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Tekzilla Daily: Tekzilla Daily: Stop Web sites from hijacking Firefox

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Tekzilla Daily: Tekzilla Daily: Stop Web sites from hijacking Firefox

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Annoyed by Web sites deciding what size and shape your tab should be? Veronica shows you how to stay in control on today's Tekzilla Daily.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:08 >> Hey everyone, and welcome to Tekzilla Daily. I'm Veronica Belmont. Today's Tekzilla Daily comes from a regular viewer, Aaron. He writes, "One of the things that annoys me is when websites move my windows around the screen and changes its size without asking. How rude. To disable this, I type "about:config" into the subject line, and changed "dom dot disable underscore window underscore move underscore resize to true." Thanks, Aaron, but you actually need to mess with the about:config page for this one. Just go to tools, and options. Under the content tab, see advanced. You'll see a checkbox next to the move or resize existing windows, and you can uncheck that for the same effect. No more resize issues for you. Remember, Tekzilla.com. It's the place to find more tips, tricks, product reviews, and how to's. Got a tech question, a tip you want to share, a product you want reviewed? Email us at tekzilla@revision3.com. [ Gunshot ] >> Oh, my God. ^E00:01:04

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