CNET Update: Talk to the ad with mobile Voice Ads
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CNET Update: Talk to the ad with mobile Voice Ads

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Mobile ads can talk back to you, Aereo's streaming TV service could be making new friends, and Google is king of the clowns on April Fools' Day.

-For once, you can talk back to a commercial. I'm Bridget Carey and this is your CNET Update. Apparently, it's not enough to ask your phone a question, but now, you can talk to the advertisements on your phone. Nuance, the company behind Dragon speech recognition software, has launched a service called Voice Ads so brands can build mobile ads that will respond to your voice commands. The company demoed the concept with a Magic 8 Ball that responds to questions. These ads also tap into a phone's location with GPS and Wi-Fi to target users when they're near a store. Mobile advertising is an area that is prime for growth as everyone wants to figure out how to make more money from eyeballs on smartphones, but let's hope these voice ads are more clever and funny than annoying. Keep your eye on Aereo. The TV streaming surface is not only about to expand to more metro areas, but it's also said to be talking with AT&T and Dish about a partnership to show more content. That report comes from the Wall Street Journal. Aereo service is designed for people who don't already have a television provider. For about 8 bucks a month, users get live, local over-the-air broadcast television to watch on their PCs, Apple iPhone and iPads, as well as Apple TV and the Roku. Major broadcasters including CNET's parent company, CBS, are suing Aereo for copyright violation since it retransmits over-the-air programming without permission from the broadcasters, but Aereo scored a victory this week. A federal appeals court in New York held the ruling that the system does not violate broadcaster copyrights. Now, the TV networks must win an appeal at the Supreme Court if they wanna stop Aereo. eBay's same-day shipping service called eBay Now is only in three US cities, but the CEO of eBay told Fortune that he thinks they could eventually be available everywhere and eBay is looking to partner with delivery trucks to get the service in more areas. Same-day shipping is the next battleground for online shopping. Google started testing the service last week in San Francisco. There were also reports of Walmart and Amazon looking into same-day shipping. Every April Fool's Day, dozens of brands pull pranks announcing bogus new features or gadgets. Hulu added fake shows like Itchy and Scratchy. Toshiba took a jab at Google's Nexus Q and the Xbox Kinect with the Shibasphere, a motion sensing game console that can measure your anger. Twitter said it would charge for using vowels. And Google likes to think it's king of the clowns. Its various departments made up eight different pranks including shutting down YouTube and letting you search for smells on your phone. Amazing how they had time to come up with all these gags, yet keeping Google reader is just not a good use of the company's resources. That's your tech news update. You can find more details at and be sure to follow along on Twitter. From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.
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