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T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot: First Look

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News Bites: Keeping Mark Zuckerberg safe
0:50 April 28, 2016
How much does it cost to keep Mark Zuckerberg safe?
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Apple CareKit apps arrive, giving more data to your doctor
2:40 April 28, 2016
Next time you visit the doc, you might get a prescription for an app. Bridget Carey explains what some of the first CareKit apps can...
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These tiny Samsung computers may soon fill your home
1:13 April 28, 2016
With its new Artik mini computers, Samsung has built a talking home assistant and a smarter home security system.
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Can the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 change Apple's fortunes?
4:48 April 28, 2016
Apple's earning were down across the board, but do they have anything that can turn things around? Plus, get lunch with Tim Cook...for...
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Your emails: What makes a car reliable?
2:54 April 28, 2016
Brian Cooley talks car reliability and dependability and what company makes the fewest lemons.
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An upscale new Chromebook from HP
1:01 April 28, 2016
The new HP Chromebook 13 runs a Core M CPU inside a slim aluminum body.
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How to install the HomeKit-enabled August Smart Lock
0:57 April 28, 2016
You can install August's second-gen Smart Lock in minutes flat. Here's how.
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August's latest Smart Lock gives Siri the keys to your house
1:19 April 28, 2016
The $229 Apple-HomeKit-enabled August Smart Lock gives Siri control over your front door.
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