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Tech Culture: Tech toys for grown-ups

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Tech Culture: Tech toys for grown-ups

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Some of us never get too old to play with toys. Recorded at CNET Gotham in New York City, Scott Stein shows off some of his top picks for the big kid in your life.

I'm Scott Stein. Senior editor for (prestina?).com. And I have with me a few of my favorite Holiday sectors. This are ones we've called out from object to be reviewed and ones that I play with and to kinda cover the (gamete?) for expenses to pretty cheap. So we're gonna start right here with the one that most people tend to look at and wonder what the heck this is. It's the Ion I-Cade. And it's an arcade cabinet for your iPod. And it does exactly like it promises. You put it together yourself with an (Alan Ranch?) that cost $80. And actually lowered in price recently came out in spring, and it's Bluetooth connected. It works with a variety of games, chiefly Atari is a collection of a 100 apps, 2600 in arcade games. There a couple of others as well. The joysticks raise, the buttons are really fine. You maybe disappointed that it doesn't play street fighter but there are games are coming held that are (Indie?), that are taking advantage of this. And there are others that are smaller 'cause they got the best show off factor for an iPod gadget I think this year. Similarly this may annoy people or excite them. But solo has released a karaoke microphone for the iPod. Yes believe it, there's a dangle that you plug in your iPod and then you connect the microphone and there's a few download that you buy 99 cents as long as the same. This $99 accessory has ten songs that come with it so you'll have a $10 value there. You don't have to go with the mike though. You can actually download the app for free and just play around with the song. And it actually records them. There's a pretty been rendition of one that comes free on it. Now the Nintendo 3DS is gonna round for a while. Why I bring up is the tech toy because there are any big gaming accessories this year. There's no connect. The play-station vid is coming out next year. So we're a little bit sure, I understand tech toys. The 3DS kinda get over looked in a lot of ways because the game library has been pretty sparse. But the price dropped to 170, they make it a little more appealing and there are couple of games coming at this holiday including Super Mario 3D Land that are pretty great actually and make the system a little more of an appealing buy. Kinda a little more from a Nintendo fan crowd, but it's the only new gaming hand held of the year. And so made matter some attention there. This is a huge favorite (Monsinad?) editors and it's incredibly affordable. It's the Rocco LT and it's only 50 bucks. And what is it do, we refer about the apple TV that little black pack that does video streaming, connect at your television. This does arguably even more and cost half the price. It has a variety of video streaming services. It got clue plus it's got HBO go Netflix. Amazon video on demand. It's gone each to my port, it's got AV house and it's got a little tidy remote 50 bucks it's almost a no brainier purchase. It doesn't have some of the extra features that the other Rocco boxes have. But if you don't have smart features, you don't have a consul, that stream, it's a really fantastic little stocking stuff for option. And speaking of that, even cheaper at 20 bucks. It's be harmony 200 and yes it's just a remote. But what it does that's interesting, is a kind of a fusion between how many remote have you seen in the past better than this funky program them via the web and plugs in the USB that have been out of a while but expensive. You go to Radio Shock and you see one of these Universal remote that cost about 15 bucks. But a 20 bucks this covers three devices which is two more than most of them do. And it's really easy to set up. You connect with your computer. You pick an advise that you want and then it programs, it's just like that. So it's really just the remote. But for $20, it's gotta pretty nice value to it. This device here is not necessarily for everyone. You've heard of the Rumba and the Scuba. This is the latest version. The scuba 230, it's gone a lot smaller. It's actually surprisingly small if you haven't seen it before. And it's floor washer that currently cleans hardwood floors, it cleans bathroom. It doesn't vacuum. It doesn't do that jag. You do that yourself. And that's the trade off with it. It's 299, it's a little bit pricy. But it does actually come with two virtual walls that you set up but tell it not to wash any electrical cords or things that you may not want to get wet. And these are getting better in terms of their clean ability, their intelligence, they're slowly improving each year. And I'm actually aware that you final pick for the Holiday gift guide that I have assembled an tech toys. One of them is a personal favorite. An additional watch geek and I did buy an iPod Nano and I know it's been trendy probably for a little over a year now to turn your iPod Nano until watch. What's been really nice of the bands will be getting better. I've got one of my risk here, and this band is made by Hex, the Hex Vision Watch, Watch Bands. And it's stainless steel, cost $70 which is not cheap. But and you come up and see it afterwards. It's gone metal colored, and it matches the graphite iPod Nano really well. What I like is that most people don't realize it's an iPod. And I like the fact that they're digital and lots of space that I can show up. And if you add up the price of the iPod Nano plus the watch band, yes you're getting into the $200 range. Arguably it's also the range of the lot of cool watches that are on sale and in stores. So it's your choices to whether you wanna go that direction. I've seen a lot of people come out of the work and say they actually like this. And finally, this has been out but a lot of people are not necessarily aware of that. It is by thinking and it is an electric guitar t-shirt. Take that as you will, but with the magnetic pack... We just wrap up a show like that and it's $29, you know it is silly and there's a battery pack that connects into the shirt that has a little amp connection kit with extra effect. You have to detached the wires. It's impossibly tough to clean. But it is a fun novelty act. And it comes in kid sizes and they make one that of keyboards, and drums. You can create all t-shirt band for your family and strum away. Now it doesn't do all know, it's just a couple of guitar strums just like that. And with that... I'm Scott Stein and those were some take techs for holiday tech choices.

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