The 404: The 404 1,463: Where we take the money and run
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The 404: The 404 1,463: Where we take the money and run

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The Micro 3D printer hits $1,000,000 in a single day of Kickstarter funding, Heartbleed leaves a trail of password leaks in its wake, Andrew WK's obsession with white jeans on Pinterest, a typeface that could save your life, and searching local businesses on Yelp using emojis? Yes you can!

It's Wednesday, April 9th, 2014. I'm Ariel Nunez. And from our CBS studios in New York City, welcome to The 404. [MUSIC] What's up everybody, welcome to our program. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. This is, The 404 Show. We're so delighted, that you could be with us, on this beautiful New York City day. It's the first good day we've had in 211 attempts. [LAUGH] And you gotta respect that. Right? Yeah. [CROSSTALK] Even I'm. Look at me, I'm. I'm in like short sleeves today, I'm feeling good. Ariel is feeling good as well. Yeah. Look at that smile on that kid's face. [LAUGH] Holy God. It's real. It's real nice out, ladies and gentleman. You look like a muppet. [LAUGH] Feeling good. We've got great. What's that? You're good? So happy. You're so, **** happy. [LAUGH] And you're wearing your favorite Gorilla Biscuits shirt today. Yeah! It's a good day. It's like the first t-shirt day of the year. Oh, t-shirt day, we missed thee. Yeah. We've got a great lineup of stories today, which Justin will preview in just a second. Plus a handful of viewer emails that we're going to get to. And yeah, I'm just in a great mood. I don't know why. Perhaps it's the cleansing. The purging of our office area. Oh yeah. People don't really know about that. So. They're renovating the entire floor. Yeah, it's getting renovated. Which is great because we've had this studio for way too long. Yeah, yeah well that's moving. We're moving studios eventually, but the whole office is getting demolished and getting turned around. Demolished. You can't really see what our office looks like now, but it's not that exciting. It's not a place that you'd want to bring people to take a tour. But it will be. Well imagine, like you, imagine it's 1971. Yeah. And then, well then, that's all you have to do. Cube farm. And that's our office. But the new office is going to be cool because, you know what, The 404 in our studio is going to be the focus of the new studio. Yeah. Of the new office. So right when you walk in, it'll be us with a clear wall. A little bit. In between us. Yeah, people basically will be able to look in on us recording. Right, which is good and bad. Yeah, because right now we're fully enclosed. Right. [CROSSTALK] Later on, it might be cool. The studio's, the studio's not going away per se, like none of this will look any different. [CROSSTALK] You won't know that. And we're actually moving into a larger area, which is even cooler. Yeah. But yet, just a lot of exciting things happening this year. Yeah. A lot of curve balls that maybe, perhaps, we weren't ready to to, to get. Yeah. But change is good. Change is great. And it's good if they're not just tucking us away into a broom closet, like they were when we first started recording. Awesome. Now they're actually into us. They want to show us off. That's two upgrades in a year, man. Yeah. That's cool, double upgrade [CROSSTALK] Respect that. I'm psyched. As you should be. But, for right now, there's a lot of free stuff out on that table. Right. [CROSSTALK]. So come on down, to 28th Street and you can just bring a tub and take whatever you want. Yeah. Kind of like you when there's free pizza. It's true. Yeah, bring your freezer bags everybody. [LAUGH] Because there's a lot of free stuff, like coins. People just put out a bunch of coins? Just put out there, a jar? Somebody put, somebody put out a plastic cup of loose change. Yeah. And then put masking tape over it and just wrote a dollar sign on it. [LAUGH] It was like, here you go. About $12.50 in change. Yeah. There's like a bunch of keyboards out there with like the a key missing. Who the hell's going to use that? It's it's kind of, it's like a really sad tech junkyard. Yeah. Out there. Nevertheless, that's that's a little too much insidery crap. We'll get to, our stories today. What do we got in the run down? Sir. Yeah. Speaking of tech junkyards. [LAUGH]. That should be the name of the new show. The Tech Junkyard? Yeah. I like that. Here's what we're talking about today. Yesterday, or I'm sorry this week, the miniature 3D printer actually hit a million dollars in one day on Kickstarter. So, that's something kinda interesting. That's a thing. 3D printers, everyone loves those. Although, they don't really do anything yet. But, they're getting cheaper, so that's good news. Okay. Then, wow, about to read your headline No, you don't want to do that. I wasn't going to. I used the F-word. There's a crazy security hole that pretty much affects almost every website on the internet. So we're going to teach you, or we're gonna tell you what to do to basically safeguard yourself. Sure, if that's possible. It's confusing. There's a lot of misinformation out there. Yeah. Then after that, we're gonna talk about Andrew W.K., everyone's favorite party animal. Yeah buddy. Then more typeface talk on the show. [SOUND] More typeface talk. The F-word will not be used during that segment. You know how to please me. Yeah. Then, gross. [LAUGH] Then, finally Yelp is offering users the ability to search for local businesses using emoji icons. What the hell is going on? Well, that's a really stupid idea. But a good idea is the first ever micro 3D printer. Yeah. Tell us about this. This is cool. So, it's not the biggest record that Kickstarter has ever set. but, never the less, the miniature 3D printer called the micro 3D printer, has reached a million dollars in less than one day. That's pretty impressive. Pretty impressive considering their goal was only $50,000, and they reached that in 11 minutes. I'm not going to lie. After the campaign started. I'm not going to lie, if I'm one of these Kickstarter companies, and I'm only looking for 50 grand and I get $1 million. Yeah. That's a lot of pressure. Yeah. You know, like, I feel like that happened with the pebble guy, that happened with a lot of other companies. Right. You're like, yeah, I was only looking for 50 grand Yeah. And now I have way more than that, and there's a lot of pressure on me, 20 times that. It's really, really upsetting. A lot of people are holding microphones up to your face and demanding things. Like what are you going to do, for the people. Right. And that's when you take the money and run. I mean seriously, you take the money, you cash that check, and then you bankrupt. Then you file for bankruptcy and it's over. Take the money and run. Pretty impressive. See, here it is. It's up to how much? Is was at 1.46 million in less than two full days. It's gotta be way more than that now. But what we're looking at here, is a small cube that's really similar to other such 3D printers like the MakerBot and what not. But this one is actually a lot smaller. So, it's a cube, so it's 7.3 inches wide and long. It weighs only 2.2 pounds. That's, I think that's arguably the most impressive piece of [INAUDIBLE] It's really small, which means, of course, you'll only be able to print really small things. [LAUGH] Right. I mean, that's the limitation of these things. Yeah, you're only going to be able to make little guys. I mean, oh god, these things, it's, it's going to hit $2 million. Definitely. It's going to hit more than that. It's gonna, it could probably hit I mean, if it's done nearly 2 million in two days. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it still has 27 days to go in the campaign. This could potentially reach 15 million. Pretty insane. So you could see right here in the video. They're showing it next to a laptop. It's really not that much taller or wider than a regular laptop computer. But it can still print everything that a regular 3D printer can do, like ADS plastic, nylon or PLA which is part of the extruder. It's funny, you can see this guy just playing around with a tiny teacup, that he just printed up. Cuz, that's how small this thing is. I mean, what are you building? And I get it like, look if this thing's 200 bucks I'll buy it. Yeah that's, 300 bucks. But I don't know why I'll buy it. I just want to make little things, like dice. I don't know what can I make with it? Yeah paperclips, dice. Can you even. Shot glasses. A cookie cutter, oh brilliant. [LAUGH] Is that safe, Ariel? Great question. I don't know. What else am I making? A doorstop? Yeah basically. A chess piece. Yeah, yeah, yeah little knobs for your car. Things like that. Watch faces. You can do all that kinda stuff. So it's pretty cool. I mean the, the biggest draw I think of this is how simple it is. It's really the first plug and play 3D printer. I don't know if you ever watched that video of Rich Brown and Matt Fitzgerald. He, they built a, a MakerBot printer and they did a video on it for CNET. And it took like four days. I remember them being in the lab, just putting this thing together. Like the extruder and the hose, and all that stuff. Right, right. It took a long time. So, this one's super simple. It levels itself and the calibration is all fixed into the head. So you really just plug it in and that's it. You can start printing in less than an hour. So and now, and now, how do you load stuff in? Did you? Yeah, so it's got its own UI, you basically drag and drop whatever you know, CAD designs you want to print out and then it will do it for you. You said CAD designs, but you realize people will be printing cats. Little miniature cats. Yeah cat design. Computer Assisted Design design. Yeah. So, redundant. Oh, man is it, it doesn't look like it prints too quickly, just going by this little thing here. No, well they say you can print that tea cup in about an hour and a half. I think. Oh cool my little. So that's kind of cool. That's not a tea cup that's a shot glass. Sorry, you can drink anything you want out of it. [LAUGH] I'm just saying. They, they just showed you printing your shower rings. Yeah. Because you need that. Which are super expensive. Yeah. [LAUGH] To buy at the store. [LAUGH] $300 showers. Yeah. [LAUGH] Oh. You could by a lifetime supply of all those things. Door stop, shower rings, whatever. And it'd still be less than $300. But regardless, $300 is way less than MakerBot's Compact 3D printer which cost $1,400. A lot less. Okay. So, when? You realize when this will blow up, right? When? When Lego comes out with a 3D printer. Yeah, that would be cool. Like, what the hell are they waiting for? We talked about this a couple of years ago, that they were supposedly printing them out, but not in front of you. You could send in. Right. Whatever design blocks you want. Sure. And they'll send it back and bring it to the model. Well right now, I would imagine they're still doing molds for the pieces. Right? Yeah probably. Well cuz, I think the thing about those Lego pieces is that they have to be super precise. In order to fit, with generations like past generation of Lego blocks. And 3D printing is kind of precise, but you can still see the tiny. The threading Yeah, yeah, so. I don't know. It might be a few more years, but that's a great idea. It'd be cool if you could go to a kiosk in the mall and just print out whatever Lego blocks you want. Not even that, I mean, is it in Lego's best interest to just let everyone just print Legos out at home? Probably not. Unless they have, you know, they pay that nice chunk of change up front. Yeah. Or it's like you buy the $500 Lego machine. That's the thing. Is like the the extruder costs and like the spool of ABS plastic costs, kinda a lot of money. So if you printed up your own individual blocks, it would cost way more than just buying the play set. Yeah. So, I don't know. Eventually. They could sch, I guess they would just sell schematics. Yeah. Yeah. Right? Just with regard to the speed of which this was funded. I mean it's incredible. $1 million in one day. Is that the quick, it's the fastest ever? But it's not the fastest. Yeah. So the fastest is this is embarrassing to say, but the Veronica Mars movie project. It hit $1 million in four and a half hours. Followed by the Ouya. Which took about I think 25 hours, no I'm sorry less than 25 hours. It's interesting because Veronica Mars, obviously there's a whole legion of basement dwellers who are clamoring for that and I get that. Yeah. The popularity's spread quickly. But for something like Ouya, I think what really worked and, and resonated with Ouya, was the video they made. Yeah. That video got picked up everywhere and people got super enthusiastic about it. We all know what happened to Ouya. Yeah. Or what's happening to Ouya. That's the thing, it's just because something gets funded really quickly doesn't mean it's going to be a great product. And I wonder how much money Ouya wound up finishing at with their Kickstarter campaign. Regardless, I mean, this thing, I'm sure it's gone up in the last, you know, couple seconds. Yeah, since we've been talking about it. It's just, it just insane. It's, it's $1.75 million revenue. Yeah. I'm still not ready to buy one yet. I mean, we have one in the office right now. It's 300? 300 bucks, 299. You can get one eventually. I'll buy it. I'm gonna buy it. I'm not gonna buy one until it can 3D print me a snack. That's silly. You mean like a little sugar like and chocolate mixer? Yeah, like, food. I want it to make me a sandwich. That's essentially what those, remember those old school like little, not the Easy Bake ovens. But there were similar things, where you just mix like jelly and sugar, you make a, some mad scientist edible laboratory. Yeah, you make like a tiny hamburger or something like that. Yeah. Yeah. And you'd be like, oh, why don't you have crazy worms for breakfast. Yeah. Yeah. This is the adult version of that. I love it. You'll be able to buy it soon. I just want to get one to like freak my parents out. Yeah. Just want to freak them out. Cuz they'll what? I'll be like, what do you want. Give me an hour, you know. And just come back with like a shrunken head or something. But a tiny tiny one. Really small. You need a key chain, I'll make you a key chain. Dude, that's a good idea. I want to look in those rings. There you go. I'm sure, I'm sure a plastic super 3D ring is really reliable. Yeah. Seriously. For all of your important keys. Oh God. All right, so let's talk about this. Let's scare the crap out of you. All right, it's time for Heartbleed. That's like, okay, out of all the security breaches that have come out over the past few years, Heartbleed has got to be the cutest. It's the cutest virus logo also. Yeah. I mean, it looks likes a 90s emo band logo. Yeah. Looks like My Chemical Romance. Right? Circa 2001. You know what I mean? It is adorable. Who created this? Heartbleed. You know? What would be Heartbleed's first album cover? Album name? I don't know. Yeah? You don't know? You're not that quick? Let's talk about this and I'll think about it. Give me some time. Okay. So, what is Heartbleed? You explain it. Because, even I'm having some trouble understanding. What this is. Well, that's good. Because we promised people we would clarify all this, but. You would clarify it. So here's the way I anticipate it. And what really, not anticipate, understand it. The thing that pisses me off, is I first heard about this story this morning on a morning news show, on one of the big networks. Mm-hm. It was not CBS. And the, the woman delivering the news stood up in front of a screen. And just read off this sort of very vague description about what was going on. Mm-hm. And essentially, the takeaway was, there's a virus and you need to change every password you have. And that was basically like the, the takeaway. Right. Is that you have to change every password you have. Which is already misinformation, cuz it's not a virus. Right, it's not a virus. It's a vulnerability in Open SSL. Which is the data encryption technology that pretty much 2 3rds of the internet use to conduct transactions. They, so you know when you see like, the little lock. Hm. On the screen and you're on a website with like, your shopping cart. Yeah. Or some, whatever it is? Mm-hm. That is usually SSL. Right, and it says https. So that's how you know it's a secure website. I don't know if those two are related. I don't. I'm pretty sure they are. [CROSSTALK] But either way, there is a vulnerability, a flaw that exists in versions of OpenSSL. Mm-hm. And. You're just reading off the website. You don't understand it. No, that, A person. [LAUGH] I'm just kidding. Just kidding. What would you like me to do? I want you to phrase it in your own words. I think I just explained it in layman term, that, that I could muster. Yeah. So the, the problem with this is not that there's this vulnerability that exists now. Because the, the organization that puts out SSL has already released an update. The problem exists with companies not updating their, their, live technology. And that legacy flaw could still exist in all these, you know, shopping cart websites. Or you know, high security websites, banks, stores, whatever the hell it is. Yeah. And that's what the problem is. So, you know, obviously a lot of websites use this. Should you change all of your passwords? Mm-hm. If you're super neurotic and you, your worried that, you know, you'll, you'll have your information leaked out. Perhaps. I guess, it's always good to like change your passwords. So maybe if this the sorta, you know, trigger or a bump that pushes you in that direction. Yeah. It's not a bad thing. Is it super annoying? Absolutely. Because I use one password for everything. Well just. I probably shouldn't, but I do. What you should do first, is whatever website you're entering your credit card information into or password information into. First check on this GitHub link, which is actually in the article we're talking about. We'll post it on the blog. Someone on GitHub just compiled a huge list of all the websites that are affected. And whether or not they're vulnerable and have SSL. So, cross-reference it with this list. It's huge. This be a long list. Yeah, because obviously a lot of sites like Yahoo, for example. Oh my god. So, Tumblr. OkCupid, Outbrain, all that kinda stuff is listed on here. Well, so this is basically like the list that, it says yes. Or no. That is is vulnerable or it is not. So, if they are vulnerable, then just don't log in at all. Just wait. Oh, look at this one that I just found. Oh my. I can't read that. What does it say? Yeah, that's what I just said. Oh, you did? Sorry. I didn't hear you. Yeah, yeah. OkCupid. Be careful. Be careful. I don't know if Tinder's on there, but there's certainly a lot of websites that people go to. I feel like people on Tinder, the last thing they're worried about is protection. Yeah, yeah. Well, I don't know, yeah, I'm the same way as you. I use the same password for almost or variations of the same password for every site, so. I don't, just don't use the internet anymore. Or just don't have anything of value for people to steal. That's the best defense here. I also want to let everyone know, that, [LAUGH] Is vulnerable. We've just discovered, right here. On line 670. Look you got to test every website. [LAUGH] I'm gonna change our password on Hide My ****. Dammit, I gotta change my Hide My ****, {LAUGH] [LAUGH] What is that? I'm so tempted to just type that in right now. Someone do that for us, [LAUGH]. That's not behind a firewall. What the hell is You're going to it, huh? I'm doing it. I'm typing those, oh no it's blocked. Okay. Someone let us know. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] And its blocked. IT kicked open the door, right now. Who the hell's going to [LAUGH] So just be careful. Just, yeah, don't use anything. I'm, is Amazon on here? Not vulnerable. All right. I think Sound Cloud is on there. Oh really? I think SoundCloud's vulnerable, yeah. Oh my God. Is it? God damn it, SoundCloud. Not vulnerable. Oh, yeah. Cuz, I got a, I got an email from them earlier today saying to change our passwords. Yeah. I actually read that was vulnerable, and. Yeah, because Yahoo owns it, and Yahoo's vulnerable too. Mm. The scary thing about this is it's not even, like, a crazy hacker that did this to us. It was one line of code that was messed up, by probably by one or a couple programmers. Ultimately like, that's just a little mistake. And look how many people it's effecting. It's like the butterfly effect. No, the butterfly effect is going back in time and changing something. Yeah, but I mean like one thing, you know, it's like a whole line mistakes that could cause a huge thing. You mean like a domino? Yeah. [LAUGH] You can't see the mega eye roll I just gave Jim. That's what I blame it as, ooh, cuz I was right. Get off my ****. The the funny thing is like, I feel like you don't need to worry too much. And I don't want to sorta like, you know, sorta pour water all over this fire. But, you know, you would imagine that now that this is such a big story, any reputable website would then update their SSL. I kinda want to read you the definition of butterfly effect right now. But I won't I'll save that for later. Okay. I was right. Really I thought the butterfly effect is going back in time. It has nothing to do with time. Really? Yeah. It does. Ashton Kutcher is a lying sack of ****. Okay. Okay. Cuz that's what he told me. You hate Ashton Kutcher. What are you even thinking about him for? I just go to him for all my sorta [CROSSTALK] That's twice. That's two shows in a row that we've mentioned Ashton Kutcher [INAUDIBLE] I've got a real issue with him. All right. All right, what else is going on? All right, so that's, that's that. That's Heartbleed. Who names these things? Is there like, one like, I don't know. Is there like, a circle that just names this stuff? It's weird, it's like, the same people that name hurricanes and things. Mm-hm. Anyway let's talk about Andrew W.K. Okay. I love Andrew W.K. We. Don't you? We know that. Don't you though? I mean who doesn't love that guy? I, I do. He's, he's arguably one of the most likable people around. Yeah, he's crazy likable. So he attended the Shorty Awards on Monday. I never heard of the Shorty Awards before. But they're basically it's an award show that recognizes excellence in social media. Sounds like an oxymoron, but it's not, it's real. He was presenting the reward for the weirdest Twitter and then the best non-human. Another mega eye-roll there. But, Betabeat, nevertheless was on the red carpet interviewing a bunch of presenters and the reward receivers there. And they talked to Andrew W.K., and they interviewed him asking what his favorite website is, and he said Pintrest. Totally not what I would have thought his favorite website to be. I don't now why it's just cause yeah, Pinterest perception I guess. This is, this is I am not going to lie, this is my first time at Really? I have never been to this website. You've seen it though right? I know. I mean, Stacy uses it all the time. Right? I don't know. Oh, you haven't mentioned that before? No, I, a, I don't know why. I know what it is. I just literally have never gone there. I don't know, but this looks exciting. What is, so, so it's just, so that's his favorite website. Yeah, so he loves Pinterest. And when you [LAUGH], when you look at his Pinterest page which is what we're looking at right now. A lot of his fashion choices are what, exactly what you would think. A bunch of white jeans, and a bunch of white t-shirts, and that's pretty much it. He pins a lot of photos of himself, and then links to a lot of his own parties and other parties that he thinks are cool. Totally what you would assume Andrew W.K.'s own Pinterest page would look like. so, just based on that, I mean, it was cool that Andrew W.K. was popping up on my feeds here. Because he's actually gonna be on the show very soon. Very soon. We haven't locked down a date with him yet, but within the next month or so, he's going to be on the show again. That's pretty awesome. I think that's, how much, the third time he's been here? Second. Second time? Mm-hm. Wait, wasn't he here for that destroy, that TV show? Yeah, that was the only time. That was the only time? Oh, okay. So this is the second time he is going to be on the show. But he'll be here in the new studio for an interview and more importantly, a live performance which we're super psyched about. Oh my God. Oh my God. He's going to bring a keyboard with him, so it won't be acoustic he's going to have a keyboard. But here's the thing, the song hasn't been written. And in order to figure out what the lyrics should be, we're actually asking you guys to come up with those lyrics. Or an idea. Or an idea, whatever you want- Inspiration. Him to sing about. And it's gonna be obviously a 404 themed song. So it could be inside jokes, or whatever your favorite things about the 404 are. Just send those to us and we'll forward them to Andrew W K. He'll take all of those, and then basically make a freestyle live on the air with us. So this is crazy. Isn't that cool? This is, I've never heard of this happening before. Goodness sake. This is a first for me. So, so write us an email, tweet us, whatever you want to do. And you can help create the inspiration for Andrew W.K's yet to named 404 dedication song. Yeah. That's pretty fantastic. Just put Andrew W.K. in the subject line so. There you go. We don't gloss it over. And that's it. And we're going to try to do this, so hopefully this month. Right? Maybe this month, cuz. Well, I'm going to be gone for a big chunk of this month. Right. Maybe next month, but soon. Okay. All right. Fantastic, yeah. Cool. I'm so psyched. [CROSSTALK] We're just going to be, what's that? We're going to go nuts. I kind of want you to, Like break stuff. Well no, I want you to maybe like, perhaps sing with him. Really? Yeah. Maybe like some sort of backing vocals or harmony. That would be interesting, and. You know? May be embarrassing. We'll see. We'll talk about it. I, I think it, I mean. I mean. While I would love to see, that number two probably a dream come true for you. I mean definitely. I've like, I been to so many of his shows and sung along with his music, so it wouldn't be the first time we've sung together. There you have it. So that's Andrew W K. Thank you to him off the bat for coming up with that idea. That was his idea. We were like do you want to do a song, like one of your songs on the show. He was like no, I want to do your song. He's just rad. He's just so freaknig likeable, it's unbelievable. Best dude ever. All right, do we time for these last two? We do, we do. All right, all right. Lets talk about type faces. Oh boy. Got to be very careful here. Oh boy. It's like a land mine. You got to thread lightly. You got to thread lightly. Type faces are everywhere around us, clearly. Right? But did you know that type faces and the choices we make with those can actually effect our health and safety? I didn't realize that, I hadn't even thought about it until reading this article. Health? How can it affect our health? I'll show you. So, take for example, the most common typeface used in car dashboards. Which is what this Fast Company article is talking about. Interesting. The most common typeface in car dashboards used for the speedometer and things is called Eurostile. Okay, here it is. Never heard of that before, this is Eurostile. You've seen it though. I've seen it, of course. Is very common around us, almost as common as helvetica. It's a sans serif type face. Very geometric. It's typically used in speedometer numbers. But one of the problems with it, is that a lot of the letters and numbers look like each other. So you can see that the three actually curls around quite a bit on itself. Oh, that's too much like an eight. Which looks like an eight or a B. Right? And when you're using both letters and numbers, that can get kind of confusing. Especially when you're in a car and you just want to glance down really quick at your speed. Yeah, but like when would that ever be a problem [CROSSTALK]. B 1, no one would ever be like, man, I can't believe how slow 80 miles an hour really is, you know what I mean? Like you would never. Yeah. I understand what they're saying, and you're right. Like in full on ball breaking mode in this temperature. No, but it's true like, you know, obviously it, it can't be that much of an issue. Like wha, you know what I mean, like where else. So, so who's reporting this rather? Thats what I'm really interested in. You're going to want to take this up with the researchers at MIT. Basically they. Okay. Know it alls. They wanted to come up with a more legible typeface. Right. And so they wanted basically things with looser spacing. You know, like I said with that three lines on the ends. Sure, that makes sense. I mean, you put a thing over it, it's an eight. I put a little cursor over it, that's an eight. Right. Or the C, for example, looks like a zero, or an O, basically they just wanted to make it a little bit easier to read. Sure. I think they did something like this with, with like, like parkway signs too recently. Oh yeah? When they or they wanted to change the typeface used like on highways. Hm. Cuz, there were some sort of confusing [CROSSTALK]. Yeah, yeah. You want to minimize your distractions [CROSSTALK] so much there. Of course. So ultimately they came up with a typeface called Burlingame. And you can check that out at the bottom of the article here. Burlingame, basically takes into account that similarity in letters. And so what they do is, they set letters apart from each other. For example, the lowercase l and the uppercase i. Sometimes those can get really easily confused, if the uppercase I doesn't have the horizontal bars. Okay. You know what I mean? So to set it apart, they made the lowercase l with a little tail curving right at the bottom. Gotcha. Kinda cute. And then they do other things, like they use the two story lowercase a instead of just the circle. Right. With the foot. [LAUGH] It's kind of hard to explain. [CROSSTALK] use the a with an ampersand. [INAUDIBLE] Right, it's the a that no one really uses in handwriting. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's the a that you only read but never write. Right, very fancy. People who, people who write a's like that. I kinda Do you know people that. Kind of annoy me a little bit. Yeah, I know them. Well, you're a typeface nerd. I thought you would maybe get into that. No, but I would like did you ever, you ever see that [INAUDIBLE] issue like people who do that. Yeah, I've seen all kinds of handwriting. Yeah. Yeah. Why don't you write the 80 they way we all do it. Fancy. Yeah. So they're doing that. And they they basically using that two-story a, the fancy a to separate it from the q and the g, which look kind of similar. Yeah. So yeah, the end of the story is that now that the typeface is done. The designers of it are trying to push it out to as many car manufacturers as possible. So you may see you may see this font, coming. Burlingame may replace Eurostile. It's interesting that, you know, I'm looking at this and it's like man, every car really does use this typeface. Yeah. Yeah. It's kind of, it's kind of crazy. It started with German and European and other European vehicles. That's frickin' nuts. I know, it's everywhere. You don't real, I know we're, we're doing typeface overkill, but, like, it really is a huge deal. Yeah. Have you looked inside your, well, you got your new car recently. Yeah. It's this eurostile. Is it a digital speedometer, or is it regular? The speedometer is analog, but all the analog numbers are Eurostile. Hm. For sure. Yeah. The digital ones are just, you know, the LCD. Yeah. All right, last story of the day. Talking about Yelp. We're talking about Yelp a lot on this show recently. But today, the most important news is that Yelp just gave us the ability to look up local businesses using emoji icons. So it is an emoji icon in the place's name? Or how does this work? So you basically use Yelp the same way you normally would. But instead of and of course we're talking about your phone here,the mobile app. Instead of typing in, you know, automobile, manu, or auto dealership. You would type in car. Emoji for car. Which would then. I mean, this is the problem with using emojis to do searches. Like, it then brings up everything from auto-dealerships to car rentals. Auto repair or automotive supplies. It's just like super general. This is just an easter egg. Super silly. I don't know why anyone would use this. Like oh I'm looking for a bar. I'm just gonna type in a wineglass. Yeah, exactly. I'll just slap the phone right out of your hand. Yeah. It's so complicated, but for people that really love using emojis you can now do that by searching Yelp. Apparently the people who wrote this, The Next Web, seem to think the move is because a lot of people are accessing Yelp. Mm-hm. Via like you said, their mobile device. Right. But I guarantee you not one person sent in an email asking for this. There's no one asked for this, I think it's an Easter egg. Mm-hm. Even though, you know, it's just like something that was, sorta discovered by accident perhaps. Yeah, maybe, maybe. You know, because like you said, why would anybody really do this deliberately. Yeah. I'm curious though, I want to try it out. I want to know what comes up when you type in the poop. I was just going to say what comes up when you type in the poop. I don't know. Plumbing maybe? But then there's pipes too. Who knows. Or maybe like a certain type of food. [LAUGH] Yeah. You know? Like it directs you to the nearest like, you know, Indian food place? Yeah. [LAUGH] God. I knew you were going to say that. What? That's what makes me poop. Okay. Maybe. I don't know. Or it could bring up a bunch of things. Or for me, it could be like an ice cream place. [LAUGH] You could try it, yeah. If you're lactose intolerant, maybe. [LAUGH] Creepy. Like coffee ice cream. [LAUGH] Yeah. That's emojis on Yelp. Try it. Let us know. All right, let's get to our emails for the day. And our buddy Kevin actually sent in a video as well, that I will load up. I can't really read and do this at the same time, but never the less he says, saw you, saw the piece we had on cow tipping. Which he obviously meant smart car flipping. Mm-hm. On Tuesday you questioned the safety of the smart car. Well check it out. Here is a smart car getting destroyed at 70 miles an hour. So let's see what kind of you know damage this car takes. Oh no. Going 70 miles an hour. This is a test. So this is a, this is not like an awful you know. I didn't even know these things could go 70 miles an hour. See it's no, it's driverless, let's see what happens. Boom. Oh. Oh. Oh. So you mean like destruction. I don't know. The claim seems to be that Smart cars are safe. Dude, that looks pretty painful. The front end gets caved in. Again, this is clearly a crash test. [LAUGH] No one in there, we're not some show like Tosh where we show people dying. No. No, there's no one there. It looks pretty, what's that, Ariel? It's crazy. It looks pretty awful, but apparently, the, the point of this video is to show that it's safe. That was the point? That's the takeaway? Yeah. Like the takeaway apparently, is that Smart cars are mostly safe. Mm-hm. Someone else wrote in our buddy Bruno, from Austria, which This controlling [INAUDIBLE] I know. Its the second Bruno I know from Austria. Yeah. [LAUGH] Says in Austria Smart cars are very popular. Not just here, but also everywhere in Europe. For your information Smart car was design by Swatch and Volkswagen. Did you know that? I did not know that. Volkswagen. I love Swatch though. I know you do. Its pretty cool. And it's manufactured by Mercedes. Huh. It's a very reliable and fast car. And Bruno owned one a few years ago. Mm-hm. So he would know. He wrote Volkwagen. Is that the same thing? I think that's Volkswagen. Maybe. Like if you're not Volkswagen, why would you name your Wolkwagen? Austrian version? Huh. I mean, his English isn't perfect so perhaps its. Yeah, [LAUGH] I like how he corrected us [CROSSTALK] even before we made the mistake of calling him Australian too. Yeah, He's like I live in Austria not Australia cause he's like, you stupid Americans. Yeah [CROSSTALK]. It's like there's no kangaroos here hero. Thanks Bruno we got it. I am Austrian in descent, I believe. Oh really. I don't know. [LAUGH] ; It doesn't matter. Brennan writes in. This is super flattering Bren, Brennan. You, you, you really got to the, the heart of us here. First off, I wanna thank you for being hands down. The best talk show podcast on the Internet. I mean, come on, it's a fact. Okay. That's- I'm not gonna argue with that. That's straight from the horse's mouth. Anyway, I'm currently a college student majoring in the fine arts. Which requires long, tedious work throughout the night and morning. I usually stockpile on the 404 podcasts to make this process more enjoyable. Given that most of the work is due on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. And it takes me more then three hours to complete my homework. I guess I didn't need to read that but I did anyway. I was listening to episode 1462 when you mentioned the recent study about aggression from games, my eyes widened. Mm-hm This is crazy because I actually chose to write my final research paper on video game violence. Uh-oh, I smell a 404 being sourced as essay material. I want to show that these bozo critics, that think video games are not, that video games are not demonic like people are trying to put them out to be. Mm-hm. Okay. I think of video games like early movies. Like it was for, for, we're, we;re hearing some sort of construction going. [LAUGH] Yeah. Is that coming through in the mike, there? Yeah, I think so. God, these bastards. It's gonna be like this for awhile, too. Well, we'll see. Movies do everything that video games do and even more graphic realism. And yet, people try to ban mature video games, rather than mature movies. It's just video games are still a quote unquote, new thing. And the world just needs to accept its culture, just like it has with other genres of entertainment. Brendon, you sound a lot like me in many ways. Anyways, I'm definitely going to quote y'all. That's when you stop sounding like me. Quote y'all in my upcoming freshman research paper about video game violence. You all inspired me to investigate the fallacies of video game studies. And how the fact that contents of a video game does not translate to aggression. Rather than the difficulty and playability of a game, which is what translates into that sort of thing. So Brendan, you're a true scholar. Good luck there in school, and I just need you to know that we are not responsible for your grade. Even though you cited us. Put the episode in the bibliography. You got to cite it correctly. I don't even think they do that any more. They don't have to do that? What is? Just a bunch of links? Yeah, I guess so. Does that count? I don't know, probably just looks like a Wikipedia entry then. We've been out of school for quite some time. All right that's going to do it for us. Send us an email Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. We will be back here tomorrow with a brand new program for your listening and viewing enjoyment. Until then, we're going to go upstairs and just, kick, kick the crap out of whoever's really bothering us. Wish us luck, we'll see you guys tomorrow. [MUSIC]

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