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CNET UK Podcast: Tesco off its trolley with rumoured Galaxy S5 rival in CNET UK Podcast 388

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CNET UK Podcast: Tesco off its trolley with rumoured Galaxy S5 rival in CNET UK Podcast 388

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Could the Tesco Hudl win a trolley dash against the Samsung Galaxy S5? And would you bundle all your bills with Virgin Media?

[MUSIC] Hello and welcome. You're listening to the CNET U.K Podcast. This is episode 388 for Friday the 9th of May 2014. There's an unexpected item in the bagging area. It's a phone from Tesco. Will it clean up on Aisle Three? Plus, Dixon's and Carson Warehouse are close to joining forces in a multibillion pound merger. And we find out how Virgin Media's offering one bill to rule them all. I'm [INAUDIBLE], joining me in our London studio this week, Andy Hoyle. Yo, it's me. I'm here. Good to see you. I mean, I've been here the last few weeks actually. Yeah. Last week in particular I was the most here. And now I'm, I'm here. You're here this whole time we basically just turn off the lights in the studio, and leave and then we come back, and take a dust sheet off you and you're like Yeah. [CROSSTALK]. This is worse than death. [LAUGH]. There are always two things you request in that order. Feed me. Kill me. Waw, you know I'm not going to [CROSSTALK] go out on an empty stomach. I just want to see the sun. When you said, one bilt rule or more, I thought you just found a cool way of saying 1 billion. I thought you had just been hanging around with some [LAUGH] cool financial journalists. Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah man, they just cleaned one bill in the latest round of angel. Cool. You know what's cool? One bill. [CROSSTALK]. One Bill as in Cosby. [LAUGH] You know what's cool, Bill Cosby, oh God. Cosby now that's my man. [LAUGH] So thank you as always for joining the Podcast. Check us out on CNet or Youtube.com slash CNet to see us live and in full color. Andy what'd you think of news crews? [MUSIC] Basically breaking news, because it's breaking news when we're recording the pod cast, but tomorrow it's old news and boring news. [CROSSTALK] Hooraway has a new flagship phone, it's called the ascend P7. Okay. Let me tell you about this thing cause I went in for a hands on head of lunch in Paris. Right. It's a five inch Android phone, it's only 6.5 mil thick. That is really, really skinny. Wow. That's a really skinny phone. What's that as thin as? [CROSSTALK]. It's as thin as something that's 6.5 mil thick, Luke. That's exactly how thick it is. Oh, my goodness that's really thin. It's like six sheets of paper. It's like six sheets of something? Yeah. Cardboard. [LAUGH]. It's it's skinny. It's skinny. [LAUGH] It's it's quite a bit slimmer than the iPhone 5, I think. It's, it's a bit pretty sturdy though, for that. It is so. Yeah, so. The previous model that it replaces, the P6. Did have this metal back panel, but it's now got this glass one. So it's glass front and back. Looks really, really sleek. And it does feel, it feels pretty good. Okay. I didn't feel like you can, you can't flex it in your hand and you're not gonna sit on it and, and bend it or shatter it. That's neat, cuz I mean, glass is a bit, is a bit fragile, isn't it? So to have that thin and, [CROSSTALK] and maybe that would be. Gorilla glass three the latest. Toughened glass from Corning. Wow. So hopefully it will apparently put up with scratches. Three gorillas. That's how many gorillas can stand on it? Yeah. That's how many gorillas made it. [LAUGH]. We, we, we had one gorilla working on this but we can make it stronger. We're you know combined the the influx. [LAUGH]. Basically this is a pretty uninspiring phone all around. I'll be honest. Apparently it's a flagship thing. Oh. Oh. Hopes up. Well exactly I thought I'd lead you in and really bring you in. That is what I do in our office in our life before. [LAUGH] You know pushing you over. It's You like to woo us a little bit before [INAUDIBLE]. I do, it looks fine, but it doesn't have the same processor and camera specs and things as, things like the F5 or the, say, Sony Xperia Z2 and so the only thing it really has that stands out is an 8 mega pixel front facing camera. So if you're like me and take just a **** load of selfies. Yeah. Then, this is actually probably going to be pretty good. Or a load of **** selfies. [LAUGH]. Or a load of **** selfies. Yeah. As long as you get the angle right, you can. You can't get the angle wrong with a **** selfie! [LAUGH] No. Yeah, so. Yes, what we haven't yet said at least every time [INAUDIBLE] is how much it's going to cost. Now realistically, I think if this is much more than 300 pounds. Kind of data in arrival. Okay. and, cause it just doesn't, it doesn't compete. And especially not, it didn't have the luxury appeal of the S5, or Sony, or the HTC one. So it's really gonna need to compete on price. Okay. But if they, keep the, if they keep the cost down, it's a kind of, it's a 4G phone. It's, it's 4G, yeah. It's got some, you know, it has some decent things and the screen looks, looks fine, although. Mm-hm. I don't like one of the software that it puts on it's phones. I think it's a bit clunky and awkward to use. What's that called? It's called emotion UI leak. That's right. And I think it's just a little bit awkward and just not as notice, as basically any other Android interface and no where near as nice as stock Android. Mm-hm. Which I'd like to see, on board. All right. [CROSSTALK] Well, [INAUDIBLE] We shall see, we shall see. We'll look out for a first take, hands on previews and got photos and videos, is that right? All that is already online now. Seenit.com. It is there now. [INAUDIBLE]. Speaking of, a possible new high end phone. Yes, so Tesco has been talking about it's upcoming mobile treats. Mm-hm. unsurprisingly, we've got a new Hudl tablet on the way. [CROSSTALK] Hudl 2. I think that it is surprising actually, because it, the Hudl seems like the kind of thing. Mm-hm. That they would make one of as a sort. Experiment, and no one would buy one and they, they wouldn't try again. So you know, I think it's cool that they're making a sequel, you know? Well lots of people have bought them. Yeah. Well yeah. [CROSSTALK] Was a success. Well yeah, exactly. That's great. But there are, loads of companies tried smartphones and tablets before, like non-technology companies. Mm-hm. You know, like. Toshi,Toshiba does really try with tablets anymore. [LAUGH]. So you know the test guy use to to be able to make it, make it work. I think that the thing. Costco being a trusted supermarket and it has tablets at that point for sale [CROSSTALK]. You know, I mean I think they've got the platform to launch something this thing Absolutely, and the price as well. And the price as well. Can't argue with the price. So am. They've done really well, I mean they might as well have kept it in the bakery aisle because they've been selling like hotcakes. Whoa. This guy. But even more exciting that a, speaking to BBC Tesco boss, Phillip Clark said that there will also be a phone arriving sometime later this year. What? A Hudl phone? Yes, and apparently this phone is gonna have. Much higher inspects that the Hudl, more akin to the Galaxy S5, so problems, top heavy. That's roomy, yeah. Wow. Now that's essentially a bit of, a risky move by Tesco. Hudl did, has done so well because it's. Sort of low-end specs, a dual-core processor and, you know, only fair screen. Yeah. Is meant that it can sell for about

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