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Tekzilla Daily: Tekzilla Daily: 3 ways to tweak your boot screen

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Tekzilla Daily: Tekzilla Daily: 3 ways to tweak your boot screen

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Here are three ways to tweak your Windows boot screen and inject a little pizzazz while you wait for your system to boot.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:06 >> Welcome to Tekzilla Daily, I'm Patrick Norton. As Windows boot, you're stuck staring at the load screen, right? So annoying. I mean, there must be something else going on behind the scenes. But what? Well here's a pretty simple method of finding out. Next time you're in Windows, hit the Windows key plus the R key to bring up the Run dialogue and type MS config. Now, if you're using XP, select the Boot tab any tab and check the box next to slash SOS. If you use Vista, click the Boot tab and check OS boot information. The next time you restart you'll see a scrolling description of each driver as it's loaded along with other bits of relevant information. This could be helpful if your boot time seems ridiculously long and if you wanna see what's holding it up or if you're just curious about what exactly is loading behind that screen during your machine's boot up. Finally if you're using Vista, and you just wanna get more of the icon you've got so used to, just select the box next to no gooey boot to activate the alternative boot screen. No more little green progress bar, just pretty Vista graphics. Neat, huh. Windows manages to spice up even the seemingly tedious task of waiting for that computer to start up. Now, you got a tip or trick you wanna share, e-mail us tekzilla@revision3.com. And don't forget tekzilla.com is the place to find more tips, tricks, product reviews and how-tos. ^M00:01:18

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