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The 404: The 404 1,466: Where that tweet flew over our head
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The 404: The 404 1,466: Where that tweet flew over our head

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Bridget Carey is in for Justin Yu on today's show talking about the series of unfortunate tweets plaguing Twitter these days, glow-in-the-dark highways in the Netherlands, and how you can buy Google Glass today only.

It's Tuesday April 15th, 2014. I'm Mario Nunez and from our C-net studios in New York City. Welcome to the 404. [MUSIC]. What's going on everyone? Welcome to the 404 show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. And I'm Bridget Carrey. And Bridget Carrey is here today filling in for Justin Yu. Who is on holiday. On vaca. He's on vacation in another land far, far away and we hope he's having a great time. We've got a fantastic show, lined up for you today, Bridget's here. Man silly stuff on the internet. A little bit. [LAUGH] The weekend was very silly we've got a story dealing with. A series of, unfortunate tweets sent out by US Airways, and then this other shocking, upsetting Twitter trend that's happening with, with kids and airlines. Oh, yeah. It's a really messed up sort of thing. And and then also we're going to talk about something going on in the Netherlands. Have you heard about their glow in the dark highways. Oh. Really cool. But first the big news today, is that today is the only day that anyone can go out and buy Google glass. Yeah, anyone whose got fifteen hundred dollars in change with tax to. Yeah, just to you know throw away. [LAUGH] Right. so, number one, before we even get into this. I would ask that anyone who can afford something like this, kinda reconsider their purchase and maybe. You know, give us some of that money, just because we are filling like we need some charity these days. It's, its a very high priced still because it is not meant for consumers, it is still in experimental, explorer I should say. I don't know who it is meant for. Well. Let alone consumers. If you are the kind of person who is just having you know, google glass dreams and you are just so excited about technology. Then they are saying you know what go ahead we will give you that chance today. You can be one of the first to experiment with it try it out, because this explorer program is actually something where you can go online when you are one of them. I have one of the google glass explorer units. Hm. And when you are part of this system. You can talk with others who are u, using it, talk about cool ways to use it, kind of get developers involved. It's mostly for developers, though. Those who want to test out different apps. But for those of use who are just kind of learning to use this new face technology. Yeah. It's really in its early stages and I, I would say wait until they drop that price and work out the kinks. It's, it's not exactly Gonna make you that much cooler. [LAUGH] I don't know if it's going to get you, you know [LAUGH] I can promise you that is not a side effect of Google glass. It, it's a talking point if you go to a bar with the ladies maybe but I don't know how long until they walk away. [LAUGH] I don't know what bar your'e talking about. Can we bring up the photo here, of Google glass with this woman. You know they're trying to make it like, she doesn't care. She's just got a computer on her eyeball. She doesn't care. No. It's so casual. It's just fashion for your face. It's just fashion, that's all it is. Fashion for your face. I would say that it's, it's really cool when used as a hand, as a hands free camera. Like. And then you take it off. [LAUGH] Hm, right. And even then, if you're really into hands free camera work you're probably someone who like mounts a GoPro to your helmet. But I'm talking like, simple stuff like playing with your kids or, you know, doing a video chat with someone. But even then, it was kind of wonky doing video chatting and they took that feature away temporarily until they can fix it some more. So today there's a. There's a system update with the existing glass units that you can't do a Google hangout video chat because they say they need to work on that. And it's true. It kinda cuts in and out. It's not exactly the best experience. The apps that are on there now, give you a text alert in your face, but it's not that hard to get your phone out of your pocket or your purse and see that same alert. It's not life changing to see something pop up. Kind of neat but then most of the time it's off, it's just sitting there and it's a distraction when someone is staring at you. You can't help but look at that thing on your face. So we're kind of like. Getting through this time I guess of, of seeing what, what's good and what's not. You know, it does, sell their Google Android ware watches a little better. Like, well, it's no Google Glass it's just on your wrist. Right. [CROSSTALK] You know, like, it's the same exact technology that's gonna be in the smart watches, it's just not on your face. So, kind of like asking for the pony and getting the puppy kind of thing. You know, oh, well It's not Glass. I can handle a watch though. Right. You know. It's way more practical. Yeah. I think the problem with Glass, and the reason why, that it's been stigmatized, kind of pretty since much day one, Yeah it has. Either you love it or you hate it. There's no in between. I've never met someone who's like, I gotta get my hands on Glass. It's always like, let's go hurt the next person we see, wearing Glass. [LAUGH]. But for me, I think this is like a case of Tomorrowland. Right? Hm. Where or like Epcot where like. I love Epcot Yeah I was going to say you probably know all about it, that was like your best role The world of tomorrow. Right, so to me it's just like here, look what we could do. It's not the most elegant, application and you know, we didn't really make it that seamless and it's pretty obvious when you're wearing it. And you look really goofy and people are going to make fun of you, but the technology is pretty cool. Yes, I mean, it shows what you can do in such a small thing. And but the fact that yeah, you have to look up and to the right. You know, it's not exactly the easiest thing tha,t is to use. I think it represents a lot of our culture's problems with with the fact that we can't separate ourselves from technology. Yeah. You know, when you're in a conversation span of someone's got their smartphone in front of them. I think that's why you have that, that much hate. Like it represents people who will just. Spend money on technology and then live in that world instead of living in the here and now. Maybe there's something subconscious about why we kinda get a little distaste for, for it. Yeah. Well, I'm def, I'm, I'm, maybe I'm just getting old and crotchety, but I'm really starting to notice that people who shouldn't be staring at their phones are doing that. Like police officers. Mm. When you go into the path there's just a bunch of cops there who, sort of patrol the, the, the entrance. And they're all on their phones. So I don't understand what they're really doing. I don't know if they're, like, keeping us safe playing, you know, Flappy Bird or whatever the hell they're doing. But I'm telling you like. The, you know, something's going to happen and they're gonna look at all the video tape of all the security cameras and it's just going to be cops, on their phones. And they'll be like, oh, now they can't have phones with them when they're on patrol. You know I'm not going to be Miss. Negative about Glass the whole time here. I think, yeah I think it has that cool potential what it can do. I will say in that example you just gave. Whether it's glass or the next evolution, of whatever ends up being, like something that, that can give you an alert without looking down at something. Okay, that's, that's handy. Kinda like how bluetooth ear pieces let you know a call is coming in. Right. You know, if you don't want to. Sure. Take out your hands, you know. Give me an alert that something is happening, but then again maybe that is the wrist and people would just be staring down at their wrists. [CROSSTALK] Yeah. It all becomes acceptable, we have been wearing watches for you know, centuries, have we centuries, two hundred years. No iii. So, that has become an acceptable sort of thing to just like, break conversation and just stare down at your wrist real quick. Hm. So we will see if It moves up your body. But, but if a cop had a, had an alert like something up here- Right. You know, not for browsing. I'd rather a police officer wear a glass than, than have a smart phone. Yeah, yeah, I was just thinking, like, I don't mind if there's like something that could go off. Yeah. It has it's things, it's not for like, yeah. Live in the moment, you know, it's not for everything. For sure, for sure. alright, this has been a very strange couple of days for Twitter. [LAUGH] It seems. Say that again. It seems like you know, every other week there's an incident involving someone. Some brand ,social media director. Or some, you know. People are tweeting without thinking. It's kinda crazy. US Airways, sent out a tweet that, is arguably the, the most lewdest, harshest, taboo thing every tweeted. It's straight on porn. Straight up porn. [LAUGH]. Straight up porn. Chris Matchuck, Matyszczyk reports. That the company did send out a straight up pornographic image to a customer from its twitter account. But, apparently there they, they sort of backtracked it and said well this is something that was sent to us. And we accidentally sent it back to someone. It doesn't work like that. [SOUND] And I don't know who they were trying to fool in, in that sort of, like, kneejerk response where they scrambled and had like a this very PR sort of, you know, reply. But they screwed up big time. You, you, you know how it, how it happened. So yeah, how did it happen? Okay. So this, this user goes and she's angry with American Airlines, and sends some, sends that, that lewd picture with like a tweet you know. To get some reaction, who knows why people do that. And American Airlines is part of US Airways. They're trying to, to merge. They're in the process of merging companies. Right. So that social media. Expert probably with monitoring both accounts. Right. And goes and copies and pasts the link to the picture. Is that stuck? Like do you have that, stuck in your copy and paste file, like, and then not realize that what you are pasting...what kind of photo did you want to paste in anyway? Like the person was a. The, the social media account was responding by apologizing let us know what we can do to help you. And then, and why did you paste the picture anyways in an apology? Like, it makes no sense and it went on for an hour. It was up there for an hour? It was up there for an hour. And an hour in internet time is six decades. In fact I'm not sure, but there were some reports. I didn't see it myself. I don't know how, how many times this was done. But it could have been done twice. Like, I saw only one example of it, but some people were saying, are there two replies that have this photo? Like, did this guy paste it twice in two different things? I gotta say, like, when you attach a photo, you see a preview. But, like, who's pasting the photo, and you gotta double check all these things. Yeah. Oh my God! Especially when you're, you know, you're USAirways, and you have. [LAUGH] How many followers do they have? They have, like, a half a million. And it, it, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. It's bad news And what like I don't under, and the funniest thing to me. Like obviously I only see the humor here. I know. Cuz it just doesn't matter. It's a freaken, airline you know, Twitter account. I don't care. Right. Like it just, you're, it doesn't matter. But, the best part is that that pornographic, lewd image was coupled with the comments. We apologize for, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. that was tri, that was coupled with, we welcome the feedback El. If your travel is complete, you can detail it here. Here you think, that porno image. [LAUGH]. For review and follow up. Which is just when you smash that together. [LAUGH]. And you know, in the name of research, I had to, I had to see just what the hell the image was. And it opened up my eyes. [LAUGH] I don't know about you guys. You know. A lot of people often say they get screwed by airlines, but this is probably. Wow. This is probably the literal sense. [LAUGH]. [CROSSTALK] Wow, I think Maria, I will just look at the photo. [LAUGH]. It's insane, its crazy. Yeah. It's funny I showed my, this is the best part of the story for me personally. So last night I was looking around. Saw it, and I showed Stacy. And, and I'm like look what US Airways tweeted. She goes, I've seen that photo before. [LAUGH] I was like really? Where did you see that before. [LAUGH] Anyway. I thought that was funny. Alright, but switching gears into the not so funny. There's been a very upsetting. Teen trend, happening around the Internet. And I don't, you know, when I was when we were young, there were a lot of weird things, right? Yeah. Like, what was like a weird, do, do you recall like a really weird trend when you were a kid? It was like, mostly harmless though, right? Yeah. I'm trying to think. All I can think about are Pogs, and trying to [LAUGH] think of [CROSSTALK] Kay, Pogs never pissed anyone off. [LAUGH] I know, I'm trying to think of something else. [CROSSTALK] Wait, I'm curious because I feel like Ariel always has like, great examples [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH] Right, not to say that you were like, a deviant when you were a kid, Uh-huh. But I think, like, I mean, I was not a good kid. I know, were, were you, you, were you like a good kid? I remember I used to dial 911 and hang up. That's, that's, that's pretty bad. I used to work at a. Yeah. [LAUGH] Yeah. That's pretty, yeah, that's, that's awful. That's up there with, yeah. Yeah, that's pretty bad. I know, I knew a kid who Who would run around and he would like rip up mail. He'd like go into someone's mailbox and go [SOUND] and just like rip up whatever [LAUGH] the hell was in the mailbox. [LAUGH]. And then [LAUGH] just throw it back in there. [LAUGH] That's messed up. It's like straight up Evil. Like yeah, not even sensical [LAUGH]. Not even like why are you doing this kid? Like you are just ripping up coupons. Like what are you doing. Thats bad Ariel. I know I didn't realize how bad it was [LAUGH] when I was a kid I just did it I [CROSSTALK] am actually realizing right now. I use to work at a bookstore and people would. Take, take the plastic wrapped pornographic, magazines like the Playboy and all that. Take the plastic out and put them next to Curious George, you know? So some people always got their [INAUDIBLE]. Harmless, that's good. [LAUGH]. And I'm like, not the children. Not the [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE] 911, you people. Yeah, I'm a jerk. No I did terrible stuff to, some of it I can't even talk about but. Just, bad, bad thing. You know, you know look. If something's beautiful you have to destroy it. That's what I learned when I was a kid. Anyway, there's a terrible trend happening on Twitter right now and I don't know where this comes from. It makes you're little nine one one stuff look like a walk in the park. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, true. You look like little kid company of A-2. There's a few, instances of, of teenagers threatening airlines over twitter. This is so weird. These like, fake terrorist threats. They're saying oh I'm gonna blow up a plane or I'm gonna, I'm gonna have a bomb on my chest next time I fly your airline. Very strange. Here's an instance of it that happened, again Chris, master of all things weird, reports on it. And the craziest thing is like this tweet has 2,300 re-tweets, which I'm really upset about. Anyway, very strange people threatening American Airlines, you know doing really strange, strange things. So, what I wanna understand. Is why. And I get it. Like I do understand why, like, someone would dial 911 and hang up. Right. Mm-hm. If anything that's just going to, like, result in, like, the police going to check it out. It's probably not as bad as this. Why do this? Why is the kid doing this? Why is someone being like, man. You know, and especially after all of the instances where. Everyone, who has a twitter account knows, how potentially dangerous it is to do stuff like this. You know, crimes have been foiled through dummies you know, saying things through Twitter of Facebook, so what I want to know is like what crawls up in the mind. Of a little kid. One, they're like too young to like know what's going on when it really happened. You know. I think it's just a case of them being straight up too young. And, and, I can't imagine how you [LAUGH] could be so stupid but its, not thinking there is going to be consequences other than a few laps and may be. Some re-tweets and just see if they can get some attention on Twitter. Kind of like that, I want people to pay attention to me right now. Like how many, thumbs up and likes and what not can I get. And can I, it's just, you know? It's a seeking for attention. But then, that one example. Did an american airline say we take it seriously? Of course, they, they should. And, and, and, arrested. Not necessarily like booked all the way, but to scare others from,from doing this because it is a serious thing. And I'm glad the cops did come. Oh hell yeah. Even though she was like I'm just a kid. [NOISE] I didn't know what I was doing blah blah blah. I'm so scared now. If you're smart enough to like, all of a sudden have these, you know, defenses. I feel like you're bright enough not to, to realize this is something you shouldn't be doing. Is this the same thrill that you know teenage girls get when they, go steal like some stupid junk at Claires. [CROSSTALK] people get thrills off that, you know. Right, right, right, right. Like, or whatever. Like, oh, I. Again. I took the candy from, from the little sample. Way more harmless. You know? And, and this is a new digital way of, of getting your kicks? I don't know. It's crazy. Eh, it is and huh. Right? It does that to me too. Children! The future. I don't get it man. It's, it's not, it's also not having any, respect for like what, you know, what serious issues we have to face, you know. They're gonna learn real quick. Make, making a joke of this stuff. They're gonna learn real quick because a lot of people have I've been arrested over this. Mm-hm. So, and it, like that's the think you know, there's such a, such a paper trail, there's such a smoking gun now. Yeah but do people not understand how the internet works? They don't get it. You know, if you're gonna play you gotta know how it works. You can find you, not everything's anonymous. It's not just a handle and a user name. Even, even networks where you think it's private, like something like, like Snapshot. Yeah. You know, nothing is ever private. No way. You can always track things back. In fact, there's a network out there whether it's Whisper, I think, or Secret? Like, like. Okay. Someone was using. Oh, see, I think it's secret, yeah. Someone was using one of these very closed network social, social networks on an app to make bomb threats against a school, because it was anonymous. And guess what? The cops can go to that app and say who sent this? They sent the location, and that kid got arrested. Oh I thought it was anonymous, [CROSSTALK] I thought I was safe. At least it happens so much quicker now. Yeah, now the cops are like, let's just go find you. [CROSSTALK] It happened by the end of the day, by the end of the business day. Kids in my school call, called bomb threats over the phone all the time. That is weird. To like get out of having to do tests. How? And, and, and there was a big deal at my school in Florida. And. Whatever happened to just not showing up in class? And then, and then one day, I know, I know. [INAUDIBLE] Whatever happened to that? Well, cause they couldn't find it, and was on for like ten, 12, 15 times and we just stand out there in the yards while the dogs went sniff. And one day I was, I was out. Sick from school, and I'm sitting there watching my you know, Price Is Right and what not and all the sudden so and so is arrested and I'm like I know that girl,. People are just like have fun doing things and they think oh it's a phone call I hung up real quick this is that to the next level. Very right. Oh it can be traced in real life. I think you're right. It's the total ignorance of technology. They're not getting it. Anyway I followed along there like natural selection right. You're just like all right the dummies are just gonna. Gonna weed themselves out. One can hope. Okay, totally cool story. And we'll finish up with this and then another email or two. In the Netherlands. Mm-hm. Very progressive place, right. Oh yeah. Netherlands. Everything's legal there. Lot of fun over there. We've got friends there. [LAUGH]. They are doing something that's totally amazing. Light absorbing glow in the dark road markings. Had replaced street lights on a 500 meter stretch of highway in the Netherlands. Here's kind of what it looks like. This is more like an artist rendering, but guess what, glow in the dark highway road markings. It's basically paint that's glow in the dark paint which is around already. Exactly. Totally around. It only needs a little bit of sunlight to work. And, when it gets dark, it's just freaking out. You still need the reflectors, but other than that. Yeah, you still need. Yeah. You, you know what? I wonder. It's kind of an added, it's kind of an added bonus. You could, you could probably get away with driving with no headlights on. I don't know how. I wouldn't wanna do that. At a certain time of day. Glow in the dark wears off you know. Absolutely, i wonder how, that's my question about this. Obviously my experience with glow in the dark stuff doesn't go much beyond little stickers I had as a child. Yeah. Exactly, a frisbee a watch. Or the base of my watch I bet there is more high tech glow in the dark stuff out there. Hold on, Hold on, Hold on. Okay turn the lights off. I would, I would hope so, right? [LAUGH]. Most of my glow in the dark involves me cupping my hand over something to create a dark space. But what's really cool is there is this studio called Studio Rosegard and I'm sure I butchered the pronunciation of that term. Cuz I, I don't speak Dutch. But anyway they came up with an idea back in 2012, where they wanted to have dynamic paint designs. Right, so if the temperature drops below 37. You know obviously 32's freezing but you know ice can still be around 37. You, it, it drops under a certain degree and the road kind of like resembles ice, like snowflakes. Like you see snowflakes. I'll show ya I think there as one thing where there was like a, a. That is so cool. an artist sort of rendering of what. This would look like. Real quick. Here's what the actual, glow in the dark highlight does look like. Wow, that is bright. How badass is that? That is really bright. I don't know how much of that comes from the phone interpretation of it. You know, compared to be in person but, it is bright. Yeah. Pretty bright. That is, that is neon. It's neon road covering. But no, I'm curious like how. You, like how else they can use this. Well It sounds like the same technology that's like in Coors beer cans, like oh it's cold when you know it, it really shows that blue. [LAUGH] And really they're taking that and putting it into actual useful. I mean pretty much. Here's the idea with the dynamic paint. Check that out. That's really cool. A snowflake on the ground when it's. I used to. Have a doll that like, changed colors and hair, and temperatures. it's the same concept. Right. Absolutely. But that's someone has taken it to the next, level. I love it. Why not. Why the hell not. You think this is cool Ariel? Yeah, I like that. I like the snowflakes. Looks so rad. Then they were trying to do something where, light would emanate from the sides of roads when cars passed them. Which I thought was very interesting. Oh that's fake. Cuz it's all about saving energy, right? Yeah. Why light a, a street when there's no one's on it, right. That's the whole idea. Well, at a certain point, you do need some light in the distance to see that deer up ahead coming to you. Of course. Of course. But, but yeah. For, for long stretches that don't have lights at all, like, I love this neon thing because it's so much safer. Yeah. There's a lot of places where you don't get any lights at all. Pretty neat. [INAUDIBLE] they took the idea a step further and almost made like a shoulder road for cars that are in need of electric charge. So almost like, you know, an HOV lane for cars running low on energy cells. Hmm. Which I thought was kind of brilliant But yeah. It's pretty it's pretty impressive I know we have a few listeners in the Netherlands I would love to see if we can get Some photos of that. The road that it is on I believe is called N329. That, in the netherlands, is how they name roads over there. So if you're on, N329 near Oss. In the Netherlands, take a photo, send it in. I would love to see some glow-in-the-dark [CROSSTALK]. Those Norwegians, the Swedens, they're all, they're all just, they're all just making life a better place for all of us. It's such a smart idea. It's such a smart idea. I think it's so funny. [SOUND] Alright Finally, we have an email from Aeris, who writes in from Harlem, Aeris, from Harlem. Wants to ask about two things that I think you'll be able to, to help us out with as well. Okay. First thing they want to talk about are Steam Machines. The question is straight up what happened to the Steam Machines? So. Nothing really happened. They're still there. But I guess what happened to them is kinda what we all thought was gonna happen to them. They would come out, to a sort of like luke warm reception. And, you know, you can buy one. The thing is that, I think a lot of people thought valve was gonna make steam machines, but that's not really what they did. They sorta just licensed out. That branding to a bunch of third party computer manufacturers. Kind of like the same concept as Android. Have other people make it, you know. Exactly, exactly. So they're there, they are available, I don't know if we've reviewed any quote unquote steam machine. I know Alienware's one isn't out yet, and a few others aren't. You know big name sort of manufacturers haven't released theirs yet. But it's still a thing, and you can buy one. But I'm not sure it's something I would recommend right away, right now at least. Mm-hm. In its infancy. Second, i also wants to know. Alright, so that, what happened to Steam Machine and what also happened to the Ooya console? Ooya. Yeah. I think, I think everybody's is kinda, the attention on these is kinda fizzling out. Right. After each read it was going what happened. I don't blame for asking because it just I haven't heard much. Of course, and it's totally understandable because like why would anyone know what happened to these things. So with ooya, ooya's been out for about a year now and. I guess what happened with that was, there was just not enough of a compelling argument to buy a console that only played Android games. There wasn't any real exclusive support for the system. And any of the game you could play on Ooya, you could probably play on your phone, and why am I buying a brand new console just to play kinda mobiley casual things, now to that point, you look at like amazon fire tv and that thing is basically a better Ooya. Because one, they do have a few exclusive titles that they're able to offer. And, not only does it play video games, but that's almost like a, a secondary feature. It, you know, its, its a total media streaming portal that you know, you, you have multiple uses for. So maybe, Ooya was a little too narrowly focused. Of course, Amazon's got that marketing power behind it. Yeah. They have a huge ecosystem that millions of people are already well invested in. So Ooya kind of had you know, maybe a little disadvantage out of the gate. Oh, no. It's, I feel bad for Ooya, they had a great Kickstarter video, I'll give them that. They won that. They won Kickstarter. But, that's the last thing they kind of won. Yeah. Yeah. Until they come up with a new twist on it. I guess. [INAUDIBLE] They're going to need a lot of help A lot. To turn a lot of people's heads around. Bridget Carey this has been fantastic, thank you so much for being here. Thanks for having me on. Everyone go check out CNET Update every single day and follow Bridget on twitter. that's going to do it for us, shoot us and email before four. tomorrow. I'll welcome Peter Ha to the program. He has yet to grace the new studio, so that will be a lot of fun. Anna guests, while Justin is gone, so keep it here and make sure you follow us on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and all that junk. We're back here tomorrow, until then I'm Jeff Backalar, I'm Bridget Kerry. I'm Mario Nunez. This has been the 404 show, high tech, low brow, have an awesome Tuesday, we're back here tomorrow. [MUSIC]

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