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The 404: The 404 1,481: Where we'll do it for $20,000

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The 404: The 404 1,481: Where we'll do it for $20,000

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A new ATM that spews acid at its would-be thieves, tracking the growth of counterfeit bills in relationship to consumer inkjet printer sales, a band that scammed Spotify for $20,000 gets kicked out, and the profile of a musician that produces field recordings in server rooms across the world.

It's Thursday, May 8th, 2014, and I'm Ariel Nunez. And, from our CBS Studios in New York City, welcome to the 4O4. [MUSIC]. What's up kids? Thanks for tuning to the 4O4 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. How's everyone doing? How are you doing? I'm doing well. Hello! I'm doing good. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, not bad. What about you? I'm in a fantastic mood. Why are you in such a good mood? I'm kidding. I just lie myself. [LAUGH] Oh, I know, cuz it's all gloomy outside. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, buddy. It's all like rainy, and trashy, and cold. Yeah. And everyone's got like a piss poor attitude, and here I am singing in the rain. Enjoy it now, cuz it's gonna be 82 degrees on Monday. You mean death. Yeah. Summer death is fast approaching. I'm bracing myself. Yeah. I'm bracing myself for all you bozos with your jeans and your flip flops. Dude, I'm just glad we work in an office that lets us wear shorts and t-shirts. Yeah. Cuz, If I had a to wear a suit to work, what do you do? You just get like a Seersucker suit or something? That's a great question. I always ask my like lawyer buddies. Yeah. I'm like, how do you live with yourself? [CROSSTALK] How do you do it? They don't make suit shorts. Yeah, and they don't, they don't have, an answer. They're just like I, you sweat a lot. And you, your body gets used to it after a while. [CROSSTALK]. I would have to wear. Multiple layers of like t-shirts and undershirts underneath the said suit, or I would just sweat right through. It would be, super gnarly. Yeah that's why you don't ever get to take off the jacket, because your shirt has pit stains all the time. Right. But yeah, I'm thankful for CNET, that lets us do that. Yeah. I don't really. I'm not really like wearing a lot of t-shirts lately. I'm tryna like class the joint up a little bit. [CROSSTALK]. Yeah, look at you. You know, wear a nice couple of shirts every now and then. Yeah. People take notice. They're like hey, that guy's not a bum. Dressed to impress. Dress for the job that you want to get. Well I have a job, and I'm happy here, so-. Okay. So I'm not trying to- Take off the clothes that don't represent- Yeah. The job you have here. Well yeah, well look, you're wearing a nice shirt today for once. [CROSSTALK]. It's, you know, fits you questionable but it's fine. I think it, I think it's looking good. Ariel always has good stuff-. Thanks. So, I don't have to worry about that guy. [LAUGH] Thank you. You got it, man. All right, what can we look forward today in the rundown, Mister Yu? right, so this is what we're talking about today. We're talking about knocking over ATM machines, and why you may not be able to get away with that racket-. Nice. In the near future. And then we're gonna talk about. A little more about money. And, the new ways that people are starting to counterfeit bills. And it's actually a lot easier than you think. Okay. Next we're gonna talk about what the internet sounds like. Okay. Kinda crazy concealed recordings that are done indoors. And then we're gonna finish with a follow up to an article that we talked about earlier. Remember that Spotify band that was making a killing by recording just nothing. Right. And then having having their fans just play it all night. It's like two second loops of each song. Sure. Sure, sure, sure. And, they were racking up tons of money on Spotify doing that. Well there's an update to that story. A little bit. They're all in jail. [LAUGH] They've all been exterminated. Great idea but, we'll see if they get their money. So let's get the first one, shall we? Okay, let's rock and roll. Oh, man. All right, so, you know what's funny is that despite all the fallout that we've been hearing lately from online accounts getting compromised, like password hacks and phishing and credit card fraud. There's always gonna be a few fools. That think the best way to get rich quick, is to knock over an ATM machine, or hold up a bank. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] The old way. The analog way to make money. I think, I think ATMs the way to go. Yeah. Just, just tie like a rope around it and get a [CROSSTALK] a truck and just. [CROSSTALK] We could do that in like rural America. You can't really do it. You know, in Times Square. Yeah, I feel like I've seen a lot of failed videos, of just bumpers getting ripped off when they try to do that. Those things are in the ground deep-. Yeah. And they're like cemented in there, with industrial bolts and everything. Yeah, especially the ones in New York. Right, you can't really just pick that up and strap it on your back. And someone would definitely notice. Yeah. They'd make a noise. They're like nah, I don't think that guy is a professional. [CROSSTALK] I don't think he's servicing that ATM. [LAUGH] Yeah. Seems to be ripping it out of the concrete. You have the best [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. So anyway, surprisingly enough though, according to this article, the number of attacks on ATMs have, has actually risen in recent years. I mean but think about how. Like, attractive the, the idea is. Just sit in there. You know, it's this box that's got a lot of money in it-. It's a can of money, yeah. [CROSSTALK] It's like daring you to knock it over. [LAUGH] It's like a garbage pail with money in it. Yeah. Can you blame these people? And the economy's gotten bad. I, I wonder if the uptake in, in the theft of ATM machines has risen with the economy going down. I'm sure. So, anyway, specifically I guess a lot of the times when the internal cash boxes are switched out, you know, the full ones for the empty ones. That requires a person to come in and open the ATM machine. And that's when a lot of, these thefts happen. So, when they're being serviced. Right, right. Gotcha. That poor guy. Yeah. So anyway, the objective of ATM security, is basically two parts. one, to identify the criminal to law enforcement, and two, to render the stolen bank notes, basically useless, using a dye system, or whatever. Okay. So the story here is that a team of chemists over at Z

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