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Tech Minute: Tech tips for keeping track of kids

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Tech Minute: Tech tips for keeping track of kids

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Keeping an eye on kids at a crowded place -- like an amusement park or museum -- can be stressful. In this Tech Minute, CNET's Kara Tsuboi recommends GPS-tracking apps and gadgets to help you keep track of your family.

[MUSIC] Regardless of the age of your child, the PocketFinder GPS locator is a simple way to keep track of your kids. The device costs $129, plus a $13 a month service fee. Clip it onto your child and monitor his or her activity throughout the day, through the website or the iPhone and Android compatible apps. Set geo fences and get alerts if your child crosses them. If you have older children with their own smartphones, try using one of these two apps. MamaBear for Androids or iPhones, and Footprints just for iPhones. The apps work in a similar fashion. Both parents and children download the app onto the devices so one party can monitor the whereabouts of the other. With the free MamaBear, children can report their location and status with emoticons. All parents are notified of location, new Facebook friend requests, and even if they're in a car that's speeding. Footprints is more straightforward for location tracking, with the ability to set geo fences. In San Francisco I'm [INAUDIBLE] Boyd, CNET.com for CBS News. [MUSIC]

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