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CNET News Video: Tech Minute: Learn a new language via Google

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CNET News Video: Tech Minute: Learn a new language via Google

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These days, we turn to Google for help with just about everything. So why not use it to help learn a foreign language? Google is in the middle of experimenting with a new, free program that immerses you into your foreign language of choice while you surf the Web. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports.

And if you're trying to learn Spanish that are stuck behind -- ask your foreign language skills are going to languish. But check out Google's new language Immersion feature -- mix -- affordable cavalier words in tier English web pages. -- -- can start learning words and phrases through contacts the closest thing to Immersion. To begin you'll need to use Google Chrome to browse the web it's free and easy to download from there visit the Chrome web store to -- -- language -- -- application. Click the large blue button to add to Chrome and then you're ready to start. A little icon will appear next year's search bar and that's where you can choose your language and your -- level from novice to expert. At teacher in the feature on you'll start noticing that occasional words -- the web pages you browse -- be translated into one of Google's 64. Available languages. An easy fun new way to improve your vocabulary. When -- let's say adios and separate -- -- car as tsuboi cnet.com for CBS news yeah yeah.

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