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The 404: The 404 1,465: Where we drift into la dolce vita

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The 404: The 404 1,465: Where we drift into la dolce vita

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On today's 404 episode, Justin and Jeff discover a French law banning work-related e-mails after 6 p.m., why Amazon's "pay to quit" program should replace HR departments, amateur pornographers broadcasting on the Playstation 4, and imagining a day where a pill could replace your passwords.

It's Friday, April 11th, 2014. I'm Ariel Nunez. And, from our CBS Studios, in New York City, welcome to the 404. [MUSIC] Yes, welcome to The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. Thanks for tuning in. Oh damn it Justin! What? What did I do? What did we do? We didn't get the late show job. Oh, I know we were so close. It was between us and Colbert. But, we said Colbert was gonna get it. You win this time Colbert. But, now [CROSSTALK] who's going to take over The Colbert Report? It's true, we're not gonna [LAUGH] do that. But, at least now he's a co-worker. Yeah. In some capacity. Are you excited about that decision? I think I am. And, I know that he's going to leave the character behind, I read. Yeah. So, it's just gonna be Steven Colbert, Colbert. Yeah, Colbert at home. Right. On TV. I'm excited for that. Yeah. You know? I think it's gonna be a really good thing, and I just, I'm very amazed at his like, wit. Mm-hm. And his improvisational skills. Yeah. And the way, he conducts interviews in that character is so. Secondhand to him. It, it really blows my, my mind as to how, you know, established of a performer he is. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. And I, I think it's going to be amazing. Yeah, I'm looking forward to having him as a co-worker. Right. Especially, right? Selfishly. Yeah. He's probably going to be walking around the halls, singing in the bathroom. [CROSSTALK] I mean, he's, he's right over there watching right now. Yeah. Yeah. [LAUGH]. [LAUGH]. That's cool. I'm, I'm excited about it. When is he gonna take over? Is there a date yet? Next year. Next year. It's whenever Letterman says he's done. Oh. And, he said, 2015? Sometime next year. Yeah, okay. It's very exciting. It's a big deal. I just hope it stays in New York. Yeah, we should go and see them. I mean, I don't know how that works but, I feel like as a CBS employees. We should have first dibs, in going to check out a live show. There's a lot of people that work for CBS. The line is probably already started. And when you, if you were to look at it. Like a totem pole. Mm-hm. I'm not even sure our section of the pole is above ground. [LAUGH] Yeah. I think it's, you know, [LAUGH] when they, cuz those totem poles go down deep. Yeah. You know? We might be there [LAUGH] where it's nice and cool. Yeah. Right. Part of the plan. Yes, we're, we're with the worms. Mm-hm. In the soil. Someday. One day, one day. But, today's Friday, we're very excited about that. This is Justin's last day before his, what, how are we, what we call this, what kind of excursion? Sojourn? I don't know. What would we call it? [CROSSTALK] Asian excursion. Yeah, sort of. I'm going to Singapore, Korea and Beijing. Sort of the motherland. Wh, where, your families from China. My families from Hong Kong. Right. So, that's like technically a different country altogether. Yeah. But. Don't lie. I'll be going [LAUGH] to Asia, don't know if I'm going to come back. Really? So farewell. you. We didn't talk about that. [LAUGH] Just bought a one-way ticket. Alright! Yeah, I'm really excited, but not excited for the flight. But after that it will be worth it, right? I think so. You're gonna have a great time. I'm so psyched about being there. You're gonna learn a lot, you're gonna be exposed to different cultures. Yeah! It's gonna be a little bit of a shock to you. I've never, I haven't really traveled much at all. I need to get my passport for this. I think I've told it before, so it'll be completely a culture shock. There's a first time for everything. What am I gonna do? Yeah. Yeah, I'm excited for you. [CROSSTALK] Probably get a little, you know, exposed to other cultures. Yeah, I will be exposing myself. Throughout Asia. I'm sure you will. [LAUGH] Scaring and terrifying the locals. Yes, but this is our last show, my last show for the next few weeks. What are you guys, going to be doing for the next two weeks? I mean you, we're, there's not going to be a show on Monday cuz it's Passover. Right, so, Monday there's no show. So, our next show will be, myself and Ariel on Tuesday. Mm-hm. With a guest. One man show? No, with a guest that'll be named at a later date. C'mon dude. You know, after that thing we're never doing alone shows ever again. You haven't done an alone show yet? Yeah. I think you could carry it by yourself. You and Ariella could talk to each other. I think it would be very it would be good, it would work. Yeah. > [CROSSTALK] We're, we're not even sitting next to each other. [LAUGH] But we're not even, yeah, we're not even anywhere, geographically close to each other. Yeah. So, it would be a stretch and I don't, I don't, I don't know if I'm ready for that right, right now in my career. Yeah, it would just be an hour of you guys longingly, looking into each other's eyes, shouting. [LAUGH] Yeah, and we would just be like. Yeah, we have to yell at each other, [LAUGH] and I don't wanna do that. so, I know, I, I saw Peter High yesterday. Oh man, he hasn't been on the new show yet. He hasn't been on the new set. I don't think Frushtick's been on the new set. we, it's possible we might get a, a comedian on, on the program who's in town. Well, well, I don't wanna tease that just yet. But we'll make it happen. Okay. So again, no show on Monday for Passover. So, all of our Jewish friends, you're not allowed to listen to anything on Monday as you know, as is tradition. Mm-hm. In Jewish homes. There's a zero podcast rule we must adhere to. And then Tuesday we're back. and, and that's how we'll do it. But for now. We wanna get into one thing real quick about a guest coming up soon. Yeah. Mr Andrew WK, tell us again what our listeners can participate in. Yes, this is really cool. It's a first time ever on the show. And, we realized after not getting too many emails, a few people wrote in and asked and told us about what song lyrics they'd want to hear Andrew WK perform on a future episode. But, we really want more suggestions. So, Andrew W.K. look him up. He was famous for doing that party hard song. Which god when was that? That, that record. Was that ten years ago? I want to say I Get Wet is a 12 year, ten year old record. Oh my god. I get. Oh god. When do you. High school. When do you think it was released? Oh, you looked already. No, I didn't look. I'm going to say 2001. Yep. Yep it's it's, it's almost. That is. 13 years old. That is eight brands of messed up. It's about 12 and a half year olds record. It's a remarkable positive record. Yeah. Came out in November of 2001. Great album. Andrew WK's that guy who was famous for having the album cover for, I Get Wet of him just having like a bloody face, and he wears all white. You know him, right? Right, I mean, this is him, like you have to know him. Like everyone knows who Andrew WK is. Can we switch over? Like here he is. You know him, right? That's a real photo too. I heard he smashed a brick into his face for this album cover. That's how. Yeah. [LAUGH] Extreme. Yes. He's definitely committed. He's a bad ****. And he's committed himself to our program. He's been on once before. Look up that show, cuz that was an amazing piece of podcasting. Yeah. And tell us what exactly our listeners can do? Yeah, I'm gonna keep it together for this episode cuz the first time he came on I was fanning out. Hardcore. There is, there is a photo floating around of you. Yeah. Where you're just. Of us in the hallway. Yeah. Oh, no, but there's also one of just you and him and you're. You tried to hug him with your whole body. [LAUGH] Yeah. You almost tried to hug him with your legs [CROSSTALK] too. It's cute. [LAUGH] I love that guy. He's a really good person. And he was psyched to be on our show the first time. He agreed to come back again. It's been like four years since the last time he was on. It's been a while. So, he's coming back on but this time he's going to do a live performance. And he's going to bring a keyboard in here, and play us a song. That hasn't been written yet, and he's asking 404 listeners to come up with the song lyrics. Or at least inspiration. Inspiration, yeah. So, you can write in topics, words, someone wrote in dickhopping, I'm not sure he can actually mold that into a song, but he'll try. He's talented, I bet he can do it. Yeah, any parts of the 404 that you've liked over the years, and whatever call. Just send us a note, and we'll do that. Yeah. And we'll actually put a note up on our subreddit and our facebook page. Yes. You can do that, you can tweet us. However you want to get in contact, with us about those suggestions, we will accept. So, yeah, keep those coming. All right. Fantastic. Great news. That'll happen in the coming weeks. Yeah. If not in April, in May. Mm-hm. But he's committed, we're talking. We're in constant communication. He's such a cool dude for doing that. Yeah. All right. Sweet. So, what can we look forward to in today's presentation? All right. Well speaking of traveling, I want to talk about a story right off the bat that kind of shows, why it's better to work in France than it is in America. I'm just going to put it out there. We come from France. It's true. And, then we're going to talk about why. Amazon. Mm. You could argue about whether or not it's a good place to work at, but, we're gonna talk about the work environment there. Then, number three, no surprise here, people are using the PS4 to broadcast themselves boning. Period. That's it? [LAUGH] And then, the last two things that we're gonna talk about, are sort of a follow-up of, stories we discussed earlier this week about security. And, maybe a new form of passwords that, an idea that was submitted to us by a listener. And then finally, we're gonna scare the crap out of you, for all of our listeners that are tuning in from New York. Man, the hacking has gotten really close to home. This is insane. We'll finish up the show with that story. Yeah. >Alright, first things first. Yeah. Why is it better to be a French person? I've never been to France before, but this story is really making me consider a move. It was an interesting piece in the news yesterday that I read. The country already has a 35 hour work week, and that's been a law since the year 2000. But, last week the tech industry and certain members of the tech workers union, they signed a deal that basically requires workers to turn off their phones. They are not allowed to work or respond to emails after office hours. Which is technically considered. Between 6 p.m. And 9 a.m. [LAUGH] 9 a.m? 9 a.m. That is insane. They work ten to six? Yeah. Ten to six. They work ten to six, you know? I guess it's nine to six. Yeah. It's still nine to six with an hour lunch break. That's not bad. Yeah. You can't even take an email on your commute. It's only until you get into work at 9 a.m. That you can start working. And that is it. I mean, it's not technically a law, right? It's not. Of course not. It's not dogma for the country. They're not gonna lock you up, if they catch you sending an email after work, but still they highly suggest that people don't overwork themselves. Isn't that awesome? Could you like this? Could, could you think you could sort of conform to this? It's such a foreign. Radical idea that would never happen. It's just. Yeah. It's not even worth thinking about. Because we are the, especially New York, is the most overworked environment, probably on planet Earth. Yeah. Like where else are people, like I get emails answered back at 1:30 am. Yeah. It's true. You don't answer those back. But you're checking. But I, you know, look, I'll be the first to admit. Like sometimes, it'll be like a Wednesday night, and it's like 11 p.m. And yeah, I wrote back to an email. Yeah. You know, it's, I'm part of the problem, that's for sure. But, it's just something that we've been conditioned to do here. Yeah. It's kinda scary, because I'm wondering how many. Companies in France are gonna adhere to this. That actually have arms in the States. You know, and how it's gonna affect international business. Cuz I know a lot, like Google for example, has gotta have a French office. Course. They're still answering emails. Yeah, they're, they've gotta be. You know, I, I don't know, I don't wanna comment on what types of businesses could be that relaxed, where they wouldn't have to answer emails after 6 o'clock. Yeah. But, I guess, you know, if you wanna maintain that, you know, reputation, Mm-hm. A positive reputation. Yeah. You're probably not, gonna be following these kind of, you know, I'm gonna say it Lazy, half-assed rules. The first person, that adopts this rule and follows it is really gonna, it's really gonna be a bad look for them. Like, oh, you were the first one, huh? Right. Like the first person to stand up at like, you know, 6 p.m and be like hey. Get the plug and [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH]. Yeah. And you can't say Jack, because this law is that person is going to get fined. Right. All in French, they said that. Right, exactly. Speaking of language, I love the language that they use to describe this law. They say, they describe work related material, as quote. A malevolent intrusion, into the time we've mandated to spend on la dolce vita. The dolce vita, is a concept adopted from friends in Italy, that translates into sweet life. Milk life. [CROSSTALK] I thought it was milk life. [LAUGH] Well dolce is like milk, right? [LAUGH] No dolce is sweet. Where, what [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. There's a language where that. Dolce de leche? Leche is milk. Leche, leche. That's what you're thinking of. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] The milk life. Keep [CROSSTALK] working. Keep working. [LAUGH] I'm sorry, somebody makes that. The milk line. [CROSSTALK] Well you know him. He's. Having it all. He's living the milk life. He loves that milk. [CROSSTALK] You know that's when you know you're living the milk life. [LAUGH] The the sweet life basically, but I love that language, though. Work is not a malevolent [LAUGH] intrusion into your. No. Your casual recreation. Yeah, unless your work. Actually harms you. Mm-hm. I don't understand. Yeah. But I get it, and it, it, it's, it's coming from a, a, a nice place. It's coming from a, definitely a, a, a positive place. Yeah. But, not maybe a realistic place. It does make sense though. Like, I think their their argument is that when people work long hours, and they do overtime, they start getting stressed out, and. As they get more stressed out, their productivity goes down. So the, you know, the more they concentrate on recreation, the less stress that they have, the more productivity. And then also, it can solve unemployment, too. Because if you're hiring more people, because you're not allowing people to work too much, it could be a good thing. I'm not buying that angle. That could be kind of some circle talk, but. I, I really think it's silly that you need to have. Like a labor agreement. Yeah. That mandates something like this. Yeah. You know? It, it to me, it just seems kinda weak. Yeah. Well, let me tell you about this next story, and it's sort of the opposite of how Americans are responding to this. It was revealed this week that Jeff Bezos, you know, over at Amazon. He's instituted a pay to quit program, at warehouses across the country. The fulfillment centers, where people ship out your products from Amazon. Yeah. And the idea is that they're basically offering a lump sum of money, ranging from two grand to five grand, to anyone who will quit their jobs on the spot. This is brilliant. You think so? Brilliant. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, what? Oh, you want to hear what, I, I haven't read the story. I've only read the headline, but I get it. Okay. Amazon, doesn't want people who are willing to quite Yeah. To work for their company. Yeah, they're, they're basically challenging the idea that, money isn't the sole motivator in why you want to work in Amazon. They want people to be passionate [CROSSTALK] about their jobs and care about their company. If you're looking for a quick cash in, [CROSSTALK] and yes, 5000 dollars is a lot of money. Mm-hm. But if you're looking for something like that. Then you probably shouldn't be working, in a place where they want that positive mantra. Yeah. They want those good vibes. The thing is, a lot of people actually take them up on the offer. Which is good, because you are essentially weeding out the slackers. Fine, they don't have to pay them. Unemployment, cause they quit, they don't have to give them, I don't know what like the severance is but they probably are saving some money in the long run, on things like that. You can fire your whole HR department as well, cause that's basically their job. Look and is this anyone in the company? This is only the people, that work in the fulfillment center, the people that box up the products. The warehouses, the deal is after a year of working there. They'll offer you two grand. And then if you say no, then the next year, they'll offer you three grand. And it keeps going up and up, until you've hit five grand. And after that, you know, your golden parachute is gone. Hm. So, the idea is they wanna keep the, you know, the employee retainer is about 5 years. And after that, you can do whatever you want. But you won't get rewarded for quitting. Smart that it's like this escalating incentive to quit. Yeah. Because after the first one. I feel like you, you would maybe like split the difference, and be like, all right, well, it's not five grand. Yeah. So, then you'll stick around. I mean, just to play devil's advocate, I feel like for fam, for people that have families, that are actually hurting financially, this might be kind of a tease. It's like dangling a carrot in front of your face. I feel like they should. Instead of doing this, either say hey, here's this two grand, three grand, whatever. If you don't take it, will give you like an incremental raise. Well, here's why it's not dangling a carrot. There's no reason to dangle a carrot, you are employed. You still have a job. You still have a job. It's not like you're getting fired and this is your, you know, consolation prize. Uh-huh. You have a job. Okay? And you want to be able to pro, you have this consistent income. Mm-hm. Quitting eh, like anyone who can see past their nose realizes that oh, I have to hold on to job, for a long period of time to continue to support my loved ones and family. Yeah, I'm just saying that it. This isn't like a bonus. It'd be nice to know that if you decided to turn them down, there would be an incentive to stay beyond just hey, you still have a job like. You know, maybe they would guarantee an extra raise every year, or something like that. It'd be nice to have like, a little bit more of an incentive. I, I guess. I feel like anyone who works for Amazon isn't like Well, yeah. So, the next part of this story is that, that they start those workers at the full. I'm sorry, the fulfillment center, off that $11 an hour, which is pretty good. Is it? Yeah. According to this article, that factors to about 20 something thousand dollars a year. Okay. Which is a respectable wage, especially for a factory worker, [CROSSTALK] a retail employee, stuff like that. And then on top of that, pretty good health insurance as well. Sure, if they get coverage, they get benefits. Yeah. Its definitely working. So, they got this idea from Zappos who acquired. Right. And I guess for Zappos, after a week, after just a week of working they'll offer you that weeks salary plus 2 thousand dollars. They don't even wait a year. And the thing about Zappos is it's worked for them, because they have a 97% employee stick rate, even after doing this. [CROSSTALK] So, 97% of people just turned that down. Maybe because, a week into a job isn't enough to know that you don't like working there. Right. But still, it's, it's kinda working. Why, I wonder why they never combined brands? Like, why is Zappo still its own thing? Because Zappo has such great brand recognition, I'm sure. Right, that's what I'm guessing. Yeah. I've bought stuff off Zappo's before. I just bought something last night from them. And they basically have the same return policy, right? Free shipping, label on the box. They kind of do [CROSSTALK] the free shipping, and you don't need Prime. They did one day free shipping for me. Yeah. Yeah, that's pretty cool. And I feel like Zappo is just never not done. Delivered in one day. Amazon Prime. [CROSSTALK] I've had them take a couple. Sometimes it's been like three or four days. It's pretty impressive. Yeah. Both companies are pretty good. But, that's how we handle it in America and apparently it's working. It's smart. I like it. Yap. All right. Let's get nasty. Time for the [INAUDIBLE] portion of the program. Brought to you by kitaku. Oh yeah. This is real. Have you heard of this thing called Playstation Playroom? Yeah, I know. It's like [CROSSTALK] for Playstation four. So, playroom is, I believe, well, I've used it. It's this, kind of like sandboxy. Camera game. Where you have bunch of like VR and AR features. Yeah. I didn't even know. It's built into a PS4. I didn't know there was a camera in the PS4. Yes. It's a separate purchase. Oh, okay. So, you, so play room is basically a service, where you can broadcast yourself playing games on the internet. Well, I think you can broadcast anything you want. Yeah, I mean, where ever you point the camera. Right, so they are probably using the Twitch broadcasting feature while they are playing, playroom. Yeah exactly, like streaming yourself, [CROSSTALK] so of course any time people are allowed to stream videos of themselves on the internet. Ultimately devolves into just people doing crazy stuff. And I think now a days, based on the story, if you ask a lot of gamers the craziest place they've had sex, a lot of them would say in my house, but broadcasting it on the internet, because that's what;s happening. They're using Playroom to record themselves, and the funniest thing is that the Playroom service, it has this. Feature that's basically augmented reality, right? Right. And it's a feature where they have a robot come on the screen, and it, it essentially inserts a virtual video robot into your video recording that supposedly watches you as you play. And then you can interact with them [CROSSTALK] and you can like hit them. And you can interact with the, yeah. Or bone in front of em [LAUGH]. So, that's exactly what's happening is when people bone. They inevitably get this voyeuristic robot creeping in on their session, not to mention the thousands of people that are tuning in to also watch you bone. Yeah, what kind of what kind of couple are you to broadcast that? Oh, I thought you where asking me, [LAUGH] I was like, person? Saying like, I want to get to know that type of couple? Who are you? What, what for like what Yeah. When was the decision, really. Hey honey, it's about time we boned on Play Station four. She's like yeah, you're right. Yeah. Let's totally, [CROSSTALK] start broadcasting this. The answer is obvious, but. Why is it obvious? Because alcohol. Oh, oh, okay. [LAUGH] Okay. so, I, I did some. Reefers. Oh my God. Yeah. Yeah. Don't, yeah, don't, dont put that up on screen. [LAUGH] Holy moly. Within this article, they are links to a couple, YouTube videos that some how made it past their scanners. And, it's pretty not safe for work, but you can see them drinking a lot in the early parts of the video. I can. [LAUGH] I can see the whites of your eyes getting bigger. And that's a big thing for me. Yeah, you have tiny eyes. And, well, you know, they start drinking at the beginning of the video. 15 minutes later, the clothes come off. So, I think inebriation has a lot to do with it. Probably because they forget, how many people are watching on the other side of the camera? So, of course, after that started happening. This is actually a while ago, the story's just, you know, sort of after the fact. But Twiters has cracked down. On banning, quote non-gaming content. But they haven't, you know, of course. Impossible stuff. Yeah, like you're gonna get a little bit as it's live and then they, they [CROSSTALK]. You're gonna get more than a little bit. You're gonna get the whole damn package. Yeah, but for a while, though, a lot of people were actually making decent money off this because. There's was a phenomenon of, girls having topless gaming shows. Where they would, that's exactly what it sounds like. Just sit down to play a video game. You would watch this topless girl, hitting a controller button. That was, that was through Twitch also? That was through Twitch. Until they banned it. Mm. Yeah. Alright. If you build it. [LAUGH] They will bang in front of it. I was just gonna say they will come which sort of. Oh, fair enough. Takes care of it, but, yeah, both works. Excellent job. [LAUGH] Something terrifying. Let's talk about this. Yesterday a pinhole camera, was found in one of the New York subway credit card machines at the Columbus circle station. A skimmer. So, for people who don't know what a skimmer is, tell them. Well its not. Well so the skimmer. It was installed in the ATM machine. Right but then there was also a camera. That's how that works. Like a tandem thing. Yeah. This is mind blowing. If you're watching, check it out. It was basically, a pinhole camera disguised as a outlet. Yeah. That was placed above the credit card machine. And through this little pinhole, that little yellow arrow is pointing. Mm-hm. It allowed the camera to see and to look down onto your credit card as you would. Slide it in and out of an ATM machine. The skimmer, which is then attached to the ATM machine. huh. Was able to sniff out. That reads your card. The magnetic information [CROSSTALK] on your card. And then the camera records your PIN number as you punch it in. This. As messed up as it is. Yeah. It's kind of freaking cool. The hacks are. Like, it's not good and, obviously, we're not endorsing this kind of behavior. Yeah. But, man. You can't even tell it's there. Like, obviously, when you're up close and. And in, you know, you can see, but it's really tough to see, it's And then plus that coupled, with this amazing fake outlet thing, I mean. That's kinda smart. [CROSSTALK] And it's like, what I wanna, [LAUGH] it's brilliant. And I wanna know who installed this. I wanna, I wanna like, they have to be able to go back, and look at the footage of that station. Right. To see some guy. Jumping up on the rafter to install the, the, the pinhole camera. Maybe it was that guy, who installed the security camera. They're all working together. Oh man, you're blowing my mind, bro. Terrifying, the hackers are in the ATM machine? [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] I mean, you would never in a million years think twice, about this little you know AC outlet up there. Yeah. You would never in a mill, you'd, you'd be like, oh man. And we've talked about it before too it's not just in public places like this. I mean ATM skimmers were found, across the country. It's not even a new thing. Just, I don't even know how to be careful. Because, if you look at what the credit card, scanner looks like. It just fits right on top of the regular scanner. Yeah. And you can't even like, unless you're giggling every single time. You're not gonna see it. Unreal. How many people had their credit cards compromised, because of this? Yep. And we're still so ass-backwards with the whole credit card thing. Do you check your credit card statements, at the end of every month to balance your checks and everything? yeah. You should be. Definitely to make sure. [CROSSTALK] Whenever. Before I pay a bill, I'm like, do I remember all this. Right, right. And if it's something that I don't remember. Oh, you took out $5000 for Columbus Circle ATM machine? Right. That's odd, it seems like a lot more than normal. [LAUGH] Yeah. And then if there's anything that jumps out. I, odds are, I just don't remember it. Yeah. Because some sort of you know, hallucinogen was involved. Yeah. And then I, you know, I check my receipts. [LAUGH] Yeah, for sure. I think the dangerous part is that with credit cards, though, if you call in and dispute a charge, they'll credit you immediately. But debit cards it always takes way longer. Cause it's cash. Popping it right out of your bank. Yeah. I don't know. I'm not telling anyone how to live their lives. But debit cards are just not the way to go. [INAUDIBLE] They're just too dangerous. Yeah. alright. Finally, speaking of security. Passwords. Passwords been the big topic of conversation, with the Heartbleed saga developed this week. And apparently there is something in, I guess production or in research and development in that stage. Mm-hm. That Motorola is supposedly working on. And we definitely wanna thank our buddy. How do you say his name, Stafio? I guess so, yeah, Stafio. He also calls himself Kevin. [LAUGH] Oh. But anyway he writes in, said, this article is very timely after we said how passwords are becoming antiquated. Or I said it. Mm-hm. Here's an interesting idea. It's actually from 2005 two, I'm sorry, 2013, a story that came out in 2013. It's basically, Motorola working on a way, to have people take a once daily password pill. Literally, something you take orally. Yeah. In the morning that'll authenticate all of your devices. And replace your passwords. There's also an application involving a tattoo, which I think makes more sense. Yeah. But. It's something that. [LAUGH] It's something that they were looking into. I don't think we'll ever see it. It's just so silly and impractical. Yeah, that's what I don't get about this story, in reading it is that why do you have to swallow it? Can't you just have the pill on you. I imagine it works by NFC [CROSSTALK] or something and there's nothing in your like, your small intestine that activates this. No, of course but that's the thing. You'll never lose it. Right. You can drop your freaking, you know. And that's why the tattoo. Smart to, cuz you're, unless you're chopping of your arm. Yeah. You're okay. It's a, it, it's a, to me it's like a really silly application for a biometric security measure. Right. Yeah, it's like, you know, we don't have, we don't have to swallow keys to access our door locks in our house. Yet, yet. You know, like people still have house keys that they don't lose. So, would you, how about this? Would you get. So, Marty has a chip in his neck? Yeah. No. No. It's just, it's just that, you wouldn't get a little chip, inserted in you? No, because I want something that [CROSSTALK] I can take out and, like, put on the desk if I need to. But, it's no tracking. It's just RFI, it's RFID. That's what you say. That's what [CROSSTALK]. What do you mean? I'm not big, I'm worried about big brother. It's RFIB, and it only contains an encrypted key, that just doesn't even link you to it. Yeah. It just, it's the basic, it's the wireless key. That's the thing, it's like the same person would say it's just a ATM machine, or it's. Just a metro card reader. Right. It's not extracting money from your account. Right. And you're right. And it just is. Yeah. I'm okay. I would do it. Honestly, I'd just rather have a key fob with like a dual security system. Where you like, have to have a key, a physical key. And then you also type in a password. You're for the double security. Yeah, like we should just have two layers. The way credit cards are going to be soon. With the card and the pin. Yeah. Exactly. That's what you want. That's what I want. Or, man I was doing some more research on alternative passwords, and someone said that there were, Google, I guess, was working on. A system that detected your heartbeat. Cuz everyone's got a. Because everyone's got a unique heartbeat. And it sorta makes sense in the future, to have that available, because we already have heart rate monitors, built into the things like wearable tech. Or, the next iPhone's probably gonna have a heart rate monitor. But your heart rate varies all the time. Yeah, I don't, I don't understand the science behind that. How does that work? But then everyone does have a unique. Signature. Then, why aren't we doing the eyes? Why? What happened to the ocular stuff? I don't know. Maybe that's too hard to figure out? I, I always thought that's, wo, wo, wo, what it was gonna be. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like, Minority Report style. I don't know. All right. Another thing was they say everybody's ear is completely different. So, there could be ear scanners in the future that sort of identify us. That's gonna be very awkward. Yeah. Having to bend down and slide half your face in something. No. Very unsanitary, either. I'm telling you, thumb prints to me are still very logical. Yeah. Eyeball scanners. Voice scanners? No, no, someone can record your voice. Yeah. Everything is hackable, right? That's the thing. We talk about piracy, and pirates are always going to be one step ahead. Really tough to hack a thumbprint. Hackers are always going to be one step ahead. Really tough to hack a thumbprint. As easy as it does appear to be in all the movies. Mm-hm. I still think it would be really tough. Yeah. Let's get some emails before we say goodbye. Yeah. For the rest of the day here. Staying on passwords for a moment. Our buddy Jeff writes in and says, hey guys. This is Indianapolis from Jeff. I had a comment about posting your passwords close to your work computer. I'm 41, and I keep my passwords posted on the pegboard, right next to my monitor. You dummy! No, we're kidding. However, I keep a list of 26 of them I randomly generated. [LAUGH] What? Oh, so, throw everyone off the scent, cuz they're not gonna type in 26 passwords? Let's continue. This is interesting. I have to use dozens of passwords daily, and I have to keep them updated in 30 or 60 day increments. Geeze. It's such a pain. I'll forget them if I don't write them down, but. Seeing them all written down, helps me remem, remember the last one I used. So, he must have this like matrix of passwords. Oh. And he just knows the last one he wrote. Besides, any thief [CROSSTALK] trying to steal my passwords, only has three chances to get it right. Before it locks them out. [CROSSTALK] If you do the math, the odds are in Jeff's favorite. [LAUGH] and, and a [INAUDIBLE] A list of 26 passwords they'll never do. Chances are they'll get locked out, of the account before they get it right. He loves the show. He's gotten thrown off since we stopped doing live shows. And he can't watch it as much as he wanted to. And then he goes into saying that, hey when is that other host going to visit the show again. I still hear that girly cackling in my head. Who is he talking about? We've had plenty of girls that laugh on this show. I don't know. And when are you going to get a hot, nerdy tech chick to join full time. Jeez. He wrote, No offense Bridgett you can certainly hang with the techiest of them LOL, L-O-L. [LAUGH] I think that's Jeff's way of giving out complements. Yeah, I would say that them being hot, is a very far second down the list of priorities. I just want someone who can talk about tech and be funny and just. Talk with us. And besides. And Bridgette is definitely that. [CROSSTALK] And besides we don't see Judy on this show, we don't judge. Well, yeah. Bulu, our buddy Bulu aka Dante, is at it again, quickly becoming my favorite emailer. He writes in, oh lords of leisure, I bid you good day. I imagine he would like tip his hat as he, as he typed that out. Mm-hm. As the treasurist of trolls. [LAUGH] That supposed to be me? Yes. 'Kay. As you prepare to journey off to far lands, I though I'd hit you with some quick thoughts from some of the more recent episodes. Jeff, you are most cert, certainly spot on with your hatred of the douchery that is Ashton Kutcher, he ruins everything. Real life violence, is not a product of video games, nor are other forms of entertainment at fault. Violence is the result of a lack of self control, lack of self awareness, and lack of sense of morality. Now these are all Bulu's opinions of course. Anger and frustration, are emotions that if unchecked can lead to acts of violence. All right, we talked a lot about that. That's a very relevant comment. Thank you for that. In episode 1463 on the subject of a tech junkyard, I current work at a data center that is scheduled to close in the next six months, and recently the majority of people who occupied the office were relocated out of the building. They did however leave behind the most interesting tech junk and gems. Such as some early palm pilots. Oh wow. There you go. I want those. Other PDAs [CROSSTALK] Of course, the compact Ipac. As well as an ancient laptop that is so big for a person's lap. That is way to big for a person's lap. That's awesome. One business person's tech junk, is some tech nerd's treasure, I guess. Yeah, this tech nerd. If you have any of those PDAs, or Palm Pilots, still around the office, Gather them. I will send you a shipping label. No joke, I really want those. [LAUGH] Okay. That's, what are you gong to do with them? You'll see. No. I, I want. No. Cuz you'll just take them home with you. Probably. [LAUGH] And just bury them. In the freaking yellow cane over here. What? Nah, you know what I mean. [LAUGH] Careful. You son of a ****, it has nothing to do with, it's a True Detective thing. [LAUGH] Continue the email. One please lastly, Justin travel safely. I get that. Seriously. And he echoes our sentiments as well. Be careful out there. Yeah. It's a dangerous world, and vice convinces me that where you're going is not great. I'm not going to North Korea. Oh, right, okay sorry about that. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, yeah, I will be very, very South. Okay no worries. [LAUGH] I'll be away from that parral You'll be at that Southern. Chia. Yeah. All right. Have a great time, take lots of photos, and know that we'll all be waiting for you when you return to troll Jeff. [LAUGH] I will be back. Always tuned in, always entertained. Be excellent, Bue Lou, aka Dante. Dante, that's fricking, it's a fricking damn pleasure hearing from you. So, thank you for that, my friend. And that's it. If you're celebrating Passover next week, enjoy that, and we'll be back here on Tuesday with a brand new show. Until then, shoot us an email the404@cnet.com, follow us on Facebook, and Reddit, and Instagram, and Twitter. Go to the Subreddit, let us know what you want Andrew WK to sing about, Yep. Or you can email us as well, I already gave you the address. That'll do it for us. Have a freaking fanstistic weekend and see you next week. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Ariel Nunez. Thank you for tuning into our show, we will see you very soon, bye-bye [MUSIC].

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