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Car Tech Video: The 2009 Honda Pilot

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Car Tech Video: The 2009 Honda Pilot

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The 2009 model brings new cabin tech and style.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:07 >> Well, that's quite a face -- it's the new look on the new Honda Pilot. [inaudible] 2009 model year brings not just a new look, but also some new cabin tech and cabin style. Let's get inside and check it -- in the 2009 Pilot EXL 2 Wheel Drive. ^M00:00:22 [ Music ] ^M00:00:28 >> Now the Pilot's got quite a different look -- a lot of little touches to tell you it's a new model year. First of all, they've got these kind of like 1958 floating gauges out of a Plymouth. Here's kind of a faux cheap green glass bezel around the main control unit. Let's start there -- above that is the basic display unit. Now, there's no navigation available in this Trim level of the Pilot, but if you go up a notch, you get it in the Touring -- ours is not the top, so we're a little barren. But, I do like this display -- really bright -- really crisp -- I mean, sometimes the color LCD is overkill and washout city. I also like this -- check it out -- as I go AM, FM, XM, change channels, move around -- everything's really quick. I'm particularly impressed with how quickly it can acquire XM stations. In addition to our satellite radio and our AM/FM, as you see, we've got a 6 disc changer CD, MP3, and WMA homed brewed discs. There is another version of the Pilot -- it's a Trim level again that has rear seat entertainment where you'd go to get your DVD playback, but not happening in our vehicle and not an ala carte option in this Trim level either. Now, also in the audio bucket are peripherals -- no iPod adapter in the true sense, but here's a aux jack -- really nicely done -- kind of beveled at a 45 facing me and an outlet for a 12 volt or cigarette lighter plug right next to it. We do have Bluetooth available on this car -- that is ala carte -- it goes up here if I'm not mistaken. I believe it replaces the sunglass and conversation mirror with a unit about that size that is built-in to the headliner -- I believe it's a Visteon part -- I've seen it at some automotive trade shows -- so, that would be a very slick way to put it in. The last little bit of audio tech going on here is Active Noise Cancellation. All that does is listen for noise coming off the power train -- engine noise, driveline noise -- and then flip the phase and feeds some of that back through the audio system. It's not something you'd switch on or off so you just have to trust that it's working. Powering our Pilot is a 3 1/2 liter single overhead cam V6 -- pretty common stuff these days -- Honda, of course, always does motors well, but I find in this vehicle you don't get that sensation of having a cast aluminum jewel up under the hood -- because the rod quality on the Pilot is -- well -- it's what you'd expect -- it's kind of truckish feeling. It gets out to a relatively garden variety 5 speed automatic. All of this funnels 250 horsepower and 253 foot pounds of torc. The mileage estimates are 17/23 -- they say you'll middle it out to around 19 -- that might even be a little hopeful depending on what kind of terrain you live in. Now, whenever I'm driving an ocean going container on wheels -- in other words an SUV -- I'm always concerned about how I'd ever back one of these things up without squashing someone or something. Here are a couple ways. You've got optional backup sensors to go, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep -- but, that's even cooler and it's standard -- rearview camera intergraded into the mirror -- and remember, no color LCD in this car so where else would you put it? That's hot. Okay, let's price our Pilot EXL -- about 34,2 -- again in 2 Wheel Drive Trim -- there's no nav available, and this one doesn't have rear seat entertainment. The other 3 tech options are remote start -- about 500 bucks -- that Bluetooth panel overhead also about 500 bucks -- and if you find the mirror mounted backup camera too small, they also offer the backup sensors -- about 500 bucks.

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