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CNET Top 5: Tech gifts you should never give on Valentine's Day

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CNET Top 5: Tech gifts you should never give on Valentine's Day

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This over-hyped holiday might land you in the dog house for the rest of the month if you show up empty handed or get her one of these dangerous devices.

You likely all heard it at least once from your partner when Valentine's Day rolls around. That poorly delivered line assuring you that it's just a cheesy holiday and that she doesn't partake in it. Consider yourself warned. She is lying and this is a trap. If February 14th rolls around and you don't even have a daisy to show for it, you may find yourself sleeping in the dog house for the rest of the month. Hey, guys. It's Vanessa Hand Orellana from CNET, and today I have the list of top five worst gift ideas for your lady on Valentine's Day. Number five on the list, fixed screen TVs and Xbox One or any other gadget that is clearly more for you than it is for her. If you end up spending more time in front of that flat-screen TV than with her, trust me she will know you gifted yourself. Instead, go for something more personal like an iPad Mini with her initials or "engraved" on the back. Coming in at number four, iTunes or Google Play gift cards. On most holidays, these convenient little cards are safe bet but that's are all off on Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day, she needs to feel special and doesn't wanna get the same gift you gave your bro as a belated birthday gift. Instead, make her a playlist of her favorite songs or get the entire season of her favorite TV show and preload on her device of choice. Downside, as part of the gift, you'll probably require to listen to or watch. Yes, even if it does means 20 hours worth of The Bachelor. Number three on the list, a Roomba, Nest or any other smart appliance. Just because she maybe watched the YouTube clip of the cat on a Roomba doesn't mean she wants for her living room. Not only is it a highly unromantic gift, it may be sending her the wrong message. "To my sweetheart, because you don't clean after yourself." If you're dead said on getting something for the home, consider a massage chair for her. And second on the list, e-cards. Nothing says, you're not worth the extra five minutes it takes to go buy you a real card than an e-card. A few things should never become high tech, and love letters are one of them. Instead, Shutterfly and Snapfish lets you print out all sorts of virtual creations like photo books and cards. Put some effort in it and plan ahead. And the worst gift you could ever get your partner on Valentine's Day, fitness trackers. There's a reason why chocolates are such a popular Valentine's Day gift. You wanna treat your love, not insinuate that she needs to shape up. And-- no, no, no. Giving her chocolates and a Fitbit will not neutralize the message. There's only one type of physical activity that she should be thinking about today and you won't be a part of it if you give her one of these. Instead, give her the best kind of wearable, jewelry. You don't have to hire an orchestra to impress a woman on Valentine's Day. It's really all about the details and putting thought into your gift, tech or non-tech. So take some cues from this list and go have yourself a wonderful Valentine's Day and check out more of our top 5s on cnet.com/top5. For CNET, I'm Vanessa Hand Orellana.

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