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First Look: Stylish Samsung Z is Tizen's first phone

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First Look: Stylish Samsung Z is Tizen's first phone

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It may not run Android, but this handset has Samsung written all over it.

[MUSIC] Hey everyone, I'm Jessica Dolcourt from CNET. Here at the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco. We are in a Hilton hotel. Where I'm getting my very first look at the Samsung Z. This is a new Tizen based phone that Samsung just announced. It is not running Android. But it looks a little bit similar to Android. You'll definitely notice, you've got the weather widget up front. And a bunch of home screens. They only take up the first roughly, two thirds of the screen. And you can swipe to move around. The Home screens do have widgets. Although, Samsung is calling these, Dynamic Boxes. Really, they're the same and they are resizable. On the bottom portion of the screen, you see some static apps. These are commonly used apps such as the dialer, contacts, messenger, camera, app store, and the browser. Folders are supported as well. When you swipe up, that's where you see your app trays. So it's a little bit of a different layout. But we are seeing some of the rounded icons that we've also seen in phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5. Well Samsung has installed all of its own apps on here. For example, you've got S Health, S Voice, and S Translator. Samsung Link, and WatchOn for the TV remote. So the phone does come with an IR blaster. You also see a bunch of commonly used apps like Twitter. And Google first. Because this phone is going to be released in Russia first. You're gonna find that Search on the home screen, and also Maps are powered by Yandex, which is popular in Russia. The Settings menu looks very similar to what you get in the Samsung Galaxy S5. So there will be familiarity for people who know that device. You definitely have Wi-Fi, the same download booster, [UNKNOWN], some display and wallpaper options, safety assistance, power saving mode, ultra power saving mode. You get it. It's very similar to the S5. Now the Samsung Z also has the same fingerprint scanner that you see in the Galaxy S5. To use the fingerprint scanner, swipe your finger over the home button on the front. And to use the heart monitor on the back, you'll fire up S Health and place your finger on the sensor. Now let's talk a little bit about the phone's design itself. One of the first things I noticed is that it felt very light. 136 grams which is about 4.8 ounces. The phone is pretty slim as well. It comes in two colors, black and gold, but they only have the black version here. You'll notice if you look carefully there's some faux stitching along the side. That's the same thing that we see in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It also has a leather-like appearance, but it's not made of leather. It does have a sort of a grippy surface though, so it feels nice to hold in the hand. The Z has a flat top and a flat bottom. There's a little bit of angling here but it looks pretty cool and there's some silver-y accents along the sides, around the rim, and around the home button. The screen size is 4.8 inches. It is a 720 P, HD super [INAUDIBLE] display. The colors look bright, lettering looks pretty crisp but it isn't the highest resolution that's possible. Inside you've got a 2.3 three gigahertz [INAUDIBLE] snapdragon pod core processor. There is 2.1 megapixel camera on the front and an 8 megapixel camera on the back with flash. When you snap open the camera, you'll notice that a lot of the modes and layouts are similar to, again, to what you're going to find in Samsung Galaxy phones. This is Samsung trying to maintain its brand. That's very beneficial to people who aren't familiar with Tizen. So you have a lot of the same camera modes. Like Beauty Face, Best Photo, you've got your HDR mode, Panorama, and even photos that you can take with both the front facing and rear facing camera simultaneously. It's called Dual Shot. The Tizen app store is a work in progress. You do have featured apps, top apps, paid and free. You don't see a lot of really popular titles worldwide. For example there isn't Facebook. But you do have Twitter preloaded on the phone. This could be something that Samsung and Tizen are going to work on with developers as the platform continues to grow, however, for now, it's a little bit barebones. The Samsung Z is going to be launching in Russia first and expanding to other markets after that. I'm Jessica Dolcourt for CNET and you can read much more about the Samsung Z at cnet.com. [MUSIC]

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