterson to the program, rocking the boards for us. It's great to be back, it's been awhile. You're voice brings me nothing but pure joy. Thank you. So, I hope it does the same to everyone listening, wherever they might be. Hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial day weekend. I didn't. You did not? Nope. No surprise there. Well, not because I don't think we should honor those who served our country so, so shamelessly. Mm-hm. But, because my allergies came out this weekend. Hm, that happened to me as well. It did, so you and I are fighting this unwinnable battle. Mm-hm. Against Mother Nature. Yeah. [LAUGH] And her undying efforts. To make us sneeze, and have our eyes water. Yeah. And make us sound like fools. You can actually see the dander. It's bad. And the dust in the air. It's bad. It's pretty bad. But, it's worth it for the nice weather we got over the weekend. Nah, it's not worth it. The allergies came out. The cockroaches also came out and then the mosquitos. The bug. You tell me it's worth the bug? If anything else, like, **** the allergies, **** the, is it worth the bugs? Is worth the mosquito bite on your eyelid? Exactly. Probably not. [LAUGH] And you will scratch until you make yourself go blind. [INAUDIBLE]. So bad yesterday. During the day, and at night. Yesterday I went, and, didn't have a barbecue but just went into Central Park, and hung out for the day. Yeah. Yeah. Like 90 degrees. Right. For the entire time I was there. I did the same thing. Yeah. You did too, yeah? I saw you there. Did you? [LAUGH] I didn't say hi though, sorry. Not to make it weird. Aw. No, I'm just joking, I didn't see you there. But, I did get bitten by a lot of mosquitos there. So, when you get bitten are you woozy? No. Some people get like woozy when they're bitten by a lot of mosquitos. Really, and they just know they've gotten bit immediately or something? I don't know, I don't understand how The the blood that a mosquito sucks could cause anyone to become woozy. Yeah, no, just itchy. Yeah. But yeah, what are the home remedies what are like the life hacks for getting rid of a mosquito bite itch. Oh, I think, I think you're supposed to like rub a banana peel on it. I'm calling bull ****. [LAUGH] You know what happens yesterday I read that if you get a mosquito bite and it's really bad and itchy you're supposed to rub a piece of dry. Soap bar.>> Oh yeah, that I've read too. Yeah, I read that and so I tried it. I think that's a prank. No. Because if you're outside and you have soap all over your body that was dry, now it's gonna be creating a lot of bubbles. [LAUGH] So I think that's a prank, cuz that's what happened to me. Oh, no, no. Cuz I rubbed it on my skin and then I went outside. [CROSSTALK]. It's when you get home. You're not supposed to do it and then go outside. You're supposed to like do it and then be in for the night. [CROSSTALK] And then have like everything you own have a thin layer of soap on it? Yeah, I mean how much soap are you putting on? A lot. I used a whole bar. [LAUGH] It was super itchy. Well, there's your problem, dummy. Now, I don't know, I mean, I thought, like, I think a lot of these [UNKNOWN] are just crocks. No, I think a lot of them have some truth to them Yeah? Yeah, sure. What else can I use? You can try, have you ever tried Witch Hazel? Have you ever heard of it? Is that like, some witch craft? [LAUGH]. No, it's like, you can buy it in a pharmacy, it's by like the Hydrogen Peroxide and the alcohol. It's not like a holistic thing, is it? No, it's like an alcohol astringent type of thing, but it helps with itching. Really? Yeah. You, you know what's really good? The Benadryl cream. Oh, nice. It's so good. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh my god, does that work wonders. Mm-hm. It really does. You, it like, ten seconds later and you're like what bite? Yeah. What itch? I don't remember anything. It doesn't matter. Let's party. The worst is when they bite you on your face. I don't, I don't get. They love the face for some reason. Never. Really? I don't think I've ever had a mosquito bite on my face. Seriously? As as serious as a one human can be to another. [CROSSTALK] Right? You stuck [LAUGH]. Like rubbing other people's blood on your face. Bathing in powdered sugar. I don't get that man. [CROSSTALK] It's bad man. It's super bad. And this is the hell that I must personally struggle and deal with. For the next, what, four months? You personally? What about the rest of us? No, you morons love this. You're like, oh, it's warm out. Wait, I saw a cockroach in my apartment over the weekend. Terrible. Cockroach of the year. The dawning of a new season. With the cockroaches, brings the turning of the season. Yeah, saw his own shadow. [LAUGH] I picked up my air conditioner, because I went to go install it. Oh, yeah? And I usually, leave my air conditioner right underneath the window. Like, underneath, tucked underneath the deck and there was a cockroach inside. Gross. Yeah, God. That happens when it's humid outside, for people that don't live in a metropolitan city. Once it starts getting humid, that's when all the cockroaches start coming out through the cracks, cuz they get hot too. That's why I like San Francisco weather the best. Yeah. I'm with you, man. [CROSSTALK] Because there's no humidity. It's always like 68. Yeah. And there's no bugs. Yeah. Because San Francisco has blanketed the entire city limits with an impenetrable bug dome. Sure, its a biochem, And it works. And it works. Alright, no more negativity, it was a great weekend. I'm not negative, I just hate everything. I had a good time, did you have good time Richard? What did you do? I did, I went to the park. Like I said, I saw the new X-men movie. So wait, are you going to come with us Thursday as well? I think I might just to see it again. I heard that as well. You. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] Even after talking about not wanting to ruin it for ourselves before watching it. Yeah. Great. So, this Thursday, I think it's, is it Thursday? We're going Thursday, baby. We have a, we have a team trip. Field trip. For all the CNET employees who wanna go watch the movie. But, I couldn't wait. Like you. Yeah. I saw it on Friday, at the theatre. It was really good. No spoilers. Okay. That's it. So, I wanna hear. And you liked it too. I did. Yeah. It was good enough to go watch again. So I may join you too. We'll go watch him spoil it for everybody. Okay. You, I'm just gonna sit in the back in the corner by myself. It's so violent. Is it? So brutal. Yeah. It's brutal? That's all I'm gonna say. It's very brutal. I thought it was PG-13. Is it PG? It didn't seem like that. It's PG-13. Yeah, it was, it was pretty violent this time. I don't know. [INAUDIBLE] I didn't think it seemed more violent than the others. No? I don't know. Okay. Okay. Interesting. I like, I love. It's like you guys both didn't see it, you're disagreeing so much. This is great. And Michael Fassbender, I mean, come on. That guy is so good as Magneto. Yeah. He's so good. What else has Michael Fassbender been in? Michael Fassbender? I dunno, what else has he been in? I have no idea. I really, I only know him. Oh, Nip Tuck, was he in that? maybe. I don't know what else he's been in. Wait, who is this? Michael Fassbender. No, I know who it is. He, he's in First Class,.right? He plays. Yeah, Yeah. He plays X-Men in First Class. We should start the show over. [LAUGH] Yeah, that, that was my weekend, I just. Did the same thing as you. Watched X-Men. Hung out in the park. That was it. Man, Central Park was like human soup this weekend wasn't it? It was. There was so many people. I went through. It was crazy. What's that? Is it strawberry fields? That huge one? no, that's, the, what? [LAUGH] Did you guys hear that music? Music? I don't hear music. It's called the great lawn I think. Yeah. The great lawn over by [UNKNOWN] Or, or the Sheep's Meadow? Yeah, exactly. Oh my god, there was so many people there this weekend. Yeah, it was crazy. Yup. I'm just looking at Michael Fassbender's illustrious career. Yeah. He was in Inglorious Bastards. Oh, that's right! He was good in that movie. He apparently is gonna be in the Assassin's Creed Movie. Mm-hm, which, I'm already gonna write off as a flop. Mm-hm. He was in 12 Years of Slave Prometheus. This guy, has gotten around. Yeah, you [CROSSTALK]. Okay, and, he was in Jonah Hex. What the. What's that? That was like that weird western movie that nobody saw. Yeah, no. I didn't see that. Yeah. Okay. All right, there you have it. That's his career. What do we got going on in todays illustrious run down? Yeah. So, today we're gonna spoil all the plot points for the X-men movies. [LAUGH] We're gonna talk about a really cool app that I'm not gonna spoil until we get to this story. So, we will start off with that. Good lead. Then we'll talk about Uber a little bit more. I know that's been in the news a lot lately. We've been discussing it on the show, but, there's been some developments and. Some friction. I may have to quit this job and start driving an Uber car cuz you can apparently make a lot of money driving one in New York. Right. Then we'll talk about a really hilarious Netflix mash. A bit of a glitch that's been going on with Netflix since December. But that's finally starting to see the light of day. And it's pretty funny, so we'll talk about that. Then, we'll finish up with a little bit of show and tell. Beautiful. And then, that's it. I think we're good. That is it. Alright, what's this Pork Track app? Pork Track. Pork Track. I discovered this over the weekend. I think it was created by a Redditor. If you go to www.porktrack.com, you can look up the song that your parents probably were listening to when you were conceived. Well, I mean the song was the number one single during the time that you were conceived. Right. Doesn't necessarily mean that my parents were listening to Betty Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes. What song, can you play that? I'm playing it right now. I've never heard this song. I don't get. Richard's the only one who can hear it right now. Do you know this song? Yeah, I've heard it. Yeah. How's it, how's it go? Is it romantic? She's got Betty Davis eyes. Oh, I know that song. Oh. She'll move you. Yeah. Oh yeah, that does take you to the Bone Zone. Can we get a load of this. Eighty's video right here. Oh my god, this is dripping with eighty's, all over. Actually, never mind, she just looks like she's from Brooklyn. Can you sing that Betty Davis Eye's One Richard? Well, it will have to wait til it comes back on the video. Sing against it. Wow. This is really just awesome. Look at her go! That pant suit. It's great. Yeah. So this is Kim Carnes. This is an app that basically cross-references your birthday which you enter in with the Billboard Hot 100 list for the song of the week, Right. That was popular when you were born. That is correct, sir. So, you just pop and go. [CROSSTALK] nine months back from when you were born. Obviously. Yeah, that's what it should do. But it didn't say that in FAQ. It just said. You know, look up a song that's popular. Well, I'm looking you up now. You are January 17th 1984, right? That is correct, sir. So, let's see what you. Check that. Whoa. [CROSSTALK] Winner, Winner. Michael Jackson fan. [UNKNOWN] Billy Jean by Michael Jackson. That is that is a great song. Yeah, nice. Hey I'm not unhappy. I mea,n it's excellent. [LAUGH] You wanna see yours Richard? Yeah. So, you're what, 1980? 81. February 15th. February 15th? Yes. I knew that, I just wanted to see if you knew that. Tell the world my birthday on the air like that. Oh, another great tune tune comic by Blondie good job. [MUSIC] that's pretty bas **** [MUSIC] Oh, it's a sexy video too. It is sexy. Very sexy. [INAUDIBLE] Yep. And have you seen Blondie lately? She's like 70 now, or maybe older, or 67. Whatever she is. She's, she was on. She was on Colbert performing. Oh, yeah, And it was just very strange. I don't know, I don't, I don't know how I feel about her anymore. Well, she still looks good, though. Well, for her age. As good as modern medicine will allow her to look. You know, collagen and ****. Yeah. You know she's still doing that box you did. She just sort of jumps in place. That's the blondie bump we call it. That's Pork Track dot com. Not a lot to talk about there, but go and look for yourself. It should make for an interesting Tuesday. Rock and Roll. Uber. Let's talk about Uber. By now, everyone has heard about Uber. Richard, you've taken an Uber before right? You're a first class gentleman. I, I. I actually used it this morning. You did? Well not for myself. But my, my two brothers were staying with me over the weekend. And so but now they're in a hotel. So they took and Uber from my apartment to the hotel. Right. Neat. I got out the app and ordered in. It was great. Oh, you were,. They made you pay for it. They made you pay for it? Yes. Well [COUGH] no. Well, in New York. You can do it's called Uber T where it requests Oh, right. Like an actual New York taxi. Right. And so you pay like, through the taxi. You don't pay through Uber. Right, right, right. Oh. I didn't know that. Yeah. It's partnered with local taxis? Yeah. No, but it's, they're just hailing the cab, essentially, right? Yeah. That's what they're doing. Well that's. Kind of, better than what they were doing before, cuz, before they were just straight up competition, now they're sorta working together? Well, they still are. They still are. Yeah, they definitely still are competition. But yeah. So, we're talking about Uber, that taxi cab service that lets you digitally hail a cab. Mm-hm. The best part about Uber is that you don't have to pay inside the cab if you do one of the Uber X or the standard service. Yeah, you don't have to actually take out cash at all, Right, it's all credit cards. You just pay it through the app. Simple. Yeah. But obviously this service has been made very controversial [LAUGH] but I wanted to talk about this video that I that I put in the run down here. Okay. So, obviously, it's creating a big rift between taxi cab drivers and Uber drivers,. Right. because Uber drivers are basically just. People like you and me, that have a car, may be have some free time that they would like to pick up some packages. Well. You know, that, like getting license, but, lot of people quitting their job to more over the Uber drive. Right, you think, you can't just in one day decide you gonna be Uber driver. Is, there is bit of, You need car, you need a license. Commitment, and a licence, and there is some sort of regulations. It's not just like. Will like lift where any, you know, [UNKNOWN] That's like a crowd story. With a pink mustache on their car can pick you up and drive you around. There is a little bit more regulation and I think people see on the surface with Uber. Never the less, Boston cab drivers are not too happy about this Boston cab drivers are pissed right now. As well they maybe should be, because before this, the only competition they had for taxi cabs was, what? Like gypsy cabs, I guess. So. Yeah, oh, why should they, no they're right. They should be upset that they are getting competition. They've been floating along for the past who knows how long. Right. So anyway. Last week the Boston Cab Association started revolting. And they've been protesting pretty heavily, but this is crazy. And there's a vime video that goes along with this that I want you to play. So, to protest about 30 cab drivers pulled up downtown. And here's what they did. They laid on their horns for an hour. Oh, that's the worst. Who lays on their horn for an hour? Not even like some kind of catchy rhythm. Yeah. Just constant. Alright, and here's a little taste of what that actually sounds like. Let's see how long you can deal with this for cause I can listen to it for maybe. 10 seconds [NOISE] it's pretty brutal, you getting that Richard? Yeah It's pretty brutal Yeah, that's bad Anyway, there you have it. so. But it goes along with the story that I want to talk about. Yeah, explain the details of this. Yeah, so there's a story in the Washington Post, and it sort of talks about [UNKNOWN] enticing people to come over and start driving for them, and they listed these numbers about how much you can potentially make in various cities. Drive his uber car around. So, take that with a grain of salt. This is their own marketing. But they say that if you drive an [UNKNOWN] car and you work in New York City, about 40 hours a week, standard work week. That's actually less than what a lot of cab drivers do. You can stand to make 90766 dollars a year. I'm assuming, you know, that's factoring in distance and how many passengers you pick up a day, but if you don't, you know, if you don't kill yourself, you can make that much money. I mean, they are guaranteeing drivers five grand the first month they drive over. Whoa, what? No way. When you drive, they're guaranteeing them that they'll make at least $5,000 their first month. How do they do that because there's, is there dispatchers? The thing about it is. No. They're just saying you, if you work. You know? Look that's like their, that's their quote unquote guarantee. I'm sure it means working a minimum amount. But five grand a month that's way less, that's less than 90 grand a year. So something's going on. That's pretty good. I'm wondering why more taxi drivers aren't. Well, they are. They are. They are doing that? They are, in droves. They're doing it. Yeah, I mean from a taxi driver's point of view, it's be a lot better to be an

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