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The 404: The 404 1,470: Where we'd rather get that implanted

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The 404: The 404 1,470: Where we'd rather get that implanted

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Polygon's Russ Frushtick stops by the studio to discuss Xbox One vs. PS4 sales, major changes at developer Naughty Dog and the new Lytro camera.

It's Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014, I'm Ariel Nunez, and from our CBS Studios in New York City, welcome to The 404. [MUSIC] Al right, welcome to the show, everyone. This is The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Russ Frushtick. You are Russ Frushtick. Was I supposed to do that intro? No, that's right, but I. Was that not cool? Was that presumptive? That energy is what we need and. I bring the heat, what can I say? God, it's brilliant. Welcome back to Ariel Nunez. Yeah, thank you. Thanks for, thanks for He was, you, last week you were at the auto show. Yep. And then I took a day off yesterday. It was my wife's birthday, so. Happy Birthday. Yeah I'll tell her. Did you find anything cool at the auto show? There was a lot of cool stuff. The new Land Rover, or not Land Rovers. The new Range Rovers. I don't know what it's called but that one looked pretty cool. It's super huge. I'm wanna get one [CROSSTALK] I'm all into cars again. I don't know, I see the row of cars and I'm like, like here's a bunch scanners. Like I don't know. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Keep it real I don't know? I understand. I can look at the outside of the car and say that looks cool but like V6, V8, like You don't know what that means? I know what that means, but I don't know what I want. When was the last time you drove a car? I drive probably 3 times a year. Wow. There's something, I know I don't need to drive as much as I do, I just happen to really enjoy it. You have a car, though. I do actually have a brand new car, yeah. And you know, you're in Jersey so it's a little more reasonable to drive around. I'm in the city. Oh yeah, I can't be bothered Carl in the City is a pain in the ****. No, it is. For sure. And it's only for like rich people to have a car in the city. Yeah. Rest for us to get here, he's never been in the new studio for a show, you been here but you never actually get it. Glamorous. You like it? I do. Well, it's all going away. Take it away. No. We'll tell you everyone about that, in a while from now. Nothing to worry about. [LAUGH] There's a lot to talk about. There is. Right. [LAUGH] Not really but yeah. We're gonna make it seem like a lot. [LAUGH] Okay. I actually got a few emails. I told, people last night on Twitter that you were gonna gonna be here and I got like ten emails, and there were two that I thought contained really good questions. Okay. That's eight terrible questions that you have. Eight sub-mediocre questions that didn't pass the sniff test. Okay. so, yeah. We'll talk about some gaming, obviously With you here, we'll talk about Nike getting out of the world of tech business and I wanna talk about Nitro which is an interesting company that is doing something fun with a spin on SLR cameras, so we'll talk about that as well, but first I wanna talk about there's a problem happening right now. There's a death of video games. Fact. I was at your place the other day and we were like staring at each other cuz they had nothing to talk about cuz there were no good video games out. And it doesn't really make sense to me because you have Xbox One and Playstation 4 exceeding their sales- Sure. Postitions. They're selling really well. Far better at this point in time than, than PS3 and XBox 360 were respectively- Yep. Selling back in the day. [LAUGH]. 2005 and six, but ya know it's crazy that they're selling well And that there aren't games for the pack. There's nothing to play. Fact of the matter is it's not a surprise as far as like if you look at every single console new release ever, the first year is always bad it's always slow and truth be told like, this year. At least on PS4, it's been a little slower on Xbox, but at least on PS4, there have been, I would say, more new releases than there usually are in the year of a console, just because they've been able to fill stuff out with indie, so they have games like Outlast and Mercenary Kings and like, these smaller indies to help like, get through the lean months. Where, whereas in Xbox it's been like a lot lighter, and there haven't been as many of those. So but, yeah, it's still been pretty brutal. Do you think the average gamer who, how, how old is the average gamer now? I have no idea. What do we want to say, like 20- I would say 75. 20, 22. No, I think it might be a little older than that, like probably 25. Do you think they turn on the PS4, they turn on the Xbox One and they're like Oh I'm gonna play games that to me are in big box sort of you know, AAA games. Do you think they see that and [CROSSTALK] I don't know, I think there are people that bought a PS4 at launch day and the holiday season and are like what am I gonna play and might blindly like stumble into the store, the PSN store. Right. And be like oh, this is new and if, if I subscribe to PlayStation Plus I get this game for free, I'll give it a shot. Yeah, right. I would agree that like, those indie games are not system sellers. Like no one is buying a PS4 just to play indie games necessarily. But I think given the fact that there aren't a lot of AAA releases apart from like Infamous that sort or Titanfall. I think people are going to those games just feel stuff out. Interesting, We got an email from Malcom. He said, do you think the Xbox One and PS4 numbers are skewed Because of the limited amount of regions that Xbox One is currently being sold in? Here, listen to this. Okay. You can buy PlayStation 4 in 72 countries and regions. Sure. But you can only buy Xbox One in 13 of them. The numbers are out, 7 million PS4 units versus 5 million Xbox One units. Mm-hm. So, what do we think? So, I definitely think the numbers obviously are skewed. But, if I remember correctly, I think regional numbers have been released. I think in Europe, or the UK, and the US, I think they've been released. And I feel like PS4 was edging. Yeah. Xbox One. So, like, granted, you can't, I don't think you can look at overall numbers and make like a really scientific judgement But if you look at the specific regions, at least you can see the PS4 seems to be selling a little bit better. Obviously lower price definitely helps and I think sort of a bet, better PR has been, still helps the PS4. There's like that [CROSSTALK] And, and let's say if it is, it is more powerful just in terms of like the actual hardware. Oh, it is. It performs better. Hands down. Yeah. There is sort of like hangover you know sort of like situation that the Xbox One still finds itself it. You mentioned the one hundred dollars. I mean, I still don't understand how these things are not priced the same amount of money. I just don't, I don't, like that is not, that's 101 man. Yeah. That is the first thing you gotta take into consideration. I think Microsoft just was not prepared to be undercut as much as they were. And I, doing a price cut this early would be like, colossally admitting defeat. Well guess what, they kind of already did it. Yeah. They've done it, they've, there's been a way that you spend, or you can rationalize how you spend $400 dollars on Xbox 1. Right I mean the Titan Fall Bundle was like essentially, you get Titan Fall for free, and that's a $60 value, and a lot of people who were buying Xboxes wanted Titan Fall anyways. So yeah, i mean it's definitely close to that but you know, doing in actual price drop is really that step. It's like, well we've screwed up, it was too high priced, we need to adjust. Whereas doing bundles, I mean, the benefit of bundle also you get obviously the, the full price of the console. But, you also guarantee sort of an install base for like a really popular game. Exactly, that's what it's all about. That's what it's all about. You want the console in the house so that when that big game does come out, it's, it's not a major purchase for somebody. Sure. Speaking of which, Titanfall's like 40 bucks today on Amazon. Really? If you haven't bought it or [CROSSTALK] It is a good game. It is a good game. It is multiplayer only, online multiplayer only. Mm-hm. I can't tell you how many people I've asked that. To what I would, to what I perceive as an average gamer. Sure. And they're like, what do you mean? Right. I'm like, yeah, there's no, there's no, I'm surp, like I'm surprised too. I thought some sort of something, Give me two hours, like three hours. Right, I mean not even a campaign, necessarily like botnet or something. Yeah, But that's not even there. It's completely online. Yep. And I, I'm sorry, I just think that is a handicap from the start. But again, it's crazy. We talk about nothing being able to be played, but both the PS4 and XBOX One are selling at unprecedented levels, so much so that they're doing twice the sales of the PS3 and XBOX One in the same time period. Yeah, so what I will say with that is if I recall correctly, I know for sure the PS3 had supply issues. Pretty severe supply issues. It did. And PS3, you couldn't find a PS3. I'm sorry, I'm thinking PS2. PS2 was even worse. Yeah, but PS3 had trouble as well. I don't remember if the 360 did. It did. In the beginning, in the beginning those 2 consoles were tough to find. Sure, and that definitely makes an impact, but I would also say, the audience for gaming consoles has definitely grown since then. Absolutely. I mean, you're talking seven years. So it's been some time. Even longer than that. It's been eight, nine years. It's crazy too, and then, you know, you look at software sales combined PS4 and XBOX1 software, it's up 60%. That's crazy. Again more releases like you have there weren't those triple A releases in the middle of the first year for those consoles. Right. You had your launch, and that was it. Right. So that stuff definitely helps as well. Every time, you hear, we stumble into the world of Nintendo for a second. Okay. Just to, you know, To provide some humility. Sure. And to really put things into perspective, Game Boy turned 25 yesterday it's worth mentioning Probably some Game Boys still running after 25 years. I think so. Durable piece of hardware. I think mine probably is if you could scrape off the gunk and I don't know what What's gunked on your game boy. I like peanut butter crackers. Fun dip jammed in there. In the speaker crevices, disgusting. Caroline Mccarthy was here yesterday and we were talking about like You know, childhood Game Boy memories. Do you have any like Game Boy memories? Yeah. I really like Demons Quest. You ever play that game? No. You have demons jumping around. I think it was the spin off of Ghost and Goblins. Okay. A game on the original Game Boy? On the original Game Boy was like really, really good, and I was also a fan of There was an alligator pinball game that I really dug. Yep, I remember that. What was it called? Alligator Alley, I want to say. Something like gator something. Gator Alley? Gator Alley maybe. There was some really good, I mean playing Metroid two, I remember being blown away. And now you go back and look at the screenshots, and like the frame of view is so small you see like two inches around Samus. I have no idea how I beat that game. It's insane. But And no map either, like you're blind. Oh forget it. Was there saving in that game? There was saving. Cuz a lot of those Game Boy games did not have saving. Sure, yeah. And that little like, you know, watch battery inside was the only thing keeping you from having your games and starting all over. I remember, remember ally way. Ally Way was huge. That was like the Arch noid Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I think it was bundled with a bunch of them. Yeah. There was that, obviously Tetris was a big one. I played like all those Mario Land and the six coins [CROSSTALK] then there was this really awful Ren and Stimpy game that I tried so hard to play it was so mindless and broken and just simply not a game. I remember playing the cool spot game Cool, oh the 7up 7up game People need to know this. Back in the day, back in the day, the fine people at 7up turned the little red dot in the middle of the 7up logo, in to like his own character. There he is right there, and they just called him like the cool spot. And he just sort of hung out I don't ,you know, he He's cool cuz the glasses. Right. And well, clearly. And his cool like red sneakers. Yeah, That he used to wear. And he kinda kept the logo together. Yeah. He keep the whole brand together. And, and so he starred in a couple video games, I think there was an NES one as well. But that wasn't the only one we also had the noid. Oh my God. From what was it, Pizza Hut, Dominos? Avoid the noid [UNKNOWN] Do you know what that's from Arie? I think it was, I think pizza hut, I don't, don't really remember. He was character. Domino's Domino's He ruined pizzas and he was just such a **** he would come over and just like You know stamp on your, stomp on your pepperoni pizza. And you'd be like, what the hell, the Noid. And apparently the people that decided that 7up should be a video game, also decided that the Noid needed his own video game where he ruins pizza. The Noid is way more disturbing, simply because he doesn't have like separated eye balls. He just sorta has this one big White spot he's also like a mutant man in a bunny costume, I was gonna say he's a man, he is like a small man with no real definable body parts. It'd be fine if he was a rabbit. Yeah but huge ears freak me out, what a **** so yeah Those are your Gameboy memories? Yep. Yeah. Good times. Good times. Do you? I, I always had a problem with like, the there was like the battery. The, the case. Yeah. Like the, the, the cover. You know? Would always like. Case, leaving. Snapping off. Yeah. Would always snap off and you'd have to. I'd wrap mine. Disappear. Wrap tape. It's ridiculous! Yeah. We're living stone age man. The dark age. alright. So, we, there's clearly a dearth of games. Is there anything right now that you think people should be playing? If you have a Playstation Plus account, I really have gotten into Mercenary Kings. Yeah. It's like, Metal Slug, or Contra, but with, like, I would say, the best gun gun customization system I've ever seen in a game. Okay. It's, like, super, like, robust, and lets you change every tiny little aspect of your gun. I tell you it's definitely a slow start, like the first hour kind of drags but it really picks up later on, great for co-op same system or online I'm playing Titanfall. Are you playing Titanfall? Yeah sort of, I started, you're gonna laugh at me, I started playing a game called Flappy Golf [LAUGH] Flappygolf. Which came around obviously, out of the whole Flappy craze. Flappygolf is developed by the guys who made a game called Super Stick Man Golf. Which is like Okay. I, I happen to love that game. Okay so it's that game but with Flappy Bird mechanics to it. It's actually pretty fun. All right I'm sho, I'm looking at a video of it here. Yeah, I mean it's the same map. But the idea is to try to limit the number of taps to get the ball to the hole. So, it still physics and stuff like that. See? It's, it's fun! It's not terrible. It's good. So, like I thought it was going to be a scam, but these guys make good games and this is like a really fun, cool, twist on Well it is a really good game. Its interesting that the stick man golf people made a game that rips off another franchise. When they were like so brilliantly unique. I would say this is definitely, like, this feels like, to a certain extent parody. But it also feels like, you know we talk about the difference between game cloning and like Sort of building on an idea. Right. And this, I don't think this is game-cloning. This feels like he took the mechanic that was Flappy Bird. And, yeah. And, built it into your own idea. Is it? The, the golf courses do reek of Stickman. [CROSSTALK] I mean, they are. They are the same golf courses. They are. Yeah. It's the same thing. but, yeah, I really dig it. And, while we're on a mobile kick FTL on iPad is the absolute best version of FTL I've ever played. It's so amazingly good. Alright. I can't stop playing it. So, explain FTL to people. I'm, I'm, I told you the other day I never really got into it. What is it about FTL that? FTL is like, so it's like a top down space, like you have a spaceship and you Are basically, it's randomly generated, so you're exploring the galaxy and you'll have encounters with like, you approach a planet. There's peaceful horses on the planet. Okay. Do you try an commun, communicate with them? Do you bring them back on your ship to try and sell them? And the events that happen based on those decisions are also random. Where it'll be like, one of the horses freaks out and eats one of your crew members. Or, so it's that but it's also this combat where you are attacking ships and powering different systems. So it is real time strategy sort of. Yeah, you can pause at any time. Alright. So I kinda play it almost turn based. Yeah. But it's really good. It's. I think a lot of people when they look at like iPad games tend to like expect very short experiences. And this is a longer experience, but you can pause it anytime, so it feels like a perfect fit. Even if you put it on PC, I've been playing it non stop on iPad. Okay, while we're on the subject of mobile games. Okay. I need to bring up a game, that I've I've been playing. It's You know. You know I'm not a huge mobile gamer. No, I know that, yes. Well, Android makes it tough. Well, no it doesn't. A lot of these games are getting released, you know, concurrently. Okay. They're happening on, on both sides of the field. Sure. We, we matter too. It's getting there. It's getting there. Well this game's called Smash Hit. Oh, I've played Smash Hit You've played Smash Hit. I love it. There's something about it that's very intoxicating. It looks kind of like Lawnmowerman [UNKNOWN] remember that the [UNKNOWN] Lawnmowerman? Absolutely, so the object is very simple you're on rails and you're going through this sort of like [UNKNOWN] world and you have these little Talking about it? It is, you didn't know you did that but you did it. And you basically get these like chrome pinballs That you have to hit crystals with. Yeah. Each time you hit a crystal you get three more balls and you may get as, as you can through this you know, virtual world. Yeah. And the physics are really good it's super satisfying with the amount of destruction and, and stuff like that. The game's not terrible long. Yeah. But and once you finish it you're really not gonna wanna [CROSSTALK] play it much longer. But it's a lot of fun. If you don't pay for it, you always have to start over. So, to me that's kinda like the fun. Sure. Like this is actually a game that's more- The challenge. Fun when you don't pay for it. Yeah. Because they don't give you the benefit of saving after each checkpoint. So go check out Smash Hit. It's on iOS and Android. I've been playing it for a while. I mean there's really really good like destruction physics. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. They did a great job.>> They did a great job. Look at me, pimping out a mobile game. Not bad. Right? Yeah. Is it opposite day or what? Must be. alright, fantastic. Next, viewer question we got in. This comes from Ben. Okay Ben seems very upset with whats happening at naughty dog and says guys calm me down and tell me naughty dog is not falling apart. What is happening at what is arguably one of the best developers of our time? Sure, what is going on? At Naughty Dog. It does seem. So, so, Amy Hennig, who is, for years and years, major creative lead there, basically wrote the Uncharted series, left, I would say, I wanna say like a month and a half ago, somewhere, or maybe a little more around there, and is now working at, on the new Star Wars game at EA And now Nate Wells just left, right? And he's working with their Their art director. Their art director. He's working with the team that did Unfinished Swan. And, I don't, it's hard to say if it's a problem internally at NaughtyDog or these are people who have been there for years and years. And wanted a change. I would say like you know, Amy was one of the most senior people there, so like that does not bode well for the company, when she's like, Just in terms of leadership, direction. Leadership, morale and stuff like that. I mean [UNKNOWN] dog has obviously had a lot of success with [UNKNOWN] which was lead by Neil Druckman. He's still there. But it does seem very peculiar that all these senior people are departing. You know, we saw something similar with death in a bungee. Yeah. Has had like a lot of major departures recently. And it's definitely not good. What I will say is that disper, dispersing that sort of talent across the industry is good. It's a good thing for us. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, yeah, I mean. From the democracy of games. Right. It'll result in better games across a wider range, and the prospect of Amy working on a Star Wars game really gets me interested. Because, until that happened, I was like, don't care. [CROSSTALK] What was the last Star Wars game you played? Yeah. So but, it, with regards to Naughty Dog's future It's not the best news in the world. I don't think it dooms them or anything like that, but it's a little worrying. It's a little concerning. I mean, you have uncharted four which is coming. In, in development. Its, its, coming, and you have all these senior people leaving, you, you might think that is there a issue with like creative differences? Sure Is there something internally, you know, troubling? What I don't understand is, you know when you, when you leave, if you're a senior executive. Yeah. At a development company, that is responsible for arguably some of the best games ever made. Sure. You're making a lot of money. Yeah. I would think. Yeah, probably. When you leave you know, especially to go maybe to a smaller development house you got to be taking a pay cut, right? Sure, but I mean you know, everyone will tell you like money is not everything if you're not creating. They're lying. But it's not creatively satisfying to your job, and you're just like punching a clock, at a certain point that's just going to drive you nuts. I guess so. And, I would say like, I'm sure Amy's not hurting for money at EA and chances are 01, 0k you know, it's a small or indie, I'm sure it probably was a pay cut for Nate, but. You know, again it's like the prospect of making smaller games appeals to people. Because then the turn around isn't like four years. It's you know, maybe a year and a half. Right. So. We a, we left the mobile game talk without bringing up one more game that I wanted to chat about Monument Valley. Oh yeah. I don't know much about this. But I had someone tweet me the other day and say, Jeff, are you playing Monument Valley? And I said, what is Monument Valley? And speaking of M C Escher, I mean, this is pretty much that. Yeah, it's like an M C Escher-style puzzle game where you're trying to like, walk through these like, mind-blowing, like, worlds, that don't make physical sense. And it has to do with like rotating certain parts of the map so I connect certain things. It's sort of like, echo chrome. Echo chrome, yeah. That's a really, uh- Very similar. So if that sort of appeals to you, if you like the art style, definitely check it out. I know it's on iOS. I forget if it's on Android. Always trying to get those low blows in whenever you can, oh is this game on Android? Probably not, that's a platform for savages. [LAUGH] You got a good deal on that cell phone though, I do. Are you enjoying your new iPhone what was it, [UNKNOWN] See, you getting a new one here any time soon there guy. Alright, that's about it with the game chat, fantastic stuff. Thank you. Let's go more in to the general tech world. Yes Are you, I know you're not like a big work out guy, or at least you never tell me you are. What are you trying to say? I'm trying to say I use the stationary bike about two or three times a week. So you just get nothing in return for your work? It's pretty much just to stay alive, [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Really, my end goal is so my heart doesn't explode. Right. That's about it. Why? Do you, do you ever feel like it will? Yeah. You do? Yeah. You feel like your heart's gonna explode? I mean, I exercised like, a few years ago and got like, like, afterwards, was like, Having serious heart palpitations cuz I was so out of shape. Really? So since then, I started getting on the bike, and I feel a lot better. Cuz when you look at you, Yeah. It's, It's not for weight, obviously. Right, right, for sure, for sure. I'm not doing it for weight. But I don't, I don't look at you, and I'm like,m an, there goes a kid who's just out of shape. Well, because I've been going to the gym lately. There you go. Oh, man, look at you, [INAUDIBLE] looking great. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Anyway, I bring this up, Sure. Because wearable tech is like this fascinating trend, I find. Sure. Because there really doesn't seem to be any consensus that any of this stuff really works, or that it's beneficial. Okay. There's not a lot of evidence that says that they are 100% accurate. Sure, they kind of just, they're good for, for motivational purposes. They get people moving around Right. Which is not a bad thing. Nike arguably could be, you know, said to have started the trend, the Fuel Band. Yep. Was seemingly popular. It turns out they're getting rid of their whole Tech Team. Nike is essentially bailing on fuel band, and they seem to know something that perhaps other wearable Tech Teams don't. They're seeing the writing on the wall. This move seems to say that they don't see a big future in wearable tech. I mean, it's two things. It's either, a, you're right, they don't see a big future, or b, they see so many other companies getting into it and they won't, don't wanna focus on it. [INAUDIBLE] are like, wait, wait, we make sneakers. Right. Right. They don't wanna fight off all these people when their core business is shoes. Or fitness gear. You know, and there's a lot of speculation like you said Nick [UNKNOWN] from CNET writes and he says Look, it's, whether the fuel band never met expectations or it just lost its initial purpose, Nike is definitely making a statement saying they are abandoning this business. Yeah. And, you know, maybe there's a different angle by reading, that you could sniff out reading between the lines but it's certainly strange. Yeah, it's a little weird. You know I always considered them like one of the leaders in that state. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. Uh,the whole wearable tech thing I think will do well cuz I'm weird because I want to wear a watch, but only just to like. Like I want wearable technology that just tells me what time it is, which is guess is a watch, but I don't wanna wear it on my wrist. You don't wanna wear a watch? No, it just likes bothers me. So is it too heavy for you or? No, it just hits tables. Honestly, if I could get like a fiber-optic thing and implant it in my arm, and I just like touch it and see the time, I would do that in a heart beat. What the hell does that mean? I'm saying that's the kind of wearable tech I want. That's not wearable, that's in you. Yeah I mean I'm wearing my skin. Are you? Man that's the craziest [CROSSTALK] I just wanna know what [UNKNOWN] So wait there's a bigger issue here, so you're saying you cant physically wear a watch? I can I do [CROSSTALK] Yeah I love Recently is $8 I gotta buy another one, flew away in the wind. I don't know where it went, I gotta buy another one, so now I'm thinking maybe I'll just get a watch like implanted in me. Well that's, I don't think that's like a, a practical option, I don't know. They should do that, maybe that's what Nike's getting into. Yeah perhaps. So, so you would, so you would rather have some sort of like watch apparatus that doesn't go around your wrist. Yeah. Is that what you're implying? Which, technically, people will say, oh your phone tells you the time. Right. But I have to pull my phone out. Oh, yeah. Like, I want, like, a, even something that will, like, I could clip,like, a small tiny clip on my thing. I don't know, something subtle. I don't wanna look like a loser. Uh,that's gonna be tough. I know. Describing what you're talking about here. I So correct me if I'm wrong and maybe I just invented something so correct me if I'm wrong and maybe I just invented something would you like one of those like retractable things like the fishing line things that I mean that's essentially like a pocket watch right? I mean that's what you were describing. A clip-on pocket watch. I just want a subtle way to see what time it is without pulling my phone out. What What about like a glass thing- Sure. I'm down with that. You're okay with that? It, like, implanted in my eye. No, no, no. Why is it, why are you putting so much stuff in your body? I don't know. I, that's not the answer. It's the future. It, I guess, but that's. I don't know if that's the answer. It'd be pretty cool. It'd be cool. I, I would be. I'm not sure there's any- Hey Jeff, what time is it? [CROSSTALK] 1220 But you have to look over there. I would know already. I guess so. You just look a little up and to the right. Yeah. I, I'm not sure we're not ready for that sort of stuff. I don't think we are. Like so if there's one biometric implant. Sure. Time. Realistically. In a heartbeat. The time. That's it. That's it. Absolutely 100%. What else would you want? BUt the time is everywhere. No it isn't. It really is everywhere. No matter where you go, there, it's always displayed somewhere. I don't think so. You're so difficult. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] That's it? So just the, there's no other like? No other [UNKNOWN] app. I wouldn't want mail, to like, something to tell me I have mail. I wouldn't want the temperature. But htey would implant it. If anything it would be like a contact lens. I'm fine with that. Yeah, that I'm okay with. Sure. I was watching, you ever watch that Morgan Spurlock show on CNN? It's called Inside Man. And he just did an episode about, like, futurists and how there is a size of the population, not very big. Yeah. But is like, that is obsessed with living forever. Right. And they claim that. Well, it's his thing. Well yeah, but he's not frozen. But you know what I mean. Sure. There's a, there's a population that seems to believe that the idea is to just live long enough until these major medical breakthroughs happen. So then you can live forever, so like right now you can't live forever, but the goal is to like live for another 40 years so that you unlock that, so that you make it past that point. But don't people realize like, at a certain point like you just gonna get, keep getting shut down. I mean, you will get older. Yeah. But like, other, like, super cancer. Boom. [CROSSTALK] Right. It's like, that's. That's it. There's always gonna be something that's gonna come after you. You think so? Absolutely. Yeah? Nature finds a way, man. Ian Malcolm over here, ladies and gentlemen. [CROSSTALK] Yep. Alright, moving along. Have you heard of g/ Lightro? I have, but only because you mentioned it. So g/ Lightro released, remember those little, like this will age me a lot, those little view finder things. Not the, not the clicky ones. It was like a single photo. [CROSSTALK] Okay. Ariel, maybe you know what I'm talking about. I do remember what you're talking about. You do, right? Yeah, like when you go to amusement parks or something and they take a picture of you. Right, you can buy a little key chain. For a second, first off number one what do I search? Single frame photo key chain? Is that gonna show up? Not really. No, what so okay, it was like, they were like it was like a mono-scope thing like a monocle thing. Sure. And you'd have to have light. Yes. Because we lived in the god damn stone age and you would you'd hold it up to your eyeball. Yeah. And you would look through it, it was just a picture. Yeah. So, so what you're looking at is a magnified little thumb nail. Right. You know what I'm talking about? Sort of yeah. You never seen that? Doesn't ring a huge bell, but yeah. [LAUGH] Anyway, the Lightro, man, what do I look up for that? Plastic keychain picture frame? Nope. [LAUGH] That's not it, either. The hell would you, how would you make that up? I don't think anyone cares. [LAUGH] Cuz they were so stupid, right? Yes. Yeah. They were really dumb. Yes. And, it was, cuz, like, hey, I got this one photo. [LAUGH] It better be good. Free trip! [LAUGH] Right? [LAUGH] Our entire vacation summed up in this one frame. Lightro had an, a device that sort of emulated that aesthetic. Okay. But it was a camera, and once you took a photo, it allowed you to focus after the fact. And then the new HTC One M8 has that feature kind of built in as well. Okay. So that kind of handicaps what this [UNKNOWN] is trying to do. Let me ask you technologically how this works, essentially when it takes the photo does it basically like keep everything in focus and then you're picking where the focus is? Right so I believe, and I'll have to ask one of the photo editors to confirm this but I believe it just takes a little longer to take the photo because it's, you know, it's so much into consideration. So it's kind of, but there's something there too with the lens too obviously. Sure. Like somethings happening where, Like it changing the focal line. It's understanding depth of field really quick and allowing you to essentially tap and focus after you're taking the photo. Which is kind of brilliant. Pretty cool. Yeah. But, you know, HTC kind of like spoils this party because their phone has that feature quasi baked in. Okay. So here's what it looks like. The Lytro Alum, it's a sleek looking DSLR-ish, you know, little device there. I like that lens. I don't know what it is. It's gotta kind of angular design that I'm kinda into. But here's the catch. Uh-oh. Oh God, the price? Yeah. So, what do you think- Okay. This thing costs? I mean cameras can range so dramatically. I don't know, 2 grand. So it's $1,500. Okay. So to overshoot this [CROSSTALK] way less dramatic no it's just $1500 that's a lot of money to spend on this gimmicky kind of camera but you know, not to mention you know, that HTC 1.8 also has that I'd also say like if you're that serious about spending 1,500 bucks on a camera, like you're gonna wanna focus on what you're gonna focus on, right? Yeah, yeah. And you don't want like a long photo, like you do want it to take a while to take a picture. You wanna take like 50 pictures in a second. Yeah, you know, I gotta, I gotta get more clarification on that. I don't wanna say, oh, declare that gospel. Sure. But it definitely doesn't take photos. As quickly as a regular. Okay. I misspoke, it's $1600. Here's the backside of it, you can can actually Tax well tax is a killer. Through the roof. Look at that. It, it really is an interesting looking camera. Why is it angled like that? I'm not sure why. Would that be comfortable to hold? It, it's weird. The, the back of it is angled forward. So I'm you know, it doesn't, it doesn't have a viewfinder. Hm. As far as I can tell from the photo here. It's almost like a game controller the way. Yeah, you're right. The ways your hands would be tilted. It's shaped like that in a strange way. Strange way, yeah. So that's that Lite Thrill comes out, what does it says here, in July. Yeah. 1600 big ones. You know what would be more useful if it took pictures like 15 minutes in the future. [LAUGH] Now you're speaking my language. Like that I would spend 1500 bucks on. That's actually the theme to my next novel. Sorry [CROSSTALK] So anything else you'd like to ruin? Don't want you to ruin the [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] So have you seen the trailer for the game [UNKNOWN] No I didn't realize Yeah you gotta check that out? Who's in there? Jeff Bridges, Meryl, Meryl Streep. I think Jeff Bridges is the giver. Don't you think the trailer would spoil. See, son of a ****. See that's what I thought. And you know we're not giving anything away, but like man I wonder what, how they're gonna handle that major, major plot sort of detail there. So whadda we got? Two months? Less than two months to E3? Yeah. Like six weeks. Man it's sneaking up on us. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. What you think man? What, what are we gonna do there? I think it'll be good for games. Like, we're looking at this like totally- Software show. Software. Software show. I think that like we're looking at this total lack of games right now. And it's because everyone's working on new games. Right. So what we're seeing is essentially like the first real generation of like next generation. Like all the games that came at a launch weren't really next gen games, they sort of were, but they were like mid, straddling the, the fence if you will and these are gonna be like legit. Next ten games when they're coming out, [UNKNOWN] more reasonably like the biggest jump you're gonna see is for games that come out next year, so that's exciting I like software shows ya know it scatters the interest level rather than just being focus on like this, the new console Its much more broad and unexpected. It's funny how the software focus shows really make you scratch your head, what the hell were we so freaking excited about for hardware shows? Like we knew what we were getting. Yeah. You know, it wasn't going to be that mind blowing, now's the time to really It's exciting, I was excited last year, I mean you know there isn't a lot to go into because everyone's getting the same story about these consoles but. Yeah. You know, new consoles do not come around very often. Just have to make sure I don't sit in the Sony fan boy section in that press conference, cuz if I had jacked last year, somehow. [LAUGH] And I just, like they were applauding for everything. Yeah. It was crazy. I just, I just gotta get outta there. Gotta applaud for those metrics. Seriously, before we say goodbye to Russ and our viewing and listening audience for today, we're gonna play a little Defend Your Tweet with Russ Frushtick. Okay. I sigh because I just don't know what to do anymore with crap like this. On April 20th. A couple of days ago Let's keep in mind April 20th. Easter. Easter Sunday, "You tweeted: Accidentally threw some sealed beef jerky from Trader Joe's down the garbage chute. Dug through trash to get it back. A good life choice. What the hell, man? What? They were sealed. Okay. So it's like, Sunday at like 5 pm. I assumed. I knew. It was Sunday, almost 4:30. I figured out I did it like three minutes after I did it. And I went downstairs and I, you know, I asked the folks in our building like what's the status, and they're like, oh I can lead you down. There's probably not a lot of garbage. Here, take this miner's helmet. Being thrown out. And it was literally like, I mean, I know you probably have no idea like if you have a garbage chute in your building. No. You don't? I know what they are, though. It's not pretty. You probably have no idea like where it goes. Like, in my brain I'm thinking like does it go right into an incinerator? Incinerator, yeah. Apparently not. It just goes into, what does it go in? It goes into like a larger, sort of. I mean, it goes into like a section, and when that section fills up, it goes into like a bigger trash bag, like a giant trash bag, and then when that trash can, bag fills up, they replace the trash bag. So, it was in that section. It was literally sitting on top, like someone had gingerly placed it in, even though it fell 20 floors. It was fine. Made sure he was fine. It was all sealed. It was, like, $15 of beef jerky. Meat does, beef jerky does taste better when it is dropped to the floor. I completely agree, it must have something to do with air flow. I don't know. Whatever it is, you do, I just want to. I know, I don't want to, your show is not sponsored by Trader Joe's, but I do want to say, god damn, their beef jerky is really good. They make a lot of good stuff. They have this one garlic mustard spread that we really like that just Sort of out of this world, scared to cook salmon with, I'm just putting that out there. So, don't judge me Jeffrey- No, I'm gonna judge you, because you're now officially a dumpster diver. Yeah, but for my food, it's not like I'm going after other people's food. If you throw it in your own garbage in the kitchen, that's one thing, okay- I mean, it's indirectly my, garbage But like, once your garbage meets the garbage of other people's garbage- It was, it wasn't even like the jerky with it, like Just throw, I didn't throw the bag of. It was in like, a separate, like Trader Joe's brown paper bag. And I. So it was protected twice. It was protected twice. Ariel, what do you think, dude? Mmm. I, personally probably would have left it [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Well, let me, let me say this. If I had gone down there, and it was like, it was like soup and jam covering it, there's no way I'm going in there. Right, right, right. I get you. But it was sitting there on top. So what did it, when you got into the like garbage dump room what did it. Smell like in there. It didn't smell bad. How does it not smell bad? I don't know. I was expecting the worst. Again, it's like, I think it's a light trash time. I was expecting the worst. [LAUGH] I don't think it's like a heavy, peak trash time. Right, right, right. Sunday afternoon, sure. I think what's funnier is that, like, I went down with one of the building guys. And I'm sure that this has happened before, but 98% of the time it's like a wedding ring. Gotta [CROSSTALK] Down there or like some expensive piece.>> She's like did you find it? Did you find it? As I was like I didn't hold it up. I didn't hold it up. I was like yeah I got it okay thanks [LAUGH] Didn't even ask [UNKNOWN] just a little beef jerky oh god, that's a great story, thank you for defending that tweet, everyone follow Russ [UNKNOWN] on Twitter, @ Russ [UNKNOWN] watch all the videos you can on Polygon.com and always a pleasure buddy. Happy to be here. Alright, are you gonna see the new Spiderman movie? Probably not. probably not. After, I didn't like Captain America, I don't think I'm gonna like that. Marvel is not doing it for the kids anymore. No. tomorrow, Jill Slash will join us on the program. Shoot us an email to 404@cnet.com, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit All that stuff. You know how to do it. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Until then, I'm Jeff Bakalar. Thanks again to Mr. Russ Frushtick. I thought I was going to have to say it. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Not happening. Okay. We'll see you tomorrow, guys! Have a good one. [MUSIC]

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